The Fosters (2013) - Drama, Romance

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Teenager Callie Jacob is placed in a foster home with a lesbian couple and their blend of biological, adoptive, and foster children.

IMDB: 7.9
Stars: Teri Polo, Sherri Saum
Length: 60 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-14
Reviews: 18 out of 107 found boring (16.82%)

One-line Reviews (45)


The story lines are becoming a bit repetitive now, and boring each and every episode.

Fascinating family drama .

Not only was he a bad actor, but his character was so pointless.

Starts great, becomes tiresome .

From an exciting beginning to a satisfying ending this show is a must for drama lovers.

This show is far too full political propaganda pushing and agenda pushing non-sense to enjoy regardless of which side you lean towards.

The show has a strong cast with some compelling stories, even if most of them are very predictable, and the writers make sure to use nearly every cliché in the book, which unfortunately, demonstrates a lack of creativity and imagination on their part.

Worth watching .

Some boring moments , lots of great moments !

This show is great,they are not afraid to hold anything back,no storyline is off limits.

I rate it a 3 though because, like most soap operas, they are guiltily addictive and the stupidity can be entertaining.

Don't waste your time .

Having callie and Brandon fall in love even though they were potential foster siblings was a good story line, but the fact that they dragged it out for almost all seasons was so stupid and pointless.

More liberal propaganda forced down our throats.

The first minutes caught me, but suddenly everything seemed to fall apart, the acting faint, the story became predictable, the script stopped developing, all in name of a declared ideological message.

That doesn't make for compelling TV, it makes the show predictable and tiresome.

The Fosters, an amazing new ABC Family drama TV show, an exciting new journey for people to watch.

Some of their finest most awe inspiring scenes contain no dialog at all.

I love the show how it tackles real life issues, promotes safe sex among teens, gives an idea of what the foster care system maybe like in real life, is cute, adorable, gripping, intense, and OMGosh, Moms love and acceptance of their children just makes me melt and giggle.

In conclusion, The Fosters is an intriguing, diverse teen drama television show that is a great way to be entertained, as well as a great learning experience.

Each character has their own problem/ story line to follow, which makes it extremely complex and complicated, but that's what makes it so intriguing.

With the horrible acting and predictable/cheesy story lines, this show doesn't deserve the 8.2 rating that is has.

The show's original plots started to get tiresome and the new ones not as interesting.

The first few seasons were pretty good, but after that it just got repetitive and annoying to the point that it was unbearable to watch.

This script is breathtaking.

It's diverse plot lines and intriguing characters get viewers attached instantly.

But it is poorly directed, over-uses cliché and drama for it to feel fully realistic.

I was so glad to see that 0 out of 12 people found his review useful (lol) but because this poorly-disguised rant against homosexuality was the featured user review, and also because there were only 2 reviews at time of writing, i felt it would be useful to be number 3 to let you guys know you won't be wasting your time with this one :)I really can't think where they fell down, apart from a small complaint that 'who was who' was a little hard to follow at times, even though that by the end you know who is who.

Every episode is jam packed with juicy drama, and intricate, exciting concepts are constantly arising within the 45 minute program.

The attempt of doing different or alternative and shake some minds, can't be the first layer in any show, that turns it in pure propaganda and leaves behind the real substance.

To sum up I think it's a great show and it's worth watching.

Then a few years ago it started pushing too much in the way of liberal propaganda that it totally lost its appeal.

However, I'm beginning to find that as each episode progresses, it becomes more and more predictable, and less entertaining.

Its also very cliche with more cliches then I can even count.

Entertaining drama which also contains real life struggles which I think everyone will be able to sympathize with.

Regardless, The Fosters is beyond entertaining and quite a doozy for its genre.

It gives much information about the foster system and is entertaining at the same time.

:Final Message: In Conclusion this show is very predictable, over dramatic, every character is stupid and the story line is milked with the most amount of drama possible and the characters making the worst choices possible basically making every single action overly dramatic and overly eventful.

As shown, The Fosters is an intense teen drama with many intricate plot lines and thrilling, action packed episodes.

And, by the third set of episodes, it got too repetitive, melodramatic and tiresome.

I liked the first season but then the acting and drama got cheesy and unbearable.

The plot and acting here, are in a permanent struggle, trying to make us escape from that referred propaganda.

A lot of issues on this show, and up to a point, it was fun as well as dramatically enjoyable.

The Fosters is biased towards teaching us the writers' perspectives on controversial issues, but I always leave the show feeling unconvinced and frankly a little bored.