The Muppets (2011) - Adventure, Comedy, Family

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A Muppet fanatic with some help from his 2 human compatriots must regroup the Muppet gang to stop an avaricious oil mogul from taking down one of their precious life-longing treasures.

IMDB: 7.1
Director: James Bobin
Stars: Amy Adams, Jason Segel
Length: 103 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 51 out of 258 found boring (19.76%)

One-line Reviews (151)

Don't waste your money at the theater with this movie.

If the muppets can grow old, so can the tiresome formula.

Jack Black appears in a few very funny scenes and the whole film is very enjoyable.

The Muppets is really entertaining for young children and older audiences.

At first sight the movie seemed boring and I said to myself "Let's give it a chance, maybe it gets better when the muppets appear".

As for star/producer Jason Segel, whose effort to get the classic icons all back in one movie has merit, the result is too banal for what these characters, and their audience (old and young), truly deserve.

Some musical numbers are bland pop hits strategically selected from each decade since the 70s to apply to the broadest audience possible.

I found it funny and entertaining.

Disney, who now own the Muppets, have created yet another dreary movie with little or no storyline and poor additional characters all covered in a thick layer of sickly Disney gloss.

On the other hand the stars seem to be Jason Segel, his dumb replica Walter and of course the ridiculous and boring Amy Adams not The Muppets as it should be.

Now for "Muppet Treasure Island," I do remember some things from it, like the opening number being such an enjoyable way to start a movie, and Tim Curry giving one heck of a great performance.

WEEKLY MOVIE REVIEW : THE MUPPETSONE-LINE REVIEW : If you liked the Muppet Movies, you'll love "The Muppets"RATING: "Wait for the instant download" (Rating System: "Watch it in theaters", "Wait for the instant download", "Don't waste your time")Gary (Jason Segel, "How I Met Your Mother") and Walter (a new Muppet voiced by Peter Linz) are brothers growing up in a small town.

This light festive movie, filled with songs and sunshine, makes a good watch for under-10, funny and entertaining.

There's also some entertaining original songs by Bret McKenzie and others that should get one either humming or tapping their toes like the show stopping "Life's a Happy Song" that could possibly get another Oscar nomination for a Muppet movie.

So to sum it up: This movie is campy, boring at parts, funny at some parts, you're gonna hate the singing parts (unless it's the Muppets) and Disney embarrassed a really great name.

The Muppets movie is a enjoyable, funny movie.

All in all, if you're looking for a family film you can all enjoy then the Muppets certainly fits the bill - just wish there had been enough more silliness from the Muppets themselves, but we really enjoyed it.

No comedy, stupid songs, no plot, no story and a silly ending.

These are the characters I grew up with so it was really something to see them together once again in such a well written and entertaining movie.

It dragged.

A combination of music, jokes and funny characters guarantees a very entertaining movie.

However, they couldn't use any music from the series or the movies, they couldn't use the original voices, and they had to guarantee that every moment would be predictable, boring and horribly unfunny.

Henson did use the celebrity cameo but he realized the entertainment value was in their suddenly appearing in mundane parts (only the Sarah Silverman cameo is true to the original spirit of the franchise).

Where was the funny banter between Miss Piggy and Kermit, their relationship in this film was so trite and uninteresting.

" The human companions are a given in any Muppet production, which is fine if they are funny or entertaining to watch, or if they are merely creating the setting for showing us funny Muppet situations, like would so often happen with the many celebrities that visited the Muppet TV-series.

It is unfortunate how The Muppets movie can be used as a platform for cheap political propaganda.

Incredibly silly humor coupled with a boring story - this, from the perspective of a 28yo guy.

I highly recommend it for anyone who wants that feel of nostalgia, or someone who's just looking for a good film to go to.

While Segel, Adams, and Cooper will never be mistaken for professional singers, they did a fine and entertaining job.

A very undemanding, entertaining and quite rewarding movie, exactly what you expect from the Hollywood machine today.

Although I thought the plot was a little weak, I mean it was a little too simple or cliché.

The Muppets had everything spot on – it was clever, entertaining, adorable, heartwarming, and absolutely hilarious.

I was never a massive fan of the Muppets as a kid, but I have to confess that I found "The Muppets" movie very entertaining.

I really enjoyed it, though.

An entertaining movie packed with forgettable over the top songs .

and she is still a very engaging talent despite the MASSIVE weight gain.

Ardent fans will be relieved to see that all of the lovable Muppet characters – from the iconic Kermit the Frog to the unintelligible Swedish Chef – are unchanged and undiminished, thanks to the stunning creative work of several very gifted puppeteers, many of whom originally brought them to life.

Ever since I introduced him to series one of the great, peerless, supreme The Muppet Show, he's dragged around a battered Fozzie, recognized the tune or a picture at forty paces and referred to bananas as mah-na mah-nas, although the link is beyond me.

It was dull.

The two lead human actors are just annoying, and "Walter" the confused muppet is just plain and boring.

It's a fun, entertaining, enjoyable, family movie.

The most stunning example of this is during Kermit's first song in his mansion.

I think this is an excellent movie for both fans of the older muppets TV show and movies as well as parents who are looking to take their family to an enjoyable film.

Since I recently selected an animated film as my favorite movie of the year (Toy Story 3), it is to be expected that I would find the first Muppets movie in 12 years to be quite enjoyable.

No magic, no script.........

All but two of the many musical numbers were dry, pointless, unfeeling, and out-of-place.

Bret McKenzie (from Flight of the Conchords) did a masterful job of constructing smart, entertaining songs that both progress the film and stand alone as fun and addicting tunes that will almost certainly pop up on my iPod from time to time.

No matter the form the humor takes, all the jokes and the gags in the movie, with the exception of a rare few, are fun and entertaining.

I was wrong because all the muppets appeared and the movie was still boring and ridiculous.

The Muppets is a truly entertaining movie!

A very enjoyable film that brought a tear or two to my eyes (and I'm over 40), especially at the end, when a mass of muppet fans embrace the return of the muppets!

When nearly every scene includes either a reminder you are watching a movie or a pointless celebrity cameo the trope quickly loses its power to charm.

2011's The Muppets is far from the best Muppet outing of all time but it does some very clever things to make the film enjoyable.

It takes far too long to get them all together again, and when they are found, it speeds over all the back-story to focus on the humans again!

Quite entertaining .

The songs are forgettable, most of the human actors range from overly cutesy to completely wooden, the story is cliché, to say the least, the humor falls flat, and it lacks the general wackiness that makes the Muppets what they are.

It is all weaved through a fascinating metanarrative that begs the question, what happens to the Muppets when they aren't The Muppets?

It seems to be enjoyable to everyone.

As The Muppets hits its admittedly predictable finale, and a well-known (even for a none-Muppets fan) tune is recited by all during the end credits, the lack of a feeling of indifference is what pleased me the most.

I highly recommend it because it is a breath of fresh air!

While the movie was enjoyable, Jason Segal's performance superb, and the emotion and complexity of the Muppets and the dynamic back story told of their separation.

Even the brothers sequences seems terribly contrived and unworkable.

The leading characters: Jason Segel, Amy Adams and new edition Walter did an amazing job at keeping spirits up and giving really enjoyable performances.

Amy Adams' character was severely underwritten, Jason Segal's is annoying, Miss Piggy was the least funny she's been and Kermit is dull as dishwater.

Funny how a Muppets movie can be so emotional but that is why this movie was so engaging.

But the good thing is, it dosen't take it self seriously, so it makes the cliché plot OK.

If the movie has a few slow moments, just go with them.

While I love Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzie, Gonzo and the other muppets of all shapes and sizes because it has been such a loooooong time since I last saw them, and that Amy Adams and Jason Segel are utterly adorable (watch especially for Adams' and Miss Piggy's rendition of Me Party), that the finale "Rainbow Connection" can cause teary eyes, and the cameos by Jack Black, Whoopi Goldberg, Selena Gomez, Emily Blunt, amongst others, are priceless and thoroughly entertaining, one can't wipe off the feeling that The Muppets is going to be no more than a one-off nostalgic ride down memory lane for those who grew up with them, and as much it is a tribute to Jim Henson, is unfortunately largely irrelevant to today's kids who grew up on a diet of CGI, coolness and cell phones.

Amy Adams' utterly pointless "Me Party" number...

The new one is that good and that enjoyable.

I don't care what anyone says, Miss Piggy is by far the most boring Muppet!

Walter is somewhat bland, though this isn't a large detriment either as once Kermit makes his appearance, the story puts more focus on him and the Muppets.

The late Jim Henson's lovable Muppets have now been around for decades, entertaining people of all ages.

Crammed with off-the-wall humour, hugely entertaining song and dance routines (including the Oscar-winning Man or Muppet), chickens, star cameos, and hilarious visual gags, this is one film that even the presence of Jack Black couldn't stop me from enjoying.

You might have thought that Jason Segel and Nicholas Stoller, of 2008's Forgetting Sarah Marshall, would be the LAST candidates to write a Muppet movie, but what they construct is not only the funniest movie I've seen all year, and one of the absolute most entertaining, it's also a project with the utmost passion and heart behind it.

This was a fun movie and absolutely enjoyable for fans of any age.

It has a simple plot, but it is sweet and engaging because it tells a tale of friendship and love.

no its also not better than The Great Muppet Caper, or Muppet Treasure Island in my opinion, but it is something to work from for a new reboot of the brand and is certainly enjoyable.

Their lack of ego and their enjoyment of the film is a bonus and their performances are enjoyable.

Amy Adams did a great job with this too, and was pretty enjoyable as the lead actress.

)used in the original Muppets applied to this movie and is quite entertaining.

The slowest parts of the movie are, as always, any moment focused around Miss Piggy.

Kids will get really bored with this one and most adults will too.

Yes, but screenwriters Jason Segel and Nicholas Stoller keep the flick from having a predictable ending, a true feat when dealing with such a standard Hollywood story.

I must admit that some of the story points were a bit ridiculous, and sometimes a little too on the nose (yes, I am aware that it was trying to be, but doing it too much becomes tedious).

The jokes are smart and actually funny, and the film is entertaining from start to finish.

This film had few laughs, dragged on for too long and had far too many all human scenes.

It matches the original Muppet Show and is always entertaining.

It's a nice try, but neither Jason Segel and Nicholas Stoller - who have generally up to this point been involved in somewhat formulaic Hollywood comedies - are no Jerry Juhls, Jack Burns, Frank Ozes or Jim Hensons.

I don't care what people think this movie is so boring, my mother and my sister fell asleep and I was almost about to and even my 9-year-old sister was kind of mad and bored.

A unique and enjoyable experience .

Nothing in this movie, no comedy, no fun, no story.

The only theatrical Muppets movie I've ever been able to write a negative review for was the last one before this, which I found to be not only not very funny, but so too dreary and cruel for the Muppets.

Terrible humour, tedious and predictable .

The story is pretty predictable beat-by-beat, like a very rushed The Blues Brothers archetype, which means it's devoid of tension and identifiability even though it tries.

The other songs throughout The Muppets were just as entertaining, apart from the few short songs that felt unneeded.

They are very contrived and predictable and the lyrics forgettable.

In some places it really dragged.

Because "The Muppets" will drag you into its world of colour and laughter and, above all, optimism and you will willingly be dragged.

Go prepared to watch a movie full of clichés and a predictable plot.

"The Muppets" doesn't rely entirely on its gags, as I found the plot consistently entertaining, and there are some poignant moments.

I loved the Muppet show as a child but this was my first time watching a Muppet movie and I must say I enjoyed it.

I found the sing-alongs really fun and enjoyable (only Muppets singing).

For all the effort that was put into the sets, the costumes, the special effects, and of course the puppetry, the film lacks the imagination and heart that made most of the previous Muppet films so enjoyable.

I just can remember myself watching the movie at the chair with my hands on my face sad, mad and bored.

It seemed obvious that Amy Adams was hired for the sole benefit of having her name connected to the movie, as her role was pointless and her speaking parts rather limited....

The story seemed to be in such a hurry that at times it gets contrived.

Dull, ponderous, packed with clichés, entirely lacking the creativeness , inventiveness, zaniness and general humanity with which Henson and his original team imbued the whole Muppet story.

The story is based off of some ironically generic plot that really is more dull then smart.

What's most fascinating about this franchise is its own brand of narrative.

The music is light, poignant, fun, and engaging.

'The Muppets' has all the charms of previous Muppet projects – the abundance of gags, the musical numbers and the cameos – and all of these elements are perfectly combined in one satisfyingly enjoyable movie.

the Muppet Theatre has become derelict, with a dull tour, so Walter sneaks into the old office of his idol, Kermit the Frog (Steve Whitmire), and he overhears Statler (Whitmire) and Waldorf (Dave Goelz) talking to oil magnate Tex Richman (Chris Cooper).

We all enjoyed it.

Summary: A few laughs, but the acting is very dry.

" While, at the same time, providing a story so cheesy and useless that new young fans were bored to death in the seats.

Loaded with unexpected cameos and sly winks at the troupe's long history, it's clear that a lot of love went into the making of this picture; the screen positively resonates from beginning to end.

Nostalgia most certainly plays a factor, but beyond that, The Muppets is a fun, silly, entertaining film for anyone looking to have a good time.

Once you get over the fact that it is possible for a human to have a Muppet brother, then this movie is one hugely entertaining affair.

It's obviously good entertainment and fun all but it's still too weak and flawed of a movie to consider this one of the year's most entertaining ones.

I enjoyed it a lot, probably more than almost any other movie in 2011.

The whole gang is back, engaging in their usual lovable antics, and there is something heartwarming about the sight of old-fashioned, tangible puppets in an era of digital animation.

This drags like a corpse through the slowest zombie apocalypse movie ever made and as much as you hope it will pick up the pace, you cannot eventually help hoping that someone will put this zombie to rest with a quick head shot.

Does the basic concept feel formulaic?

Most entertaining film I've seen at the movies for ages ...

I guess they're not exactly the main characters here, which some fans have a problem with, but they still get PLENTY of screen time and are still thoroughly entertaining.

Watch TV in home, save your money.

The plot was very simple and not very interesting, pretty cliché actually...

When you remove the nostalgia factor, I think you're left with a fun but bland representation of the Muppets.

It seems to me that the use of all the old characters (I must admit very well done) was really rather wasted when the whole thing had very little plot.

If the goal of making "The Muppets" was to make a very fun, enjoyable movie, then they succeeded in every way.

Some parts of the film are lighthearted and funny while others seem elongated and mundane.

Written by Jason Segel and Nicholas Stoller, the film's formulaic plot finds various muppets attempting to save their old theatre from a mean corporation.

Yet, it is so entertaining!

Having said this, I really loved the Toy Story short at the start of the film - fast paced and full of ingeniously hilarious toys.

) is much more intense than seeing which side of Michael Bay's frighteningly personality-devoid robot-armies will triumph over the other, or whether at least one empty-headed college kid will survive getting gobbled up by a shark.

On the whole, it's a cute, entertaining flick.

I'm glad that I had an opportunity to take my kids to see something that I had grown up on and how enjoyable it was to me.

My conclusion: The movie is a waste of time.

The story is bland and mostly unfunny.

Amy Adams, usually entertaining, is so dominated by Jason Segal that her character has no reason to be other than as a romantic object for Jason Segal.

Music is mostly banal, humor almost absent, the characters as they slowly get back together seem all to be playing the role of the two old guys in the gallery rather then their own roles.

Having said that, while the songs were generally the boring parts of the previous films, they're a little bit too frequent and bad here.

Entertaining .

But this was fun and entertaining and perfect for the entire family.

But through out it was enjoyable, a little disappointed with the lack of original songs in the middle of the film.

Entertaining, light and easy-going movie for everyone .

Along the way you as a viewer feel happy, sad, and feel good entertaining moments it brings back your childhood memories as a kid when seeing Fozzie Bear, Animal, Gonzo, Rowlf, and outspoken Miss Piggy!

What a waste of time .

The movie's main character isn't all that bad, but kind of a cliché underdog who's a fan of a dying trend, the crisis involving the muppets and human characters are solved in ridiculous or senseless ways and some of the characters are even forgotten along the way.

I was hoping to feel a rush of joy and nostalgia when the movie started however I was just mostly bored to tears, maybe I'm just getting old and grumpy.