The Pact (2012) - Horror, Mystery, Thriller

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As a woman struggles to come to grips with her past in the wake of her mother's death and the disappearance of her sister, an unsettling presence emerges in her childhood home.

IMDB: 5.7
Director: Nicholas McCarthy
Stars: Caity Lotz, Casper Van Dien
Length: 89 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 42 out of 167 found boring (25.14%)

One-line Reviews (158)

Like when the Caity Lotz character is dragged the floor around by an invisible force, it felt as if the intent had been more to scare/surprise the audience than it was to progress the storyline.

The Pact trailers seem to be exciting a lot of people, with the film being labeled, "The Scariest Film of the Year".

Some might be turned off by the deliberate pace, too slow for those weened on the, "Paranormal" "Insidious" roller coaster paced horror films.

The characters were set well, with some unexpected surprises as to who sticks around for the duration.

-boring from start to finish -not scary at all (I watched it alone, lights out, headphones in, and I get scared easily).

Second, the pacing of this film is consistent, and suspenseful.

Final Thought: Let me reiterate that the only real plus with "The Pact" is how suspenseful it is; at least for the initial hour.

My Advice: Don't waste your money or your time.

It's like the first (duller) half of Paranormal Activity (1), only without the second exciting half added on to it.

It is so very well-done, and entertaining.

Gripping, detailed, scary--you'll need to watch again.

The Pact is actually not too bad of a psychological thriller, but in all honesty it is actually pretty slow.

The Pact is spooky, well acted and just a bit slow.

The film avoids cheap jump scares to build a slow burning atmosphere of genuine dread.

That was really intense and looked good, so thumbs up for that.

Anyhow, her altercation with her Uncle becomes clichéd and boring.

It tends to make the film that much duller and slow-going during the first half as this builds it's premise really slowly, and as there's plenty of dragged-out scenes that go nowhere here featuring the detective walking through the house's history or her trying to get into the mother's history around the community all hold up the action here.

This is definitely a more slower type of movie.

The premise is intriguing, it has a good script and the performances are believable.

The bore .

It starts off well enough but ends up going nowhere resulting in a cinematic failure to launch.

there are some plot holes, but what films don't have them, and its nice and slow, so the suspense can build up,which is does.

In recent years, there have been a few movies which have experimented with the slow burn style.

The second half is very suspenseful, and although some don't like the mix of supernatural and psycho-killer I thought it was good and original.

An enjoyable film none-the-less, worth a try on a lazy afternoon.

Leaving aside its flaws, I highly recommend it for horror fans.

But the story was so dumb and formulaic, it was guessable after 15 minutes.

Yet the actresses and actors are what make this movie actually worth watching.

Slow Burner with Original Approach .

It basically is just an unambitious, unimaginative and most of all uninteresting feature, destined to be consigned to a dustbin marked 'Failed Horror Movies' 4\10.

An enjoyable little horror/mystery from writer/director Nicholas McCarthy.

The epilogue is a bit confusing - where'd she get the money for the car?

There's not much new here to be seen, and what is presented is often a slave to cliché and not all that interesting.

However, the film got very boring during some parts and I almost fell asleep towards the end.

And even if one were to put the confusing nature of "The Pact" aside, the larger cloud which looms over it is a conclusion that detours so far off of the spooky/ghost story path from which it began, that it sadly becomes a mundane "who done it" story, the likes of which one would see on The Lifetime Network.


Relying on the usual haunted house gimmicks which were once scary but nowadays aren't, as well as a storyline that is incredibly boring and stupid with a twist ending that is one of the most cinematically idiotic ever conceived.

It starts off suspenseful from the beginning, and keeps you at the edge of your seat throughout.

It's just so predictable as to lose all impact, and the film really only "got to me" in moments that were too few and far between to really leave me genuinely frightened.

This is just slow with splashes of talent.

There is certainly a substantial even intriguing idea beneath all of the misguided execution.

The finale picks up the action somewhat with a few good chases and confrontations around and under the house where the humanistic action is much tenser and thrilling.

For all the other horror fans out there who appreciate low-tech, genuinely scary, suspenseful slow burn horror featuring a strong, interesting woman lead, definitely check this out.

The supernatural effect of people getting dragged across the floor is never explained.

The story is empty.

This movie is just dull.

Some other boring movies have at least beautiful pictures, songs, etc This movie has nothing good for himself.

What starts out as your typical run-of-the-mill haunted house film becomes one of the most intriguing and horrifying horror movies of the year.

don't waste your time or money .

Low budget chiller is effective and entertaining.

I find the lack of dramatic music in movies like this much more enjoyable as it adds to a better mood.

The one thing I did like about the movie was the slow progression and the evolution of the plot.

Don't waste your time with this one, it falls apart and ends up being a waste of your time.

But it still doesn't erase that fact that time and time again, due to a very misguided script, this is a film which hits multiple cinematic forks in the road; where one path leads down a predictable but rather interesting road, and another which leads down the path of predictably dull and extremely lackluster.

Don't waste your time with this abomination, people.

What a waste of time and money.

The best thing about this film, is that even though I have seen many horror movies, and a little bit desensitized to scary moments, this one still managed to give me goose bumps, and at times had me on the edge of my seat.

The movie is so slow in unimportant parts, and so uninteresting nor scary on the other parts.

A Slow Start That's Worth The Wait.

I'm partial to those slow burn movies that leave you wondering if there is a supernatural element going on at all.

Dull movie which shouldn't have been made .

Now while this premise does play out to be rather intriguing and the suspense (for most of the film) makes a strong case for low budget horror stories, as soon as crucial plot points begin to arise (beginning around half way through the movie) "The Pact" slowly begins to unravel, resulting in a film which becomes more and more confusing and, in the end, more and more forgettable.

The Pact is a welcome break and a very enjoyable watch.

And she definitely takes her time in long, drawn out and pointless scenes of her searching.

it really is a waste of money, and I'm sure the couple who fell asleep behind me in the cinema would tell you that also

The acting is spot-on, the writing and acting make you care about the characters, the drama is drawn out with the perfect pace that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up and the back-story is presented so well visually.

moments that I found rather foreseeable and predictable.

I was bored from start to finish and I don't think I'd be able to identify a storyline here.

If you look up the definition of horror: Noun: An intense feeling of fear, shock, or disgust.

From the first minute, the film feels quite uneasy with itself, and it has a tendency to meander on sometimes uninteresting sequences in an attempt at atmosphere-building.

" The story takes a few fascinating twists and turns throughout its run-time and thanks to a relatively fast pace, you're never left overtly bored at any time.

Overall, I'm being hypercritical, as it is well worth watching and is eminently watchable, if the plot devices are somewhat familiar in films of this type.

I quite enjoyed it: it's a very slow burner, and what scares there are, are subtle and involve a minimum amount of special effects.

When people say a horror film is bad, some people may think it's either too dark or too trashy, but this one was just uneventful.

She often a bit dopey and boring and as is the policeman.

Needless to say my date was bored and now thinks I have the worst taste in films known to man, I have zero chance of ever seeing her again and am now destines to live my life alone with only my pet tortoise to keep me company and watch me grow old.

Summary: The Pact is spooky, well acted and just a bit slow.

Disjointed and utterly disappointing if still somewhat watchable .

And it's boring as hell.

Nothing stands out as particularly awful, it's just that everything, every single aspect of this movie from start to finish is boring and uninspired.

To me this movie was pretty intense as I first saw it.

Thumbs down for a few boring scenes, clichés of the genre and the crappy camera direction.

A very small, drab home with 60's/70's decor becomes an incredibly creepy setting, even with the bright San Pedro sun shining outside which filters into the home in a dark golden glow as you get to explore every inch of it during the film.

However, the already dreary event has taken an even darker turn...

It was very hard to stay awake, this movie could of been summed up in just 20minutes but noooooo it was dragged out for 89 terrible minutes.

it dragged at times but was an overall enjoyable experience.

Very intense sounds that was at the right place where it should be in the creepy scenes.

Awesome, spooky, entertaining movie .

The first 5 minutes of the film are the scariest (with nothing happening) and from there, the film moves into the detective "who dunnit?

It is a small flick and it has a decent running time, eighty-nine suspenseful and terrifying minutes.

Nothing happen.

But as a creepy slow burn movie which does make an impact for a short period of time, it does its job.

This is a fantastic little horror story, and sure enough, similar core plot lines have been shown before, but still very enjoyable.

"Insidious" explored similar executions but something was happening all the time in that to withhold your attention and it was entertaining and scary.

I just found it a bit slow and remote, when any film should be front-loaded with information for the audience.

Side Note Challenge: Even the title is somewhat confusing since there doesn't seem to be an official pact (or a discussion of said pact) anywhere in the film.

She forms a shaky partnership with a police officer, who doles out the most idiotic and cliché horror movie cop line of all time: "You better not leave town.

Suspenseful and Excellent .

The last few minutes of the film made no sense at all I have no idea what It was for or meant .. Why do the movie studio's keep churning out this rubbish I suggest anyone wanting to see this should wait until it,s released on DVD or sky movies don't waste your time or money on this I seriously don't have anything positive to say about this movie definitely not as the Trailer suggests as the scariest movie this year

The ending was bland and cam to nothing, the antagonist was not spectacular in anyway and all the characters were forgettable as soon as you seen them, they hold nothing for you to remember them for, no funny interactions or personality or what there habits are just these people die and are never mentioned and its like the don't even have a connection for each other.

Caity Lotz makes for an intriguing troubled lead who can't forgive her dead mother for past abuses.

And I'd like to say the direction is good but the films pacing is too slow too merit any type of suspense until its shortened climax.

The obligatory cliché final scene did not register as a plus for me.

slow burner with surprise mystery .

It might be a good choice if you enjoy slow building of dread and suspense.

The pact has its moments, it's a pretty entertaining independent horror film with a creepy ghost story.

Not I , I found it engrossing and surprisingly adult.

Everything that exciting that happens in "The Pact" is basically shown in the trailer.

Scary and engaging.

Watching the lead character gradually uncover the story behind the ghostly behaviour was very enjoyable.

Worth watching, at least once!

The good things are: the cast, the leading rol is great, the cinematography, the scary elements (most of them believable), the rhythm of the story and the "unique" elements that made it different from the rest of the cliché horror movies.

There's a slow character driven opening with Caity Lotz as Annie who shoulders the weight of the film throughout.

Enjoyable thriller .

please save your money and go and watch Prometheus and tell me what that was like , Ta


The film consists of mainly bland characters.

The film is basically the trailer with extremely slow-moving shots put in place of a character walking very, very, very slowly through a gritty little bungalow (which is actually done up quite well) and I suppose this wouldn't be too bad if there was something to build up to, because half of the time there's nothing waiting on the other side.

Once I let myself get into it I very much enjoyed it.

and the camera pans round and show's a seemingly empty hall cupboard.

The beginning is slow and the rest of the movie is boring and badly acted.

Acting is very poor, the storyline rubbish,far too long and made not much effort.

Annie, our heroine, is bland and characterless.

Scary parts are where the lady gets dragged across floor and banged against the walls by some force.

It's a shame too, because the opening segments promise a tense, engaging supernatural thriller.

Thrilling and suspenseful .

being in just the one scene she made an impact but McCarthy could have given her just a tad more screen time to beef up that scene and make it a little more intense.

As one of the most frustrating horror films I've ever sat through, "The Pact" is an irrational balance of well designed suspense sequences smothered amidst a somewhat confusing and at many times inconceivable storyline.

It's a very slow building low budget horror movie with a nice story.

I really liked the story line as you had to concentrate but it was easy to as it was gripping.

(possibly) Big huge credit to the director tho for pulling off what could've been a truly terrible third act turn here but managed to make it tight and as suspenseful as what had come before without losing any of the momentum the film had been carefully building up as it went along.

If you like scary/suspenseful movies, this is the one!

Writer-Director Nicholas McCarthy delivers an entertaining (if average) horror film.

The thing I most liked about it was the cinematography - it was very bland and added to the overall effect.

The start was slow, we spend nearly half the movie for the set-up, I do feel this could have been done in half the time.

Just for clarification, I started to see this movie on a Saturday night, almost asleep and exhausted so, you can pretty much see that my expectations were not so high, in fact, The Pact started slow and I was almost done for in the first minutes.

Even though the first half of the movie was so utterly dull that I phased out of it a few times, I kept coming back because I was very curious as to what was actually happening.

"The Pact"- Mildly enjoyable low-budget horror that is betrayed by shaky performances, questionable storytelling and a sloppy script.

I also found the performances unanimously uninspired and dull.

The pact is a mind boggling experiment of how to bore the audience to death and not feel anything for the characters when they die, they have no personality, no idea of what they are doing and nothing that would relate the audience to them on an intellectual or emotional level so this is what makes our characters redundant.

We were teased all the way through the film about a horrid past that the two sisters had faced at the hands of their mother, but no story behind this ever developed.

boring script and an overly complicated plot .

lots of suspenseful scenes (1 viewing)

The ending was amazingly dull and nothing more can be said about it.

*Slow clap.

"The Pact" I find this title very confusing, because there is no explanation of a a pact being made, maybe the mom made the pact to protect her murdering brother?

There are some very spooky sequences and some good scares and it all leads to a tense and suspenseful last act.

The soundtrack, or lack of it, created a very eerie, real and intense atmosphere which kept everyone in the audience in the edge of their seats.

It's all the more confusing because I actually quite like Lotz in other works I've seen her in...

The film is deliberately slow, attempting to build an atmosphere; this fails miserably.

The final fight was a watery cliché and the ending shot was confusing, as was the title.

4: There is no emotions when Annie's sister and friend disappears, it's like the movie just keeps going like nothing happened.

Boring .

I did find the finale exciting and brilliantly tense.

The movie had me in suspense and on the edge of my seat the entire time.

But such moments are rationed like Smarties, and most of the time we must suffer Caity Lotz's non-performance and plenty of yawn-inducing nonsense involving ghosts, psychics, gratuitous cleavage shots...

Gripping score.

I give it 8/10 because while I'm not likely to put it in my top ten films of all time, it was an immensely entertaining movie.