The Mechanic (2011) - Action, Thriller

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An elite hitman teaches his trade to an apprentice who has a connection to one of his previous victims.

IMDB: 6.6
Director: Simon West
Stars: Jason Statham, Ben Foster
Length: 93 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 44 out of 211 found boring (20.85%)

One-line Reviews (186)

The young killer character is also more fascinating than Statham's one.

I liked the movie, it was certainly entertaining.

It's fast paced and entertaining and okay with the exceptions noted above.

Intriguing story once I got on board, revolving around an elite assassin who gets double crossed and then proceeds to teach his trade to an apprentice who had a connection to one of his previous victims.

The Mechanic is unable to fix its mechanically mundane plot.

Although I enjoy Jason Statham's screen persona, with the lack of originality and a plot even I figured out early on, I am merely amused by this film's formulaic violence.

Some excellent stunts and solid acting make this a very entertaining film within its genre: clearly aimed at a predominantly male audience, sat down with a beer, pizza, and looking for some serious action!

He seems to be playing pretty much the same role in all his movies (the tough guy act), but given the right script his films can be entertaining.

It was marketed as an action film, with good death scenes, mildly intriguing characters, and a simple plot and it delivered exactly on cue.

There appears to be no plot.

Very entertaining with a few slow parts.

Even though West's version seems bland, it kept my attention.

Elsewhere, old timer Sutherland is completely redundant and Goldwyn is neither threatening nor humorous as the wimpy, boring bad guy.

Sure Ben Foster stole the show; he was more charismatic and intense, or - to be accurate - more human in comparison.

Some times mindless action seems to be enjoyable to younger viewers.

Loose (and I mean LOOSE) remake of the classic Chuck Bronson/Michael Winner 70s winner has Jason Statham starring a contract killer, Arthur Bishop, who apprentices a volatile, very angry young man, Steve McKenna (Ben Foster, incredibly intense, with a brooding rage that is present throughout) the son of his own mentor, Harry (Donald Sutherland, a ton of fun in his small supporting role, setting up the remainder of the movie).

It makes me sad to think of the money producers waste for so uninteresting and simply stupid movie.

Of course, there is a lot worse movies, for example Green Hornet, but this one is awfully boring as well.

It was intriguing with first action, but already after 10 minutes I've realized, that this is going to be a total waste of time.

Ben Foster is a waste of talent for this boring movie.

And in the movie there is this intense van/bus scene were the cars and a bus crash into each other...

After all, hit-man ARE human too and have feelings, just like the rest of us who work at more mundane jobs.

He bought his usual tough guy attitude to the role but I did find him pretty entertaining in this film.

Nothing happens in this movie that you can't see coming a mile away.

Another very negative, is the work of Jef Foster actor, very little exciting, and he learns of a sudden becoming a major killer.

Well shot waste of time .

The Mechanic is an Awesome action packed & brutal action Thriller with Jason Statham being ultra-Cool & ultra-violent.

In summary, worth watching if like me you grew up on the action movies of the late 80's and 90's.

" In this time, just a waste of time...

And even if some of parts of the movie is kinda predictable, it is hidden well.

Enjoyable generic acting, with better than average action.

As I previously iterated, both leads are very solid, I would say especially Foster who is one of those interesting character actors incapable of putting forth a dull effort.

Action packed and ruthless.

Yes, the action sequences and an ending I didn't expect, but made up for some of the "falling asleep" middle.

Conversely the remake is just an empty shell, which rehashes the contemplative original to a mindless contrition.

His name alone equals adrenaline-filled and fast-pumped action.

Nevertheless, the surprises, complications, and villains induce yawns more often than alarms.

The ending is totally Hollywoodian, and so predictable.

It was all that, but I sort of enjoyed it anyway.


The problem that I had with this film is that it seems to be a little to disjointed and disconnected in parts, and while the film seems to flow for a bit at the beginning, then end seemed to have been really rushed, and it felt like it jumped a bit.

Overall, this is a movie worth watching more than once and if your a fan of action and haven't seen this and your looking for a quick 90 min movie to entertain you without thinking too much, this is highly recommended.

Anyone that loves action, anyone that wants the adrenaline pumping cinema experience must check out this movie!!

Yes, they're fairly predictable, these twists, but compelling and well-crafted in both the writing and the filming.

Predictable and unauthentic .

It's predictable.

After watching it twice to further develop my opinion, I still think it is well done and highly entertaining.

Powered by a sensational supporting performance but weighed down by a mundane plot.

This new version was very predictable.

I will keep this review like the movie: short, fast paced, and grabs your attention.

The film was riveting.

Many, many, many, many action movies fall to this cliché.

Just good solid action, definitely worth watching.

Another 20 minutes and I was bored to another sound sleep.

Action packed movie and a nice surprise that the plot was also exiting and surprising.

Here's where the twists come in, making this a bit different and an enjoyable film.

What it did particularly well: The brutality really was entertaining.

The ending was probably the only thing in the movie that was a bit unexpected.

A wild action packed Thriller & one of Statham's best films in my opinion.

The action is fast paced when it gets going and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

I had hoped for a fast paced action movie with a clever story after reading some good reviews.

That character was POINTLESS.

The plot is predictable, the characters are one dimensional and the violence – although gory – is hardly entertaining.

The script is just to obvious, too predictable to enjoy this story.

What makes it so brilliant is how Bishop is always ready for something unexpected to happen, and how he does prepare himself to never get caught unexpectedly.

This somewhat predictable action thriller has the typical twists, a nice impassionate sexual delivery for once, and a series of above average kill scenes, though, again for the most part predictable, but memorable in their delivery.

Pointless action farce that is more about exploiting mindless violence as oppose to dealing with the nature of it.

The storyline and some other parts were average at best but I think overall with the quality of the acting and the action it was worth the watch.

And with likeable characters (Jason Statham and Ben Foster elevate this film) and an intriguing plot, there isn't much to complain about.

This may not sound like a big deal (some action fans prefer all-out action) but the lack of any sort of foundation mean that the action is rather uninvolving and, although the action is solid, it is nowhere near good enough or exciting enough to be able to stand up to much if the viewer just doesn't care what happens.

From The Transporter to Crank, Jason Statham is a wrecking ball: you wheel him in to rock the house, but if you're looking for something more riveting between action feats (character development, acting, etc), you need a different tool.

West knows what the audience wants to see and makes every location seem exotic and intense.

This movie is so dull and predictable that it took me 7 days to watch it.

Quite entertaining!

Overall a very enjoyable film.

The film strays away from relying on Jason Statham's action skills and instead tries to focus too much on creating a mysterious thrilling plot instead of sticking to the basics of action movie delight.

But this time it is much more fierce, with a lot of adrenaline rush.

But the real joy in movie-watching usually comes from the unexpected, which is a fact that this movie is either too lazy or too ignorant to recognize.

Action movies can be terrible or compelling; this one is solid and effective.

The story is very predictable and simplistic at best with a typical cliché story of father/mentor to one guy and his actual son who wants revenge.

The action here does not disappoint, as it is filled with mostly stylized and intense fight scene choreography, along with some vehicular stunts and explosives.

The stories are similar, but the special effects and action moves are much more intense, and we have Jason Statham to thank for that.

This movie is a waste of money!

Story is relatively simple, somehow predictable, does not require "special acting abilities", and carries the movie itself.

Even the director, an artsy-fartsy hack whose best work seemed to come from him stumbling upon it (and Bronson picking him up and brushing him off) couldn't gum it up too badly.

All the rest is based on ridiculously bad, shallow-minded and over-abused clichés - the acting, the plot, the direction, lack of story whatsoever, cliché motives, insights and dialogues, etc. And total lack of humor kills it completely.

If you want an entertaining movie for your weekend, and you like action movies then give this one a shot.

What I got was an OK action movie with pretty decent fight scenes but a very predictable plot with many holes in it.

Save your time, save your money.. ..and save your mind from these movies!!!!!!

It is what it is, and for what it's worth I thought it was enjoyable, if slightly mundane, way to pass 90 minutes.

There is nothing wrong with the acting, the action scenes are outrageously entertaining and well done, and Statham is what you would expect - ripped.

All in all, this is an enjoyable movie.

And I don't really blame the director for not paying attention - because it was so boring it didn't even matter...

BUT, it was vanilla, bland-it really needed a familiar female love interest or something juicier than two women I didn't recognize.

I prefer witty dialogue and an intriguing story compared to noisy action scenes.

Cookie cutter entertaining action .

But what's good about it is that all is played out in intense and exciting way, and that's what you expect when picking an action movie, right?

Very violent and enjoyable story, I don't really have complaints although it doesn't have great vocabulary, The Mechanic delivered in awesome action and badassary.

Very intense!

There were two almost insignificant twists, but then, they were completely predictable.

Still, this was enjoyable enough due to Jason Statham's charisma and the levity which Ben Foster brought to the proceedings.

Some of the best scenes are with Fosters young & keen wannabe killer Steven as he tries to be better than Bishop as well as impress him & one sequence in particular stands out as a fantastic brutal Action scene when Foster plays a target by pretending to be gay & goes home with the huge guy who is like a wrestler & Foster takes him on himself rather than drugging him & killing him off, IT'S a brutal huge fight sequence as Foster is battered & tossed about the place & it's one of the best movie fights I've seen & a spectacular intense & gritty part.

It's certainly thrilling , though the morality may be questionable , even in this time, as the spectators were clearly on the Statham's side in spite of being a cruel killer .

If you see The Mechanic, see it on the DVD because the deleted scenes are worth watching.

It was a predictable movie.

Especially the predictable, but still enjoyable ending.

In summary, The Mechanic is a forgettable, but entertaining film.

All in all, I saw it twice in theatres, and I believe this film is worth watching.

I was excited, but this was just bleak, boring and lame, and I am a Jason Statham fan.

Really enjoyable fun.

The action is gritty and realistic and keeps you on the edge.

As I said earlier regarding realism the only thing that stuck out for me on short recollection was when they were target shooting a blank casing was filmed leaving the breach in slow mo.

On the whole I thought THE MECHANIC was entertaining enough as long as you're willing to turn the brain off during the final thirty-minutes.

Im becoming a big fan of Ben Foster as an action star and with the two of them it was exciting to watch the action sequences.

But if you expect something beyond - don't waste your time...

All in all a good film and i would highly recommend it.

A miserable 2011 remake, which - however poor a picture it was - had an intriguing premise, instilling a sense of curiosity.

In conclusion while The Mechanic (2011) fails on many levels, it at least has the boom mic to save it from being one of the worst movies of the year.

Just another Hollywood action movie which is very predictable and almost routine with the action and formula.

The storyline here is pretty basic, is well covered in the IMDb synopsis and is predictable all the way through.

Some of the specifics of the film are ridiculous and some are cliché.

The Bad:Pointless sex scenes just for the sake of having a sex scene.

And, whether we wanted to or not, we learned more hit-man stuff than we ever wanted to know, but it was well done, engaging, and informative.

Formulaic, predictable, nonsensical and totally incoherent, The Mechanic may well be just what a lot of ardent Statham fans are looking for.

Overall this movie was very entertaining and was worth the trip to the movies.

The Mechanic isn't a great film, but it still is entertaining thanks to Statham and Foster who are great in the action scenes.

Entertaining assassin/mentor yarn which tries to avoid clichés.

It's formulaic and because it is, this movie gets the routine average votes - because of the routine average story.

) medical information such as "Epinephine is toxic when combined with Adrenaline" or "Ketamine counteracts Adrenaline.

Too much of the tired, formulaic "Hollywood modern action" was written and you lose all the nuance, the art of the kills which these mechanics would care about (even perhaps more than the monetary reward).

For me what makes his movies so enjoyable is the tongue in cheek humour and the likable side of the tough guy.

Ben foster plays his associate in this film and I thought he was pretty fantastic in his film, he was easily the most interesting character in the film and I found him the most entertaining to watch.

The two leads were really crassly entertaining; never did the uber-machismo bother me, as it sometimes tends to (I'm looking at you Expendables).

The remake of the '70s thriller, which starred Charles Bronson, is entertaining with plenty of action; some of it fairly brutal.

Every film Statham does is entertaining for his tremendous moves and unpredictability.

It's really rather predictable, even more so for those who remember the original film, which was notable for its double twist ending.

The material is familiar, but the writing is able to keep the film engaging.

Even the action scenes are dull.

it had no story line really...

The original was more convincing and engaging.

I find that the first "Original" with Charles Bronson was so much better and unexpected.

Thrilling movie about the very deadly rivalry between two contact killers .

There are some changes made , so even if you seen the original you shouldn't be bored.

Now, these things are the only decent/good stuff that saved this movie from being one of the most boring action films ever: Jason Statham was awesome as always, Ben Foster was also really impressive, the few action scenes in this film were also really good, and lastly- the directing was pretty enjoyable.

The Mechanic is your average Jason Statham movie (take that comment any way you like), better than War and a number of the "Transporter" films though still a far cry from his wildly enjoyable debuts and journeys back to British cinema.

One of them was the knock down and drag out slug-fest between the 5 foot 9 inch 160 pound Steve McKenna with the 6 foot 7 inch 275 pound gay arms dealer as well as hit-man Burk, Jeff Chase, that must rank among the most ferocious and hard knocking fight scenes in motion picture history.

Very boring film .

Unexpected in a good way that is.

The ending was very pointless, and it made the whole story extremely unnecessary.

Along with all these disappointments is the key, which is the end of the story, the movie's ending, which is very empty, boring, boring.

There's lots of action, and the acting isn't too bad either, but unfortunately everything is so predictable, including the predictable twist at the very end.

A friend sort of dragged me to see this movie, and I expected to hate it.

but what was changed was the intense action in this, full marks goes to the guy who thought up all the stunts and fight scenes worth the ticket price in my mind.

However, the action and the characters were still entertaining enough to enjoy the experience--so I say, Hire the Mechanic!

'', even the goddamn plot of this film is strange and confusing, you barely know anything about any character in this film and there are even characters that you don't even know their name !!!

Even the soundtrack is strangely boring.

However, if you can "suspend disbelief" it is a fairly enjoyable action movie.

This movie also changes the ending , which makes the story completely pointless.

This probably won't rank among his best works, but The Mechanic still manages to entertain with all its twist (some more predictable than others), and nonstop action scenes.

I see this time and again these days and it gets very tiresome.

Add in the back and forth between Statham and Foster is what makes the film worth the watch.

Its has a ton of bloody violence and intense action sequences, many of which are unbelievable.

As far as the plot and the film go, i enjoyed it.

" Josh Billings Don't waste your time cruising the internet for porn because if you see The Mechanic, you'll have all you need: violence as porn that is.

I would have rated the film higher than six stars but for the fact that IMO it was a bit slow in places.

Both hitmen work well together & there's plenty of great intense action scenes & thing's get complicated as both professionals go against each other & that's all I'm saying.

The film is an enjoyable and engaging action film that never strays too far as a B movie.

His modus operandi is to be as meticulous as possible, preferring to stage his kills as accidents that his victims would have seemed to experience, working for an unnamed company who pays good, and has a clientele engaging it to bump off anyone from traffickers to bogus religious preachers.

But ultimately, it's got an interesting plot that kept me on the edge of my seat and the ending of it all was really good.

And the story here is this; after Bishop ( a hired killer ) gets told this his next assignment just happens to be his mentor for many years Harry Mckenna (Donald Sutherland ) he completes the job and during the funeral he meets up with Harry's son Steve (played by the always awesome and intense Ben Foster) Steve pleas with Bishop to take him under his wing so to speak and show him the ropes of contracted killing, so they together can find his father's assassins and take them out!

I never saw the original one, but I didn't have to because I've seen several films like The Mechanic, action packed and dealing with revenge.

Simply, it's enjoyable waste of time.

Do not compare it to the original, that's only just a waste of time because it's impossible: in the end nobody CAN touch the cult status of ultimate revenger Mr. Bronson.

Remakes (loose or direct) are never inherently bad simply because they belong to that classification, but usually the updated product is simply lazy and bland.

Lets face it, he's never really going to be a world renowned actor for his acting skills, he's going to be known the world over for his kick butt martial arts extreme stunt coordinating movies that get your adrenaline pumping the right way by mixing all those with good story, deep characters (for action flicks), and more and more kick butt-iness.

The action scenes are entertaining .

Would The Transporter's story be as exciting as it is if Statham delivered pizzas instead of… "packages"?

A well-crafted thriller, The Mechanic is an intense and action packed film from director Simon West.

But "The Mechanic" is Jason Statham's worst movie ever!

It's not just another serviceable thriller, though it is predictable the way most mainstream action movies are.

While some elements are predictable, the script is not bad, and even offers much originality.

The action is gritty and compelling.

It sets a very interesting and unique tone to undermine the expectations of the otherwise cliché film.

"The Mechanic" is an entirely enjoyable action flick if you've only seen three or four other action movies, which is about equivalent to half a Michael Bay film.

The action was exciting and well choreographed, it was nicely shot and edited with some good music.

Supporting roles are an unfortunate mix of bland writing and actors worthy of better material.