The New Mutants (2020) - Action, Horror, Sci-Fi

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Five young mutants, just discovering their abilities while held in a secret facility against their will, fight to escape their past sins and save themselves.

IMDB: 5.5
Director: Josh Boone
Stars: Maisie Williams, Anya Taylor-Joy
Length: 94 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 58 out of 191 found boring (30.36%)

One-line Reviews (176)

Overall, I'd say a flawed but entertaining flick.

Director Josh Boon directed the very well-made romance adaptation The Fault in Our Stars, which was a very quiet film and I believe those quiet sensibilities transferred over to this film and made it feel slower than it should've felt.

Those who are calling this movie boring have been over stimulated by the copy and paste, non-stop action superhero movies that have polluted the genre for years and can't sit through a "superhero" movie without constant explosions.

I found this movie a little slow sometimes, and the dialogues are sometimes predictable.

Film has a great group of young actors and they give the best job that they could,but their characters were completly uninteresting and i just i didnt connected with neither of them.

"The New Mutants" is pretty intense for a PG-13 film.

Above all, it's a really drab, dull watch that does little to use the potential of its setting to tell a unique superhero story.

Showed Promise, but devolves into an Aimless, Clched, Meandering, and Pointless Mess.

No tonal consistency, no real plot.

The actors try to be good, and mostly are, but the characters have boring superpowers you have seen a million times, and ones that have new powers have really weird and unexplained ones, excepting the main character.

Amazing superhero, horror and mystical film with intriguing main characters to follow, as well as an ok main villain.

We both love Comic based Movies1) about 20-30 minutes in I was so bored I pulled my phone to play a game 2) my son didn't ask me to put my phone away (he HATES if I view a txt etc during a movie) 3) the suggestive child rape scenes were not good - just enough to go yuck but so surreal - you weren't sure if it was a twisted memory 4) it doesn't work as a Horror movie - you never feel any of the main protagonists are in any danger 5) it doesn't work as a Superhero movie - too much mystery about the evil corp with the main antagonist too confused about herself to really build to any kind of climax 6) it doesn't work as a Teen coming of age movie - its all cliche and doesn't create the type of empathy it shouldSuperpower to bring to life nightmares is a cool idea, but the way that is personified is weak and the resolution doesn't show growth for or explain whySome of the acting was good - but the pacing was way to slow, the action brief, the motivations of the characters confusing (which is really weird given all the screen time spent on character development), the "scary" misty black cloud that becomes corporeal is banal, etc.

Entertaining, fun, can't wait for sequel!.

It's not masterpiece like some of the X-Men films, but still an entertaining film combining elements of horror and superhero themes.

The main character seemed very dull compared to the rest of the cast, her only personality being that she misses her dad and is native.

Save your money.

The visuals of his power were very entertaining!

It's not the ultimate cinematographic work of art, but it was entertaining.

Though New Mutants is not a masterpiece like Logan was, it is still a very enjoyable movie and well worth the watch.

A bit too forceful in acting The characters are a bit too overdone at times, the progressive themes forcing them to act a bit too cliché in drama momentsIllyana was the one whose tough attitude got a bit in the way, though several others have flaws greatly over exaggeratedPowers Come a Bit too late Again I like my movies about mutants to have some better displays of power used in the super power way-This way was more drama focused and horror than the usual superhero part.

The jump scares were as predictable as paying taxes.

I enjoyed it.

The setting of the hospital is suitably eerie, though predictable.

She had so much potential, but they should've worked harder on giving her a real personality, rather than trying to shove her into being the "quirky edgy girl" cliche.

But in some way they pick these two ideas and create one boring movie.

Boring, pointless and so predictale .

The New Mutants was a film like i was expecting from it to be,it had boring characters that didnt clicked with me and story was seen before

But even the failings in the action and horror department don't come close to the movie's biggest crime, which is how boring it is.

The X-Men series of films have had a spotty history when it comes to quality, ranging from a clever and ambitious way to fix previous mistakes (X-Men: Days Of Future Past) to a boring and underwhelming conclusion to certain character arcs (X-Men: Dark Phoenix).

It lacks potential in spots, but for the most part, it is a rather exciting and interesting endeavour that I wouldn't' mind catching again sometime.

The technical crew had a very low budget to work with compared to other movies in the genre, so I must praise them for transforming a small, one-location film into something surprisingly entertaining.

a cliche bunch of emo teens with issues, story that has been done million of times with no surprises.

The majority of this film is a series of scenes with characters either being overly confident in order to cover up their past or just downright miserable and depressed, making for many long and slow conversations.

Because the movie is such a slow burn, you get to know the characters fairly well.

Aside from some scenes involving their tragic pasts, they felt somewhat shafted aside to make room for the other three mutants' backstories, which is a shame because it would have been nice to have all five of them with an evenly distributed amount of importance in the story, and this could have made for a more exciting conclusion.

Unless you're into bad CGI and even worse accents, don't waste your time watching this movie.

The New Mutants is a fair coming of age superhero film that is a spin off from the X-Men series.

I've watched the movie with zero expectations and I really enjoyed it.

I rather enjoyed it.

It felt a little like a fever dream but still entertaining because of it.

Especially looking at that ending, slendermen and a colossal sized demon bear fighting a witch with her pet dragon is considered "boring" nowadays?

The visual of her sword and her metal plated arm was stunning.

However, once the cliche monologue was out of the way, we were thrown into a sequence in which her father and fellow village-members die, giving her a backstory.

I only saw it because I was bored and everything else looked boring.

It goes through some of the coming of age tropes, and breakfast club vibes that remind me of similarities with The Umbrella Academy, just not as well executed.

I dont think you would want to take a little kid to see this movie because it's not like your average PG-13 superhero movies, it has some prety intense horror scenes that might leave an affect on some children.

Don't waste time or money

I enjoyed the characters, but the plot is predictable and uninteresting.

It was a fun movie where if you are stuck on lockdown and bored out of your mind.

However, the movie had some enjoyable components and was more put together in terms of the themes it was trying to deliver.

While not being as memorable or well crafted as the previous X-men movies, critics are definitely in the wrong as it is entertaining as all hell with some great chemistry with the main cast.

This film feels a bit too short and although the plot is very intriguing, we needed a bit longer to get more emotionally connected to the characters ; and for the most part most of the 'shocking' elements of the film is very predictable.

The characters have little to no depth, and seem to be straight out of a cliché teenage drama.

Some call that boring.

Some of the characters in this film ended up being a bit cliche, not so much to the point that I didn't care about them.

Worst movie ever .

It's the worst movie ever I had watched in my life

The setting was bland & there was no music in the film, which I weirdly I didn't notice.

It's the worst movie ever I had watched in my life and I hate this movie.

I feel bad for the actors/actresses because they did the best they could with a plot that was flat, boring, vague, cliche, full of holes and just...

2nd predictable to you might not be to someone else and MORE importantly what's wrong with predictable!!

((I conceed that using this model could have made repetitive and uninspired backstory, so...

Worst movie .

Why you shouldn't waste your money .

The bigger sin of a movie can have it being bore .

Really Enjoyable Movie.

Many people have said that the film felt a little disjointed, which I can agree with.

Definitely not on par with other MCU films, but for what it was worth was entertaining enough.

If you were looking forward to this movie we'll you're going to be disappointed it's bad and delivers a bland story with predictable situations Overall this movie offers a predictable story and it's no different from dark Phoenix !!!!!

The end, the ending bear fight was very boring to me, it came out of no where and the mediocre CGI didn't help.

The uninteresting plot offers few biting questions to chew on.

The story was good and entertaining.

Over all, it's a normal movie and a bit boring.

However, the latter fails to be a compelling protagonist clearly due to her inexperience.

1st off I'm extremely tired of people saying a movie is predictable and basing their review and rating on this absurd notion!!

It's a movie we've all seen 1000 times before, nothing exciting, nothing interesting, mediocre acting and directing, bland characters, predictable story...

Overall, the new mutants is a pretty fun movie that I enjoy quite a bit, yes it's not perfect and after all the delays it had I don't think it did any help to this movie but if you have the chance to see this movie I would say give it a watch because I enjoyed it quite a bit.

The villain is bland and unintimidating I was thinking of better uses of the scary scene setups throughout the movie.

Entertaining .

Pointless .

This story has been told so many times, and while there were seeds of a good story here, they were literally buried under a disjointed story they simply jumps from one even to the next without a coherent narrative, which is a problem.

Not to say long conversations hurt a film by any means, but it felt like each character sort of learned the same lesson on different occasions, making the film feel long and repetitive, even at 90 minutes.

Overall I enjoyed it.

The movie starts off dry and boring.

It wasnt scary or intense.

Boring narrative; not worth the wait .

But the story was rushed, predictable and the horror elements weren't even that terrifying.

There were too many dumb moments that constantly took me out of the movie, which especially sucks when it had an extremely generic and predictable plot.

And the action itself is thrilling.

The ending was also quite predictable and cheaply "empowering" of the main character with very cheesy ending

DISLIKES: Predictable Even without reading the comics can see so many things a mile awayMakes the movie boring at times knowing where it is going and took away the edge of the horror pointsSlow at times Takes a little while to get off the ground, the first act in particular a long drawn out introSecond part feels very uneven, exciting at times only to drop to low, drawn out displays of quickly portrayed character developmentThe third act gets much better to offset, but again very quick, needed more action and conflict to offset the slow pace.

Unique yes, but the slow none the same and a bit too bland.

It's the worst movie ever I had watched in my life.

Its short runtime and high pace were the most redeeming factors, but the rest of the positives, such as some intriguing characters, just ended up underdeveloped and shallow.

Rahne was my least favorite character out of the five main mutants, she was just so boring and I got her backstory within about two minutes and I didn't really care about her and Dani's relationship as much as I probably should have.

Enjoyable film that tries to do something different bt .

After watching Dark Phoenix, (another pointless money making addition to the already crowded X-men franchise) I had hoped this one would be different and have some sort of twist & purpose.

But this film's first real 30 mins is dull and slow, which makes it a bit boring and a slog, which for a film that is 90 mins long that is quite a long time.

The New Mutants was entertaining and had some exciting moments.

The New Mutants' greatest downfall is the fact that it's very uneventful, given the story at hand.

99% of character dialogue are boring and meaningless.

But, immediately knowing these answers is a double-edged sword as you now have to impatiently wait an hour for the movie to reveal them in the dullest way possible.

The characters are flat and predictable.

Coming of age superhero concept mixed with a little horror does end in a little let down.

It dares to try something different and while not hugely successful at it, it is still an enjoyable watch.

Roberto was the cliche girl hungry boy, who had little personality other than being good looking.

Bizarre and confusing.

I know why its a slow burn and there's lot of character building.

I felt empty afterwards.

Reyes' motivations and what lies beyond the hospital raise intriguing questions that, unfortunately, never get answered.

However, I left the theater feeling somewhat empty.

The movie starts off quite well, however it definitely falls flat a bit at the end, but it's entertaining and worth watching.

But, if you go into the cinema expecting an LGBT romance, coming of age or a goofy comic spin off, you'll have a good time.

This junk they call a movie is like a blind man trying to herd cats utterly pointless avoid avoid avoid

New Mutants has an exciting third act.

It's very slow-moving.

Save the money.

I thought the movie was actually great, it was suspenseful throughout, couldn't tell what direction it was going and right til end was good.. Plenty of ways for it to continue into a great series...

Save your money .

However, when it comes down to it, the movie was just boring and cliché.

A Little too progressive at times Takes some political components into the mix and sort of makes it the focus, contributing to the slow paceThere will be some character moments that are a bit too millennial and drama oriented that some will not enjoy, can't say much without ruining things.

But with no way to form a genuine connection with anyone on screen, The New Mutants falls flat throughout, and the final act in particular lacks any genuine intensity or excitement, unfolding as a painfully drab and generic action climax with nothing to really grab your attention.

Worst movie ever .

The fact that the introduction started with an infamous cliche surprised me, especially with it being associated with Marvel.

Its boring then exciting then boring.

It was pretty bad but I enjoyed it and Magik is awesome.

It's messy, dull and unfortunately drab throughout, missing the opportunity to develop its best ideas as it plumps for a more generic, one-dimensional action story.

Contrasting with the overall character treatment, Dani Moonstar fails to be a compelling protagonist since she's barely shown having to deal with the emotional consequences of her powers like every other mutant does.

That energy was quickly stifled with a slow crawl of story progression for the next two acts.

The first hour of the film is pretty ponderous and slow going, I would say it even feels padded.

The film is the utter definition of cliche and shows every weakness of both genres, taking the "I can't control my powers" story and mixing it with "it takes the form of your greatest fear" story.

It was entertaining, not horrible .

Finally, Alice Braga, as the doctor, is probably the most formulaic component of the movie.

Weak introduction was overfilled with cliche shots and phrases making first impression of a student film.

It does have a slow second act in the middle with Alice Braga interviewing each character.

The film starts out with an intense bang with Dani and her father trying to escape from some kind of menacing beast.

A messy and unfortunately drab watch, the film struggles to inspire the imagination with its spin-off of the X-Men stories.

Yes this movie is a little rushed but it is still an entertaining watch.

The film seemed flat, dull & pretty droning for the first hour or so.

action packed .

I genuinely appreciate that Boone and Knate Lee wrote a narrative packed with significant and detailed character development, including a compelling romantic arc.

The rest of the mutants are so bland and ambiguous that they become little more than plot devices, including Blu Hunt as Danielle Moonstar, the ostensible central character in the story.

Given that, the story originally had to be told in 3 separate films, I can say, that it turned out to be kind of a boring mish-mash.

First things first, this movie is by no means a masterpiece or even great by most standards, but to simply call it a snooze fest or the worst movie you've ever seen is just so incomprehensibly ignorant that it causes me physical pain reading these reviews.

All in all, Josh Boone and Knate Lee deliver a reasonably entertaining screenplay out of the generic zone of the superhero genre, packed with detailed character development and decent horror sequences, especially having in mind the low budget.

Finally after 3 years I saw it, and I must say I really enjoyed it.

You may think you're seeing the last X Men movie ever, what you're actually going to see is a sad, more cliche than cliche, cash grab.

Even the coming of age and together as a team falls flat.

What starts as mysterious soon becomes predictable and boring.

Pretty predictable.

I love how it's far from being just another generic, formulaic superhero flick.

Every performance seems authentic and everyone is entertaining to watch on screen.

All of that with bad CGi, horrible performances and a pointless script.

Overall it was an enjoyable, slightly scarier superhero film.

This is no cinematic masterpiece but, damn it is a hell of a time, enjoyable characters, good character development and satisfying relationships.

Now I previously said that the backstories of all the characters were very good because they aren't overexplained, HOWEVER, Illyana's is so confusing and convoluted that I just needed more to even understand what was happening in her flashbacks.

I enjoyed it.

However, the result doesn't seem as flimsy in its execution, nor as thin, and I found myself surprised at how appreciative I felt for this film when I left the theater.

For a film revolving around teenagers having superpowers and being billed as a horror, it should've been far more entertaining.

The plot was bad, the dialouge was boring and by the end of it I was cheering for the bear to just eat everyone.

The script is pretty predictable and the characters fall into cliches.

Worst movie .

Magik, or, Illyana Rasputin, made the movie so much more enjoyable for me.

Turn your brain off, sit back and just watch it for what it is, a coming of age movie set in a hospital, the brooding teens have powers and someone and something just isn't right.


I'm a Marvel fan and a horror fan, and I felt a bit caught betwixt the faltering attempts at broody supernatural horror and the angsty teen drama of a blackballed Spider-Man coming of age script.

Billed as a superhero comic movie; this movie is slow paced and full of teenage angst and bad acting.

Probably the first worst movie I've seen since the amazing spider-man with jamie foxx...

The way that she killed him to sleep instead of actually killing it really frustrated me and made me feel like I did at the beginning, irritated over a cliche.

Overall, this movie was very enjoyable and it definitely did not deserve a 24% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Most of the characters were compelling enough for me to be excited for the next part of their story.

This is one of the worst movies I've seen.

Despite the refreshing take on the overall story, there are still a few cliches and formulaic components throughout the film, especially related to the hospital.

It was entertaining and few parts feel a bit rushed.

There's some imagery that is creepier than anything we've seen in any other film in the X-Men universe but overall the experience of the film is that it's rather bland and generic.

Boring, Teenage soap opera .