The Gentlemen (2019) - Action, Comedy, Crime

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An American expat tries to sell off his highly profitable marijuana empire in London, triggering plots, schemes, bribery and blackmail in an attempt to steal his domain out from under him.

IMDB: 7.9
Director: Guy Ritchie
Stars: Matthew McConaughey, Charlie Hunnam
Length: 113 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 119 out of 1000 found boring (11.9%)

One-line Reviews (463)

Pity that he's not much a storyteller because The Gentlemen is a little ponderous, a little shilly-shally, and all over the map.

30 minutes is more than enough for me, it was simply TRITE and BORING.

Hard to follow and concentrate 2 hours narration mixed with interrupted actions.

Boring .

Slick and gripping .

Not only was the plot unique, it kept you on the edge of your seat.

I don't mind slower paced movies, it was an entertaining movie.

Matthew ruins the film, the mancannot act, uses the same boring breathless voice as always.

I did stick this on not expecting much but it was great, really enjoyable.

I found it very refreshing to watch something different and original, unlike all the latest remakes and sequels, so I definitely recommend it if you're looking for something different and entertaining to watch.

waste of time .

Every role is cast perfectly, the script is fun and engaging, the characters memorable, the soundtrack rocking and the direction is on point.

Amazing writing from Ritchie - fast paced, witty, funny.

Watching Matthew McConaughey attempting to keep up with the talent in this latest Ritchieflick (the director who has to have his own sub-genre) is entertaining in itself.

Absolutely unwatchable.

Then we get this completely boring guy telling, or half-telling, some stupid story about our slain hero.

" after watching it a second time it was way more enjoyable and funnier because you can really focus on the script and perfect dialogue in every scene, and you will probably go " ooooh...

Most impressive and entertaining.

Except for Gold, McConeghy has never really taken many chances with his characters in previous films, and it this one, he is highly predictable as well.

Entertaining and well paced .

It's slow paced and boring .

Expectations were not disappointed: excellent cast, entertaining and nice screeplay .

If you're not a Guy Ritchie fan or been involved this world than you're not the target audience, so go back to your mundane life and watch superman or star wars for you wow's.

It doesn't go overboard with cuts and crazy camera shake though, that's a good thing, its very well balanced and the violence is visceral and engaging.

I am just bored out of my skull.

It seems Ritchie, much like other seasoned auteurs, has reached that magical point in his career where he no longer caters to audiences, who are calling the film "boring," or critics, who are attacking the film for being "offensive.

The first act especially before Colin Farrell's character (Coach) is very slow paced and once Coach comes in, the pace picks up a hell of a lot.

It's another kinda dark, gritty, bloody, messy but quite enjoyable piece by Guy.

The Gentlemen's wacky story and directing style made for a very entertaining watch.

I was most impressed however with Charlie Hunham as Ray, a man with obsessive compulsive disorder yet when he's placed into a difficult situation to retrieve a clients daughter in a place he would prefer to avoid, he completely commands the situation and it makes for compelling viewing.

Fast paced.

Despite my sensitivity on the character, it's an entertaining movie.

Like back in times where Ritchie directed "Snatch" or "Lock, Stock and two smoking barrels" this movie is entertaining in so many ways.

He delivered a pretty good live-action remake of Aladdin while offering his own take (Jasmine has more compelling motivations).

Guy Ritchie is back in top-form in this violent, hilarious, intense, completely politically incorrect masterpiece of a movie, with memorizing characters who ooze style and charisma, with ridiculously clever and witty dialogue, and meta stuff to top it all off.

Fun & Entertaining .

They work with what they got, but there are times that the narrative feels a little disjointed.

Very breathtaking movie with unexpected turns, typical for Guy Ritchie movies and absolutely worthwhile watching!!

Whilst there are plenty of enjoyable moments in this film, one can not help getting distracted by the endless quips and witty one liners.

Yawn .

100% worth the watch.

Guy Ritchie's gangster-comedy, The Gentlemen is one that is entertaining as hell though it asks viewers to carry the load much higher than most of other commercial movies because Ritchie's style of providing information is skilled like a sharp shooter person.

A really interesting and engaging storyline.

Potentially a stuffy, slow, hard edged movie with lots of cursing and torture, I could only imagine what I would get, especially when another fan left in a rant 20 minutes into the film.

I think it has to do with how people try to imitate mobs, only to come off boring.

Well, you keep telling yourself that, as you fall asleep with uninteresting characters telling, in a boring way, some stupid story.

Brilliant - starts slow like a roller coaster with a great drop.

Boring Movie.

The stupid beginning already exposed a predictable one-way developed direction.

great characters, great performances, tight gripping script, nice camera.

Starring Matthew McConaughey, Charlie Hunnam, Colin Farrell, and Hugh Grant, it is an entertaining return to that classic Guy Ritchie style of British gangster eccentricism that has been missing for quite some time.

too many characters, pointless unrelated subplots, and a style and tone that gets old.

Buckle up, and brace yourself for another twisty, turn-ey, action packed, roller coaster of a film.

Entertaining from start to finish.

Shifting the time frame around enters the entertaining Fletcher, Hugh Grant, and I guess working from his true life tabloid experience, while adding a bit of Michael Caine sauce to it.

Sadly, that formula became a little self-indulgent by the final act.

If you want an entertaining break from bloated budgeted films with bad acting (Bad Boys, Jumanji, etc) try this one- I loved it!

what a waste of time .

We loved every minute of it and made plans for a second viewing before we even left the theater.

The pacing skips from slow to fast to somewhat interesting to less so.

Mildly Entertaining...

The casting is brilliant, dialogue snappy and fun, locations, cinematography are all top notch.

Good movie you have to watch this one, unpredictable and good story olso..

This is a remarkably entertaining movie.

Really worth watching- best movie I have seen for a long while

Really enjoyed it was a classic guy Ritchie movie and is up there with his best work in my opinion.

One less star because the scene jumps, although an integral part of the overall structure of the story, seemed excessive & confusing at times.

Some reviewers here are commenting that there was no plot!

Even the jokes are dull and infantile.

An exciting part to talk about in this kind of films would be the action set pieces unfortunately, The Gentlemen does not offer much.

Hugh Grant leads with a fascinating performance as a private investigator who also doubles as a narrator of sorts who Ritchie uses as a vehicle to unfold and explain the story in a truly unique manner.

Stunning .

So personally I'm not all to familiar with Guy Ritchie's films, but if anything I feel like I know his style from seeing this movie, and it's really enjoyable for the most part.

Thoroughly enjoyed it.

A very enjoyable crime caper with wonderful dialogue .

Boring and hard to follow all the characters.

Belonging to that kind of good-looking movie, Guy Ritchie returned to his early style: multi-cue, multi-character, excellent rhythm control, all kinds of black humor and irony, enjoyable violent scenes, and playfulness with the plot and the audience.

Great, entertaining movie .

Really entertaining.

A surprisingly fun and engaging Guy Ritchie film.

The Gentlemen is a thoroughly enjoyable movie.

This was the silliest waste of time made to date.

We're in the minority, but save your money and time.

I loved how the story was told through the lens of a potential movie script, but at times it was confusing what was going on due to poor character presentation.

Does it get a little pretentious and precious?

Fun and thrilling to the end ...

Everything he says is always engaging, either by the way he says it, his expressions, or the physical intensity he puts into his own words.

Eventually I just got bored and if I hadn't paid to rent it online I would have turned it off.

Very slow beginning, finished well.

Some directorial choices seem to be made only for vanity, such as one bit where a character drones on about the magic of classic cinema.

Perfectly cast and well directed, the Gentlemen is an entertaining return to form for Guy Ritchie.

Intense screenplay, marvelous narration with a superb script and masterpiece acting by all its actors makes this movie a must watch film.

Highly entertaining story and yes this is a violent film.

Fast paced, convoluted in a good way (the Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch way) and with an excellent cast.

Story: Gangstar story with a lot of sudden changes, which is vary exciting to watch Actors: very good suited, like they was born for their roles Play: all did a great job, I really believe them, like some kind of empathy, even if main characters are bad, you cheering for them And movie was not too long or too short, just perfect timing, to sit and have little bit less than two hours of unpredictable story.

However I felt that the pace of the movie was quite slow, I would have personally liked a faster pace.

They always take the easy, predictable way out.

I got bored after 30 minutes.

Well worth the watch.

At times, I think there is simply too much dialouge, which led to some confusion in following the plot.

To be quite honest, while this is is an original film, it's more of a slow burn rendition of previous London gangster Ritchie stories.

With a very clever script and masterful storytelling, Ritchie paints a charming and witty tale of colorful characters and funny situations that turn this into an incredibly entertaining film.

An exciting watch.

Lock Stock - AMAZING Snatch - AMAZING AGAIN The Gentlemen - BORING.

There are a lot of things I liked about this movie, but I have to be honest, throughout a lot of scenes I was bored.

I enjoyed it.

Zzzzz bit cringey if anything.

To see it return here, under new management, is a fascinating conversation all it's own.

Engaging and witty dialogue.

It was much more entertaining than I thought Guy Ritchie capable of (or that he showed in "King Arthur").

Enjoyed it thoroughly - enough twists an turns to keep you thinking.

The movie is so thrilling, I really didn't want it to end.

This film is very boring.

Slow burning fire.

Forget the 'expert' reviews, this is a smooth and entertaining flick with all the humour and blend of characters you'd expect from GR.

Enjoyed it very much

All the actors have done justice to their roles Mathew is intense as usual.

It simply does NOT want to stop being smart , ending up being boring after half an hour of SMART talk and more smart talk....

Dull, lackluster, borefest.

And even though, as some reviewers have already mentioned, it started a little slow, once the plot got going, it was hard not to watch!

Theres a lot going on in this movie I think that's a good thing and bad thing,good thing because there's a lot of variety of entertainment but also a bad thing because with so much going on it might be a little difficult to follow the plot.

Slow movie, many times i felt like i was watching a commercial.

Enjoyable from beginning to end.

Hugely enjoyable and brilliantly done abd so bloody English!

Intense thriller .

Super boring .

Plot twists like farm raid leading back to Michael, or the Aslan being the son of Russian oligarch were somehow dull.

"The Gentleman" is fun, playful, contains top tier performances, and is undeniably entertaining.

With the help of a cast comprised of big names and lovable favorites such as Matthew McConaughey, Charlie Hunnam, Hugh Grant and the inimitable Colin Farrell, as well as an intelligent, engaging and entertaining script, Guy Ritchie once again comes through in delivering sumptuous fare for the eyes and ears and heart.

Well shot, well made, entertaining tongue in cheek gangster movie.....

Definitely worth watching .

I'm already making allowances for one of the two most trite, formulaic genres, the gangster flick.

The Gentlemen was a solid Guy Ritchie flick, that's entertaining and likable.

After the critically panned Alladin, Guy Ritchie returns to the underground world of bribery, drugs, money-laundering and blood in a refreshing yet entertaining story.

Absolutely entertaining and thrilling, superbly acted, visually beautiful, and the most homoerotic thing I've seen on the big screen since "Brokeback Mountain.

A thunderously entertaining script.

This casual and light reply to Scorsese's "The Irishman", is an interesting and intelligent interpretation of exiting the exciting world of crime.

From his witty/snappy dialogue to his hilarious choices of the way certain characters speak, he has certainly not lost touch with the types of movies he likes to make.

Smart, Witty and Snappy lines...

Awesome movie, enjoyed it right from the start.

Grant is oddly compelling as a bad guy.

Formulaic .

Even I was so bored in one stage.

Very enjoyable, very cool, very Guy Richie.

Ritchie's style bleeds throughout this film's core from the very opening title credits, to the final cut to black; all of his standard trademarks are here which some may find tiresome, while others will find great enjoyment out of.

I just got out of watching the GentlemenI enjoyed it a great deal.

Oh this movie is extremely entertaining , gangs action comedy acting avrey thing is here , and it took long time for Matthew macConuaghey to be in a good movie .

It simply does NOT want to stop being smart , ending up being boring after half an hour of smart gangster talk.

Honestly one of the worst films I've ever seen in theaters, I nearly left because it got so tedious.

Ritchie's dialogue is sharp as ever and his storytelling is still worth watching develop.

Well I must be the odd man out as I thought it was rather dull, Fake cockney accents and not the best cast.

About 40 minutes and he turned to me and said how boring and slow the movie was.

7.5 / 10Labeled and marketed as "ACTION CRIME COMEDY" when 95% of the movie is just boring TALKIE TALK TALK.

Entertaining crime caper .

The Gentlemen is quite frankly pure entertainment and a rare glimpse at how engaging good storytelling and convincing acting can be.

Absolutely entertaining, but predictable.

Most plot turns are predictable and full of clichés.

It took some time to get going, around 20-30 minutes of exposition to set up the story, but the rest of the movie was quite the entertaining ride.

""Knives Out" came out last year and many people enjoyed it.

A boring if old fan, attempt at comedy in a criminal background .

In comparison to Snatch and Lock stock the story is weak and drawn out in parts.

With a deft and artful hand and sure command of his narrative threads, he has fun rearranging the linearity of the story (which if attempted by anyone else might be confusing), and delivers something close to a masterpiece.

Enjoyed it thoroughly!

From the initial credit scenes all the way to the end this film is just stunning and the plot is amazing.

Gripping crime caper....

Worth watching for Hugh Grant's performance.

It seems Guy Ritchie keeps making the same movie: A heist/crime adventure with a script that keeps jumping backwards and forwards, numerous quirky characters with different ethnicities and accents, snappy dialogue, sudden cuts and musical moments, all of it needlessly complicated and stylized and a bit annoying.

Superb script and direction; great actors and hugely enjoyable.

You can tell he wants to be a Tarantino or Scorsese, but unlike those auteurs, he swims in a rather more shallow pool of human behaviour, that inhabited by a kind of watery species of cliche.

A lot of substance in the first act may lead to some confusion and maybe a little bit of a headache with all the information thrown at the audience.

Another Guy Ritchie masterpiece, what a mindblowing movie, unpredictable till the very end and the cheery on the pie is Mathew McConaughey's brilliant portrayal of Mickey Pearson.

Entertaining .

While most I could follow, there were a lot that were either formulaic or just didn't go anywhere.

It was a waste of time and one of the worst movies I have ever seen

Waste no more time time reading this review...

The movie is funny, clever, violent and terribly entertaining.

Great movie, sharp, intelligent and best of all Entertaining.

6/10 - Guy Ritchie's latest action flick has some big names, but was a little too harsh and intense for my tastes

There's hardly any action, and I even find the slow paced 1940's & 1950's Crime Noir movies far more engaging to watch.

At the start and in the midle I got boring.

Save your money.

Brilliant screenplay play and Hugh grant should win an oscar alongside some stunning performances.

It felt hollow and contrived in comparison to his more iconic earlier works.

Overall this movie is a fun crowd pleaser that has a engaging style that has convinced me to check out some of Guy Ritchies other movies, so check it out.

Interesting characters, intriguing mystery, and hilarious bits of comedy make this feature very entertaining.

Ultimately, some fun performances and the occasional stellar scene make this worth the watch.

But it's damn boring with an unreliable narrator dictating to the audience the entire plot.

Worth watching it...

Yes, the writing is still a little overdone at times, there are some annoying moments/stereotypes to consider, and a few slow parts that could have been ironed out.

There were moments when I thought that I'd leave because something struck me as too intense.

In the beginning you think it's a boring story which is completely told.

The Gentlemen is cool, over-the-top British, and has exciting twists and turns mixed with action.

The film can be very funny when it needs to be, and increasingly entertaining as the film and the world surrounding the characters we are falling begins to unravel.

So entertaining he's even written a screenplay to go along with his investigation.

I literally walked out of the theater about 1/3 into this mess.

Just boring.

After the release of Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction in the mid-nineties spawned a wave of crime comedies featuring an ensemble cast, snappy dialogue, and non-linear plot structure, such as Two Days In The Valley, The Boondock Saints, and Killing Zoe.

Early in his career he made some very entertaining comedic gangster flicks ("Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels", "Snatch"- I even think "RocknRolla" is alright); and I think his blockbusters are entertaining as well (the "Sherlock Holmes" series; and make fun of me if you want, but though "King Arthur: Legend of the Sword" was absolutely ridiculous, I thought it was also a lot of b-movie fantasy fun).

No writing, no plot just a pathetic movie!

It goes from (near) action then to boring narration to where I audibly groaned.

This is why you find a lot of people who say they found Snatch to be confusing due to all of the plotlines happening at the same time as well as them not paying attention to what is actually being said.

This film was entertaining, enjoyable and hilarious.

Guy Ritichie is now his own cliche .

Predictable .

Really enjoyable.

I was on the edge of my seat guessing at what will transpire next.

The story has one and only twist and its predictable.

It's a great watch, and while at some points it may seem tedious, I would say the first 30 minutes pass rather slowly, it gets more and more interesting as it nears its end.

A thrilling classic modernized gangster movie .

I thought it was very interesting pee slow in the beginning what you catch up to it understand the plot there is characters you said went to watch a movie all the actors of the great not too much action while I'm talking all in all is very good that was entertaining I recommended surprise ending no spoilers


I thought the action scenes were good and made the movie more thrilling and interesting to watch.

Go, have a thoroughly enjoyable time!

An era when he made crime movies that were genuinely funny and gripping.

But when we started to watch it really pulled me in, the story is nicely woven, actors and actresses selected just perfectly it fits like a glove, director shoot the movie in a way it feels fast paced fast paced ( even though it is not) never gets you bored .

Baffled by the critics reviews, some of the criticism is daft, you don't judge a burger by a steak, this is no Citizen Kane, what it is however is a highly entertaining film, filled with memorable characters, on point performances (Grant in particular is excellent) genuine humour and, well, it's a lot of fun, if your a fan of burgers and films of this ilk, give it a go, you won't be disappointed.

It is all entertaining enough : the characters are well formed and the action is fast paced.

Worth the watch!

Wildly entertaining .

Overall, its a waste of time.

There are some cliche moments in this movie and it is kinda disappointing.

Guy Ritchie's films are very similar and they become predictable, so Guy Ritchie adds a death scene at the beginning, to then add a twist.

Every character is memorable and the story is unpredictable, funny and intelligent.

This posh English fantasy tail is phenomenally mixed by Hugh Grant's incredible acting-narration and helps bubble up what could have, at times, been an offensive mess, into an entertaining old-fashioned caper.

This movie is just dull.

Enjoyable .

It's just boring, and it's been done to death by this director and Steven Soderbergh's Oceans movies.

Waste of my time and money.

Amazing cast Amazing script Amazing humor Unpredictable script

Being as how January is usually a dumping ground for maligned films, you could do a lot worse than this enjoyable romp.


A razor sharp script moves this film at a lightning pace thanks to the creative storytelling and a snappy trademark dialogue.

Basically nothing had happened 45 minutes in, and I for only the second time in my life walked out of the movie theater (The first being raising Helen with Kate Hudson) I may end up giving the movie another try just based off of so many good reviews/friends asking if I stayed around for part XY and Z?

There is tremendous acting talent in this film with Matthew Mcconaughy, I found Hugh Grants part to be very amusing and entertaining.

Really enjoyed it.

The acting is medioker, I don't find it interesting, I'm getting bored.

Amazing job done with the slow zoom transitions, they added good suspense and slow pacing at the right times.

A little too much narrating for my taste and some characters didn't get enough screen time, but other than that I really enjoyed it.

Trite .

A perfect movie, great script, wonderful acting and adrenaline action .

Guy Ritchie has done an amazing job by keeping everything enjoyable with slight dose of dark humor from begining to the end.

Enjoyable, funny, innovative.

I mean, the script still feels like it was written by an edgy 15-year-old but it's just so entertaining and fun.

The movie is action packed, it's hilarious, and the cast is fantastic.

Switched off after 30mins bored.

But if there is one thing which stops this from being an exceptional movie, it is Ritchie's unnecessary and sometimes pointless tradition of four-letter words.

Worth watching again.

Probably one of the most boring movies to watch.

I realize this is anecdotal evidence, but people walked out.

Too many fun and enjoyable moments to be seen on this movie.

Engaging, entertaining, a treat.

Definitely worth watching though.

Thoroughly entertaining....

Sounds confusing 'duneh it'?

absolutely stunning!!

A bit slow, and vulgar language, with some quirk thrown in .

Why such a boring narrator who is basically a bad guy, snitch and why such lack of real action criminal underworld scenes?

Despite predictable plot avenues and a couple of cliche scenes, the film provided a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Entertaining flick from the British Tarantino-Hugh Grant steals the show and should be used way more as a character actor.

It has to be at least entertaining!

It's not going to change your life, but it is wonderfully entertaining.


Very Entertaining .

Slow beginning .

One of the worst movie ever .

" Well, of course it wasn't, but I really enjoyed it.

The cast is brilliant, it's incredibly stylized and the dialogue is snappy, witty and super Tarantino esque.

Classic Guy Ritchie movie (funny, twists and turns, constant thrilling/entertaining/slightly bloody one-upping); long-time fans won't be disappointed.

The Gentleman is a truly entertaining piece of film with an enthralling plot and unique storytelling.

Although it's not going to be winning Oscars and critics praise, it is an entertaining watch, and a beautifully shot film - and seriously, what else do you need?

Starts slow ends up great .

The acting is slow, the action is dumb, the script is off point, the story-line is stupid, the editing is very dull and boring.

All the action scene super messy, and bored!

The movie is predictable especially in the later second act and in the third act and I really wish it wasn't predictable.

and the Sherlock Holmes films are entertaining and fun, to say the least.

Felt like there were some characters that weren't even important in the whole movie or they didn't have much impact in the story and one of them is: Dry Eye (Played by Henry Golding), although his acting was okay, his character was a waste of time.

It is entertaining, funny and gritty: simply a good job.

Hugh Grant out of his comfort zone gives a great performance, Hunnam gives a good account of the henchman & as for McConnachy I saw traces of True Detectives & Wolf on Wall Street, great humour throughout an enjoyable film, a film in years to come will be a film in which will become iconic

Guy Ritchie back on form, this will sit as a true classic, entertaining from the start to the end with plenty of twists and quality acting along the way.

The storytelling was hilariously done with a few unexpected twists.

Fortunately, The Gentlemen packs a hard punch, and is a very entertaining movie.

Stupidity and chance make movies funny and give them that sense of reality, because reality is also unpredictable.

Honestly, I enjoyed the first part of the movie for what it is, the dialogue is great and it's well made, but predictable.

Very disappointing, nothing like the films that made him famous.. very convoluted plot, hard to follow, old fashioned and seems like Guy Richie has been away from home so long, he embarrassingly doesn't even know what the map of his own country looks like when he displays it in the film!

Guy Richie has become one of my favorite directors because he delivers very entertaining films on a consistent basis...

My old man himself found the movie BORING, and that's coming from someone who likes gritty crime movies.

Guy Ritchie's direction was outstanding, and he uses the camera in such a way which made it engrossing time watch.

Snatch is his best and this is not far behind, great acting and enjoyable movie.

With incredible witty and sharp dialogues, as expected from guy Ritchie, rapid editing, quick montage and impeccable comedic timing from all of his actors, it makes the viewing experience so perfect and so entertaining.

Dare I say it has some gripping moments?

great performance , funny scenes and accents are really entertaining , but the story is so confusing.

It's very entertaining and I would expect nothing less from Guy Ritchie in this genre.

Unnecessary racism, bit boring and fuelling for the current climate at the moment.

If you saw the trailer as I did, you'd expect something much more entertaining and thrilling.

The constant callbacks to past incidents and shifts of perspective all add to create a story that is one of the most entertaining ones of the year.

Would highly recommend it!!!

Started off slow and became unwatchable.

My first thought was that it is a cliché action movie with a predictable plot.

It was mind numbingly boring with a story that was so generic I thought a 13 year old child had written the screenplay.

Fantastically entertaining.

It was very slow to start.

Nice script, well acted and an enjoyable watch.

This unfortunately didn't meet his standard (like Dirty Harry, The Godfather, The Untouchables, Good Fellas, Kill The Irishman, We Own The Night, etc..).Lots of Guy Ritchie fanboys are defending this really boring movie.

It is fast paced, action packed and fun.

Film was a bit slow at the start but got more gripping as time went on.

In short; boring, boring and then boring.

Enjoyable way to pass the time in a well spun story with fine pacing.

This is how this film could be a rare mix between Scorsese's Gangster cinema and Tarantino's memorable dialogue, both of which come together in a film that results in the pure and enjoyable Guy Ritchie style.

It's slow to start and honestly, it's worth sticking with it as all stories merge to show the final outcomes.

The Gentlemen will uncover little by little the criminal empire built by Michael, all plots made by rivals to take over his business and there will be many unexpected plot twists.

Very Entertaining .

This film was such a bore to me.

All in all, this was a funny, enjoyable gangster movie, despite a few plot holes.

It was fast paced, exciting and genuinely very funny.

Thoroughly enjoyable.

Guy Ritchie's best and most enjoyable work since Snatch .

Every so often you get a flashback and every so often that flashback has some vaguely interesting or exciting material.

It's tightly edited and enormously entertaining, watching a handful of decent actors become great during the run time, with Hunnam, Farrell, and McConaughey contributing some of their finest efforts in the picture, focused on remaining in sync with the director's vision for twisty language and turns of plot.

Enjoyable if slow at times .

The Gentlemen stumbles out of the gate with a dialog heavy intro but slowly brings its self together culminating in an entertaining and sometimes laugh out loud crime flick.

I give it a 6.0. Other than an all-star cast, which did their best given the writing (Colin Farrell, Matthew McConaughey, Charlie Hunnam etc.) the movie was such a bore, a sub par buildup of a literal narrator from the very start and if you have seen all of his previous films, a total rehash.

An entertaining yet predictable movie carried by Hugh Grant and Colin Farrell.

The jokes are awful and boring.

That being said, the movie was an empty suit, a hollow shell.

Hugely enjoyable example of its genre

"The American Lion in the English Jungle"Guy Ritchie returns to both the writing and directing chair to craft an exciting action-filled comedy that only he and he alone could create.

So boring.

What a waste of everyone's time and efforts.

The casting is just wrong in almost every way, McConaughey and Hunnan In this genre are about as interesting as watching paint dry and even Hugh Grant is not a good choice as the storyteller.

The plot is very hard to follow in the first act and almost feels like you're having to catch up with what's going on straight away, but once you get into the flow with the characters, it's consistently entertaining, deliciously dark and absolutely hilarious, beautifully edited by James Herbert and a must see return to the British crime genre from one of the masters

I believe anyone would find 'The Gentlemen' both entertaining and exciting.

I enjoyed it.

A sore waste of time.

A very well made entertaining film.

The only thing entertaining was Hugh Grant's accent.

This movie is another Guy Ritchie special, entertaining from start to finish, great script along with stellar casts.

Fun, sleek and entertaining.

Slick, suave & stylish, the film rides heavily on splendid performances of its compelling cast, and while not one of the better examples of its genre(s), this crime comedy has got just enough meat on its bones to entertain & appease the crowds.

" The way the story is told is quite unique, and the twists and fake outs used were quite entertaining, not everything may be exactly what we see.

Now THIS is a film worth watching.

Highly entertaining .

The rest of it was too long and too boring and trying wayyyy too hard.

great story, enjoyable humor and a great ending...

The film kicks off with a humorous and witty direction and a good cast to hold the movie together with a story that has plenty of twists and turns to make it worth watching.

Definitely keeps you at the edge of your seat, though a slow ride at the start.

I was very confused during most of the first act and was a little bored by the pacing of the first act.

The only positive thing about this movie is the costumes which is delightful, overall I would say this is a waste of time and money.

Finally add in a movie-within-a-movie theme narrated by the gloriously camp Hugh Grant, and you have a movie that in my opinion totally obliterates Tarantino's lengthy and somewhat boring Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

and Snatch, yet it's an enjoyable 2 hour British crime caper that doesn't take itself too seriously.

I'll get straight to the point It's a good movie worth watching you won't be disappointed .

BUT I think after awhile it just became tedious.

And enjoyed it every time.

A bunch of big names but like a low budget bore .

Movie felt painfully boring.

Although the story is promising at first, its self-indulgent quality & forced twists diminish the interest as plot progresses.

Don't waste your time nothing close to SNATCH at all!

The storyline is thin, the scenes disjointed but above all, it was just boring.

This movie is formulaic, and yes it follows the tried-and-tested Guy Ritchie recipe, BUT goddam it - it's enjoyable.

My fitbit thought I fell asleep.

Entertaining from start to finish.

Highly entertaining .

The meta framing with Hugh Grant and Charlie Hunnam was clunky enough that even Hunnam's character was getting bored with the "telling" in the exposition provided by Grant's character.

Worst Movie Ever .

Will this is what cinema should be, fun, entertaining and no lecture/politics.

Everything is unexpected so so so good.

Its a lot of fun but a bit confusing so I'm giving it 7 out 10.

Although it's still very complicated, admittedly it can't see much depth, it's definitely a very enjoyable entertainment cool film.

THE most boring, uninspired, trash I've seen in a long while.

Funny, clever, gritty, funny, intelligent, entertaining, did I mention its funny?

It was very entertaining and paced well.

Boring movie, awful plot and casual racism throughout

Waste of time .

Boring movie.

"The Gentlemen" is thoroughly enjoyable, sleek and smart.

The story is written well, and every detail works together and well layered with many different moving parts that kept me on the edge of seat the entire time.

A reasonably entertaining crime thriller .

Really entertaining movie.

Satisfying and enjoyable, it's clever and never feels forced or cringe at any point.

Well told (the narration was entertaining and clarifying in equal measure), cracking dialogue and strong performances.

Also, it was very slow, and no amazing scene like Snatch's fight, Lock's massive gun shoot out, RocknRolla's outside of the nightclub fight scene with "The Subways" playing in the background.

Funny,entertaining and really enjoyable.

What ensues, is giddy entertainment a'la Chef Ritchie's Specialty of witty, super-fast, intelligent, humorous exchanges and more than a few sleights-of-hand by a gallery of engaging and colorful characters who are thrown into numerous subplots, countless twists and turns, betrayals, confrontations and several inevitable revelations.

Entire film a bit mystery, but quite slow!

Guy Ritchie is in fine form with this slick and highly entertaining crime caper.

It does have a slow and confusing narrative beginning.

Boring .

The flashback almost every scene, also make the film unwatchable!

The story is pointless...

Boring and Pointless .

The Gentlemen, a highly entertaining movie.

Acting was good, story is a bit predictable yet gripping.

Soon, things get intense when people star killing, bribing, and trying to steal from underneath him.

Was it an enjoyable couple of hours, on the whole yes.

This is a well paced, very entertaining film with great original plot, a lot of well done stylistic element and no insults to intelligence.

His wife, the cockney mob moll, was way too much of a cliché.

Couldn't sit through the whole thing, a borefest to put it mildly.

It's this balance of connections with the mystery that for me was the biggest engaging piece to the movie, that teasing to see how deep the politics run always being that itch you can't scratch.

One of the best movies I've seen lately I highly recommend it

It tries to be meta but bores like no other.

The first 30-40 minutes of the film drags a good bit and is by far the most confusing part of the film.

Script of this film is so simple and straightforward and yet twisty and gripping.

amongst others) on an excellent camerawork servicing a tight narrative pace whose thread, mainly for Fletcher's catchy story-telling, is never lost during the film and until its, partially unexpected, ending.

and I know something worse about you"and now the definition of "deus ex machina" is a plot device whereby a seemingly unsolvable problem in a story is suddenly and abruptly resolved by an unexpected and unlikely occurrence.

cliche boy drama film .

Rating: 2 and a half stars for well, the empty style points and the lush UK interiors.

I did think the movie was kind of boring in the first half hour until it picks up.


Robbie K here to give you some insight as he checks out:Movie: The Gentleman (2020)Director: Guy Ritchie Writers: Guy Ritchie (screenplay by), Guy Ritchie (story by) Stars: Matthew McConaughey, Charlie Hunnam, Michelle DockeryLIKES:The Humor The Character Usage The Mystery/Politics The Connections The Presentation The Censorship of violence, for the most part The ActingDISLIKES:The Excessive Cursing For Me Missing Some Action The Extended Ending Some Stereotypical Annoyances The Rapping Video Slow At Parts SUMMARYWhen it comes to the British writing style, this reviewer always looks to the potential for balanced writing.

Although people were praising the cast's performances, I thought that all of them was a weird choice for there roles, and I must admit, I fell asleep halfway through the film.

Conclusion: ultimately it is still quite boring.


The story is mundane and the acting clichéd .

However I was also very bored, I couldn't believe how slow paced everything was.

It's fun, it's fast, it's loaded with humor and it places twists around every corner for you to stay where you belong - on the edge of your seat.

Boring af.

Very enjoyable - great story.

Boring, without interesting story, predictable

Watching was enjoyable.

Great but with a really slow pace.....

Stunning film .

Entertaining .

After what was a slow and tedious intro to the film, I pushed through and quite enjoyed it as a whole.

An entertaining return to that classic Guy Ritchie style of British gangster eccentricism .

Coach (Played by Collin Farrell) was my favorite character in the whole movie, Ray (played by Charlie Hunnam) was amazing, Fletcher (played by Hugh Grant) was also amazing, the charisma of each character is the thing that really saved the long conversations or maybe the whole movie, to be honest, and without it, these conversations would've been boring as hell and the movie was gonna be dead.

However, Comic and entertaining for the audience.

I was bored to death by this .

Don't waste your money.

This is pure and enjoyable Guy Ritchie, with timeline cuts and jumps and characters that one may think only he can write.

However the story is hard to follow.

Nevertheless, "The Gentlemen" is entertaining, and its 2-hour length flies past you quite fast.

Something entertaining can quickly turn into something pretty annoying if the storytelling isn't well-balanced.

The 4 of us gave it an hour, but it was confusing, disjointed, and unwatchable.

Nevertheless, it was entertaining to watch how everything came together in the end like a puzzle piece.

For the rest it's an excellent, amusing and exciting movie.

Well worth watching .

After experiencing something of a creativity drought in recent years, Guy Ritchie comes back with a vengeance, bringing his trademark fast paced editing and unmistakable British charm to a film much more suited to his personal preferences.

Thoroughly enjoyed it.

I would say it was slow at parts...

The chap playing Jay was very good and Colin Farrell was his usual enjoyable self.

Stunning .

The point of the movie where it got to slow for me was the scene before they threw that russian kid out the window (we'll get to that later).

A boring overdone movie with bad character choices, annoying actors.

Its one of a few movies I actually turned offGo and do something else and don't waste your time on this junk

The early scenes dragged because as clever as the dialogue was, Charlie Hunnam could not keep up with Hugh Grant's acting levels and it showed.

The key to making them work, especially for me, is the really make the characters engaging and worth caring for.

A Great movie for those that love quick and snappy dialog, with a mix of violence, a mass of twist and turns - As well as a balls to the wall pace.

With this supporting component, the movie continues to get better in the way it balances so many things to make an engaging mafia tale.

Hugh Grant is probably the most entertaining I've ever seen him and Colin Farrell is wickedly funny.

The Gentlemen's pacing is fueled by said high octane conversation between characters, and it managed to keep me fully immersed the entire time.

But still boring.

Am i really that slow?

A lot of what you will see in here is confusing and there is some unnecessary violence.

First 20-25 minutes are very boring and nothing happened.

The witty dialogue, the fashion, and the British slum/gangster/grime music culture the movie creates is wildly entertaining.

Another brilliant Guy Ritchie film for the books This was a funny, intense, violent puzzle that kept me on the edge of my seat and kept me guessing.

The Gentleman is a truly entertaining piece of film with an enthralling plot and unique storytelling .

He's back to what he does best - a good action packed movie with a fab acting from a star cast - especially Matthew Mcconaughey.

Very Boring .

It can be easy to forget sometimes that movies are allowed to solely be entertaining popcorn flicks.

It's smart, confusing, well written, unpredictable and funny.

Oddly enough, and I am not in the habit of lauding a single performance, but Hugh Grant is about 50% of what makes this movie fun and worth watching.

The style here being the cockney-accent heavy cussing, violence and contrived twists and turns in the plot.

This is a very exciting film not a dull moment and done smoothly without lots of blood and violence.