The Flowers of War (2011) - Drama, History, Romance

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An American finds refuge during the 1937 Japanese invasion of Nanking in a church with a group of women. Posing as a priest, he attempts to lead the women to safety.

IMDB: 7.6
Director: Yimou Zhang
Stars: Christian Bale, Ni Ni
Length: 146 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 20 out of 157 found boring (12.73%)

One-line Reviews (77)

While many might argue it is propaganda, it is undeniable, except perhaps in Japanese textbooks, that such brutality took place.

The movie is quite long and I felt it could have been shortened a bit by culling some of the war footage in the early part of the movie.

This Confusing Movie .

Dull and contrived .

Chinese literature has a unique and intriguing fascination with blooming flowers and fruit.

Zhang Yimou has crafted a beautifully shot and compelling story set inside horrific events.

Uplifting, upsetting & visually stunning .

The images are very fascinating and the plot is perfect.

Overall this movie is far more watchable and uniquely fascinating than expected.

Some scenes are pretty brutal, but really worth watching, to say the least.

Fourthly, this movie is actually driven by an unexpectedly fascinating and bizarre story.

Visually stunning as well, of course, it's Zhang Yimou, a nice blend between the realistic and artistic style.

Flowers of War is an attempt to straddle these two styles, with a mix of bravura action and small, intense dramatic moments.

Furthermore, the story is kind of predictable at times.

This movie might be one of the worst movie that YIMOU have ever made for me.

The framing and editing work in tandem to create stunning visuals that convey both the widespread destruction due to the heavy artillery, as well as the intense pain and angst of those hit.

There have been early accusations that Zhang has made a piece of propaganda filming for China's leaders.

The opening scenes are intense and disturbing.

She is both beautiful and compelling.

It's visually intense and each scene is perfect in terms of how it is delivered.

The movie focuses much more on stunning costumes, epic graphics and a great camera work.

This is a subtle, yet intense portrait of the pain and courage humans show when they are at risk of dying.

from the very beginning, the plot already showed its shallowness and contrite of the formulaic way how the Chinese would make the battle scenes against the marching winning Japanese military force.

Unforgettable and unexpected story - a must watch .

The movie is touching, and funny, and stylish, and thoroughly absorbing, for all its flaws.

Over all I suggest you should watch the film, it is great and inspirational and extremely entertaining to watch.

It could be a little hard to follow.

This movie may be difficult to watch because of the scenes of violence, but this is worth watching because the story of heroism and redemption was very good, well-told and well-executed.

what i got were: boring storyline, boring scenario, boring characters, boring historical background, boring directing.

The director Zhang YiMou told a powerful, touching and beautiful story, while delivering stunning visual effects as always.

At the end of the day, this work is a movie, and a movie needs something unpredictable out of cliché or Hollywood.

The first half of the movie, which is action packed,is lead by Tong Dawei who plays Major Li ..The second half is more of drama and it is taken up strongly by Christian Bale and Ni Ni...

The pace is rather slow, and the story leaves much to be desired.

This film is worth watching if you're looking for a wartime adventure with unique flavor and perspective.

There are a number of dilemmas which drive the action, the same as all films, yet the incidents that initiate several of these dilemmas feel forced and a little trite.

Instead it just looks like an incredible piece of nationalistic propaganda with zero credibility which diminishes the true powerful story of this terrible event.

The story is so engrossing and has moved me to tears still thinking about this movie.

highly expected but then it turned out just flat and boring.

The acting of Huang Tianyuan as desperate but energizing assistant and protégé of the deceased head father of the convent is also stunning and I hope to see more movies with him in the future.

It has been suggested this movie is propaganda.

However the unrealistic action and the contrived awkward story of sacrifice just can't be overcome.

Chinese director Zhang Yimou directs this sometimes engrossing, sometimes melodramatic movie.

Yimou tells an interesting, engaging tale and one that will keep you watching until the hard-hitting ending.

This movie is beautiful, with super strong scenes that will make you cry but the development of the film is fascinating, with an impressive ending, of real sacrifice for the other.

The character interaction consists of one liners with a quirky but entertaining performance by Christian Bale.

With almost guaranteed death outside, this was also very contrived, and somewhat mystifying, considering that the Japanese are making sure no one goes in or out of the church.

Brilliant, educative and entertaining - two thumbs up.

The colors of war, the drama of the innocent children, the sacrifice of the "big sisters", the cruelty and the low honor of the Japanese soldiers are so intense that it keeps your heart beating as if you were running for an Olympic medal.

Except for few excellent works, I found the recent Chinese film industry willingly or unwillingly distances itself from the audience, by making Hollywood-style, big budget, all-star cast, but empty-content and cliché-plot movies.

Evocative too is d.

I highly recommend it.

A few things struck me as refreshing and intriguing: - The homesick Japanese commander who played a folk song (to which his second in command hummed along outside).

They sounded so uninteresting and vague...

Nearly a quarter of a century after 'Empire of the Sun' Christian Bale returned ro war-ravaged China and stands out like a fox in a henhouse (even after he loses the obviously fake beard) in this exhausting hybrid of graphic war movie and soap opera with the usual beautiful shots of light shining through stained glass one has come to expect of director Zhang Yimou plus the usual tiresome swaying steadicam (and occasional slow motion) one has also, alas, come to expect of 21st Century cinema.

Yimou Zhang makes a breathtaking work which directs spectacularly with groundbreaking scenes in a heartbreaking context .

A movie well-worth watching, and which I would like to watch for a second time to re- establish which moment are intentionally humorous, which moments are unintentionally humorous, and which moments are tragic.

A visually stunning war epic from Chinese director Yimou Zhang, this film tackles the infamous rape of Nanking by the Japanese in 1937.

a bore-to-death old formatted Chinese movie .

Well scripted gripping storyline.

I was caught up in it from the start, enjoyed the way it deliberately avoided cliché, and had a ball with it.

Gripping and intense film depicting terrible deeds during Japonese invasion in Nanjing .

Many clues and scenes were just too obvious and overly predictable, and you never really feel like you're standing in Nanking.

It was jarringly contrived and obvious, compared to the rest of the movie.

Moving, riveting, poetic, visually stunning, and dramatically gut wrenching.

I did not understand half the movie, so for me it was a waste of time to watch this perhaps good movie.

First of all, amongst the many Zhang Yimou films I have seen in recent years, those of which were heavily formulated with stereotypical Chinese-style overacting drama/action and bombastic soap opera emotions, or governed by mundane slow pace which did not quite fit into the scenes realistically, Flowers of War is surprisingly free of most of that and I enjoyed the distinctly more natural acting performances here.

At a certain time, when we're about to sleep with the lack of story, we watch the screenplay turn into a desperate attempt to quickly develop the characters, by adding some psychological depth.

Honestly, this has to be the worst movie I've seen Christian Bale appear in.

In the slow camera, they had heavy made-up, wore different jewel and Chi-Pao as well as leather overcoats.

This is an engrossing, beautiful, and at the same time horrific film, a vignette into the infamous 1937 Japanese Rape of Nanking.

The second half is more dramatic with a some contrived cheesy moments.

The whole story could be told in the maximum of 7 minutes: everything else is a terrible waste of time.

While most of the film is more of a drama, there are plenty of action war sequences that are not only important to the story, but also help to break up the slow pace of this heavy story.

His worries seem well justified as a good segment of the audience thought even Zhang's light-touched portrayal was too gruesome to be real, therefore a piece of propaganda.

The symbolism in this film along with a renowned director, great actors and a heart wrenching and well told story really made watching this film an enjoyable experience.

Waste of time .

The good points of the movie are its top class war scenes at the beginning of the movie, and the performances of the entire cast.. But the negative points include some over the top scenes which are highly unlikely to have taken place during a war..The direction is good and the story engaging...