The Musketeers (2014) - Adventure, Drama

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Set on the streets of 17th-century Paris, "The Musketeers" gives a contemporary take on the classic story about a group of highly trained soldiers and bodyguards assigned to protect King and country.

IMDB: 7.8
Stars: Luke Pasqualino, Tom Burke
Length: 55 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-14
Reviews: 9 out of 67 found boring (13.43%)

One-line Reviews (46)

I started watching it but it bore me to death and I quit halfway through.

It has every single cliche that exists in the world.

Rather, we are made to wait for contrived reveals about characters "reimagined," and for bits of familiar plot clumsily inserted into what could have been original story lines.

This truly is cynical, lowest common denominator pablum with which to spoonfeed infantilised palettes rendered insensate by a prolonged diet of reality TV pap, tawdry soap operas and trite heritage "dramas".

But I found it rather tiresome to watch it, so much so I haven't ended the season and I think I never will.

The female characters were well rounded out such as the cleverness of Milady de Winter, the youthful fearlessness of Constance and the measured loyalty of the Queen were enjoyable.

Entertaining adaptation with fresh story lines.

enjoyable Saturday night telly .

The plots are over-done and contrived whereas the original Dumas stories never strained the reader's credulity.

The script full of cliché's.

But over all this is a very enjoyable piece of escapist TV.

This is very much a show where the boys rule but there are still good and strong moments for the female characters, a fun show but still with serious and intense moments ( especially as the series goes on, so you need to stick with it for several episodes, as episode 1 is generally regarded as the weakest of the series ) and whether you stick with it largely depends on whether you warm to the show's main characters and are longing for something 'lighter' than the dark dramas of modern times.

There's humor in this show, the costumes are pretty, the acting goes from correct (d'Artagnan) to very good (Capaldi obviously) and the Musketeers' specific story lines are quite entertaining (especially the back-story we got in the third episode).

This is definitely worth watching.

Add one part omni-competent, indestructible villain, one part anachronistic social justice warrior and one part simpering younger royal, and every cliché rides off into the sunset, by the final show.

) the following are built up like a more boring crime show.

Sure the Musketeers are great and all, but really its worth watching just to see the baddies.

It is so basic and so predictable that you don't only get to predict what is going to happen in each episode, you also see what is coming in the entire series as a whole.

Though the show has been shown as the musketeers of 17th century where law and order is an idea more than the reality, the directors and crew have setup the environment quite well and its fascinating to see they have totally pulled the 17th century in this show with amazing get ups, houses and streets.

Vadim was another surprise and Jason Flemyng's intense performance makes us surrender to the new addition to Dumas' classic tale.

That being said, two things kept me from enjoying this series to the fullest: the abuse of deus ex machina and other plot devices, and the badly written, ridiculously predictable story lines.

The men all had a story line and history that was cleverly written and engaging.

great costumes - plots and sword fights - enjoyable.

In both cases, the BBC seems to have made the shows dull, predictable and sanitised.

Highly entertaining .

Specially with Athos' past and the intense way Tom Burke portrays him.

McNulty lurks in the shadows as Grimaud, unpredictable and scheming above even the Governor, emerging only to strike like a snake at opportune moments.

(It's historically fascinating and quite a new take on a hero of the time.

His character is SO EVIL, and the way Marc played him…the deliberate way he walks and talks, and just…everything, you want to kill him but want him to live at the same time because he is just so FASCINATING!

Honestly worth watching if you can go past the first episode.


It does have a modern twist, with issues such as slavery and women's rights coming up in two episodes and even Constance is a bit of a modern girl at the side of many previous and dull incarnations of the character - and this time she's married, as the books author originally intended.

The four main characters are well cast and distinctive from one another in a realistic fashion, from young D'artagnan ( Luke Pasqualino does a good job of bringing warmth and humour but also a little darkness to a character who's often the dullest of the main characters or too boyish for some viewers to take seriously.

This show is a waste of money.

Straightforward as well as gallant D'Artagnan and the three musketeers scheme their peaceful plans that are turned upside down , clashing against a malicious Richelieu who is determined to make life as unbearable as possible for the intimate friends and carrying out several missions , such as : to get some valuable letters on behalf of King Louis -in first episode- or facing off a nasty villain , Vadim (Jason Fleming) -in 2º episode- , who attempts to kill Louis XIII and organize a full-scale robbing , while Athos , betrayed by Milady of Winter , is accused for killing and condemned to firing squad , among others .

Boring and predictable - BBC what have you done.

Besides , a thrilling as well as evocative musical score .

The Musketeers is boring and predictable.

¨The musketeers¨ series (2014) is an outstanding and entertaining adaptation of the classy that will appeal to the costumer genre buffs and it results to be acceptable adaptation with big budget based on the classic .

They were so engaging that we miss it now, having viewed all of them, and wish there were more.

D'artagnan's attraction to her is more of a slow burn and this benefits the relationship because their feelings are growing from friendship and respect as well as physical attraction.

It is a squandered opportunity; for I believe, with the programme's production values and decent cast, the creators could have created something fresh and exciting.

I soooo love this show, For the most part it really is fun and exciting to watch, and the romance...

Every one of them was a good story with great acting, costumes and amazing sets that carefully crafted images of the 17th century that were breathtaking and beautiful.

It is possible for the Beeb to make a series that treats drama in a humorous, over the top and yet believable and enjoyable way (Atlantis, Doctor Who, ...

Worth watching!