The Legend of Zorro (2005) - Action, Adventure, Romance

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Despite trying to keep his swashbuckling to a minimum, a threat to California's pending statehood causes the adventure-loving Don Alejandro de la Vega and his wife, Elena, to take action.

Director: Martin Campbell
Stars: Antonio Banderas, Catherine Zeta-Jones
Length: 129 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 45 out of 255 found boring (17.64%)

One-line Reviews (210)

at most times the plot is very predictable.

There were too many mundane morphing scenes.

Trite garbage .

The action is repetitive and lacks bite.

After all a very, very good movie with thrilling chases, good (swords)fights and a story that you would not expect.

It worth watching once.

They're very entertaining and they flow in a complimenting way.

it is entertaining though, with nice moments of humour.

Even the somewhat confusing emphasis on the strong Mexican population in support of American statehood, the apparently questionable federal agents all make for an uneasy undertone in this movie - who are the really the good people in this movie anyway, a similar question that was raised in the original movie.

It was suspenseful without being gory.

Entertaining action filled ride .

Zorro's kid doesn't make it any better with his annoying performance, proving that kicking a soldier in the butt and causing him to fall down a slide into some water becomes boring after the 12th time.

Contrived sequel, overlong cartoonish fight scenes and annoying Zeta-Jones .

I do admit I was sad at parts, but as soon as I expected the worse, good and exciting things happened.

This worked in 'Pirates of the Caribbean', after all – but 'Pirates' tweaked that format by introducing unpredictable elements (chiefly Depp's unexpected proficiency as a physical comedian and…er…the Living Dead).

A hot poker up a bad guy's bum, women fighting in heavy mid-19th Century dresses (a woman would struggle running, much less fighting), honestly, it just became either boring or unbelievable (and sometimes both).

This is Antonio Banderas's film and this time he thrives on the challenge,giving all of Zorro the key components he needs to be an entertaining hero,and I really think the film benefited from this.

The story was interesting and entertaining and funny (if you catch it).

light, but in today's movie climate, entertaining .

I loved the first picture (thankfully this one does NOT have a head in a jar)and that one was a bit more serious than this one and had greater weight - if that term can be used in connection with a swashbuckler, but this is a good picture and I found it extremely enjoyable.

I saw this twice, and enjoyed it as much the second time.

Not an awful film by any means, but the overstuffed plot results in a film that runs far too long with many a dull stretch encountered along the way.

The role performances of Banderas and Zeta-Jones are nothing phenomenal, but they're still pretty flawless and as both them being good actors it makes the movie more entertaining as well.

Too cheesy, cliche, and awful storyline .

All the chatty moments are boring and unnecessary, and it is only worth watching for the fights and chases.

don't waste your time.

Makes the sign of the ZZZ...

A gigantic modern movie cliché just dressed up in a black mask and cape.

I then of course we have the usual and repetitive fare of the runaway train, the man with metal bits attached to parts of his anatomy, and the small boy at risk.

After the swashbuckling 'The Mask of Zorro', this sequel feels entirely contrived.

" I am happy to say all fears were unfounded, this is a fine, entertaining movie with good characters and good acting.

As for the first, I thought it was a little boring, and while this one is a little more entertaining, it is also much cheasier.

Zzzzzorro the dull blade .

Sounds intense if you ask me.

at most times the plot is very predictable.

The action scenes, while more Jackie Chan-ish than in the original are entertaining.

Boring, and not on the same wavelength as the original.

like "The Mummy" and "Indiana Jones", and just as enjoyable.

Remarkable locations, intense action and memorable characters can keep a popcorn film alive, especially one destined to mediocrity from the get-go.

Evocative musical score by James Horner and colorful cinematography by Philippe Rousselot.

but there is way too much comic relief, and the story moves way too slow....

I saw this movie on a cross-country flight and wished I could've walked out on it.

A few other things that feel notably absent here is a sense of thrill and excitement; the original film suffered from weak storytelling, but it made up for it by being cheeky, fun and thrilling.

Another movie that was just plain boring.

And though the story line is formulaic, with a few Western-movie clichés, this kind of movie is supposed to follow the formula, in my opinion.

All that's left are numerous moments of boredom, that could have easily been wiped away with a better editor and a much more polished screenplay.

It is worth watching.

So I enjoyed it very much.

Unncessary and untimely follow-up to The Mask of Zorro has plenty to take in, yet leaves you with that empty sequel feeling.

It worth watching once.

The sequel on the other hand is contrived, dumbed down, and worst of all, dull.

Adults expecting a grown-up swashbuckler will be disappointed, but the adventurous kid in me really enjoyed it.

This predictable adventure movie has its convoluted plot and a decent dose of marital spats as well as sword scenes where Zorro is able to win over his foes in a less than fatal way, in most cases.

The performances were pretty good and the plot was also fine, very exciting.

It's a good action film, good visual entertainment; predictable, but exciting.

The main bad guy (the one with the mansion) is intriguing as well.

Not great, but enjoyable sequel .

And while the original chemistry between the leads is missing, the many arguments they have are somewhat entertaining.

The continuity errors were a little intriguing: References to a "Confederate Army" in 1850 when the states didn't secede until 1861 and showing a Henry Repeating Rifle at least 10 years prior to its existence while no one carries a Colt Revolver which did exist at the time is rather odd.

The action is fun, and the music is enjoyable.

We enjoyed it and laughed quite a bit.

The decent fights and climactic moments are barred by pointless scene after pointless scene of boring dialogue and sad attempts at humor.

The fighting scenes kind of scared me but, it was very exciting and the movie couldn't be a Zorro movie without some action now would it?

Still I recommend this movie because it was entertaining, interesting and funny.

Why introduce the kid, I felt his character was pointless and added nothing to the story.

The playing by Adrian Olonso (only eleven years of age) as Joaquin was terrific, and the action - both fights and set pieces - was breathtaking at times.

Not bad per se, just doesn't have the freshness, sense of adventure, or rousing old-fashioned feel of its 1998 predecessor.

They have compelling motivations and some very grown up decisions, and sometimes mistakes, to make.

Its a good, light, entertaining swashbuckling popcorn movie in the same vein as "Pirates of the Caribbean"...

I fell asleep at, and others in the same theater walked out on.

Rufus Sewell as Armand and Adrian Alonso as Joaquin were outstanding and of course, Antonio Banderas IS Zorro and Catherine Zeta-Jones is breathtaking.

Featuring the decent actor Antonio Banderas, Hannibal (Anthony Hopkins) and also the drop-dead gorgeous Catherine Zeta-Jones, The Mask of Zorro was a forgettable yet enjoyable movie that paved the way for other action-packed movies with tons of adventure and swordplay, like The Mummy and also Pirates of the Caribbean.

It's enjoyable to see her in a maternal role.

Rip-roaring, highly entertaining sequel; popcorn entertainment at its finest.

The action scenes keep you on the edge of your seat, but when it is all over, you will go back to your sleeping position and wait for the next exciting moment to kick in.

The plot dragged on for the longest time.

A horrible cliché fawning the audience...

The love side of the moving is predictable, but entertaining and will not suck.

For unexpected humour look to the horse who gets some of the best moments of the film.

The stunt-work and sword-fighting are entertaining, over-the-top and not to be taken seriously.

Despite the movie being filled with cliché's it's very entertaining and it's an action packed ride throughout.

Both star again in this action packed adventure.

Sit back and enjoy this entertaining film.

If you like westerns and romance movies, you're sure to love this oldie but goodie Very entertaining Zorro movie

But it is entertaining in its lighthearted way.

He's much too bland for a villain,and the worst thing is he does it all completely straight,so the film really sags whenever he's on screen,not to mention all the bickering between Catharine and Banders does get old after a while.

Over the seemingly interminable length of the film I went from being vaguely amused, to vaguely bored, to considerably annoyed.

Yeah, we know that a typical superhero cliché is that when there's trouble, somehow the superhero appears there.

This has to be one of the worst movies of all time and you are wasting your money to go see it like I did.

Save your money and time.

Zorro a bunch of Zzzzzzz's?

An all-round enjoyable action adventure.

Worth the watch.

But a clichéd, plodding story that's going nowhere, and a (possibly subsequent) tendency to drag on make this an inevitably less enjoyable experience than the last film.

It started out as an awesome sequel, but then became very predictable and it lost some spice .

Compared even to the semi-decent 1998 prequel The Mask Of Zorro, this is mundane and uninspiring.

Highly predictable, uninspiring storyline, lock stock and barrel stereotype characters, poor dialog, over the top laughable stunt scenes...

There was lots of action, and it was very suspenseful.

The movie drags on way too long, and despite the well-done action sequences, the movie will leave you disappointed.

Finally, the film seemed to drag out a bit - didn't need to be >2 hours long, in my estimation.

Then of course you have the "divert the train off the collision course" scene, which is probably like the oldest action cliché.

Rufus Sewell is devoid of any charm what so ever,he's completely bland and charm free,the movie dragged when he was on screen and brought the overall quality of the movie down.

A good sequel, even if a bit formulaic .

Don't waste your money on it.

The previous one sort of bogged down in the end, with the scenery (a mine, zzzzzzzzzzzzz).

Zorro and Elena's comedic arguments and unmistakable attraction were more than entertaining.

I went expecting a swash buckling bore, i then nearly fell out of my seat laughing several times, and the audience i was with spontaneously broke out clapping their appreciation several times.

Despite its questionable politics, there are some enjoyable things about this film.

You will most likely find it very enjoyable.

The continuity errors were a little intriguing: References to a "Confederate Army" in 1850 when the states didn't secede until 1861 and showing a Henry Repeating Rifle at least 10 years prior to its existence while no one carries a Colt Revolver which did exist at the time is rather odd.

Martin Campbell knows how to direct action and he made this film very entertaining to watch.

The problem is that even those twists and turns are as predictable as they can be, making sure we do not really care about the story.

The 'critics' overreacted, this is a fine, entertaining movie.

However, the fight scenes are still pretty good and there are a lot of entertaining scenes like the train scene at the end.

I almost walked out in the beginning.

My biggest negative was that some parts of this movie was very boring and if it was not for my want to see the ending I would have probably fallen asleep.

This movie is banal.

The Legend of Zorro depicts 19th century Hispanic culture in much the same way that Taco Bell depicts Mexican food – both are cheap, bland, watered-down versions intended to be easily consumable for American audiences.

However the end justifies the means because Zorro's ending was off the hook action packed.

Overall, this film is a drastic bore.

As was the case with the 'original', THE LEGEND OF ZORRO is pretty enjoyable in itself and basically a good way to kill off two hours' time after a hard week's work.

The Legend of Zorro is way too long, clocking in at past 2 hours when it easily could have been a 90-minute film.

True, some of the CGI looks a bit naff, and there is a terribly unnecessary scene with a horse which made me laugh just because i would have cried because of the terrible effect, but the action scenes are action packed and use a fairly minimal amount of it.

The rest is boring recitative filled with witless chatter.

I have seen "The Mask of Zorro" and it was quite enjoyable.

but there is way too much comic relief, and the story moves way too slow....


Still an entertaining movie.

Not perfect, but at least entertaining.

Some comedy was injected, but those with Tornado seemed a bit contrived (a horse that smokes and drinks?

The Legend of Zorro is a very entertaining film.

The first film was very entertaining, with some well-choreographed sword fights and a witty script.

The nimble actor Banderas runs and jumps all over the images of this movie, as he deals with the oppressor with a breathtaking finale over a train and wreak havoc included.

I loved its tongue in cheek campness, its fun and exciting action scenes, and Anthony Hopkins.

It was action packed and there were many exciting stunts.

Edit Aug 2015: once again, and nicely entertaining.

Boring, tedious, and mediocre .

Finally, James Horner's phenomenal score kept the fire burning, and left me on an adrenaline high as the closing credits rolled.

'Legend Of Zorro' is predictable, tired, and possessed of some of the limpest heroes I've encountered in a Dog's Age.

Swashbuckling at its best with riveting action from beginning to end.

Zorro's son Joaquin is played by an 11 year old actor named Adrian Alonso and the acting he does is that repetitive pattern we always see all over again when it comes to family movies.

I would have to say that I rate this at least 1.3 above the original for a lack of trite and/or cheesy dialog, while retaining all the style and lovability of its first installment.

I use to watch the black and whites shows, but the movie made it all worth watching.

Action Packed .

It was boring, loud and offensive, and I'm beginning to think that Banderas peaked with the underrated 13th Warrior.

Ironically, the action is more intense in here and it felt like a real action movie.

That's how much I enjoyed it, the first time.

Rip-roaring, highly entertaining sequel to THE MASK OF ZORRO with Banderas and Zeta Jones reprising their roles as an estranged married couple with a tow-headed son (Alonso, a born natural) involved with the approaching statehood of California and a nefarious adversary in the form of a French Count (Sewell) added to the mix.

"Legend" is not nearly as clever, exciting, or amusing as the predecessor and lacks everything a god action film needs and instead relies entirely on a plot that makes very little sense.

This belated (nothing new there, then) sequel to the highly enjoyable 1998 original adaptation of Zorro retains the original's main stars, Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta Jones, as well as the same director, Martin Campbell.

For a sequel it was very entertaining, and I understood the plot without ever having seen the first movie.

I didn't have high hopes for this one after being severely disappointed by the 1st,but much to my surprise it managed to be quite watchable and fairly entertaining as well.

If not for my 10 year old nephew being with me, I think I would have walked out.

CZJ is as stunning as ever, as well as a kick-ass heroine in her own right, and Rufus Sewell makes a fairly convincing villain (tho' I prefer him in his positive leading roles), while Adrián Alonso is very cute.

The stunt and action sequences are framed with thrilling cinematography that had me on the edge of my seat the whole time.

this is the worst movie, possibly ever.

There are many hilarious lines in the most unexpected places.

Bottom Line-I rather enjoyed it,it's about on par technically with the 1st,but more enjoyable if you ask me.

(That his action scenes are actually MORE exciting than his dad's reinforces this impression.

Strangely enough, its sequel "The legend of Zorro" is, in my opinion, a much better and thoroughly enjoyable movie.

Zorro's got good acting,and good action but definitely becomes a slow moving film with overdone unnecessary comedy.

I do not recommend "The Legend of Zorro" because it has a boring, tedious, and mediocre script, which undermines the actors.

The legend of Zorro (2005) is a very fun action packed sequel to 1998's the mask of zorro.

Whereas the scenes in the first movie were pathetic, these are rather enjoyable.

Still I have to concede that the finale was well-staged and quite exciting and Banderas is definitely at his best when he is donning the mask (he isn't the best of actors and struggles when depth and emotion are called upon).

In sum, the plot was functional at best, often annoying or plodding, and really just a bare vehicle for the fight at the end.

I was especially interested in the story this time around, though the action is quite compelling.

'The Mask of Zorro' was excellent, and this is a suitable and immensely enjoyable sequel, and then some.

I would'nt recommend you go to the theatre to watch this but wait till DVD because it's definitely a movie perfect for a boring Friday night.

Overall, the acting is superb and the script is funny and entertaining...

I loved it, and highly recommend it for any family.

But on a more positive note, 'The Legend of Zorro' was entertaining to an extent, just don't expect anything fantastic that you'd take away with you long after the film's concluded.

There's one or two short scenes later, and then they keynote of the movie is the final showdown, first an innovative horse-stunt sequence (including a move where Zorro stands on the hindquarters and whistles, getting the horse to buck his hind feet back and catapult our hero upwards) followed by a drag-out go-for-broke-style showdown with the main villain that's quite enjoyable.

The few set-pieces would look hokey in the vintage Zorro TV series, but spread as thinly as they are over two hours and separated by over-egged, repetitive dialogue, they offer meagre pickings to the action-starved.

None of these character 'upgrades' felt wrong to me; it was natural extensions of them from the first film, despite how adventurous Elena claims to still be (and for the most part isn't), but it does make the first act of this movie a bit tiresome after the initial (awesome) action sequence.

Just another propaganda flick pretending to be family movie.

The action as truly fascinating.

The action is dull and cartoonish with the fight scenes dragging on endlessly.

Many good lines from the old priest including 'I'll see you in confession my child' to a cheeky maid and many quips from the cute son of Zorro, those two characters stopped the film from being dull and made it fun to watch for all ages.

The sequel while entertaining on the most part, is definitely inferior in comparison.

However for the rest of the film, it was dull, dreary and boring.

You might ask yourself why a heroic figure like Zorro would waste so much time in a family-type movie being drunk, and that was our question.

His attempts to muster humor are hollow, and all in all, his performance is lackluster; and in spite of all the banal sword fights, the movie itself is just as shallow.

Most of these elements are at work here, helping to making the experience enjoyable.

Worthless anti-French propaganda .

If you enjoyed the first film (assuming you remember it), you will enjoy this fluffy but enjoyable ride.

I Found this movie to be quite enjoyable even though it wasn't as good as the first it had action, romance, and a very surprising begging.

I enjoyed it, even if it did seem to run a bit long.

Zeta-Jones suffered from the fault of poor writing, and our villain was so clichéd as to incite rabid yawning.

I began to look at the bright side and laugh at all the ridiculous cheesy and cliche moments it had.

i mean the whole set up was boring...

I will admit that everything does come together in the end, but the question you have to ask yourself is would you rather watch a film like the first film that is exciting with a tightly-focused revenge-themed plot or a sequel that gets bogged down in trying to half-heartedly develop relations, romances and characters with a cheery sidearm of 'saving the country.

The only problem I faced while watching this movie was the plot, which proved to slow the movie down and extend it till the end.

It becomes what it is - a pointless action movie with no surprises and little thought required.

Enjoyable, and the some.........

Zorro is entertaining but tends to get slow in the middle and allowed my interest to be lost.

The action sequences are every bit as exciting as I remember them from the first film.

An entertaining movie .

Zorro has many scenes in which this intense relationship of father and son is played out.

The original remains a thrilling and sexy swashbuckler that no film in its genre--not even the first 'Pirates of the Caribbean'--has matched.

The difference I guess is that "the mask of Zorro" had more wit than this one , and yet, the sword fighting and stunts in TLOZ is much more exciting.

Mostly dull and uninspired, the plot seems to wander aimlessly for the majority of the movie.

The chemistry between Banderas and the stunning Catherine Zeta Jones is superb; their relationship being completely believable.

Worst Movie of the Year .

It's more action orientated and while Mask Of Zorro was better made technically,I actually found The Legend Of Zorro to be a little more entertaining.

""The legend of Zorro" is a recommendable movie, very entertaining and funny, accurately made and sometimes even brilliant.

Certain shots are really breathtaking, and most of the action takes place in clear day and can actually be followed.

The acting was great, and it kept you on the edge of your seat and wondering what was going to happen next.

The one thing this movie gets a thumbs up in is putting you to sleep if you have a case of insomnia (it helped me 3 times).

The movie his filled with frantic sword fighting and exciting explosions.