The Good Neighbor (2016) - Crime, Drama, Horror

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A pair of mischievous high school kids create the illusion of a haunting on an unsuspecting elderly neighbor while keeping his every reaction under surveillance. A series of coincidences leads to tragedy.

IMDB: 6.3
Director: Kasra Farahani
Stars: James Caan, Logan Miller
Length: 98 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 25 out of 118 found boring (21.18%)

One-line Reviews (81)

Don't waste your time .

While the conclusion was emotional, heartbreaking and well done the pace and characters are insufferable and its just..boring.The premise is upfront - two idiot teenagers plan to perform an experiment to see if they can drive their neighbor crazy.

However, the climax with Ethan hiding in the house with his gun drawn and Mr. Grainey standing in the same room with his gun drawn is truly a gripping scene, and basically saves the movie from being a total disaster.

Waste of time .

this film is the definition of boring, so boring that I nearly fell asleep.

If you like tedious boring movies with no real value this is it.

Wouldn't that turn into something mind boggling?

Overall, The Good Neighbour was boring, uneventful, a snooze fest, tedious, dull, stupid and a god damn waste of my time...

The premise sounds okay, I suppose, but unfortunately this movie is so boring you'll wish it had more scenes of "The Good Neighbor" snoozing in his chair.

I found this film slow.

Probably the worst movie I've seen this year.

It just seemed like two annoying teens setting up a dull Paranormal Activity-style bore.

Towards its end, it takes an unexpected dramatic turn.

The acting is brilliant too which really helps make the experience just that bit more enjoyable.

Something rare and unpredictable film in a thriller.

Everything in this movie is predictable, even the "twist" ending.

Like seriously, nothing happens.

Though there were some scene that puts the views on the edge of their seats.

The beginning sets the film up perfectly, the middle is intense and intriguing and the ending is really quite a beautiful thing that most Oscar nominated films would be happy to put on the screen.

The only thing that kept me interested is because reviewers were saying the end had a huge twist and made it worth watching the other boring, miserable minutes.

Very slow, not as suspenseful as I expected.

I rated a 6 because I am not very into the "footage"-kind-of-movie and I wasn't fond of all the video things, especially during the casual moments (I admit I forwarded some parts which I considered a little bit boring).

Worth watching if you can look past a few flaws.

It's an interesting lesson of how outside influences, regardless of how innocent, can have an enormously unpredictable outcome.

The scenario is a little different, you get to see two sides of the story, it's more in the psychological drama genre, it's tense and suspenseful.

The film for the most part was boring & lacked action.

Late twist saves this otherwise boring and incredulous tale .

Worst movie I've seen in Years .

The final showdown was good, but I wish they'd have made it a little more suspenseful, it was a little underdone.

Slow pacing, with scenes that easily could have been cut from the film.

All that said, this movie is intriguing.

I couldn't even finish watching this movie skipped to the end after about 30 mins, it was so tedious and boring.

At least, in my view, much of the disappointment comes from the anti-climatic resolve to the suspenseful, thought-provoking general pace of the movie.

Grainey's reputation has taken a hit over recent years due to the death of his wife, and the story's non-linear exposition of Grainey's true character is what makes the story's resolution so stunning.

This film builds nicely and despite the simple plot does a great job keeping you on the edge of your seat.

The comparisons to Don't Breathe are rife in this film, but thanks to a wonderful performance from Caan, this goes from a perfunctory to surprisingly entertaining.

Perhaps I got to hopeful with this movie, to pretentious, after seeing the before-mentioned fantastic thriller that got so deliberately close to a genuine crime-horror blend that makes it a clear nominee for instant cult classic status.

Boring waste of time .

It was haphazard and confusing.

This is a plodding movie.

How this story ended up progressing turned out to be a very intense dramatic experience, with surprisingly a lot of layers to it.

If I lived near these good neighbours I would die of boredom!

The packing is slow, video poor in most places, and the acting mediocre.

The most intriguing part of the whole movie was the court scene that would give the viewer a more analytical perspective about what went down.


The film really dragged in those places.

There is no mass of action or intensity here but I found this movie gripping, intriguing, and some of the back story even a little moving.

Nothing happens.

Waste of time.

Suspenseful and gripping .

Such a waste of time.

Young, over-actors make watching this film a truly annoying experience, but the story is still somewhat intriguing.

After a fairly lacklustre start, The Good Neighbour turns into an imaginative, tense and gripping film.


A Slow Burner .

This review contains SPOILERS but it doesn't matter because you shouldn't waste your time seeing this anyway, LOL.

After 20 minutes, I wanted to turn it off.

This movie is a complete waste of time.

But it's not the performances that weigh this down, as much as the far fetched nature of the story and the lack of coherent storytelling that do, building up to an ending that, though unexpected and affecting, sadly doesn't lift it up any.

A Semi Found-Footage/Web Cam Movie Worth Watching .

Boring and pointless .

Then when you don't expect it, things stay lively with a surprising and enjoyable soundtrack.


This one is definitely worth the watch.

Upsides are: (1) Interesting plot; (2) slow building suspense; (3) Ending full of multi-layered emotions.


To keep it short, very average film but entertaining.

Paired with a terrific story, thrilling action, and a unique dynamic.

The believable acting and differences in opinion between the characters was entertaining enough for me to watch this film.

Total waste of time.

Very boring and sloooooooooow.

The teenagers were stupid, the script was tedious, the camera shots bordered on unimaginative and the whole premise was a massive letdown.

It kept us watching but we felt it was too slow, it picked up close to ending.

Don't waste your time.

The plot was entirely predictable and never rose to mundane let alone average.

The story is gripping from the start, its about a couple of high school friends who decide to create the illusion of a haunting on a Harold Grainey (james caan) a creepy old man.

If you're looking for a horror/thriller, this definitely isn't it, but a good compelling story with a complete ending?

Also, the court scenes were absolutely pointless.

And very predictable.

Other film and TV vets including Laura Innes ("ER") and Anne Dudek ("Mad Men") along with burgeoning young stars like Keir Gilchrist ("United States of Tara") and Logan Miller ("The Walking Dead") pool their considerable talent to make this dramatic and tragic story behind a story well worth the watch.

Instead, we geta foreseeable plot, no real twists; boredom to the extreme, with endless pointless conversations between typical 2016 teenage boys; extremely, and I mean EXTREMELY unlikable lead characters, i.