The Girl Next Door (2004) - Comedy, Drama, Romance

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A teenager's dreams come true when a former porn star moves in next door and they fall in love.

IMDB: 6.7
Director: Luke Greenfield
Stars: Emile Hirsch, Nicholas Downs
Length: 109 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 58 out of 539 found boring (10.76%)

One-line Reviews (262)

Elisha Cuthbert looked stunning and has real screen presence.

This was a great entertaining film with plenty of action and lots of laughs.

Regardless, it is entertaining, and worth watching.

There was 1 plot line and for those who thought otherwise, all i can say is you must have been confusing 'The Girl Next Door' with the hotdog tell you to go to the lobby before the movie started along with all the other needless trailers.

This snooze fest is so cliché ridden that the ending is worse than predictable, its yuppie-puppie-spawn spew.

It's sexy, daring, it's genuinely funny, romantic, charming and as the film rolls on it's unexpected, smart and very professionally made.

I think the movie was average, it was entertaining in the first half only.

Two young performers (Emile Hirsch and Elisha Cuthbert) make this formulaic coming-of-age comedy worth watching.

Not all movies are supposed to be serious and art, this was just what it set out to be, a good laugh and very entertaining.

Elisha and the director of the film, Luke Greenfield, manage to make a sexy, funny, wholly enjoyable film while not shying away from the tragedies of Danielle's personal history.

All his one-liners and drawn out speeches were hilarious.

Expect the usual teen comedy formula, but at the same time be prepared for something a little different and you should find this an enjoyable 2 hours.

Seriously, there were at least 17 different 'plots' that were started and either forgotten or dismissed hurriedly in the most cliche ways imaginable.

Then, at about the hour mark, it morphs into one of the best coming of age movies Hollywood has produced in a long time.

Hirsch and Cuthbert are a sincere and engaging couple, and the laughs are certainly there, making this a cut above the norm-surprisingly smarter, sweeter, and more mature than its smutty premise suggests.

Add in some of the biggest belly laughs I've had at the movies since Old School, and it becomes perhaps the second most brilliant movie in the coming of age genre after Fast Times.

If you completely suspend your sense of disbelief and you manage to ignore the irritating lack of chemistry between the two leads I suppose this movie could be an enjoyable romp.

The Girl Next Door is a very good teen sex comedy/coming of age movie.

Bland "Risky Business" Rip-off.

The movie seems to me a spinoff of the American Pie (1st one) but with a different and hard to follow plot.

I just saw this movie about an hour ago, and I walked into the cinema expecting another "American Pie", or a similar Hollywood teen flick cliché, and I guess, to a certain extent my expectations were correct, but I did find this movie rather entertaining.

It was teetering on the edge of recommendation, when ultimately, a few little things docked it down to a state where I can't really recommend it.

Crude but hilarious and entertaining.

Nice and entertaining .

I saw this movie a couple of weeks go and definitely enjoyed it.

My advise is to watch this film only if you are bored to death, or if you really like Elisha Cuthbert.

But this movie was so entertaining and fun.

very enjoyable show .

This is basically a chick-flick but with added tits to keep the boyfriends who were dragged to the cinema entertained.

Brilliant coming of age flick and a rip-off of Risky Business all in one .

Whilst occasionally a little distasteful, this was an enjoyable and funny film with plenty to recommend it to its target audience - just don't go with your parents!

Go's Timothy Oliphant dominates the film with this role – Kelly is simultaneously dangerous, tempting and unpredictable.

Without her, the otherwise formulaic RISKY BUSINESS clone wouldn't have been anywhere near as enjoyable.

They both give likable enough performances, considering the circumstances, but they are dragged through teen-flick cliché after teen-flick cliché.

the movie is more a drama film then any and it kept me on the edge of my seat from the very start.

I saw this film quite recently, and though I'm a bit old for this type of stuff, I quite enjoyed it.

Elisha Cuthbert is stunning and I can't seem to stop watching this film .

Definitely a cut above the rest, and is on my list of most enjoyable movies.

He never actually had fun, or did anything exciting.

While the spin on Risky Business is obvious and moments of sentimentalism and ludicrousness make you groan at times, it's always compensated for and ultimately overpowered by the movie's acute sense of pathos--it knows what should be endearing and what should be funny about a coming of age experience that features a porn star (i.

I normally am not much of a fan of Rom Com movies as most focus around sex too much and as a result, are mostly trying too hard to be funny and entertaining.

She was a character that was utterly engrossing and I wanted to learn more about her.

I really enjoyed it.

Hypocritical but enjoyable .

It is really a boring story line that today's films can't seem to do much with, let alone leave it out of the movie altogether.

This is a highly entertaining film and I can thoroughly recommend it...

Refreshingly predictable .

This movie had an unsatisfying, disturbing, boring and demented plot.

However, it appears from the `make it up as you go along' quality that took over when Emile's bud discovered the damning movie, there may have some re-shoots and added material and/or numerous disjointed, assembly line direction and production droids.

The Girl Next Door is just simply an entertaining movie.

While those tactics usually prove to be quite entertaining, The Girl Next Door puts it all to shame.

I found the movie good in a lot of ways, but like many others, felt it dragged at a near stop pace a few times.

Its very enjoyable to watch and its packed with hilarious moments and sexy women.

It's wonderful to see high school life dealt with so intelligently while staying entertaining and fresh.

Engaging Homage to 80's Teen Flicks...

I was kind of fooled by the marketing of this but it sounded intriguing anyway and I'd learned the lesson that seemingly gross out comedies like American Pie, Old School and The 40 Year Old Virgin can actually be good fun and have a lot more going for them.

i feel like i'm a picky movie watcher and i thought this was very enjoyable.

The stunning Elisha Cuthbert was awesome, I swear her smile could light up a room a thousand feet underground.

But the three principal actors made the film enjoyable and even memorable.

The plot is cute and entertaining and all the set ups pay off very well, not to mention that Elisha Cuthbert has never been hotter (and probably never will be again).

The whole plot is wickedly entertaining and his two friends are wildly amusing.

Completely unexpected good hearted rom-com .

The actors do a good job, the story is just boring.

I just got back from seeing this movie at the theater this afternoon and I must say I really enjoyed it.

After an hour of a uncharismatic ,lantern jawed teenager mooning over a girl and endlessly boring people over his college scholarship interview,it suddenly morphs into a hilariously bad taste comedy for the last stretch.

I had seen her before in the TV show "24" and I always considered her boring and vapid.

The movie was a very fun ride for me and I seen it many times already and enjoyed it after ever viewing.

Worth watching!

Generally pointless, often asinine, sporadic rip-off of 80's conservative/yuppie wet dream flick, Risky Business finds the enterprising teens moving from using women as prostitutes to get into college to using women in porno videos to get into college.

The movie is practically worth it just for her, but the fact that it is indeed funny makes this movie an enjoyable experience.

Elisha Cuthbert (Danielle) deserved such treatment with the subtlety and grace that she brought to this role, in addition to her breathtaking beauty, which is, I admit, rather obvious, hardly worth mentioning, like an earthquake.

The only crime here is that this film has been judged according to the main actress, when to my surprise, this was actually a very entertaining, funny and heartwarming film.

Overall stupid but enjoyable.

Normally it takes a Lot for me to keep watching since I'm easily bored.

I picked it up at a movie rental going over to a friend's because I was bored and Elisha Cuthbert is super hot, but contrary to what I was expecting (something along the lines of Not Another Teen Movie) it turned out to have fairly good performances, some great one-liners, not a bad soundtrack, adequate directing and was overall very enjoyable.

I can't saw the movie was completely good, but it was entertaining.

His arc in this sense runs in tandem with that of his field's representation, which is sort of shown up, as a vacuous; aggressive minefield of maliciousness once everyone has been dragged out to Las Vegas for a Doug Liman's "Go" inspired romp so as to escape a proverbial wrath, although appears to recall that the film's target audience may very well be all-too fond of such things and thus, disappointingly restrains said politic from being too damning.

Danielle, amused and evidently attracted to Matt, shows him the excitement of living on the edge, from running naked through the streets to moonlight skinny dipping in his school principal's pool.

Quick Laughs, but plotless .

Especially Timothy Olyphant is truly great and enjoyable in his 'villainish' porn producer role.

A gambit that is as endearingly clumsy as it is predictable.

In fact, it is so unrealistic and so overwritten that the film itself starts to get boring.

Quite enjoyable .

The supporting cast are all effective and engaging, including Timothy Olyphant, who is likeable even when we see his character's nasty side.

I personally believe this is one of, if not the, worst movies I have EVER seen.

Unexpected Pleasure .

And even though it was cheesy, the story was at least entertaining.

While surprsingly amusing and entertaining to watch, the story strays away from the cliche of losing the girl/winning her back, since the whole history of pornography must first be dealt with through often enjoyable experiences that the main character undergoes.

They border on breaking the mold at some points, but then they lose their nerve and retreat back into familiar but tired cliché.

Its basically a sweet romantic comedy at heart, a coming of age story, and a story about leaving high-school that everyone can relate to.

And some events were really unpredictable, which is a marvel when it comes to this film genre...

but overall i really think this movie was worth watching, i had a great time and was laughing as well.

The combination of humor, teenage drama, romance and sex doesn't always play out, but it is an enjoyable ride.

One is a classic and the other a pointless waste of film.

Instead, I found it to be predictable, disengenuine, and (most offensively) unfunny.

Really enjoyed it.

When they arrive at a party Matthew just feels he should do something, and there's a wonderful scene in which he just steps over his shyness to kiss her, while David Gray is singing his breathtaking This Years Love.

The years of innocence and coming of age bring forward an experience here that makes you wonder if anything corporate America has to offer can match up with The Girl Next Door.

Using RB as a blueprint, the film's arc is familiar, but still vastly entertaining.

This flick starts out as a sappy gimmick-romance, turns into some kind of dumb porno-heist, and then eventually ends up as a pretentious slice of the American dream.

When i first watched it, I was blown away, it had much more depth than I would have expected from a teen movie and you get so immersed and involved with the characters that its unbelievable.

"The Girl Next Door" is one of 2004's most entertaining movies -- sweet, crude; funny, sad; moralistic, filthy.

Tedious-and maybe the movie should have wound up with the whole scholarship dinner.

If you're tired of cheap comedies and predictable scripts...

Take your typical teen comedy with geeks hanging out in the A/V room, guys being obsessed with meeting porn stars, with some contrived plot which allows for breasts galore and lots of lame sex jokes.

Funny, witty, very enjoyable.

Is worth watching.

But it still was a rather enjoyable film.

The second half of this flick is more than enjoyable and certainly the best in its genre that i have seen.

The end was pretty unpredictable that's good for 'this kind of movie' so conclusion nice lightweight film, with decent story line and good ending.

A feel good comedy worth watching.

'Upgraded' Teen flick: "entertaining" says 17 year old boy.

I was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed it.

anyway this movie is boring not funny and badly written.

But still a great movie really enjoyed it its funny and has heart aswel, the acting is good and you can really feel the relationship between the two.

This is a movie about and exclusively for Americans that make every European yawn - unless of course he is as ignorant, misinformed and puritan as these strange people from overseas.

I'm a guy and have to say, this is one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

I thought this movie was just going to be another dumb and pointless teen flick when I saw the trailer for it last year and I didn't want to waste my time on it.

The plot was filled with cliché's, the same old jokes, smae old ending were everyone succeeded in everything.

The problems that Joel confronts are more suspenseful (getting suspended from school, getting kicked off a student project, having his dad's car fall in a lake, getting robbed, and blowing his college admissions interview).

Some down points that I noticed were the usage of the clichéd "dream" scenes or whatever they are called, this only made certain scenes confusing because I wasn't sure as they played out whether they were a dream or not.

This is the worst movie of 2004, and should be on the imdb bottom 100.

Her early scenes with Hirsch set up a great coming of age storyline without resorting to some far fetched hi-jinx to impress.

I can't for the life of me imagine why anyone might want to remake the early Tom Cruise vehicle "Risky Business", but "The Girl Next Door", although not officially a remake, is nevertheless a blatant rip-off of that dull eighties comedy.

Though it never reaches the lofty heights of the film it wants so badly to emulate, (Risky Business)it is a fairly enjoyable ride for about 2 hours.

Still thoroughly entertaining.

The ending is long, drawn out and really stupid and I believe every scene has some kind of song for the situation.

Ho hum .

In terms of box office, the problem maybe seems to stem from the fact that Cuthbert's star was skyrocketing before the movie was ever in theaters, compelling Fox's marketing department to push the focus in the wrong direction.

The skewed morality can be off-putting, but it's fairly obvious that this film is meant to be more of a spoof than a serious coming of age tale; so it's better to simply go with it rather than worry too much.

While mildly entertaining, this movie is far from original.

Really entertaining!

"The Girl Next Door" is well done and has all the elements of your typical hormone teen flick, yet it's a little different than most, by having characters discover their true feelings and finding love in the most unexpected way.

unexpected feel good roller-coaster .

That's about to change for Matt though with the arrival next door of Danielle (played by Cuthbert), who mplays a breathtaking beauty house sitting for his neighbors.

To make it short, this was the worst movie I've seen in a long time; very predictable, in the end the geek turned into the school hero and became a millionaire?

Despite these discrepancies, the movie is still enjoyable.

Enjoyable for what it is .

I strongly disagree, she looks stunning in the movie.

He was an entertaining character though.

On Side A of the disc we have an okay director's commentary from director Luke Greenfield and an at times amusing and at other times fascinating trivia track.

Even when it tries to pretend to have a message or a point, and it unfortunately does, The Girl Next Door should be taken for entertainment purposes only, and as such, it's pretty entertaining.

So this was yet another teen movie, but based on an adult theme, I for one laughed out loud the whole time, I may have a mind of a 15 year old (I'm 35) so it was a very enjoyable experience.

They strike up a relationship the kind of way that you only see in the movies, but it's very entertaining (and like "Risky Business", it's more about teenage wish-fulfillment than reality), so I didn't mind.

The movie ends on a high note in a conclusion that is both satisfying and enjoyable.

I highly recommend it.

There was no plot at all, anyone could have written and directed this movie.

However, appreciate the fact that not every film has to be subtle, poignant, powerful and deep to have value and you will have an enjoyable night out.

Chris Marquette comes across as a young John Laroquette type character from "Night Court", and is entertaining.

Danielle, a pornstar, falls in love with Matt, a boring geek, and shows him how to have fun in life.

Always know if the juice is worth the squeeze, and trust me this movie is worth watching.

Don't waste your time with this schlock.

This movie puts a new spin on romantic comedy while keeping the audience's attention through many suspenseful subplots.

Although he does not even appear until halfway through the film, his role makes the entire movie worth watching again.

Emile Hirsh plays the sexually frustrated yet bland teen with a mix of college ambition and supportive parents, mixed with president of the school, mixed with sneaking out for a mid-morning beach trip character that will have you wondering "will this character ever be consistent?

in fact,i found the movie bland.

) I believe he did a good job in directing the whole Girl Next door theme and making the movie really enjoyable with the equal romance and comedy.

and was generally entertaining (about 3 viewings)

It's fun, entertaining.

But on the upside the thing that makes this film worth watching is miss Cuthbert looking beautiful as always.

In spite of the leads charms, neither her curves or his handsome backside can save this tiresome rubbish.

As a consequence, "The Girl Next Door" should really be dumped on the ever growing pile of weak teen movies with no plot and excessive nudity.

Even though the plot as a whole is kinda cliched and predictable, it is still up-to-scratch to convey meaningful messages to audience like the sacrifice for loved ones when 'the juice is worth the squeeze' or the importance of having an eventful and wildly unforgettable high school years.

The acting is superb, and Elisha Cuthbert gives a 'stunning' performance.

The film's anchored by the unexpected substance hiding just below its apparently superfluous exterior shell.

It's a very forgettable movie but still entertaining overall with some funny situations and a great soundtrack.

The movie wavers between the boring and ludicrous as Matt starts to get into more trouble than he can bare, needing a plan to make fast cash.

A thoroughly enjoyable movie.

He unexpectedly meets a stunning girl named Danielle (Elisha Cuthbert) who moves in next door.

Matthew, however, struggles with an empty feeling due to his lack of popularity and thus romance.

) This movie, while a bit predictable at times, had some very funny moments too.

It is funny and is also engaging, thanks to good writing and a very good cast.

It isn't art in any way shape or form, but it is highly entertaining.

What starts out as an intriguing premise, quickly turns into a downward spiral of bad plotting when they actually remove the love interest from the storyline half way through the movie and turn the film into a conflict between an innocent kid and some bad porn producers.

While of course containing the hilarious raunchy behavior necessary for a teen comedy, it also contains surpisingly good acting, timely one-liners, an intriguing story and a fantastic soundtrack.

Matthew is a straight A student who is flying through to one of the most prestigious Universities around, but he is bored with his squeaky clean life and wants some adventure and then comes along Danielle, he falls for her and they begin to connect...

The movie also has the same mostly restrained view of its story where other movies would have played up the farce aspects - the only real hi-jinks come when the movie's plot takes in the Adult Film Convention in Las Vegas - but "The Girl Next Door" is a lot more engaging and has a lot more heart than "Risky Business" (good though that movie is, charm is not its strong point), with the title character seen as more of a person than a masturbatory object both by our hero and by the movie.

In fact, overall, the film is reasonably entertaining.

The first half of the movie is slow paced and creates great conflict.

Worth the watch if you are a hopeless romantic who can see through all the sex talk.

It was very well done, and entertaining...

"This is clearly a rather poor remake of the 1983 picture Risky Business, which featured Tom Cruise and very young and breathtaking Rebecca De Mornay.

But I was not jaded by "The Girl Next Door," because- for once- they did not merely attempt to remake a great film- rather, they paid homage to one by making an equally entertaining movie in the spirit of "Risky Business" that speaks to a new generation.

There are exhausting tiresome twists thrown in virtually every five minutes that did nothing for me except give me a headache I did not want.

It's an unpredictable film with a thoroughly engaging plot, some terrific performances and a great soundtrack.

These are just some of the questions in this entertaining movie that borrows heavily and liberally from a number of the John Hughes movies of the 1980s and the American PIE movies of more recent years.

Enjoyable .

The only thing worth watching is Timothy Olyphant's dynamic, multi-layered performance as a porn producer.

I left the theater with the impression that they had 17 different ideas of what the plot line should be, at which point they jumbled them together and figured no one would notice if you got to see a nipple.

Best of all, Elisha Cuthbert, in whom I found nothing special in magazine pictures, looks absolutely stunning here, so to speak.

Overall, this movie is worth seeing more than once, strikes a good balance between drama and comedy, is quite enjoyable, features mostly good performances and entertaining characters, and is worth buying.

As a comedy this movie is fun and certainly entertaining, mainly thanks to the well casted actors.

With a planned future in politics, Matt remembers his school years as uneventful and unmemorable.

It was however slow moving with standard stereo type characters.

Besides the fact that it was extremely entertaining and well done, because it had morals, it's worth the money to go see.

Principally, the film is a coming of age; American high-school orientated sex comedy following someone nervous about the sex and with an attitude to the comedy which is strictly grounded and politically straight-and-narrow.

Another boring movie from Hollywood .

But the movie just throws to many unfunny pointless curb balls and quickly becomes less a comedy then a wanna be boogie nights-teen style.

This was one of the worst movies I have ever had the displeasure of watching.

Danielle (Elisha Cuthbert) is stunning, charming, personable, and she likes Matt.

worth watching .

Most of the test audience I saw this with enjoyed it.

Exhibit 273- 'The Girl Next Door,' yet another adolescent sex fantasy masquerading as a 'coming of age' film or something similarly high-minded.

Very Enjoyable .

Yeah I know this isn't the main plot of the movie but watch it and you'll see for yourself, it's really entertaining.

There are also some weird and quite odd scenes (Matthew's speech, limo scene) but overall the film is pretty entertaining as a whole.

The only typical cliché that wasn't used was to end the film there; it's just too bad that what followed was ridiculous, tedious and dragged on for far too long.

It was fun, sexy, and overall enjoyable.

It was worth the watch 8/10 .

Unfortunately, the second half is dragged down quite a bit by the unnecessary addition of several non-entertaining subplots and characters that distract from what the movie should be about: Matthew's sexual awakening.

Even though it's all richly entertaining, you finish the movie wishing that it made you laugh more than it did.

+, was choppy; one minute it was a music video but with less of a plot, then it was an "American Pie" type comedy, than it was a romantic comedy, next a drama, then a slapstick comedy, than an action-thriller, then back to romantic comedy, then drama, then poignant, touching, coming of age story, then back to comedy.

The cast mesh exceedingly well together, Hirsch and Cuthbert providing stand out performances that really elevate the movie beyond its somewhat mundane early premise.

It was train wreck of cheap emotions, stereotypes and bad dialogue, poor story telling with weak plot that dragged on and on in an endless see of apathy and cold hearted disrespect for the intelligence, attention span of its audience.

It's just bland.

The start of the movie started off perfect, it actually had potential to be a classic, but when they made Elisha Cuthbert a porn star it kind of ruined it, but it was still extremely entertaining.

I am not going to tell you the story or plot as I just loved the naturalness in it and though it definitely not the unique one, it certainly more thrilling to get to see it without any expectation or information.

Actors do not reveal easily their intimate personalities due to bad or boring playing, and the movie fails to deliver a real vision of their relationships.

Matthew's once planned out life is now lived more on the edge, and with that, he encounters some interesting characters, such as Kelly, the shady porn director, played flawlessly by Timothy Olyphant.

Overall, a very entertaining film that is well worth seeing.

The three main actors in the film,(Timothy Olyphant,Emile Hirsch,Elisha Cuthbert) are the some of the most engaging characters that I've seen in a comedy in awhile.

The Girl Next Door was a movie that at first I thought was going to be boring.

" to all of you folks who hated it, but I only assume you were expecting to see a PREDICTABLE movie.

Such a wonderful performance by the cast alone makes The Girl Next Door worth watching.

Somewhat predictable, but entertaining nonetheless.

Completely out of touch with reality, mediocre… predictable.

The acting reminds me of any of a hundred other "coming of age" movies that have been made since the 80's.

True, Natural, little awkward but very enjoyable.

Don't waste your time .

The Girl Next Door is a pretty entertaining movie.

It was nice and entertaining.

When you think that most situations are predictable; their resolution totally takes you by surprise due to it's creativity and raunchiness.

Funny, a bit silly, and at times honestly sweet, it's an entertaining movie that's harmless and worth seeing.

'Girl' pitched in the trailer as a distant American Pie cousin meets Risky Business ('outrageous' incidents, nudity and 'hot chicks'), actually surpasses those film to deliver what has to be one of more entertaining 'teen' flicks of recent years.

Ted's Evaluation -- 3 of 3: Worth watching.

The result is a tedious 90 minutes of cynical teen-sploitation that's insulting to anyone with a modicum of intelligence.

The Girl Next Door is just simply an entertaining movie.

From start to finished I enjoyed it, Was a very cheeky and exciting movie.

B) Having sex with a porn star who's sexual experience is both intriguing and terrifying.

The story is fairly predictable, although the director does try to fool us now and again by including the odd scenes that turn out to be a dream or fantasy.

In the end, Cuthbert's character is compelling (more so than even her later versions of Kim Bauer on TV's "24") and Hirsch is the perfect foil for her.

cliché© after cliché©...

The characters were witty, entertaining and just likable and our protagonist is a person we can relate to.

The storyline had potential and I really wanted to like it, but in the end (which is long and drawn out btw), I just couldn't appreciate.

There wer at least 4 unexpected situations in which thinks went on like thy were planed that way.

However, the casting was enjoyable, and even Matthew's parents were fun.

A teenager falls in love with the girl next door and then realises she a porn star,and they some how take this inventive premise and make one the most boring films ever made.

The storyline is intriguing and the actors compliment every line in this script.

My wife and I highly enjoyed this film and we both highly recommend it.

Worth watching if you're bored like I was.

The story in the movie was actually extremely entertaining all the way through.

Very entertaining.

he is a boring boy, who has never done anything bad.

So after 25 minutes of horrible boredom and total disappointment I chose for skip big parts of the movie and went directly to the end.. the classical happy end.

The Girl Next is very entertaining and just enjoyable.

To be fair it starts getting funny suddenly in the last half hour,before that its boring as hell .

When I first watched this movie I was apprehensive about whether the storyline could work and produce an entertaining film.

A seriously funny, sexy, exciting and different high-school comedy .

Maybe it had even more endings, after the fourth ending I left the cinema out of boredom.

OK it's not exactly Shakespeare or Ibsen, but it is an enjoyable night out.

There were no real jokes here and, instead, there are just jocular references to porn mixed with scenes of 'hot girls', semi-nudity and the inevitable (and increasingly boring) girl/girl kissing.

Waste of time.