The Kissing Booth 2 (2020) - Comedy, Romance

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In the sequel to 2018's THE KISSING BOOTH, high school senior Elle juggles a long-distance relationship with her dreamy boyfriend Noah, college applications, and a new friendship with a handsome classmate that could change everything.

IMDB: 5.9
Director: Vince Marcello
Stars: Joey King, Joel Courtney
Length: 134 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-14
Reviews: 57 out of 320 found boring (17.81%)

One-line Reviews (128)

I watched the first one and its really enjoyable and a different take on teen romance this was the same made you think she was going to go for the guy then pulls you back in, personally it shouldn't of been a 2hrs.

It's full of teenage clichés but it is an enjoyable farce.

There is so many ways to describe this film but intense was one of them.

NETFLIX'S THE KISSING BOOTH 2 is enjoyable (in bit & pieces).

A predictable escapist fantasy that falls flat on its face.

Worst sequel ever, don't waste your time!

Fun, sweet, and entertaining .

Cliché .

Review : Part II is more engaging compared to part I.

But all in all I enjoyed it.

waste of time .

Genuinely the worst movie I've ever watched .

Jealousy is the main character in this sequel, the protagonist jealous of her boyfriend, going so far as to check her phone without his permission, (which unleashed many misunderstandings) the best friend's girlfriend practically forbidding his friendship with the protagonist, just out of jealousy, and in short, I don't give any more thought to the subject, which is already sounding repetitive

The 80s cliche where all the private/pivotal moments in their relationships must be acted out in front of an audience to cheer or gasp about.

Sure there are some plot holes, but overall this is very enjoyable.

Entire film full of boring conversation, and overuse scene!

Few cute moments but a lot of cringe and a waste of time .

Maybe it will be more fascinating and it was going to be more dramatic, if she chose Marco.

It is fun, sweet, and entertaining.

The Kissing Booth sequel is thoroughly entertaining while being emotional and explaining the hurdles that come along with long distance relationships.

The movie was cute and enjoyable.

I am not very disappointed, it's still entertaining and somehow reminds you of your high school time.

I personally think it took its elements from "To All the Boys I have Ever Loved 2"and I personally think it was kind of predictable sequel I didn't get amazed with it so.

Watch it if you must, just to tick a box due to having watched the first already, but it'll be Such a waste of precious time.

Was dragged to watch it.

Enjoyable and Sweet .

Every Cliche All Done Better And Less Tri-hard In 80's 90's 000's .

However, it takes Elle way too long to figure this out, even though it was extremely obvious.

It is predictable, boring film without proper execution that made my wife and myself sleepy or to say it like this - it's just a bunch of nonsense.

Movie is too long for romantic comedy(2 hours), but it tried hard to make it interesting , exciting with romantic songs , pretty girls and handsome boys.

The movie is a waste of time itself and the fact that they make fun of Depression and Lyme makes it even worse!

Alright, so the Kissing Booth 2 is better than the first movie, the story is good and the plot twist is unpredictable.

Worst Movie Ever .

Otherwise all the other actors are annoying, cant act, or the script and storyline is so painfully dull and dry that they really cant do a good job with it no matter how good an actor/actress they are.

I actually hated how the movie ended, though it was predictable and I expected nothing less.

There are very little humor and a predictable plot that you must have seen it for at least one hundred times.

Every scene is so dramatic, the scenario is so cliché, high school is so not what it's shown to be....

The movie, in my personal opinion was quite enjoyable, it has some aspects from the first movie, that gives some "flashbacks".

horrible movie - waste of time .

This elevates the film from above an average teen coming of age film.

Insensitive and unwatchable .

the characters are so unrealistic and pretentious, and the dialogues (unsurprisingly) made me feel uncomfortable as hell.

It's a fascinating construction of friendship where legalese and affections are interchangeable.

The random subplot with the two guys liking each other was a waste of time.

I rated 10 stars 1 hour and 45 minutes through the movie and writing this review while the credit is rolling -- even the rolling credit is worth watching.

All in all, # 2 on my list of worst movies I have ever seen following Hereditary.

This may be shocking for you, but I actually found the first movie of this franchise quite enjoyable.

Don't believe the bad reviews, this is a feel good entertaining movie, with plenty of laughs and heartfelt moments, and if you loved the Kissing Booth 1 you will love the Kissing Booth 2 even more

Predictable, boring, stupid.

Worth watching and hope there will be a 3rd movie!

I enjoyed it....

enjoyable .

) and very predictable.

This one is just boring and completely unnecessary.

Arnold can't make up their minds about what the conflicts are and how to resolve them in a clever, compelling or concise manner, so they repeat many of the same tonal notes over the film's egregiously bloated 130 minutes.


20mins movie but it was enjoyable and when I got to the Justin bibear joke as I saw the 1 star reviewers get mad at this joke and I was like really its a 5 to 10 second segment the guys a comedian you acted like joey Kings character made the joke 😂 but other than that I enjoyed it

Too long, too many boring conversation, and overuse scene!

This was a fun sequel to the first movie, it was different but enjoyed it overall.

The Kissing Booth wasn't a great film, but it was enjoyable and I had a good time watching it.

Many of us have already seen it, and we are tired of seeing the classic romantic cliché adapted to the time, with very forced jokes that end up being uncomfortable, and with that so hypocritical attempt of LGTB "inclusion", that more than integrating it in an organic way, it seems only to want to make a show of it.

Making fun of someone's sick appearance is stupid, don't see it, they waste their time BIEBER IS COMING

Better than the first movie yet it was cliche .

👏 Very enjoyable and a fabulous film series, in short.

She was beautiful and funny but at the beginning it seemed like she had bad intentions and I feel like she could've cleared up the confusion then and there.

It is something different and as an adult I enjoyed it.

PAINFULLY Boring, cringey, unfunny and overall garbage even for a teen rom com .

Some parts of the film were predictable, though it also had some surprising moments.

Waste of time .

disrespectful and a waste of time .

Stupid movie waste of time .

Better than the first movie, way too long .

waste of time .

However, in the sequel, The Kissing Booth loses all of its quirky charms, which replaced by factors that makes a typical Netflix coming of age romance movie, cliche and predictable.

So if you are bored and want smth light, easy and funny, you can watch this movie

Enjoyed it .

The first Kissing Booth was enjoyable to watch and had a clear plot even if it was cheesy.

Just like in the first one it is enjoyable to see the behind the scenes of making it while the credits roll, it seems like they at least had fun making it.

Full of clichès, stripped of character development, etc. Most can argue teen rom coms have clichès in the writing but the story was predictable within the first twenty minutes of the film.

I really enjoyed it, as I expected for exactly this kind of genre.

The script was terrible, it was a waste of time.

It made the movie too unrealistic, too safe, too predictable, no little nice twist.

I mean, it's a teen movie, no Emmy winner, but watchable and enjoyable.

Very predictable as well.

And so much boring.

We hope a third movie which will be better and better and maybe more intense.

Okay so let's be honest, we all know kissing booth is a cliché, cheesy rom com movie, so you know what to expect.

The trama was so bored and I don't like that, in my opinion is necessarily make that the viewers delves into the plot

Overall I enjoyed it needless to say because of Joey King and Joel Courtney.

Typical romance film made for tennagers and sooo predictable.

One of the worst movies i've seen in a while.

All in all it was a smiling, enjoyable, decent movie to watch on a Friday night.

The story is so predictable if you have seen the sequel of "To all the boys I have loved before" the story looks quite same as in both the movies actresses are confused and joey king was a mess in this one, she was desperate and teases others too.

Don't waste your time.

Don't waste your time and brain .

This one is just boring

Fun, enjoyable movie .

But her face in this whole movie just annoyed me mainly because she comes off as so overdramatic, pretentious and snobby.

It's by no means a great or particularly memorable movie, but it's an enjoyable enough watch, and well performed by a spirited cast.

The screenplay is bad and incredibly predictable.

Such a waste of time.

However it pleasantly surprised me and watch really entertaining, cute and fun!

It's good you should definitely watch it but it's kind of confusing already so I would suggest if you haven't watched kissing booth.

Very enjoyable and full of emotions.

This was more annoying than enjoyable.

It's worth watching if you enjoyed part 1.

Predictable .

Actually the film is enjoyable and refreshing until the end when Elle got accepted into Harvard.

The first "The Kissing Booth" movie took itself too seriously becoming boring and predictable and while the 2nd installment is still dry and predictable, it's not boring because it isn't taking itself as seriously as the first.

Predictable like all of its kind.

Make the film unwatchable!

They are boring to watch and so, so annoying.

Overall I though this movie was less problematic than the disturbing aggressiveness that was supposed to be cute in the first one and less cringe worthy (though there are definitely some cringy moments, like most of Marco's scenes) but it is also just a bit boring.

The movie was long enough and dragged in some spots and this was one of them.

This is most likely the worst movie ever made on planet earth.

waste of time.

It's predictable, it's too long, it's close to ENCOURAGING cheating, it is the worst steaming hot pile of garbage I have ever seen.

Enjoyable .

Lots of cliché moments and cringeworthy scenes.

Waste of time and disrespectful towards mental illness .

The main conflict is uninteresting.

Full of cliches, devoid of plot or character development, and absolutely no message for teens!

Storylines that were just a bit too boring at times, for example the whole Rachel and Lee thing that was just dragged out for way too long.

Besides it, it's a terrible movie that it's just a waste of time if you watch it alone

You realise how it has become a cliché for Lee to always be mad(at the end) at Elle for her obvious bad decisions that involves him down to Elle leading the MVP guy on for the purpose of 'finding herself'.

Loved the kissing booth 2 it was enjoyable to watch thought it was better than the first movie.

Marco's arc in the history was stupid, he just was used to create a stupid love triangle between Elle, him and Noah and to make a cliche scene in a park.

Was enjoyable enough to watch.