The Old Guard (2020) - Action, Adventure, Fantasy

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A covert team of immortal mercenaries are suddenly exposed and must now fight to keep their identity a secret just as an unexpected new member is discovered.

IMDB: 6.7
Director: Gina Prince-Bythewood
Stars: Charlize Theron, KiKi Layne
Length: 125 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 195 out of 1000 found boring (19.5%)

One-line Reviews (582)

That said, I found The Old Guard to be an entertaining action movie, and I would definitely be interested in watching a sequel if there happens to be one.

Charlize Theron was quoted recently criticizing Steven Seagal's fight sequences and suggesting that her own were more realistic and intense.

It feels cheap, uninspired and hastily made; camera work is not much better than yer average tv police drama, the scenery looks boring...

Boring, slow, drawn out and looking like a cheap Euro tv movie or series.


If you haven't watched this movie yet watch it, its fascinating i loved it so much


Enjoyable on NF, wouldn't have gone to the movies for this though...

It keeps your adrenaline pumping all the way through!

Because this movie kinda sucked and I got bored really quick.

Nothing new here, waste of time and talent.

It's a really fascinating mentor relationship as well as being more Bond than Bond.

SCREENPLAY:The storyline is predictable with no nuances.

This movie is a waste of time except the few fighting scenes that make the difference between 0 amd 4 stars.

Boring .

The supporting characters are under written and forgettable, largely due to the lack of any proper backstory, the villain is dull and unthreatening and the (limited number of) action sequences are flat and poorly shot.

The quality was also unexpected.


The rest of the immortals may also have interesting stories but they have so little time onscreen to develop that they became a bit cliché.

The Old Guard: an action thriller that is well worth the watch.

Meaningless action for some hour with slow scenes where the cast gets to viewer can "catch their breath".

Entertaining and a bit of cringe .

Make the film unwatchable!

Bad, boring and predictable script.

It was entertaining at some parts, the story was pretty cool.

It's watchable but a tad bland.

There is absolutely nothing polarizing or exceptionally crazy about the music, I found it fitting and engaging.

My only complaints is the script writing is cliche and niched to the point of eye-rolling, with some lines and some action scenes that are just way too overused in typical media these days- the same cutting images in action, the same overdramatic effects and super bland pace.

Interesting idea but mediocre and boring at times .

Yes, I enjoyed it.

Total waste of time !

The ending was pretty predictable and they miss some interesting opportunities such as showing how Theron sneaks onto a military base.

Enjoyable .

The first installment of "The Old Guard" series is far more chilling and thrilling than the straitlaced film could ever contemplate.

An intriguing concept that they don't do much with.

It's mostly enjoyable, and Theron is IMO the best actress working today.

Unfortunately, Another Boring Action Movie!!.

Their attempts to express "diversity" in the cast are formulaic and not at all organic.

Don't waste your time.

Pointless & mediocre acting .

Overall, pretty entertaining, and I'm actually wanting a sequel.

Very predictable including the immediate "pre-post credits scene".

Surprisingly bland .

All in all the movie did some cliche action scenes and then brought in a new immortal and that was about it.

but formulaic.

The action sequences, dialogues, effects, locations are good, but the cringe scenes at times, cliche villain and not so tasteful music destroy the good efforts.

Looking down at her dead body, Andy complains "So goddam slow the first couple of times".

pretty bland, no character building .

Boring .

The idea and exploration of people so old is absolutely mind blowing.

Myself and my entire family absolutely loved this movie and would definitely recommend it to anyone with some time on their hands and an interest in an enjoyable Action-Fantasy film!

The first 30 minutes seem seductive - leading one to buy into an intriguing concept, yet many of the twists and turns were all too predictable.

The plot was simply and predictably executed but remained entertaining throughout.

Don't waste your time.

I really enjoyed it.

Enjoyable characters and their chemistry.

The movie seemed to me to have had too many slow scenes where the script went overboard on pulling the heartstrings.

Movie is long and super slow in the middle.

Kept me interested and on the edge of my chair .

starts with the cliche, boring dialog, uninteresting drama...

Genuinely not a bad action movie, predictable, simple and has the potential to be a fun popcorn romp.

Tried to take it serious, tried to ignore the rubbish music, tried to ignore the social propaganda, tried to play along with the highschool weekend movie script, tried to hang in there...

Action is in point, and the story is entertaining.

Predictable story.

Unwatchable - horrendous everything .

The fighting scenes she was on were entertaining.

Thoroughly enjoyed it.

If someone gave me the concept of "kickass immortal amorale vigilantes" I would image something gleefully over the top, balls to the walls adrenaline fueled insanity with spectical to boot.

The cinematography is really good, predictable story if you observe the trailer in a detailed form.

Strong acting and plot, but it's a bit slow and dull.

Enjoyed it .

Overall I feel the film is definitely worth the watch.

Thoroughly enjoyed it!.

A waste of your time.

Interesting idea, but it was so boring.

There are, occasionally, flashes of brilliance in here and there - but in this half-baked and half-heatedly executed movie - the dull moments outside of the action make it a bit of old and forgettable.

I saw people talking about it all of over social media but it's actually pretty unbearable.

It completely throws you off, you get immersed in the movie and then you get some khalid pop song you would find in romcoms.

35 mins in and I gave up watching this boring movie.

The amount of cliché, cringe, dumb dialogue and the absurd level of P.

I hope to see something new and exciting soon.

Really entertaining .

What a waste of time.

Enjoy the action, charismatic cast, and fascinating concept.

It was so boring that I did not even finish the movie half way through.

The character of Matthias Schoenaerts is non-stop and worth watching.

It has action, brotherhood and an entertaining story.

Being quite bored of the abundance of films in the superhero genre, this is a refreshing revival with a twist.

I found the story line to be predictable and the antagonist predictable and not very antagonistic.

Worth watching.

The screenplay is all too formulaic, even if it is written by Greg Rucka and based on his comic book series.

But regardless of that, a thoroughly enjoyable film where I was upset it ended.

But the cliched plotline and weak or non-character-building make this movie unbearable.

Action packed .

Cleaning my cat boxes is more entertaining .

Amazing story that just gives enough away and acting and action very enjoyable indeed.

The movie is pretty predictable.

The real problem is the villain is just your standard, nothing interesting, compelling or different.

Some great action scenes here and there but really its just a generic story and cliche dialogue thrown in to get you to the next fight scene, which is usually sound tracked by some over the top song that blasts above the audio levels for the rest of the movie.

Worth Watching .

This movie would've been a dull and forgettable affair without her leading the charge.

Familiar Beats with Cliche Action .

Atomic Bland .

I'm now nearly done and all I can say is, this movie is dull, predictable and not worth your time.

Skipped huge chunks of tedious, predictable dialogue.

Yet another violent empty film .

People have pointed out that the antagonist is a cartoon-like evil character, that there are cliché betrayal and feel-good moments, and that there's a lot of cinematic fighting.

Like most I found it quite boring for being an "action" film.

don\t waste your time

It's been awhile where I enjoyed watching an action packed movie.

Slow or not, Nile does come back to life.

I enjoyed it.

Entertaining on Every Level .

Potentially Good but by mid way i lost interest and it became a cliche, I'm surprised that Charlize Theron would agree to the script it is full of holes, unfit actors for there rolls and the music choices disaster.

This tjj g already bored me 5 minutes in.

(inside joke for those who regretfully wasted time watching this slap n dash lgbtq/racial/fempowered programming hollywood shat out snooze fest)

Ultimately a stupid waste of time.

Dont waste your time on this movie , its soo cringy u don't understand what's happening most of the time bad acting horrible fight scenes and a very predictable plot ....

Nice and entertaining that will try to take you through the ups and downs of the different timeline.

Every single cliche in the book .

If any time you find this movie unbearable don't wait, nothing worthy is going to happen, just turn off the TV or watch something else.

somewhat predictable .

Action packed immortals doing it.

Didn't go in with movie breaking expectations, however, I enjoyed it.

+: 1-Charlize Theron 2-the meaning and the gist was good 3-the scenes and the outfits (colors and the styles) were considerably niceIf you hate boring movies, don't watch it , just don't alright?

Though it isn't perfect, the film is entertaining throughout.

Thoroughly Entertaining .

Also the side protagonists seemed more like a entertaining barfly then a thousand year old warrior to me.


Damn that was boring .

Hands down the worst movie I've ever watched.

One black woman, one black man, one homosexual this, one homosexual that, powerful womenz, etc.Dull.

I have seen this movie, i went in with an open heart as always, and I'm just left with this empty feeling inside of what did i just watch.

I enjoyed it and would love to see more, if they make any...

She keeps the pace with some unexpected style and flair thrown in.

In the end it was incredibly slow paced and just a bore fest.

Dull .

I love it up a grade in general for being entertaining.

Felt too slow and forced that I couldn't bring myself to watch more.

However, it is an action packed movie.

Action packed.

yet Enjoyable .

Boring and an abysmally amateurish script.

Boring , full of cliche and with poor action and story.

The choice of music is so bad that it manages to ruin the experience of watching this, otherwise quite entertaining, film.

Thoroughly enjoyed it .

In terms of feeling like a TV production, the soundtrack is a prime example, with its frequent use of bland and innocuous 'songs' in place of a traditional score.

There are a couple of entertaining scenes, and a lot of talking.

Instead the movie is boring, cringey and in general a waste of time

Cheesy in places, incredibly predictable and by the numbers, and agree with other reviews that the music selection was very strange and the songs felt totally out of place with the movie.

STORY: Quite predictable; finishing with a rushed, lazy ending that is more concerned with setting up a sequel.

Lazy and cliche .

Don't waste your time with this one, I'm surprised with high ratings on here, can't believe the standard has dropped to this low.

but suddenly Nile exposed Immortals knowing who they are, for rest of film was boring as hell to middle I luv action and some little gore in a superhero film and it is superhero witch I don't know if it's an comic book based on or not.

In every movie they insteal this "woke" propaganda.

Dialogue is pretty generic and the plot is largely predictable.

Mildly entertaining- would be better as a series IMO.

A lot of reviews saying this movie is boring but I think they're wrong it's just dull.

The movie had every typical cliche you could imagine in this day and age.

In conclusion, if you seek for an action packed, not that deep/thoughtful movie without bringing anything new in this genre, this is for you.

Luckily, the lore that's discussed is usually rather intriguing.

Final Say -Don't believe what you've seen from a large collection of critics, The Old Guard is a tiresome and lifeless action affair that squanders its talented cast and potentially fun story on an effort that is not worth your two hours of investment.

Started great, but ended up BORING .


I found the character of Copley played by super talented Chiwetel Ejiofor to be a bit cliché and again underdeveloped.

The dialogues are bland and though they pretend to be deep they fail to truly explore the burden of immortality, the weight of the expectations a person with godlike powers surely would feel.

Very enjoyable.

Even Charlize Theron seemed bored...

Worth the watch.

Most action franchise movies are formulaic so you just enjoy them for the thrill after all that's why they made the movie.

The filmmakers seem so concerned with being woke, that they neglect to make the film exciting, rewarding, intriguing or cathartic.

Good engaging script .

Hip-Hop beats have no relevance to this story, slow emotional piano is misplaced over action sequences, and overly emotional and melodic female vocals over synthtracks is not timeless.

Terrible writing, terrible effects, terrible directing, terrible soundtrack, action was forgettable, some of scenes were unexplained one last thing it's predictable film.

And what you're left with is wasted talent and a narrative that should have been satisfying, thought provoking, and engaging.

The narrative pace works for me, I appreciated the abundance of dialogue, it has made me care for the characters and the action scene were well dosed and very entertaining.

Yes, "The Old Guard" ticks off a lot of the inclusivity possibilities long ignored by Hollywood, but just past the feel good political correctness lurks a very mundane comic book action movie.

The predictable very linear plot continued to unimpress as it trudged towards more unoriginal developments.

An interesting concept put together in the most boring and cliche way possible.

The entire movie is like a page out of an episode of Highlander, very predictable.

The villain is probably the worst movie villain I've seen in a long time!

As far as action goes, the film is intense and the stunts are well staged, especially all the well-choreographed hand-to-hand combat scenes.

The vilain is a risible caricature and the astoundingly unpurposeful high bodycount brings the films to feel like a boring and endless fight and kill scene.

Cool Concept, interesting cast, flat uninteresting movie...

Way too long.

Bad acting, bad action, cliche story.

All the action scene have blood, but quite slow, and messy!

Enjoyed it, it's far better than a lot of junk that's been released over past couple years, grab a bag of popcorn sir back and enjoy.

The betrayals were predictable.

The action, even though nto breath taking, it is entertaining and leads up very nicely to the next in the series.

Action packed, well paced and worth watching!

this film was had idea but it blew it this is like other film called Highlander much better film then to this crap film if they had different director, different characters not Charlize Theron character but rest of other characters should be written better, jokes weren't funny, villain was lame boring forgettable needed different actor for it, Charlize Theron didn't smash her role in this film she smashed her role in Devil's Advocate, The Italian Job, Æon Flux, Hancock, Mad Max Fury Road, Atomic Blonde.

Charlize and Schoenaerts are the only ones carrying the film on their shoulders, rest of the cast is bland and does a poor job.

Cons; Very obvious plot devices, the diversity comes across as artificial and insincere at too many points, it's still Americans defeating British bad guys, predictable throughout, cliche dialog, unoriginal and over-choreographed action...

Boring and cheap looking .

It's an action packed movie with nice plot and an acting to justify the plot.

It's passable, and pretty boring.

Surprisingly being a silly childhood imagination of not being dead and become a superhero, this movie is a well made action packed one.

Waste of time...

The idea for the immortal soldiers is actually a good one and the movie started good, but the more the plot progress, the more it all becomes cliche.

It is boring, lame and a reboot of some old ideas.

Plot, action, acting all was adrenaline rushing!

I found this film highly entertaining, the acting was great, the music was fitting and it was a very interesting storyline that kept me wanting to know how it would end.

Netflix should stop using our money on bland movies and put it on shows like T"he santa clarity diet" and buying in good shows made by great directors and actors.

Enjoyable, fun movie.

Action packed, great fight sequences, and excellent actors (Loved Kiki as well).

This is an amateur-looking, bland, and unexciting slice of non-entertainment; basically, the dullest assembly of immortals since Twilight.

This feels like a bland TV series reboot of The Highlander franchise.

Thoroughly enjoyable - except the soundtrack .

Still,very entertaining.

It's predictable, and poorly executed.

A Big Yawn .

IN BRIEF: Everything old is new again in this superhero thriller that is action-packed but logic-empty.

Immortals usually bore me out of a lack of stakes, but this movie made them more interesting and engaging than any other piece of media I've seen before.

The fight scenes are fantastic and the whole plot is very intriguing.

Very pointless, much like the plot (which doesn't make much sense).

Obviously I think it is worth watching.

Overall movie is enjoyable for action lovers especially who likes kick ass fights.

Enjoyable .

I found it a good fun movie, couple of bits were too slow, but apart from that very enjoyable.

Slow, boring, not an action movie.

This movie has a fun (yes predictable) storyline.

Great: Entertaining and I want a part 2 .


For me this movie was action packed keeping me on the edge of my seat from the beginning to the end .

Super intriguing story line, love the characters.

I believe there is a lot of actors they are so good and acting thing but the director make it the worst movie ever,,, what is wrong with the director



I've recommended it to others and so far everyone has enjoyed it.....

Unwatchable .

Worth watching movie.

In addition the writing is done in such a way that it is very muted and plodding.

Entertaining .

Is there anything else that was unexpected than this?

It had a very creative story line, great acting, and was action packed !!!

That an action film should be exciting seems axiomatic -- so trite as to hardly bear mentioning.

A lot of action with a bit of unexpected mystery.

An intriguing and fun idea with a number of enjoyable action sequences and a fair few plot twists.

Clever little film entertaining from start to finish.

An interesting premise, poorly executed; even the action scenes are dull.

Full with long dialogues which are also boring and lacking of originality.

On the other hand, I like watching movies immersed and I treat all movies the same.

The story was refreshing but the execution was too slow from time to time, that's why I gave 7 stars, not more.

A slow and steady 6 out of 10 for a film that could have been so much more.

I don't blame her a bit, I would do the same - trade my talent for big bucks.. But unfortunately her films are mostly formulaic in the last few years and aren't entertaining to watch.

Very fast-paced pointless action.

This film got it all, so enjoy it for what it is, an action packed movie with a good story and great actors.

Don't waste your time .

Now add a gay element, cliche dialogue and an ambiguous ending open for sequels.

It's a dull movie.

I am bored with bad quality coming from Netflix.

Had no expectations, so was greatly surprised at how enjoyable this film was.

Love the action scenes and yes at one point it gets a little slow.

I'd probably suggest you guys to watch if you are bored in this lockdown.

It had action, a unique plot, a suspenseful end that didn't feel like I was cheated out of a real ending, and great attention to detail.

The premise is immediately intriguing, there's no denying that.


Boring and Politically Correct - how could that be.

Our team of heroes are each extremely enjoyable, charismatic, and well acted.

This particular adaptation stars Charlize Theron and Chiwetel Ejiofor alongside a gaggle of nobodies, resulting in a very dreary cast of characters.

If You Like Same Old Same Old Cliche Addled Comic Book Formulaic Pablum WATCH IT.

Different and Entertaining .

The soundtrack was also pretty subpar with weird vocal interlude's it had that cliche two girls fight so we need to have a pop/rap song over it so it feels more fun cos two women fighting can't ever be taken seriously, and as another note of how strange this movie felt like halfway through all the guns just stopped having classic Hollywood muzzle flashes and just had nothing like they ran out of budget or something cos all the gunshots were just stock sound effects it was visually boring even like a puff of smoke from the gun like in real life would have been nice.

It's a perfectly enjoyable action movie.

Very boring.

I enjoyed it .

What 'The Old Guard' lacks in plot, it makes up in action .

Intriguing, I Want More.

It's a movie worth watching, especially if you love action.

Anyway boring, no story, no plot, no nothing, and an obvious final reveal.

Boring .

Though sometimes slightly too frenetic for their own good, these scenes are enjoyable and well-choreographed.

In doing all of this, The Old Guard mixes classic action film bang bang with intimate coming of age tropes and does them well.

Movie is action packed, good messages, beautiful love story, and fantastic acting.

But otherwise I enjoyed it.

An interesting concept, made extremely boring.

Entertaining, would have been a better series .

The action is generic, predictable and dull.....


Engaging .

The story of this movie is very exciting and new with thrilling actions and amazing plot.

What an exciting story!

Brainless, soundtrackless, underdeveloped, superficial, XXI century cliché for the "new-moderns".

The premise was promising but the initial build-up was followed by a very predictable story.

Some entertaining fight choreography, though completely unrealistic, and some fun gun fight stuff.

What a waste of time.

I enjoyed it.

It's a entertaining, fun movie.

The ending is awful, the writing is poor and mundane.

As a construction of a historical and geopolitical universe, his text is satisfied with clichés of the American imagination (the maximum of exoticism in the world is always to return to the mud houses of Afghanistan) and with jokes of namedroping (it is very symptomatic that there is grace with the fact that Andy had sex with Auguste Rodin but there is no mention of the current affairs, which would humanize the character as in the HQ, however empty).

Overall, i'd give it a 6 out of 10 for the exciting premise and the Teron's effort.

The Old Guard is an enjoyable action film, with an interesting concept, let down a little by the soundtrack.

Manipulaters of a sick and twisted, unethical, diabolical plan, kinda cliche, right?

Its enjoyable and a good time overall.

but too predictable

Really enjoyed this movie - great action scenes, great performances, and just a really engaging plot.

Boring Drek .

Her cliché movie moments and lack of personality at the beginning of the film can be justified through her character arch and the character's history, so it doesn't bother me much.

The movie also has quite a few exciting action sequences, which tend to use its characters' regenerative abilities to a somewhat interesting effect.

don't waste your time

Next, the action sequences were fantastic, the film's creativity with it's action with the powers of the characters made for very entertaining sequences that was equally split between all the characters to show off their skills.

Other than this, this is a really entertaining movie for a movie night with friends.

Very exciting, I hope there will be the second part💪🏼

The action choreography is boring and predictable.

It's an incredibly uncreative, uninteresting execution of a great concept.

A 2 hour long cliché-ridden trailer .

In the end, the action is entertaining enough to make any viewer grab the popcorn bucket and eat everything.

I enjoyed it.

Overall I found the movie exceptionally entertaining and far above average.

It is very enjoyable and approaches the concept in a surprisingly refreshing way!

It's an entertaining movie with a good story to build upon.

But v poor execution, with too predictable story & dialogues.

Boring, clumsy action, you could tell it was filmed on a budget.

Just a boring movie.

this flick is just dull.

It was quite boring.

It's all very predictable and it doesn't add anything new to the table.

Can it be more dull?

But the movie was so boring.

At midpoint, the backstory felt uninspiring and dull.

_That_ is what makes him such a compelling character.

Entertaining Netflix action movie.

Boring and seems made up of incoherent events.

Entertaining .

Despite his stunning performance, you cannot even resolve his character when he died.

I cannot recall the last "comic" movie that had this mix of unexpected twists, actual stakes, solid performances, and a smart script all at once (not to mention the soundtrack).

*Yawn*If that's your bag, enjoy.

Action packed, with a good concept...

I think this is the worst movie which I ever see, 5 main characters, 2 girlfriends, 2 boyfriends.

Enjoyable .

I am to fat for the cinema and to slow for the fast moving scenes.

Felt forced and predictable.

An intriguing plot, interesting characters and great actors, and fantastic fight scenes (it made a change actually be able to see what was going on as opposed to watching a jumble of limbs and weapons shakily edited together until someone drops dead).

THE OLD GUARD (2020)One of the more evocative film titles of recent years leads into a serious exploration of the curse and glory of immortality within the frame of a near-generic action film.

I thought the movie was well done and kept you on the edge.

I had to watch it in two sittings, because of the boring parts and cringy dialogue.

That isn't necessarily a bad thing, as the affair still manages to stand on its own as an enjoyable piece of action cinema and, more importantly, any sequels its ending may hint towards are more than welcome.

I titled this review that way because I was trying to compare it to something and a lot of the cliches that are present in The Old Guard are also present in 6 Underground, that wouldn't be bad (every piece of media uses plotpoints that could be seen as cliche) but, as stated in the title, a lot of the stakes are lost.

Terrible music, cliche lines.

Please, enough with this pretentious nonsense.

The actors do a decent jobs, the premise could be interesting, In the end this is a bland movie held down by this "new cinema world of streaming" approach of treating movies as test balloons for TV shows and when the numbers are right, we will do more/better.

The dialogue is downright painful it's so cheesy so often, and the characters, cardboard cutouts that they are, are cliche from the land of tropes.

This was a fast paced action filled good time.

It is true that movie could've been much better and it feels like it loses the potential in the 2nd half but nevertheless it is an intense action-packed movie.

Enjoyable .

Basically boredom in a nutshell .

The flashbacks revealing past history was far far more interesting then this boring mess.

It's action packed and to be fair, the storyline and it's concept is not bad at all, the acting is okay and the action scenes are well choreographed.

Fun action packed movie .

Great movie the sword use was amazing very exciting.

A bit slow when immortals start sad reminisces of past family left behind.

One word for this filmTrashDon't waste your time.

Action packed movie with some great fighting sequence.

Very bad don't waste your time, many rushed scene unplanned and unreasonable, many holes in plot many predictable moves please dont make a second one...

Another woke, pointless and brainless bad moovie.. .

Great concept, brilliant combat and highly entertaining.

very bad dont waste your time .

A great movie to fall asleep to .

It was simply another pointless part of the story that brought nothing to the table.

I really enjoyed it!

The Old Guard has what you are looking for: it's action packed, with a solid story, plot development and likable characters.

A dull plot and a story that went nowhere.

Really enjoyed it .

Enjoyable .

Looking forward to more from this intriguing, brilliantly crafted Universe!

Action packed .


It is a pretty straight forward action film but very enjoyable and very well choreographed action scenes.


I still thought that the movie had some flaws, the first one being the soundtrack that I found obnoxious most of the time (slow pop songs in the middle of action scenes are not particularly my thing).

Great start, but then starts to feel clichéd with predictable drama and forced sad scenes.

Kinda boring.

The concept is a good one, but moments in the story are awfully boring, out of context, super cliche.

Having said all that it's still quite enjoyable.

)The most annoying part of this film is how woke and predictable it is though.

ENJOYABLE NETFLIX ORIGINAL - Technical Rating: 7.5/10 My Rating 7/10 .

No matter how many people call it inspired by the John Wick movies, I still enjoyed it nonetheless.

Don't waste your time like I did.

The music in this film seems appropriate for a 2 minute long, action packed trailer.

Very entertaining .

A lot of characters were bland, and a lot were not likable.

Some part were a bit predictable but instead of a pure adrenaline rush the movie does has some moments to give a pause and ponder over the things happening around us.

Enjoyable without being memorable .

Every way that the film grapples with its subject material is fascinating, and I'm itching to learn more.

It was entertaining and thought provoking all the way through.

Lots of cliche performances and some awful casting.

Boring, except for the soundtrack .

It's slow and lethargic.

this film had boring action very forgettable action like if I ask you what was good or great action?

Netflix we get it, women are stunning and brave, girl power woo-hoo.

But if you want something with good characters, a fantastic premise, and an overall entertaining story?

this film 1 star lame, boring people just because it was Netflix film it is for free don't even waste or burn your time on this movie life is far too short....

I was bored to tears.

I hated him, which again, I thought was the point of the character, but he is just the cliché cartoon villain, who is bad for the sake of been bad.

The film also explores this part, which is enjoyable.

Totally worth watching.

Mediocre, cliche as hell, lame overall, an okay one time.

Cliche time .

Boring .

The movie was fresh, plot was unexpected, tension was high, the fight sequences were amazing, and it was well cast (except for the silly villain).

It was enjoyable and worth a watch.


But it's still entertaining.

Action packed!

It would actually be an exciting, jarring opening to your film.

Boring and repetitive superhero film .

The beginning of movie is very interesting, but when approaching to mid section, the cliche comes around, all that forced drama, excess of sad dialogues forcing a dramatic life and blablabla, so lazy, almost gave up...

Boring Highlander rip .

Yes, perhaps in general days, might have something to add for not liking it, but for now, just enjoyed it thoroughly.

Entertaining .

"Notwithstanding that male characters are sidelined, THE OLD GUARD boldly and unabashedly exalts gay love in the persons of Nicky and Joe (Marinelli and Kenzari, both actors have graduated from playing villains to heroes), their kiss and a rousing declaration of love articulated by Kenzari dwarf any homophobic machismo and one step closer to integrate queer personages into the mainstream.

All in all, The Old Guard continues Netflix's trend of original action films boasting riveting set pieces, even though it doesn't quite reach Extraction's level.

This movie is full of cliches, is too long and at times just plain boring.

Entertaining movie.

Fight sequence are nicely done ,the pacing is bit slow in between.

After this, the film gets really bland and generic.

Yes there was some cliche dialogue moments to get though which I expected because I've seen these kinds of supernatural shows and movies before and there's certain beats the writers have to hit: "this can't be real!

But everything else is delightful to watch and it's an entertaining movie.

Cliche; The main enemy is Big Pharma.

It's predictable, poorly scripted, and throws feminism in your face.

It deals with subjects like forced human experimentation, the immorality of humans, etc. About the plot, it is decent and enjoyable.

The O,d Guard, even with the star power of Charlize Theron and Chiwetel Ejiofor failed to deliver, ending up being a boring snoozer.

But definitely still worth the watch.

Really enjoyed it .

This movie was such a bore and I found myself fast forwarding through all the drama queen scenes which was most of the movie...

Being a fan of fantasy and the immortality myth I found this new take so entertaining and beautiful.

Immortal waste of time .

As a movie, it's barely entertaining.

This was an enjoyable movie.

The worst movie i have ever seen in my life !.

The plot story is extremely banal and predictable.


How can a topic that exciting be executed that boringly?

Entertaining action flick.

Waiting for a high calibre fast paced action series, com'on dont stop at this, the story has all the bits of atleast four full seasons action thriller fantasy plots.

Waste of time .

Unfortunately, the rest of the Immortals (Luca Marinelli, Marwan Kenzari and - especially - Matthias Schoenaerts) are rather bland and the "big bad" (played by Dudley Dursley himself, Harry Melling) and his generic henchmen just aren't interesting enough.

Actors casting lvl- 7 very good ensemble but the producers looked like somebody holding a machine gun for the first time with this cast Movie level- b.. for bearable..Watch it for pure action entertainment and its enjoyable popcorn fluff.

Sure there were some plot holes and at times it felt too slow and too dragged or too cliche.

We enjoyed it.

The action sequences are well shot and reasonably enjoyable.

I've seen a ton of movies, and this one really was slow and bland.

This is really entertaining.

Interesting concept though ultimately let down by poor dialogue and predictable storytelling.

The concept of the story is acceptable, but the script and dialogues are excruciatingly unbearable.

Worth watching .

Story is very predictable but enjoyable none the less.

As always in the USA propaganda Muslims are horrible terrorists who killed sweetheart American soldiers when they were trying to save their lives

Another hyped up movie that showed all the exciting footage that was in the trailer in the first few minutes and then it was just a let down from there.


Best points for me were the action (very entertaining, elaborate but still clear to follow thanks to a great directing and editing work) and the character work: all the main characters were intriguing, their relationships were fun and moving, and I just wanted to know more about them.

Pathetic story, poor acting, cringy cliche twists , loop holes in story !

Enjoyed it more than expexted...

New & Exciting .

In the Old Guard it felt the characters were very boring, always scared, and needlessly complaining.

Don't bother watching, bad writing bad acting waste of time

It's just an empty cold wasteland or pointless action that tries desperately to be The Highlander without understanding anything about the heart and soul of those characters and how to emotionally resonate with an audience or build any kind of unifying themes.

Predictable, too much social messaging, boring .

Was the music a tad out of place and the main villain a bit of a cliche?

If this were just a bunch of fight scenes loosely strung together, I'd rate it a lot lower, but the main hook for the storyline is compelling enough to distinguish it.

Actions are very entertaining.

Found this to be pretty decent until one noticeable plot hole nearly smacked me straight in the face with its unexpected arrival.

But all in all, it's a very entertaining movie.

This may be a reason some people find it boring.

Great movie - worth the watch .

Boring .

I've enjoyed it absolutely.

Slow and drawn out .

However, the second half of this movie feels like a cliche of superhero movies and turns this movie into feeling generic.

Don't waste your time .

The Old Guard is what appears to be an introduction to the group, showing the strengths of each character as well as their weaknesses, their complexity, bringing discussions that could currently be considered clichés or even unnecessary, leaving some doubts about the past of their characters and the limitation of their powers, which leaves opening for a sequence and expansion of the world in which they live, and with great action scenes capable of entertaining anyone.

Cliche evil scientist, cliche dialogues, cliche setups like emphasizing gay characters unnecessarily or adding characters from different races just to prove that they care about diversity.

Played too straight, and boring for me .

Over all it is a fast paced movie with beautifully choreographed action sequences, a more realistic twist to the comic.

Finally, in this lock down of the world, something worth watching.

Good story, entertaining and would watch the sequel .

Chiwetel Ejiofor plays one of the villain "James Copley" who is meant to be more sympathetic and there is a great emotional performance from him in the third act, comes out as very predictable and plain.

But what we get is a fairly dull plot, shockingly uninspired action, some mediocre acting and the music is the worst offense of all.

It is pointless to attempt a deeper review.

A total waste of time, unless for the new young generation maybe, who are used of watching this sort of cr@p.

Yes, the dialogue is cliché at times and the plot feels rushed.

I really enjoyed it, and would highly recommend it.

Enjoyable action sf movie .

It isn't the best action-hero movie out there, but the plot is kinda interesting, and overall, pretty entertaining.

I'm usely bored with a movie after the first 5 to 10 minutes buy this film captured me from beginning too the end.

I enjoyed it!!


Very good and action packed, as a group of individuals who are nearly immortal act as hired mercenaries to carry out impossible missions.

The only 2 things counting down for me was the out of place music used throughout the movie and the forced gay propaganda, which pops up a few times.

Theron is riveting .

I enjoyed it till end.

Waste of time .

Nothing happens in the movie of any interest, there's little in the way of plot and it just plods along and nothing really happens.

The villain is dull and the story is a mess.

Charlize Theron and KiKi Layne offer excellent performances as the two well-developed and emotionally compelling protagonists.

I throughly enjoyed it.

Entertaining .

A covert team of immortal mercenaries are suddenly exposed and must now fight to keep their identity a secret just as an unexpected new member is discovered.

This big budget action flick features a rich backstory with some intriguing mythological elements.

She keeps whinging the whole way through, I feel like every film that's similar does the same thing & it's just repetitive.

Intriguing story, like able characters and over all just a fun movie to watch!

Entertaining Netflix action movie .

So F boring .

The main problem is slightly slow pace and unimaginative directing.

The story, the script, the theme was extremely tiresome theme.

Empty action .

" Is a solid action film with an entertaining premise and decent characterization really completely ruined for you because it features women, non-white actors, and LGBTQ characters for a change?

Fast paced with great fight scenes and strong characterisation.

So predictable and oh so woke .


KiKi Layne is an exciting talent - do check her performances out in "Captive State" and "If Beale Street Could Talk".

Combine this with cliché dialog and heroic quotes, and you get a trailer that's just about two hours too long, setting up for a sequel with more of the same.

The Old Guard isn't a bad movie though, it's just super tasteless and uninteresting.

This was a BORING movie.

Very weak acting, boring plot...

And they work well enough together to make this film really entertaining.

The film was action pack, pretty fast paced, and the production value was good ( Decent fight choreography, varied sets and locations, and good editing).

Entire film quite slow, full of boring conversation, and annoying overuse scene!

It might have been fine if the fight moves were faster but they were so slow you could imagine someone say ok now punch, now kick.

And finally, the final act and the plot twists involved within it, were entertaining well executed and left me very satisfied with the film, the sequel tease was also exciting.

Unfortunately they waste a bunch of time recruiting the new comer & getting her to terms with what's going on.

Pros: For starters, the action in this film is fast paced, brutal, and honestly a spectacle to watch.

This movie could have been good, and it was good for about 35 minutes but then it just slowly but surely became so incredibly boring that I found myself looking more of my phone that I did the TV screen.

Instead, the scriptwriter manages to make her somewhat boring, most likely in a misjudged attempt to keep her 'enigmatic'.

Movie lovers don't waste your time on this

Worst movie ever.

Definitely worth watching and I'll be waiting for the next movie!!

Boring, predictable, bad acting, unwanted social messaging.

The second half of the film was a boring collection of common tropes broken up by ok fight scenes

Enjoyable .

Instead, they have to waste your time by making it a big deal.

As one of the creators of the original comics, Greg Rucka delivers a screenplay packed with intriguing lore, which is well-explored and well-established for (what should be) the first movie in a new franchise.

Her collaboration with Charlize Theron was quite exciting.

Great fun, good actors, highly entertaining.

The things that hold this movie back are a terrible generic villian, a predictable story, boring direction, basic editing, out of place music, and the general lack of a personality.

Enjoyed it greatly; hope there is more coming.

What this movie has, is some cool action scenes, but even those become dull before we reach the half-way mark.

And I understand that Andy is supposed to have a withdrawn personality, but she was just super bland.

This was nothing but a waste of time, really boring, and not worth watching.

In my opinion it's just a good enjoyable Netflix movie.

The story is truly intriguing and mysterious, owning deep and complex mythology that doesn't have unambiguous answers.

Compelling, character driven action film without any stuffiness.

There was only enough material here to fill about an hour long TV show, but it is stretched out to over 2 hours and with the pacing problems and weird ponderous score, feels longer still.

Plot is dull, action scenes all the same, acting is mediocre at best, music is annoying.

Good action but predictable .

It's an entertaining action flick, no doubt about it...

But that's about it, the script & dialog is super boring, no funny or interesting moments just bad cheesy ones, basically every character is boring.

Very entertaining.

Boring .

Shallow, boring, formulaic .

I do hope the sequels to be as entertaining as this one, and do use the backstory as well the philosophical ideas that could be presented in this kind of story.

I had a long time (before the pandemic, i think that the "endgame" was the last) to watch such an (two hour) entertaining movie.

I really enjoyed it.

Entertaining and fun.

With every other scene, from battles to melancholic moments, being accompanied by the same autotune music, it gets exhausting and dull pretty fast.

When it comes to the antagonist, he's just as boring as all the other characters.

Enjoyable .

The realation between Andy "Charlize Theron" and the new guard was very complicated and enjoyable to watch .

The storyline in itself is super predictable, with a one-note corporate bad guy.

It completely ruins the film, it's jarring and awkward, feels forced and contrived.

Simple minded story, uninteresting characters, inconsistent events, and just so boring.


but it's seriously enjoyable.

However,the story is line is so dissapointing and predictable.

In fact, this cast is a diverse ensemble of fascinating characters.

I've since read the reviews and been surprised at people's dislike of the gay couple - this was one of the few times I didn't feel like a same-sex couple had been written in for the sake of diversity, their depth and connection was really vital to the plot and they avoided all the cliche stereotyping.

It's a unique story written in cliche format.

The first half of the movie with it about training a new immortal "Nile" is really enjoyable.

You never go "wow" or even "ha" and it's all due to average writing, poor delivery and dull action (except for maybe one or two fighting scenes).

Surprisingly entertaining .

Good story,, unexpected and good action.

This kind of dialogue is good for creating empathy with the characters and making them feel multidimensional, but I feel in this case, this was done in excess, sacrificing in making the plot more dynamic and engaging.

Oh almost forgot, the "new member of team" looks empty, we don't get that real felling of her, also doesn't act like a girl from army...

yea, I enjoyed it.

For an action film it was incredibly dull and uninspiring.

One time watch for bored minds

Terrible dialogue and bland cinematography don't help matters.

Bored me to tears.

Extraction was actually quite enjoyable and had superb action so I was expecting something on par.

It's not all good though, the villain sucks, and the third act betrayal was predictable.

The concept is an intriguing one: A group of immortal guns-for-hire finds itself in the crosshairs of a pharmaceutical company trying to harvest the secret of their longevity.