The Invention of Lying (2009) - Comedy, Fantasy, Romance

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A comedy set in a world where no one has ever lied, until a writer seizes the opportunity for personal gain.

IMDB: 6.4
Director: Ricky Gervais
Stars: Ricky Gervais, Jennifer Garner
Length: 100 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 96 out of 376 found boring (25.53%)

One-line Reviews (214)

then suddenly, out of nowhere, one guy can lie and then it descends into a religious bashing bore fest.

At this point in the film everyone I saw this at the theater with walked out.

If someone tells you that you are short and boring, you just accept it with no animosity.

its as boring as it is obvious.

The risk of going too philosophical, thus pedantic and artsy-fartsy, is too high, and I'm quite sure it wasn't the original goal of the movie.

Thrown in is a large helping of anti-religious propaganda.

Meanwhile Jeffrey Tambor is wasted in a ho-hum role as Bellison's boss and leading lady Jennifer Garner fails to make her character Anna even remotely enjoyable to watch.

While I enjoyed it the first time, I absolutely loved it the second time around.

The screenplay is ambitious and, whilst it does a lot of good things, it is a little disjointed and uneven.

The movie has an intriguing premise – what if everyone in the world always told the truth?

In the end I enjoyed myself but as I left the theater I was of the opinion I don't need to see it again.

The 4 remaining points are because of the predictable last half an hour.

Garner is stunning as usual.

Pretty thin, but entertaining nonetheless .

Then you have the (so-called) atheist propaganda.

This is usually forgivable in a comedy because the movie does what it's supposed to do - make you laugh - even if you're left with an empty feeling once it's over.

What's intriguing is the moral jump rope the characters play in order to provoke the questions of morality.

Gervais appears to play the same character in all of his movies - a watered down David Brent, but without the cruel edge and sharp writing of his TV material, this character becomes an irritating,shallow, repetitive and irritating persona.

Eventually it ends with an entirely predictable outcome.

Instead, I think I've seen the worst movie of the year.

Brilliant comedy eventually crashing into a cliché heap .

(I'm in no way religious either, you can take the p*ss out of the church all you like, this was just dull.

Save your money.

However, some logic can be set aside for the sake of the overall enjoyable product, so it is not a deal-breaker when it comes to the quality of the movie.

The first quarter of the movie is definitely worth seeing: it is entertaining and good for social discussion and contemplation.

So, it's not perfect, but well worth watching - I don't buy the products that were being pushed anyway.

Notable for the lack of response from the audience, it was a waste of time watching it.

However due to the final parts of the film being repetitive and more predictable then Gordon Ramsey swearing in a restaurant the originality that brought the laughs earlier in the film dry up and the whole film remains undeveloped and empty.

'Man in sky' was presented as a confusing concept and total enigma and 'truth' was presented as dead boring and delivers 'zero' in regard to 'fun' creativity and enjoyment of life.

The movie starts out so slowly, and the repetitive punchlines-about not being able to lie, as expected-just slow it down even more, while it did have some funny jokes they weren't laugh out loud worthy.

I came into The Invention of Lying with very low expectations, and enjoyed it much more than I expected to.

Tina Fey brought nothing to her single scene role, for which she is given one of the top billing spots, and like several other cameos by big name actors, they really only end up as pointless distractions.

Tina Fey looked bored, Jennifer Garner was trying way too hard and what the hell was with Rob Lowe: two-day stubble and a hoarse whisper throughout?

The plot went rapidly downhill and while I'm not religious, I found the anti-religion aspect quite boring and tedious.

Hmmm, got it, religion is to blame for all the evils of the world and a relatively boring thirteen hundreds proves that point.

In short, this is simply a boring, depressing, pointless movie.

The movie is a complete waste of money, unless you are a cynic and believe the message given.

I quite enjoyed it: Recommended.

On the truth gags, thematic possibilities are endless and writers-directors Gervais and Matthew Robinson, keep the early punches snappy, eventually escalating the film into a raunchy dig at organized religion.

After a piece of self-indulgence over the credits by Gervaise then a scene where he meets his love interest (played roboticly by Jennifer Garner).

This is 100 minutes of someone talking about his opinions - and that is simply boring!

We liked the somewhat unpredictable twists, and could feel sympathy for the main character which was played with charm and emotion.

He can mold the world to be whatever he wants, but he ultimately ends up looking and acting bored throughout the whole movie.

I literally walked out of the movie once a scene towards the end happened.

Things become gradually more exciting, when Mark stumbles upon the ability to talk about things that aren't true.

Far more entertaining than non-stop punchlines and slapstick, the mirth flows naturally from the script's concept and plot.

If the film were sufficiently funny then I suppose I might have born it, but it isn't and I couldn't, so I walked out.

I kept waiting for this movie to be funny and insightful and instead it was boring and predictable.

This movie was entertaining to watch with an interesting plot and a well written script with a good mixture of comedic and dramtic scenes.

Unfortunately, like many movies with promising premises, it becomes a simple by the numbers bore-fest.

i must be the only one bored to see this pugnosed smugfaced man on tv and movies.

The whole delivery seemed trite, mean-spirited, and immature.

I don't know if this movie was supposed to be funny, or interesting, or clever, but I was bored within the first few minutes of watching it.

Everything else is incredibly Cliché, drawn out, and not original.

But it never becomes boring because new, ponderous avenues keep opening up for our hero "Mark" (Ricky Gervais) who plays the role as a lovable, kind-hearted loser who stumbles on this super power.

Although a fan of The Office, Gervais's Stand-Up etc this has to be the worst movie I've seen this year.

I enjoyed Ricky Gervais in "Ghost Town" so I had more hope for this film which became a waste of my time.

He can mold the world to be whatever he wants, but he ultimately ends up looking and acting bored throughout the whole movie.

Rich concept and Gervais make an enjoyable comedy .

Hollywood Gervais Makes Boring Predictable RomCom .

Worst movie I've seen lately.

I am not religious, I'm not offended by it or anything like it, but it's simply boring.

What could have been hilarious was at times, depressing, flat, dull and utterly predictable.

This leads to an unexpected legion of followers who wants to know more about this hereafter they never heard about or even considered it before.

The invention of lying plods on fighting for comic moments which don't really seem to exist.

Different but Enjoyable .

Instead of pushing the boundaries by dipping it in absurdity and taking deadly aim at its possible victims it only grazes the target and binds the story in a formulaic romance while trying desperately to remain realistic.

It was puerile and boring.

Intriguing Premise – Shame about the Movie .

Cute but pointless comedy set in a world where people don't lie, about a writer who learns how to lie and uses it for his personal gain.

Overall, it felt pretty drab at the end.

As a huge fan of honesty, this movie is especially intriguing to me.

Some of the problem with the acting performances might have been an attempt to make the characters purposefully boring and one-dimensional as a result of the environment in which they live.

I like Rickey Gervaise as a comedian even though his acting skills seems to be bland and insipid at times.

Everything was bland, like the colors and the mindsets of people.

His personality worked brilliantly in 'The Office', the two series of 'Extras', and some of his early stand up shows, however, his now repetitive style seems stale.

Fascinating portrayal of lying as exciting and truth to be boring .

It was a bit funny the first few scenes but then its just boring.

Entertaining but slow.. .

No, it's not the funniest thing I've ever seen, but I did find it quite entertaining.

Just another boring indictment of religion...

Overall it has to be said that it is a decent film that is worth watching despite its fairly poor execution.

Overall, the acting was stunning.

Unfortunately the film abandons it's light hearted openings for religion bashing and mockery and finishes as just another romantic cliche complete with an interrupted wedding.

So over all quite an entertaining film with some nice moments.

I was bored and didn't laugh out loud once.

A potentially good idea that ends up being gimmicky and predictable.

The movie collapses in a welter of schmaltz and cliché, becomes unfunny and boring.

That said, i think it was worth watching, and an interesting idea.

But, still worth watching, hence a 6.

Clever and Entertaining .

His pod casts are brilliant and I listen to old XFM shows daily - they often get me through boring days at work.

Personally, I laughed once, and that was during a cameo from Steven Merchant and Barry from Eastenders that is so daft and incongruous that it just lightened the whole mood by stepping out of the plodding, self-important movie that had clumsily tried to incorporate it.

;-) Just didn't make sense to me, everything was soooo predictable and just not funny!

Still, very much worth watching and I hope his next film will be a little braver as his popularity in the States grows.

It was too plain, and boring.

Rick Gervais was bland as the lead character and lacked charisma, Jennifer Garner, on the other hand, was lovely as usual, lightning up the screen every time she appeared.

I'm atheistic, so I was not offended by the big man in the sky plot line, nor the pathetic church joke, nor Gervais turning into a Jesus look-alike, but it was all a big bore.

They waste no time telling each other this, in all honesty, including their doubts and worries about the date.

But what we are actually given is a confused and confusing world that has little to do with the title of the film.

In general, the British-American Garner-Gervais contrast is intriguing and fun, as indeed is - to my mind - the move itself.

This movie was throughly entertaining.

He excels as the appealing lead character we can all empathise with, and carries the film with a well-done direction, maybe not on the same level as The Office or Extras, but an enjoyable comedy.

For the love all things entertaining, skip this.

So we have endless scenes in which characters randomly announce their current state of sexual arousal or their intense hatred for each other.

It wasn't funny, it was painfully slow and it was unsatisfying.

I felt the movie was a waste of my time, largely due to the main premise which I found silly from the beginning and my conviction only grew with each minute of this boring movie.

It was boring and a rehash of tired ideas.

I just did not find Gervais engaging enough to carry such a thin, trite script.

It's a clever idea to show how mundane life would become without any deception, and the premise is explored with laser-sharp sparks of wit during the movie's first half.

We didn't find it laugh-out-loud funny, more wryly amusing, and there were many comedic touches that made the film very entertaining.

In simple terms, everything about this film was too predictable.

This movie is pointless.

For a 'high-concept' film it just seems very predictable, pedestrian and shallow.

Boring too quick .

It is extremely boring and Gervais comes off as annoying.

Bottom line: If you really dig the offerings of the New Atheists and want to laugh at the expense of the opposition then by all means buckle in for a laugh fest before this manifesto, otherwise, go find a film that genuinely wants to be entertaining...

"The Invention of Lying" is well done, enjoyable, and funny.

It has a few chuckles, but overall is just boring.

The very boring and predictable love story is a yawn-fest and dull.

The romantic subplot is, quite frankly, predictable and more or less kills the rest of the story, as the focus is now on Mark and Anna, with the "horrible web of lies" becoming a mere plot device.

Well, he's a self absorbed, tedious, deceptive, scheming, LYING phony.

It was put on as a comedy and turned into propaganda.

I understand that these are probably intended to represent a world without fiction, but they make the film a little tedious to watch and don't add anything to the movie.

It's not so much that their cameo's are particularly good, rather that they momentarily distract you from this ultra dull offering.

After that bit of silliness the movie basically becomes a cookie cutter romance movie with pretty predictable direction and conclusion.

Its an often funny tale that plays with the notion of how bland the world would be if we didn't lie (even a little bit).

When the movie ends in a standard rom-com style finale, it's quite predictable, because the development of the material has never really promised anything else.

From there on in he uses this to his advantage, spinning a crazy story to get his job back at the screen writing office (where he writes scripts on history that are read boringly by a person sitting in a chair facing the audience), to get another date with Garner's character, and even help out a few folks.

Waste of money in my opinion.

It was an interesting premise, and pretty entertaining.

In combination with lacklustre screenplay, I was left unimpressed with the utilisation of a potentially hilarious and fascinating concept.


Even the very short appearances (for example, the talented Martin Starr who, with a couple of short simple lines made me laugh out loud) were very entertaining.

but for some reason we find ourselves entangled in a pointless labyrinth of romance, morals, pizza boxes and men in the sky.

Pretty entertaining, good premise.

There are some laugh out loud moments, especially the first half hour or so, but then it turns into a drama that gets, i am very sorry to say, pathetic and pretentious.

It was boring and insulting to everyone.

Gervais is a very engaging comedic actor and has been for some time.

For awhile there I was hoping that he would sit down with the friend who set him up with this woman in the first place and, as happens in so many trite romances, eventually realize that it was this other woman he really loved.

The film becomes near unwatchable though when it turns into a religious statement.

However, once the concept of living in a world without lies was being depicted to this certain extent, the movie turned from being just a funny comedy-flick to one that addresses highly philosophical issues in an entertaining way.

Here may be found the dull, heavily treaded territory of Adam Sandlerville (bar his brilliance in Punch Drunk Love).

Ricky, of course, is wonderfully engaging as a reluctant messiah impostor.

Easily the worst movie....

It is generally a waste of time.

There's also a lot of pointless celebrity cameos.

I was bored for a lot of the movie and didn't really laugh at all.

I enjoyed it, as did my partner.

It plays like the realization of the tree of Eden but deteriorates into endless boredom.

However, midway through the movie, the novelty starts to wear off and the plot becomes quite predictable.

My favorite bit was the script for "The Black Plague" a thrilling and remarkable re-write of history.

But Mark's respect just fades and he becomes miserable again, and it's funny than in a scene we see him in that cliché look of prophets, with long hair, long beard, and a rope just sleeping and drinking in his big expensive house out of depression that he can't change his genes even if he is rich and successful and is the only one in the whole world who can talk with the guy in the sky.

Save your money .

t make for a funny or frankly engaging movie comedy and the back half drags to a stock happy ending.

A movie packed with comedic genuises (maybe because watching this in 2020 and knowing how their careers turned out had an impact as well on this comment), with a somewhat intriguing concept.

In truth the most interesting part was the slow build-up to the first lie, and the consequences of Mark's newfound skill in making stuff up.

Just a waste of time .

Did the Invention of Lying also invent boredom and stupidity.

might be the worst movie I've ever seen .

It is very dry, sarcastic, and sometimes flat out rude.

Jennifer Garner is enjoyable to look at, but that is really the only positive that can be said about this waste of time.

That plus the funny chain of events guarantees an entertaining ride from start to finish.

This movie was fascinating in regards to its insights into typical concepts of religion.

Unfortunately as the story unfolds after the big turn, it all gets somehow predictable and boring in the last 40 to 30 minutes of the movie.

Jennifer Garner's character, even in a world where insults are accepted, is horribly unlikable character and an uninteresting love interest.

In the end it tends to be a little bit boring because of the turn that the movie takes.

I get the slight against religion, and I'm okay with that (making a valid point about our society in general), but after the first few minutes it's pretty predictable and it was just generally flavorless.

To me his characters are always depressing, two-dimensional, predictable and shallow.

Jennifer Garner's performance is limited by the script to robotic and repetitive as her character pursues the right genetic match for the production of her unborn children.

An afterlife gives a cold and confusing universe meaning the movie posits.

It's an alternate reality that is the story of not being able to lie apart from Gervais' character that makes an interesting and philosophical, entertaining piece.

Not funny, very predictable ending, and this movie was the very first movie I have ever felt like my money was fraudulently taken from me.

On top of all that its important to add that the message was obvious and cliché - all in all this was a bad watch.

What follows is a 30 minute waste of a religious parable that I think was supposed to be witty and insightful, but came off as forced and boring, in much the same way Evan Almighty was a couple years back.

Or, at least, one of the most truly unexpected moments from the history of light comic cinema.

Filled with an intense onslaught of joke-filled sentences, there is really never a moment in this film that doesn't end up being profound.

Not because of the subject matter, but rather because the movie becomes mundane and loses all of its energy and laughs.

Basic premise: Story of a man, this scapegoat-type character with nothing to lose, who interacts with a hundred boring, one-dimensional characters who act and sound the same which is...

It was slow, repetitious, droll, not funny and so incredibly predictable.

All in all, a waste of time and money.

Simple and entertaining .

Because of all those things the second half of the movie is so predictable and you feel like there's so many topics left out of it (i.

Enjoyable though and a funny film

Gervais yet again is playing a guy who knows and shares with us that he is small, fat and not particularly good looking, a sort of ordinary and boring everyman.

Gervais has the good sense to surround himself with a great cast, and some unexpected cameos-a very funny one involving a police officer....

For all of this high-concept comedy's failings it is still somewhat enjoyable mind you, thanks largely to Gervais' lovable charm and willingness to poke fun at himself.

The film is more depressing and boring then funny and fresh.

Quite boring and brutal, really.

The movie takes way too long to get going...

It was also getting very repetitive, they kept saying the same dialogs over and over.

Entertaining and funny if you don't think too hard .

This is simply a terrible movie, boring and hardly ever funny.

And the very fact the film was in parts boring enough to let me think this is in itself a flaw.

Gervais showed a little bit of dramatic range, and the film overall gives one hope that he will settle down into an original and entertaining film-maker.

It hammers along at the same theme in a predictable, lifeless stream of banter so limp that even the cast seems to be moving in slow motion.

I found myself wanting to throw up because of the lack of story development past the novelty of the concept of one man lying and the rest of the world believing him.

It simply cannot stand on it's concept for too long, because it becomes a bit dull.

I would say entertaining and occasionally funny satire of humanity, that hits some painful spots and makes you think about the world we live in.

, in supporting roles as Mark's buddies, are bland and forgettable.

The premise of this film is funny, but it becomes too much of itself and is tiresome after a while.

The jokes turned out being tedious and tiresome.

One of the worst movies I ever wasted time watching .

That sickly contrived montage?

If you don't really like him, or don't care either way, it is still an enjoyable film, with a great cast who make it worth seeing, especially now when you can probably find it cheaply on Netflix or whatever.

It was just boring.

The best worst movie I have seen.

It rates as one of the worst movies I've ever been unfortunate enough to sit through.

There is really no plot to the film, merely a plethora of un-amusing set ups that play out like a bad episode of Saturday Night Live.

Visually, I found the film to be rather drab and dreary.

Although this had it's funny moments sometimes and started out well, as soon as it delve into religion, mainly Christianity it got tedious since it took up much of the running time and felt most of the humor was leaning more towards atheist cause the movie basically mocks Christianity.

Hopefully this will not dissuade anyone from going because this movie is worth watching.

Definitely worth watching.

As well as this, the mannerisms he so often expressed in The Office and Extras are here again - somewhat tedious, unless you only watch Gervais for those reasons alone.