The House with a Clock in Its Walls (2018) - Comedy, Family, Fantasy

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A young orphan named Lewis Barnavelt aids his magical uncle in locating a clock with the power to bring about the end of the world.

Director: Eli Roth
Stars: Jack Black, Cate Blanchett
Length: 105 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 80 out of 429 found boring (18.64%)

One-line Reviews (255)

They enjoyed it enough that there was clapping at the end.

Every beat of this film is incredibly predictable.

Also, his first days at school are anything but enjoyable as the children are not friendly and consider Lewis bizarre for the aviator glasses he constantly wears.

All this is brought with the necessary humor and is highly entertaining for young and old.

Following his parents' death, Lewis (Owen Vaccaro, of the tedious Daddy's Home franchise) is sent to live with his quirky and mysterious Uncle Jonathan (a thoroughly annoying and out-of-place Jack Black) in his creepy old mansion.

Boring characters.

Kids enjoyed it , great lazy weekend movie.

I think kids will be frightened by the film and preteens/teens will be bored.

The movie is spectacularly entertaining and many white jokes lol that I kind of have to understand.

It bores you with no excitement as you may find similar plot in many other movies.

An Enjoyable Variation with an Eli Roth Twist .

But the great combination of Black and Blanchett along with gorgeous production and costume design make this an entertaining family adventure.

Surprisingly, Eli Roth's direction (who comes from gory horror films) is quite good and keeps a solidly paced and always entertaining stance with the film.

John Bellairs' The House with a Clock in its Walls and Robert Silverberg's The Man in the Maze were two novels I read as a kid that stuck with me, and I find just as enjoyable as an adult.

It was definitely entertaining and thrilling for me.

While, the script does set up a slow story that does not progress until the final act.

The colourful settings, the quirky characters and the spooky story make for a quite entertaining ride.

Wait and see if you get it on Netflix or Hulu and just try and stay awake through it.

= I got bored.

Thoroughly enjoyable.

I give this film 3.5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 8 to 10 because of some intense horror.

I urge everyone reading this to save your money.

An absolutely enjoyable adventure, for the whole family.

Waste of time and money .

Mostly entertaining, it won't go down as one of my favorites.

Technically, besides the visually stunning sets, Eli Roth proves that he has a big mountain to climb.

It is very predictable, and any sense of surprise is lost towards its ending.

He was probably a little too young for this but overall I enjoyed it!

Even my 5 year old was bored.

Not that's out of the way, it's a very sweet movie and quite entertaining, a good Sunday movie for kids and parents alike.

Truly boring and it could have and should have been a lot better.

That said, it was still very enjoyable for what it was.

The movie moves along slowly, really at a snail's pace, making you wonder when things were going to pick up.

For me, this was truly boring even though the pacing was good and things moved along, I found myself in La La land often and didn't miss a thing.

I probably rate this a little higher than i should as my family and i were the only ones in the imax however i enjoyed it and my two kids loved it.

Just a wast of time , very bad acting , very boring

But in general, it was still enjoyable.

Overall I just found the movie paced wrong and that it was so predictable, made things less suspenseful.

The story is entertaining from start to finish.

Black and Blanchett are perfectly cast as the adult leads and the action for the first hour or so is, by turns, exciting, amusing and mildly scary.

It's that bad I fell asleep one of Jack blacks worst films

Waste of time and money.

It could do with less scatology, and a little more exploration of its intriguing post-war trauma theme.

It's entertaining enough for an adult, while slightly mysterious, and for a 10 year old it's a just scary enough without going too far.

My 10 year old son begged me to go see it so we had a guys night out and both really enjoyed it, I was actually happy he talked me into seeing it because i was pretty entertained by the story the entire time.

"Jack Black" performance is the best among the cast, but it's one of the lowest among his other movies, he is kinda slow, the jokes he tell are expected and he doesn't perform as a warlock.

The storyline was uninteresting and the characters not convincing.

Meh (save your money) .

Boring kids movie .

Enjoyable .

This is a handsomely-mounted production that has its moments but is otherwise pretty ho-hum.

The movie dragged and the editing was pretty awful.

Worth the watch .

As I mentioned earlier, the first part is highly entertaining.

Unfortunately, a slow pace increases the tedium levels, which were already high due to the predictable and uninventive plot.

Please don't waste your time and money like I did.

It ended up being two hours or mostly non-entertaining fare that was more about the CGI effects within the house than anything else.

To wrap up, if you're an adult I think you will have some problems with this movie, it's for the most part boring and with just a few nice things to take from it, but, for kids it might be entertaining, my sister liked, even though she was scared, so I don't know, it might be for your kid, if he/she doesn't mind scary movies.

The story will keep you guessing until the very end, the settings are diversified and stunning and the acting performances are absolutely brilliant.

Ultimately, it's a pretty enjoyable experience that features some decent, suitably ostentatious performances and benefits from its slightly strange feel simply because it sets it apart from other similar fare.

The very end felt too much like an anti-climax when the mostly exciting action in the final act where much of the story leads somewhere becomes a little rushed.

"The House With a Clock in Its Walls" is a boring, drawn-out fantasy with mostly uninteresting direction, a rushed script, and unlikable characters that had me in an epic battle to avoid sleeping in my comfy seat.

It all feels too safe and conventional and predictable to be a great movie.

It's an okay movie and good waste of time.

It was mildly frightening, but intriguing and kid-friendly.

all in all the experience was a bit boring while there were funny bits, they were very rare.

The most visually stunning parts were in fact one offs and were mainly for use in the trailers themselves.

The mystical environment was beautiful and interesting, in some minutes, the movie became boring, and it pulled me off a little bit of the excitement of the movie.

Unfortunately, a lot of screen time is wasted with some secondary cliche characters who only serve as plot devices to move the plot forward instead of focusing on the family drama.


Most enjoyable (at first) light horror film ends up not being for children after a nightmarish demon sucks up the blood on a cataclysmic contract that will bring about the end of the world by regressing it back to the beginning of time.

This is sure to be an enjoyable watch for anyone looking for a family fun time.

If you like cliche writing, crappy CGI, terrible acting, bad directing, HORRIBLE music and choppy editing this is your movie.

It is fantasy escapism that is just as entertaining for adults as it is for kids.

Very Entertaining .

While the story is indeed intriguing, it is not captivating enough to last more than 90 minutes.

Boring, Zzzzzz .

Yes even though we have seen these kinds of Black performances before they are undoubtedly enjoyable every time.

"The House With A Clock In Its Walls" is a genuine family film with entertaining moments along with a small splash of dark fantasy.

Usually, it's bland and ridiculously exaggerated.

Cute and entertaining .

Really waste of time and money.

The premise was so exciting, the execution (which, mind you, is all you can really think about for most of the movie) not so much.

I looked over 30 minutes into and while I sat in amazement of how boring this movie was, my friend was sound asleep.

Its creepy visuals and tone are tailor-made for tweens on a stormy night, but adults will likely be bored by this.

Thankfully, the film is entertaining enough to earn a rating of 7, with an additional star earned thanks to the chemistry between Jack Black and Cate Blanchett.

My wife and I enjoyed it!

The type of film you would've loved to have seen made by Tim Burton at the peak of his powers or even by another visionary such as Guillermo Del Toro, Clock has some fantastic set design and a plethora of potential to be a magic filled adventure but under the guidance of Roth, Clock is odd and colourful but also instantly forgettable, hard to love and more often than not, quite boring.

This is a fun and enjoyable movie with a good amount of gag humour thrown into it.

Fun, beautiful, thrilling .

I would not recommend this film overall, though it would probably be entertaining for young audiences.

An intriguing premise that can't decide who its audience is .

At one point, a character says to young Lewis, "It's a total waste of time".

Lewis is an engaging protagonist, with a solid character quirk of loving dictionaries and words.

This was a terrible film, that became so boring in parts.

The plot itself was very basic and a little predictable.

Recommendeded for a fun, silly and entertaining family movie night.

Slow slow plot.

I just kept waiting for the comic relief to show up and turn the movie back but when Satan himself showed up we walked out.

But overall, my kids enjoyed it immensely.

There is a coming of age element in the story with Lewis' parents not being there and him having to learn to come to terms with that and his uncle.

The pacing of the movie when following Lewis (Owen Vaccaro) is what left me a little bored, and Jack Blacks performance when dealing with old friends (and enemies) seemed a little too dull on his emotion.

The sets an special effects are well executed with an enjoyable score to match.

It's a great movie to watch around Halloween and the mildly dark themes might even introduce teenagers to the fascinating world of gothic and horror movies that deserve a better reputation than they have.

Since the story is pretty conventional, the fact that the film moves extremely slow doesn't help to reduce the infinite boredom.

Don't waste your money on this!

Entertaining fantasy movie .

This is the type of film that is even entertaining for older teenagers and adults when they go watch the movie with their younger children, friends or siblings which is quite an achievement.

The plot is boring and makes no sense.

Literally a magic film, truly enjoyable .

There are many moments in which it is very clear the actors are in fact acting, and it makes it nearly impossible to get immersed lest one look past the beyond-basic writing which feels like it was written as a college student's midterm project for Creative Writing which they saved til last minute and whipped up in the four hours leading up to class with the help of Monster Energy and Ritalin.

I can see kids enjoy this much more than adults, but it's still kinda enjoyable to watch for an adult.

Waste of time!

A waste of money and time.

So either this is a kids movie that is a bit too intense for many kids, or its a mediocre adventure horror movie for everyone else.

Worth watching with the family .

This leaves the first half feeling dull and repetitive at times as it just feels like an hour-long introduction to the house.

Should of been M , awful awful , dull moments where the movies momentum was at a sloths pace , then boom let's throw in some saintic rituals , demons and zombies and of course for some reason Americans love of throwing up ?!?

You'll probably like the mysterious "not all is what it seems" first half of the movie, but the way-too-goofy-and-contrived back half will have you walking out of the theater shouting "YOLO".

It's sad that I feel the need to screen films to protect my children rather than explaining about deceit and propaganda when they're so young.

Dry, witless, slow, and unimaginative.

Bland / Average .

Fancy sets ruined by ponderous writing and direction that simply did not work.

Kate Blanchet and Jack Black make the movie enjoyable .

The story is boring and predictable.

While the acting was superb, Blanchett amazing, it was all overshadowed by the lack of plot and aimlessness.

Surprisingly Boring .

The plot is cliche, none of the characters are very good, and There are many, many better films out there.

A waste of time to be honest.

Fun loving enjoyable well written well acted and just overall a good time for the whole family.

Boring .

I can only remember one other movie I walked out of in my life.

Horrible movie, damn slow and super boring.

However, it did have Jack Black and Cate Blanchett which makes up for some of the tedious plotting.

It was the worst movie I ever watched!!!

The movie was boring with very few special effects.

Creepy at times with impressive sets, its one of the most enjoyable well made family films in a longtime.

It was fun at the beginning and then it went slow which you might feel it was not connected.

The House with a Clock in Its Walls was a nice entertaining scare for my friend and I .

Add a completely miscast Jack Black, underused Cate Blanchett, and a child actor with little screen presence, and you have one of the dullest fantasies of the year, for adults anyway.

It has a mix feeling of fun with some jokes in its scenes, thrilling with its plot and characters, as well as enjoyable as a children or family entertainment.

Boring .

Very boring movie.

Decent Waste of Time .

For everyone else, the last third of this movie is very exciting.

Save your money.

A few good lines and many quite poor and predictable.

The movie was listless and poorly written with trite dialogue and bad continuity.

There were a lot of drawn out boring segments where I felt myself closing my eyes and drifting off a bit and that's rare for me during a movie.

Waste of time and money.

Put simply, I got bored.

Don't waste your money, wait for it to come out on Netflix.

It's a bland, overworked, ridiculous piece of dumb.

He isn't interesting, he's bland.

Due to the first half and part of the second half is slow it caused the climax to seem rushed and not flow smoothly.

The story is totally uninspiring and uninteresting.

I actually found this kind of boring, and I think the child I was trying to entertain felt a little bored too, though to a much lesser extent.

To me it felt like quicksand the whole way just a constant sinking into nothingness that i just wanted to leave the cinema.

Sometimes you go ahead an watch a movie against better judgement, out of boredom or because you are hoping to be surprised.

A perfect break from formulaic movies that demand too much of the viewer.

Animal fart jokes abound, stock characters, predictable arc, reliance on 'magic' for plot movement and corny dialogue for humour.

Additionally the plot movie was very slow and not engaging.

It was really boring, and even the climax didn't help.

The characters were never developed fully and I felt very little attachment to their stories, and the plot was predictable and shallow.

It was entertaining even a cliché ending was to be expected.

Slower than molasses .

Very entertaining.

It was fun and entertaining.

Black and Cate Blanchett are reliably entertaining, the gothic ambience is effective (as is the small-towns 1950s setting), and the special effects are good.

The kid's uncle only has one rule, and it's incredibly obvious this rule is going to get broken which will drive the last act of the film, but the act is dragged out and the reasoning behind it really didn't sell me on it.

Scary for kids but boring for adults .

The set pieces are incredible, and the film is by far engaging, and certainly better than most family films in recent days.

As entertaining as its co-stars, the clock with a clock in its walls shines best when it makes most of its odd concept.

The story is entertaining and it doesn't try to do showoff in how great it is with it's few good plots or trying to convince you with the evil in the film , it only shows off in magic and being just for fun and making you entertained.

Boring .

Not to mention the creepy aspects; I won't go into details as to not spoil anything, but my sister and I had to leave early because it was terrifying.

While it is an enjoyable story it isn't that clever or memorable.

Waste of time.

I don't recommend this movie, you can watch better movies and don't waste your time...

I found it incredibly boring and predictable.

Four people sat down to watch a movie, four unanimously agreed this was a colossal waste of time.

Overall, it was a very enjoyable movie.

Bland, trite and exaggerated toilet humor.

I think it works as a one off adventure but it is forgettable once you leave the theater.

I got bored .

Unfortunately this was boring in times and was a wasted opportunity as it had potential to be a great fantasy flick.

Overall it's definitely worth watching, especially if you have kids.

Kate Blanchett is also a diamond here and the kid seems naturally awkward in a very engaging way.

Don't waste your time or money to see this movie!

The themes were dark and the plot was suspenseful.

It's very predictable.

The cinematography and sets were amazing, but again, overwhelmingly boring.

It is truly exciting to watch his character struggle and master the magic arts and current social status.

Personally I thought the movie was too predictable.

1.5 out of 5 stars (one of the worst of the year)Watching "The House With a Clock in its Walls" is like being on a massive sugar high: It's way too fast, very confusing, and eventually causes you as a viewer to crash and fight falling asleep.

It's subtle, so boring for toddlers, wait till they are into early book reading, can sit through it enough to absorb the plot and it'll work great.

Enjoyable .

I would highly recommend it.


The older one thought it was too scary while the younger really enjoyed it.

Another empty CGI cyclone of a film.

Entertaining .

Black and Blanchet are fun but a muddy and dull script along with unbalanced directing keeps them from soaring.

The lack of special effects and the plodding story line made it a huge waste of time and money for me.

Disappointing that it was predictable, even if you've never read the books.

The rest of the cast are drab predictable and uninteresting whilst the villain could have been played by literally anyone because it really didn't matter.

Boring and awful dark content.

Interior and costumes are excellent, but the plot is boring.

The music written too was good and the cinematography was ordinary but in the end an enjoyable film that you should watch to get entertained.

Not original, not much action, too many jump scares it's boring, lame , 10/10 would not recommend

As ridiculous as the story sounds, you could easily find it quite entertaining.

Unfortunately, the scenes that are supposed to be dramatic or scary will probably have you chuckling or yawning.

It's also the most accurate depiction of witchcraft (other than the fireballs, etc. that's how films become dramatic and exciting) regarding languages, symbolism, etc. Would definitely watch it again.

However, it's the performances from the veterans that really make this film worth the watch.

Top 10 worst movie of 2018 .

Some of the scenes were really good, on an individual level, but as a whole I found the movie bland.

The movie looks BEAUTIFUL especially the big old magical house it's stunning to look at!!.

This is an engaging kids movie.

An enjoyable ride, keeps you glued in has it goes.

An average family film, but I still enjoyed it and would watch it again.

The movie was overall enjoyable.

It was really entertaining and had a brilliant story line that keeps you interested through out!

It might be slightly too intense for its young target audience but is still an enjoyable, suitably ostentatious adventure.

It seemed to drag out way too much like they thought they had a longer run time.

Seriously boring .

Jack Black wasn't funny enough to carry the poor script, the child actor screamed too much and burst into tears at weird moments, the lack of a good score made the movie seem staccato, the storyline was too intense for those under 13.

The House with a Clock in Its Walls is a snail-paced, magically underwhelming and ultimately dull time at the theater.

It was also super predictable, save for a few nice twists.

But this is an enjoyable and robest Halloween offering for all except the most sensitive youngsters.

Demonic and Bland Story .

She watched it a second time but was bored half way through.

It was just too dull and there was no exciting moment.

I enjoyed it, it's a fun ride.

The main problem is: It's boring as hell, the history is predictable (like really predictable), and, ok, I get it, this isn't necessarily a problem, a movie doesn't need to be revolutionary in order to be good, but, there are some other things.

"The House with a Clock in Its Walls" is a silly but entertaining film with Cate Blanchett, Jack Black and Kyle MacLachlan.

Eli Roth talentedly directs the movie with his previous horror techniques taking full play in the movie's suspenseful scenes with the blood taking a backstage.

I wish we had walked out of the theater.

Pretty ho-hum overall.

The House with a Clock in Its Walls is a thoroughly entertaining movie.

Jack Black is entertaining enough.

This movie is very entertaining.

Vaccaro's performance dragged everything down, and, apart from Black and Blanchette, nothing in this movie is that good to begin with.

A formulaic story that even black and blanchett can't save.

This movie was extremely bad in the sense that first it had a terribly boring plot, and second this contains stuff that would make an 8 year cry.

There's another creepy old house haunted by an evil spirit which the smug protagonist has to get rid of, but the whole thing is an uneven mix of gross-out gags and predictable CGI spooks.

His emotional moments are so sickly fake that I just wanted to leave the theater or cover my ears until the whining had stopped.

The plot is dull and what you'd expect.

Very entertaining .

It was also 100% predictable and that made it bad.

Enjoyable, beautiful set, Well Directed .

Kyle Machlachlan brought an enjoyable malevolence to Isaac Izzard with a more interesting backstory.

It felt a bit wasted on the big screen with some very pointless characters!

Silly but Entertaining .

Total waste of money.

Had a difficult time trying to watch it it's quite slow plots okay acting wasn't bad too many cliches definitely not on par with Harry Potter or Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them I could only give it a 4 out of 10 even that's reaching the best part of the movie was the scenery