The International (2009) - Action, Crime, Drama

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An Interpol agent attempts to expose a high-profile financial institution's role in an international arms dealing ring.

IMDB: 6.5
Director: Tom Tykwer
Stars: Clive Owen, Naomi Watts
Length: 118 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 42 out of 213 found boring (19.71%)

One-line Reviews (295)

Worth watching...

You see every plot twist (read cliché) coming miles before it arrives, and there is no suspense whatsoever.

A few moments were highly suspenseful which I find much more satisfying than a lot of cars blowing up.

He's just your basic, dull protagonist with a history throughout.

This was marketed as a visceral action thriller, but is a much slower, more cerebral thriller.

(My Comment) The story was a bit slow in developing and will most likely bore some through the first part.

That said, The International is exquisitely dull.

Her character is dull.

sadly though,this thing is mostly boring,and slow.

The real chase starts when they identify the assassin being utilized to carry out the bank's more sensitive hits, leading Owen into the Frank Lloyd Wright structure for an adrenaline rush of a sequence involving machineguns, innocent bystanders, unlikely comradery between two people you anticipate being adversaries, and a lot of bullet holes in a setting that wouldn't like the destruction wrought much at all.

Yet, it is constantly engaging.

The shootout at the Guggenheim Institute was also just fantastic, long, realistic looking and engaging.

The plot develops in such a way that Hitchcock would have loved: The investigation moves from Berlin to Milan, from New York to Istanbul, each with some standout moments and intriguing twists that heighten the suspense without having to be too dumb or preposterous.

that and some of the shoot outs really were intense, I just loved it!

POINTLESS STUFF - Pretty much everything that happens in this movie is pointless.

This international thriller - that incredible set-piece aside - is about exciting as, well, standing in a queue at your local bank.

The film starts off slow, and maintains this crawling pace for the duration.

The cheap cyniciam of Singer's screenplay and its banal philosophizing undercut even Salinger's "outside the system" assassination: there's somebody else there to carry it out anyway.

They get to face an enemy that seems to be too cunning and too powerful to beat - an international bank engaging in arms deals.

However, if you are looking for a subtle, classy, elegant thriller with astoundingly beautiful cinematography, a gripping tale of corporate greed and espionage, and morally questionable characters and situations, you will enjoy this movie.

It was boring to read, I'm sure, so imagine watching it for 90 minutes.

One of the problems with financial misdeeds is that on screen, it is boring, and lacks dramatic impact.

Worth watching for Clive Owens' mastery of this genre.

Visually intriguing, narratively flat .

Released at the time America suffered from the economic recession, THE INTERNATIONAL, with its intriguing premise about the possibility that the bank is doing some dirty business with illegal arms dealings, is a pretty relevant thriller released at just the right time.

The only exciting part of the movie was the gun battle at the Guggenheim Museum.

Very boring and forgettable performance on his part, though sadly a typical Owenian performance.

Then a bunch of headlines show that in the following months the new bank president went ahead and did everything the old one had planned to, nicely rendering the entire story wholly pointless.

An exciting suspense story centering around Owen's attempt to unravel a puzzle of financial misdeed.

However the heat is left mostly at a slow boil.

The dialogue was trite and stilted.

My girlfriend was yawning and we had to have a drink after.

Looking back at the trailer, though it is short, Tykwer has made the error of showing the few action moments that are in there, which can lead to the audience being deliberately mislead into thinking this is an adrenaline action thriller.

As many others have commented - the story was tedious and boring.

It's a shootout that takes place in the Guggenheim Museum in New York, and it is absolutely breathtaking to watch.

Making it dull.

An intelligent thriller that is intellectually stimulating and highly entertaining.

This part is very contrived.

It's a riveting watch and entirely fascinating.

The International features a relatively original story and succeeds at being a gripping thriller for the majority of its running time.

By all means, if ridiculously mundane, overlong scenes of exposition dialogue and contrived action sequences float your boat, then The International will provide you with a long, detailed cruise fit with a luxurious three-course meal.

It contains one exciting shoot out in the Guggenheim Museum in New York.

The main strength of this film and the reason to see this is the story, it is very engaging and explores in great content the system of banking and capitalism and how some bankers in a high position of power will use it individualistically and collectively to achieve their own ends.

So yeah, generally not enough action to be an action film not gripping enough to be a thriller, too dull to be a drama.

But director Tom Twyker also manages to make even the smaller moments of the film matter, like when Salinger reevaluates an assassination attempt or even a suspenseful moment when a shooter waits for a precise moment to take a shot.

I love Tykwers work because in comparison to other spectators I do appreciate his feel for cinematography and his touch of originality and unexpected, above all unpredictable turns and plot constructions in the screenplays.

That's a dull title also, but at least it's backed up by a fast-moving and interesting story.

CHARACTERS - So, we have incredible dying witnesses, who are dull.

And that's why it is worth to keep watching, that's why it is very entertaining.

He's James Bland.

Because the shootouts and chases are the best thing in the picture as the story and plot are harebrained and dull.

And that something is "boring.

This is a harebrained and very problematic premise and the story does become a little jumbled and perhaps a bit confusing at times.

it's such a cliché...

First, the only problem I had with the film is the screenplay, some contrived lines, especially in the third act, stick out.

Clive Owen's character is weak and ineffectual, Naomi Watts' is utterly predictable and plodding.

Tykwer and his crew create an engaging and twisty film that combines the thematic elements of our modern CSI-style detective shows with the visual elements of Hitchcock's 1950's vista-vision thrillers.

From the very first minute of this movie - it was thrilling, suspenseful and exciting.

By half way through I was bored of all this and wanted something to spring the film into life.

Though it's not on the level of thrillers like 'The Interpreter', 'Munich', 'The Bourne Trilogy' or even 'Duplicity', 'The International' still remains an engaging thriller overall.

I was deeply bored.

Clive Owen was entertaining and I liked that the Chief from Rescue me was one of NYPD's finest.

Fascinating Thriller.

You see every plot twist (read cliché) coming miles before it arrives, and there is no suspense whatsoever.

Intense .

I was hoping for a little more especially from the trailers action packed activities.

Stunning Transfer; Decent Story .

Her acting is 3rd rate here - bland and without color.

The movie is rather complex and hard to follow at times, but it contains enough of a coherent story and action to make it entertaining.

The Hero also mouths very predictable ideology on Communism, which takes the story completely off the Narrative Drive because it really has nothing to do with the Hero's Desire/Goal.

Don't waste you time and money.

The International is a fictional thriller that is often thrilling and mind-bending.

The only thing I liked about the movie was the shooting part in which is involved the leading (Clive Owen), this scene is great but the rest of the movie is boring.

That's how boring this film is.

The action in this film is extremely implausible and unexciting, the film is formulaic, and the plot is thin as a thrice brewed tea bag.

My drab one-line plot synopsis in no way prepares you for this film's smartly executed centerpiece, an outlandish and wildly entertaining shoot-out at the Guggenheim Museum that is both a bullet-riddled blood-soaked multi-media homage to Hitchcock and an artistic F-you to all of the mindless "shattered glass" suspense thrillers that have come down the pike in the last twenty years.

Horrible acting Waste of time .

Read others' positive comments and reviews about the movie if you want more information about the movie itself; I thought it was worth watching.

The story in the film is basically very simple but told in such a dull and convoluted way that the blistering shoot-out set in the Guggenheim feels as if it belongs in another film entirely: one with a lively pace and absorbing action.

Clive Owen is very intense and serious, Naomi Watts gives a surprisingly good American Accent, and the supporting cast is all very good.

Clive Owen is excellent in this gripping tale of political intrigue.

Can there be a more boring title for a film than the name of a bank - even one called The International?

Unfortunately, what keeps the story from being full realized from its potential is how it, along with most of the film seems to drag on to the point of yawns aplenty.

) is a mystery, but that it manages to be a genuinely intelligent and absorbing thriller anyway is a credit to it.

Save yourself two looooong hours of trying to stay awake and watch something else.

and way too long.

Aside from a prolonged shootout at the Guggenheim—which, I might add, provides ample opportunity for us to revel in the satisfaction of watching pretentious piece after pretentious piece of modern art (in the form of glass panels with images being projected on them) get totally anniahlated—there's not much here to warrant a rental.

When we finally get to the ending, we get that tired old cliché of the hero being too morally unsure or weak to carry out his mission, and the film's final act is concluded by deus ex machina.

As you gradually become more and more bored you notice there's a typical midweek film on (for UK readers-typically channel 5) About a gritty private investigation with characters that make no impression on you what so ever and the time passes you switch off then go to bed and instantly forget what you spent the last two hours doing.

Overall a dull movie with no thrills.

It is simply riveting to watch and reminds me of some of the scenes found in one of the better Alfred Hitchcock pictures.

Just like everywhere else in the movie, Salinger fails to do anything competent or unexpected.

Why bother with such a boring film .

In short, an entertaining movie that alleviated the February blues.

Despite the at times dramatic and soaring cinematography, the bland dialog and uninteresting script make this movie a snooze-fest.

And again: there is no plot.

This is a shame as the movie is thrilling enough without the need for it to go full on Die Hard.

The politically derived, mystery tinged thriller as it is currently known, is a genre of film that relies on two sole elements being compelling enough to draw their audiences into the story that it tells.

However, here, he is boring, borderline stoic and ultimately a character, where the audience knows nothing about.

The near capture of the assassin at the Guggenheim Museum in New York is particularly enjoyable.

It seems that an international bank called the IBBC has been engaging in shady arms deals which turn out to be efforts to control the debt created by international conflicts.

Just like everywhere else in the movie, Salinger fails to do anything competent or unexpected.

Clive Owen, a wonderful actor, is effective as the interpol agent but he is given a script to work with that is somewhat confusing.

Tagline: An ambitious agenda that never lifts above its material…Review by Neo: The International kicks off in the most promising manner, only to end up leaving the audience empty with nothing left in the stomach.

For a guy to direct movies like Run Lola Run and Winterland, The International is a complete waste of talent and money.

It is, for lack of a worse or better cliché, a knock-your-socks-off sequence.

there where plenty of really intense moments and more importantly the characters had really clear motivation.

It certainly doesn't help either that much of The International fails to strike any sort of connection with the viewer whatsoever, not just through lack of character, but through lack of an intriguing, engaging story.

Unfortunately this movie has the photography and the stealth and at least in the beginning the intrigue but by the end it fails to live up to the intense anger that builds up through out this movie to find the release and catharsis not worthy of the wait.

The story was a bit slow in developing and was too intelligent for most action film fans so most may likely be bored through some of it.

In conclusion, I must concede that The International, despite its finer moments, for the most part will be sure to induce more yawns than gasps of disbelief, thrill or otherwise.

While being an enjoyable and smarter-than-usual series of action movies they were nowhere near as intricate than their source material, which really dove into some seriously dark territory plot-wise with things that big budget thriller films almost never dare to touch.

One Really Cool Scene Sandwiched by Dull.

Has it moments and there is alot of good performance and great soundtrack but the story and the script is to convoluted and confusing.

Plus nothing really makes me mad about it, it's just dull.

But, disappointingly, the movie cant hold it - cinematography starts to get repetitive: 5 minute scene precluded by some music and then dialog, flash to next scene or international locale, repeat, repeat...

It's barely suspenseful.

For anyone else who just likes to see a thrilling detective story, this flick can be worth your time as well, provided you love intelligent schemes.

It's said that money is the route of all problems and this intense thriller just goes on to show that.

There are a few slow moments and the story feels familiar even though the concept of a world bank involved in corruption isn't a usual theme for films of such genres.

sadly, it's yet another propaganda movie where within first 20 minutes of movie you can find a reference to China, Middle East and Third World being these who are bad; I really start to think there's a secret agenda in Hollywood, where they put all the Anti-Chinese crap in all the movies that are released one by one; think of it - _every_ single movie that comes out of Hollywood has a negative reference to China; in 70-80s it was Russia, now it's China; with Russia it was sort of sarcastic/ironic/red telephones in James Bond etc, with China it just goes in an insulting way.. seriously, these days even Woody Allen's movies reference China negatively...

Frank Griebe, the cinematographer, a long time associate of the director captures all the action in breathtaking images.

The only great scenes are the ones where there is no plot at all, for example there's a great action scene in the Guggenheim.

The way the story is set up and fleshed out was engrossing to me.

'The International' is a well-intentioned film and even though it gives a deja-vu feel, it remains entertaining for the most parts until the choppy ending.


While some of this may be true (and thought-provoking in its own right), the way it's presented is numbingly boring, and it's done by way of tidbits of dialogue that aren't explored or revisited with any depth.

A decent thriller, with exciting twists and turns .

The leads were professional but a bit bland, the story, as I've said, seemed a little unrealistic, and the look was often a bit too monochromatic for me as so much of it took place in offices.

An entertaining thriller for 2009.

Of course there are some stunning images of Europe which are very pleasing to the eyes.

There is plenty of action and thrills throughout this movie and it is truly enjoyable to watch.

Due to the relative slow pacing it can almost become hard to realize there's actually an interesting plot unfolding.

very ordinary boring clichéd movie .

Not really bad, just dull.

Owen is, as usual, wonderfully compelling, energetic and handsome beyond belief.

Here is a polished thriller with what Variety calls a "pro tech package," expensive location shots, elaborate, sometimes stunning camera set-ups in Lyon, NYC, Istanbul, Milan, and Luxembourg, a shootout that trashes the Guggenheim Museum, good actors like Clive Owen, Naomi Watts and Armin Mueller-Stahl.

Clive Owen delivers a nice thrilling performance in an international thriller which reminds an audience of the BOURNE ULTIMATUM films with a story which takes you all over the international map in attempting to solve a crime.

No, this dark conspiracy film hasn't got constant violence and explosions, and no, it isn't always easy to follow, but yes, it's an intelligent thriller with plenty going for it, consistently entertaining.

Well I don't have to imagine anymore because I have just watched a two hour version of something that is very uninteresting.

The level of violence we see in that part is so intense comparing to the rest of the film and I think that's a good way to "surprise" the audience.

Confusing plot, mangled execution .

Unfortunately, the movie plods through every imaginable espionage cliché, and somehow manages to make it's two hours feel like about five.

I like Clive Owen, I enjoyed him here but I've seen him play this role before, in fact he the exact same character he was in "Children Of Men"; intense frowning, unhappy ands not very likable.

The first part of the film is deliberately paced with a slowly unfolding investigation but this slower pace makes the action scenes resonate all the more when they arrive, and we have seen enough to feel the characters peril.

He photographs some spectacular scenery and deserves credit for creating some action packed sequences, particularly the shoot-out in the Guggenheim Museum which is an orgiastic explosion of broken glass and flying bullets.

To his credit , Tykwer keeps the two hour running time ticking along, the drawback is that it is by a series of clichés and formulaic plot devices.

I watched 'The International' again for the third time, but on this occasion in HI-DEF, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Clive Owen made it so terribly monotone, the end of the movie couldn't come fast enough for me.

The one action sequence that it does have is a spectacularly choreographed shoot-out at the Guggenheim Museum, which had plenty of suspense and tension with some breathtaking stunts.

The fantastic shootout in the museum midway through the film is the saving grace of this dull investigative thriller.

This is one of the dullest action flicks I've seen in awhile.

Yet for anyone who requires an emotional, human, and altogether real touch to their thrillers, then all that director Tom Tykwer will provide here is disappointment coupled with yawn-inducing frustration.

I'm happy anytime that a slick international thriller has some brains and isn't completely predictable, so I found the picture highly entertaining, if imperfect.

Plodding and largely pointless .

Finally I decided to check it out and perhaps in part to low expectations but also because of the smart style, good story, and intriguing plot, the film really surprised me!!

Owen and Watts pursue some of the high-value figures through Italy, New York, and Istanbul, with crisp and evocative location shooting in each place.

It's just rather dull, plodding, and pointless.

so it's kind of confusing what Owen is actually investigating this bank for.

Confusing plot delivery .

Kudos to Tykwer for presenting us delicious shots and angles with brisk editing, gripping and focused direction that gives the film an excellent visual style, and the excellent, excellent music score by Reinhold Heil, Jonny Klimek, and director Tykwer himself, that really sets the whole mood for the film as it is not cheesy, grand or overblown - it is merely filled with tension.

The first 10 minutes were intriguing and it went downhill from there.

don't waste your money on this movie.

Not everyone will enjoy the unrelenting mood, but I found the picture intense and the rest of the audience in the theater seemed to agree.

The International is all right - but if you expect something really good, a compelling thriller that provides with three-dimensional, fully-developed characters, an even tone and a great screenplay, you won't get it here.

' whatever number he is - this one is rather appropriately thrilling.

A movie about banking that's really exciting!

Too many of the lines are pathetic and the narrative is both confusing and implausible.

Stick with 'Bourne' or even the safe-bet 'Bond' for more enjoyable globetrotting espionage thrillers.

This is a movie that is definitely worth watching.

really enjoyed it...

Realistic and exciting political thriller, an actor with convictions who critically deals with the global amalgamation of politics and the financial market.

The film jumps around from location to location as if it is the only way to keep the film exciting.

In a time where a thriller can just be an endless barrage of shootouts and implausible twists, this is an intriguing thriller, even if it's superb individual moments standout in an uneven whole.

I actually fell asleep in the middle of the movie as the plot was so incredibly boring.

The pacing works, and this can be intense when it tries to be.

Cool cinematography a muddled global story and Clive Owen is intense .

And now we have The International, perhaps not the best of the bunch, but a respectable an entertaining entry into 2009's cinematic repertoire.

I like all kinds of movies except one: long boring ones.

It's also beautifully shot with compelling vistas of the Italian coast and the rooftops from Istanbul.

THE INTERNATIONAL has intriguing investigative methods for those of you who are into CSI detective work with all the forensic and trajectory and the whole imagining what the criminal is doing.

Screenplay is poor and gets boring.

Yawn .

i didn't like it, found it boring .

But it's something that could happen and it portrays a fascinating inside look of corporate greed which results in murders, betrayals, and just utter mayhem for our heroes.

For the Thriller/Crime genre, the spine of the story must have intense Narrative Drive.

Instead, it takes us a while to get to know this and it's like plodding through the film to get the necessary information.

A Good Intense Thriller.

" This scene was just as intense.

TBH Bit boring and uncompelling .

The International, the latest offering by director Tom Tykwer, is nothing short of great and is definitely hugely, HUGELY entertaining.

The story is drawn-out and left me with no sense of interest in the characters, nor in the story itself.

(There are Spoilers) Having been released at the time of the biggest financial meltdown-with the banking industry leading the way-since the Great Depression the film "The International" got the unique and unexpected kind of free publicity that no amount of money and advertisement could buy.

Owen, who appeared so versatile in his early roles, is becoming increasingly one-note and in this film he simply reads his lines with little emotion and commitment: even in the most intense action scenes, he appears barely more than mildly annoyed, let alone frightened.


I think it was meant to be gritty and realistic, and to be fair i could imagine this string of event happening in real life, but it to real to the point of being dull.

Almost mirroring the central Socratean dilemma of the film & the choice between personal ethics & the greater good, this film tries to stitch together the intrigue & atmosphere of the cold-war spy thriller with the cliché's of the action movie.

The movie just keeps throwing one outlandish idea after another and not only does it become disorientating, but actually, toward the end, a little boring.

This movie doesn't try too hard, is free of the clichés that often serve instead of fresh ideas and has a great shoot-out where the surprises and action keep you on the edge of your seat without trying to overwhelm with gore and jerky camera work.

Other than that, I'd say THE INTERNATIONAL is well worth watching.

I actually though the film had a relatively good starting point and premises, but somehow, the characters are just so uninteresting that the audience rarely feels any excitement and the fact that it is a thriller, it made that point all the more deafening.

Ultimately pointless .

Sure, there was one very long shootout and Clive Owen runs a bit, but this has to be the slowest "international" spy movie I've seen.

The one major action scene in the middle of the film is probably one of the better shot and more entertaining action scenes I've seen recently.

This film was very dull that after watching the first twenty minutes, I turned away.

Acting is average leaning towards being dry, like we are serious monotone people doing functional jobs.

This movie tried to be entertaining like James Bond but in my opinion there are two problems with this thriller: first, I missed a certain kick of adrenaline where the film starts really through with action and suspense.

Overall, this attempt to deal with international terrorism, money laundering, fraud and geo-political power plays is quite enjoyable.

Once again, there's a little bit of cliché involved in the way you've got a couple of smart investigators determined to find the truth while being hamstrung by their bosses.

It's a feature that impresses when it eventually gets going somewhere, but then it will promptly follow that moment of intrigue with yet another half hour of watch-checking plot development that takes far too long to reach any sort of focus or point.

Actually thrilling .

Clive Owen and Naomi Watts are valid actors but, having here two cliché-strewn roles as an Interpol Agent Louis Salinger and a Manhattan District Attorney Eleanor Whitman, they don't get to work that much.

Mindlessly entertaining hokum .

Bank raids are exciting.

Suspenseful realistic thriller about bringing fraudulent bankers to justice, come hell or high water.

Conventional for Tykwer means still among the best of this formulaic type of corporate espionage flick .

The film is as dull as what the politics behind the recession really are.

The big down point, though, is that at the expense of this intelligence in the script comes a decidedly dull feeling to the film in parts, with maybe too much talking and too little action, which is counter productive to the riveting attention it's trying to demand.

The plot of the movie is confusing and delivery just adds to the confusion.

It develops in unexpected directions, none of which are unreasonable.


This was dry, vague and intense.

From the lead-up to this, which is just suspenseful enough, all the way through the execution of all of these rounds fired off, hundreds and hundreds of bullets in the walls of one of the most well-renown museums in the world, Twyker makes such a remarkable sequence that it stands up to some of the best I've seen in years.

Secondly, you get to see extremely entertaining spectacles of high-profile assassination and its investigation, followed by the Guggenheim part, which is, without doubt, one of the most memorable, enjoyable and realistic shoot-outs I've ever seen in a movie.

There was just too much going on for this movie to be entertaining.

So the characters are pretty much dull, and unimportant.

Concept good but it's boring to me .

Taken simply as Saturday night hokum, however, The International is mindlessly enjoyable, and the exhilarating set-piece gunfight staged in New York's Guggenheim Museum easily matches anything in the Bourne trilogy and is worth the ticket price alone.

Nevertheless, this is one of the few brainless, no-logic thrillers of the 21st century that I have enjoyed mostly because of some terrific performances and some really stunning shootouts.

When we finally get to the ending, we get that tired old cliché of the hero being too morally unsure or weak to carry out his mission, and the film's final act is concluded by deus ex machina.

So, instead of having an "invisible enemy" suspenseful movie, we get a story that becomes too pleased with plot details and forgets to build suspense as the storyline sends us from one location to another.

Clive Owen's bland investigator fails to elicit any sympathy from the viewer as the story progresses, and the rest of the cast are similarly cold and emotion-free; it's as if the movie's populated by those automatons out of SURROGATES instead of real people.

Even Clive Owen thinks it's boring that's why he could hardly be bothered to act during the whole thing.

Its interesting to know what one is capable of doing when they have backing such as a financial institution to use money in whatever way they want and Tom Tykwer and the writer, Eric Singer, have portrayed this very well in this intense thriller.

A woman bizarrely bumps into the back of Salinger on an empty outdoor staircase a mile wide.

Pretty to look at / Bland taste .

In that sense, The International suffers a fate that many thrillers steeped in international politics/intrigue seem to fall victim to—an unnecessarily convoluted plot that feels like a cliché and isn't interesting.

I really loved the shoot-out in the Guggenheim because it was very intense and seemed so realistic.

03/21/2019 So engrossing that viewers will become one with the movie as it unfolds.

While the acting was far superior, the film was equally boring.

The Guggenheim shootout, while entertaining as action, is also preposterous -- as if even in NY something like that could go on for this length of time without police reaction.

However the story is dated and the film is simply too stupid to be an intellectual thriller, and too slow for an action movie.

We all got bored (me, husband and 19 y.

Although the movie is never truly boring or uninteresting, it's neither as exciting or pulse-pounding.

Probably exciting for some people though, just not 10/10 for me.

This is a lame chase and even lamer "whodunnit" that lasts way too long, with the most interesting part of the movie (the insight) being about 30 seconds long in a 1 minute conversation.

Also, when you leave the theater, the film will give you something to think about.

)So let me just say again, this is an entertaining flick and quite good by most standards.

It's so pointless its only effect is to make you wonder how and where it was actually staged (in a mock-up of the museum in Germany, apparently).

Nothing interesting in there, slow as hell, no sentence, in my point of view, that a makes a hell of sense to me and technically, direction, camera, special effects, editing quite uninteresting.

Overall, this is an intriguing crime mystery/thriller that has real world implications on the themes.

The second half of the movie is livelier, most notably in a big shootout at the Guggenheim Museum that is pretty entertaining.

At the beginning, when a whistle blower wants to talk and the cop who meets with him is mysteriously offed, an intriguing atmosphere is established.

Suspenseful, thrilling story in which we can enjoy a quite realistic story about 2 cops who will stop at nothing to bring criminal bankers to justice.

the plot was great, the acting excellent (one of my favorite roles i've seen clive owen in), wonderful supporting characters/roles, and some of the scenes were just stunning!

Clive Owen as the lead is an intense actor reminiscent to me of Richard Burton.

so I was quite bored.

Too bad for local audiences as well, because we've traded one intense shootout sequence at the famed Guggenheim Museum for the censored version to cater for a PG audience.

Guggenheim scene is the only part worth watching .

Finally our "Hero" Salinger, a former Scotland Yard and current Interpol Agent, is faced with making a choice for "justice" that really neither is very compelling nor makes sense for a law enforcement professional.

What I expected was a re-hashing of 2005's The Interpreter, but what I got was an even duller effort.

The action was varied and exciting; the most notable moment being the shootout in the Guggenheim; a tense and memorable scene in a surprising location.

while a bit of Italian knowledge and a perspective will make you think that such a scene is a carefully crafted piece of propaganda showing Awericans as civilized and "these Italians" as idiots using a lot of gestures and some weird barbaric language...

After a while it gets to be repetitive.

It's… gripping, intense, and dramatic.

This is a very exciting, fast-moving film with gorgeous scenery.

This film also has one of the most entertaining heroes, Louis Salinger, because he is vulnerable.

It doesn't, but this one scene is cool, which is why this movie is one really cool scene sandwiched by dull.

And it's so tedious that by the time you've reached the startlingly blunt climax you won't want to waste a second pondering the film's messages, whether they're personal, global, or present at all.

a more intensive role instead of her having a car accident in the middle of the action to get her out of the action for a while, a contrivance again.

This strong, compelling movie is a breath of fresh air in the fetid waters of Hollywood movie-making.

However this otherwise well-crafted thriller suffers from uneven pacing, especially during the plodding midsection punctuated only by the said shootout sequence.

Clive Owen witnesses the death, he is gritty and intense (as per).

The former is incredibly dull, the latter is largely silly.

The street chase and art gallery shootout are the only action moments to speak of, but they're quite well-directed, and the shootout is long and entertaining, and also quite bloody.

And overall it's completely enjoyable and slick, well paced, and beautifully filmed, of course.

Formulaic fodder for the mindless .

It did for a while, then just proceeded to bore me.

Good performances from the cast especially the nefarious German bankers and good pacing by Twyker make for an enjoyable film.

The International is a gripping espionage/conspiracy thriller directed by German director Tom Tykwer who made Run Lola Run and Perfume.

A perfectly enjoyable globe trotting thriller based on the murky dealings of the off-shore banking industry.

Rather than being intriguing by doling out facts, it felt completely weak and slapped together during editing.

Action wise, the film provides great adrenaline rush.

Ted's Evaluation -- 3 of 3: Worth watching.

It's just one pointless sequence after another leading to a pointless ending in which nothing significant has changed.

Instead of creating an interesting mystery or a suspenseful drama with twists and turns or an evolving plot, they decide to make the story about this guy Salinger desperately trying to find someone to testify against the bank before they're killed.

Nevertheless "The International" feels like a mediocre TV drama, in spite of the good cast, it's slow, boring and the two-hour running time seems really excessive.

There's an extended fight scene at the Guggenheim that was more compelling than anything else in the film.

The plot was pretty basic, the climax was boring, the dialog was terrible, and really, how long do cops need to look at an empty lot before figuring out that maybe one of the buildings in the immediate vicinity might be worth a look.

A waste of time and money, in my opinion.

The plot is definitely clever and well thought but at times it might feel a bit too complex and ultimately boring.

All in all, get to the gun scene & it's an engrossing & highly watchable thriller; -you may want to do some ironing on the way though.

The plot is a bit too Byzantine for my taste and at times becomes somewhat difficult to follow (perhaps it was because my eyelids were a bit droopy in the beginning).

Wonderfully orchestrated, brilliantly shot and with breathtaking special effects and stunts!

Yawn .