The Good Fight (2017) - Crime, Drama

Hohum Score



When Diane Lockhart's life savings are lost, she must start from scratch at a new firm.

IMDB: 8.3
Stars: Christine Baranski, Cush Jumbo
Length: 45 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-MA
Reviews: 42 out of 327 found boring (12.84%)

One-line Reviews (108)

Diving deeply low, and lowering the standards of The Good Wife show of which the soundtrack is far superior, this liberal left wing propaganda is the biggest embarrassment on tv to this day.

Christine Baransky is extraordinary, as is her stunning wardrobe for the show.

This is poorly written, predictable and annoying.

the writing is unbearable.

Let's get some new unpredictable storylines and interesting cases ...

Brilliant, entertaining, stylish integration of issues of the day into a legal theme show.

Don't be surprised, if it turns into full blown leftist propaganda flick as every other TV show in your telly now days is.

Diane was pretty much my favourite character but while she is centre the rest of the characters are all very compelling (apart from Maia) and the storylines are a bit more ethically/morally nuanced.

The show is a propaganda vessel for liberal loons and that is fine.

So what it comes down to now is anti Trump propaganda plus a screaming maniac.

What began as an enjoyable show in season 1 has now become very tedious with the regular political pot shots.

Hollywood tries so hard to subvert the real narrative on the ground insisting that their worldview is the only worldview when in fact they, the Democrats in kahoots with Hollywood, control media and use it for propaganda.

Too slow .

Stupid can be entertaining .

My complete disgust with this show, my SOLE reason for my one star rating, is the totally unwatchable, abhorrent performance of Michael Sheen.

Now that Suits became unbearable, you can take your dose of legal drama with this.

This show is unbearable.

Entertaining .

And of course this slavering Goebbals-like propaganda wing of the far left wing nuts r going to a new season just in time to vainly try and lie, cheat and steal the elections just like they tried last time

Seem slow .

Worth watching the series just for her sharply whimsical/waggish roguery.

Season 3 is sadly BEYOND boring.

The stories are intriguing, enjoyable and so well written, the supporting characters are always brilliant (just as in The Good Wife) and the whole thing grips you from the start.

The Good Fight is a waste of time and a waste of superb acting talent.

Besides, CBS ACCESS, has only one or two shows worth watching.

Don't waste your time on these shallow episodes.

The trouble is that BUD gets to be a boring beer, and that is what had happened.

The cast is excellent - and the show is worth watching.

But how much anti trump propaganda is shown here is beyond me .

Episode after episode, the writing is sharp, crisp and fast paced.

I found both to be tedious.

I liked The Good Wife, but at time The Good Wife could be predictable.

Now that Suits infiltrate so much "buddy" elements among the 3 male leads, making it unbearable for many fans, you can check this series for legal drama and some powerful characters.

Law offices are boring.

Hugely enjoyable - and don't sweat the Trump Stuff.. .

It is leftist propaganda.

Worth watching.

Unwatchable show in Season 2.

I am also watching suits and in comparison to it this show is slow.

Bating the audience with propaganda .

Trump thing is kind of boring must be important in Usa i dont have word for that.

If you require every form of media you consume to constantly remind you that the orange man is indeed bad, pander hard to the lowest common denominator and be massively overloaded with pretentious lectures, this is the absolute perfect show for you.

This is banal writing in spades.

TV Shows for alt-Left propaganda.

Besides the blatant anti Trump propaganda (the producers obviously don't like the guy), even the courtroom action has taken a dive.

The democrats / left wings truly made the show crash and now has become unwatchable.

Unintelligent writing that amounts to propaganda.

The obsession of The Good Fight is so tiresome.

Unwatchable C-BS .

This show is too slow for me and boring.

It is a shame, because acting is really first class, and 'The Good Wife' was very enjoyable.

They thrown away what was the best in Season 1: exquisite clothes (3-4 sets per episode), exciting music (new musical piece every episode), smartly developed legal cases, arguing in court, beautiful metaphors.

It's a spin of from another show that started kinda strong and then took a nosedive to as low as one show can go - political propaganda.

It's become unwatchable.

this newly found discovery from the bubble called hollywood in a company of crazies: self indulgent overrated overvalued know-it-alls.

The Good Fight starts off nicely but in few minutes you realize, it's probably going to be just another degeneracy promoting propaganda flick.

Much lighter than The Good Wife, but still gripping.

And I find his performance SO annoying, extreme and silly, so OVERacted as to make the whole show unwatchable.

Start at season 2 so you don't waste any time.

I wish I could write a stunning review that was as nuanced and sophisticated as this fabulous show.

They don't hold back with their attack on their view of what the US has become (including Trump), and for me each episode is so entertaining and so fast-paced and brutal.

The cases are also much too predictable.

Conversely, the stories in this mess are disjointed and boring.

It was an excellent pilot and the first few episodes are riveting .

The fact that he can do all these things with a smile on his face is very entertaining.

Well yes, that's what makes it more intense and more intellectually challenging.

I will keep watching and hope we will see more of the witty dialogue and quirky characters that made the first few seasons of TGW entertaining to watch while still addressing complicated current issues.

Be an entertaining show without the propaganda for your liberal socialist moron friends.

I am so bored and so disappointed.

propaganda at it's worse .

still entertaining.

He makes it unwatchable on any level; nostalgic, ironic or 'Úgly Betty meets Thirty Something meets L.

Highly enjoyable.

You are the sequel of a fine court room drama, and have become a tedious single minded agenda pushers.

It is kind of boring, no interesting cases, it is all about Trump and how he is an idiot.

enjoyed it , great start in awe over trump winning, a lot of new characters good start of story line love christine, glad they had a few old characters to help the story line to bring her character into today instead of just jumping into it looking forward to next week, i like a lot of the new cast members they all have a story

It's that same kind of fast paced, jargon-y, liberal comfort food.

To begin with the intro graphics are stunning.

Potentially a great entertaining show .

Just the same vapid, pretentious, lowbrow, unoriginal lecturing over and over and over and over again.

Season One good, Season Two great, Season Three -- ghastly, dull, off point.

Yawn yawn yawn

Watched Season One, enjoyable enough -- 6-7 stars.

Its so political correct that its dull.

He is unbearable to watch.

The first 2 seasons were decent, but season 3 is unwatchable trash.

Not having pain in my vital organs Because they want to leave the body Because of the pain of watching this crap.

However, the Season 3 "BookClub" is a bit far-fetched, and actually unwatchable scenes.

what utter propaganda trash .

The show is really unwatchable now.

Unpredictable greatness .

Distractingly stupid role playing - a waste of time.

Edgy, intelligent, relatable, thoroughly entertaining.

I like this show, the acting is by far believable entertaining and current.

I had been disappointed when they kept Julian, I'd always felt his character was somewhat annoying but the interactions between him and Adrian are so entertaining.

The silly cartoon interludes are bad enough but the ridiculous anti Trump theme you have going is beyond stupid and boring.

I am sure, showing you the ugly insight of leftist hive-mind was not what the director and writers intended but guess what, this makes the show kinda entertaining.

The writing is intense, the acting is intense - Adrian Boseman is a worthy foil for Diane Lockhart - and the characters are all distinctive, human, and, vitally, fallible.

At some point, it stops being compelling story telling and sounds like a rant.

The 3rd season is highly totally insane but very entertaining for me.

Intriguing, engaging, and joyful.

There is much stronger and enjoyable content everywhere.

When the writers concentrate on the ins and outs of a trial, or a legal problem, or the aspects of representing a client, the show is exciting and absorbing.

Season 1- 2 were excellent , season 3 becoming embarrassing with the constant trump negativity , pointless music / cartoons and race issues being rammed down your throat in each episode ( black white black white black white , yawn yawn yawn ) , change the writers / producer before they destroy what was once a must watch show

The courtroom battles are pretty much non existent and the content is now pure political propaganda.

The opening scene – ultra-liberal Hillary supporter Diane Lockhart staring aghast at the inauguration of President Donald Trump - is breathtaking!

They felt like the bland/straight man (comedic wise) centre that everything else revolved around.

Every episode just an excuse to play the race card and spin negative trump propaganda , ruined what was once a good show !