The Founder (2016) - Biography, Drama

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The story of Ray Kroc, a salesman who turned two brothers' innovative fast food eatery, McDonald's, into the biggest restaurant business in the world, with a combination of ambition, persistence, and ruthlessness.

IMDB: 7.2
Director: John Lee Hancock
Stars: Michael Keaton, Nick Offerman
Length: 115 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 23 out of 254 found boring (9.05%)

One-line Reviews (163)

It lacks the pizazz of "The Social Network" (and "There Will Be Blood", both of which were influences for the filmmakers), but "The Founder" remains a fascinating and entertaining look behind the scenes at one of the greatest untold stories of 20th century American business.

The start was very slow and music was slower.

And that's what makes it worth the watch.

Whoever you credit, it is an interesting tale of failure and success that make this a somewhat enjoyable film.

An interesting and compelling, provocative biography of an icon who would help America eat it up.

The script is intriguing and well written as is the spot on direction, and who could forget the marvellous performance by Michael Keaton as Ray Kroc?

All in all, the movie is a fascinating look at the rise of the fast food industry as we know and love(?

Robert Siegel spins compelling source material into an entertaining romp of a biopic, .

A truly fascinating movie.

In the end 'The Founder' is a very bland movie.

I highly recommend it.

It's a fascinating look at business, persistence, and the history of America's original fast food chain.

This movie is an easy to swallow, historically significant lesson in business and an entertaining popcorn cruncher.

Kroc's business acumen accurately foresaw the incredible acceptance of fast food in an increasingly fast paced American lifestyle, and was more than eager to do something about it.

The Founder features an engrossing tale of the rise of a fast-food empire, an exceptional cast that's at the top of their game, and a marvelous screenplay that lays out these events in all of their intriguing, gritty detail.

Things like this could have made the movie better and more entertaining.

It was slow and clunky at parts, with a few large exposition dumps.

The movie does address the confusion over which was the original McDonalds.

Robert Siegel's script presents this story in compelling, almost documentary-like fashion.

Love or hate Kroc, The Founder is a really good film and worth the watch.

"The Founder" is a rare commodity-a movie that is damn near as educational as it is entertaining.

That being said, the story, while modestly intriguing, is a bit of a snore.

But what makes it so enjoyable is the performance by Michael Keaton as Ray Kroc.

Ray Kroc is one of the most intentionally unsympathetic protagonists ever, with Keaton awesomely portraying the man's slow descent from simply self-centered to full-on monster.

However, the story structure was a bit too linear, and somewhat predictable.

JIM'S REVIEW: The story of the billionaire businessman, Roy Kroc, and his underhanded dealings with The Brothers McDonald makes for an engrossing film about greed and the American Dream.

However, it is a coherent and thorough insight into the life of Ray Kroc and the harsh reality of capitalism, and wholly entertaining.

It's such a fascinating story, you wonder why they never made a movie out of it until now.

The Founder has humor in parts that are enjoyable and much needed and does not fail to get the audience emotionally invested in it's characters.

The actors are great, the story is gripping and told in a way that never lets you go.

What I found baffling and intriguing at the same time is the way Kroc went through many cut-throat and costly tactics to get the restaurant going from just three to four distant locations to an expansive set of locations nationwide.

Another stepping-stone in Michael Keaton's Hollywood resurrection, 'The Founder' can be truly intriguing at points but ultimately rides too hard on Keaton's engaging performance as Ray Kroc, the supposed founder of the iconic McDonald's restaurant chain.

Unrecognized genius is practically a cliché.

The Founder is an entertaining, fascinating and interesting film that gives you a glimpse of the formation of one of the greatest and powerful food restaurant chain in America and worldwide - McDonald's.

Another powerhouse performance from Michael Keaton after, Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)[2014] & Spotlight(2015).

it was well made and engaging.

The acting is great but a boring script has you ending up with a bland taste in your mouth.

In that respect, the concept is intriguing.

Tells the McDonald's story in a fun, engaging manner .

Written by Robert Siegel, moments of importance are slow to develop and then splashed occasionally with under-developed spontaneity to drive the story through the complications.

The Founder is a fascinating and frustrating story about a man (and a restaurant chain) that you simultaneously respect and dislike.

As stated earlier, the film starts off very engaging but goes through lapses of being uninteresting despite being in an unfamiliar place from a storytelling perspective.

Not only is this an engaging biographical story about the creation of one of America's most beloved fast food chains, but it's also a fascinating character study of a man who simply refused to take no for an answer.

The story flows as you would expect it to and is predictable.

A well shot, scored and acted studio film that tells a story worth telling (plus one of the best advertisements McDonald's has never paid for), The Founder offers a fascinating insight into the beginnings of the McDonald's brand that also gives us an equally fascinating real life figure and another chance for the career revival of Michael Keaton to continue on its merry way.

But simply learning about history isn't the only reason for watching, because this is also an entertaining movie.

While a bit bland, the movie looks into both the history of the founding of McDonalds and the relationship of the brothers and Kroc.

"Please see this film, as it's very interesting and engaging even if you don't know the story already.

But it's fascinating to know that one of the biggest fast food restaurants on the planet became so big thanks to deception, selfishness, and careful plotting against two honest people.

I found it a fascinating bio-pic.

The Founder was directed by John Lee Hancock and stars Michael Keaton, Laura Dern, Patrick Wilson, Nick Offerman, John Carrol Lynch and Linda Cardellini and tells us the true story of the rise of one of the most recognizable brands in the world McDonald's mainly focused on the period of time when Ray Kroc joined the business and effectively "robbed" the McDonald brothers of their creation, a truly fascinating story that many of us would never even think about when tucking into a Big Mac and fries.

An enjoyable and entertaining movie, and a little slice of life.

The tennis court scene was fascinating to watch.

You may actually want to swing by McDonald's after you leave the theater to celebrate the American Dream…either that or ban it because of what Ray Kroc did to the real McDonald brothers in order to build his fast food empire.

Ray Kroc is a fascinating individual right from the start.

For biography buffs, a mildly enjoyable document.

As the following half gets into the business side, that's where the film stays, a slow car wreck from dream to nightmare, with no soundtrack.

This is a fascinating car-wreck, all-American story that is neither appealing or unappealing -- just is.

The Founder is an entertaining and well-paced biopic with a lush colour palette, charming period details and a wired performance by Michael Keaton.

Keaton shines in this fascinating biopic .

And when it comes to feeding audiences with intriguing information about the birth of the fast-food joint, this movie never takes that opportunity for granted.

A thoroughly enjoyable film, certainly not a masterpiece of filmmaking in the same way that McDonald's hamburgers are not exactly gourmet.

It is fascinating seeing how one simple idea - fast food - has changed the culinary world forever.

Based on the true story of Ray Kroc, a traveling salesman who franchised the first family-owned McDonald's restaurant and turned it into the international conglomerate that it is today, 'The Founder' tells a fascinating slice of twentieth century history.

Long boring McDonalds Commercial -- A handshake isn't worth the paper it's printed in .

And The Founder, while entertaining, offers pretty much nothing new, or distinctive, to contribute.

His acting in The Founder is powerful and enjoyable.

First, Keaton's performance was good, but the movie had a slow rhythm after the good beginning.

A thoroughly enjoyable tale of two halves .

Even so it's a story that fascinates in spite of the banality of being about hamburgers over the world.

Nick Offerman and John Carrol Lynch complete the flick's main triangle and the three have such good performances, really making for a compelling arch.

Captivating and absorbing .

I found it to be quite intriguing as to see how the fast food restaurant McDonald's came to be when one traveling salesman came up with the most lucrative way to make such a small burger shop in San Bernardino become a huge franchise.

The movie was slow at times, but I still enjoyed it.

" HahaNo, we don't need/want car chases, explosions, sex, or super heroes for a film to be entertaining - it's great storytelling - and that is exactly what we get with this film.

Highly entertaining, "The Founder" is a well written, small budget release, rated PG-13 for language.

Boring overextended McDonalds Advert -- never trust a hand-shake

The history of McDonald's is fascinating and intriguing.

This can be quite poignant; it is impressive for a movie about the founding of a business to be this compelling, as usually these kinds of films can focus very much on the dramatic thrill, whereas 'The Founder' exhibits an enthusiastic buzz about it that makes it fun to follow.

Performances are uniformly solid, and the film is undeniably compelling for much of its run time.

His idea to turn McDonalds into a franchise & later literally taking away all the glory from its real inventors, is rather engrossing.

An enjoyable film.

Michael Keaton Shines in an Entertaining, Uneven Biopic.

The problem is such material is uninteresting because it's become as cliché and mundane as a Big Mac.

The cinematography is nothing special, the soundtrack felt like it should have been in a made for TV movie, the editing was long and dull, the whole thing could have been cut up to be tighter and more interesting.

Whereas "The Social Network" is a riveting movie, "The Founder" at times feels like its strictly done by-the-numbers.

A mildly intriguing history lesson .

Overall, The Founder is a compelling portrayal of American business and the price of success.

The script by Robert Siegel based on the true story, is engaging.

It's remarkably engaging.

The story is well written in a straightforward non confusing manner.

Editing keeps the pace steady and provides a tight & gripping structure to its plot while Carter Burwell's score is ever present in the background and silently performs its duties.

I'm not a big fan of autobiography films i like them or enjoy them and entertains me not adore or love them it would be a big surprise if i adored them like the revenant or Schindler's list or goodfellasor the aviator or even the social network or the king speech,but when I saw the trailer of the movie i said it will be good movie but there was doubts inside of me just i felt it would disappoint me and be boring as hell but i took the risk and the decision and i saw it and it was one of the best things i made its not the best Michael Keaton movie or john lee Hancock movie but i loved the screenplay so as the great dialogue it was great with its way in explaining how is MacDonald's is made and its philosophical i loved Michael Keaton's acting although its not an Oscar movie but if would've been nominated i would have been happy i love him maleesh daw3a,i said maybe he could win an Oscar that he should have won in 2015 Oscar but he is not close in getting a one but he was great in it he is a heavy actor but i didn't like the acting of Laura dern her acting was like falsehood acting so as john Carroll lynch, but for nick offer man's acting it was great and persuasive ledraget en ana kreht el character bata3oo if people wanted the movie to get an Oscar nomination its close from best supporting actor for Nick offer man and best actor Michael Keaton and there is another fault the scenes all of them were long in a useless way if the one who wrote the screenplay made the scenes short he would made it better but still long but enjoyable when you see it, it will make you hungry and say where is the lunch or dinner and you will eat MacDonald's after it like i did wlahy but i liked it and enjoyed it and i adored it and my rating is worth watching and worth buying on DVD my score is 8.5/10

I went in thinking how exciting can the story of McDonald's really be.

The narrative and direction is uninspired but ultimately entertaining.

This movie shows that well and in a very interesting and often entertaining way.

In other words, The Founder ended up being a fascinating History and finance lesson, combined with various compelling "character studies" which reveal the vices and virtues of the people behind the franchise.

What makes this movie so enjoyable is just that, the ability to tell the stories of both the McDonald brothers and Ray Kroc as well as the history of McDonalds while not taking sides.

It was absorbing from beginning to end.

Perhaps best known for his extraordinary performance in Birdman (2014) Michael Keaton is in a class of his own when it comes to portraying deeply flawed people living on the edge of sanity or evil.

Incredible movie, great acting, unexpected ending .

IN BRIEF: An engrossing film biography with a great performance by Michael Keaton in the lead role.

Solidly directed by John Lee Hancock, the film is always compelling, although there are some serious omissions in both plot and character development.

I enjoyed it.

The director was successful in making the movie very involving and entertaining.

Ray's first wife, Ethel (played by Laura Dern in a deliberate, low-key but effective performance) seems happy enough with his hit or miss traveling salesman's job; it provides them with enough money to live a comfortable, if dull existence in their suburban Chicago home with a rarely used Country Club membership.

I found the movie interesting and entertaining with a little business savvy on the side.

It is engaging, entertaining, and sharply portrays a person that is both fascinating and scary.

After repeated setbacks to sell the milkshake-mixer with his repetitive line: "You increase the supply, and the demand will follow...

This satisfying and intriguing biopic is a fascinating examination of the little-known history behind one of the largest companies in the world.

Boring .

The movie is very solid and enjoyable to watch...

Entertaining and historical.

I was surprised how "bland" this film was since the true story is filled with a real "bad guy" and the loss of innocence as portrayed by the McDonald's brothers.

Short said boring.. Was disapointed and fell aslepp a few times...

When the movie begins, it's relatively fast paced, showcasing Kroc's struggle to sell this one particular milkshake mixer to different drive-ins across the Midwest, him discovering the McDonald's, driving out to meet them, and the McDonald's telling him their story of how they created the restaurant, leading up to him becoming a partner in the company.

There were some shots that made me bust out laughing like a slow zoom on Keaton with a out of focus man's head taking up 65% of the screen or Laura Dern's character sitting in the back of a room displaying one of the two faces she made during this film.

When his current job brings him to San Bernardino, California and into contact with Maurice ("Mac") and Richard ("Dick") McDonald, Ray is fascinating by their innovative fast food restaurant with its fast service, good food & family atmosphere.

A deeply fascinating, engaging, poignant drama about the story of McDonald's .

The script was enjoyable enough to hold your interest but as is the case with every biopic these days those typical montages of information both in the beginning and also at the end are in this film as cliché as it is.

It's often the case these days that high profile, well-marketed biopics are reliable as a Big Mac (you always know what you're going to get) but John Lee Hancock's film is imbedded with both an energy and pace that elevates it above the usual bio-fair and with another awards worthy turn from Michael Keaton as its centrepiece, this enthralling slice of history is a fabulously entertaining ride tinged in nostalgic 1950's vibes and garnished with a quick- smart script from The Wrestler screenwriter Robert D.

So, the moral of the story seems to be that you can step on people, be unscrupulous and win in the end...? You'll leave the theater in a bit of a downer.

The Founder is the fascinating true life story of Ray Kroc the man who built up McDonald's from a small family run restaurant to the most successful fast food franchise of all time.

Whether you love the McDonald's brand or hate it, this film offers a compelling view into the way it has captivated us all with its worldwide presence.

This is a film that is tremendously entertaining and the fact that it is all true makes it even more so.

This movie looks and feels boring.

Quite the opposite is the case: The longer the film went, the better it became, not just because not only Keaton got baitier and baitier material, but also because the story in general became more thrilling and interesting with Croc's rise to power.

A filmmaker's goal is to make an entertaining and profitable movie.

This fascinating story comes to the big screen courtesy of writer Robert D.

The cognitive dissonance that many will experience during diegesis of this film is fascinating in and of itself.

A very enjoyable watch and an 8/10 from me!

On an overall scale, The Founder is a carefully investigated & smartly scripted biopic that's just as informative as it is entertaining and wonderfully illustrates the rise of the man who dared to dream bigger and single-handedly turned a small fast-food restaurant into a billion-dollar conglomerate with his aggressive business practices.

The journey he takes from a hopeless unsuccessful man striving to succeed from a mediocre lifestyle is a common tale but how Ray Kroc deals with the characters along the way to was fascinating.

Better off going on Wikipedia and reading m What happen for yourself but for a bored Friday night it's worth a watch Even if you don't care

Dern plays the dutiful wife, standing by her man through thick and thin but ultimately, Ray's restless and ambitious nature becomes a distraction and the marriage seems to linger like a dreary fog that will never clear.

Slow film .

Excellent casting, directing and period sets make this a thoroughly engaging story.

And Michael Keaton is the man in the suit, a man who faced many challenges while testing ethical boundaries that made him both a fascinating and somewhat unlikable guy.

Dialog has its moments, mixed in with silence and slow music periods.

It's surprisingly compelling stuff, considering it could have simply played out as an advert for the fast food giant.

The last 30 minutes are just a snooze fest.

Despite the similarities, The Founder is still a very entertaining movie and Michael Keaton does a great job in his portrayal of the ruthless Kroc.

The Founder succeeds creating an engaging story along with a personal history that would change the face of America forever.

What I got instead was a very fascinating character study into the mind of Ray Kroc.

Siegel, the man behind The Wrestler, can be seen as the film version of an exciting boy's book that from the outset seems to consist solely of successes.

This gripping drama tells the story of Ray Kroc (American actor Michael Keaton - Batman, Batman Returns), a travelling salesman who turned two brothers' humble hamburger stand into the most successful fast-food brand in the world through a combination of ambition, persistence, and ruthlessness.

Too long and kinda boring .

He does it with an hyper enthusiasm that contrasts with his stillness as he sits in his motel room at the end of the day, absorbing a motivational record through his pores.

You know when you order the burger and you look at this pretty plain looking burger and you take a bite and it's just bland and nothing special?

Still, all of the performances were solid and it's a fascinating story, so I'd recommend.

His a genuinely cold and calculated character but as the film begins we are happy to see him put in the hard yards as his franchise model of stores takes off but as the brand grows so does Kroc's ego and Keaton's performance morphs naturally as it does in fascinating and unexpected ways.

The Founder is a provocative biopic sparkling with an astonishing performance by Michael Keaton and a strongly fascinating character study that injects powerful interest in the widely unknown history of the fast-food company many know and love to this day, despite the checkered history.

You are immersed in Ray Kroc's/Keatons story and journey.

I really enjoy this movie because it is fascinating to see how one simple idea has changed the culinary world forever.

The story tells about Ray Kroc (MIchael Keaton) who used to be a salesman and how he was going nowhere selling milkshake machine, until he discover a restaurant known as McDonalds and he loves the idea of fast food service, he wanted to turn it into a franchise.

The story in this film is interesting but presented in such a dull and cookie cutter way.

Most know who won but the journey to discover that is entertaining and informative.

At the first of the show I said it didn't do well at the theaters because of the slow start, my 18 year old said at the end of the show it was because it created too much anxiety because he was expecting Kroc to be something he wasn't go to be (no feel good at all, just rich).

Fascinating story of the history of McDonald's and its foundations.

A compelling portrayal of American business and the price of success .

Lynch & Offerman are in as McDonald brothers and play their part convincingly, plus the moments between them & Kroc is as amusing as it is riveting.

Again, there are times where you sense the arrival of a contrived plot point or two, but The Founder confidently skirt mediocrity through the strength of its performances, cinematography and compelling source material.

If I had a complaint with this movie, although the first 20 minutes was important to setup Kroc as a character, the movie was pretty slow at that point.