The Hungover Games (2014) - Comedy

Hohum Score



A spoof on The Hangover (2009), The Hunger Games (2012) and other movies, TV series etc. 4 men, with hangovers after a bachelor party, find themselves in a future, dystopian, kill or be killed game.

IMDB: 3.6
Director: Josh Stolberg
Stars: Ross Nathan, Sam Pancake
Length: 85 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 6 out of 27 found boring (22.22%)

One-line Reviews (10)

Lately the genre is suffering a slow, painful death in film.

Solid 5 or 6 - I really enjoyed it.

Only thing worth while seeing in this movie is Rita Volk's boobs, the rest is a colossal waste of time!

But this is just boring.

Waste of time .

Boring .

A good laugh, but predictable if you watched the Hunger games .

The film isn't great but comparing it to earlier spoof parody films such as Epic Movie, Disaster Movie or Date movie, this film succeeds as it is more enjoyable and has better character development as well as funnier scenes.

I'd say give it a watch if you're truly bored (or are a person of culture who appreciates Sophie Dee, like me).

It was time change came to That film was "The Hungover Games" and it is a damn good effort to put an end to a decade of utterly unwatchable spoofs.