The Neighbor (2017) - Romance, Thriller

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A middle-aged man in a stagnant marriage finds his life upended when an attractive young woman and her seemingly abusive husband move in next door.

IMDB: 4.9
Director: Aaron Harvey
Stars: William Fichtner, Jessica McNamee
Length: 105 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 62 out of 113 found boring (54.86%)

One-line Reviews (136)

For some reason Fichtner looked like he was playing someone with autism or Dustin Hoffman in "The Lettuce" lolProduced by William Fichtner as well - poor sod what a waste of money..all of the 50 cents and a bag of monkey nuts it must have cost!

Slow and kind of pointless .

His stride is glacial as he lets every enclosed scene play out at a snail's pace.

The plot is extremely borring and the pace was really really slow.

Worst worst worst movie ever!!

This movie is so slow i feel like 3 hrs add why does he speak so slow is the actor seems to have mental problems

This was very slow and mostly a waste of time and film.

So slow.

Boring .

Boring, slow, uninteresting .

The movies pacing is very slow and it's almost entirely dependent on dialogue, which isn't a bad thing since most of the dialogue should keep you interested.

When Mike recalls "Santa Barbara," he was undoubtedly thinking of an exciting time in their relationship that was filled with romance.

Slow and then you end it with no resolution.

Don't waste your time .

The slowest film I've watched in a long time and the worst ending ever.

Yes, slow, a bit strange, sometimes even stupid.

Well people, the spoiler is that there is no story at all.

It's marketed as a thriller, but it's definitely more of a slow burn drama about a man who is unhappy with his life and becomes infatuated/obsessed with his young female neighbor who has her own problems.

This was a very slow moving film.

The only reason I gave this a 3 star is because of the acting, the story itself is a 1 star or less because its bland and builds very slowly.

Great role by fletcher, however the film was drawn out a bit and the the ending of the film left me wondering what the final outcome was.

but it just becomes tedious and your left feeling rather disappointed to have spent your Friday night this way.

An extreeeeemly boring film with William Fichtner acting like he has a stiff neck.

No story line and the trailer tells u every single thing you need to know.

It went from slow to super slow to it just ends.

Mike (William Fichtner) is admittedly a boring tech manual writer.

Anyway I accept it is slow moving but I rather enjoyed this film as an exploration in the lead character's transition from a dull, cautious person to one prepared to take any risk to defend his new friend next door.

Basically, things are OK for Mike - if a little bit predictable.

BORING nothing happens .

Slow movie, not a thriller really, just middle age crisis drama.

I am a pretty liberal person when it comes to movies, "I want to be entertained" That's all I ask out of movies, but this movie, was not nearly as fun, as watching paint dry.

intense acting can b seen from hero..climax was little it is a average movie

Boring .

About 2/3 through the film or so, Mike oversteps his bounds and it is rather boring.

And then, into the middle of this predictable, "satisfactory" life, he gets new neighbours: Jenna and Scott.

Sexy couple moving next door, that at least has to be intriguing.

Drawn out boredom .

It's a great slow quiet crescendo scripted, filmed and acted brilliantly.

He also finds out the neighbor is pregnant after telling him she was ready to leave the guy and move out.

However, The Neighbor's ending leaves you teetering too far on the edge of something.

Slower than a snail, how was this movie a thriller?

I'm not sure what the other reviewers were watching, that gave this movie high marks, but they must like watching paint dry, with bad results at the end, or they work for the production team.

Honestly this felt like a really bad made for TV movie with no plot.

Was "Mike" somewhat "slow"?

He moves and talks like a slow robot, he obviously is depressed, and he is awkwardly obsessed with his female neighbor (stalk much?!

It's a conflict driven by a change in a middle age man's quiet and boring life.

I will start off saying that the plot is pretty predictable.

Waste of my time.

No story lame the acting is bad if there is a zero i would put it and the ending is worse

In my opinion, this movie was boring and frustrating.

Did I say boring?

This movie was absolutely stunning, from the long periods of character building silences between conversations, to the incredible movements and acting of Fichtner, everything was deliberate in order to attain the feel of an everyday average Neighbour (Yes, im english, so the U is how its spelled) falling into an obsession.

Sooooo boring.

The movie is so bad it deserves 1 star only but actually i like to watch such boring stuff where nothing happens when i'm hangover and am watching alone.

BORING, Wast of Time and NO PLOT at all.

The trailer looked promising, but watching the film was painful and boring at the same time.

BORING, Wast of Time and NO PLOT at all .

Nothing actually happens in this movie until 2 minutes to the end, and even that turns out to be rather dull.

boring .

Brain Dumbingly Boring .

It's very slow paced, and there are perhaps times when you wonder what the point of it is - if there is any real point.

Story, cast and plot are far below zero, it's a shame and a complete waste of money to realize such boring movies.

The Neighbor (my latest review) is a slow-moving, melancholy vehicle that features a comatose performance by William Fichtner (his inspiration for creating this persona seems unknown to me).

If you are looking for car chases, prolonged shoot-outs, stunning special effects, or an edge-of-your-seat thrill-ride this movie is not for you.

This movie was slow.

Very slow and dull movie.

A dull misfire about a middle-aged suburbanite who develops an over-protective obsession about the pretty wife in an abusive relationship who moves in next door.


This story about fysical abuse by a neighbor does sound promising, but this story has only one gear: slow and becoming tedious towards the end.

Plot was uninteresting.

mind numbing slow delusional nonsense .

Boring film with a boring plot...

It's hard to recommend this one because afterwards most people will say "but nothing happened.

The only reason I gave this 2 stars, instead of 1, is because I only fell asleep one time.

Watching paint dry would have been more entertaining than this.

A complete waste of time.

It's slow and boring.

He doesn't kill the movie, but he may bore you frequently.

So slow it does not even merit a 30 minute episode .

Boring .

Boring .

This is a film that is very enjoyable and all the cast is excellent and play their parts well.

The movie was so slow, simple and badly written.

Just wanted to watch something on a weekend and it was so boring , still waited for some plot twist and I dozed off .

It's a slow suspense thriller.

The move was soooo predictable and soooooo slow.

Unexpected gem .

He talks slow, comes off like a wounded puppy dog, and goes through the motions as if he might've suffered a mild stroke some years ago.

This could happen anywhere in America, quite interesting and worth watching.

Slow, Awkward, Artsy .

Real slow .

if you watch this expecting a suspenseful thriller - this is not the one.

Enough is revealed about the characters to create empathy or dislike, but much remains hidden, leaving their actions unpredictable.

I liked the slow escalation in tension and the complaints about predictability are somewhat unjustified as the plot heads in some unexpected directions including a seemingly sensible and tolerant wife Lisa suddenly wanting to separate without any attempt to discuss things.

This is a mini gem with very simple plot, and William simply took it to heights with his strong, intense and powerful character play.

I would say that the acting is pretty good, story is good but for broader audience the story progresion is to slow.

The movie had a slow pace and it was less than thrilling.

It's not the usual thriller/suspension type movie, more of a drama/intense film.

Even though it's very predictable; to me this movie stands out a bit and it's one of the more decent films I've seen in a while.

Sooooo slow that you could be in a coma and still work it out.

He got a different intriguing screen personality.

Absolutely boring and waste of time.

Worst movie ever .

Worst Movie!!

Pace was soooo slow.

and why his responsivness so slow and silent ?

A normal, boring life that becomes exciting when neighbours arrive.

Additionally, he wife through him out for engaging in the neighbors fight?

The only thing "Thrilling" about it, was when it ended, I was "Thrilled" that it was over.

However, if you head in with the mindset of a slow building suspenseful and psychological drama then you will love it, as that is exactly what it is and delivers beautifully.

Gosh this was a boring film and the denouement was not actually very interesting either!

If want to watch a frustrating mind numbing slow film about absolutely nothing, then try this.

No plot point, no resolve, not even any kind of movie ending.

I didn't quite figure out why his wife wanted him to leave, it didn't seem to contribute to the plot whatsoever, and it just came out of nowhere (although it may have happened during the 10 minutes that I missed due to falling asleep).

This was the worst way to waste my time, I thought it was going to be different more action but noooooooo it is soooo slow, and soooo stupid!

Nothing happened.

This slow builder features harsh realism and an inevitable climax and a story that keeps you gripped along the way.


How boring.....


He's a quiet, soft spoken, kind of dull guy.

He's also quite uninteresting when he speaks which is a shame because he's our main lead.

I cannot say enough how boring and just a complete waste of time this movie was.

Like Watching Paint Dry .

A waste of time!.

I thought things were going to hot up in the final 8th minute or so, but only for about 2 seconds and then it went to boring again.

Extremely tedious storyline, going nowhere...

Waste of time indeed.

Slow pacing doesn't mean a movie is bad -- its just not for everyone .

William Fichtner character manages to keep you engaged thru the slow pace and dragging scenes.

Sumtimes slow movies are interesting but this is the most boring movie I have ever seen.

Complete waste of my time.

If you are just looking for a thriller action packed movie or a plot to kind of just tell the whole theme for you scene by scene, then this is not your film!

Nothing happens in 90 minutes, so the best thing is to use this flick as a sleep maker in case you are suffering from insomnia.

This film is about a middle-aged man living a mundane life until a couple move into the house next door.

I was just waiting 90 minutes for something to happen but there's nothing to mention here other than this advice: avoid watching this so-called thriller/drama; nothing to thrill and the only drama happens inside yourself, left behind in boredom with a touch of bitterness.