The Other Guys (2010) - Action, Comedy, Crime

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Two mismatched New York City detectives seize an opportunity to step up like the city's top cops, whom they idolize, only things don't quite go as planned.

IMDB: 6.6
Director: Adam McKay
Stars: Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg
Length: 107 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 96 out of 393 found boring (24.42%)

One-line Reviews (251)

As it gets more detailed and puts together a movie length story, it runs out of steam and sinks into boring action stunts.

The problem's with this movie is that sometimes it can get really boring later on.

Don't waste your time or money!

What really boggles me though is after sitting through this movie, getting increasingly bored by it at a steady pace.

At least it was to a certain point entertaining...

The story is a bit unoriginal and formulaic.

The plot is rather enjoyable to follow even though, of course, it is very classic and consensual.

McKay and "Land of the Lost" scenarist Chris Henchy struggle with little success to combine a formulaic police buddy picture comedy with a complex white-collar crime conspiracy involving a shady investment banker.

The movie tried way to much to be funny and most scenes have bad comedic timing and are drawn out in ways that obviously were supposed to be funny.

Don't waste your time with this one, unless....

And that's what this movie is all about, just having some mindnumbing entertaining fun.

Judd Apatow need not worry about the competition; Mel Gibson and Danny Glover have no rivals here for action, yet the underplaying of outrageous setups is enjoyable with witty lines and underplayed guffaws.

Having said that, he's pretty good in this; it would have been easy to have turned his character into a familiar buttoned down nerd, but Ferrell at least has the sense to realise that he has to let his character's true colour peek out from his dull veneer throughout the film (and not just when the script calls for him to do so).

What a disappointment that such an engaging trailer would amount to "semi-chuckle...

The jokes with respect to the script become repetitive like when Walhberg kept saying how hot Farrel's wife is played by Eva Mendes at least five times, dreary catchphrases and some disgusting jokes about homeless people having orgies in a car and jokes about urination and penises put me right off.

Wahlberg is as bland as ever.

First, they kill off the two most charismatic characters, Highsmith and Danson, and then struggle to replace them with two boring morons.

Liked the wide ranging references and unexpected jokes.

A comedy worth watching.

To say this movie is a waste of your money is one thing, but to know that it was a waste of almost two hours of your life, much worse.

If you're looking for a serious gripping plot with an end game, forget this.

Gamble stumbles onto some evidence after making what seems to be a pointless arrest for a financial investor named David Ershon (Steve Coogan).

yawn .

It was like the writers ran out of good jokes and the movie felt uncomfortable, stale, and tiresome.

There are occasional hints in the first half that it will fail like excessive goofiness and dragged sequences.

Don't Waste Your Time With the Other Reviews That Say "Don't Waste Your Time" .

The first and last car chases were especially entertaining, and they felt very "Bad Boys"-ish.

This is by far the worst movie I have ever sat through.


No plot, no dialogue, no chemistry and not funny at all....

Despite a confusing and oddly political end sequence, the film will make you laugh.

It's just that bad and mostly annoying to watch than actually entertaining.

Jackson's roles, while short was pretty damn entertaining.

I just wanted the final credits to roll - which I found to be far more entertaining then the movie itself.

She is stunning and beautiful.

Mark has an ex love who wasn't much purpose for the film, the villain had too much plot for a simple story and some of the jokes dragged on a little too long.

Put Will Ferrell in anything and the movie will go in unexpected directions and over length.

It even had me yawning more.

" Allen proceeds to belittle his wife with other degrading cliché comments to Hoitz's befuddlement as Sheila just grins and laughs it off.

To make things worse, this shtick wasn't funny in the slightest, well actually it was for about three or so times but after that it got repetitive and tiresome.

His mission to accomplish the personality of an uptight driven cop became this spastic waste of screen time.

Worst movie I have ever seen.

By the end I was so bored and couldn't wait for it to finish.

There's also the stunning Eva Mendes and at least a dozen other great supporting characters.

THis was not an offensively bad movie, just boring and lame.

THE OTHER GUYS is one of those comedy spoofs poking fun at the buddy cop genre but ultimately its about as funny as athlete's foot, the humor was either repetitive to the point where it became annoying as hell or it was the type of humor that was just childish or stupid, the only time this film was either fun or had a little bit of funny humor was every time Samuel L.

With Ferrell in the lead role, it's safe to say he's the one mainly carrying the film and, always being a comedian who verges on the edge of annoying with me, here he comes dangerously close to the danger zone at times.

That in mind, Wahlberg was so understated he also verged on rather dull too and then there are some instances where he is actually annoying.

There is no time to register any effect whatsoever on the audience, except boredom.

I'll admit, some of the jokes worked and I smirked a few times, but for the most part, the jokes were forced and the so-called "gags" went on for far too long.

Entertaining and Funny .

I left the theater actually angry at the awfulness of this movie.

If there's one thing I grow tired of it's people posting a "Worst Movie Ever!!!!

But it's not only that the complications of such crime don't fit typical Hollywood formulae, but that "The Other Guys'" confusion echoes the general population's confusion over the recent financial crisis.

Jackson and Johnson were both very fun as the over-the-top, action packed cops and they deserve a spin-off.

It is a badly paced(the middle especially is too slow and full of awkward pauses) and derivative plot with few exciting or original moments to savour.

Eva Mendes plays Ferrell's wife and she is actually entertaining.

On the first meeting this is funny, as Terry gets to express his astonishment that dull old Allen has scored such a smokin' hot and friendly wife.

Being a huge fan of the Rush Hour series, Lethal Weapon and Die Hard, I found the action in this film extremely boring and the cinematography very ordinary.

I will say that the mystery was a bit confusing, especially since it involves a Rupert- Murdoch-meets-Donald-Trump tycoon (Steve Coogan) and some financial plot.

The parts that tried to be funny seemed flat, the parts that tried to be dramatic were tedious and many of the action scenes seemed intentionally overdone, to the point of being corny.

There is always something just waiting around the corner, and that really makes it worth watching it for.

This really is a waste of time.

They were entertaining.

Very Lame & Unbearable .

The humor was very dry and sarcastic and you've got to pay attention to the story to get the humor.

But overall this was an enjoyable movie.

McKay has played down the "whacky" aspect of his comedy in order to produce a functional and entertaining action/comedy; a (slightly) more mature tone and some impressive skill with action and effects sequences.

I highly recommend it as a fun summer movie, and hey-I absolutely would not mind a sequel, if they have a great story.

The Other Guys is very entertaining, very funny, and a blast to watch.

The rest was, OMG, really and boring.

Overall, the movie is watchable, enjoyable, fun, ridiculous at points...

This is true waste of time.

It is wrapped in some sort of semi- serious plot about financial crime which is overly-complex and pointless - who cares?!

That said, the movie had some drawbacks - the villain, a Bernie Madoff type, was too vague and uninteresting - he seemed like a nice guy, which didn't work well; not well-developed.

The first time I saw this movie was in the theaters, but I recently bough the DVD and enjoyed it even more the second time around!

Those who enjoy good comedies would soon be bored and then rightly miffed at spending any money for this flat piece.

Overall I found The Other Guys quite funny and entertaining.

What a waste of money and (alleged) talent.

And then there's Ferrell, who we all know can be a comedic wizard but instead his character is bland and tasteless.

In the meantime, the reluctant partners get to know each other personally and discover some intriguing surprises, including Allen's hot, attentive physician wife Sheila.

Bad acting, boring plot, impossible to get into, and therefore a complete waste of time.

But still, I think it was enjoyable.

But it is just so ridiculous, confusing, and nonsensical.

The actors gave a half hearted performance and it was so boringly irritating to watch, because of the lack of fun and originality that Will Ferrel as well as the other names usually provide.

I was so bored.

Former rap star Whalberg has more presence in support as the tougher, more aggressive cop, but the main focus should be on laughs, and while there are one or two scenes that give the ribs a good tickle, it's generally a pretty bland, laugh free outing.

Running jokes grow tiresome after a while, though.

Strangely, Ferrell plays the straight role to Wahlberg's over-the- top intense performance, and it works.

All of the main characters were great fun to watch and it was actually exciting to see some of the ones whom I've not seen in a movie in a long time.

Even the surprise political message during the credits was out of place and I found myself wondering if this movie had actually been viewed all the way through before its release to catch any disjointed flow.

Pairing him with someone unpredictable in Mark Wahlberg was also a wise move.

Waste of time .

Will Ferrell is simply dull and unfunny.

Are two leads are the often forgotten accontants whom handle a more boring, tedious part of the job that is unwanted by everyone else their pretty much.

The middle of the movie was a bit boring.

One of the Worst Movies Ever .

But, after that, much of the dialog seems wooden, and the action contrived.

They were entertaining.

Here, amongst other things, we read what the TARP bailout really cost the American public, that after the bailout over 1.2 billion in tax payer dollars went into the bonuses of just 73 AIG executives, that Goldman Sachs got a huge tax break that saw its tax rate drop from 34 percent to just 1 percent, that the typical American retirement account has lost nearly half its value over the last five years (while CEO salaries went up 300-500 percent) etc etc. It's an odd, unexpected bit of pop agit-prop, an extended power point presentation over which Rage Against the Machine sings a cover of Bob Dylan's anti-corporate anthem, "Maggie's Farm".

Ferrell's character was a strange hybrid of slapstick and dry humor that left you sitting in utter boredom.

Whatever, as a simple buddy movie, I enjoyed it enough.

Formulaic, immature, boring.

"The Other Guys", is a funny movie from start to finish and worth watching if you're trying to look for a good comedy to watch.

I like Will Ferrell but every movie I see him in is like a SNL episode, half of it is funny the other half is horribly boring.

The Other Guys may not end up being a very memorable comedy, but in a year with lack of good comedies, this was a fun and entertaining experience.

A running joke involves Ferrell, an effeminate dweeb, getting all the attractive women much to Wahlberg's dismay and confusion.

When it's just one hilarious joke after another the laughter somewhat loses it's power and gets exhausting, especially at an hour and forty seven minutes (which is way too long for a slapstick comedy).

Entertaining Action Comedy...

And did I mention it was predictable as well.

I usually applaud a movie for avoiding conventions, but this is one of the few times that I booed it because the choices that it makes instead are even more tiresome than the clichés.

Even if the story lacks, if it makes my laugh out loud I still consider it a film worth watching.

And yes, I did in fact fall asleep mid-cinema, which is a rarity for me.

Believe me, you will be so sorry if you waste your time on this movie, not to mention spend money on it.

There was plenty of action to enjoy, but this movie focused on the unusual and unexpected dialog between the characters.


As for me and wife, we spared ourselves anymore of this drivel and walked out 30 minutes in.

There are so many moments in this movie that, albeit humorous, are utterly pointless and do nothing for the plot.

There is no doubt that this movie will get you to laugh and leave wanting to look up quotes With the combination of humor and conflict, this movie is the exciting story of Terry Hoitz and Allen Gamble taking on New York City's scams, drugs, sex crimes, and violence.

you shut your mouth, if i want to hear you talk, i put my hand up your *ss and work you like a puppet" I can assure you, the rest of the movie is utterly boring.


actually, don't waste your time on this movie, period.

Of course all "corporate" and "bureaucratic" crimes are largely visually uninteresting.

He plays comedy really well, by playing serious, in the seriously, entertaining and different comedy romp, which has a beautiful, approved blend of humor and seriousness.

Overall, I highly, highly recommend it, to both fans of the genre, and fans of the actors.

Not funny at all, and worse still, the constant dialogue was just non-sensical verbal diarrhoea and extremely boring.

As for Michael Keaton, very charming and engaging, practically irresistible to me.

"The Other Guys" provides a compelling argument that sometimes action-comedies aren't very good at climaxes or endings.

This is a feel-good movie that is funny and intriguing.

Worst Movie Ever .

And the pacing was extremely slow.

The second half (rather, the fourth quarter) is kind of boring.

Much - possibly too much - is made of Ferrell's nerd proving to be a babe magnet and apart from that the plot is pretty much formulaic.

It is funny, entertaining, plenty of action, has a great cast, a terrific acting...


) The duo find themselves up against a Ponzi-scheming Wall Street weasel (enter the always reliant Coogan) and a system of fellow brothers-in-blue who make things unbearable overall.

Overall the film was a reasonably entertaining spoof on The NeverEnding stream of police/crime action films.

There are some very funny moments - for instance when Will Ferrell apologises for his lovely, stunning wife (Eva Mendes).

But, just don't bother, it's a waste of time.

The relationship between Ferrell and Wahlberg may start off ridiculous, but ends up being quite an enjoyable pairing.

About five minutes after the movie started, he stood up, and quietly left the theater.

Very boring ..not funny{watched in2020} .

He is Hoitz (trapped in a desk job due to shooting baseball player Derek Jeter and costing his team the title) and his partner is a dull accountant type who weirdly has amazing luck with women.

But the real treat of The Other Guys is in its subtle variations, in its pursuit of the unexpected.

but Ferrel is monotone, boring and a stiff...

I mean, sure it had some laughs, but the plot has been so overused in many films, its actually quite boring after a little whileIn my honest opinion, I myself wouldn't recommend this to those action/comedy fans as I myself am one.

Boring .

His only other recent enjoyable film was Taladega Nights.

I think I would have liked this movie a lot more when I was 12, but for any adult, it was kinda boring.

It's entertaining if you look for a movie that does exactly that...

One of the WORST movies I have seen .

Don't waste your time .

Worth the watch … definitely.

This one, which pairs accountant-like Will Ferrell with hotheaded Mark Wahlberg, each with an implausible past necessary to keep their characters out of the limelight and on light or otherwise boring duty.

One of the worst movies ever.

Being British is it enforced by death that you have to like Steve Coogan, and he was enjoyable, as well as supporting cast members like Eva Mendas.

Hollywood continues to push a far left propaganda while raking in capitalist money.

Overall, an enjoyable movie .

Boring and seriously UN funny - Don't watch .

Ferrell has his own way of comedy and sometimes it fits, other times it gets to repetitive and annoying.

I am, and I enjoyed it.

" Coincidentally, following the scaffolding violation leads them to a massive investment scheme fraud, led by conman David Ershon (Steve Coogan), who finds he can distract the two cops easily from arresting him by giving them tickets to stage musicals - at which they realize they've been duped usually halfway through the productions, which they admit are highly enjoyable nonetheless.

Don't waste your time.

The start of the film, that is until Jackson and Johnson's characters were killed, was extremely funny with great action making the premise of the story exciting.

It's predictable and boring.

Probably the worst movie I've ever seen(Mainstream) .

This movie is waste of time and this senario of film i saw it in many other movie (two cops dont like each other become partner and facing big case)the acting of the two main actor in this movie is bad and the movie try in many time to force you to laugh for stupid thing ..almost evrey scene of allen is tacky ..and many secne was tacky..and the half of movie is just talking about sex and try to make sex jokes which was silly and disgusting And also that was silly try to make us laugh by showing us that allen is beloved by hot girl This movie it is type of movie youwill predict the plot and know the ending from the begining

Very non sense stupid lines, very confusing atmosphere and list goes on, please do not waste your time and money on this piece of rubbish.

Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg played a couple of loser cops who are always in the background, being overshadowed by the other more glamorous and exciting cops.

Worst movie this year .

All of McKay's movies lose steam and slow down towards the end, preventing them from becoming eternal comedic classics.

Definitely worth the watch, and funny.

Ron Burgandy is almost a separate entity, and here he plays a dull, introverted detective who differs from all three previous McKay collaborations as much as they do from one another.

I personally found the soundtrack rather generic and boring, and I also thought it didn't fit much with the movie or its tone.

The biggest laughs are at the beginning and fade at the end as happens all too often in comedies that worry too much about resolving an uninteresting plot at the end of the film while also burning out recurring jokes (such as the Toyota Prius that Allen drives having a prominent place in the film).

A complete waste of time .

Most annoying is Will Ferrell's unconvincing and tedious back story.

A plot of white coaler crime involving a dodgy financier Steve Coogan is boring and uninvolving with Coogan being deeply unfunny.

That's the message the movie is trying to drive home and it only truly resonates with the viewer at the end when most people have left the theater.

The comedy is pretty much wretched, not just in the predictable gags but also in the terrible script, while the action is tedious.

The scene establishes the tone of the movie as completely ridiculous as well as entertaining, The Other Guys does a wonderful job of not taking itself seriously and the humor just gushes forth.

Real waste of time

Wow, this was unexpected.

His random verbal rants – the tuna fish monologue is outstanding – are delivered with an almost monosyllabic tone and very few facial expressions, making the matter-of-fact diatribes even more entertaining.

Everyone's acting throughout the movie is exciting and I feel this movie deserves a sequel instead of Daddy's Home.

There's an intense opening car chase, a parking lot fight scene, an office building shootout, and an intense-action-packed final car chase and standoff that I really enjoyed, especially considering the tone of the film.

When an unexpected turn of events puts Danson and Highsmith out of commission, Allen and Terry decide to step up and take on an investigation of their own, leading to a tangle with foreign operatives, and an arrogant billionaire.

As in a football analogy, the fist three quarters were terrific; the fourth quarter was filled with confusing action sequences and fell flat.

Don't waste your time on this one.

Boring, contrived and lacking imagination .

And was that tedious scene with granny and Ferrell reallllly necessary to the plot?

And, like others have mentioned, the movie was disjointed by "fixing" all of the conflict quickly at the end (Keaton).

Overall: I hate the guys who made this movie, I hate the actors for being in it and I HATE the pretentious sods who gave this move such high a score.

While it feels that the result could have been better, this is a quite entertaining flick and it is still worth a look.

The entire movie seems disjointed and boring with a few funny parts thrown in to keep you from walking out on the movie.

Its all very boring.

but then boring movie

What a waste of time and money !

The film dragged on and on and was a complete waste of my time.

Unfortunately, after a very promising opening 10 or 15 minutes this film very quickly descended into a confusing piece of cinema.

Quite cliché with Farrell being again the freak who attractie wonen annyhow.

It is kinda Eye-sick to see those slow mo actions with Lame cops dodge off all bullets and get bad guys busted.

Interesting at first but after a while they become massively boring.

Eva Mendes plays Ferrell's wife and she is actually entertaining.

Has some funny moments but begins to be repetitive.

Again not to many memorable jokes, but worth watching on Netflix a year from now.

Many older people will only find it an offensive and pointless waste of their time.

Very enjoyable .

But everybody involved in this production is defeated by a script that reeks of adolescent jokes and contrived incongruity.

" Though this was one of the better comedies of 2010, as generic, stupid or pointless it may initially seem--it ain't.

It's misogynistic, crude, stupid, pointless, annoying, badly written and with acting that would embarrass a Porn Actor.

I was patient, even when several people walked out of the theater.

In typical parody-cop- film style, the film is full of predictable situations topped off with outrageous stunts and cheesy one-liners, however the stunts are fairly impressive and some of these lines provide unexpected laughs.

Overall I give this a 7/10, it is in my opinion Strongly Kind of Good, goes far away from just being OK as well, a good job and possibly unexpected.

Entertaining though.

In the end, each one of the actors will look back at this film and undoubtedly feel this was the worst movie that they took part in.

To top it off, for what is meant to be a comedy, we're presented with a rather convoluted and surprisingly involved plot about financial embezzlement and corporate greed committed by the most boring, unfunny bunch of non-villains I've seen in a long time.

But here, it is so banal and tasteless and underwritten that it has absolutely no point.

Jackson stole the show and his police partnership with Dwayne Johnson was brilliantly entertaining!

I was embarrassed for Farrell and the other actors and finally had to turn off the DVD at the 20 minute mark.

You empty the magazine of a machine gun (the magazines never empty) onto a car and everything get's hit except the windscreen and the occupants?

I watched this movie right after I saw the painfully boring Dinner for Schmucks.

All in all it was very enjoyable comedy with over the top action, romance and tons of laughs.

I watched this with my wife, and she fell asleep half way through.

The film becomes desperately dull as Jackson and Johnson disappear with a lot of the fun.

It's hilarious,fun and exciting.

'The Other guys', seemed more like a bunch of misfits, who never amount to much, instead of a thrilling comedy.

But as for myself and my partner we should have left early like we almost did.

Super unfunny and super boring, the only thing I got out of it was a headache from the stupidity of it .

The bottom line is The Other Guys is an entertaining film and worth watching.

While the fact Hollywood produces a lot of formulaic crap is well known, there currently seems also to be a particular emphasis on the idiot savant sidekick.

However, what I found especially tedious was Ferrell's distracting attempts at ad libbing.

Indeed, the crisis depends on such confusion, wrapping itself up in faux mystique and deliberately convoluted "inside-speak" which the media itself propagates rather than untangles.

However the entire experience was like watching a stand up comic a very slow pace.

This one starts a bit slower than usual, the time to establish our quirky pair of cops.

Strangely enjoyable despite being one huge stereotype, this film is unexpectedly entertaining if you're in the mood for some lowbrow humour and cliché.

The frustrating thing is that overall there are some really good jokes and ideas in between the crap and Ferrell's self-indulgence.

This movie was very entertaining to me.

This disjointed, poorly written, poorly acted "adventure" cost me a couple of hours of my life I'll never get back.

He's very funny when he gets intense.

It was both funny and exciting.

The only movies they make nowadays are either war propaganda or stupid comedies .

Anne Heche and Micheal Keaton are truly confusing.

Please don't waste your time or money on this garbage.

A boring, poorly written waste of time.

I particularly liked the comedy role switches between Wahlberg and Ferrell (very effective, funny and unexpected).

But beware, at the last quarter of the movie, it gets kinda boring.

Adam McKay delivers his best writing and directing performance, while the excellent cast ranging from Ferrell to Wahlberg to Keaton provides plenty of laughs, plenty of one-liners, and plenty of entertaining moments that propel this movie past the slowest of scenes.

Will is as usual LOUD very loud..I wanted to turn it off after the TUNA story (trust you even for fans its a idiotic scene that made no sense and its supposed to be funny).

The most boring movie I've probably tried watching .

In this comedy, the well-choreographed and entertaining action is a sweet bonus treat.