The Last House on the Left (2009) - Horror, Thriller

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After kidnapping and brutally assaulting two young women, a gang unknowingly finds refuge at a vacation home belonging to the parents of one of the victims: a mother and father who devise an increasingly gruesome series of revenge tactics.

IMDB: 6.5
Director: Dennis Iliadis
Stars: Garret Dillahunt, Monica Potter
Length: 110 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 55 out of 334 found boring (16.46%)

One-line Reviews (212)

The movie could easily have been an hour long, but instead dragged us through two hours of mediocrity.

I enjoyed it.

The new version of the film is certainly entertaining and in many ways vastly superior to the earlier version of "Last House on the Left," which was Wes Craven's first film.

The Last House on the Left tells the story of Mari and Paige and their uneventful downfall into the hands of a criminal gang who have escaped from a prison transfer.

The story is predictable, even if you haven't seen the original and is by the numbers.

While Last House 2009 does alter the story of the original somewhat, it stays fairly true to the shocking nature and gripping suspense that made the original a classic.

IN SPITE OF ALL THIS, the movie is exciting and it does keep your attention.

The first half of the film is rather boring.

Overall this movie was Great, one of the more enjoyable remakes of our time, Sara Paxton has shone a new light, and i feel she is capable of many things.

As far as The Last House on the Left 2009 goes, it's a waste of time to even watch this piece of crap.

A part of me thinks it should of stuck to those generalisations because as they clearly tried to make it perhaps more intense and psychological then other horrors such as involving the main victim's parents,it falls short to make any impact.

I understand that people have qualms with pointless gore.

It was clearly more 'Hollywood' and less raw & gritty compared to the original as most remakes usually are but as a stand-alone film, it was a compelling and gripping watch.

But if director Dennis Iliadis was setting out to create an entertaining (?

Just plain boring.

An intense, well executed remake.

If you had to choose to watch the original or the remake, I would go with the remake because it's a lot more thrilling, and it's far superior to Wes Craven's version overall.

Each scene keeps you on the edge of your seat and leaves you in suspense for how it will turn out.

It's pointless going on about remakes of old horror films, they are here to stay and we continue to watch them in the hope that they will strike a chord with us.

Easily one of the all time worst movies ever made.

It's pretty suspenseful, too, especially, I would imagine, if you had never seen the original or knew the premise.

just terrible people doing terrible things to innocent victims in harrowing drawn out scenes that range from no-big-deal drug use to am-i-somehow-an- accomplice rape.

We are then treated to more of a drawn out inevitability, that these two girls are going to face a horrible fate.

Even though there's a lot of action going on, the pacing always seems slow.

Straight from the brief opening credit sequence, (no names listed until the end), as we dodge through trees, illuminated one at a time in the stark darkness as we move past, to some gorgeous underwater frames, to some inventive blocking and use of focus changing, the camera-work is intriguing in its own rite.

It has some terrific action sequences and remains quite intense throughout.

It copped out on all the 'sleazy' elements that MADE the original such a hit, and replaced it with silly macho heroics, a cast devoid of ANY personality, and pointless gore.

But a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

There were a few moments in the movie where what the characters said to each other was so mundane or was an example of terrible acting that it took me out of the movie with a cringe.

Their roles seemed entirely contrived and even silly in places.

And at the top of all, it was awfully boring.

How can this plot be uninteresting?

Even though the some of the scenes were dulled down but still entertaining.

Some of these reasons could be summed up by the fact that the original was quite low budget and was more or less a B movie because even though I enjoyed it very much there were certain parts of the original that were not entirely realistic and sometimes it did feel a little lame and poorly done.

Cunningham is a sleek production with average budget and packs genuine chills , suspense , repugnant scenes, tension , and shocks , it's a terror-thriller very exciting .

If you are looking for a good, solid horror that will have you on the edge of your seat, then this is for you!

You can tell the writers tried to add some more juice to the already predictable and dull scenes, including some long dialogs, extending scenes with more and more tension and having a character take forever to die.

Due to the fact i knew what was coming, i kind of found the characters boring.

Also the story is terribly predictable....

Surprisingly suspenseful .

I must point out the most exciting part of the story.

Helpless teenagers smoking dope in trouble,running through the woods,falling over and twisting their ankles and nasty men who spout predictable one liners.

Don't waste your time.

I'm sure that when the movie came out it was shocking, but to my desensitized brain it was boring.

Stunning, silent, loud, emotional and...

Things get a little bit unrealistic for a time but then we focus on the parents and the dialogue between them and again, we are being whipped into intense frenzy.

The plot was good, the storyline was realistic, the acting was terrific, the suspense was amazing, no nudity overload, the gore was added at the appropriate times, and it kept you on the edge of your seat.

Overall, I would have like to see the movie finish off more realistically, and stay away from concentrating so hard on making it suspenseful.

This film is a great re-imagining of the 1970's classic and it kept on the edge of my seat as a fantastic horror thriller.

It was very intense and raw.

the perpetrators were dull, all sound the same and didn't really make the hairs on the back of my neck stand.

And the scene way too long.

When they discover whom they are entertaining the blood letting starts.

I was in the mood for a horror/thriller but despite all the violence and gory moments, this flick can be quite boring at times.

To say one minor good thing is that the film is an AWEFULLY slow starter.

They depend on the building of suspense and tension and dread, even when the outcome is insanely predictable.

Absolutely Riveting .

I highly recommend it!

This may be why his title project is a coming of age story of two girls and their friendship in the world of teen prostitution.

A bit too predictable...

No, as most of the dialog in his movies is pretty below average, but the guy knows how to write entertaining movies.

Suspenseful, thrilling, tense and adrenaline-rushing .

One thing I can say, is that this remake certainly had its strong points that made it worth the watch.

Pointless and ridiculous remake.

This is worth watching for anyone with a tolerance for uncomfortable scenes and an affinity for old school terror and violence.

😋 About 80% of the film is intense and blood-pumping.

In "Last House on the Left," the original rape and murder are simply an excuse for more violence -- more dragged out, more explicit, more brutal, and finally just plain silly.

Apart from some supremely tense sequences, as mentioned the real strength is in the acting and the compelling character arcs at play.

All of this sure ensues a running time of +90 minutes, but it's tedious and boring.

Specfically, the last 45 minutes of the movie were extremely climactic and intense.

The script seemed shoddy and pointless, and the characters were so unrealistic it began to annoy me.

The first half is the most compelling.

It could easily lose half an hour in length, and that would make it a little more entertaining.

Pathetic waste of my time and money.

I was dragged to this by my friends when it first came out in theaters.

It really is very predictable and the story doesn't have any real surprises or expectation gaps.

Realistic setup becomes predictable and way too gruesome.

You are at least in part responsible for providing the worst movie since Dude, Where's My Car.

Worst, most pointless remake I have ever seen.

I have watched it several times over the years and I have always enjoyed it each time I viewed it.

So many cliche's so many over used tropes.

If you watch the unrated version, be warned that it is psychologically intense.

But the pair that really makes the film worth watching are Tony Goldwyn and Monica Potter.

Of course the studios don't disappoint, making this film as pointless and horrible as the other remakes.

my husband dragged me to this because he thought it was a horror/scary movie and wanted to see it in the theater.

Watch this movie if you like tense atmospheric,suspenseful thrillers like SAW,DEATH SENTENCE,MISERY etc- it will be going to take you to a different world altogether.

(at time of my review) I give it a 2, and it gives me a dunce cap for wasting $20 to spend an hour and a half trying to stay awake.

The remake action scene is more very thrilling because of the unexpected event.

The worst movie I've seen in recent memory......

It was Full of violence and rape beyond reason, had no story at all.

I walked out of the theater because of it, as I heard many other people did.

I haven't seen the original 1977 version, but this film is a very good demonstration of what an "enjoyable" (note the quotation marks) film is supposed to be.

Horrifying, Raw, Intense, and Disturbing.

I like horror films, but I really hate stupid ones with predictable plots, shallow characters and those which have cliché written all over them.

As a film in it's own right it's pretty good, the story is engaging enough, there's enough to shock & disturb & it does what it sets out to do.

Still, why waste the time building the story if it serves no purpose to the main plot?

It felt like a contrived character trait thrown in just to get her into the water during her escape attempt.

There seems to be no storyline in this movie, outside of Isaksson's blatantly plagiarized premise.

All things considered, this is reasonably entertaining in a very visceral way, with some nice atmosphere (this was actually shot in South Africa!

It's more of a Crime/Drama The only thing that bothered me was the rape scene which I about walked out of the theater because it was so disturbing and I will skip that part when I watch the UNRATED DVD.

" but as the movie went on, it got even more and more suspenseful and the last fight scene has you on the edge of your seat.

These two teenage friends make horrible decisions one after another, a common horror cliché that became outdated and frustrating back in the 90's.

I really enjoyed it for what it was, and came out pleasantly surprised.

Krug (Dillahunt) and co. in The Last House on the Left are mere ingredients; bland and tasteless ingredients designed to, hopefully, add flavour to a recipe that, if mixed all together, might produce something interesting.

Once this gets going, it turns into a pretty decent suspense shocker that keeps you watching, and even though you can be pretty sure how it's going to turn out you do find yourself every now and then on the edge of your seat waiting to see how the movie is going to get where it's obviously going.

When the parents discover who their unexpected guests are, there's hell to pay, just as in the original.

Overall, the story goes nowhere and the violence and gore make it nearly unwatchable.

Plot-wise, this movie is incredibly predictable.

Rape scene was far too long .

Not only that but the viewer has to sit through multiple, as mentioned, cliché suspense scenes that are since Friday 13th, utterly not worth any money or time.

) film that would make you want to die half way through (there were double-digit amounts of people who walked out of the theater we were in.

Making a trek to their secluded summer home, scenes of placid, mundane domesticity give way to horror when Mari and her friend Paige (Martha MacIsaac) are accosted by unassuming teen Justin (Spencer Treat Clark), who takes them back to a seedy motel room for an afternoon of pot-smoking.

The plot was only partly exciting and sometimes boring.

But if you actually care at least a little about having a solid script and good acting, stay away from this boring and predictable bad effort of a shock movie.

Pointless gore, unfruitful script and lousy ending.

I was therefore expecting to hate the remake but I surprisingly enjoyed it.

A thought provoking, pulse racing thriller, that will have you on the edge of your seat until the credits roll.

I mean seriously, write what you want but im sure deep down you all know this a pointless exercise...

It's solidly-made and remains engaging and tense all the way.

Then, with a smile, he slowly inserts the knife into another part of her lower belly and we get to see him gripping the handle firmly as the blade slides into her body.

Good Movie Worth Watching .

Gripping and harrowing in equal measure.

Hope this review was enjoyable :)

I gladly pronounce, that this was the worst movie i ever saw in my life.

Watching a close up someone drive a knife into another young lady and then focus in on the wound was again pointless and unnecessary .

this is another pointless and very poor remake of a film that just did not need remaking.

But the places that Paxton and Dillahunt had to go with that rape scene are hard to imagine, and I credit them for being able to trust one another to deliver something that raw and intense.

After a failed attempt at sitting through the original version - due to boredom, abysmal acting and overwhelming 70s camp - I approached this one with fairly low hopes.

The premise of this movie was intriguing.

Ghoulish, demented, and wildly entertaining .

The killings are long and drawn out and they are violent.

All in all, this is a nail-biting, riveting and pulse-pounding thriller.

The violence is boring, falling short of my expectation of incremental torturing by the parents.

Disturbing, but far too predictable .

I don't know if I should congratulate the actors and the director, or recommend that they all go into intensive therapy.

Of ocurse, eventually bad guy has a chance to kill husband but does what all bad, bad guys do and pontificates far too long, allowing son to come in with gun held to main bad guys head...

I also give her kudos for her final fight scene, probably the most exciting segment in the film for me personally.

For me it was a waste of time.

The emotional feeling of the rape scene for the victim was intense, it just makes you feel helpless as you can only sit there and watch it.

What one would expect to be the usual horror flick kills become methodical, realistic, and unbearable.

Sara Paxton is Mari, bored at the lake house her parents go to every summer and bummed out by her brother Ben's recent death, goes to the city to catch up with her friend Paige, played by Martha MacIsaac of all people!

I still enjoyed it .

Slow starter worth the waiting .

In the confusion, Krug crashes the truck into a tree.

To be honest, the suspense was amazing in this movie, it kept you on the edge of your seat.

This version does feature good performances from three compelling actors: Tony Goldwyn, Garret Dillahunt, and Aaron Paul (Jesse from Breaking Bad).

The attempted escapes have you on the edge of your seat although in real life they would be bound.

The rape scene was totally unnecessarily graphic, and way too long.

The paralysis incisions in place of duck tape was brilliant, but to then spoil it by treating his head like a ready meal left you feeling empty.

This takes the cake for worst movie of 2009.

I guess it's even stronger on the psychological side, because the tension built around all characters is really intense.

What I took into Last House 09 was what I knew about the original (by the way i have the original movie on DVD and it has been sitting there unwatched for a few years), and I must admit it's definitely a quality movie, great acting, wrought tension and great scares, i must say there were times I was hiding behind my hands because it was so suspenseful.

There is some brutally violent sequences especially the gruesome unexpected ending you won't forget, of course Wes Craven with friend Sean S.

The violence in The Last House on the Left 2009 is just pale, boring and stylized.

This remake was also a lot more intense and suspenseful, and the danger felt a lot more real.

The result is an unwatchable mess of so called morality tales and sadism.

As soon as the film starts I knew this was going to be another cliché horror film and features almost every cliché in the book.

I appear to be going against the tide a users that seem to have enjoyed this movie or found it close to the original but I'm afraid that this movie was purely un-recommendable, predictable and purely gratuitous in it's depiction on Violence and Rape.

It's so contrived....

Really enjoyed it and the plot :)

The result is an endless barrage of derivative, uninteresting tripe, many of them remakes produced by the like of Michael Bay and directed by those attempting to get started in the industry.

I thought that Wes Craven's 'Last House on the Left' was a fairly decent movie that was brutal yet entertaining.

Anyway it's still pretty entertaining and watchable.

The other problem I had with it is that despite how much I enjoyed it, it's not the type of movie I would watch over and over again.

If you find blood splashing and that sort of things entertaining, you'll enjoy it.

Save your money, don't rent it.

Otherwise worth watching

For me was only a waste of time.

) was very intense and even more difficult to watch, and when the parents are having their revenge I was cheering like a little school boy.

Of course, as the characters are running away from their assailants they take a tumble just as they're about to be clear of the horror to only be dragged back in to it, classic horror movie idiocy.

Dennis Iliadis knows what he has to work with and uses it to his advantage, shooting a riveting thriller that, while showcasing enough blood to drown a small village, is never overdone.

(Named, I'm sure, after Susan "Sadie" Atkins--talk about intense.

I also liked the script from Carl Ellsworth, who again manages to create an entertaining atmosphere, much like he did in Red Eye and Disturbia.

It began slow, building the story line and revealing how the characters would play a part in this great film.

Goldwyn plays the father and has intense moments that is all played through his eyes.

I'm not going to give anything away because I'm sure most of you know the story by the trailers, but overall this is an intense film that you won't forget anytime soon.

First off, honestly, the movie is just downright boring.

Fantastic Thriller, Well Acted with Unbearable Suspense.

Bland Tony Goldwyn and blander Monica Potter are the parents.

It's a fascinating story that intrigues people, as many of us find ourselves wondering if we could personally take the life of another human being under similar circumstances.

Much more exciting in my opinion.

And then takes way too long, that's the flat and boring story chugging along, to get to anything else entertaining.

This sleep-inducing remake just doesn't deliver in any of those subjects.

Brutal, disturbing, suspenseful, amazing .

However, from the middle, the film loses some interest because it becomes predictable and similar to other horror films like "You're Next", for example.

The lines are stupid and the script dull.

I highly recommend it!

It's a highly suspenseful, taut and thoroughly gripping tale of true psychological horror.

This film may be for some people, but I would recommend the tamer, but a lot better 1972 version any day of the week opposed to this waste of time and money.

)Buy, Rent or Borrow: RentIf you liked this try: Last House On The Left (6/10); House On The Edge Of The Park (4/10); I Spit On Your Grave (4/10) Phil HobdenFor more reviews like this check out:http://www.

Things become much tense despite the fact that some parts are abit cliché.

Pathetic waste of my time and money.

Be warned that "Last House on the Left" does not flinch when it comes to brutal violence so this is definitely not something for the kiddies, but for grownups who can handle the carnage, this remake is worth watching - and for discussing afterward.

Empty violence and cheap thrills .

Iliadis uses hand-held camera as well as anyone, not over-doing it at all, but filming everything with a stark sort of clarity, and he finds a surprisingly effective rhythm for the film which keeps it from ever being mundane.

This was a really good movie,scary,sad,intense...

One of the worst movies of all time .

Intense, unnerving and potent.

In fact, the pace of the first twenty minutes or so is too slow and the movie seems to suffer slightly from weak storytelling.

Aside from that this is an incredible movie, very intense and cuts deep.

Likewise, there's a lot of fun here with the actual revenge being taken out against the group as these vicious, brutal and violent brawls are quite cathartic and really important at making the revenge seem logical and well-thought-out here as the action throughout the house, from the bloody kitchen encounter to the chasing in the guest-house that includes the gunfight alongside the rather fine encounter in the bathroom all leading nicely into the big, knockdown brawl for its final resolution, there's some really enjoyable action scenes throughout here that makes this one quite fun.

But the movie was entertaining nonetheless.

Among the problems here is the fact that the first half is just criminally boring, as there's not much of anything that keeps the interest or really gets involved with what happened throughout here.

That film displays Craven's potential, but while certain sequences are compelling it is cheap, clumsy, has a bizarrely chirpy bluegrass score, some awful acting (and some good acting), and the movie's biggest flaw: a Benny Hill-like slapstick subplot.

In the original, after everyone is disposed of, the parents are empty shells.

The Craven film sent shock waves around the world with his vile violence and countless rip-offs started showing up including NIGHT TRAIN MURDERS and HOUSE ON THE EDGE OF THE PARK.

Very interesting from start till end.. 👍👍 worth watching movie.

Sanitized and flawed if still enjoyable remake .

It was definitely riveting and gory.

The violence was also very intense and many of the deaths kept me in tune with the film.

I was gratified that the final fight sequence was realistic in the sense that, despite the adrenaline rushing through the father, he was still getting his ass whipped until the son appeared.

The last act and the only parts worth watching, seem to fall under the 'torture porn' genre.