The Personal History of David Copperfield (2019) - Comedy, Drama

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A modern take on Charles Dickens's classic tale of a young orphan who is able to triumph over many obstacles.

IMDB: 6.4
Director: Armando Iannucci
Stars: Dev Patel, Hugh Laurie
Length: 119 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 38 out of 194 found boring (19.58%)

One-line Reviews (99)

I really enjoyed it, because every character had their quirks and collectively brought joy to the screen.

Don't waste your time.

Overall a boring film.

What a confusing mess....

Very enjoyable take on Charles Dickens' classic novel.

It was an entertaining and thoughtful adaptation of the book.

A very dynamic film, David Copperfield lures you into his intriguing life stories.

It is filled from start to finish with the appropriately predictable politically correct casting, and a lot of stereotypical bad white people ruining the lives of black, Indian and asian people, and the same stereotypical bad white fathers.

It thinks it's full of colour and character but it is empty and pointless.

All in all, The Personal History of David Copperfield is one of the most entertaining biographical works I've ever seen, as well as one of the most pleasant surprises of 2020.

Hugh Laurie looks genuinely bored in his underused waste of time.

honestly this film is pointless.

An utterly enjoyable tale with full bodied characters and lots of laughs .

I have to admit straight away that I was never a fan of the profanities of "The Thick of It",fell asleep during "The Death of Stalin" and am an ardent fan of the works of Dickens.

It is a seriously entertaining film with a lot of charm.

Ten minutes in and you won't care, you just know you're in for some dull stuff that isn't bad enough for you to walk out.

All in all, it's worth the watch and I feel that the negative reviews focus a lot more on the casting and maybe a lack of understanding in this decision.

An entertaining if unorthodox interpretation .

I found this version of David Copperfield a bit silly, disjointed, and pretentious.

There are several such surreal scene changes throughout, which are both unexpected and pleasing to watch.

The story was if you could believe it uninteresting, the presentation in the form of weird effects did not work at all.

save your money dont support this historically inaccurate garbage!

Patel's infectiously enjoyable performance is a genuine example of a film that is having a lot of fun with its narrative and one were the cast and crew clearly had a ball bringing it to life, while its likely to divide die-hard Dicken's fans, its great to see a director of Iannucci's skill-set tackle such a task.

Maybe just one thing don't really can say much about that movie,empty

The story has an enjoyably absurd and fantastical edge to it, that does the opposite of grounding it - it gives it wings to be silly but yet still engaging as a story.

It came across as a self-indulgent (but beautifully shot) film where all the fun was had by the cast in the making and the end result was dull and self-congratulatory.

This is a fun and enjoyable movie.

Dreary Worthiness .

I am not quite sure how he managed to do it, but Director Armando Iannucci has succeeded in turning a classic story, with an excellent cast, into an incredibly dull movie.

yet extremely, uniquely and extraordinarily boring piece of 1hour and 59 minutes.

Really enjoyed it.

A thoroughly enjoyable film you'll laugh from start to finish and enjoy the genius of Dickens with his pastiche of Victorian live for Rick and poor rags to riches and riches to ragsGo see itPad.

Aside from this, the film is overly long and dreadfully boring.

Extraordinarily Boring .

Also, no mater that the trailer promised so much more, for me the end result was mostly boring experience, while the film felt a lot longer then its 119m runtime.

A real waste of time going to see this.

Don't waste your time, you will be disappointed.

I'm sure the all-star cast had a fabulous time making this, and Ben Whishaw was outstanding as Uriah Heep, but overall the film was just tedious.

The film tried to be something different and, although ok in places, it was mostly tiresome and just missed the target on a few levels.

Overall the crew and the cast present a fin and entertaining movie.

Add to that MDF set design and what you're left with is a dull mess..

Dreary and self-indulgent .

This expensively made film is too long, boring, bloated, self-conscious, unfunny and indulgent.

The film on the other hand was very enjoyable.

Don't waste your time with this one because beneath the deliberate woke provocation to get you talking about the movie there is actually no style or substance to it.

I'm a big David Copperfield fan but this movie is awful and I very nearly walked out.

Overall an enjoyable film.

I judge this only a a movie and it was watchable with some nice comedy moments but was generally disjointed and seemed to rush to a conclusion.


It's wonderfully strange, complete with rapid-fire and zany energy that complements an eccentric atmosphere and a charismatic cast, only furthered by an engaging and heartfelt story that's brought to life by hilarious comedy all the way through.

It's a fascinating life, with many elements pulled (or enhanced) from Dickens' own.

" David Copperfield (Dev Patel)Speaking in front of an audience in Charles Dickens' 1850 classic autobiographical novel and now in the entertaining 2020 dramedy based on it, "The Personal History of David Copperfield" is a work worthy of the master, whose life, like David's, was not dull.

I personally thought the movie was very good, the visuals were stunning and I had a fun time watching the story unravel.

On the other hand some viewers appear to have enjoyed it.

an entertaining re-imagining .

Also i'm sure purists will not be happy about the way some scenes are glossed over, compacted or missed completely but to be fair Ianucci does a decent job at stopping the story from becoming boring and to keep it to a running time of two hours (and remember the novel is 624 pages long) so in a sense it is a compromise to keep the spirit of Dickens story there without it being 100% faithful.

It is filled from start to finish with the appropriately predictable politically correct casting, an .

The ending then all comes at once, whilst entertaining it compromises the storytelling values from the beginning of the film, perhaps to cram it into the two hour window.

The most enjoyable Dickens adaptation I think I've ever seen....

But even with so much zany energy at play, the film manages to spend time to develop its drama in a heartfelt and engaging manner.

Dickens was amazing who really understood people but what we have here is two hours of boring frivolous film.

Overall, I'd say that this is a fine adaptation and is worth watching, though if I'm honest I think I'd recommend waiting for the streaming services/TV showings, rather than heading to the cinema.

If you are fascinated by Dickens and are able to view this NOT as the story of David Copperfield, but as a film about Dickens and his journey to being an author, which so happens to have that name, you might find it interesting, entertaining, and at times, fun.

One weakness that stands out to me is that the plot is a bit confusing.

Though this isn't exactly what I personally want from someone who birthed the profound, profane Malcolm Tucker, Iannucci's demonstrable understanding and appreciation of the source material goes a long way to making the film an enjoyable watch.

David and his engaging journey have every element needed to go from whimsical to scary to revenge filled and eventually a satisfying conclusion.

I should have left early .

Classic story, one of the best casts any movie has ever had, but one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

This isn't a classic film but it is a respectful adaptation, very funny and entertaining, and well worth watching.

There's a lot to cram into History's two hour run-time, one that Iannucci at times struggles to balance out, with the films later stages in particular feeling as though they could've had more time to breath but overall the film remains an entertaining and enthusiastic rendition of a story that has stood the test of time.

The overuse of the flying kite, and playing dumb scene, also make the film unwatchable!

This was only mildly entertaining and fundamentally rather silly.

A tremendously entertaining surprise .

Characters are predictable platitudes.

The only weakness is that the plot is somewhat confusing and a bit hard to follow.

Overall, the film is entertaining and well-made.

Truncated, disjointed, yet somehow boring, screenplay.

It is also visually enjoyable due to the imaginative direction.

sadly it was a total waste of money, ours and the production companies.. :(

The beginning and middle parts cross over nicely, however there is a good 30 minutes of rather dull dialogue without the stories moving along very much.

An enjoyable film that didn't really leave a lasting mark on me despite me having positive things to say about it.

I tried to watch it, but it is so dull and stupid that eventually, after about 20 minutes, I decided not to suffer through it.

It is honestly, one of the worst movies I have ever seen in a movie theatre.

Entertaining tale.

Bizzare and confusing.

This film is really engaging, has a lot of memorable characters and is just a lot of fun from beginning to end.

From the very start it has an enjoyable fleetness to it, one that has an upbeat energy to it, even if it doesn't have a huge amount underneath.

In fact, Iannucci hosted the 2012 BBC television special "Armando's Tale of Charles Dickens," in which he actively argues for Dickens' relevancy as an engaging avenue into the modern world instead of a tired institution.

Entertaining in some parts but mostly boring

While, first and foremost, before anything, Copperfield is a very straightforward coming of age, character-driven fantasia character study, it's also a journey of the highest order.

I enjoyed it greatly, my husband and son watched to the end, which is always a good sign.

Enjoyable romp.

Obviously some things are omitted but overall this is a satisfying and engaging and artful rendition of a wonderful novel.

Really enjoyable Sunday night viewing.

Absolute waste of time, money, resources and actors .

What a dull boring film.

Enjoyable film.

That said, IMO the film was way too long.

Indeed it is the quality of delivery in the moment that makes the film work, because it is enjoyable there and then.