The Lazarus Effect (2015) - Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi

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A group of medical researchers discover a way to bring dead patients back to life.

IMDB: 5.2
Director: David Gelb
Stars: Olivia Wilde, Mark Duplass
Length: 83 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 43 out of 176 found boring (24.43%)

One-line Reviews (136)

Seconds before this suspenseful moment, Frank had draped a white sheet over Zoe.

Actually, the character gallery was so bland and non-distinct that I can't even recall their individual names, only the faces of the actors and actresses portraying them.

No major flaws to talk about, the ending a little enevitable but defo worth watching

I don't know why some people gave it such low votes, I really enjoyed it.

Yeah, there are "scares" but they're all the cliché flickering lights, someone coming up behind someone else's back, fake out, cheap ass easy jump scares that we've seen a million times and you can see them coming from a mile away.

At the end of the day, "The Lazarus Effect" is tired and uninspired in more ways than one, but it does deal with some fascinating philosophical and scientific territory, and there are a handful of really well-crafted scenes.

I enjoyed it.

From the very beginning the movie was predictable.

I don't think The Lazarus Effect was meant to be a big, thought provoking masterpiece, it was meant as a short and entertaining horror flick.

I found the film to be very frustrating, there was very little character or plot development, it's very shallow and quite boring.

So boring .

Such a terrible thing to have such a predictable movie when you had such good material to work with to produce something truly scary and original.

Predictable but entertaining .

So why, when people watch horror movies, are they surprised and annoyed by any type of cliché?

They know what to do, and not only do they NOT be stupid, but they also manage to make some quick, steady decisions that succeed in gripping our attention.

I can't say I liked it but I didn't hate it either, perhaps one day there will be a r-rated directors cut that will be a little more fleshed out cause this felt a little empty.

I liked Scarlett's film, a very much enjoyable.

Olivia Wilde breathes life to a predictable premise .

Instead we get a mediocre, cliché and rather uninteresting (albeit gracefully short) horror flick, whose greatest sin is "what could have beens".

In spite of obvious faults, it is a very entertaining film, so it's difficult to discredit it entirely just because it isn't high art.

If you're bored with this odd story, which I was, you might enjoy the challenge of picking out various movie references this movie holds, many in homage to Stephen King.

It's entertaining, great VFX and cinematography, I think Olivia Wilde's performance as the creepy zombie Zoe is simply brilliant, in fact, all of the cast members pull their weight and showcase their fright to the max.

Overall, engaging start, unimpressive end.

The scares are mostly all right, though some predictable jump scares are still shoehorned in.

Just enough to add some adrenaline.

" Also, if you don't have a sense of humor, this review is more entertaining then The Lazarus Effect, because here you can waste your 1-2 minutes (it depends on how fast are you reading) for reading, while watching a movie you'll waste freaking 83 minutes!

The kill scenes (other than the first) was completely predictable.

It seemed as though on the trailer she dies, goes to hell and instead of her a demon comes back in her or something relatively close to this which would've been more entertaining.

Worth watching for fans of the genre.

This is one of my favourite movies and the cast consists of some of my favourite actors including Mark Duplass (The League), the stunning Olivia Wilde, Donald Glover (Comminity), and Evan Peters (X-Men movies).

The director could have altered the script to make the film more exciting.

I was rather bored with the ending and explanation asking myself "Is this a faith based film?

When have you EVER seen a doctor put an adrenaline shot through the heart???

Just, the film had an interesting synopsis and good actors but thats it, the crappy writing and crappy directing make this film just overall very dull and boring.

I was really impressed and greatly enjoyed it .

In other words,, both movies are rather short in duration (approx 90 minutes running-time each movie) and even though both movies do contain some rather suspenseful,, scary individual scenes (in the middle of each movie),, both movies ended up being quite a disappointment "dud" in the end!

Although this isn't much of a "jump out of your seat" horror film, it certainly is very suspenseful.

Entertaining and fun .

The other huge and frustrating aspect bringing down many a film of the genre is the fact that there are an increasingly large number of films with potential that find it squandered in the midst of so-so acting, characters we can't be bothered caring for, uninspiring direction and cliché ridden story arcs – it's a problem then that the Lazarus Effect is a harbinger for both these genre drowning aspects.

There were some parts in this story that could have gone deeper but went nowhere probably because of the short length of the film.

The rest of the film is a combination of scary moments, clever reveals and unexpected developments.

I will say though that the ending had an enjoyable twist.

As the story commands, this film "walks" between life and death, but also as the time goes by the story becomes boring and uninteresting.

She becomes almost soulless, her previous joy lost behind intense stares and laughable dialog.

The problem with horror films these days are that they seem to have the same cliché and the same old annoying jump scares.

You get the predictable jump-scares, you get the dialed in dialogue, what else did you expect?

Yes, it's more popcorn cinema than deep or demanding, but I think it's thrilling and fun to watch.

Little be little the movie started to drag and get repetitive.

I was on the edge of my chair during the entire movie and I the actors also did justice for their role.

It feels rushed and slapped together and rehashed material and as many other IMDb reviewers have said, boring.

The movie is a hodge podge of contrived scenes sloppily thrown together.

Quite thrilling .

There was nothing new or unique about the movie, and literally the only aspect of the movie that could be considered scary (if you're not already desensitized to those, like most people) were the jump scares, and even those were predictable.

The acting was fairly decent, at least for the lead actress, though the deaths were somewhat predictable.

Together with "Shutter" scenarist Luke Dawson and rookie writer Jeremy Slater, who is penning the new "Fantastic Four" reboot, freshman director David Gelb conjures up a sufficient number of screams and scary moments to keep things suspenseful despite a surplus of clichés.

Ooo and back to the movie its just really entertaining and the main actress does a great job keeping it real.

Unfortunately, like I touched on earlier, the story failed to keep any real interest especially after the first 40 minutes or so, and it actually got a bit dull at times more than anything else.

It all winds up being desperate attempts to rescue a film with no heart or soul, just an empty, pointless, thrill-less exercise in futility.

Instead I view them as comedy movies, trying to entertain myself by how bad the films are, so it's pretty safe to say my expectations when seeing a horror movie are about as low as it gets and yet "The Lazarus Effect" still left me astonished by just how bad, uninteresting and not even remotely scary it was.

The movie is barely 80 minutes long and it still has dull moments.

OK, this is not going to go down as one of the most original horror movies, but it was entertaining.

It was a nice entertaining movie, nice cast and good story.

Altogether, despite a predictable second-act and the set-up for a sequel, "The Lazarus Effect" musters enough moments to give you a case of the heebie jebbies

If you allow yourself to be immersed in the reality you will find that this film is enjoyable and also entertaining.

While she sleeps, seeing as DMT is what causes humans to dream, Zoe's dreams are more intense, and her brain waves are extremely strong, as the serum is chock full of DMT, and still present in her system.

Even at 87 minutes boredom set in and I found myself dozing on occasion.

While this is nothing intellectual, it is indeed an entertaining horror movie.

I'd recommend this for horror fans, if you're perhaps bored.

That fact leaves a huge opportunity for an absolutely brilliant movie but instead its totally wasted with stock standard horror themes such as telekinesis, vengeance, fear, hate, black eyes and a single superior creature that ends up doing the most mundane of things.

For entertaining in this movie you have to have a good sense of humor.

I went in to this movie expecting it to be a good horror film that was gonna keep me on the edge of my seat.

The character interactions in the film and the way the scientists would operate to try and perfect their serum was more intriguing and fun to witness than anything Gelb, Dawson, and Slater were trying to cook up.

Everything that happens here is pretty much straightforward and therefore, boring.

Adrenaline straight to the heart.....

Lacking any substantial scares beyond the standard startles in dimly lit rooms, The Lazarus Effect is a poorly conceived thriller with a predictable and pointless existence.

My only problem is that everyone was either bland (The Mains) Annoying (Eva) or just completely unlikable (Clay and Niko) The Story is not amazing by any standard of the word, and while the premise is....

It all takes place in an empty laboratory and there are some moments where you feel the claustrophobia of being trapped in a place where dead bodies are kept and weird surgical instruments all over the place.

It's far from the worst horror movie I have ever seen, but "The Lazarus Effect" is too soft and predictable to really entertain viewers - unless they have never seen a horror movie before, and have lead sheltered lives.

I rated it 8 because from start to finish it was entertaining I really don't understand what's wrong with people Is it a new wave of mentally disordered people who can't tell between a good and a bad movie ?

Because she dies and haunts the film as another cliche.

The Lazarus Effect features nothing to boast about, not even it's cast since they are completely under utilized, everything here is dull.

Though neither very fascinating nor very innovative.

That and the slight glimmers of intriguing philosophical concepts.

Afterall, it is a good entertaining movie I would recommend.

The acting is OK, the effects OK, they actually manage to build a bit of suspense in on occasion but overall the movie is utterly predictable and fails as a horror movie.

This was so boring and full of cliches.

It'll be another normal boring horror flick.

Although there is plenty of creepy material, and a few genuinely scary moments, it all seems pretty formulaic after this point.

Verdict: For a long while, I found the film extremely boring.

What I believe that this is a very entertaining movie.

A very ho-hum attempt to scare .

Tired old cliché done badly....

This film is so dull, it could barely keep my attention; for it's 83 minute running length.

It is entertaining, never boring, cool stuff happens, actors are good.

I had seen a trailer once and thought it looked decent and I knew right away that we've seen this concept many times before and I knew it would have likely been done better but you hope to at least find a time waster that is entertaining and this does that in barest sort of ways.

The 82 minutes run time is precisely the right duration to deliver what is an adrenaline-loaded romp into mad science meets hell.

Death and destruction follows at which point it becomes dull and derivative.

Watchable and somewhat entertaining, this movie just should have been better than the end result.

Definitely worth watching .

As enjoyable as it was, you can't help to fell like this movie was rushed out of it's intentions.

The plot was rather bad and a bit boring.

It was just contrived and dull.

the name itself has an extremely compelling connection to the most Iconic figure known to man, he being Jesus Christ .

Sadly, the second half wastes all that potential by moving into silly supernatural territory, with random demonic possession and predictable kills.

Minor inconsistencies in the story and the editing and a questionable final scene took a little away from the quality of the movie, but it's still a fun and entertaining distraction.

Until then is great but after the resurrection of our dead girl (Olivia Wilde) the story becomes extremely boring and cliché, the black guy of course dies first in ridiculous way and the next kills follows too fast and they are predictable !!!

Filled with same old horror cliché dragging the whole film down and ultimately becomes a forgettable one at last // instagram: moviesmaniax .

One bit of science was pretty intriguing.

Probably, The Lazarus Effect is another example of a major Hollywood produced horror movie that is giving the horror genre a bad name and this is not by a lack of technical resources or actors but the eternal problem in this kind of movies: Everything that happens here is pretty much straightforward and therefore, boring.

Certain parts I found predictable thus not allowing me to enjoy what could've been a great movie as apposed to being a mediocre non memorable Mcflurry.

Just when you think that the horror elements are coming into the film in the last act, they never really do, a couple of jump-scare moments that are predictable make up the only horror elements of the film and the last 30 minutes feel just not intense at all.

Worst movie ever, i ve watched several and this as worst

The film also manages to introduce some intriguing back-story with the events of which Zoe is being put through, the said back-story not only clears up some events us audience are put through; the events also manage to give us more insight on our character, Zoe.

Despite it's mild financial success, impressive cast and intriguing story idea, it's still a pretty boring and unimpressive supernatural thriller.

Overall, this is a horror film with great cast and interesting concept to watch throughout but filled with same old horror cliché dragging the whole film down and ultimately becomes a forgettable one at last.

It was enjoyable to see a refreshing idea introduced into the horror world.

There are many reason stop go watch THE LAZARUS EFFECT, despite it being predictable.

Thinly written disposable characters walking around a laboratory waiting to be slaughtered in a cheap and boring way.

Evan Peters is probably the best character and the most fun but painfully predictable in some senses.

The movie was unoriginal with predictable scares that really failed to creep me out at all.

But if you just want to see an entertaining scify horror movie then I can recommend this movie.

This movie was very predictable.

As things go bump in the dark, you might just get the sense of isolation, which for me was the factor that really got me on the edge of my seat.

Saw this movie with my friend Scott in Imax for free with the popcorn and the FREEZY and even went sober and really enjoyed it.

I suppose they will find this fun, but more sensible and mature folk may find this boring and stereotyped.

And the ending, well, also predictable, dumb, and made the whole movie suck even more.

It just went nowhere.

This may be because the movie is kind of predictable - you'll be able to figure out every plot twist or so-called "shock" moment before it happens.

but before you can say, unexpected side effects, they are off and running, Wouldn't it be grand if a member of the group turns out to be the unlucky recipient of the revival potion.

It really felt like the writers tried to shove as much horror cliché into one movie, and with it's running time of only 82 minutes, it results in this bloated disaster.


This may explain the film's short length however what we have is thrilling and creepy.

Riveting Entertainment All The Way .

Then, eventually, characters start getting killed off in boring and obvious ways and character motivations stop making sense.

The production values are a little poor, and the storytelling is disjointed, lacks any sort of core plot, at times it seemed to make no sense.

The acting was pretty flat, the story line was kind of weak, it was predictable, and it just wasn't scary.