The Meg (2018) - Action, Horror, Sci-Fi

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A group of scientists exploring the Marianas Trench encounter the largest marine predator that has ever existed - the Megalodon.

IMDB: 5.6
Director: Jon Turteltaub
Stars: Jason Statham, Bingbing Li
Length: 113 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 204 out of 1000 found boring (20.4%)

One-line Reviews (554)

Jason Statham does what he does best - and delivers exactly what you'd expect - in this silly but somewhat watchable giant shark movie; decent effects & Rainn Wilson help to elevate a terrible, trivial, & predictable script

This must be one of the worst movies I have seen in my life.

Boring and cringy

She delivers every line so monotone.

I even found Deep Blue Sea to be somewhat unpredictable for it's time, but very entertaining.

The most predictable thing I've seen in awhile with the most generic dialogue and I see a lot of movies ha.

Waste of time.

This abomination has virtually none, and what little there is, is filmed in the most boring way imaginable.

But - do you know - as a brainless piece of popcorn entertainment, I quite enjoyed it!

It is unwatchable for anyone with an IQ over 80.

Predictable writing to very poor writing.

The Meg was very suspenseful with a great cast -- none of whom I recognized.

Bored-stiff on a Wednesday night with a TV Remote in my hand.

With that said this movie is such a waste of 2 hours of your life that you might as well just find a different movie to watch.

I would advice you to keep away from this at all costs and don't waste your time on this.

It needs to be frightening but a visually stunning movie to help keep the audience's eyes on the screen even when they want to look away.

Boring Movie .

A summer movie made for teens, and enjoyable as that (despite my being older, I can still remember what it was like to be one 😉).

Finally, it's an average shark disaster movie, it can be enjoyable if you ignored the little details and looked to the whole movie as one piece.

A pretty mediocre attempt to recreate Jaws in a much broader way (Well atleast it was entertaining especially of you're with a kid or you are a kid).

60% action, 40% boring .

Entertaining movies have at least that for the rescue.

All I got was the same repetitive pattern occurring on a loop; a dangerous predicament, close call rescue, self-sacrifice and a lot splashing about (or better put constantly falling from boats into) the ocean.

We watched Rampage just before and it meant action and fun but Meg was just bad and boring.

Fast paced and self aware, The Meg is fun popcorn entertainment that rarely wanes in its enjoyment factor.

The plot felt rushed at times and really slow at times.

The scenes when it would appear is very ordinary and predictable and looked like it's a group of a gigantic shark scenes linked together by a thread as a story with ordinary characters and one with a serious face along with a director trying to put it all together in it's order trying to convince us with it by saying "Here is the most powerful and gigantic shark we can't defeat and here is it's weakness points that can't exist in it".

Entertaining .

yawn add the terrible script which appears to have been written by a five year old and you have the ingredients of this steaming pile of crap I watched this with a Jason statham fan, yes they exist.

It is actually so predictable that you can tell what is going to happen and who is going to make it from the get go.

It was disgusting, boring, and dumb in general.

It's an absolute waste of anyone's time.

This was painful, predictable, pile of stuff that comes out of the south end of a north bound mule

One of the worst movies I've ever seen.

It was painfully predictable and boring.

Intense and suspenseful Mile 22 will keep your interest on an un imagine outcome.

Very entertaining film, as long as the director doesn't milk it.

Else this is real waste of time.

so many cliche moments.

This movie was fine, The CGI is good, the acting is meh, pretty much the movie is good but it isn't great, i kinda enjoyed it, the action scenes between the fight of jason statham and the meg was good, there was a kinda sad scene on which the korean girl's dad died (or maybe chinese girl?

I just finished watching the meg this movie very good and intense, great action sequences and the cgi very awesome.

Worth watching for comedy effect.

Indeed, everything is predictable, so just go with the flow and enjoy the special effects, the comical situations, that stupid guy Statham who's stiffness is a joke "an sich".

Schrute (I mean Rainn Wilson) was entertaining as Dwight K.

This movie is just predictable and full of cliche.

No character development, bland acting, unnecessary Chinese cast...


Spending way too much time on a superfluous love story, this American-Chinese adaptation of the 1997 novel is surprisingly boring for a giant shark movie.

Quite enjoyable.

It was pretty fun to watch and very entertaining.

Fun and entertaining .


I enjoyed it....

Pointless .

My 12-year-old and 8-year-old sons were "bored".

Acting and boring one liners where cliche and to tell the truth, kind of irritating.

Just awful, it's boring, not funny & not interesting.

The movie was full of twist and unexpected things that were really cool!

Still, it has some great scenes and it never really disappoints, except knowing they sliced out some of the more intense scenes for that coveted PG-13 rating is a bit of a bummer.

Cliché cgi animal movie .

Worth the watch .

Enjoyed it more than I expected.

All of the characters are as cliche as they come and for the most part portrayed by terrible actors.

It becomes pointless to analyze the script of a brainless big-budget film of this kind, where overly ambitious entertainment comes first.

However, for adult even though the film is enjoyable the conclusion is so unnatural and seems forced as I think the giant died in unsatisfactory manner.

4/10 - very formulaic and not very interesting sci-fi action flick

Keeps you on the edge of your seat all the way til the end!!

Not a shark movie, chinese propaganda .

Entertaining Mega Jaws .

Many of the auxiliary characters from the novel are either cut, or made so pointless they may as well have been and while yes, the novel has far more time than the movie, what little time the movie has it squanders on pointless sequences that almost beg you to become connected with the very 2d characters.

A lot more enjoyable than Rampage which came out around a similar time and is about a giant, destruction causing monster.

Nothing funny, boring action, no interesting or thought provoking moments.

The book was fun, well written and had compelling characters.

Cliche characters and cringy interactions between them propping up the White male lead.

Long after you get tired of everything else about the movie, and you will, you won't get tired of the beautiful Asian women scattered throughout, even singing an Asian version of "Hey, Mickey" at the end, which might be the next most compelling thing about the whole picture.

Enjoyable .

A lot of the shots lack any scale or perspective, CGI is a step up from SyFy Original but average at best, the action is hard to follow and fails to capitalize on any fun moments (see further down), and pacing is ruined because of the crap elements above.

My main problem is that just about every aspect of The Meg is predictable.

You go in, expecting that some of the content will be a bit stereo typical and predictable borderline cheesy, with similar characters/situations that you are familiar with and a complete escapism mindset into a make believe world.

The action scenes build up quite well to showcase increasing destructive power of the Meg, albeit with some predictable deaths and corny character interactions.

When she wasn't on the screen, every other scene dragged.

Exciting Twists and turns.

This movie is so unintentionally funny that it becomes entertaining.

It was actually fun and very enjoyable.

Or you could at least expect a scary or epic soundtrack to build up the tension, but no, it's empty.

I was bored in my hotel room one night and decided to rent this film for $18.

Firstly, I hate Jason Statham, with his husky breathy voice and boringly perfect physique.

All in all, it's BORING.

Well I enjoyed it .

Yes, it is as predictable as a Hallmark movie but it was entertaining.

The writers clearly took the "optional" part very seriously: The film is one long cliché, comprising a whole lot of little clichés---from the overall plot to the ninth-grade-level dialogue, right down to the movements and gestures of the actors.

It was so predictable...

Unwatchable, it's that bad .

Entertaining from the get go.

Exactly what I expected from an action monster movie fun, exciting, predictable, cool CGI.

Entertaining, good shark action for shark lovers.

So can we just get back to suspending reality and belief enough to enjoy a fantastic movie, and quit nit-picking it like some overpaid uninteresting highbrow movie critic???

I didn't have a single chill, it was so boring that i started watching Other videos on YouTube while i was watching this.

But, the film actually turned out to be quite entertaining we thought.

Don't waste your time.


So exhilarating and exciting.

The shark was big but not funny bad big, more big in a boring film

Yet it cannot be denied that there is something appealing and entertaining about the film.

Mediocre formulaic boring predictable crap .

This is really the worst movie i wached in a while, not only that it catfished me with Jason Statham .. it also was so damn obvious the whole movie :( Watching this movie is lost time, I would rather stare a wall for 2 hours than watching this movie again.

The initial part of this movie was quite exciting, though a bit clichéd.

The film is reasonably entertaining and the pacing is okay.

Nothing original, movie went on way too long.

I watch films to be entertained, and this was, well, entertaining.

Worst movie I have seen in years.

Ok, to mention good things about this movie right away - Statham was mildly entertaining (and good looking for a 50 y.

Nothing to see this movie really, very derivative and boring with a really bad scenario

I enjoyed it again and again...

If you ever have insomnia and you don't have anything to do, then maybe it's worth watching to clear your mind and kill the nerve cell's for a while.

It was fun, entertaining, & worth every penny.

So boring .

I'd just like to say that if you watch it in your second language on a long bus ride, it's very entertaining!

A very predictable spectacle to go along with your typical movie theater treats.

Jason Statham plays Jonas Taylor, disgraced professional rescue diver, who is dragged back for one more mission when an exploratory submersible containing his ex-wife is trapped deep in an undersea trench.

No bad, in fact I enjoyed it.

Still, this movie IS entertaining: slickly made stuff that does manage to generate some great near-miss thrills.

Don waste your time

Anyway, The Meg is a movie that gives us what we want: an entertaining story.

The script is boring and forced.

Lots of overacting with bland dialogues to go with it.

Maybe the worst movie i ve seen this year.. full of plot holes.. script could be written by a 10year old.. acting is terrible.. cgi for laughs..

A fun totally entertaining experience .

Mildly Entertaining .

This film was predictable and ridiculous.

Overall it was very entertaining and I enjoyed it.

It's big, terrifying and entertaining.

Overall I enjoyed it, in a guilty pleasure sort of way.

Much better than the Sharknado rubbish - those are unwatchable in my opinion.

Bore .

The action here is very intense as well, and even though you can kinda figure out for yourself who's going to die and who isn't, it still manages to keep you on the edge of your seat with some great special effects, choreography and even some effective jump scares...

For the most part, this was an enjoyable mainstream creature feature.

This is by far the worst movie I've ever seen.

that being said the meg is actually a pretty good movie it's enjoyable there are some moments where you do get jumpy.

highly derivative and boring .

It was mildly entertaining -- which many movies cannot say.

But overall, my hubby and I found it fun and entertaining enough for a rainy afternoon DVD.


Moderately entertaining .

Worth watching once.

Except for some scenes where the shark appears, the rest is a waste of time.

This trash movie with these bad actors (apart from the whale) and sick minded script writers is unwatchable and I DO NOT recommend anyone watching this ever.

The film does start well; the rescue mission is fairly exciting and first glimpses of the megalodon are impressive...

The story is cheesy, the dialogue is cheesy, the characters are BORING.

All the scenes besides Statham vs the Meg ones are boring and poorly acted (especially the Asian lady, she's horrible).

That effects work, featuring stellar shots of the underwater sea-life in the grotto and the titular sharks all being enjoyable enough to really like here.

It's action packed from start to finish.

The story was a cliche.

The final beach scene is a bit too far fetched to be believable, but it is still an entertaining to watch.


Yes the acting by some is woeful, Ruby Rose is godawful, you'd be better with the skin from a rice pudding, (lord help the Bat-woman crap, but DC is a joke anyway), mind Jessica McNamee is not much better, but it's entertaining enough, unhinge the head, displace the brain and relax.

Having a child star made movie humorous/more enjoyable.

The plot is predictable?

As it is, he's made a film about a shark as big as a football pitch that still somehow commits the cardinal sin of being boring.

Cliche city .

He is always entertaining to watch, even if he always seems like the same character.

There's no notable directing, cinematography or soundtrack, the plot is predictable, and so overall it's a very mediocre viewing experience.

Boring flick nothing much to it

I fell asleep when I watched.

The actors including Rain Wilson were B actor quality, the addition of the tough hot chick was forced and pointless and nothing more than a generic version of a 1990's Angelina Jolie.

Boring And Extremely Forgettable .

Story was poorly boring and that is what i have to say Rating : 2.4/10

Ok glad someone enjoyed it I guess if I'd never seen another shark movie, or cheesy wana b love story sub plot etc...

The Meg takes this a step further with some of the most uninteresting and two dimensional characters I've seen.

Despite these issues, this was an enjoyable and exciting film.

The lines/dialogue isnt that good, the acting/script is ok, the story is predictable but the good thing about this movie is that Jason Statham did a very good job on his acting and the story mixing adventure and action with a little suspense made it worth watching.

I think this film is boring, because the events are inconsistent with each other and there is no real sense of loss of the father and friends when they were killed by the shark, the last viewer is also tidy and weak, so I hope Jason does not make such films like this

Overall, still enjoyable, about what you expected.

simply a waste of time!!

Painfully predictable and made me fall asleep.

waste of time and money .

Oh my God this movie is so bad that I wanted to leave the cinema its entire run.

If you somehow stumble across this movie in a bargain bin, don't waste your money.

Many may disagree with me because it seems like the film was targeted towards Jason Statham fans but if they had cast a normal person instead of this pointless, stereotypical hero and dropped the cheesy dialogue, it would have been a much better film.

The movie was pretty predictable and had many clichés.

Where similar films of the same genre have tried either too hard or too little, The Meg plays around with obvious tropes, lampoons itself and provides a compelling plot, likable characters and impressive special effects.

Imagine a drawn out the rock movie.

BUT enjoyable because they are bad in a good way.

I really got bored in the cinema

Took me 3 attempts to even watch it all the way through, I kept getting bored and then distracted.

The worst movie i've ever watched.

Lot of flaws and was a waste of time and pain in the a** sitting.

The beach attack is absolutely spectacular and wholly enjoyable with the scenes of the shark swimming through the sea of humanity attacking the support buildings or the various beachgoers there before leading into the over-the-top battle to finally put the creature down, resulting in a full-on spectacular battle to do so.

So start with the goodFar from the worst movies out there CGI and chase scenes were decent enough The little dog survives :) The little asian girl and the guy from Heroes are the best actors in the movie Much like Jurassic Park someone you are bound to hate gets eaten The end scene with all the sharks getting revenge was funnyThat's pretty much it for the goodsThe Plot holes/fatual errors in the movie and there are lots of them can be summed up with googling The Meg goofs.

All the bad reviews are spot on, it's not so bad it's funny, it's so bad it's unbearable.

Meh, Nice CGI but Same Ol' Predictable Story .

So silly it's funny, how many times can they fall into the water and just miss getting eaten, anyway so stupid in parts, it was entertaining.

Such a poor acting I am trying to think of a word that would best describe this Boring movie

The Meg-a boredom .

More or less the same concept without the poor dialogs and acting, but with a much more exciting story that makes sense.

Yet it is reasonably entertaining and almost works.

So, when you watch a movie like this you don't expect it to be high art, you don't expect it to be without a few "goofs", you only expect it to be entertaining and it is.

However, even though the action sequences are intense, there are much fewer scenes than I would've preferred to see.

Still, the movie is enjoyable and I would certainly recommend watching it as long as you don't expect this to be the next Jaws.

The general consumer, looking for a basic, fast paced, summer time shark movie, with a well known action based actor, would most likely enjoy this movie.

In spite being almost two hours,it remained interesting and exciting.

With films, like fast and the furious or deep blue sea, there is a consistent tone and style throughout the film, and that's what makes those films so enjoyable to watch.

Save your money.

This movie was funny and totally entertaining as a summer blockbuster style film.

Laughable CGI, predictable story, long and boring .

Pointless animal killings .

Truly unwatchable.

It has very poor CGI graphics, very poor acting, laughable Chinese propaganda, cheesy lines and over the top grandiose setting (most of it virtual CGI).

Tedious and annoyingly cliched .

I liked it but I wouldn't say it had me on the edge of my seat.

Most of the actors are fairly flat throughout it, most of the comedy falls flat, the plot is very predictable and the movie relies way too heavily on people accidentally falling off boats.

Terrible acting, cliche dialogue, the worst what a movie could offer, it's offered.

It's entertaining .

The Meg was not everything I had hoped for since I'm a big fan of Steve Alten's novels, but it was still a very entertaining film even though it was nothing like the books.

Judging by the grosses, the studio would likely say otherwise, to which I would counter with "but how many people actually enjoyed it?

Waste of time .

The CGI is also dire and anything remotely approaching tension is lost to actors pretending to fight an empty green screen.

It's too well made to be an entertaining train wreck.

Dull and boring.

The plot is garbage,the acting is lame and the lines are predictable and flat.

Boring, animal lovers don't watch .

Good film, but a bit slow to get into, meaning the beginning & some of it is a bit boring

In the beginning, it was already off to a slow start.

worst movie I've seen for years .

The movie is just a bland, imitation of the once great Jaws movie.

Very predictable .

Now that would've been a movie worth watching.

So save your money and watch it on your big screen TV at home when it is available there (, if at all).

The performances are pretty average and the story is quite bland.

The only real issue to be had with this one is the simplistic story that brings about a series of intense cliches.

There is a plot "twist" (if you can call it that), which I won't ruin but it comes so late and with such little payoff that once again, I found myself yawning after the reveal.

Jason is wonderful and pulls off his part but everyone else is kind of dull.

Plots are then reasonably cohesive, settings at times lush (and Sanya Bay is quite fascinating to look at), with the result that Megalodon's failure to quite live up to expectations looks all the more surprising.

Entertaining enough for a lazy Sunday afternoon at home In My Humble Opinion.

Plus , this movie has the laziest scenario ever , the dialogue is very boring and childish.

Now that was very unbearable and not even possible.

However, if you want mindless action, predictable story and a whole lot of fun then this is the movie for you!

Quite enjoyed it .

So, if you do not have anything to do, and you want to waste a couple hours of your life, go to the cinema, at least this movie is not an enormous disappointment to watch.

Intriguing premise, fairly well done.

Boring .

A solid B movie with large production sets and cliche characters, dialogues and plot, compensated by fast food efficiency and likeable cast.

Pointless characters, horrible CGI for this modern time, bad acting, I could go on and on.

They actually are better than watching paint dry.

Movie seemed really long but it was quite predictable.

There is some corny dialogue and cliche drunkard finds redemption storyline.

A cheaply made film with typical cliche scenarios and awful actors/actresses with their generic plot lines shoved down our throats.

A Big Yawn!

There's plenty of armrest gripping tension in many scenes to keep you engaged, though not much in the way of payoff when someone does eat it (or gets eaten, as the case may be).


I was wrong how can a film about a massive shark be boring.

One of the WORST movie.

It tries to blow up the shark like jaws (yawn) and then tries to jump scare you like 47 meters down.

As it is, he's made a film about a shark as big as a football pitch that still somehow commits the cardinal sin of being boring.

Dont waste your time.

As for the shark killings (the real reason that The Meg is intriguing), they are just as boring and forgettable as the characters.

While I was looking for another movie with Jason Statham, I came across this production, and boy, was it a waste of my time.

I really enjoyed it I was dubious after the trailer, showed all these implausible bits.

But that was a knowingly awful film that effortlessly nailed the effortlessly entertaining edge-of-insanity tone.

In conclusion it's a bad movie but still enjoyable if you're not expecting something great

The Meg is in general a bad movie, but still enjoyable.

In a single word, The Meg was significantly "boring".

Great Movie I really enjoyed it, i love shark movies :)

Very predictable in most parts but slightly enjoyed it.

It's an entertaining new Sci-fi version of Jaws...

So predictable.

A terribly cliché action film.

It is full of drama and suspense and keeps you on the edge of you seat for the entire movie.

Bad predictable entertaining shark movie.

The Meg, on the other hand, is a formulaic, big-budget B-movie that fails to get the pulse pounding, despite it's prehistoric shark being three times as big as Bruce, Spielberg's iconic great white.

The movie's structure is very repetitive and starts to get tedious up to the 3rd time it repeats itself: we get a random rescue scene (obviously shot after the movie and slapped into the beginning for some "character development", then we get to the real beginning of the movie which is passable, stuff goes wrong, Statham is called in to save what seems to be his ex-wife (even though she then disappears for like 80% of the movie and it really feels like she was made to be his wife in post-production to give him some motivation), he does his job, people suicide for no reason, they let the shark out and don't really do anything to fix the situation, get their asses kicked, people die of sheer stupidity, get their asses kicked again, people suicide for no reason again, some more stupidity deaths.

I fell asleep half-way through, literally.

It's boring and predictable, acting is disaster too.

The plot is interesting and I would say (in spite of my son,) that it is an entertaining movie with a good plot line.

so many predictable moments.

This movie is fun, funny, and exciting.

The story was predictable...

But that was a knowingly awful film that effortlessly nailed the effortlessly entertaining edge-of-insanity tone.

Don't waste your time .

THE MEG was an excellent exciting action packed fun big budget monster movie that's excellently directed & full of fun & thrills & exciting moments throughout!!.

Story is just boring.

Very entertaining.

Many recent films have failed because they put diversity, inclusion and political correctitude ahead of compelling drama.

Personally I really enjoyed it, it had a nice amount of humour, the acting was good all round, it even had a couple of decent jump moments.

It's fun and entertaining.

worst movie this year .

Be that as it may, "The Meg" is a wildly entertaining movie.

I love shark horrors like Deep Blue Sea and Jaws so I was looking forward to watching this and you know what, I really enjoyed it!

It's definitely worth watching - just don't expect much in the way of human intelligence.

An enjoyable film with excellent CGI and a bit of comedy.

The movie is a joke, boring, no excitement or entertainment at all.

A cliche filled joke of a film .

If you're in to laugh at something for being silly or a total trainwreck, it's going to be boring for you.

The Meg, an action and adventure movie, directed by Jon Turteltaub, and written by Dean Georgaris and Jon Hoeber, is a cliché movie in which a former expert diver, the leading actor Jason Statham, now a heavy drunkard, has to go back to action to save the world from a 21 mts long prehistoric shark.

I watched it with my son, and in spite of our shared apprehension, we enjoyed it.

She uses the exact same tone, exact some emotionless downright boring dialogue.

Yes just sit back & enjoy this big fun Action Horror comedy fun movie that's a thrilling monster movie & big budget B-movie & could sit nicely next to flicks like Godzilla,Deep Blue Sea, Anaconda,Lake Placid,Jurassic park films & others.

The Chinese actors were pointless, other than to fulfill the propaganda goal of the mainland Communists ('We're nice and friendly...

If more movies would do that, things wouldn't be nearly so predictable.

Extremely cliché most of the time.

This film is an action packed crazed shark V humans film that's been done one too many times now.

Being objective, this isn't the worst movie of all time, hell I believe that this isn't the worst movie of 2018 since the competition is huge, but the biggest crime such a movie can do is being so bland that you get bored and don't even have enough energy to constantly laugh about the mistakes of the filmmakers.

Worth the watch if you're into the concept.

If you like monster films and films of this ilk you'll probably get some entertainment out of The Meg, but if you actually look for plot, good acting and an engaging script then look again as the Meg won't deliver.

More action than horror, but oh so entertaining.

Waste of time .

Instead, it's simply a surprisingly entertaining film.

The action scenes are very basic and predictable.

Quite boring, with some pretty ocean shots.

I went straight for "The Meg", and - yes - I do prefer this dumb and shlocky piece of shark-horror over pretentious and fake feelgood musicals!

The Big Yawn .

Fantastically enjoyable mainstream creature feature .

I kind of enjoyed it.

It was suspenseful.

This movie is a predictable cliche.

Cliché heaven.

The actors have good on-screen chemistry, the visuals and CGI are done quite well, and for me, The Meg was a pretty okay and entertaining movie.

Exciting, good acting, great story.

Instead of the awe inspiring myth of a monster's name, you get a giant oversized fish.

The Meg doesn't compare - the script is simply not as fun, entertaining, or suspenseful at all.

The lead attack on the first shark manages plenty of open water fun in the matter of tactics employed against it as they dive in the cage or tracking it with the restraining equipment which brings about the eventual method of capturing the first specimen in a fun, exciting manner.

A gorgeous looking big budget B-movie shark thriller with humour perfect entertainment & stunning to look at.

Action packed .

Completey Hideous, you can tell there is no script here as the lines are 80% improvised.

Fun fast paced ridiculous summer drive-in action flick.

I also found the final confrontation between Statham and the Meg to be pretty entertaining.

The story is not moving,thrilling but still entertaining.

Most of us have seen movies like 'Jaws' 'Deep Blue Sea' so this movie is just fun watching, neither too dull nor good.

One of the worst movies ever .

and it goes lenghts to just make you fall to sleep.

Entertaining .

No storyline, no feeling like there was even a plot to it.

Waste of Time , Worst Plot , Worst Dialogues .

Predictable - check.

Unbelievable waste of time.

Apart from that it's completely lame, unrealistic and boring garbage, not only from a science perspective.

Now if you're in the mood to make fun of a movie for its many mistakes and bad acting "The Meg" is your movie; but the for anyone looking for an enjoyable experience you should probably skip this one.

This is one of the worst movies of 2018 , it didn't even feel like a movie, the editing was awful and the cinematography was horrible.

My problem with the film was that it all felt very predictable.

No shark deaths, no story.. what was the purpose of this crap movie.

This movie was too predictable and while I do enjoy watching it, I watch it a comedy and not a drama.

All in all this movie is lacking alot of suspence and get's pretty boring because of it.

The Chinese actors are horrible, the drama is clichéd and predictable, the characters act like aliens trying to act like human beings (something I've noticed is typical for Chinese actors).

There was no real plot to speak of, the storyline jumped all over the place and it seemed that the director kept changing his mind about this being a comedy or an action movie.

The CGI is decent with a few predictable yet entertaining plot twists.

It was still enjoyable with the right attitude.

When these expectations are cleared away, then the movie becomes much more enjoyable.

Movie about what was thought to be an extinct prehistoric predator.. If you can get over the concept it's an entertaining movie to watch.

If you're liking for something action packed this ain't it.

Surprisingly substantial for a cliche shark movie.

What a bore.

Actually a feelgood 90's style adventure with humour & exciting sense of wonder i loved it.

Generally quite an entertaining 2 hours show.


Yes, it's hoary old hokum, but it's hugely enjoyable.

a highly enjoyable / forgettable investment of money and time

The Meg is an exciting, well-done monster flick I would recommend (especially in 3D)!!!

It's just a good, fun, entertaining movie and I loved it!

Dear God, what an unbearable, boring film.

You've got to make sure the dialogue is on point and the animatronics, CGI, stunts and additional effects have got to be mind blowing.

Entertaining Escapism .

Waste of time.

The visual effects were bland and not realistic at all.

The plot is dumb, the acting is over the top, and the end is predictable.

I enjoyed it.

Overall I think anybody with a touch of common sense will find this movie boring and very poorly done.

boring shark .

It was predictable, it was repetitive, it was to much..this is the core of the Shark movie genre, this is what makes them unic and this movie has it all.

An unexpected twist, maybe somewhat expected because the story seemed to be at its conclusion at just over halfway through.

Cliche characters.

Jason Stratham action star is the star in this action packed thriller about s prehistoric shark that has an appetite for people, whales, etc.the movie reminds me of deep star six .

By far the worst movie of statham and he is one of my fav actors!

This is a co-production between Hollywood and China, so expect Chinese supporting actors and more than a little propaganda.

That means you've got to do some serious investing into the characters and bring a story that will be gripping.

This has be one of the worst movies I have seen since that horrible one called "The Shallows.

Yes, this is a somewhat predictable action movie.

As a horror the jump scares are far too predictable and lack any real impact, which is an area they could have focused better on, something which decent soundtrack would have helped with.

It's ridiculous, and if you want a predictable movie that's fun, this is it!!.

Slow, disappointing and unless you are into slow and disappointing; skip it!

I had herd it was good from a couple of friends but when I watched it I realised it was just a predictable and boring mess.

The movie was a summer blockbuster through-and-through, and it was quite enjoyable just taken as-is.

Not perfect, but enjoyable.

Dull .

i really enjoyed it.

The shark looked more like a toy and the whole film was a cross between a comedy and serious but boring film.

Worst movie ever .

Super cheesy & predictable.

Everyone can be mute and the movie can still be just as boring.

Pure mindless action that is quite entertaining if you treat it like pure mindless action.

It is evident that his character is the one that really matters since he is the only one receiving a compelling backstory, so naturally I care about him.

Action packed from start to finish.

This is when the movie becomes more tedious than the beginning.

However it was actually enjoyable.

The Meg is an engaging, fun 2-hour trip at the theatre.


Cliche action.

I love the fast and the furious because those films know exactly what they are and how to play up the ridiculous elements that make them so enjoyable in a dumb entertainment way.

Entertaining Comedy .

It is an entertaining take on a shark thriller, as it mixes thrills, scares and jokes all in one.

Not only is the overall look and feel of the film, including the sleek and slick layouts of the underwater research station as well as the high-end special effects work all create a fantastically enjoyable entry.

It also has to be one of the most predictable movies I've ever seen.

It does keep you on the edge of your seat.

Another China Propaganda Movie Through Hollywood .

Ideal to watch on a rainy sunday afternoon, there's action, scary moments and some humor here and there and of course the predictable moments who's going to be eaten.

Why make another movie about a dull 15ft Great White shark if you can also work with a prehistoric 70ft Megalodon!?

This wasn't horror, thrilling, or suspenseful, it was an action movie starring Jason Statham.

Too predictable with too many derivative scenes from Jaws and other films.

The action sequences were really entertaining.

Jason Statham carries the obvious stigma of being invincible, but the rest of the story is pretty compelling as they're in imminent danger for about 90% of the movie.

I was so pleased that my wife kept falling asleep (not sure if she was also bored, or just tired) and eventually told me I could watch something else.

It is incredibly predictable, full of bad jokes, with terrible performances and unrealistic special effects, full of moments easy to predict and we are able to guess how it ends, a movie that doesn't really take itself seriously.

The unexpected twists tops it off and at no place in the movie I felt "why didn't they try that and this?

Entertaining .

This is a dull movie.

The director should have done better, the acting was poor and boring !

The cast are all entertaining, too.

Cheesy but somewhat entertaining .

It's bland garbage, with ZERO personality, ZERO writng, .

This is Jason's worst performance, probably due to the acting of the pretentious and totally disastrous actress.

) I mean, it's a Jason Statham film, it isn't meant to be high art, it's just meant to be fun and thrilling, and from that view point, it was successful.

Incredibly unoriginal and predictable but still reasonably entertaining .

If 'Rampage' was entertaining.

Terrible CGI and will keepS you bored from start to finish, which is not what watching a film is all about.

This film is fascinating and as a shark fanatic I'm happy to see that they shed light on finning.

Maybe the usual cliche action , you already know who will die , the little dog survived awww ain't that wonderful?

I don't really get the bad reviews to be honest, people probably are to critic about movies these days and everything needs to be absolutely perfect to be enjoyable.

Entertaining .

It most certainly is the worst movie I've seen this year.

You get a slow burn to the creature.

Well it's one of the slowest and boriest movie that Jason couldn't even help.

Of course, it's very predictable but had some unexpected scenes, some humor and lighthearted moments, a decent enough plot, and Yes, a fair amount of cringe-worthy, stupid moments and plot holes as well.

the whale & dog & kid cliche crap doesn't work at all cuz a)seen it b4 b) terrible embarrassing dialogue &c) u see it all coming a mile away.


Certainly one of the better shark flicks and visually stunning to boot.

Dull and boring.

To put it into one sentence, this movie was so boring...

It's just another case of a quick cash inflow with a simple and predictable adventure movie.

This film could of been really good , the first hour was quite intense but just lost its way and got a little boring.

It's clunky stuff, but it's passably enjoyable lowbrow entertainment for fans of creature features.

I enjoyed it.

I enjoyed it plot holes, cheesy(not too cheesy) love story and all.

Entertaining as is every Jason Statham movie .

Then when Toshi closes the hatch he sounds so bored when he yells 'Toshi no...

The movie starts half way decent with a slow build of suspense.

awful cliché dialogue and weak gags.

I watched it with a friend at home and we enjoyed it.

Enjoyed it from start to finish.

) are expected but genuinely had me on the edge of my seat.

Other than that garbage anti shark propaganda which pretty much just had me going...

Now a couple of the actions scenes are exciting.

It can be hilarious at one point and thrilling at another.

Waste of money...

It's a perfectly enjoyable monster/shark popcorn flick.

About as believable and enjoyable as the old Jaws movies .

It's the way of the world, I guess, and maybe those new to such films will find "The Meg" more thrilling than I did.

Huge waste of time .

Entertaining laughs and positivity.

The movie is just flat out boring with poor attempts at jump scares and delivery of a jokes punchline.

Boring .

IT wasent Even good entertaining

There are some clear influences from Jaws, mainly when it comes to the suspenseful moments.

well very few of that either, the action was very predictable, you knew exactly who will get eaten and you never really fear for the safety of the main characters.

Definite waste of time and money.

Still, enjoyable: A first-time viewer will feel that he's watching an old, often-viewed favourite.

It was just too damn boring.

Saving people on numerous occasions.. practically fighting a shark with his bare hands.. it gets a bit boring to find he's the best at everything again.

The Herculean set-pieces are compelled by Harry Gregson-Williams' soundtrack, mixing environmental and suspenseful compositions that are assembled with popular hits and '80s-'90s classics such as the Thai version of "Hey Mickey" by Toni Basil or "Beyond the Sea" by Bobby Darin, which endows it that nonchalant feeling, that PG-13 the executives have decided to embrace.

Boring .

Fun, funny, and exciting .

Its stale, boring, cgi numbness that just never ends.

However if you go into open minded and light hearted you will have a much more enjoyable experience.

Except for a couple of action scenes, the rest is surprisingly dull, awkward dialogue is embarrassing and there is nothing original or credible about the storyline at all.


This is a fun action seaside action flick which is more then enjoyable to watch if your willing to flick your brain off.

It's entertaining, and thats what a movie should do-entertain.

The storyline is very boring and far-fetched as well.

Bad and pointless .

But it is exciting and I am fascinated by it, because it is closer to reality than your usual "monster-movie".

The kids really enjoyed it, and so did I!!.

Movie is like the 80s movie yaws but with bigger shark if you like predictable movies with classic bad guy shark this is your movie to watch.

It hits all the usual milestones of a shark movie with a good number of twists to make it unpredictable in an exciting way.

It was enjoyable in that sense -it also had cools effects then the one scene that su*cked - so overall it that brought it to a 6 for me

Easily predictable same old school stuff.

Don't waste your time.

It's way too familiar with what's going to happen here which keeps things going along at a steady pace due to hitting all the familiar beats and plot-points, from the rescue attempts being pulled off at the last minute to the characters kept out of danger simply by their billing and rendering the encounters with them as quite bland.

It was exciting.

Breathtaking .

This movie was boring.

Don't waste your time with this movie!

Enjoyable Pap .

Don't waste your time .

This movie is so boring that I am sitting on my phone writing this review while watching it.

Surprisingly enjoyable, iconic scenes, satisfying deaths .

both of these expectations turned out to be true; it is fun but certainly more than a little cliché.

Reminded me a lot of Deep Blue Sea: scientists somehow think that studying a ferocious man-eating monster at close range is somehow a good idea, a clueless billionaire patron who doesn't care about risks and just wants the prestige, your usual dial-a-hero, deaths on cue, the several lives of the monster, just about every creature-horror cliché.

Verry entertaining !.

Boring story, Mediocre acting , Good graphics .

All the characters where pure cliche.

Really this movie is just waste of time.

This a silly popcorn movie as what it was intended for and I recommend it if you're bored and looking for some fun silliness to pass some time.

The romance part to his character they tried to add was so pointless, and beyond unnecessary.

By and large, it's little more than an inanely gaiety, senselessly thrilling survival ride.

The worst movie of the decade .

This film is not going to win against Inception, but it's excellent at just being an enjoyable creature feature.

Absolutely the worse movie I have ever seen, so predictable and racial stereotyping of every ethnic group, and it shows there is no integrity when it comes to money for the ppl of Hollywood and were supposed to admire them in Hollywood wow what a joke all's you have to do is wave money at those no talent shallow ppl and they will do anything.

The plot is also cliche with no surprises, you always knows what gonna happen next, its just embarrassing storytelling.

Most probably this happened due to the chinese touch on the movie, who tend to show cuteness in very intense situations.

Whenever the script or performances showed signs of becoming predictable there was a twist or laugh not far away to make up for it.

And when you see THE MEG on whatever streaming platform you prefer and are prepared to watch it "for a laugh", save yourself the bother (and the boredom) and stream something else.

The only thing worse than the shameful acting is the cringeworthy cliche filled script.. Every scene makes you want to pull your hair out.

when the large guy is exiting through the hatch and yelling at Toshi to hurry, meanwhile he's going through the hatch as slow as humanly possible because someones gotta die right!

It felt exciting like the first 'Jurassic Park'.

Big, dumb, stupid, predictable, cliched, Hollywood tosh.

But even with all its flaw the meg stays an enjoyable ride with a lot of waves and thrill accompanied by shark.

I am not sure how it gained the 6.1 score, but what I watched was awful and unwatchable.

My wife and I started our Friday night by watching "La La Land", but this widely acclaimed multiple Oscar winner and alleged masterpiece bored and irritated me from the very first moments.

Watch this film if you feel like suspending all disbelief and are willing to put up with cringeworthy dialog, a cheesy script and pointlessly bland characters.

Oh well, it was mindless and mildly entertaining.

I took my 10 year old grandson and we both loved it, it felt like a blockbuster shark movie, not as vicious as Jaws but it had a really good feel good element, this is what a movie should be like, entertaining...

Don't waste your time......

It is my go to whenever I want something entertaining and fun to watch.

Would have given It a 1 but upped it because hubby enjoyed it and Jason staitham is always worth a look.

The helicopter crashes were so predictable, the arrogant rich guy dies , the good looking women all survive, the good old heroic sacrifices , this has it all.

The story was so predictable and the actors were lame (even Jason Statham disappointed me).

Anyway, what a waste of time this was.

Has to be the worst movie I have ever seen don't bother giving cineplex the $6.50 dosh.

Much of the film seems familiar, but different and evocative of Ice Cube in 22 Jump Street extolling Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum to deliver the same thing as before.

Entertaining creature feature .

Had plenty of thrilling, action moments including a spectacular ending.

Worst dialogues, worst acting and worst movie.

I thought it was very entertaining visually and a cool concept.

In other words don't waste ur time!

I wasn't expecting too see the best movie of the year when i entered the teather, I was just hoping for some over the top action entertainment, and oh boy i walked out very disappointed.

But these things are just a few minutes out of a otherwise very dull boring film.

Don't waste your time

So predictable....

I'm gonna use the words of the last reviewer: "cheesy & predictable".

Weak predictable story.

Let aside the technicalities and predictable storyline, the movie offers frightening scenes with amazing graphics and entertainment.

First of all it's the poor acting, combined with the lack of any film effect and the frames per second we've come to be used to in a movie, makes everything seem contrived, cheaply contrived at that.


So the film as film was going on I was getting pretty bored and tired beacause that movie absolutely makes no sense.

This little flick was a pure "cliché" galore, oneliner fest with maybe 2 or 3 jump scares that we saw coming from a mile away!

cause I loved sharks movie so I have tried every thing and avoid everything can makes me hate the movie but oh ma god,flat flat flat acting,lot of predictable poor design of action,CGI is worst that a new games generations,and oh I can't even mention the plot holes,and stupid stupid storyline and very naive heroic acts lol omg the fight with the submarine in the last scene is unforgivable ,I was like oh really,do u even believe ur self,cartoons are better Well I am happy it wasn't a theatre experience and no money wasted beside my time

Enough jump scares to keep me on the edge.

Better save your money.

Absolute waste of time and resources.

Enjoyable Watch .

As for the storyline so predictable even down to which actors would die /survive why they bothered to make this movie is the question .

This film really is just bland and the pg13 rating made it feel very subdued.

SOOO predictable.

They're just boring and forgettable.

Having just recently seen "The Meg", I can honestly say that it was a thoroughly enjoyable romp.

This Chinese-American production, directed by Jon Turteltaub, offers some scares and gore, inconsistent visual effects that are far more animated than its rugged leading actor/action figure, Jason Statham, who grumbles his way throughout the movie, and a very formulaic plot in which only the dumb, villainous, or heroic will perish.