The Lost Room (2006) - Action, Fantasy, Mystery

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A detective investigates a mysterious motel room, which acts as a portal to an alternate universe.

IMDB: 8.2
Stars: Peter Krause, Julianna Margulies
Length: 270 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-PG
Reviews: 7 out of 127 found boring (5.51%)

One-line Reviews (60)

The story line was absolutely fascinating.

The plot of the miniseries managed to stay fresh I felt compelled to finish watching even though I felt that the end result of the series was predictable.

There were major writing flaws, but it was entertaining.

This is an incredibly engaging drama and fascinating mystery.

It also seemed that they were going nowhere with the character called Lee Bridgewater, which was the female cop who had the deck of cards shown at her.

This is definitely worth watching.

But it was sill entertaining to watch (binged the whole thing straight through)

it gets confusing, the plot changes and looses logic and finally the end, it reminds me of most TV series endings where they need sudden closure, its just idiotic.

An absolutely engrossing miniseries...

It sounded boring.

All three parts are worth watching.

The most fascinating thing I've found is how it is still bouncing around in my mind.

thank you for those entertaining hours give me more.

In this case she got just as sucked into it as I did, and enjoyed it about as much.

Good Show Kind of Slow in the Middle and End .

Rather than being cheesy and badly overacted, it is intriguing and truly well-acted.

Fascinating Premise .

This was a great premise-fun to watch and totally absorbing.

Anyway, it was a wonderful show with a lot of twists and unexpected events.

I felt like I could have been doing something else, it was a waste of my time.

Overall, this is a great epic that is intriguing and well written.

On the other hand the plot gives a possibility to extend the entertaining suspense for at least another miniseries, IF the high level is kept up, of course.

I guess nothing happened with it.

If you've got nothing better to watch then give it a bash, I enjoyed it.. even with some of the most horrific acting I've ever seen!!.

The action is intense, and definitely among my favorite of that, as far as what's been put on the small screen.

This is kept up in a very entertaining way until the film ends...

All of this makes for a highly engaging show that spans six 45 minute episodes.

Cleverly made and compelling experience.

All in all, this show is worth watching.

This mini-series is quite original and I found it very entertaining.

And the plot is, as my "summary" states, original and compelling.

"The Lost Room" is mini-series divided in six chapters - The Key, The Clock, The Comb, The Box, The Eye and the Occupant - with a fascinating premise.

I hope I can find this on DVD soon, its not often that I see a made for TV movie and enjoy it, heck my wife only caught the final act and enjoyed it.

His obsession should be intense.

Don't for a moment lump "The Lost Room" with other Sci Fi Channel "epics" such as "Frankenfish," "Minotaur," "Blood Suckers," or that boring crapfest "Chupacabra: Dark Seas".

" A highly entertaining and thought provoking mini series from the Sci-Fi Channel.

It is one of those series where you can't just watch the first episode because it gets much more exciting!

I was so gob-smacked by what I saw that I waited until our our local station reran the entire series in the summer, and watched the whole thing again, beginning to end, and enjoyed it even more.

It is worth the watch!

It really makes a story go from interesting to fascinating.

The closer I got, the more I actually thought that this is going nowhere and they have no idea how to finish this.

Anyway the intriguing and original plot entertains.

The story is very intriguing and very well written, the dialogue is believable and doesn't come across as stilted or unreal (in spite of the very surreal quality surrounding the events and the "objects" of the tale).

Now on to the better, this mini series deals with some of the most fascinating aspects of science fiction.

This mini series is so entertaining, you'll never want it to end.

This can also be suspenseful, and the atmosphere and mystery are spectacular.

Original, compelling, entertaining--when the series.

For as long as the series lasted, it kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time.

This was one of the most consistently satisfying and engrossing miniseries I'd seen in a long time, whether sci-fi or otherwise.

Utterly Fascinating Puzzle for Smart Viewers .

"The Lost Room" is mostly entertaining and fairly impressive.

It Is Entertaining.

He stumbles upon a series of mundane objects that have been taken from the room and now possess unusual powers.

Quite tedious & predictable.. Never surprises me how limited human beings can be when some form of alternate reality is involved..

Watch this only if you like to see exciting ideas get absolutely zero resolution.

I think that once that happens, the EVENT will be revealed; possibly, each object bore witness to the EVENT, and each was imprinted with a fragment of "power" associated with that witness, some more imprinted than others unless they come within a certain distance to other objects.

I just binged watched this and found it very enjoyable.

The story line was really good, full of different twists that kept me on the edge of my seat.

I'm usually not one for science fiction, but this was an intriguing premise and it was well done.

The show is really well-written and engrossing.