The One That Got Away (1957) - Adventure, Drama, War

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A cocky German fighter pilot is shot down over England in 1940 and makes numerous attempts to escape to fight again.

IMDB: 7.2
Director: Roy Ward Baker
Stars: Hardy Krüger, Colin Gordon
Length: 106 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 2 out of 34 found boring (5.88%)

One-line Reviews (27)

Critique: Although the title is a bit of a giveaway, this is one of the most intriguing of war films, a substitute to the countless Americanized versions of P.

Surprisingly suspenseful escape movie.

The plot is well written, despite giving away what happens in the movie title, it is still thrilling and suspenseful throughout the movie.

Hugely enjoyable POW movie .

Suspenseful .

Despite being made fifty years ago, "The One That Got Away" is very watchable and suspenseful even in modern day standards.

It is a thrilling and enjoyable story and inspired me to read about the real Von Werra.

The filming, scripting & the pacing of this suspenseful movie are all first rate & I have read that it is also a very popular movie in Germany.

Star - Hardy Kruger - is not actually German, but Dutch and to make it even more confusing that he claims to be Dutch in the movie proper!

1943/44, at the age of 15, he got his very first role in the UFA-production "Junge Adler" (Young Eagles), a NS-propaganda movie to inspire the youth for service in the Wehrmacht/Luftwaffe.

Hardy Kruger is wonderful in this role (even better than he was in Flight of the Phoenix)and the story is unusual and fast paced.

The movie has an unexpected tension.

Kendal Burt based his exciting action novel " The One That Got Away " on the real-life exploits of German Hero Franz Von Werra.

It details the exciting true-life escape story of ace pilot Franz von Werra (an ideally cast Hardy Kruger in his first international role) from several British prison camps in 1940; ironically, he was lost at sea not long after having reached Germany and resumed his war duty!

A thoroughly entertaining (and true!

The most gripping show Kruger crossing the miles-wide St. Lawrence, half frozen, pushing and pulling his stolen boat up and down heaps of ice, his body threatened with momentary implosion.

Absorbing and suspenseful, this is an excellent example of its type and period, with all the care that professional handling could bestow; above all, the quality of Eric Cross's black-and-white cinematography is most evident during the scenes of hardship in von Werra's various getaways.

Hardy Kruger is excellent as Lieutenant Franz Von Werra, the only German POW to escape and make his way back to Germany in Roy Ward Baker's exciting, funny and very enjoyable war film "The One that Got Away".

Surprisingly suspenseful...

It is entertaining and provides a viewpoint that we don't often see, from the side of the enemy.

Outstanding & highly entertaining war movie .

Gripping true life tale.

The story is taut and suspenseful.

And funny enough, they confirm the cliché about the English, namely that they are fair and good sportsmen, because that's what we have here.

While there are exciting moments, the narrative is too episodic to sustain interest.

The best part is this is a *true* story too so it's very intriguing to know this von Werra guy was really in the German army...

"What a solid little film this is: Intriguing, well acted and good down-to-earth action.