The Hunted (2003) - Action, Crime, Drama

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An FBI deep-woods tracker attempts to capture a trained assassin who has made a sport of hunting humans.

IMDB: 6.1
Director: William Friedkin
Stars: Tommy Lee Jones, Benicio Del Toro
Length: 94 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 83 out of 345 found boring (24.05%)

One-line Reviews (240)

However, I enjoyed it much less than those two classics.

The writing is horrid, the acting is probably even worse, and the plot is pointless.

The final fight, involving handmade weapons, is gripping if predictable.

I recommend it for anybody who loves intense action movie fans!

Jones is a slow burn as he starts to realize what he's dealing with, and rises to the occasion magnificently.

The most intriguing thing about this film were the fight scenes...

Some of the tracking scenes dragged out way to long.

Overall, The Hunted is an entertaining, "cat and mouse" thriller that is highlighted by some excellent knife scenes.

Personally, I was immersed, and for that I give the movie3/4

There was also this theme of hunting, being hunted and hunting wildlife (and its inhumanity), which was noticeable, but worthless, pointless, and unfulfilling.

The formula is simple: Take a bright, talented person who is teetering on the edge of emotional stability, fill them with lots of head stuff about social and environmental corruption, train in the technology of killing people and then, turn them loose.

Worst movie I have ever bought .

Worth watching!

It is just so intense and awesome I would love to congratulate every single one of the cast members for this intense action thriller!

Everything is so contrived and set up so that L.

The start was well done but what unfolds is boring and stuff already seen a 100 times.

This film has more to offer than the stunning, brutal realistic action.

It packs a thrilling and stirring musical score by Brian Tyler .

and I'm not entirely sure why, as others have mentioned there is no real plot to this movie, which is fine as aspects of the film are enjoyable, the knife fights for example, the biggest crime in this film, and I'm surprised nobody else (that I've seen) has pointed out how awful Del Toro is, and I do mean awful...

Nothing but plot holes, empty promises and cheeze!

Oh, and it's so cliche too, that whenever a hero comes out of a man-hole, he narrowly escapes death from unusually large vehicle.

the only thing worth watching is the very last fight (about 3 minutes ).

Bland and no plot .

It was just unbearable.

It is extremely cliche though.

Be that as it may, THE HUNTED is a fast-moving if highly improbable tale of a retired law enforcement official (Jones) brought back to help trap a government assassin (Benecio Del Toro) who has snapped and is indiscriminately killing civilians.

But the film has very exciting scenes and is well done.

Not great, but definitely entertaining.

It is neither exciting, nor original, nor compelling , nor even vaguely interesting.

However the movie is still a pretty pointless one to watch, which is for most part due to the fact that there is very originality to find in this movie.

*yawn* what it's over.

If those of you who found this thought-provoking film about two men on the edge of the social plane, one who is over the edge and the other given the task of hunting the first one down-- both men, socially disaffected and on their own, unbelievable and impossible, give some attention to Alston Chase's article in the June, 200, pp.

For the guy who brought us THE FRENCH CONNECTION, this is Friedkin off the boil; the direction is stodgy and somehow lacking, leaving the viewer coldly distanced from the action.

The slow burn of the story and the film's execution is almost reminiscent of a 70s film before massive explosions and ridiculous, cheesy one liners from steroided freaks took the genre over; back when movies were smarter and crafted with more earnest and inspiration.

The Fugitive + any Steven Segal movie + US Marshals + any action movie cliche you can think of + hints of Friedkin's own The French Connection > The Hunted.

Anyway I will stop my ramblings and just say don't waste your time or money on this on!

A weary looking Tommy Lee Jones probably thought the same as the film progresses from dull chase scene to pointless flashback which tells you nothing back to dull chase scene.

It's inspired, just not in the right way, and it *certainly* is formulaic.

His films are average now filled with adrenaline and good acting.

this wasn't the worst movie in the world, but, is enjoyable at times if you like scenes with blood and gore, and you love chase scenes.

A waste of time.

Now while the Hunted may seem derivative (it pretty much is), it still is a good time and it's a reasonably entertaining, straightforward thriller which is like a cat and mouse game.

It's so violent, somehow gloomy and as melancholic as it can be in the frame of the American entertaining movie.

The Hunted may not be quite as good as these films, but it is an exciting bit of fun.

I was just waiting and being bored until TLJ and BDT finally came together for their final fight and you knew only one man was going to survive that, and it was obvious who that was going to be seeing as TLJ was the star of the film.

As Del Toro is hunted down across several states by the man who trained him, the chase becomes intense and the characters remain believable throughout.

This film is watchable and engaging enough as it's a thriller that starts and doesn't particularly stop for breath.

No such luck, this was a poor waste of time, and acting.

The combat is intense and well-choreographed.

This movie has very little plot and what there is makes little sense.

5.4? ok ok if your a story lover don't bother, but for the coolness of Tommy Lee / Del Toro it deserves a 7.0!Thanks for the great movie guys i enjoyed it allot!

I think that the combat scenes between Jones and Del Toro were very well choreographed and exciting to watch.

Waste of Time and Money.

Ridiculous, hackneyed, dull.

Not too bad, just pretty pointless all.

Even taking it as a stand alone movie it just felt empty and dis-jointed somehow.

Like <i>Willard</i>, which I also saw today, this is another empty film.

Stating this the whole project is missing something quite fundamental and quite possible the thrilling action sequences, take up a large proportion of the screen time; to (possibly) the detriment of such crucial aspects, such as character development.

The film is corny, clichéd and horribly flat, predictable and ultimately pointless.

Don't waste your time.

Although it may not be an unflawed masterpiece, to me it was very exciting and even thought-provoking.

Not very good actually, but it's still a enjoyable flick.

In the end we come to a predictable outcome and with very little idea why any of this happened.

Excellent knife fight scenes, but the movie is so disjointed as to be a waste of money.

The movie was as predictable as it can be.

I couldn't even bear to watch the end because it was getting too predictable and just too ridiculous.

The fascinating early tutorial sequence, where Bonham's trainees study how to craft weapons from scratch, also indicates there'll be a later sequence where they will for real.

" Get a really good, Oscar-winning director (William Friedkin), an Oscar-winning actor who has burned his fugitive-catching characters into the ground (Tommy Lee Jones), and another Oscar-winning actor who has dull charisma and can play a good bad guy (Benicio Del Toro).

I thought the scene where the two ''hunters'' get killed in the woods, was creepy and suspenseful.

Don't waste your money.

The repetitive chase (hunt, find, fight, escape, hunt,find,fight,escape, huntfindfightescape) leaves little room for character development, e.

An unnecessarily gory waste of time .

Possibly the worst movie ever....

save your money and time.

Lots of action, but dull.

Some scenes drag on way too long for a ninety minute feature.

With both leads looking bored beyond belief, it takes away any urgency the writers may have included in the script.

From the beginning to the end the comic-book action-packed and extreme violence is continued and it is fast movement and that's why the picture is quite entertaining .

Weird but compelling .


I hope that some great director soon will do a stunning masterpiece with both a great story and great action.

I can't say with certainty that they're more realistic, but the differentness was intriguing.

The Hunted was entertaining and maybe even a 7/10 until it plummeted over the ludicrous A-Team waterfall.

"The Hunted" is an entertaining and engaging movie.

From the first moment the movie started looking like a b-grade war movie and after 10 minutes left me wondering if something was actually going to happen other than the pointless slaying of Albanians.

What a wasted opportunity, given the fascinating subject and caliber of the director and two lead actors.

But here we have two fine actors, stabbing the crap out of each other, with absolutely no script.

The next-most fascinating thing is trying to comprehend the discipline these characters possess toward accomplishing their tasks.

In one of the most predictable moments in the film, L.

Bad guys are entertaining to watch when they have intelligable things to say, and a reason for doing what they're doing.

This isn't an oscar caliber film by any means(although the leading actors and the director have Oscars under their belts) , but this is an entertaining action film and lives up to those standards.

A total waste of time .

It was one of the seasoned plots which has been clichéd due to a sheer adrenaline-thirsty overdose of behind-the-scenes think-tanks to make an action-thriller that meets our thrill-seeking requirements.

Later, during a forest scene, voices are bounced through all the speakers to give the illusion of mystery and confusion.

Not that there WAS a whole lot of talking - thank GOD - but it REALLY distracted from the cool, intense stuff that was going on otherwise.

It's all predictable and improbable.

`The Hunted' is an insult to my intelligence and to the masses of people who will waste their time and money on viewing this trash!

When the writing fails, as it does frequently, the film remains riveting because of the camera action.

The pace is slow and careful, and it builds well to the climax.

On the plus side, the action scenes are sensational, with crackerjack stuntwork by Buddy Joe Hooker and exciting, dynamic photography by Caleb Deschanel.

The Hunted starts out promisingly with a sympathetic look at a tortured war "hero", but soon degenerates into another cliché-filled, by-the-numbers fight flick.

There was no plot that leads any where, and the character development of this movie was horrible.

However, the screenplay is so exaggerated that makes the film boring in the end.

The intense overall feeling you have during the good ninety minutes let you forget about the somewhat missing story content (almost reminds me of Kafka's work).

Don't waste your money.

As one who is not entirely un-initiated in martial arts, I find the combat sequences in The Hunt quite realistic, refreshing and enjoyable.

Exciting Fast-Paced Action Chase Movie Of Burnt-Out Soldier Gone AWOL .

The rapport between Pacino and Williams in `Insomnia' has no time to develop here, for `French-Connection' Friedkin is hell-bent on action, his speciality.

This is just an idiotic ploy to sell the viewers a pointless and totally unremarkable excuse for a movie.

The pace is so slow that it becomes dull.

The action is copious and engaging, but in the end, too unbelievable or confusing.

So, completely lacking a starting premise to build on, the film continues with a progressively bored and confused del Toro, unable to find any traits in his character to work with.

But I would've enjoyed it anyway except for one major problem - political-correctness.

In addition to the acting and action, it's absolutely packed with eye-candy and breathtaking Oregon locations from mountains to forests to downtown Portland.

Really intense thriller...

Also, for a man who is as ambiguous as Del Toro's character, his love interest was thrown in there to add more confusion.

There's a thick air of tension that runs through the entirety of the film's run time, something I would largely attribute to three things: it's realistic, intense violent subject matter; it's lack of a consistent music score flooding the speakers every five minutes and sparse dialogue; it's setting mostly taking place in the desolate bush.

Del Toro was really cheesy here, doing a lot of ponderous sky staring and stumbling over his lines and Tommy Lee Jones was...

completely enjoyable - does not deserve the negative feedback .

The action sequences are more embarrassing than exciting.

it sounded good, it rated average, but to be honest it was boring extremely predictable and downright un-enjoyable.

Predictable fun .

I was bored!

But, for the majority of people out there, this is probably a waste of time and money.

Pointless, contrived and no credibility.

Huge plot holes in the story and very predictable.

The action scenes, when they're going, are also really intense and especially the climax of the movie.

Enjoyable Rambo .

This story is intriguing because it could so easily be true.

Worst movie of the year so far .

In some ways this film mimics `Insomnia,' both relying on the weary old timer to catch the brilliant murderer and both films exploiting beautifully the Pacific Northwest.

But avoid it, if you like entertaining movies that have actually plots.

every cliché in the book in this one .

After we've had all the deep and meaningful read shallow and confusing character pieces .

Even the gory blood and guts got a little repetitive.

Three facts about this film help to make it highly-rated in my book: it's very entertaining, moves fast and lasts only 90 minutes.

Tedious .

This movie is exactly what it is advertised to be- an engaging, fast paced action film.

OK, if you are a shoot'em up thriller fan (as I self-confessedly admit to being), you might have missed the car chase, the sex and all that, but gang, it is a gripping and thought-provoking story.

Short, Intense, Fun To Watch .

Tons of chase scenes and fights, it was relatively intense, but what happened next was so predictable that some of that intensity was lost.

Dull, poorly written, poorly conceived yawner .

I think Benicio Del Toro looked like he just stepped out of a b-grade movie and forgot to adjust, and Tommy Lee Jones was downright boring.

Presumably, The Hunted is an action thriller, but it slogs at an uncomfortably slow pace, trudging through lots of material that goes nowhere or feels undeveloped.

There are some intriguing fight scenes.

Fresh, realistic action, engaging humanness.

More importantly though, Tommy Lee Jones gets stabbed at least ten times, including several arteries, and he walks away from it like nothing happened.

The extended chase scenes are boring, the cinematography is drab, and the movie has this aura of unpleasantness surrounding it.

This was a very entertaining film about a soldier (Bernicio Del Toro) trained to kill who ,after an unfortunate situation he experiences in Kosovo ,loses his mind and begins a murdering spree in the woods.

The movie drifted between too many scattered elements to be fully satisfying, but it was entertaining enough to be worth the time.

What a waste of time, energy, etc.

Its pacing is slow and methodical, purposefully scripted as such to match the film's title no doubt.

The latter is OK, though a lot of his acting here is a little monotone.

The Hunted is a great film, an excellent violent action packed Thriller that seems to be completely forgotten about these days of 2020!!!

First there was the abysmal no thrills thriller Double Jeopardy,then the dreary,obnoxious courtroom drama Rules of Engagement which shares this film's director William Friedkin,the just plain dire Men in Black 2 and now this ludicrous,ill paced action thriller,which turns what could have been an exciting,thoughtful film into one that you end up just wanting to finish as quickly as possible.

This one is unwatchable.

In the meantime the settings change just to make believe something different happens, but it's just a bland meaningless hunt mingling characters we never care for.

You want gripping suspense; startling action; a thoughtful, REALISTIC car chase; and a blessed amount of hard, fast, well-sorted out martial arts with NO nauseating cinema verite' camera work?

The only great thing about this movie is the abundance of stunning scenery and that is all.

The death of the secondary lead FBI agents was totally predictable.

Bloody and nearly completely empty would-be-thriller that bores more than excites.

Save your money and 2 hours of time that could otherwise be spent say, breathing or laughing at rap music than watching this stinker.

Unrealistic, with some miscasting, but entertaining .

Yet in `Insomnia' everyone seemed ironically awake while in `The Hunted' they all seemed to be sleeping, especially when someone surely pointed out the stunning illogic of almost every major action.

unoriginal, predictable, forgettable 4/10 .

Admittedly, there were several parts which were entertaining.

Benicio Del Toro and Tommy Lee Jones give one of their best performances in this thrilling action movie by action master director William Friedkin.

Waste Your Time (If You Want) .

Overall, it's worth watching, if , for nothing more than the very intense fighting scenes.

If the 'hunt and chase' genre is to your liking then you would probably enjoy this film, but otherwise the film lacks dialog and any form of facial acting beyond intense eye twitches from Del Toro and worried looks from Jones.

This is pretty ludicrous hokum but the ride itself is enjoyable enough, and, as I say, Lee Jones - where does he get the energy?

It's very suspenseful and the action is pretty violent and bloody.

If it is on TV for free and nothing else is on, go for it, but don't waste any money on a rental for this one.

The Hunted is a good action movie, with two of the best actors for this gender and switching the landscape from an forest to the crowded city make the film more interesting to follow and keeps the spectator on the edge of the seat.

Several factors result in what feels like an awkward and largely uninteresting man-hunt thriller.

I guess this subplot is left ambiguous , after all you can't go around disemboweling hunters and hope the audience can have empathy for you , but all this is totally confusing and inserting scenes where Hallum is kind to a little girl is not groundbreaking .

The fight scenes are predictable, and the movie is rich with ludicrous spoilers.

too predictable, bad casting .

Too obvious, to many long drawn out shots, too many 'that's not possible according to any known law of physics' moments

Marshalls" was repetitive.

Great acting, thrilling action .

Other than that and the similarity to the Fugitive, this was still an enjoyable 90 minutes.

Pointless and illogical .

I could go on.. Im boring myself now...

It's quite the reverse it's cliché It's certainly a film of two halves .

If you had any problems believing the first few reels, you will want to walk out of the theater in the third act, it was just that bad.

The 1st and 2nd chases are really dull.

During the second segment, the film starts to form into a cliché.

This review has to be at least 10 lines, but I have nothing more to say - yet I have to get this horrible experience out of my system, so please apologize for these last lines - but believe me, the film is more boring and uninteresting than these lines.

The film seemed so rushed and utterly pointless.

It's not a bad film by any means, Friedkin has only ever made one truly bad film, Jones is as watchable as he ever is, because even though he's coming across as bored to tears, he still has that screen presence that makes the most mundane situation watchable.


So, if in the mood for a combination Fugitive/Rambo story with two very intense lead actors, this is a convenient diversion to play numerous times.

But, somewhere inbetween the poor acting, un-nesessary blood, lack of plot, and the unrealistic depiction of hunters hunting in Silver Creek Falls, I found this movie dull and lacking anything to take away from it.

Relatively Entertaining.

Jones can do this role in his sleep, and ironically, he looks thoroughly bored throughout.

All I can say is, what a waste of talent in a completely plot-less awful chase movie.

It's all predictable and improbable, like logs piled on a blazing fire-intense and fleeting.

Enormous piece of crap with classic and constant anti Serb propaganda.

The whole movie just feels artificially cobbled together, as though some producers sat around a dreamed up what elements they wanted in an exciting action flick and them put them together without any thought of how they actually connected.

Why WOULD he do that even if the bike WERE that slow?

Camera work made a crawl through the woods exciting; there was no need for the ridiculous hand-to-hand action.

There's a breathless frenzy to the bloodletting, with sequences devoid of pointless stunt work or unnecessary fireworks, stripped away to these two warriors, with homemade stone shivs, battling at the most primal, personal level.

but no, they must make it something "pretentious"...

`The Hunted' is a bland, hopelessly run-of-the-mill, would-be thriller that asks the age-old question, `What happens when a man, who's been trained by the military to be a ‘killing machine,' suddenly goes off the reservation and starts eviscerating people he, through sheer paranoia, believes are up to something evil?

Unfortunately these bits seem to have ended up on an editing floor somewhere since the movie has a disjointed feel with important aspects like character motivation and empathy for the anti-hero missing .

If I wasn't sitting through this stinker with my friends I would have walked out!

It was good, I enjoyed it and it was worth my 9 bucks.

Compelling action with fantastic choreography and real technique.

But they are exciting to watch, and both Jones and del Toro inhabit their characters with enough gusto and panache that the movie can be very enjoyable to watch.

On the positive side, the knife fighting (as stated above) is incredible, and the training sequences quite riveting.

What an extraordinary waste of money and talent.

Dont waste your money on this one.

Just a pathetic waste of time.

So where did it all go bland?

It just seems that everyone's on autopilot, Del Toro is almost sleepwalking in his role, and he literally looks bored whenever he is on screen.

Boring, predictable, mediocre .

The graphics and stunts was very real and kept you on the edge-of-your seat.

I just thought the story was a waste of time.

"The most fascinating thing about the movie is the way the characters are forced to think on their feet, in the moment.

Quite probably the worst movie ever .

But, gee, the movie is TOTALLY predictable.

I can't argue with the previous reviewers' criticisms, especially regarding continuity, lack of realism (the wolf footage), a cliche at the beginning, or dialogue (particularly what will become known as Del Toro's "Chicken" Monologue, if it hasn't already).

It's tense, it is actually engaging and fun to watch.

Combined with some very strong performances by the leads THE HUNTED makes for a very intense and satisfying thriller experience.

There is no plot...

Really disjointed movie .

This film has to be one of the worst movies I have seen in the past few years.

William Friedkin directs an exciting 'Cat & Mouse' movie which is pretty much all edge-of-your-seat action chase/fight scenes set in the picturesque Pacific Northwest.

Sometimes the scenery of the movie is enough to put me in an enjoyable mood.

Regardless, I thought the direction and story was very bland in this movie.

I went to see this movie with the hope of seeing Del Toro and Jones in a good exciting, action packed, psychological thriller.

The film itself seamed to miss a couple of exciting scenes that make some sort of use out of his pointless FBI assistant and show the killing machine at work with the 'great unwashed'.

Del Toro's performance is tiresome.

Much of the incidental detail - music, camera-work, editing, etc. - is boringly familiar, and none of the actors show any great enthusiasm for the simplistic roles they've been handed.

The training action and the background of the characters made it more entertaining.

Possibly the first highly artistic/entertaining movie of 2003 .

So if you want action and some decent cinematography it's in here, but if you're looking for an interesting and compelling story or something more than rudimentary character development, keep looking.

Bonham is called in to track and hunt down Hallam, but instead of this being a long drawn out series of clues that build up over the course of the film that leads to a final and dramatic capture, the same sequence of chase-catch-escape events repeats over and over and over.

Classic american anti Serb propaganda .