The Opposite of Sex (1997) - Comedy, Drama, Romance

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A 16-year-old girl visits her gay half-brother and ends up seducing his boyfriend, thus wreaking havoc on all of their lives.

IMDB: 6.3
Director: Don Roos
Stars: Christina Ricci, Martin Donovan
Length: 105 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 33 out of 178 found boring (18.53%)

One-line Reviews (76)

sorry, this is the biggest spoiler i´ll ever write, but this definetly is one of the most boring movies i´ve ever seen.

Uninspired, predictable, and seriously lacking humor .

good dark humor, a bit tedious .

Nonetheless, I recommend The Opposite of Sex to those who're tired of seeing predictable love stories, filled with needless moral...

An exciting, energetic performance by Christina Ricci .

Don Roos, he of the "Diabolique" debacle, lays a pretentious egg!

Ricci, an actress who is usually sensational (had a recent barnstorming performance in The Ice Storm), is by contrast nasty, evil and tiresome.

It is just a series of things happening that would never happen in reality, in a boring ho-hum kind of way.

The Opposite of Worth Watching .

Every once in awhile, there is a nice conversation where a couple of the characters have something really important to say about life, sex, or relationships, but the tidbits are so small that to wade through that whole hour for them is going to be a big waste of your time.

Her one-note whine is insipid and dull.

The Opposite of Sex is a film that tries to be clever when it's just being silly; it tries to be engaging when really, it's just dragging things out.

Original, imaginative and entertaining .

And while I enjoyed Christina Ricci's performance, and some of the metafiction in her narration, some of it was just a little bit too precious, too pretentious, too slick.

The actors find themselves struggling to convincingly deliver contrived, unnatural dialogue.

There's little to complain about and the movie progresses along throughout nicely with enjoyable characters, good acting, and some fine lines.


The script is weak, the dialogue strained and the plot hard to follow.

"Minus Ricci, the main character, this may have made an engaging one-hour TV special.

In eschewing conventional auterist constructs through thoughtful use of Christina Ricci's Dedee character; Don Roos transforms what may just have been an entertaining, yet unsubstantial film, into one that may just have enough power at the box-office to transform traditional, dull standard cinema technique.

The reasons why I would recommend The Opposite of Sex is the following: a fresh, cliché-free plot, the clever dialogue and, most of all, the performance by Christina Ricci.

"The Opposite of Sex" is a bland, sophomoric, unfunny comedy with a bunch of second rate actors, a dumb storyline/script, a somewhat cynical and sardonic feel which shows us nothing new, is not compelling or poignant, tries to be hip and fails, and pretty much adds up to one big boring waste of time.

There is plenty of venomous, derisive banter in the script which produces unexpected laughs.

The now pregnant Deedee and the half-brother's former "companion" vanish, setting into motion a plot which introduces various other characters, and a frantic and often confusing search for the runaways.

Intelligent, thought-provoking, Funny, Brilliantly acted*, Cracking screenplay and fast paced direction/editing, make this one of my favourite indie flicks of recent years.

Don Roos' fast-moving script presents the viewer with a truly memorable character: DeDe Truitt, a cynical, manipulative, trash-talking 16-year old, who says of herself "I don't have a heart of gold and I don't grow one later on, okay?

The acting in this movie -with the exception of Lisa Kudrow-is appalling, the plot is weak, the script is absolutely devoid of any appeal and the whole movie is totally unnecessary and pointless.

Thus the movie becomes very tedious, very fast.

Expecting a fairly average film you might say I was a little shocked when this turned out to be a well scripted, well acted, suitably gritty and compelling drama.

It is obvious that women are scary and confusing to Mr. Roos.

After seeing this nasty, depressing little waste of time that wallows in the absolute worst of human nature, I looked up Roos' resume and I now see that he obviously has severe, deep-seated Mommy Issues or somesuch because virtually every female in everything he writes is either evil, crazy or utterly pathetic.

If you like indie films, Christina Ricci or movies that appeal to the gay community, then I would highly recommend it.

The movie has the best intentions and is clever in a way, but the constant narration is making it tiresome most of the time and only the brilliant performance of Lisa Kudrow playing against type saves the film from being too self consious and smart for its own good.

Credit director Don Roos for going full-throttle with such chancy material, yet the edges of this brittle script are rather limp; the movie is either amusingly bitchy or offensively boring, with joke-gimmicks that don't work and a strident narrative pitched way too high.

If you're Lyle Lovett you can be dull.

Dreadful insipid trite trash .

Compelling .

The Opposite Of Sex suprised me in the fact that it has quite a good storyline for a black comedy as there are many interesting twists and events in the film which always keep it at least entertaining.

You could see all of the great stuff this movie had to offer, and there is some good stuff, your friends would have to sit through the whole thing to keep explaining it to you when you were there, and you would miss out on all of the boredom this has to offer while you were taking care of bigger and better things!

well worth watching.

Unwatchable .

This constant nitpicking is senseless and pointless.

Despite pointless nitpicking, this is one of the very best films of 1998.

I can usually watch pretty much anything, but I got so bored with this that I ejected the disc about 2/3 of the way through, and really had to force myself to finish it.

The story lacks emotion and depth and is very contrived - even for a Hollywood picture.

This movie gleefully overturns every social taboo, skewers every sacred cow, and is vastly entertaining in the process.

When Christina falls for Martin's gay lover (IVAN SERGEI), the plot thickens and takes a twisted and unpredictable curve of events that never really spin out of control, thanks to a witty script by Don Loos, who also directed.

It's a naughty little movie which should p*** some hypocrites off but that makes it even more enjoyable...

The movie is very well made, well acted, very funny, and highly entertaining.

But this is only the beginning since The Opposite of Sex is a muddled and un-entertaining film that combines the genres of noir, comedy, road and romance and hopes that all the usual stereotypes or clichéd images of gay people, stroppy female teens and strong, silent middle aged types who are, of course, well respected teachers will make you feel at home.

The idea of her doing a voice-over narration is perverse, but very compelling.

That said, the film is not without it's points: some nifty characterizations, crafty lines, unexpected plot turns, and a few sharp observations on contemporary relationships.

Issues dealt with in innovative and compelling way.

Ted's Evaluation -- 3 of 3: Worth watching.

The story dominates the actors, and nobody is going to be so emotionally compelling that it is a must see performance.

The story is, for what it matters, a little confusing and implausible, since sexuality is dealt with a little incongruence-- for some point, I believed the movie was trying to show there would be an ex-gay person.

Through her eyes we see her world of lies, deception and confusion.

But all in all it was disjointed, confusing and totally annoying.

Uh, okay, but it plays 100% banal.

Different but confusing film for me.

It runs pretty much like everyone is just going through the motions with their roles, nobody is very interesting anymore, and it's pretty boring to sit through.

I liked the whole meta-film thing, especially when it exploited trite Hollywood conventions.

Extremely contrived and tiresome plot (including a sure-fire bad sign, A Gun), plus grating voice-over narration.

One of the worst movies I ever saw.

An unexpected meteor about an hour into the movie would have made for a crisper viewing experience and I'd be sleeping right now.

so boring, what was the hype about.

Some of the most interesting casting choices were made for this film, all dull in their own manner and each having nothing to take anything away from Ricci.

Entertaining & funny.

this movie is a waste of time!

This actor can do a whole lot better (Insomnia), so let's blame it on direction.

She sounds bored and detached (which is probably in character with the sort she plays here), but her monotone delivery gets more than monotonous before the film is over.

Lisa Kudrow is perfect as the sister of Bill's dead lover, and Lyle Lovett is wonderful as the unexpected love interest for her character.

The problem is the preaching of liberal propaganda.

What it DID have was an excellent (and funny) script, important and intriguing subjects, and a feeling of true caring by those involved (actors and director/writer).

Overlong, and at times dull and confusing, 'The Opposite of Sex' appears to be one of those films which tries too hard to impress the viewer, perhaps due to its independent nature, making the director want to scream, "Look what I did with so little money!

That's what I thought the film would be only I get a load of clap-trap from the rest of the characters, Lucia goes on her own little journey of self discovery in the form on having sex for the first time in ages and the entire sub-plot of Bill's name being cleared for paedophilia was so tiresome and unnecessary that taking a brief nap during any scene involving it wouldn't go unpunished.