The Invisible Man (2020) - Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi

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When Cecilia's abusive ex takes his own life and leaves her his fortune, she suspects his death was a hoax. As a series of coincidences turn lethal, Cecilia works to prove that she is being hunted by someone nobody can see.

IMDB: 7.1
Director: Leigh Whannell
Stars: Elisabeth Moss, Oliver Jackson-Cohen
Length: 124 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 232 out of 1000 found boring (23.2%)

One-line Reviews (638)

Very slow .

I was hoping that I would see a suspenseful, creepy horror movie, perhaps with some psychological elements to it (maybe something to make the viewer think Cecilia's really just insane).

Elisabeth Moss as Cecilia is at her best, as for the most of the film she acts opposite an empty space and makes it look engaging.

It's clear that Leigh Whannell knows how to manipulate the audience to have us holding our breath and sitting on the edge of our seats.

What it lacks in nostalgia it makes up for with a clever, modern story that is chilling, suspenseful and thoroughly satisfying.

The colour palette and onscreen vibrancy is dull and muted.

Naive and ridiculous propaganda against husbands, written by pseudo-feminist lunatics.

I enjoyed it.

The first 20 minutes is very engaging and builds up a lot of promise.

The movie is irritating with how illogical and predictable it is.

The pacing was constantly intense and intriguing.

Leigh Whannell does a great job at making it seem like there's a presence in the room, and it creates such an intense and creepy atmosphere.

In my opinion it was good fun, suspenseful with a little added gore.


Whoever gave this bad reviews wasn't watching the right movie, very entertaining movie and brilliantly acted

Nothing happens in the first 30 minutes of this 2 Hour movie, and then she starts "interacting" with the "invisible man", ridiculous.

I believe it was Frank Capra who said, "There is only one crime in cinema and that is to bore your audience.

Sorry for myself but the most boring plot ever.

They're all, by nature of the theme, intriguing.

Outside of that - predictable and full of holes.

The Invisible Man takes classic horror tropes, adds in a new scream queen from Elizabeth Moss, and creates and thrilling retelling of the H.

The lead became very very annoying and tedious after the first 15 minutes with her painful expressions and her best mate cop and his daughter I'm sure had no previous acting experience.

The motives for our main characters are weak and confusing.

Gripping from start to end...

It's worth watching in my opinion and the negatives don't take too much away from it.

It's very slow and the story is not very good.

Her mousy character just became so tedious annoying and I had to switch this off.


The story is really scary and really thrilling.

The heroine's counterattack looks particularly exciting.

Then in the middle part it drags out, and becomes really boring.


Wow the main character was boring.

He's experience in the genre (with both the Saw and Insidious franchises under his belt) shows in tense moments of empty hallways and open frames.

It's an intense thrill-ride from beginning to end.

Waste of my time.

Predictable and mostly boring .

However, despite the centrality of this theme in the core story, reframing the template as a tale of domestic abuse and PTSD, as happens in this latest adaptation, which focuses not on the male scientist but on a female victim of his, is a fascinating idea, creating the potential for some timely #MeToo social commentary, particularly as it relates to issues of not believing women who accuse powerful men of gaslighting.

This movie is a waste of time and money .

Save your money and watch something else.

Suspenseful and stylish update of a classic science fiction story.

In addition, the score probably was one of the most riveting and befitting of the movie it accompanies that I've heard in a long time.

Empty Space Can Be Terrifying If Done Right .

Its called cliche and generally is mark of generic or uninspired writing.

Well worth watching, and I assure you the 2 hours will be very well spent!

Whannell seems bored by the second part of his own movie, like he doesn't care for it anymore.

::4 yawns::

Why bother telling a story like this in such a predictable way.

It was so suspenseful because I was in a theater.

Intriguing, a thriller that kept me entartained.

Leigh Whannell presents us with a great knowledge about what anticipation, empty space, paranoid behavior and amazing leading actor can to to magnify effects of something that we expect to levels of unexpected.

Elisabeth Moss is fantastic and does her best to save the film from falling into predictable and cheap horror tropes.

Pretty boring.. .

Intense Thrill-Ride at Its Peak .


What a waste of time .

Kept me on the edge of my seat.

Moss gives a stellar turn in Whannell's intriguing re-imagining of a horror classic .

The first hour is incredibly sleep-inducing, good to play in the background as you try to fall asleep.

Don't waste your time.


But all in all an enjoyable 2 hours.

Gripping Suspense .

I enjoyed it watching.

Cecilia, as a character, is given a full arc as we follow her journey of slow recovery from beginning to end.

The first half of the movie was good and definitely suspenseful with the 'fear you can't see' vibe.

If you like suspense this is an intense AF surprise - one of the best I've seen in years!

There's some thrilling action scenes, and some rather starling violence and shocks.

At one point when you think it's going nowhere suddenly it lifts up and take you on another ride.

Worth watching, for sure.

Waste of time.

A Thrilling Masterpiece .

Entertaining .

It's just a collection of stupid characters and situations, mixed with every cliche you can imagine.

This movie had me on the edge of my seat from the first scene until the very end.

Don't waste your money, story totally sucked ...

The movie reminded me of Gone Girl but with more predictable turn of events.


The acting was great and the plot was intriguing.

I thought that the pacing was fine, but there were some slower moments for me.

I think it is on the edge of a pg 13 and an r movie.

The main issue with this film are the plot holes and ultimately the lack of plot itself.

The camera work is done in a very intelligent way that is suspenseful.

Every good review on this movie simply says: exciting and simple movie with nice effects, worth a watch!

Since "the game" movie , i think i haven't seen a movie that insults logic like this , the very first scene is the only think maybe that was good in this movie, after that it's extremely boring , no good dialogues , veryyy slow story building and i couldn't resist myself from using my phone cause even if you skip a scene or two or even thee it still wouldn't make any difference cause most scenes are useless to the story , the acting was weak from all actors ,i felt no tension, no connection.

The thriller elements were engaging and clever.

Then, the story and the Gibson character peel off on unexpected (and unwelcome) tangents, and the movie sinks into a murky abyss.

Instead of desperately trying to manufacture some pointless cinematic universe (like they did with The Mummy,) you just make a solid updated version of the story as a standalone film.

And I'd be remiss if I didn't mention Moss's performance, which is excellent, especially given that so much of it is her on her own reacting to nothing whatsoever, having to communicate confusion, fear, anger etc through little more than her expression.

A bit mystery, but too freaking slow!

The story is cliched and predictable to a shocking degree, right down to the plot twist that adds absolutely nothing to the story, bits and pieces stapled from better and smarter Horror movies.

Till the one third of the movie me and my girl were on the edge, excited.

The film kept me on the edge of my seat.. would highly recommend

Very predictable.

It was so slow and just when you thought it might pick up it didn't.

I dont really know how to rate this, should i rate the cast, the thrilling, or the writer.

"The Invisible Man" was just a massive swing and a miss from writer and director Leigh Whannell in terms of it being an entertaining or enjoyable movie for me to watch.

Overall, i enjoyed it, the missing plot did not important to understand the whole plot

The ending was totally predictable given the amount of time left in the movie.

But from then on, what I saw was Ofred from the handmaid's tale Vs a rubbish Predator topped off with a Scream-esque twist that was as pointless as it was daft.

This film was so intense to watch that it feels like you are living the same nightmare as the lead character.

I read the reviews on here and decided to go and watch this absolute waste of 2hrs of my life.

Started slow......

Contrived and disappointing it is.

Leigh Whannel's "The Invisible Man" has done what the The Dark Universe's "The Mummy" failed to: bring interest back to a classic Universal monster while also being an engaging and well-crafted horror film.

Everything is predictable, you see the jump scares coming from a mile away.

This was 1 of the worst movies I have ever seen and believe me I have seen a bunch.

The was way too long, the dialogue was pulled so long it the point it got annoying.

Also the plot leads to an interesting and unexpected end.

And the ending, so predictable, so amateur...

Just a waste of time.

Don't waste your time like I did.

The inventive modernization of the source material (with a feminist twist) makes the film more compelling and believable, thus more frightening.

Had the film gone down the 'psychological' route then it would have ended up a more entertaining viewing experience than it did.

This movie is absolute garbage really but I'm giving it a 5/10 because I felt like it had some genuine potential to be good had the actors played it with some more emotion and the storyline been a lot more gripping.

After that though - the dialogue fires up, the characters come alive and the movie starts to churn around Elizabeth Moss's increasing disbelief and confusion, as "something" appears to alter her reality at a whim.

This movie was long and drawn out.

Two completely different movies but both excellent in their genre and thoroughly enjoyable at a time when we all can do with being entertained Ms Moss , who I have enjoyed in the Top of the Lake series , is an admirable actor with hopefully much more to come .

Totally waste of two hours of my life.

And it's far too long.

But the story line left me bored.

and this is the worst movie I watched in years.

It's tense, mysterious, and exciting.

The cliché evil-genius-psycho-guy angle is now a given.

And I mean that with utmost enthusiasm, this film provided a riveting, jaw-dropping and side-winding experience of deceit, manipulation and disturbia.

A room full of monkeys randomly tapping on keyboards for 1000 minutes could produce a more compelling and suspenseful plot.

Ok, got that out of the way, and unlike other reviewers, I don't think the last third of the film is bad at all - what I did question were some very illogical decisions for such an optically inclined film - restaurants have cameras, hospitals have cameras, there were any number of times evidence could be produced to prove C's innocence, but those are minor annoyances in an overall entertaining popcorn movie.

The ending is pretty predictable.

Not just scary, enjoyable if you are sci-fic fans.

After only 25 minutes, it became boring.

Predictable from the beginning to the end.

This was a total waste of time.

However, the unpredictable and tense nature of the film is enough to carry you through if you can forget about the plot.

This film is expertly crafted for suspenseful thrills & exciting bursts of action & violence that is shocking.

Don't waste your time.

If the movie was engaging, these are probably not questions I even would have though of.

Don't waste your time on a predictable "thriller"

Sooo compelling...


Overall, an entertaining movie and I love how they change the premise from the original and made it more modern.

Boring, predictable, full of holes.

Thrilling, just enough suspense, and something that I really just wasn't expecting .

After that, the rest of the story was pretty much predictable.

The overall plot of the movie is incredibly cliche and unsatisfying rather than interesting and thought-provoking.

So, if you want a nice quiet movie to play on repeat while you fall asleep, turn volume down halfway and drift off, you wont be missing anything.

The camera angles and use of the empty space made me feel anxious and always looking for The Invisible Man.

Don't waste your time.

Worst Movie I've Ever Seen .

So to summarize, the movie seemed to take forever to get going, was very predictable, and seemed to never want to end.

Schockers not really present, sound was ok, effects were very underwhelming for an invisble man movie even fighting looked illogical and don't waste too much time about being logical with that movie it makes many mistakes.

A Thriller Worth Watching .

This movie had every chance in the world of being predictable!

Very enjoyable and totally underrated.

Entertaining .

Agree, Don't waste your time watching this .

A stellar slow burn that never bores.

Boring Cinematography.. Plot holes everywhere.. And of course nobody believes the protagonists in horror movies so why even showing that to the viewers repeatedly?

Even tho it was a bit slow at times it never got really boring.

The ending is so predictable!

I enjoyed it very much.

The end of the deal is still very feminist, very enjoyable.

Thick with a suspenseful & interesting story until the end.

Super exciting thriller .

Like many of the more recent movies this also is a woke piece of garbage, filled with plotholes and lack of story or character development.

The pacing is really terrible after like an hour i thought this should be over soon and felt bored.

Beyond that, it's a fairly average but enjoyable take on The Invisible Man story.

Slow start.

So Intense...

This nonsense movie is a total waste of time.

The movie can also be predictable at times.

The plotting path was so thrilling and entertaining and the acting was massively done.

This is a fictional story, of course, but it is very interesting and entertaining in its own way.

There needed to be a reason to keep Adrian from simply killing her to get revenge, that would have made for a much shorter and most likely more enjoyable film, and his wanting to be a father at any cost was the key to that.

My whole family enjoyed it.

Possibly worst actress I've ever seen topped with boring plot makes it 1/10!

Cast are ok but no stand out performance, its hard to believe someone capable of creating an invisible suit would then find joy in opening and closing doors, switching lights on an off and just mess with an ex rather than actually do epic things with or get recognition for.. I'm sure it'll appeal to many but for me it was a bore.

Great movie with some predictable scenes, but I enjoyed it.

It was certainly entertaining and Elizabeth Moss's acting wasn't pretty good for someone going crazy thinking an invisible person is attacking her.

This movie has a few issues: the pace is ridiculously slow, the plot is ridiculous, and the ending is ridiculously predictable.

'The Invisible Man' provides a somewhat enjoyable viewing experience, just don't get expecting film of the year material.

Some scenes in particular were very intense and increased the films pace and I loved that.

The story goes very slow that I fell asleep halfway.

Again, the first ever major studio movie to be released direct to the consumer after movie theaters were shuttered along with everything else in the country due to the Covid-19 pandemic, is available to download at a cost of-a very enjoyable 2 hour reprieve from pandemic life.

Boring, dumb, dull and it sucks.

predictable .

The combination of slow measured pans across empty rooms with moments of silence interrupted by ear shattering synthetic booms received many jumps and gasps in the theatre.

Subtlety, silence, a slow pace and a terrifying atmosphere are the most crucial ingredients to horror and the film had plenty of them.

In this way, Whannell can instil fear and dread simply by pointing the camera at an empty room without the need for any FX, VFX, makeup, elaborate props etc (which no doubt played a significant role in keeping the budget down to a minuscule $7 million).

There were some nice shots here but I thought it was a bit too slow.

While Whannell and his team expertly shot this movie that's so full of tension, its also a little too slow for its own good sometimes.

The film attempts to justify itself with some of what it and probably the teenagers watching it think is clever, but ultimately tho whole thing was a waste of time and resources.

Great visuals, photography,engaging....

Not gory, rapey, etc. It's starts a little slow to build up the story.

Simple stunning.

The third act involves an incredibly confusing plot twist and a completely ridiculous plot device that causes the movie to dip way too much into science fiction.

Anxiety-ridden, on the edge of my seat, in a good way .

This is a quiet, suspenseful and engaging thriller in a time where it seems jump scares and gore reign.

I just got back from a nearly empty theater in order to see this, and I wish I hadn't paid.

It's very dreary and downright boring at times.

Beginning was slow and slow through out.

Thrilling, stunning and worth the 2 hours .

Other than that, enjoyed it!

Really enjoyed it.

There are some good visuals, the way the camera moves and shows empty rooms is eery, it adds suspense and a sense of the unknown.

d predictable story-line.

The plotting path was so thrilling and entertaining and the acting was massively done.

Boring .

What we got instead was a poor and very political movies, that consisted mainly of plot holes, flat characters, post-modern stereotypes and predictable shortcomings that leave much to be desired in all areas.

I wanted the movie to end very differently, sadly the movie was predictable and I was hoping to be wrong.

It's super lazy and tiresome.

A contrived plot with no one having clear motivation for the atrocious things that they do.

I had done my research, (and by research I mean watch dozens of reviews), and it seemed like my type of toe-clenching suspenseful movie.

Just ok, predictable .

Just boring ...

Def worth the watch if you enjoy blumhouse movies and aren't an ahole that complains about movies with a female lead

the best topic the worst movie .

Entirely Predictable .

A little predictable on the story but still has cool foreshadowing of a fine and thrilling ride.

This movie was slow and boring!

It's original and has a great and intense plot.

The bolt is full of wholes, the main actor acting is so over and unnatural and the story of so predictable.

It was incredibly slow in the beginning first half, most of it was predictable, and the build up towards the ending was sub-par.

Ends up way too long for what it does.

While I did really like what they chose to do with the ending, the overall arc of the plot was very predictable.

Good if you suffer from insomnia .

Some of Cee's decisions fell into the horror cliche.

8.5/10. So a B+ just for taking a dumb premise and making it effective and entertaining.

So entertaining!

It has fantastic acting, writing, and it is packed to the brim with tension that will have you on the edge of your seat.

It kept me on the edge of the seat.

confusing .

The Invisible Man is a very unique suspenseful story about shows the abusive side of technology.

This has so much potential but it was so predictable and boring for the last 1/3 of the movie.

Don't waste your time.

Cheap and predictable .

I am adicted to movies, I tried to have an open mind, but this is one of the worst movies I ever saw.

This movie was about 30 minutes too long and pretty much every twist was super predictable.

as each scene is drawn out ad infinitum...

It's slow as hell, not enough action or thrill to it.

Don't waste your time like I did.

Plot of the movie was an average one but the direction is what makes the movie worth watching.

The movie is boring and out of logic.

I found the entire film very compelling and full of suspense, with fantastic visuals and an excellent soundtrack.

It was actually a pretty predictable movie.

Enjoyed it

Bored after 10 minutes .

I watched this movie for bit of popcorn fun, what I got unexpectedly thrilling psychological horror.

So, overall an amazing modern version of The Invisible Man far from perfect but enjoyable during our lockdown time we live.

Was boring.. Kate is average in this movie!

Boring .

This movie was a bit entertaining in the beginning although the Title reveals it all...

Waste of your time.

The movie starts with an amazing thriller headstart but falls flat very soon with so many logical compromises and a dull screenplay.

But no, it's just corny and predictable.

It looks and feels just like any generic, boring thriller of the past 14 years, made worse by the fact it's riding the coat tails of one of the great operatic classics of Horror.

It is entertaining enough, suspenseful in some places, and most of the acting and special effects are pretty great.

Long shots down hallways and extended shots on empty space build tension and a sense of voyeurism due to the innate nature of the beast.

it was entertaining and it met the objective.

Too predictable with too many "goofs".

It's one of those thriller that starts off well and then gets progressively predictable.

A huge part of such amazing tension was birthed from a simple yet effective shot where simply nothing happened in frame, really emphasizing that invisible man facade and bringing to life Cecilia's constant anxiety to the audience.

If you nitpick plot holes, go suck on a lemon and frown at the mirror, or stretch your imagination and enjoy this simple, but entertaining, ride.

Wife was on the edge of hr seat.

Overall, a gripping and expertly crafted psychological thriller.

All in all, a waste if my time.

It's so predicable and it gets boring real fast.

Very poor and boring.

Boring and slow .

We're supposed to believe that this multi-millionaire tech genius has come up with this intricate yet flawed plot to come back from the grave in order to keep the very average and boring Cecilia under his control.

Typically stories like this will show the hero's struggle against the villain, in this they're no different to each other, there's no hero just 2 villains, no redeamable quality's in either of them, just like all the "gangster" movies whose characters no one cares about because there is nothing for anyone to identify with, just another pointless story about pointless characters.

Slow Start .

The Invisible Man is basically a couple hours of thrilling, not really horror, about an abusive relationship between a woman and an invisible man, that's the sci-fi part in this movie.

The acting is unbearable especially the lead actress...

Then becomes so predictable.

I didn't really like the ending, I thought it should have ended with the invisible man got away and puts on a more classic invisible man look (this would mean that he would have to be invisible instead of a suit) but instead she kills her ex boyfriend, takes the suit and gets a close up of her face that lasts way too long.

A genuinely enjoyable thriller .

The film could have turned out to be way more entertaining with a few tweaks.

It is very clever and engaging.

That get's boring really fast.

Very boring and very predictable film.

It literally kept my spouse and I on the edge of our seats, guessing and craving for more to unfold in the movie.

A worth watching movie, one of the best thrillers made this year !

Essentially it works, but I just would've liked a little more on all of our characters, besides our lead, because she gets more than enough enjoyable character development.

Don't waste you time.. .

Had my on the edge of my seat and swimming in anxiety: as a true thriller should!

I enjoyed it.

This was easily one of the most entertaining movies I have seen in a months, and certainly is not worse than a 5.

Could it be more drawn out?

I'm not sure how The Invisible Man did it, but it had me on the edge of my seat the entire time.

The concept too seemed uninteresting and looked like using similar template as hollow man and a few other movies.

Classic story told through eyes of Leigh and his touch of science was great if you come over some slight issues that present themselves along the way, but considering how movie is made and what it is about you will forget about them and that is what is all about focusing on what this movie does best and that is making you scared of empty space.

Did I find it thrilling?

Was ANYONE surprised when she opened her portfolio only to find it empty?

A multitude of slow pans and still shots imbue each scene with a lingering sense of terror that never ceases to grab hold of you.

Predictable and badly made film.

Dont waste your money


The music is also inviting, adding a disturbing nature, and used to build anticipation - the anticipation often drawn out to gain maximum effect which proves more beneficial than any jump scare I've ever seen.

A bit over fetched but still entertaining to an extend.

A bagful of utter boring nonsense .

Simple twist at the end and you care for the character and the position she's in and the story itself is still intriguing although there are plenty of plot holes making me question certain things.

Totally unexpected.

Storyline very weak and Predictable.

Clever, suspenseful, well-shot .

Make the film unwatchable!

After the slow start I hadn't been expecting so much action.

Poor plot and story, slow pace that at some point you surely get bored.


Like so many other reviewers here, I feel that this was the most boring, awful drivel Hollywood has produced ever.


She sells Cecilia's pain and confusion, her frustration and her nagging paranoia.

The use of technology to stalk your wife, that right there is an interesting concept in itself, the mental instability of this man drove him to use his own technology to potentially trap and ruin his wife's life, her sister died in the process and that was unexpected.

So predictable events like another recent movies men are bad and women are victims and end of movie like other horror movies THE WOMAN SURVIVES.

Just watch the original or better still the far superior HOLLOW MAN if want an updated gripping version of the invisible man.

It's definitely an entertaining thriller I'd recommend watching.

Unexpected greatness.

It's a waste of time, excepted and disappointing ending...

Would have more exciting to have watched actual moss for 2 hours!!.

As a lover of action movies, even the slow parts of this film (sometimes leaning more to Drama than its Horror/Mystery/Sci-Fi tag) kept me watching.

Very slow, very boring.

Excellent directing and a really intriguing story about abuse and how it affects people.

Worst movie of the year so far .

Cringe conversations, the pointless use of music in scenes.

First half weak horror, second half bad actioner and way too long .

Thrilling & Spine Chilling .

started the 2nd and just wanted to leave the room when she came on screen....

The story kept me on the edge of my seat from start to finish, and it kept me wanting to learn more or see what was going to happen next.

Mainly in the atmosphere to create, a lot of slow movement of empty lens, will let you follow the protagonist together paranoid, will feel that the seemingly empty place, whether there is really something hidden.

It starts right into it and besides a noticeable lull midway, holds a steady pace.

So predictable...

Worth the watch.

Boring and uninteresting.

Elisabeth Moss as the persecuted wife, gets to bring out her scared, angry and mad faces as the body count increases and the situations become even more ridiculous and predictable.

Everything that follows is entirely predictable.

One of the most predictable movies you will ever have watched .

This movie is nearly unwatchable from top to bottom.

There are some good visuals, the way the camera moves and shows empty rooms is eery, it adds suspense and a sense of the unknown.

if I have to nitpick I gotta say the movie started really slow and it should have had a more fast paced intro.

An engaging edge of the seat horror thriller.

Looking at an empty room for the invisible man is intriguing for about two minutes.

One relief is, Whannell doesn't ever leave us in a state of bewilderment in front of his mean, handsomely-styled and absorbing thriller.

Confusing plot.

Waste of time bad movie i give it a 4/10 .

Second, the so-called twists are excruciatingly predictable.

Poor acting, poor script and excessive amount of money to bring this dung to life, so to waste your two hours of free time.

Movie is scary and thrilling throughout.

Don't waste your time.

So don't waste your time, it's rubbish and real stupid and unrealistic and just plain silly.

She's outstanding at selling fear, confusion, and sadness.

This strategy in turn makes the movie very interesting and the opposite of slow.

How he builds atmosphere with POV shots, empty background shots, sounds and music.

Nothing happens in the first 30 minutes of this 2 Hour movie .

It had me on the edge of my seat at all times; leaving me no moment of boredom.

as a thriller movie, it was really thrilling and made me keep watching and getting surprising.

Mind blowing stupidity .

Worst movie of 2020 .

" It was so bad that I actually fell asleep!

but was is worth watching.

I just found it all very predictable, weakly-characterised, mildly absurd film entertainment.

The plot just reveals itself 30 minute into the movie and the wholes thing becomes a waste of time.

One fine day she escapes and what happens next is expect the unexpected.


The film had some situations that were "predictable" for sure.

The film never lets you forget the Invisible Man could be anywhere, with the camera often focusing on empty wide shots and the subtle clicking noise.

More of a thriller than a horror but engrossing .

Really , really boring...

But I must say it takes some talent to make a classic tale of invisible man in to boring "me too" special snowflake piece of trash.

I felt the final 30 mins as well felt a little dragged out.

It had a painfully slow start, a frankly ugly main character, and numerous plot holes.

She collapses during the interview and they discover Diazepam in her system, the same drug she gave Adrian to make him sleep when she escaped.

The film is gripping, and entertaining.

It seemed to take forever to get going and I found it very formulaic.

Really dark in places, so hard to see, very slow moving, awful script, and comes with the added bonus of some wooden acting in places.

Those who say it was predictable should buy stock and then tell us how rich they got.

Trailer makes you want to watch this movie but the movie itself loses it half way through, gets boring and predictable

The worst movie I ever saw .

Pros Good screenplay and storyGreat acting by Elisabeth Moss (Most of the rating goes to her)Good accompanying moody music overallGood special effectsConvincingly suspenseful atmosphere throughoutInterestingly enough endingCons Aside Elisabeth Moss, weak acting by the cast, especially the detective and the daughterLacks solid logic and development as a backbone, be it the story or behaviorsWeak portrayal of the Doberman, as an unoriginal dog (which they are not), doing nothing useful, not recognizing a person (dogs never bark when they know the person by smell and specific sound pattern to the person, even if he's invisible) and going past the lead actress when they were walking toward the end of the movie.

The movie is just plain boring.

But no, I sat on the edge of my seat, startled, and shook, for 2 solid hours!

It's a wonder how good this movie is when it could had easily been so stupid and pointless.

Lacking in all departments and, quite frankly, tedious.

Elisabeth Moss gives one of her most intense dramatic performances to date, which truly shows her range as an actress.

Same long drawn out shots of nothing hoping to build some kind of tension.

Surely, not an oscar contender (my opinion), but certainly entertaining and with a decent level of thrilling.

Dont waste your time watching this .

Highly recommend it!!

There are a lot of slow-moving scenes in the movie, which can make you follow the main character and wonder if the seemingly empty place is really hiding something.

It's a sci fi version of "Sleeping with the Enemy" except Elizabeth Moss gives a more nuanced and intense performance than what Julia Roberts did in that movie.

Great suspenseful movie made incredibly better by the score.

It's a bore and a waste of time, my time.

and very enjoyable.

Was okay most scenes were to dark to see much the story line is confusing

What I found instead was a disjointed mess with a truly irritating lead actress and a fairly inept supporting cast.

You don't have to take my word for it though, if you want to waste 2 hours of your life, then please by all means go ahead and see if you can even watch it till the end without wanting to turn it off halfway through.

How the director is able to put Elizabeth Moss in a room by herself and have the audience on the edge of their seat with baited breath.

It's boring and about 40 minutes too long.

He frames shots expertly to give empty space a personality.

The rest of this movie's horror magic is in the cinematography, editing and special FX, all of which seem to be nailed near to perfection, setting mood with empty spaces, impending danger and flawless, impressive special effects.

It has some plot holes if you look too closely, and I will likely never watch it again, but it was entertaining for what it was.

And save yourself the time & money it would take to watch this truly uninspired bore of a movie.

I think there should be a better way to unfold the plot, yet they choose the most boring one : let the MC describes about the whole plot4.

Nothing is scary, and everything is predictable and naive, like the director never came out of puberty...

Don't waste your time with this one until they come out with a directors cut, and it should be a cut.

Cons: Felt like movie was being dragged.

The movie itself is very suspenseful and there are a couple of plot twists to keep things interesting.

And while the ending was predictable, I still thought the film was very suspenseful and a lot of fun!

It's quite frankly boring tbh.

It was an extremely entertaining and emotionally satisfying horror/psychological thriller which made the best of it's very small budget and masterful directionJust go see it

Not a single redeeming quality, besides the dog, who was the most interesting part of this senseless, pointless, stupid plot full of holes the size of Texas.

I was never so happy to have expectations shattered, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time until the credits started.

Pros:Very good opening sceneGood performance from Elisabeth MossUnique story/narrative - I like the concept of the 'Invisible' man being the villianA few very good scenes - high thrill aspect - The dinner SceneCons:Ending was a little predictable for meWould've liked more from some of the supporting castOverall, I thought 'The Invisible Man' was a unique thriller that contained some very well shot scenes.

I think her interpretation is surprisingly realistic and intense.

Don't waste your time or your money, you'll only create more demand for this woke propaganda.

Gripping !

Best thrills are the cliche of making sound go from 0 to 120%.

Enjoyable, Old Style Thriller .

Fortunately, The Invisible Man is a solid and thoroughly engaging thriller.

I love this movie entertaining, intense, smart, well-acted.

Started with high hopes but became a tad boring.

Slow start .

Never heart racing, gripping the armrest, just waiting in total suspense type feelings.

Regardless the first fight scene in the suit was intense and impressive even if it was bit odd that the Lanier family would leave Celica alone in their own house.

Explaining anything about this movie will waste more of my time and yours, WALK AWAY!!!

Everyone is just so slow and stupid with everything they do, and don't even get me started on the guards/cops in that hospital scene!

But after a slow start it had shocks and jumps galore.

Moss', whose transition from helpless to scared to a woman seeking retribution (for everything she's gone through) is what makes The Invisible Man a moderately entertaining flick.

Besides the great Elisabeth Moss performance, and some scary scene, everything is predictable - for me- and some part of the plot are without any logic or explanation, and, maybe, pace is bit too slow.

Sorry but this film was so slow to begin with, I had lost all interest after 10 minutes.

This was truly a waste of time and I would recommend anybody who reads this to find an actual good horror or thriller.

Slow with many plot holes .

On the edge of your seat...

However, my biggest problem is that what starts as a fascinating study of the lasting ramifications of domestic violence ultimately descends into genre stupidity, with a ridiculously over-the-top final act that says nothing of interest about anything.


A beautiful movie and a new and enjoyable idea, the story is terrible and the heroine of the film is very beautiful

Boring, predictable, bad editing, plot holes,just trash.

Worth the watch .

What a waste of time.

Above all, I liked the slow burn pace of the picture which was totally in place.

Its definitely well worth watching just don't think too hard about the little things that don't make sense.

suspenseful and psychologically creepy.

There's nothing wrong with a character being vulnerable and mousy but, when they can't even make the simplest rational remark to defend themselves (because of terrible writing and bad directing) it just gets completely unrealistic, ridiculous, and to me, unwatchable.

Predictable at every turn as once again it appears we need everything telegraphed so we will get it.

It Had Me On The Edge Of My Seat .

I really enjoyed this film, very suspenseful and jumpy in parts.

In the end she kills him in the most predictable way possible and the villain, who is supposed to be a genius and who has been ahead of her every step of the way during the movie, just sits there and lets it happen.

So intense and Moss really did a great job.

The phone in the attic was easily the most suspenseful part of the movie and honestly one of the most suspenseful horror scene in a while.

too drawn out and slow in the first hour.

The great acting, writing and setting of this film with that made for a great and entertaining film that I recommend.

More than invisible, this film is unwatchable.

Don't waste you time.

One of the worst movies I have seen over the last few years.

Another very much predictable movie with another seen before plot.

One of the worst movie I ever sow.

It got a bit better as it went on but don't waste your money renting this, wait until it's on Netflix for a wet afternoon.

Wells, but don't waste your time on this film.

I wouldn't give two stars.. Total waste of time.

Slow pace, pretty flat thru-out and nothing I'd want to watch again.. Just feels like a slot filler.

Right from the opening sequence, the story moves forward at a breakneck pace with twists and turns at the most unexpected of occasions.

The best topic the worst movie.

Terrible acting, totally predictable storyline, and way too long.

Then Cecilia turns into 'dumb horror chick' cliche for most of the movie and misses several opportunities to expose the antagonist (who has severely messed her life up without anyone being the wiser) by simply taking tooo long to move, or leaving clean evidence behind.

This was absolutely the worst movie I've ever seen.

By review title I mean good movie to help you fall asleep.

The staying with friends, seemed great, but felt slow.

Slow start, builds, then fails.

Excruciatingly dull.

All been done before but an enjoyable thriller 7/10 .

One of the worst movies I have ever seen.

The Invisible Man will keep you on your toes and it is a thrilling movie.

Great Elizabeth Moss, atmospheric suspenseful thriller.

Extremely boring with very weak plot.

I would pass on this snore fest.

Could be a choice if you are bored to death and about to lose your will to live.

Boring movie and very low budget.

Story can be a bit cliche and the ending is not satisfying.


Due to the slow pace, the tension just wasn't there.

Disappointing, predictable, an hymn to conjugal violence .

Starts out very slow and you have to keep with it.

An adrenaline pumping film with an obvious ending .

The film was absolutely stunning, just great!

But, sure, let's for a moment suspend all our disbelief and just say that "a wizard did it" and look at what is left: a horrible contrived plot with as many holes as are there analogies about things with holes in them.

intriguing premise .

Good, enjoyable.

Very watchable and entertaining .

Yawn .

But apart from the ending I really enjoyed it.

The beautiful shots and compelling dialogue with acting across the board make for quite a ride.

The next few minutes make up for it, gets pretty intense right after that.

This suspenseful film was also great fun.

The use of empty space is remarkably terrifying at times and I was consistently impressed by the story choices that director Leigh Whannell made to make the film entertaining all the way up until its final moments.

This movie will have you on the edge of your seat the whole time.

An incredibly well made Suspense Thriller with an excellent standout performance from Elizabeth Moss & some stunning special effects moments & a story that is actually drenched in reality (except for the invisible stuff) but all in all this is one of the best & most entertaining movies in along time that is actually unpredictable & exciting.

Waste of time .

The suspense throughout the film is intense, often times putting you at the edge of your seat and the ending is quite satisfying.

What seems like an interesting concept that ends up feeling a little predictable and tired some.

Very slow, very boring, lost interest in 1st fifteen minutes, slept in another, Please don't waste your time.

Perhaps the movie was a little too long and some of the tropes may take you out of it, but it was creative and had some unexpected twists, despite the trailers giving most of the movie away.

But then got bored again 3 minutes after each "oh wow" moment.

worst movie I've seen on the last 5 years.

It becomes a bit predictable towards the end, although for some people might find that the suspense is still there.

It is worth watching from start to finish.

The movie really should have dropped "the" from its title to save the confusion.

Extremely predictable.

I should've trusted those bad reviews I read before watching the movie, and believed them when they said it was a waste of time...

Enjoyable .

Suspenseful and thrilling .

I'm not going to give anything away, but it captures your attention starting with the opening credits, keeping you on the edge of your seat for the majority of the film, all the way to the shocking ending.


Moss is great as are all the actors, the cinematography is beautiful as is the production in general and it's thrilling and scary.

I found it tedious, and could happily have stopped watching well before the end.

Bad predictable plot and super corny soundtrack and effects.

Probably the stupidest, worst movie I have ever seen!

It is a deep mystery for me how this movie reached a score of 7.4. The idea might be interesting, but the action is so slow and most of the scenes are empty.

From the opening scene all the way until the first reveal, I was on the edge of my seat squirming with anxiety.

save your money.

Don't waste your money.. rent Hollow Man instead .

Entire film too freaking slow, and full of boring conversation!

If it werent for my smartphone being at hand, i'd probably fell asleep

She keeps the movie engaging.

The plot does not proceed fast, so you may get bored after a while.

Decided to treat myself to a suspenseful flick for my Birthday.

Enjoyable enough.

Reinvented and brought in to the 21st Century, l thoroughly enjoyed it with enough jumps and tension and great Sound affects, a great modern interpretation with invisible man being the antagonist and harassing his ex wife in complete disguise, gripping and intense a film to make the original Universal Horror movies proud

A straightforward, low-budget, hide & seek melodrama, "The Invisible Man" will keep you guessing during its gripping first hour or so until you start spotting its plot holes.

You would find yourself holding your breath in many scenes, most of which are just empty rooms and hallways.

Don't waste your time with this one.

Got slower......

Elizabeth Moss does abused, crazy and fragile woman on the edge of cracking up really well.

A complete waste of time.

Long drawn out, boredom .

E Moss was clearly casted as a known repressed woman from the Handsmaid Tale, but doesnt pull it of in this slow, dull and not at all suspensful watered down hollow man copy.

Too many panning shots of empty rooms and travel time feel like padding.

the only thing that disappointed me was that it was a little predictable (1 viewing, 6/13/2020)

What makes it stand out from all its predecessors is the awesome sound design that keeps you on the edge of your seat without any major visual imagery.

In short : I love everything about this movie, the acting, the cinematography, the twist and turns, how the entire movie builds up, how it made me sit on the edge of my seat wishing I had a pillow to hide behind at times, captures you from the very first second until the very end....

Suspenseful at times...

Slow start, slow middle, slow ending.

Elizabeth Moss turns in a riveting performance, aided by slick camera word and spine-tingling sound effects to give the viewer a terrifying viewing experience.

Predictable nonesense .

consistently suspenseful and unpredictable.

Cecilia is actualy the only character of interest, still it's shallow and dull.

Save yourself a mind numbing dull 2 hours and watch anything else.

This movie will definitely move your nerves and make you cringe as it is suspenseful, gripping and heart-stopping.

There are some instances where the movie does devolve into a typical horror flick, but it would redeem itself quickly with another thrilling twist.

The 3rd act felt much quicker but first two acts were hella thrilling.

Jumpscares ruin the intensity of a scene and movie; and after watching The Invisible Man, Leigh Whannell proves that he knows how to make a horror intense.

But because it's new and exciting and refreshing, just as those guy's films were when they were released.

Finally a movie that puts you on the edge of your seat from the begin until the end .

It is a complete waste of time.

From start to end it is so predictable, both dialogue and action.

The movie does have some of these qualities, mostly in the first half, but eventually it just turns into a sci-fi action movie ending with a poorly acted antagonist in a predictable final scene.

It pretends to answer with a few "clever" lines but it actually doesn't, just confusing.

Gripping from beginning to end.

Don't waste your time .

I love a good horror but this snooze fest shouldn't even have the honor of being labeled a "horror.

But the film moved, it was "slow" and some people are saying.

Whilst this was entertaining I would of preferred a more supernatural approach.

One of the worst movies I have seen in a while.

Entertaining enough .

This was very entertaining remake that included aspects of the previous movie plots of Hollow Man, and Invisible Man themes, and it worked very well.

This version starts slow, continues to be slow, then ends with a great big boring.

The thrilling sensation runs through from the first minute of thunderous shooting to the last minute of the heroine's smiling opening ending.

While perhaps not perfect, it's suspenseful to a nail-biting degree, it's expertly-directed, Elisabeth Moss is fantastic, and the story was very engaging from beginning to end.

Another problem was that it started out slow.

Then things slow down, way down, stumbles along with more low points than high points and finally wrapping up with logical plot holes too great to ignore.

Fell asleep 13 times.

Part of the bad of the film would be involved in act three, since it is the one that brings more conveniences, and things that are the opposite of real life (Apart from the action scenes, the special effects are somewhat bad ), for example those who have already seen it will know what I mean when I say that it is too much strength that they gave to the invisible man, nowhere in the film do they give you a sense that this trajectory gives superhuman strength, I know being invisible is a more difficult opponent to fight, but the way Cecilia's friend James defeats him is so unreal, the only thing you can say is "So much muscle for nothing", there are also the typical Cliches that the villain is going to kill someone important to the protagonist but due to his slowness salvation comes just in time, this can be applied in the scene where the invisible man is going to kill to kill Sidney the daughter of James, since although previously l or we saw mercilessly kill a group of guards at once, it does not do with Sidney and surprise comes salvation just in time.

You are boring, start putting Asians male characters.

I enjoyed it.


That scene was totally unexpected and well played.

Slow and boring .

Disappointing, predictable, an hymn to conjugal violence.

The plot of the novie is not backward or forward, but it is mixed, this what makes movie unpredictable.

it's domestic abuse revenge storyline worked well enough but It contained every cliche imaginable.

Disjointed and a horrible storyline.

Long, drawn out nonsense

I enjoyed it .

In my opinion, this would be a very good plot twist, but without it, I felt like the end was boring and predictable.

' moments that weren't even that because it was so gosh darn predictable.

Two valuables hours of my life that wouldn't come back, don't waste your time watching this, the lack of human morality and sense in characters makes this movie an unrealistic junk.

To conclude, and to reiterate my first point, 'The Invisible Man' did fill my night with a very entertaining and enthralling watch, and as I do joke about Hollow Man, it isn't nearly as well executed as The Invisible Man.

It was enjoyable.

Don't waste your time.

Trained dog, especially Dobermans, always keep the pace of the person alongside whom they are walking and never continue walking past if the person stops for whatever reason)Unoriginal, impersonal and dull male lead together with the behavior of the invisible man (could have been much stronger, more serious and more vengeful with sophisticated notes)Bad use of the runtime (124 minutes could have been put to a better use - impartially speaking)You watch this entertaining movie, enjoy the two hours spent and move past.

Worst movie ever .

Unrealistic and boring .

The movie started off slow and then finally built up to something interesting.

The film starts very slow and does not exaggerate with ignoring scientific Facts like the Kevin Bacon Version did for example.

Worth watching!.

Total Cliché .

Rather a very Hollywood treatment of the concept with a thriller noir genre, Effectivly it works and the film, despite some slow draggy moments at the start , keeps one resonably guessing and at the edge of the seat.

Mildly predictable .

Slow burner, then explodes.

Gets more engaging as it progresses.

Benjamin Wallfisch, of course, composed the score and he's good at creating suspenseful music to keep the audience on edge.

This tail of betrayal, stocking and survival is a thrilling, edge of your seat roller-coaster.

What I got instead was a boring mess.

This is a suspenseful Thriller with a little mix of science fiction, it's a great ride & one i will watch many more times.

This movie is mostly thrilling from the first till the last minute, thank you!

Very intense atmosphere with great cinematography.

Started Off Slow, Got Interesting, and Then Stupid .

Worst movie i've ever seen .


This didn´t do it for me as i found it very predictable.

I liked the unexpected twists and turns, the plot was clever and the filming was good.

the opening is suspenseful and full of intrigue but mid way through the plot becomes a bit predictable and absurd.


waste of time .

Outstanding lead from Elisabeth Moss in this genuinely suspenseful piece of cinema.

The film was so slow, the acting was terrible, the plot was even worse.

They're two dimensional and uninteresting, so you don't care much what happens to them.

but then it got boring and so slow.

Boring .

In fact the first hour is boring to say the least and the rest is eventually a killing feast.

Strong film and intense to watch.

Maybe without her it would have been a different movie, but as it is I enjoyed it and just take the "impossible" for granted.

Basically, the ending was very predictable and also crap although I had to laugh at the close up face of the euphoric Moss at the end as the camera lingered there for far too long.

As bizarre occurrences escalates, those who once believed in Cecelia's sanity diminishes in beautifully crafted suspense and friction by mastermind director Leigh Whannell; suspense which is reminiscent of the Great Depression noirs, with their Hitchcockian vibe and slow burn to frantic climax.

The movie is novel, suspenseful, and interesting, and well-acted.

This was a good modern take on the original movie, it was creepy and thrilling.

With The Invisible Man, from Blumhouse and directed by Leigh Whannell, I hoped that it was a sign of Universal taking a more humble approach and letting said movie be a movie focused on telling a thrilling & good story that's not trying to set up a cinematic universe (an approach that allowed many of the Universal Monsters films to be regarded as classics in the 1st place).

It's super lazy and tiresome.

I thought it was a pretty solid film and consistently gripping.

There's also plenty of suspense going on as the film keeps you guessing on whether the Invisible Man is in the same room as Cecilia or what he was gonna do and when, which would lead to some well-executed scares, some intense scenes of Kass confronting the Invisible Man, and even scenes that are surprising (I can say that there were a couple moments that totally caught me off guard when I saw it in the theater).

It needs to be built through character and story, and if it is done right it can be a slow burner of a film that is still entertaining.

Don't waste your time watching something that will piss off.

Some questionable suspense scenes but kept me on the edge.

Anyone with an average IQ and above should find this movie to be extremely dull and boring.

The whole movie is so boring, predictable, slow and quiet.

The only storyline and characters that are enjoyable are the side character cop and daughter.

Starts out as a boring move till the middle, than it gets better

No plot, no cohesive story, just low-class anti-male propaganda.

Nice camera work of panning to empty spaces and conveying feeling of is someone there?

Side performances and plot were engrossing, overall I enjoyed the film to an extent.

Definitely worth watching.