The Ides of March (2011) - Drama, Thriller

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An idealistic staffer for a new presidential candidate gets a crash course on dirty politics during his stint on the campaign trail.

IMDB: 7.1
Director: George Clooney
Stars: Paul Giamatti, George Clooney
Length: 101 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 58 out of 304 found boring (19.07%)

One-line Reviews (308)

This is a political film that teaches us how the campaign trail works, but it also has very intense and surprising moments.

It's all pretty obvious and predictable.

It was so boring my mom took a nap lucky her.

Great dialogues, thrilling scenario, excellent cast.

I thought that the movie was a great film, filled with an intense thrill.

When the movie brings that unexpected climax on screen, it puts a wrap on a completely enjoyable motion picture.

He will get better, but it's been slow progress so far.

Whether it's half full or half empty is your call.

In an effort to be more "realistic," the plot failed to be engaging.

It's a sharp, satisfying plunge into duplicity, perhaps Clooney's most intriguing offering as a filmmaker.

He's been one of my favorite young actors for years now and I was admittedly slightly disappointed by his slightly empty work in Drive and his straight-up bad performance in Crazy, Stupid, Love, this is a film that helps me remember why I'm such a fan of his.

It seems some people find this clever but it's mostly boring - and quite depressing too.

The acting is good, the script too self satisfied, the plot too stagey and has too many holes, and the direction plodding.

Trite .

Ryan Gosling is fast becoming one of Hollywood's premier true actors but even he loses the screen to the fascinating performances of Hoffman, Giamatti, and Tomei.

Seriously, I haven't even taken a single second to take a look at who's the screenplay writer was, but dude, this is one of the worst movies that I ever saw G.

Very much worth watching.

Instead, it is all just a bit predictable and dull.

I suppose if you are a Democrat drone you may enjoy the lies and propaganda that Clooney spouts off about same old tired nonsense.

There were a few very interesting scenes, but a lot of it was quite dull.

It is a stunning piece of news, one that could knock the earth off its axis.

This put aside, it was a very entertaining film!

A young and ambitious campaign coordinator who's "not like everyone else" because he needs to actually believe in the person he promotes - to become easily distraught and seduced by a most predictable competitors' move.

George Clooney directs a fascinating political thriller; Do the right thing or get your candidate elected.

However, with its excellent performances, well-written screenplay, and engaging story, it's still a very good film.

The story was a bit dull and generic to begin, just another political campaign movie I thought.

Poor Script + Predictable = Another Clooney Bomb .

However a fast paced last 45 minutes more than make up for this.

The cinematography, style of shooting, visual effects, and the catchy soundtrack add to creating that thrilling police air for the movie, which again make it gripping and interesting to watch.

I don't want to say that this movie is all bad - the second part is almost captivating, due to more enjoyable action and desperate attempts of the candidates at outmatching one another.

However, Phedon Papamichael's (3:10 to Yuma, The Pursuit of Happiness) cinematography is engaging enough to have you paying attention to what's happening on screen.

By the time the end of the film had rolled around I was bored and then to see this long shot of Ryans face hiding the anguish due to his actions was really quite pathetic.

And the man Mr. everything George Clooney who goes rounds as both director and key star shows with this film that the political world can be exciting, entertaining always having high drama present and it proves secrets can be deadly, as the film can be seen as a need for good loyal and moral calling.

Flawed but riveting and thought-provoking .

All of it is compelling.

Clooney's Ides of March has a visual palette of note, but is decidedly bland in its angles and framing.

The force in both of their performances peaks during a riveting showdown that reaches palpable levels of tension.

The Ides of March may not be quite as idiosyncratic as Confessions of a Dangerous Mind or Good Night and Good Luck, but it's idiosyncratic in its quality in today's machine, and welcome installment in the exciting mid-career reinvention of Hollywood's arguably shrewdest star.

He does make the film watchable and is always entertaining in his roles.

However, this film in particular felt a little forced, while in the same time, a bit boring.

There is a twist that I don't want to give away here, but the movie then takes an unexpected turn.

I don't want to call it a political thriller like The Manchurian Candidate, but it has certain elements that make you stand on edge (confrontations, secrets revealed, intense dialogue).

Depressing leftist propaganda .

First thought after the movie ended was "BORING!

The film is very slow moving for a good thirty to forty minutes.

With its dark take on the human nature and a satisfyingly twisty plot, makes it one of the most entertaining films ever made about the political process.

Intense thriller without the usual baggage .

The cinematography, style of shooting, visual effects, and the catchy soundtrack add to creating that thrilling police air for the movie, which again make it gripping and interesting to watch.

George Clooney plays a stereotype Liberal Democrat candidate: filled with empty and deceptive slogans, and cheap-shot distortions of his opposition; both Republican and Democrat.

The movie begins to become sour when a predictable twist has a melodramatic turn and makes a mockery of real issues.

It's an effective, gripping melodrama.

Evan Rachel Wood effectively plays the pivotal role of Molly, bringing an intriguing mix of youthful moxie and vulnerability to her character's actions, while Marisa Tomei provides just the right level of cynicism to her New York Times reporter (…will she ever return to starring roles?

However the story is a little bit dull.

The movie is suspenseful, it keeps building up until the end, it is entertaining and even funny at times, and most importantly, it is a smart movie.

The whole movie was painfully slow, with far too many close-ups of Clooney and Gosling (and I think they are good looking).

An intelligent and exciting movie .

But in the end this is a gripping and chilling political thriller which is strong on turning hardly detectable nuances into gamechangers.

He was shrewd to pick the story off the bookshelves, smart in co-adapting it into an intelligent and gripping screenplay, brave in directing sequences where the camera lingers outside of events so your mind paints in the action within, and gutsy to cast himself in an unsavoury role effectively playing No2 to Ryan Gosling.

Boring, at best.

This movie in engaging, I will watch any movie with Ryan Gosling in it.

Anyway, it's very entertaining, and for once, it doesn't last forever, only 95 minutes.

Simply put, this movie was extremely boring.

The themes of the dirty workings of the political underworld may not exactly be eye opening, but it's still a pretty fascinating ride.

There is precious little that is more frustrating than watching a film with a platinum-caliber cast fall short of expectations, but that was exactly my reaction to George Clooney's 2011 smart, engrossing adaptation of Beau Willimon's 2008 play, which in turn, was loosely based on the failed 2004 Democratic primary campaign of Howard Dean.

Ides of March is the slowest movie to start.

The film also has a hypnotic score by Alexandre Desplat, a clever and purposefully cynical script, sharp and well-defined characters(particularly Gosling's, Giamatti's and Hoffmann's) and a compelling moral-driven story.

Usually I believe political drama's make good movies, but this had no plot, the ending was STUPID, and I expected more from George Clooney.

The screenplay is also so intelligently-written that "old hat speeches" about trust and betrayal are absolutely gripping.

Nonetheless, the transformation of the idealistic Myers into a cut-throat politico, outdoing his ruthless mentors, Zara and Duffy, is a compelling theme that holds one's interest.

And instead of a true open ending, a smart way of not rubbing in the eyes of the viewer a set of most probable outcomes the film has previously set clear through its actions, we received an empty ending, leaving us with not enough consistency throughout the film to even begin guessing what could be implied or inferred for real and not be a product of our already inflamed imagination.

While well made, competently directed (Clooney) and definitely entertaining, this movie is a tad melodramatic and say nothing you haven't heard of about dirty politics.

The film is quite riveting and it leaves us the viewer with questions about morals and decency and is the type of film you would love to talk to others about afterwards.

Films and television shows about politicians all make the same mistake: they focus on what we all assume goes on behind the scenes in politics, and what we end up with is a predictable non-story.

His facial expressions are intense and emotionally gripping and the last shots on his face prove amazingly chilling.

I mean it did start as if it was going to be a capturing tale, but somehow after Stephen learned the truth about the intern, the story became really dull and slow-paced.

"So, the campaign has severe problems and it seems like my most difficult time staying awake was through the first ten minutes of the film.

The whole story seemed pointless.

Even if you're a political junkie, it's ho-hum.

The last film I've seen that involves political campaigning was in Definitely, Maybe, a romantic comedy, but The Ides of March is more State of Play in its intensity and gripping narrative, based upon the play Farragut North by Beau Willimon, that made this film truly stand out under Clooney's astute direction.

I wasted my time and money on this leftist propaganda.

The story then took a sharp turn and it became very exciting to watch.

A waste of time .

I enjoyed it and recommend it to fans of political dramas.

The Ides of March was a perfect political drama with astounding shocks and turns that will leave you deep breathed and feel satisfied with high gripping drama.

Whilst it never quite engrosses the audience with the same addictiveness that Willimon's House of Cards did, it is still an intriguing ride that is hard to turn off.

The last thing that I want is to leave you with the impression that I look down on politicians and consider non-politicians like myself superior in any respect.

Semi-engrossing political drama .

Among many other virtues, what I liked the most was the unpredictable events and twists the story has throughout its length.

Engrossing Political Drama.

Clooney had a fantastic debut with Good Night, Good Luck, then fell off a bit with Leatherheads, and is now back to form with this gripping thriller about political ethics and morals.

Faultless acting, direction and writing, but ultimately rather pointless .

Confusing .

Even if some of the main events and indeed the ending were predictable, the film entertains with its realism, sharp dialogue and recognisable read-across to the American political scene of the present and recent past.

Yet, given all the style and fine acting on display, The Ides of March seems rather pointless.

I was bored about two minutes after this started and it never got any better.

I'm not a fan of political movies, but the actors and the story make Ides of March a really interesting and entertaining film.

The plot unfolds in a very suave manner and you will be on the edge of your seat from start to finish until you run into a completely unbelievable ending.

Overall, so much better movie than Clooney's Syriana and very enjoyable.

In short, an entertaining spot on political thriller.

The Ides of March is a semi-engrossing political drama from the talented minds of George Clooney, Grant Heslov and Beau Willimon.

Liberal propaganda posing as a movie .

There are several decent and enjoyable movies out right now.

And watching the progress and direction of the protagonist's ideology is engrossing while he is helping run a campaign.

And whether you think that the movie is going slow, or that it's exciting to watch, you'd still be wondering "how's it going to end?

Gosling is disappointingly bland in what should have been a rich part.

Based on the play "Farragut North" by Beau Willimon who, together with Clooney and Grant Heslov, adapted it for the screen, The Ides of March is a well-done, entertaining, and riveting film that has a stellar ensemble cast that includes Ryan Gosling as Stephen Miles, a press secretary dedicated to the Presidential candidacy of Governor Mike Morris (Clooney) who is locked in a tight Ohio primary battle with Arkansas Senator Ted Pullman.

He sports frustration, lust, confusion, betrayal and being betrayed.

Ides of March may be described as a political thriller, and if you're like me it will certainly grip you and have you on the edge of your seat at times, with its twists and turns.

Together, the cast makes for an intriguing ensemble who easily mirror today's political climate.

He is a good actor though and this film, like his others, is still entertaining and worth a look.

A very entertaining and tense political thriller that even non fans of genre will like.

Mr. Clooney's new picture is proof that the movies can redeem even the most dull and uninteresting of subject matter .

The intensity and emotions on display, complete with several very close 'close-ups', appeared too raw at times, but absorbing, nonetheless.

"The Ides of March" is provocative but also enormously entertaining, held in place by Gosling's riveting performance in the lead role, supported by a superb ensemble of meaty character actors having a ball chewing on the juicy acts of intimidation and humiliation that litter the story.

Yes, most movies these days do have some language to get the R rating, but this was just a little too much and took away from an engaging story.

And yes it went somewhere as Molly was the key of the story, the pivotal fate's intervention that would change forever the life of Stephen, I want to say the professional life, but this is a pleonasm for him, and when a character is so devoted to his job, we know we'll have a fascinating twist to illustrate that the end justifies the means.

impeccable casting makes this more entertaining than it otherwise would've been .

Nothing happens.

"The Ides of March", directed by George Clooney, was a bland and uninvolved watch.

Therein lies the weakness of an otherwise classy film: All the President's Men relied on tough journalism and mysterious operatives; The Ides of March relies on the expected, which is neither imaginative nor mysterious, just professional and entertaining.

If the IMDB viewers were allowed to assign our own classification I would establish it as simply "boring" and/or "unappealing".

The Ides Of March makes politics look like an intense game a chess.

Political expediency and intrigue make for fascinating cinema.

Horribly Boring .

Dialogue heavy, ultimately this was dry and boring as hell.

Admittedly, the last five minutes did redeem the dull middle somewhat.

You don't meet anyone here, of course, but you get 100 entertaining minutes, including the as usual marvelous Philip Seymour Hoffman.

This piece also works as a slickly entertaining, enthralling crime thriller.

My only negative is that the plot is a bit cliché.

This movie is a very entertaining look at what happens when backs are turned and trust is broken between.

Political "thriller" was about as thrilling as watching someone else watch paint dry.

Therefore, when all the new "info" comes to light, our perspective of Morris transforms so drastically it's fascinating to track.

Yet just as you think this will be a tiresome competition for Stephen's soul and allegiance, The Ides of March does something rather refreshing.

This is one of the most entertaining films of any other year.

The behind the scenes look is enthralling, which immediately sets up the narrative in an engaging way.

While the interplay of loyalties and lusts is entertaining, and nobody can beat Clooney, Gosling, Hoffman, and Paul Giamatti (as opposition campaign manager Tom Duffy) for ensemble honors, the film has a hollow center of imagination.

Clooney matches his prosaic direction with an equally drab and fatigued performance for someone that's trying to project a vitality to run the country.

Slow plot that never develops .

Philip Seymour Hoffman is engaging as Morris's campaign manager, though his character is not much different to his CIA henchman in 'Charlie Wilson'.

It would have made it a far more engrossing look at the political process than this flaccid stab at it that doesn't even break the surface.

Starring Ryan Gosling, George Clooney, Paul Giametti and Philip Seymour-Hoffman, The Ides of March is both a thought provoking and entertaining film.

There isn't a single moral character to mention, they drop so many f-bombs that IMDb couldn't keep count (literally, the site says its somewhere between 50 and 75), the political bias is stifling, and the plot is completely uninteresting.

Alright, I agree that it might not be the most original story ever written, but it is relevant and realistic, and very entertaining.

So if you are tired of the 100th action movie and looking for something rather slow but pretty intense, go and check this one out, probably especially if you are American.

Boring which lead to snoring and a second term Republican led President, namely Donald J.

However, the compelling weight of the story is not torpedoed by those minor and infrequent plot imperfections.

George Clooney's The Ides of March is a well-made, beautifully acted and very entertaining political drama that presents cold, heartbreaking facts about the American political campaign that probably seemed new in about 1960.

The movie is very entertaining though in the end it has some strong flaws in terms of how some may or may not accept decisions made by the characters and the ending itself is less of a story bookend and more of a message: politics are a dirty, evil business kiddos.

Political trash and half baked propaganda .

The plot, or should I say story, (as I'll explain) starts in the usual way slow way, where-upon you expect, sooner or later, for it to start the rumblings of taking off, which it never really quite does!

Okay, but rather dull fare .

And that was a wise and entertaining choice.

I thought this was going to be interesting, or exciting, maybe intense and it was none of those things for the first HOUR.

Maybe in the old times, but the current times when you have Trump running, with even wilder stuff for presidential candidates coming and going, where you hear political senators from the US engaging in all kinds of weird sexual acts and other scandalous items, this seems very small.

Clooney and his co-writers deliver something really well done, equipped with freshly developed characters, snappy dialogue that may have been guest written by Aaron Sorkin, confidant pacing and structure, and nail biting tension.

The problem with this brilliant piece of propaganda is that it gives a kind of credit to the US elections that is so far from the truth of the circus as to be laughable.

Everyone, Clooney, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Paul Giamatti, are doing superior jobs in compelling roles.

He is downright boring.

It is utterly engrossing with brilliantly compelling performances from Gosling, Clooney Seymour Hoffman and Wood.

It becomes an all-too-obvious tick-tock writer's plot rather than an engaging story that allows for willing suspension of disbelief.

A dull story about characters I couldn't care less about doing things I wasn't interested in.

Much as I have liked Clooney's performances (Oh Brother) and directing (Good Night), I found his latest effort incredibly boring and predictable.

Even when he is on screen his character is very drab.

Only Democrat drones will dig the lies and propaganda that Clooney spouts off about same old tired nonsense.

The storyline was dull with no particular plot.

Ryan Gosling gave a stunning performance as did George Clooney.

Overall, this is a a political drama well worth watching.

Seriously, folks, this movie is a waste of time.

The brilliantly intellectual George Clooney (who stars, directs, and co-wrote the script) lures the audiences in with sharp camera-work, fascinating political intrigue and breezy pacing.

The acting was weak, there was no real plot and by mid movie it was an typical liberal Hollywood fantasy .

An entertaining spot on political thriller .

The only thing worse than watching actor George Clooney's formulaic political corruption expose "The Ides of March" (** OUT OF ****) is realizing that this kind of skulduggery occurs with such regularity that a film about it seems superfluous.

Political and dramatic but definitely could have been longer,the Ides of March is an enjoyable movie that I would still recommend to anyone looking for a good drama film.

Exciting political thriller with a message .

What begins as a slow freight train of the slogging political campaign trail picks up to become a downward spiraling vortex in which no player escapes unscathed.

Never, while viewing, did I feel bored or want things to "pick up".

Very Good and Very Gripping .

I was on the edge of my seat from the opening scenes to the end credits, and I was left thinking how awesome it was.

The entire movie is quite intense and depressing.

With an incredible cast ensemble, a perfectly challenged direction, and a terrific well-written script, "The Ides of March" is a solid, thrilling, and enjoyable motion picture from start to finish.

Anyways the dialogue made the movie intriguing and entertaining to just watch and listen to people talk in this.

George Clooney's The Ides of March is an intriguing political thriller.

I was anticipating--and hoping for--an intelligent, engrossing story.

There is no deep meaning in this movie, it was just boring.

While both realistic and entertaining, it might make viewers think twice about the face validity of American politics.

He highlights the power of manufactured pomp by having the same speech read to both an empty room and a crowd of chanting supporters.

Some of my favorite actors were in this - and they did do a fine job - however, the plot was somewhat uninspiring, the twists (and I'm being generous by using the word twist) were only minimally surprising.

While The Ides of March is rather conventional in its narrative structure, it still is engrossing and thought-provoking entertainment.

A realistic political thriller with great characters, fast pace, twists and all making it quite an absorbing Hollywood movie.

It is a case of breaking a few eggs to make a good cake, and as Morris continues refusing to do so, pressures mount, the opposition begins to gain the upper hand, and a highly riveting series of complications arises.

It was honestly a very boring and predictable plot and the "drama" of the movie was incredibly forced and unnatural.

Ides of March fires on all cylinders using its directing, class A talented cast, and a creative screenplay to make a compelling movie.

Ryan Gosling seems competent but a tad bland; will he be as charismatic as George in years to come?

Meanwhile, engaging in a diversion from the all consuming campaign 30 year-old Stephen has a tryst with brilliant and seductive 20 year-old campaign aide Molly (strong and sexy Evan Rachel Wood), whose Dad Jack Stearns (solid Gregory Itzin) happens to be Democratic Party Chairman.

I thought this film was first-class and would recommend anyone interested in politics or the behaviour human beings in a powerful and highly-charged work place, to go to their nearest cinema.

Some reviewers called it 'thrilling' and 'captivating.


A cliché.

He created a dark and intense feel on a story that (lets be honest here) has been done a million times.

He boldly shades an unexpected darkness, in this tale of deceit and human frailty.

Maybe in the old times, but the current times when you have Trump running, with even wilder stuff for presidential candidates coming and going, where you hear political senators from the US engaging in all kinds of weird sexual acts and other scandalous items, this seems very small.

What it is, is an intriguing and slightly pedestrian political thriller elevated by a superb cast of some of today's best talent.

Good Night, and Good Luck showcased the finest acting performances of 2005 in an enthralling slow burn.

This movie is as big of a waste of time as any dumb CGI video game movie and that's the real surprise.

Portrayed as a compelling drama in a political setting, I was indeed intrigued, so I didn't put up much of a fight when my buddy suggested that be the movie we see during our impromptu outing.

I have come to find this movie will go one of two ways; some will find it an honest masterpiece about politics and the world we live in or will find it a dull political narrative about the "shocking" world of manipulation, cover ups and scams that isn't actually so shocking.

I do think it might be confusing to many.

His metamorphosis from a superficially cynical but naive believer, to a deadened manipulator (warning: pretentious film analysis ahead) that serves as a depressingly fitting metaphor for modern Western political democracy.

The film is a little slow, and sometimes takes a little bit to pick up.

Who knew politics could be so exciting?

This political drama is worth watching even for fans who may be put off by the subject matter.

Boosted by a compelling script and a terrific ensemble cast "The Ides of March" is a profound and well-made political thriller that resourcefully addresses current political matters.

First the length: Even though it is important to build up the drama and especially the thriller aspect slow and step by step, I have to admit there were some scenes that could have been cut better.

As intriguing as this was, it stopped short literally.

These very intense things are happening and while the film does hit every mark, it never got dark enough.

I definitely recommend this film, a well-made, entertaining and sharp insight of the 'politics' world in a presidential run.

It's as well acted and well directed as it can possibly be, but the material they have to work with is very unoriginal and uninspiring.

Sadly I'm not even exaggerating, George Clooney is boring us stiff with his heavy-handed paintings of our cynical world where Evil will crush Idealists and all the naive and innocent people.

Such a great film, George Clooney does well as actor and director, I like the way he sets up such intense moments that make you want to grab on the edge of seat.

Also because of the message the film is trying to get across it makes for some interesting scenes and scenarios for the different characters in the film and it makes you the viewer riveted and on the edge of your seat wondering what will happen next.

But the moment the dirty politics start playing out, that's where it gets exciting.

An insightful and engaging tale of deception and political corruption .

There is an intense scene between Wood and Gosling where with just ONE look Gosling lets the audience know what he is thinking, what he wants to do, and what he has to do.

slow start.

Clooney captures such visceral frustration, that it keeps the picture fresh, even when the finale encounters formulaic acts of blackmail.

You can't stop because what he has to say is so intriguing.

Still a sufficiently gripping tale

Netflix's pretentious House of Cards is another example.

The plot, alas, is clichéd; at least Clinton and a host of other libidinous legislators made sure it's a cliché because sex with an intern has become the one rule no politician should break.

Again, if you love politics, maybe you'll find the interpersonal relations and the twist of deeds entertaining.

The first is a contrived, definite no-no meeting between the ambitious Stephen and the shrewd Duffy.

Instead I got an utterly boring movie about nothing.

Intense, mature, poignant.

The film shifts focus after that first hour of liberal propaganda and shows how two-faced and immoral pretty much every character in the film was.

"The Ides of March" makes a compelling case that agonizing spiritual death is a very real danger for anyone who seriously plays politics.

The story is fairly straightforward and the "message" (if that is the word) is equally simple; this puts a lot of pressure on the lead character of Meyers to be engaging and thrilling in his journey into the murky compromises and twists of politics – and this is the problem, it doesn't come over that way.

Although, the brilliant character work – that's done by everybody, and is what makes "The Ides of March" so intriguing.

The dialogue is the clothesline the film swings on the first half, then Ides of March broadens with political controversies, moral confusion, and scope in the last half.

However the first half of the movie or so dragged on quite a bit.

It really is an involving and engrossing little film.

that there is no actual left or right, would mean that this is a complete exercise in propaganda to convince the average American that this is how politics are fought for behind the scenes.

The most thrilling of which to watch on screen was the never-disappointing Phillip Seymore Hoffman.

Ides of March should have been a great political thriller, but instead we get a predictable movie that telegraphs all of its intentions and leaves you empty.

I watched this three times because I fell asleep during the first two.

Not a great political drama, but still very engaging.

Entertaining political drama with many twists.

The last 30 minutes is fairly weak, aside from an intense scene between Clooney and Gosling involving who has possession of a "suicide note.

Gosling does a fine job at the centre of things, but why would we expect anything less, and there are great turns all around him that make for a highly entertaining and powerful drama.

Political Campaigns are just as boring on film as they must be in reality .

It's gripping.

I give a 7/10 because it started so slow.

My husband fell asleep on the first half and I was angry after the second half.

The movie is full of cliché.

A thrilling political drama.

Rousing stump speeches are strewn across the film: clarion calls for clean power, ending American dependence on oil and restoring the US to it's rightful position as world leader could all be drawn from Democratic Campaigning 101.

Ides of March is really worth seeing, even if you're not into politics, because the story is engaging, the performances are great, and George Clooney never disappoints as a director.

While the story is more predictable in nature, the script has some great lines and Clooney's direction is quite, quite admirable.

Gosling holds his own and compliments the most compelling performances served up by veterans Giamatti and Hoffman.

Compelling and Gripping Political Film .

Due to the flawless casting and performances many of the intense confrontations, particularly late in the film, are of the highest order.

It is not the West Wing in any way, it's a political drama and a fairly confusing one at that.

The sassy intern is very enjoyable to watch too.

A dark, unsettling, gripping drama, more relevant than we want to admit ...

Aided mostly by the fact that the American material is richly plotted and deeply absorbing whereas the English mire themselves in dense sub plotting that renders the whole thing indigestible.

The plot is also fairly bland, except for a few scenes, and follows a scandal and the members surrounding a potential Presidential candidate.

George Clooney starred in as well as (tried) directed this piece of overrated boredom.

Good, suspenseful political movie from George Clooney.

Ridiculous dialogue like that subtracted a star from my rating, bored me and made me wonder why I rented this movie again.

This is a very good political drama with outstanding performances, thrilling moments and some exquisite shots, that make Clooney stand as the very good director he has become over the years.

In the beginning of the movie it started very slow.

Until the end of the movie it was very intriguing.

Despite it's flaws the film is entertaining and involving though and definitely worth watching (in my opinion).

Nonetheless, the film is worth the watch.

It's formulaic, and anyone who watches movies will be neither surprised nor interested in the plot twist.

First of all, put George Clooney, Ryan Gosling, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Paul Giamatti in one film, and it will be worth watching, no matter how lame the story is.

However, some pretty problematic monkey wrenches in what had been a relatively orderly campaign operation work to give the film a riveting quality that lasts throughout the remainder of the story.

As things unravel - that happens quickly thanks to the intense plot - Gosling decides that his ambitions are so important that he'll be willing willing to lose his soul.

I don't mean that it isn't reasonably entertaining and it isn't a bad movie but it is so stereotypical, by the book, predictable and you'll realize that you've seen this time and time again.

Apart from that flaw, this is an engrossing and entertaining film with some great performances.

This, even after the slow-moving intro.

Clooney here clearly uses political dialog and banter for his own slant on things which may or may not be agreeable, but the atmosphere is trite and like a television drama.

Yes he looks Presidential but the character is so boring and typical.

The most intense battle is really between the two top notch campaign managers, Paul Zara (Philip Seymour Hoffman) and Tom Duffy (Paul Giamatti) respectively, the intensity of which something not unlike the shoot out between two fast draws in a good old Western.

Absolutely fascinating, although slightly hyperbolic.

It's hard to believe a movie with George Clooney and Ryan Gosling et al could be a flop, but Ides of March manages to pull off this unexpected feat.

In short, the plot is slow to develop and once developed, the plot immediately begins to fizzle.

As Stephen's status gradually declines, the apparentness of his fear makes the performance human and compelling.

Ides of March is a smart movie that builds the storyline little by little, step by step, sucking you in until you find yourself by surprise in the middle of a highly intriguing plot, just like the main character does.

There is a scene where Clooney is giving a very enthusiastic speech in front of a large American flag, meanwhile Gosling and Hoffman are having an intense discussion on the reverse side.

Regardless, it's an intense movie well worth watching.

But apart from that, it's also an exciting political thriller and a showcase for Hollywood's best acting talents.

Avoid at all costs unless you like the West Wing, and even then, like it slowed down to a snail's pace.

There are a lot of scenes where the dialogue between characters is mundane.

Directed by and co-starring Clooney, it is his predictable political antidote for the American Red/Right Infection from the very beginning.

Too slow and vague for my tastes.

as to the acting, which many reviewers liked, I must disagree in that all the major talent gave predictable performances, while the guy playing the protagonist was unappealing.

Surprisingly Dull .

This is a film that is riveting at points and dull at others.

Most boring political film of all time .

Bland and Un-Involvning .

The story was so predictable and seemed Clooney was indulging himself.

The whole film seemed to be filled during overcast days which made the slow, predictable story even more painful to get through.

I really enjoyed this movie, the acting was excellent and the plot was entertaining.

This movie is an easy 4/5 stars and I would recommend it to anyone who has the patience for a slow start, otherwise it's a great movie!

Whatever it lacks in plot surprises, it makes up for with great writing, great acting; and a remarkable cast.

The story itself is quite engaging for anyone with even a passing interest in U.

"The Ides of March" is a compelling and gripping political film directed and written by George Clooney and is an adaptation of Beau Willimon's stage play Farragut North.

For the first hour or so of Ides, a shaky and altogether uninteresting drama unfolds through dull performances by the actors and a slow, scattered plot.