The Nun (2018) - Horror, Mystery, Thriller

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A priest with a haunted past and a novice on the threshold of her final vows are sent by the Vatican to investigate the death of a young nun in Romania and confront a malevolent force in the form of a demonic nun.

IMDB: 5.3
Director: Corin Hardy
Stars: Demián Bichir, Taissa Farmiga
Length: 96 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 321 out of 1000 found boring (32.1%)

One-line Reviews (615)

The plot (if you call it one) is cliche and gives nothing fresh.

It has Hollywood's boring little finger prints all over it and for some reason, the mundane public just eats it up.

It's thrilling, scary and exciting.

Boring from the start.

Nothing like any of the previous Conjuring movies what so ever, found myself checking how much time was left till it was finished as I was getting bored.

That use of a jump scare is the worst cliche that you can use in a horror movie, and here, it is the only scare factor that they chose to use, which makes it not very enjoyable.

Each character is very dull.

Super creepy and worth the watch.


"The Nun" is a boring and frightless mess that fails on all levels.

They are supposed to make your heart beat faster and maybe even force your body to produce a little bit of adrenaline.

" Good production genetics such as "The Conjuring" & "Saw" series for this somewhat predictable script.

predictable clichés .

The movie is just empty No story no good direction Nothing new Very boring Just some cliché scenes of terrifyed people from the evil in the shape of nun The only new thing was this ghostly nun and the film makers burned it in the trailers Very nad boring movie don't watch it

Turns out that "The Nun" was a horrible, horrible waste of time, money and effort.

Weak characters, Dumb Plot and Predictable jumpscares.

The Frenchy boy is really cute and that helps the film :) to be more enjoyable.

No plot.

Fell asleep .

Please donot waste your time.

The film turned out being entertaining from start to finish, didn't overstay its welcome with a very reasonable length of ninety-six minutes and oozed with sinister atmosphere.

Bland, hollow, and lacking.

This movie is lazy, and uninteresting.

The poster child of modern, boring horror .

a disjointed collection of tricks and scare moments .

Confusing genre-inconsistent tone: the pace and scenes juggle awkwardly between slow, suspenseful psychological thriller, and random gory jump scares.

Would watch it again if I was bored.

Use every cliche there is in the genre 2.

Adrienne's character was bland and it's a mixture of bad acting and poor writing.

Yes it is predictable and yes it has jump scares and all that.

So disappointed..! LOVE the idea.. but the movie is CRAP .!Totaly waste of time .. !

Waste of time .

It's just the waste of time..

This movie was so bad, that it even exceeded my worst movie prediction rating.. It had no story, no character development, no build up or good tension, full of jumpscares (some of them actually pretty good), and continues to deliver these cheap monsters from the conjuring world that just makes me laugh out loud so badly...

The characters were underdeveloped, uninteresting, and lacked emotion.

Boring and not scary .

The frightened scenes of the movie is just unexpected.

They were there to fill in the empty space left by the lack of plot.

It was just completely bland.

I must say that I expected a better movie, but I still found the Nun entertaining and suitably creepy.

But the story itself is unpredictable and meh.


One of the worst movies I ever did see.

They are much scarier and you waste far less time.

I am sorry but don't waste your time/money on this predictable and basic movie

'The Nun' can be inconsistent, silly, and predictable, it's also terrifying and atmospheric, with a great monster, phenomenal setting, and likable characters you'll never stop rooting for.

But the thing that let me down was the ending which was predictable and just boring for a horror film!

The movie felt predictable at times, and while I understand the premise of the film was "fear The Nun" (as well as the fact it is a horror film after all), I felt as though the film relied too heavily on jump scares and spooky effects.

Boring .

Some what predictable at some points & some had me a bit off guard.

One of the most cliche things I've seen since a Touch of cloth, except not in a good way.

And even though the scares became predictable, the anticipation of wondering what's going to happen next still lingered.

very predictable plot makes this a soso film in the conjuring universe .

First and foremost this was by far the worst movie i've ever paid a ticket price for.

Ridiculous plot, awful entertaining soundtrack, uninteresting characters, weak jumpscares, cheesy one liners and nuns that roar like lions.

Really boring .

The warning nun then gets dragged away and the other nun kills herself so a demon won't take her soul.

Movie was actually boring, which consisted often of people walking into dark areas and a jump scare.

Entertaining, but predictable .

Wow this was unforgivably bad and just plain boring.

But it's just not as scary as it could be, with very predictable jump scares and horror scenes it really could be more of a thriller instead of a true horror film associated with the Conjurings.

is worth watching to see how they connected the dots and outside of that there really is nothing else.

This movie is very boring with no plot at all, filled with too many jump scares that is predictable from miles away.


No stotyline, No plot, No scares.

The dramatic climax and falling action make for a final third that was among the most entertaining in horror cinema of recent memory.

Although this film was poor in many aspects, the cinematography, however, was new, beautiful, and entertaining.

And still all those things mentioned before dragged the movie in to oblivion.

I found this film a tedious effort in trying to stay awake.

Many cheap jump scares but keep you bored throughout the movie with the obvious and cheap plot lines.

Absolutely no plot whatsoever .

Too predictable and too cliché.

I feel the movie was entertaining and I enjoyed watching it.

Everything was rather cliche and it's a film we've seen many times before.

Its like a fever dream but more boring.

worst movie.

Simple Review: Acting was fine, story was cliche and boring.

A waste of time .

Another boring, thoughtless hollywood horror.

Predictable, cliche, and boring.

Don't waste your time or money.

Missing the mark on what felt like a forced "classic" horror style, leading to overly predictable jumps and accidental comedic interjections.

Still enjoyed it though.

Fell asleep most of the movie when i woke up it was nearly finished so in all a boring movie

I thought it was well done and enjoyable/fun/creepy.

This movie is definitely not for the people who absolutely dislike cliche "jump scares", in the movie theater I was not scared by a unsuspecting jump scare because they were oh so predictable.

Like many others have said it drags, it's boring.

The final battle against Valak is quite predictable you knew what was gonna happen and we all knew that Frenchie was Maurice before it was even announced.

But it is entertaining!

One cliche after another.


Well I enjoyed it .

Even after the movie I didn't understand the plot, the jumpscares were terrible and the whole movie was just a big cliché with terrible writing

Others may disagree with me but I felt the jump scares were cheap and predictable, it wasn't scary and it failed to build suspense where the other movies thrived.

This is good, I enjoyed it.

Visual stunning, great piece of art.

Very slow and kind of blah.

Despite having only a 96-minute runtime, "The Nun" is surprisingly boring.


Its an alright flick but i found the movie a bit too formulaic ,like its as if the suits at Warner Bros.

What a cliche turd .

Even Taissa Farmiga's stunning beauty and talent as an actor couldn't save this film from a total lack of visual dynamics, good supporting actors, a decent setting, and most of all, creativity.

The plot is boring to death and I felt more in a comedy movie then a horror movie don't make a mistake and waste you're money over this movie you'll regret it

To me it felt like a whole bunch of random scenes from other movies of the same genre, redone with new actors, to tell a boring tale of two church folk going to investigate the suicide of a nun, no not that nun, a different nun.

Probably the worst film of the year, no story, bad acting and laughable.

The story was nonexistent and boring.

Don't waste your time on this.

The most compelling character present is sister Irene, played by Farmiga.

The plot is also very predictable I don't even have to tell anymore.

Boring .

There's no story.

There's a riveting performance by Lily Rabe in that which was well executed.

The overall lore and backstory to the movie is very compelling and is based on some Catholic traditions.

File this as yet another thrilling chapter in The Conjuring series.

It loud, boring and not intelligent.

What made it worse is that everything is predictable.

Much of the film is actually quite slow in that tense, edge of your film way.

These scenes are so freaking pointless and irritating since you could spend that time on developing the main demon nun's backstory.

The first 20 minutes were good but the movie got cheesy very fast with the poor writing and cliche horror movie themes.

If not, then the whole goal of splashing Jesus' blood means nothing, which means the whole main plot is a waste of time.

This movie is based in preconceptions and cliche's, I can't find something interesting in almost two hours.

I was pretty bored myself.

In between that it's just dull.

After falling asleep twice, left the cinema.

If you wanna watch this, prepare to get bored your brains out.

After all, the scares are what keep it going as it does seem quite predictable as the story develops.

'The Nun' bumbles along with pointless sequence following meaningless section until the twist comes near to the climax.

After I felt like this movie spat in my face for almost two hours, I was able to leave the theater with a smile.

When horror is a cliche .

This movie was a waste of time trying to cash in on a franchise where it didn't belong.

Worst movie of the conjuring universe as much a love series am happy a didn't go to waste my time in the cinema.

'The Nun' begins well - it gives you hopes for a thrilling backstory to be told regarding Valak.

Cliche cliche cliche ....

Bottom line no story no acting no real horror.

The jump scares from dead nuns, snakes and various dead, tangible things are just empty threats - they never cause any real harm and only serves as time-fillers in a story that's lacking just that - story.

No story at all.

I go so far to the wall that if a plot and execution generally captivates me, I can give them a pass on such arthouse solutions, like the two protagonists watching literally an empty wall for the last five minutes of the movie.

Boring and predictable .

only 3 characters.. boring.

The 2 stars are for the laughs that it gave in the first 30 minutes, after which it just got plain boring.

nun is so boring and completely unacceptable story and what kind of picturize done by director.

The characters were boring and the plot is non-existent.

Waste of time.

Good story, if a bit slow going and at times confusing.

Bore us to death with jump scares?

Predictable horror film.

A sleep inducing first half and a loud annoying second, gave me a headache for the rest of the day.

We get some very cliché attempts of flirting from him, including suggesting that maybe it's better she doesn't become a nun at all.

Pointless addition to the franchise.

This movie was bone chilling through out and kept me on the edge of my seat.

There's a scene where The ghost of Daniel (a boy that died during a exorcism that Father Burke did years earlier) scares him into falling into an empty grave.

Horror films are supposed to keep you on the edge of your seat with your hands covering your eyes!

I went to the theatre to see the movie today and went out with the good feeling that I've had a valuable and exciting time watching The Nun.

Worth Watching!.

Definitely an enjoyable experience and great production and acting.

The jumpscares felt too "repetitive" to me.

What a waste of time and potential this movie turned out to be.

Dull as it's lighting, the nun is a big step back for mainstream horror.

Entertaining .

As others have said, no real plot, just overly used cliche scares that weren't really scary.

It ended up being so boring and not even a little scary.

One word: predictable .

The characters are flat and boring, and the antagonist feels more like an ugly prankster than a menacing, demonic entity.

Don't waste your time...

Don't waste your time.

So the idea to make an entire movie about this mysterious entity was an intriguing one.

Worst movie ever 😖 I think something is wrong with the direction

Jump bits but predictable.

I've liked most of the Annabel series and found this enjoyable also.

Don't waste your time.

Some of the twists are confusing and hard to follow.

Just a silly narrative story, over reliance on jump shocks which quickly became predictable.


This movie is unwatchable.

As of me I Love Old Cultic Horror Movies this movie is simply made to make you scare and during the movie the director proves that it is filled with a lot of unexpected scares and can make you chilling for bits and scenes.

The movie was great loving it and very enjoyable please do watch this movie before its too late.

Really great movie, definitely worth watching so do not mind all the negative comments.

Unless plot holes, bad acting and cheap, predictable special effects scare you...

The Nun - one of the most anticipated horror movies of 2018 is definately worth the watch.

The dialogue is dull and the story line is worse.

It's really dumb, nothing happens, there's nothing scary, the characters are boring, it's also very offensive to catholics!

I'm telling everyone: DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME.

It's enjoyable at the core if you are a horror, scary movie fan.

It's very predictable and restricts any element of surprise.

The story is too slow, make me sleepy, and not scary anyway

The story is quite empty and that's a shame regarding all the possibilites they had.

Probably there will be another film or I missunderstood something; overall is such a good film and very enjoyable to watch, for people who like horror films.

No story, cliche of 30 years, no heart and no evolution...

I was not scared at all, I was bored.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen .

The movie feels so plotless.

No story essentially.

Don't waste your time.

There is no plot, no story, nothing original in it.

It was great at the very beginning, but everything went wrong, and started to become unbelievably dreary!

So lame sooo boring Long scenarios and useless information about the history of the demon nun which we hardly see In the movie!


worst movie .


Sadly this second encounter is far from terrifying, with pretictable jumps scares, bad character devolpment and a boring backstory for the persona.

A huge let down, weak storyline being dragged with weaker side stories.

It was boring and not scary at all with dull jump scares that are running their course..

enjoyable conjuring spin-off .

The scary parts were so predictable.

Solid but predictable .

Looking back I am convinced that their was no plot, the acting was sub par, the scares were no existent and the couple they try are you were just lame jump scares.

Full of lies, boring and complete nonsense.

I was a bit tired to the James wan thing even before but this one is only waste of time and money.

In general, this movie like much of the rest of The Conjuring Franchise is bland and uninteresting as mentioned earlier.

In other words, this movie is a retarded waste of money.

There were about two scenes that I found creepy, but the cheap jump scares throughout made it predictable.

Predictable movie with a lot of (also) predictable jump scares.

It was a waste of time the conjuring was better and more terifying And something else the movie is predictible


Total waste of time .

Boring .

This film is a boring mess who tries too hard to be scary but ended up being a cheesefest cliche throughout.

There's only so much creeping-about in the shadows or slow camera movements around a room while an apparition patiently waits off-screen to jump in on cue that should fit into one movie.

What a waste of time .

The origins of the demonic nun of The Conjuring 2 have found a place in a film of very short duration and, as the headline says,banal (let's face it: spit the blood of Christ in the face of a demon was not a good idea) and foregone (there are no jump scares), a film realized to satisfy the many fans of the horror franchise that proved to be rather fascinated by the character of Valak.

Shallow storyline, cardboard cutout characters, silly plot fulled of plot holes, story lacking substance, predictable jump scares, good CGI, I'll give it that, but overall a waste of time.

No story at all .

If they intend to bring out more films in this franchise, they will really need to be unique again to interest people after this colossal bore.

I came to the theater with expectations to be scared at least like I was on Annabelle or in the Conjuring, and only within 20 minutes into the movie, I realized that it is probably a boring film.

It was kind of boring and disappointing.

Super cliché, you can name everything that is about to happen: upside down crosses, in your face jump scares, checking out random noises in the night.

It held my interest and there were a few genuine creepy moments, the location was stunning, as well as suitably eerie.

Pointless drivel.

The purpose of special effects and CGI is to enhance the film, but in this case, it just took away from the already bland plot line.

But in my eyes this is a highly entertaining horror flick with some cheese.

Throughly enjoyed it .

Entertaining because it keeps you engaged with the story and easter eggs to other Conjuring movies, it also has a lot of action in it.

The only positive part were a few Jump scares but even those were extremely predictable, in terms of horror this was pretty weak and not really scary at all.

the movie was a little predictable but I enjoyed it

Waste of time and money.

Don't waste your time .

"The Nun" committed it - i was bored out of my mind during the last half of it - and i love horror movies in general - i'm the one who is easy to be scared.

But watched "Annabelle" when u was visiting family and dragged a friend off to see "Annabelle-creation" both of which i did enjoy.

Bad direction and/or editing, non-existent plot, a series of nun related horror scenes sewn together to shock and jump-scare the idiotic audience.

With predictable clichés and an action that seemed to me like an Indiana Jones movie.

It's easy to lose track of what's going on in the movie due to boredom.

Waste of time .

I love my horror but this was simply boring nothing to make u jump !!

They should have used less money in the special affects and put more into the story line, because there was no story line.

Director Corin Hardy tries to give some of the characters 'The Conjuring'/'Insidious' treatment - the priest has his own inner demons to deal with, the young to-be nun has had her share of nightmarish visions (that eventually 'point' to something - ugh, what a cliche!

These movies had a slow build up and got ever more creepy as the story progressed.

A slow boring predictable plot.

Well, as a horror movie, it's entertaining, despite being quite predictable and cliche.

Unfathomable story line that's hard to follow.

Nice to look at but story-wise it's just boring.

It is only the second time I have ever walked out of a cinema before the end of a film.

I anticipated this movie very much and I really enjoyed it.

Sure it was shot nicely and the acting was fine, but good grief the story was dull as dish water.

There are some predictable jump scares and the shallow script devoid you of a genuine horror movie.

Jumpy, tense and sometimes predictable.

A waste of time and money.

The writing lacks substance and ends up being a poor origin story with: a rushed introduction that comes off as choppy, a messy middle with little plot consisting of jump scares that become exhausting and predictable because of its abundance, and a bizarre and over the top ending.

Boring and predictable .

There's a riveting performance by Lily Rabe in that which was well executed.

A rather boring horror film .

The Nun is right on the edge of something like Haunted Mansion (2003) or The Frighteners (1996) and a far more serious movie from its own universe, The Conjuring (2013).

For those who enjoy empty VERY predictable forced (failing) jump scares..without decent story telling.

The movie is pretty boring, the plot is horrible, a lot of illogical parts and non-sense dialogues, I expected a lot more of this, what a disappointment.

If i could, i would rate it -10 out of 10 because there is absolutely no story line, all the jump scares made me laugh; they tried to start a romance in a horror movie; this movie leaves you with more questions than it answered

Too many scare scenes, too predictable and to funny.

This movie is honestly so uninteresting, cliche, and just overall NOT SCARY.

Besides from being boring and predictable it has bad acting and several plotholes.

Waste of time .

Don't waste your time!!!

Predictable and Dull .

The jump scares weren't creative, the disturbing parts just were cliche.

It's scary and entertaining .

Dont waste your time!

These Gary Sui people are making movies unwatchable.

There are no real jump scares, the movie shows surrealistic monsters and entities without trying to make you jump scare through fast cuts, the scenes with monsters are drawn out and intense not "blink an eye and you will miss them" jump scare scenes.

It was a bit boring in that way.

Such a waste of time

So horribly badWaste of time.. it's better watching paint dry...

I wouldn't call it a complete waste of time.

Predictable and not really scary.

First 10 mins is ok, but then you will get quickly bored as there is no tension, mystery.. anything worth paying attention to.

A Steady Stream of Predictable Jump Non-Scares .

This film relies a lot on jump scares and a cliche plot.

In simple terms, no plot.

The nun is the most formulaic and least inspired entry in the conjuring universe since Annabelle, though has some well executed scares and scenery along the way.

Entire movie is pointless .

Very very boring.

Save your money

Terrible film , poor acting, no story line , didn't find it remotely scary or jumpy, could of been so much better if they had simplified it and made more of the intense environment that it was set in

The plot was very lacking, or uninteresting.

This just goes totally overboard and becomes repetitive and predictable.

I suppose if I were 13 years old straight out of Catholic school and this were my first horror/posession movie experience ever I suppose there is the remote possibility I might have found something disturbing, suspenseful, or frightening.


2 Stars for the visuals, the rest is utterly boring and forgettable.

The movie itself was so boring and full of stupid jumpscares.

It is just a bunch of jump scares (most of them predictable) and a few somewhat creepy moments.

Don't waste your time.

The Nun delivers quite a few jump scares - some of them quite cliche which leads you to close your eyes 2 seconds before they happen so you can hear the rest of the cinema going 'aaaaaah'.


Entertaining, at least.

The Nun captures neat shots that engage the viewer momentarily until the story continues to tell its uneventful tale of Sister Jumpscare.

Perhaps a slow burn approach for this film shouldn't have been pursued.

Zzzz This is a boring movie .


I literally watched this movie 3 Times and fell asleep every single time

Lastly, it relies way too heavily on lazy, predictable jump scares.

I got bored of the over done jump scares way too fast.

Utter waste of time.

Went cinema to see this lost interest 20 mins in boring as film makes no sense at all!!!!!!

This movie has a lot of plot holes, not scary, but nervous system disturbing sounds and unexpected effects, the nun story disclosure is poor.

The direction is both leaden and disorganised and while the actors try gamely they have nothing to work with, with clunky dialogue galore and poorly developed clichés passing for characters that are both bland and annoying.

boring .

A huge cliché that manages to taint what The Conjuring built on.

Overall a fun and enjoyable ride.

Save your money, stay at home and watch the Conjuring!

Waste of time.

There is a slow burn that eventually does not lead to too much.

But, I like cliché if it is done right.

I enjoyed it as a horror effort in its own right.

Such a waste of time.

Boringly numbness .

Totally predictable since the very first shot.

The story is very poorly paced, mainly dull, and the back-story is far too ridiculous, clichéd and with bland atmosphere and nothing new to engage with it or take it at face value.

Problem is that the jump scares in the Nun are just plane boring, when you are familair with the gerne you can see them coming from miles away.

This actually started off with a nice amount of atmosphere but before the first half hour was up it devolved into one horror cliche after another.

So it wouldn't hurt to put unexpected jump scares throughout the movie.

No plot, No character development it totally relied on cheap jump scares that weren't even scary, We didn't even get to see why she hates Lorraine and Ed which was the main reason many of us were anticipating this movie.

For anyone looking for an proper engaging movie, look elsewhere.

Story was boring and slow.

There is no plot.


Not brilliant, but an enjoyable film if you surrender to the story and look through the character's eyes.

It's just same crappy and banal "BOO YOU'RE SCARED NOW!

Unfortunately, it was a pretty underwhelming film with little to no plot & just over using predictable jumpscares

Unfortunately "The Nun" is nothing like "The Conjuring".. The writing is flat, the music is bland, the acting is mediocre and there's plenty of pointless jumpscares.

so slow.

While this film included inventive camera angles and intriguing techniques, the cast and crew relied solely on that aspect alone and gave no extra thought to the actual story.

The 5th instalment in The Conjuring Universe is so dull, uninspiring & ridden with clichés that it may as well be the worst film in the franchise so far.

Waste of time .

It gave the impression that the makers of this movie had no idea what to do with the character, so the gave us a really basic and boring backstory.

If you look at it as it should, a spin off, it is actually very entertaining.

The plot itself is a mix of stories that supposed to scare you, but they all too predictable.

In addition, all this looks very boring and painful; extraneous thoughts constantly distract me.

It's very predictable, the plot meanders, and dialogue can be pretty bad.

It was a whole bunch of predictable jump scares.

The film is an immensely predictable series of jump scares with no tension of any kind.

Waste of time wish we would've read these reviews first!

Director Corin Hardy struggles to inject any fear into the cock and bull religious mumbo jumbo backstory for demon Valak, conjured up by writers Gary Dauberman and James Wan, and resorts to countless cheap jump scares, unimaginatively executed and extremely tedious to watch.

This movie had no plot, nothing exciting or scary.

Spoiler alert: Waste of time and film.

The nun is bland, unexciting, and boring.

It has every horrormovie cliche.

Predictable & Disappointing .

Insidious can't be consider a "good" movie, but it certainly at least attempts to create an surreal atmosphere which, The Nun seems to completely ignore - given it is just a pasteurized and stupid waste of time.

Predictable scares that just become boring is about all this offers sadly :(

The movie is scary and the jump scares feel genuine instead of cliche like others might say.

There's some creepy/scary enjoyable moments but overall it's very cliche and downright boring at times.

Other than that, just a waste of time and money.

For a franchise that's known for being unique & unexpected, this really misses the mark.

They took a character with so much potential and made her boring.

Maybe even entertaining enough to keep.

It was a bit predictable though.

bored .

Their efforts are entertaining to watch and them overcoming each and every difficulty is faith-building.

The NuN (the Fun) Waste of money and time 😪Bhoot ne chutiya kaat dia bc

Nothing special and nothing extraordinary in story or acting, but it is entertaining.

I enjoyed it .


Lots of boring effects .

The film started with her in action, one of the nuns entering inside that dark room (at first it was a room because we did not have much information), had the famous cliche scene of all the demons films (the victim being dragged to the dark), the younger nun to run and behind her the corridor with the candles fading, this moment was really beautiful to see because besides being much used never goes out of fashion, the calm and smooth way in which she walks the corridor showed how much she wanted to implement fear in the victim, an action of the type "My simple walk makes you stay like a stone, terrified" or "i dont need to run", and the moment that Sister Victoria opens the window, we are really waiting for The nun at least close the window or attack the sister but no, she did not, she left her commit suicide and miss the chance to leave.

Cliche, generic jump scares that you knew were coming (slow head movement to look behind etc).

For the same reason, stop shooting outdoors at night time as well, it has gotten boring.

The movie was fairly predictable, but enjoyable as long one doesn't expect much in the way of depth.

I was extremely bored and embarrassed I had gone to see this movie.

The nun moving slow and not speaking was what made it terrifying in Conjuring.

Second part especially shows no plot, no action, nothing...

'Annabelle: Creation' was an enjoyable flick.

'The Nun' also fails at being scary or interesting, the too thin story and deadly dull pacing kills the tension, suspense and dread, making the atmosphere bland throughout, while there is too much of an over-reliance on jump-scares that are too random, senseless and obvious to be creepy.

It's cliche and the same jump scares in every scary movie.

However the overall storyline really felt compromised at the cost of much of the time and attention clearly put into the moments that have you on the edge of your seat.

It was cliched, boring a lot of the time and the only link to the previous stories was at the very end.

Besides that it has no value, no story and a incredible thin plot.


This movie isnt a slow burner like The Conjuring 1 and 2.

I guess if you've never seen a horror movie before, you might find this movie scary and entertaining.

The story was extremely predictable and dull, just like every other movie in this universe.

Entertaining and funny at best .

But for the rest of us, a disappointing waste of time.

A poorly directed, awfully scripted & shoddily performed gothic horror, The Nun is one unholy mess that's as incompetent as it is uninteresting.

The jumpscares were way too predictable.

Cheap boring horror .

It was also easily predictable and had a few holes I found myself wondering about when it was over.

I highly recommend it

Gary Dauberman delivers an effortless, messy, predictable yet entertaining writing, a plot fueled by the final turn leading to the very first film as a whole, cohesive universe.

Overall worth watching, and really liked the story!

I fell asleep .

Don't waste your time.

The whole movie is just a big dissapointment, it is just plain out boring to watch, nothing ever happens.

It cried out for more gorgeous shots like that stunning overhead shot of the nuns begging for their lives.

Boring .

Having the cinematographer be from a small town in Romania truly helped the the aesthetic of the shots and overall made the movie look visually stunning.

See this movie if you want to see an entertaining horror movie without applying too much mind and having good cinematography and lots of jumpscares.

I believe people underrate it because of its constant suspense and "intense-ness".

Very cliché and so repetitive.

Not scary, cliche story plot, and so not real to the extent it just was funny.

30 min into the movie, I fell asleep.

Annabelle was the worst movie of the Conjuring franchise, and then this "I don't know how to name it" was made.

No plot.

This movie was by far the worst movie ever 😂 the only good part was when the guy gets buried alive.


Although the filming was nicely done with quality setting, costumes, effects, etc., all the scenes meaning to be frightening we're just straight up boring and you could predict every single jump scare.

It was pure and utter drivel with absolutely no plot.

At first everything was so cliché then it became funny!!

To sum up, I have to say that "The Nun" is a nice, entertaining horror movie with a decent plot and a good direction.

Jesus christ I passed out and fell asleep and now it's 2am in the morning and I'm wide awake.

Given a long history of thriller/horror I found this to be excruciatingly boring.

Pleas, don't waste your time and don't watch this.

Dumb plot, relentless jump-scares, complete lack of horror and overall very boring.


But, I am kind of disappointed with this one as it is so predictable, using the same-old jump scares tactics in every other horror movies and lack of good dialogs.

The num with some connections attributable to the conjuring 2 and annabelle2, the num is presented in the first boring part, in the second part it starts to become an acceptable film, certainly respectful to predecessors to very little horror.

The jump scares are very predictable and the lead up to the scare takes so long you know exactly when it's going to happen.

No scares, no plot.

A waste of time .

The Nun avoided the "death one by one" cliche, and kept up the dreadful silence most of the time by keeping the set quiet with a few characters on set having conversations.

Don't waste your time and money, like the rest of us.

The characters are all boring with no backstory or development.

Far from cliche .

Wasn't tense, was boring and terryfingly dull.

Then again the general public has a knack for eating up the ridiculous and the mundane.

Don't waste ur money like i did

Jump scares are predictable and wasted storyline a mishmash of typical horror stories.

Dont waste you time on this.

Its not scary, just boring.

The male actor, A French Canadian living in Romania, held a stunning character with a strong reputation throughout the film.

Terrible movie and a complete waste of your time.

Enjoyable and faith-building .

The Nun is well made & beautifully crafted in the old school hammer horror way & it's the most stunning to look at cinematography wise so far of the conjuring universe.

Even worse is that the forced humor is actually the most entertaining part of the Nun, and it's not even that funny.

What a pleasant and intriguing surprise.

I enjoyed it.

The script, the conversations, the lines in the scenes are so cliche, as if they were taken from a horror movie from the 80's.

He was enjoyable in this one.

Unfortunately this whole Conjuring/Annabelle/The Nun- universe is very predictable and safe.

This is one of the worst movies I've seen this year.

It's boring, it's predictable, it's not scary, which wouldn't be as much of a problem if it at least had atmosphere, and even though it's only 1 hour and 37 minutes, it feels like it will never end.

I felt like the plot was predictable and is something you can see coming.

One is told too much and far too soon, which completely diminishes the suspense and makes things very predictable.

This one is just a boring, nonsensical and forced chain of predictable jump-scares.

Dont waste your time...

Second, the trailer opting to show a single drawn out scene that culminates to one of the best jump scares I have ever seen.

The anticipation of a possible romance was more than the anticipation of a fright, boring, obvious, made for kids scary movie.

First, there is no plot and emotional attachment, so what is happening on the screen is the same.

Don't waste your time.

While I found this film slightly more entertaining than Annabelle Creation.

Worth watching .

No story, lame acting (I can't blame the actors as there was nothing to be acted in the movie) and many-many jump scare scenes...

This movie was predictable as far as horror movies go.

One of the worst Movies I've seen in the last years .

Waste of money .

He had one joke, which was predictable and absolutely lame ("this felt like an emergency, father").

Highly formulaic and predictable with mismatched and poorly based back stories that add very little if anything to the film.

The scares are terrible, uninspiring and lack variety.

Probably the worst movie I saw in a long time.

Striving to provide scenarios never seen before in this vintage-packed franchise, Maxime Alexandre's cinematography (Alexandre Aja's 2006 remake "The Hills Have Eyes") comes up short of delivering scenes with diminished visual power, evocative and, at the same time, frightening production designs.

All the jump scares are carried out in a familiar, predictable pattern.

It is rather boring, to be honest.

Although the plot and story had been heard countless amounts of times, the cinematography was still absolutely breathtaking.

The scares are predictable and just jump scares that are so telegraphed they aren't scary, and they wear off quick once you've seen them a few times.

The Nun, however, seemed pointless.

Plotless and not scary.

This film somehow manages to take the least interesting cliche filled route for the Nun origin.

Disjointed .

A big wasted opportunity and a really boring movie.

A dull and uninspired horror flick .

Nearly every outcome of every scene was predictable.

I actually fell asleep during the movie, about 1 hour into it.

It is pretty generic, worth watching once.

This has to be one of the worst movies I have ever seen, the fact that they put this in the same category as The Conjuring is laughable.

Boring plot, terrible execution, relies on jump scares rather than storyline.


The young nun-im sorry Taissa but het perfomance was too cliche, over melodramatic and not convincing.

Everything really is quite bland, it wasn't even scary.

This movie took almost 1 hour just to figure out the nun , acting is horrible and movie itself its kind of boring.

The time in history, the locale, the mythos: all compelling.

Boring and predicable.

I just found it boring and I knew what was going to happend the whole movie.

Despite the trio delivers good performances, thinly-sketched characters and formulaic encounters don't set up a solid connection with the audience.

Very cliche, not scary at all, bad actingnothing else to say, movie is too bad

The Nun was an entertaining and creepy spook fest!

One of the worst movies i have ever seen

Very enjoyable and sufficiently creepy in my opinion.

I give 5 because I think its OK but its just totally cliche.

I feel like this movie was very rushed, the plot seems empty to me, no real meaning as to why only two people were sent there ( the nun and the father).

But, nonetheless, on a bored night when nothing else else in the streamable selection of online features looks appeasing, this movie should nonetheless satisfy a natural curiosity of spooks and thrills.

Don't waste your time .

Lots of jump scenes and after a while becomes predictable and stale.

The longer it went on the more boring and stupid it became.

This was a huge waste of time.

If you like predictable jump scares, characters making stupid decisions and nuns then you'll eat this up for sure.

If anyone was bored then go to a Comedy and don't listen to haters, they wish that the horrors becoming marvel with the endless laughter and chromakey!!!

Just another cliche terror movie.

A pure waste of time .

The monastery looks creepy and, even if some of the scenes is predictable, the movie keeps you focused from beginning to the end.

The set is different than the other Conjuring movies, definitively way more exciting, and the OST is great, also much better than with the movies before.

Please don't waste your money on this.

Very predictable.

Me and my friends found it enjoyable and there were a few parts that were scary.

Just a waste of money

Boring by the numbers Hollywood Horror .

To my surprise the movie had unexpected scares that I've felt lacking in a lot of horror movies lately.

Drawn out.

But the film is so boring that you feel no suspense or fear and can time ever scary moment to the second.

Disappointed and dreary.

I wish if there was less than 1 star, waste of (time, money,everything)

Only worth watching at night with all lights off.

She acted great no doubt, but yeah confusing

It has a good cast, good acting, and a good plot, albeit a slow one.

no story or imagination, predictable scares and we found out nothing about who the Nun actually was...

The story line was a bit slow and the jokes were very forced and generic.

Boring and mediocre in every way .

I strongly advice not to watch this movie in the cinema, it's a waste of money.

no story no acting no real horror.

Boring As Kuck!!!.

The nun was barely in her own film, lots of predictable jump scares , many many plot holes.

I especially HATE the "she/he/it is standing behind you" Cliché.

The plot was also quite confusing at times and decisions felt rushed.

Worth watching.

(Fell asleep once).

boring .

No story build up nothing.

Extremely disappointing waste of time plus money Most Disappointing Movie Of The Conjuring Franchise Most Disappointing Movie Of The Conjuring Franchise

Worst movie ive seen in my life .

I enjoyed it, seen a monster in a movie after a while.

It had alot of jump scares and plenty to keep you on the edge of your seat.

I really love the conjuring series and all the insidious episode, my expectation is totally high but I just got the same movie again, all the recycling predictable jumpscare all over the movie.

Rushed and boring .......

This movie is entertaining and that's about all I can say about it.

A very disappointing watch:There is no plot whatsoever.

Don't waste your time.

Lost interest almost immediately, confusing, boring, lackluster ....

I never found myself caring for these characters at all, anything we learn from these characters rarely relate to the plot at all, making whatever development pointless and lacklustre.

Hardy keeps the pace very slow and doesn't allow for anything interesting to develop.

Although i like horror movies to some degree, the new versions of horror movies are beginning to bore me.

This movie left me sad, empty and with a group of friends who arent likely to watch another horror movie anytime soon.

No storyline.

I actually fell asleep a couple times and played on my phone.

I enjoyed it .

Boring and not scary .

Terrible writing, awful plot, boring characters, zero scares (not for its lack of trying to jump scare us into boredom) and a totally underused big bad.

Don't waste your time on this.

One cliche after the other.

Boring Boring Boring .

Just a bundle set out to waste your time.

It's very similar to the Mummy and Mummy Returns franchise and quite enjoyable when not taken too seriously.

No story line, stupid acting, I did not find anything worth watching it

I fell asleep before the climactic ending, enough said.

Predictable and rushed ending.

No plot, no logic, and most importantly, no scares.

We both really enjoyed it.

Mostly the scenes were predictable and filled with comic relief which is not what you come looking for in these movies.

The Good:The "Nun" herself is excellentThe Bad:Bland castPoorly constructed plotEverything you fear from Hollywood horrorThings I Learnt From This Movie:Hollywood know how to drop the ball like nobody elseIf this had been an indie movie it would have been considerably betterAll the talent in the Farmiga family went to VeraIf Jesus ever actually returned and saw crosses everywhere I'm pretty sure he'd have a nervous breakdown


It's story doesnt make sense, it jumps all over the place, The damn nun is barely in it, and to top it all off it is LITTERED with pointless, cheap jump scares.

The actors were a snore pill.

I like scary films, especially when they are unpredictable.

This movie is a waste of time.

Don't waste your time and money on this one.

I think it's fascinating and on an end note to this, I recommend this movie to anyone to at least give it a chance.

Awful writing, and boring.

Atmospheric, but bland ...

The plot is ok but there is nothing scary, thrilling at all.

LOTS of(non working) jump scares, and very cliche.

Nun of this is worth watching.

She's boring here with a Movie of her own.

If you liked the films of the franchise "the conjuring", don't waste your time watching this movie.

Not sure if I liked it or didn't, but it was entertaining .

Predictable .

There is some good stuff here, the film is well made, looks amazing, sounds amazing and it's edited very well, it's just so very boring.

)There is the Verse of my culture here upon the matter:"Say: I seek refuge in the Lord of the Daybreak * From the evil of that which He created; * From the evil of the darkness when it is intense, * And from the evil of malignant witchcraft, * And from the evil of the envier when he envieth.

I genuinely nearly fell asleep...

This movie was the Daddy-Longlegs of cinema: pointless, pathetic and a waste of space.

The movie follows the same standard of horrifying soundtrack, and predictable jump scares scenes.

Cheap jumpscares, dragged out plot, needless characters (Frenchie), comedy one liners (Frenchie).

except they were all so predictable.

Alas, this movie was dull and missed the mark on so many levels.

Don't waste your time-

Very lame and dull movie from director Corin Hardy who actually turned in an impressive hand with his debut, "The Hallow".


Don't waste your time.

Please don't waste your time watching The Nun .

There was barely ever that creepy intense feeling you'd get when watching Conjuring 1 & 2.

The negatives about this are the acting not being the best, the plot it thin in places and it moved a little slow for me.

The beginning was extremely confusing, and they tried way to hard to scare you, it didnt come naturally.

Each shot contained personality and overall was entertaining to watch.

The NunThe easiest way to tell a nun is haunting you is by slow dancing with no room left for the Holy Spirit.

Slow, Very Slow...

The Nun was just boring.

Acting was fascinating.

It helps that there are three really decent actors in the main roles, though the Mexican and the Belgian Bloquet are hard to understand from time to time, but that may well be an asset, as this kind of dialogue is best mumbled, and the director can get on with the task in hand, delivering an intense, relentless series of scares and shocks, which he really does remarkably well.

Utter waste of time, and no climax


Watching this movie is a waste of time.

Boring .

actingstory camera cringy predictable + it ended

A waste of time .

Just like his character, Bichir is very bland and lacks any trace of personality.

Having all the necessary prerequisites (creepy church building, nice environments, good actors and filming) it was such a wasted opportunity when the story is basically chaotic, some jump scare here and there with apparently no story thread, border annoying.

Boring as soup.

Stupid stupid movie don't waste your time...

The Nun is by far the worst movie in The Conjuring Universe.

Lame, hurried, predictable, childish, laughable...

The first 15 mins were intriguing but presence that initially was disturbing grows repetitive and almost predictable over the course of an entire film.

Plus desperately contrived tie ins with the actual Conjuring franchise in the last sixty seconds.

Don't waste your time on this.