The Last Broadcast (1998) - Horror, Mystery

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A film crew ventures into the forest in search of the mythical 'Jersey Devil'.

IMDB: 5.4
Director: Stefan Avalos
Stars: David Beard, Lance Weiler
Length: 86 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 39 out of 170 found boring (22.94%)

One-line Reviews (120)

It's cleverly written and the supporting background information to the story adds to the believability and genuine feel to the film instead of detracting away from the more suspenseful parts.

It is so slow that nothing ever really happens.

This movie is definately on my top 10 list, and I highly recommend it for anyone that is a big horror-movie fan!!!

Flat, uninteresting characters and a poor attention to the supposed documentary style made this the worst use of my movie rental dollars in a while.

It started of pretty good and I was hooked, but after 30 minutes or so the movie just kept dragging on and became very boring.

You already knew that the videomakers were dead, but then it dragged on a long time without including any new information, and then BANG!

This film is totally engrossing from the outset.

The only thing that makes sense about the narrator being the killer is that clearly he has murderous tendencies as he spent the whole movie trying to bore me to death.

So much potential, but ultimately very boring .

But the film itself was mildly intriguing in its own right.

It's completely unexpected, and confused/annoyed a lot of people.

Classic,no,the best movie of all time,definitely not,an entertaining effort to exploit the media,yes.

Unfortunately, the narration is - as another reviewer has pointed out on here - done in a very monotone manner that fails to invoke even the slightest interest.

Well Worth Watching!!.

The whole film is told in a compelling documentary style that presents the facts of the case, the police investigation into the murders, Suerd's trial, and the documentarian's (David Beard) view of who really committed the murders.

> I was mildly unimpressed until the final scenes of this movie, which really brought it all together in a most intriguing way.

The character who was helping them find the Jersey Devil, Jim I think it was, was terribly overacted and overplayed and the repetitive scene replays increased the boredom factor causing the viewer to lose any interest they had in the outcome of this movie.

With this film, it was boring and repetitious from start to finish (esp.

Some parts are cosy indeed (the geeks, the clothes, the computers), but the film is more than slow and really goes nowhere, plus all effects are deeply amateurish.

Needless to say, it's both shocking and wholly unexpected.

Narrators voice was monotone.

It was like the writers went to a candy store and picked the biggest cliche.

I was prepared to be creeped out, but I was too bored to be creeped out, even by the ending.

This movie is actually rather boring and poorly structured.

Probably the most fascinating part of this entire film for me was that it was made in 1998.

Strangely languid film that takes 80 minutes to reveal its twist...

Here is a horror-documentary that takes itself way too seriously for its own good, after opening with a possibly promising premise and couple of scenes that work as intentionally amateur clips of "Fact or Fiction" hosts on Public Access TV- later victims of what could be the Jersey Devil- and then nose-diving into either mind-numbingly boring exposition, cheesy and/or ridiculously edited "digital" images, and a final ten minutes that had me smacking my head just to make sure I wasn't hallucinating.

The characters are pretty bland, I can't even remember their names.

Overall, it was entertaining...

"A" for effort, but still a bloated, tedious mess of a film.

The story is so engaging, and the characters so believable and real, that it is nearly impossible to find fault with it, despite it's obviously low budget.

Well, I was disappointed after watching 86 minutes of confusing tripe.

Before the "documentary" ends with the cliche, there is a part in the film where David recreates the trip of the murdered filmakers.

It was a truly Holmesian twist, making the last ten minutes of the movie horrifyingly absorbing.

It's boring and there's hardly ANY exciting parts.

This film along with The Blair Witch Project is the WORST film ever made and a waste of 86 minutes of your life.

Shot nearly entirely on video, with the exception of a short piece at the end shot on film, "Broadcast" is gritty and darkly entertaining.

One, the documentary "ends", that is, it concludes with the narrator/murderer David Liegh making a cliche ending remark.

Boring film with a cheap ending .


To me "The Blair Witch" was kind of weak on horror but I DID find it really entertaining to watch 3 people lose it in the woods; especially seeing that incredibly annoying "Heather" finally bite it in the end.

Unfortunately, for the first hour, it's pretty slow-moving too, with the real horrors only beginning towards the end of the film.

Original, a good plot and well worth watching.

It is unexpected and blocky.

This next segment of the film had me on the edge of my seat.

Both are similar in approach however, "The Last Broadcast" takes a sadistic twist that was honestly was quite unexpected.

At parts, I'll admit it, this film dragged on a bit.

It's one big BORING ride.

This has got to be one of the most boring films I have ever seen.

SPOILERS AHEAD: The revelation at the end that the dull, pompous narrator is actually the murderer almost works.

The characters were dull and had very little backstory.

then again i did only watch it because i was suffering from Insomnia.

I nearly fell asleep about 15 minutes in.

There's just something endlessly compelling about watching an extremely obscure amateur-style film from over 2 decades ago while perpetually being reminded that I'm getting older.

Also, the narrator has a very annoying monotone, which comprises the bulk of the dialogue throughout the film.

This is probably one of the worst movies I ever saw in my life.

Well worth watching .

The film also makes an attempt to become more philosophical towards the end, and there is an unexpected twist.

One, the documentary "ends", that is, it concludes with the narrator/murderer David Liegh making a cliche ending remark.

Both have ambiguity whether something supernatural happened, as the characters were exploring a legend about a supernatural being, or whether more mundane homicides occurred.

And as already mentioned, the narration is monotone.

Plus, some of the film's conceits were just too contrived.

Also, the movie switches from video tape in 1st person to letterboxed film in 3rd person for the last 10 minutes of the flick, and this is VERY confusing.

Here's the spoiler, at the end of this very long and very boring documentary the film breaks the atmosphere of documentary by having the individual responsible for the deaths of the townsfolk kill the person who's making the documentary.

It is unexpected and blocky.

I enjoyed it until we got to the twist.

The pacing is a little slow, and you get bogged down by seeing the same footage over and over again.

But, although it follows in it's footsteps, I consider this to be a more enjoyable film than it's more successful counter-part.

But The Last Broadcast is fiction, with an incredible boring story, incredible lousy filming and editing, incredible mediocre actors.

) I was willing to forgive some of the loose ends and awful acting (especially the monotone filmmaker guy) because the rest of the movie was half-way interesting.

The mega-twist in this scene is so unpredictable, you will find yourself going over the whole movie again in your head and go "Ohhhhhh yeah!

I don't care to compare the films in terms of which one is better, or if "The Blair Witch" is truly original; thats pointless.

Stupid waste of time .

Tedious, pales next to Blair Witch .

The pacing is a little slow, and you get bogged down by seeing the same footage over and over again.

But overall it was very entertaining.

The story probably would've worked better as a 45 minute semi-short film as much of it becames repetitive and tedious.

" At that point he violently shoves the camera man and yells in monotone, "See you back at camp, man.

He is one of the most dorky, uninteresting, and monotonous actors I have ever seen.

Still, there are enough quick cuts, blurry 'live' footage, and hinted-at terror to make this 'murder mystery' worth watching more than once.

The narrator's voice is only made more dull by the fact that the script seems to be written to induce comas.

Also, it's a bit repetitive.

Blair Witch, cloverfield, quarantine, diary of the dead, and paranormal activity are all scary and entertaining.

The slow speaking monotone voice of the narrator guiding you through and providing solutions for those that stayed behind.

This film really had me going with a decent-enough story despite obvious and intentional poor acting (for those who knock the acting, people really usually are that dull on camera).

Dreadful, Dreary and Dull .

It's a "Blair Witch" type film, with worse acting, no real plot and not much in the money department.

It's not scary, it's not interesting, it's not atmospheric, it's just BORING!

This may lead us to ignore an unexpected truth, even when it lies right before us.

The atmosphere and the psychological deterioration of the characters is compelling, the little things in the movie give it more life than anything in TLB could.

But it moved very slowly, was very repititious and at times very dull.

It was a bit slow moving in the beginning, and there was a moment of terrible acting (the psychic boy is asked whether or not he's a "psycho" or a "psychic", and he says, almost calmly, "Hey man.

Highly enjoyable.

Yes, the monotonous boring geek from the beginning of the film, the one who's giving the voice-over all the way through.

)As amazingly unexpected as the plot-twist is, it also is the reason why the movie has logic holes.

The fact that the whole thing was shot to look like a TV documentary just made the whole thing incredibly boring.

Important for Found Footage genre, but boring and tedious in execution .

it feels like it's building to something and it's reasonably compelling.

It really got boring after a while.

I found most of the recovered footage and interviews to be pretty dull.

Preceding the thematically and stylistically similar The Blair Witch Project by a year, the film proves even more tedious than its more famous (and highly over-rated) counterpart, with numerous dry interviews with people associated with the case, and lots of grainy, wobbly video footage, none of which I found the slightest bit scary.

Before the "documentary" ends with the cliche, there is a part in the film where David recreates the trip of the murdered filmakers.

What I got, however, was a contrived mess of film school hokum.

One might even argue that his presentation has deliberately been dull and annoying, in order to throw the viewer off the scent.

I was on the edge of my chair the whole time and the suffocation scene scared the hell out of me because it looked VERY realistic.

A complete waste of time.

Captivating, intriguing, and unsettlingly disturbing.

I want my 86 minutes back because I was bored to death watching this "mocku-mentary" movie.

As for the blair witch, that film had no plot, point or original ideas.

It was totally unexpected and threw me for a loop.

I know alot of other people think this is superior to The Blair Witch,however I found this movie to be tedious and fragmented.

Worth a look on Saturday afternoon if you're bored and have some beers in the fridge.

Saddled with a clumsy structure alluding to be a finished documentary, its leaden voiceover, by the man with the most boring voice in the world, will have you hurling stick-men at the screen, and where as the infinitely superior BWP created a narrative momentum that kept you glued to the seat, 'Last Broadcast' never once tries to involve the audience emotionally.

This was by far the worst movie I have ever rented, rivaling Jurassic Park 3 as the worst movie I have ever seen.

That got pretty boring fast.

Rather than bangs, gore and all-too-predictable panto-style shocks, the film creates its own eerie atmosphere and scary believability by relying on the environment and the actors to create a sense of unease and impending doom.

The script is film school tripe - plodding, self congratulatory, stupid, without any sense of pacing or urgency.

A boring & cheap movie that did not really precede The Blair Witch Project.

This movie is incredibly slow, uninteresting, and downright confusing.

It's hard to believe anyone as bland as he seems to be could commit several atrocious murders, and therefore, it's really creepy when we see him murder the woman on camera.