The Hunt (2020) - Action, Horror, Thriller

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Twelve strangers wake up in a clearing. They don't know where they are, or how they got there. They don't know they've been chosen - for a very specific purpose - The Hunt.

IMDB: 6.5
Director: Craig Zobel
Stars: Betty Gilpin, Hilary Swank
Length: 90 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 91 out of 758 found boring (12%)

One-line Reviews (393)

A lot of it is obviously aimed towards Americans due to the politics, which led to some things being slightly confusing (for someone from England).

For a deplorable like me I found it fascinating to see a movie that is not fashionably politically correct.

By putting out so many questions and keeping that air of mystery keeps you intrigued as to how deep the rabbit hole of hunting goes, leading to again a more engaging tale.

The first movie he's made since 2015's Z for Zachariah,director Craig Zobel & cinematographer Darran Tiernan place down snappy, gory traps that crackle with a darkly comedic mood,from Zobel zapping along to the aftermath of Deplorable's being caught in a trap.

"The Hunt" features a cast of actors that put on an enjoyable show & Betty Gilpin fills the role of the female badass hero nicely.

I found it fairly entertaining, not for everyone lots of over the top violence.

Unexpectedly that Hilary Swank played negative role in this movie entire screen play was entertaining to watch .

The movie is entertaining, funny and unpredictable.

"The Hunt" is sick, twisted, dark, fast-moving, funny, action packed, bloody, straight out of nowhere, and in-your-face ...

The film makers set out to make a light and enjoyable popcorn flick and they succeeded.

The fight scene between Swank and Gilpin is intense reminiscent to Tarantino's Kill Bill and John Carpenter's They Live: Gritty and hilarious!

Unfortunately, the film drifts too fast into the predictable again.

Unpredictable .

Really enjoyable movie !

the violence and dark humor is fun, but the social commentary is incredibly irritating and tiresome - and It takes you out of the movie.

This is one entertaining listen.

Lots of horror, action and comedy made this entertaining from beginning to end.

The hunt is an action packed thriller overflowing with surreal acts of violence, topped off with layers of sarcasm, dark humor, political satire and a splash of cliché dialogue that is entertaining and well placed.

Unfortunately, there's nothing remotely scary about this movie (unless, of course, you count pointless gore as "scary").

While the end was the most formulaic part of the film.

Worst movie I have ever seen .

A very enjoyable entertaining movie.

A humorous, confusing action movie.

This one manages to stay fresh, by staying different and unpredictable.

I enjoyed it.

It's old and cliche', just like the man always being the hero is cliche'.

The movie was entertaining.

Don't waste your time on this movie.

Much more enjoyable than I though.

This had to be the worst movie I have watched in at least 20 years.

Fun entertaining lighthearted ride .

Really entertaining!.

3 hours of my life wasted, oh it just seemed like two hours.

What I do like about this movie is that I feel the satirical nature of it is intriguing.

Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Highly recommend it off your a horror kinda person and not looking for anything to serious.

Nice premise but bland execution.

Beside the message that the political extreme ideologies are nothing but sick minds, the movie is pretty entertaining !!!

It is a good movie but the main actor is so boring personality

I really enjoyed it though, last fighting scene was very realistic and well acted.

SO entertaining and love the political neutrality 🤣 .

Expect the unexpected.

As a result Emma Roberts, Iken Barinholtz and Justin Hartley is among the most familiar names that have an unexpected end.

Unexpected .

not good, but entertaining .

Dont waste your time watching it.

Very unexpected.

This movie was unexpected, it was fun, it was hilarious and was also action-packed from the very beginning all the way through.

Very entertaining movie that offers plenty of gore (especially in the first half of the movie) and a lot of laughs.

The premiss that a bunch of bored, rich, folks kidnap a dozen "deplorables" and plonk them in a wood whereupon they are hunted with guns, grenades and good old bows and arrows could have been quite fun.

I enjoyed it completely, dialogues are very good...

Lots of gory scenes but worth the watch.

I did a happy dance when I saw this for rent for less than $20, and even for less than $5 because I did want to see this movie, but man did I waste my money.

But from story, script, dialog and message it's just bad and sometimes unwatchable.

Absolute waste of time .

Enjoyable when u had some vodka, and to lazy to look for another movie.

I was completely engrossed and on the edge of my seat.

A really confusing satire movie.

So if you need a bit of light entertaining -- this is well worth watching.

It's a fast paced film that really never lets up.

With the stars getting killed off first and enough blood to keep this going it is worth the watch.

But something unexpected was happening.

One of the most entertaining movies I've seen in the last year.

What they seem to miss is how painfully dull the script is, how sloppy the action is executed and how the only decent performance came from Hillary Swank.

Greatly entertaining black comedy .

Very entertaining.

Also, it goes on for way too long when the actual point it is trying (and failing) to make could have been accomplished in a 10-minute short.

A very funny, surprisingly unpredictable, expertly paced and constantly engaging thriller that mocks and makes fun of both sides equally.

This movie was Awesome definitely worth watching action packed edge of your seat thiller

Predictable and unimaginative and not at all suspenseful.

Waste of time.

I Thought It Would Have Stayed Longer, But It Ends Confusing.

just got boring after the shop scene .

It's passively entertaining and moves at a decent pace, but it's never hugely engaging or, even, exciting.

Don't waste your time.

Yes, this the liberal elitists hunt the criticizing deplorables you heard about but there are some intriguing twists that keep it from the otherwise obvious outcome.

At last a movie where the main plot isnt force fed "wokism".. at last a movie where conservatives aren't antagonist.. I am fed up watching liberal propaganda.. dont get me wrong I am all for human rights, gender rights, women rights, environmental protection etc.. all human being have rights to exist with honor and dignity as long as their activities dont harm other human beings.. but for the last decade most blockbuster movies were force fed liberal propaganda.. This movie changed that.. enjoyed it.. Specially during these times of self isolation because of corona-virus outbreak.. Stay safe all..

In addition to providing the viewer with plenty of over-the-top violence, The Hunt delivers a healthy dose of scathing social satire, making it a hugely enjoyable way to spend 89 minutes (the perfect run-time for a film of this ilk).

The movie itself was a but too predictable and the ending didn't seem to provide the pay off, we, as viewers, wanted.

Overall it wasn't a terrible movie, entertaining.

Dont waste your time.

The snappy dialogue is smart and knowing; mixed in with the action is loads of black humour.


Entertaining & Surprising .

Instead, its confusion might go against its assumed pro-liberal stance.

The movie starts out ok and peeks your interest in such a way that it is depressing to see it all end in such a dull and expected way.

Betty Gilpin character delivers an action packed heroine that will have everyone cheering.

It could be the next modern Cult Classic, great for a boring day.

The Hunt has a smidgen of humour, though bland and instantly forgettable.

others may have found humor in or found it exciting it was lost on us, sorry gore is not high on our list to laugh at kind of redundant and boring.

Regardless, this is a very violent film, but it's all meant to give audiences an enjoyable time.

Not to mention, the extremely stupid and predictable ending which was spotted a mile ahead.

To shift this over to my thoughts on the film, that is where I wanted to leave the recap.

Today's politically correct movies just don't have that real raw feeling as movies from the past, when dialogue and scenes were far more entertaining.


Yawn .

But anyway, it's worth watching if you don't like jodie comer in killing eve...

The film then changes direction and looks at events of the past and also explains more about the Hunters and their motivations which is somewhat unexpected.

A brutal blast of an action packed political/class satire that rips apart both sides of the spectrum in bloodshed and hilarity.

All in all, an original plot and pretty exciting thriller.

It's a solid, entertaining film - just not one with much replay value.

I loved the idea of seeing a theater movie at home due to the virus but this was a downright waste of money.

It was humorous and exciting.

Everything else in this was a bore

A film that just manages to stay within the confines of entertaining.

They are there to be killedThe Refugees stuff was very entertaining...

'The Hunt' Film Review: A Riveting Extreme Retelling of Richard Connell's The Most Dangerous Game .

Quite entertaining .

I think it was really funny and exciting!

Once Crystal is introduced the movie really picks up momentum and the audience are in for a comical, gruesome and action packed thrill ride.

The predictable protagonist-wins scenario was spoiled in this, I felt.

Absolutely pointless.

"The hunt" has a really interesting plot and the idea behind it is intriguing.

It's gruesome and it's enjoyable if you manage to stay through the slow last half.

Literal waste of time.

From beginning to end, this movie was entertaining, and while I'm sure I've missed a lot of gems as of late, this film is one of the best I've seen in many years.

It's just boring.

As the group wake up to discover the situation the general setup is enjoyable.

Worst movie ever .

Yes, the elites are portrayed as pretentious buffoons.

I had low expectations and waited a while to give The Hunt a shot but on a boring Tuesday night I finally caved.

Plus the fight itself is ludicrous and downright boring.

Don't waste your time, it's disappointing.

Long drawn out movie for only being an hour and a half.

The first act keeps to a crazy, unpredictable line and once it settled into a theme, I was hooked.

I enjoyed it.

The Hunt is fast paced, very bloody and provocative at times.

Amazing thiller and action packed movie.

Brave and entertaining .

Lots of action and lots of on the edge tension!

The movie starts very well with a mysterious feeling of events and some interesting characters, It continues very well with some exciting events and action sequences, until the big hit arrives which is the ending, the most underwhelming, disappointing finale of the year so far.

Now as a watcher with a Political POV,I still found it to be funny and totally entertaining.

Fresh Fun Exciting .

Yes, you'll see those sets used again in the classic King Kong, but Robert Armstrong alone out acts the entire cast of this poorly thought out, badly directed, slow as molasses crapfest.

Waste of time and money .

I think that for what this film was/is, it's better than I expected, and it's worth the watch.

No story, no acting, no point watching.

My wife and I fancied this movie for the last few weeks from watching the trailer and we both can confirm it's terrible it's a shame how many bad movies are out there at the moment that waste your time, I'm writing this so it doesn't waste yours!

it was really enjoyable.

Sadly, the same half-assed effort was put into developing an engaging story, dialogues and character development.

A fast paced movie .

The middle was so slow and almost made me fall asleep, and the ending was one if the most predictable I've ever seen.

It's one of those films that will end up on a bunch of "Worst Movies of 2020" lists simply due to its narrative's nature.

Don't waste your money!

Really funny and unpredictable in the first half an hour.

One of the funnest and unexpected movies I have seen in a long time.

Maybe these days the twist in cliche in itself works out if executed in a different way.

It is entertaining full way through and Betty Gilpin plays the role of "Snowball" perfectly with her smart remarks, humour and bad ass nature.

Don't waste your time, you have been warned.


"The Hunt" is super violent and super stylish and super entertaining.

Fast paced thriller.

Honestly, don't waste your time.

Inspite of so many movies based on the similar plot where humans r hunted as a sport, this movie is still a very good, fast paced, action/horror/thriller with enuff humor to entertain.

entertaining thrill kill joy ride .

It's fast paced.

Don't waste your time

It becomes predictable with an unrealistic hero which just ruins everything.

The whole president vs the elite idea didn't really do it for me, but the movie was still enjoyable.

For my part I did enjoy The Hunt, it's a refreshing story worth watching.

Definitely worth watching.

The beginning of it is funny enough, but it is the ensuing few scenes which are riotously HILARIOUS and make it worth watching- I literally laughed until I cried.

Even though it isn't entirely successful, the action itself is sometimes rather enjoyable and a lot of it is fairly well conceived.

It is bloody, suspenseful and makes you are about the characters.

pretentious .

It is just a stand-alone film that wants to be as good and entertaining as it can possibly be.

It's completely pointless and divisive.

such bad quality in writing, action, climax, ending.. don't waste your time really.

Hyper stylized violence and highly entertaining...

Ugh, waste of time!

The first act is so entertaining and you have no idea who is going to live or die.

Waste of time .

But as expected, Betty ends up surviving then walks out as if nothing happened (no visible scars or bruises).

It was campy and original, adding some nice surprise and to create an engaging and fast paced film with an ever-changing premise.

that was unexpected .

Hugely entertaining and got the point across with a sledgehammer - God Bless America, and he can keep it.

This is unexpected..great story & great actor I enjoyed this movie

I personally enjoyed it.

Loved the unexpected offing's throughout the first 2/3rds of the flic.

Really enjoyed it....

By the middle it runs out of steam and the final scene is rather dull.

Well the movie is bad I usually want to write an review, but I am lazy enough to leave it as it is.

I found it humorous and entertaining

It was fun, enjoyable and surprisingly satisfying.

I enjoyed it from start to finish.

As I said, dry humour, great effects, gory in places, exciting, rolls along...

But I did find it boring and very unoriginal.

There were enough entertaining scenes though, such as the lady that fell into the trap twice, the "poisoned" soda, the one seconds truce between Gilpin and Swank.

Worth the watch.

after a confusing start i had a feeling that this was like a human relay of kill and survival, as weapons change hands the hope of survival and trying to make bonds with each caracter are simply stabbed,shot, slit blown up beforeof an eye brow.

Dont waste your time...

The film is fast paced and action filled.

This movie starts on a confusing note and it feels like takes a while to find the main character.

Overall I enjoyed the politically correct or incorrect views and obnoxious self indulgent yuppies being slaughtered by some random soldier that wasn't even supposed to be there!

Its not trying to win oscars, its just entertaining and thats what we pay for as far as im concerned.

Enjoyed it.

I left early.

Enjoyable .

I found this movie entertaining, although it has several flaws.

While not a terrible movie, it was predictable and by the end of the first 20 min you could easily see the direction the story was going.

Strange watch and just got boring after the shop scene where the film suddenly and unexpectedly took a nose dive.

Unpredictable, hilarious and clever.

However this movie was decently entertaining.

also because it was hard to follow that pace and it worked a bit like a cartoon - which i enjoyed.

What we are left with is an empty movie that thinks it is a lot cleverer than it really is and is only likely to appeal to call of duty video game fanatics, or energy drink addled, attention span challenged teens.

I just saw this piece of garbage and can say with confidence that this is easily one of the worst movies ever made by a major studio.

Its boring and the fight scene at the end is over the top ridiculously bad.

I was just bored and wanted to be entertained and boy was I was mistaken.

The humor isn't high brow, and the jabs at both sides are extremely on the nose, but overall it's pretty entertaining.

Everything is in low quality starting with the story ending up with the acting it was true waste of my time

Unfortunately, these artistic visions can often be too out there, ahead of their time or too boring that they get shuffled into the forgotten realm.

After that it, it gets a little repetitive and lacklustre.

I think this is a case where a good director can take even a simple story and turn it into a very enjoyable fun movie.

Fast paced, bloody fun.

Bottom line, don't waste your time or money.

It's an awkward, tonally confusing, and misses most marks.

Entertaining .

It's insanely enjoyable and stupidly fun.

-A lot of Plot holes -Acting was good/a lot of Cameos -Little Character development -Gory and Entertaining -Decent film to waste time during this quarantine pandemic.

His 2012 outing "Compliance" was one of those films that was extremely difficult to like, slightly sadistic, but containing such a compelling set-up, it was tough to turn off.

This movie is very entertaining in a way similar to Ready or Not.

Thoroughly Enjoyable .

Nice settings, smart dialogues, unexpected turns.

The worst movie I have ever seen!!!

The lead character is very intriguing and well executed by an actress I never really noticed until today, she kinda looks a little like a female Cumberbatch, they should do a sibling movie together.

Don't waste your time and skip it.

It's funny, action packed and cringe inducing gruesomeness.

It's a 6 because it's no masterpiece or anything, but it's plenty enjoyable.

Visually it is more mature and engaging that the Hunger Games.

The initially confusing middle of the film taking the action away to a refugee camp is both clever and dull.

Hilarious & worth the watch!!!!.

Completely unfunny, insultingly half-baked, plotless, unclever, boring and painfully desperate to be relevant.

Worse, it's just boring and as it progresses into the third act the exposition shows how little mastery the writer and director have over this art form.

Very refreshing, and supremely entertaining.

Enjoyable movie .

We also found the storyline highly predictable and we were bored by half way through the movie.

Very Enjoyable .

The poorer inhabitants who cannot afford health insurance massively die a slow and horrible death at this very moment.

I think both my adrenaline rose and my goosebumps during the fight between Athena and Crystal more than any other film I have ever seen.

First of all: one can enjoy this film,just as a gory,entertaining survival-horror; on the other side,it can be appreciated double,as a social comedy-horror,which perfectly balances humor and action-gore.

Entire film full of intense bloody violence scene, make the film quite watchable!

This is a thoroughly enjoyable flick.

The movie starts Great, twelve strangers are kidnapped and then hunted by a group of rich people, simple plot, normal acting, fast paced, unpredictable, funny and fun.

Entertaining thrill ride from start to finish .

so: characters are dull in general, except crystal that we get more.

This move is, right from the start, an action packed thriller.

Everything is obvious and predictable, there is absolutely no mystery regarding who is who in this movie.

enjoyed it through out, could glare into the character more to give it a relaistic feel.

This film was so much more entertaining by the minute.

Wife & I found it boring .

We enjoyed it!

Pretty good & entertaining satirical take on the modern post- Clinton-Trump election political divide, played out on a rather familiar action-horror set-up.

All in the first exciting 15 mins.

The acting, direction, and plot is just stupid and boring.

The initial kills were totally unpredictable.

Let's get started I take a look at:Movie: The Hunt (2020)Director: Craig Zobel Writers: Nick Cuse, Damon Lindelof Stars: Betty Gilpin, Hilary Swank, Ike BarinholtzLikes:Run Time Original Campy Funny In Weird Ways Changing Tale Few Slow Parts The Ending Sequences The Awesome Artistic Satire Of The FilmDISLIKES:Broke a Cardinal Rule Language At Times The Opening Sequence Crappy Character Development Too Silly At Times The Sometimes Too Political Nature Of ItSummary:This tale already started off right with the promise of a shorter movie, not only for time saving components, but also for the potential of a good exciting tale.

Fairly predictable, save your money and time don't bother watching this movie it's not worth the 6/7 rating it has atm

It's a dark humor movie with a twist of gore, with the purpose of entertaining, which it does!.

Presidential election meets animal farm action packed horror film.

Acting wise, the movie here hits its confusion point, some good, some bad, the problem is that the leading ones are the ones that makes this picture simply underwhelming.

I can easily say it's one of the worst movies I've ever watched.

Ultimately, the hopelessly random but CGI-enhanced carnage may divert action purists as much as it may prompt thoughtful audiences to grumble about its contrived third act.

Decent scenes of action and the violence does deliver, also many unpredictable scenes where we as the audience don't anyways know what will occur next (which is a good thing as it keeps us guessing- involving several deaths of course)The first half is stronger than the second half where the film slows down a little and once we get introduced to Hilary Swank's character, the film takes a downhill turn (around the part where the reveal occurs with the caption of "one year ago").

By all criteria, I should've gotten an entertaining movie.

Much more comedy than horror, very fast paced , sharp and entertaining.

There were similar feelings after watching The Cabin in the Woods: it seems to be a banal plot, but in the end something exciting and extraordinary.

She's the unexpected variable who breaks the plan and shakes it all up in everyone's faces.

very confusing to watch.

With no plot or plot development the movie drags on with a few quips here and there making fun of people with different political perspectives.

It is a total waste of time and money.

I was so into the first 30 minutes but after that I was confused and bored as all hell.

Pointless drivel.

The dialogue is smart, witty, engaging and mysterious.

Unexpected pleasant surprise.

Instead, it's bland and extremely obvious.

It all just becomes kind of dull a by-the-numbers.

This was by far the most boring movie.

Well acted & entertaining action comedy that delivers.

Betty Gilpin was a good choice and did make a large amount of unbearable scenes slightly better.

Wow even when doing a satirical take on liberalism does it come off as extremely liberal, tho it is still pretty entertaining

This makes the plot uninteresting in general which makes the theme of the movie mostly naive, although it was very unpredictable in the beginning.

The Hunt'The Hunt' gave me a dilemma when trying to figure out what score to give this rather entertaining and unique take on a tried and tested formula.

Betty Gilpin's talent shines bright in this action packed dark comedy.

But the movie is boring.

An unpredictable movie .

The majority of the characters lack personality and are boring.

This was a fairly entertaining movie with a high production value.

Much more enjoyable than expected.

After the gas station the film became slow.

The Hunt is an entertaining thrill kill joy ride if you like action thriller films with diverse characters going ballistic with any weapon available, from composition to conflict, climax and denouement this film is a roller-coaster ride, the dramatic structure, (Exposition) is conveyed and executed, (pun intended) flawlessly.

With her appearance, the movie moved up from very entertaining to sheer delight.

It was an enjoyable movie,funny parts throughout the movie,and the kill scenes were good.

However, if you can see the fun side of this type of comedy, The Hunt is the most entertaining, witty, hilarious, bloody, over-the-top action thriller you'll see for a long time.

The film itself is an absolute intense wild ride full of action, brutality, and some undeniable Sociopolitical commentary that does a great job at showing just how radically extreme things can get with people's morals and beliefs on both sides of the spectrum .


Overall: Well produced and energetic, but empty.

The plot is so predictable and weak!

A great and unexpected political satire .

The Hunt is action packed from the opening scene and provides viewers with a great doss of gore, hilarity and unpredictable outcomes.


While at first "The Hunt" comically leans into stereotypes, it then deconstructs them and ultimately turns into a compelling treatise on how "both sides of the aisle" share the same common problems.

Fast paced and some unexpected turns made it alright.

I think it's hilarious, action packed, and really entertaining...

Fairly entertaining.

A true waste of time

This world is so PC and PC is so weak and tired and boring and trite, nonsensical, heartless, dumb and ridiculous.

An exciting climax and the brilliant poking at the ridiculousness of our extreme society tendencies further wraps this odd piece with a casing of fun ridiculousness that will be remembered.

Worst movie ever.

I would definitely recommend, it's worth watching.

Just like "Battle Royale" and "The Purge", this film is intense.

"The Hunt" is a fast paced diabolical rush packed with blood, guts and tons of social commentary.

its funny, gruesome, action packed and just totally brilliant!.

I found this film entertaining.

Entertaining .

Some great twists at the start and then settles in to an action packed rampage with a little tongue in cheek humor.

Let me tell you, the writers of this movie managed to take things we find boring such as the 2016 presidential election and take a modern twist on them.

It may have some decent thrilling action with some violent bloody fight scenes.

If you abhor movies that waste too much time setting up a premise, then you'll relish "The Hunt.

It was unique, clever, and very entertaining.

It's funny, the deaths are partially unpredictable, and the point is solid.

I suppose what we are subjected to for about the first near-thirty minutes was to set up what was going on, so that in essence was thirty minutes of pointless development, considering what happened to everyone in those first thirty minutes or so.

This is abolutely worth watching with it´s really well told story and the very good acting.

The film isn't close enough to Hostel, from which it borrows plenty of its ideas, whilst also being way too far away from anything that works well enough to make this film truly enjoyable.

Don't waste your time or money .

The action quite intense, bloody, and hilarious!

I give it an enjoyable 7/10.


An amusing, entertaining enough, leave-your-brain-at-the-door wet dream fantasy for all politically-minded "centrist" viewers, who possess a triple-digit IQ (which can be dialled down to two digits for film's running time), and/or for those with a penchant for / knowledge of video game "battle royals" / "survival shooters".

Don waste your money and especially, don't waste your time.

Its refreshing, and I highly recommend it to every pro-constitutionalist.

Entertaining Horror-Comedy for people who love gore .

The other, for the first hour, was boring.

the second and third halves as the movie weren't as effective for me as the first one, but still they were entertaining.

Finally, something entertaining...

The movie starts off with a bunch of rich people that decided to hunt other people for a stupid and futile reason, then we see a refugee camp in Croatia, and finally one of the most uninteresting and uninspired fighting sequence that I have ever watched on a movie.

Intense .

It was unpredictable.

Simple and stunning .

Wife & I found it boring - We both expected "Surviving the game" (1994) Rutger Hauer, Ice T, Gary Busey & others ok this was not even close or was it suppose to be?

Confused, but really enjoyable .

Unwatchable trash .

Another entertaining film!

This is a very rushed movie that ultimately feels dull by the end.

So fun, funny, intense, and bloody.

But I highly recommend it, it was fun, dark comedy, great action.

It was all so pointless.

I enjoyed it.

Just a bit boring and easy .

Very entertaining and nice to see Hollywood take crack or two at itself .

There's some violence but it's easy to watch as you're on the edge of your seat hoping the hero will succeed.

The casting was really good and it was quite smart of Zobel to kill off the big names at very unexpected times and very early, leaving us with only one or two good guys or "deplorables" left to fend for themselves against a full hand of crooked government officials.

I enjoyed it loads .

an enjoyable evenings viewing

Worth watching...

For the rest of us, it's completely unwatchable.

First, it is difficult to find an unpredictable movie like the Hunt.

The script becomes predictable even Hilary Swank fails to rescue it.

This film starts off intense and carries throughout the first part of the film.

I really enjoyed it, it was fun and entertaining.

The first half is the most entertaining, fast, with fun (sketches of) characters, gorified action, some comedy and a plot which's destination is intriguing.

Entertaining movie.

i really enjoyed it.

Really enjoyed it .

An added bonus, the movie ends up having few slow parts to go with it too, with the pace, time span, and weird mystery leading to few drawn, out conversation heavy moments.

This movie is quite a ride and worth watching.

Definitely worth watching.

Fun, unexpected .

So, movies about it are somewhat entertaining.

Funny and in some ways unpredictable.

It's worth watching the rest of the movie to stick around to see the climatic girl fight between Betty Gilpin and Hillary Swank.

But, as far as satire goes, it's high-riding and very entertaining.

Where the film does fall flat is from it's extremely predictable plotline.

The worst movie ever .

(In full disclosure, the Clinton reference was neither said or implied) So here it is, Twelve strangers wake up in an empty field, not having the vagus idea of where they are or how they got there.

Wild and fun movie, really entertaining and makes you think!

With a solid performance from the leading character and a rather surprising 1st act, The Hunt is simply a brainless, entertaining movie with twists and turns.

It's closer to a slasher, some would say, but most slashers are entertaining.

The story has a lot of surprises and is action packed until the final showdown (that scene will remind you of "Kill Bill")"The Hunt" is considered to be a controversial film but it's entertaining and not dark, extreme or disturbing in spite of it's subject.

A good idea, some scenes at the beginning are really unexpected but the film proceeds pitifully also becoming uninteresting, a good idea wasted in comic scenes that should not be with a similar plot.

The fast pacing also helps in regard of the action pieces that were truly enjoyable.

Great idea with unexpected twists, i really enjoyed it

Well worth the watch!

I've watched it several times and enjoyed it just as much as the first.

Exciting, hilarious, had suspense- it has it all

It was entertaining from start to finish.

Entertaining .

The Hunt wasn't quite what I expected, but it was entertaining.

Watched it several times and think it is one of the most entertaining movies I've seen in the last five years or so.

Dont waste your money.

even with a very simple and predictable plot .

A total waste of time.

Good movie to watch for especially the thrilling moments and the fast paced the movie is best to watch for.

Worst movie ever, they're lucky they released it on prime early because of the coronavirus, cuz no one would go to a movie theatre to see it...