The Pharmacist (2020) - Documentary, Crime

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In 1999, after losing his son in a drug-related shooting in New Orleans and lacking answers from police, a small town pharmacist - Dan Schneider - beats the odds when he embarks on a dogged...

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Reviews: 7 out of 79 found boring (8.86%)

One-line Reviews (29)

For me, the first episode was the least engaging, which is strange to say given the subject matter.

Good message, boring serie .

This documentary is riveting, so much so that I watched all 4 episodes in one sitting.

Way too long for what the story is, could have been done in 2 episodes.

Breathtaking documentary .

I know I have so I was a bit bored.

A total bore .

too cliché.

This was absolutely compelling viewing with a twist from how it starts to its end.

Ultimately, you'll also feel disgusted with corporate greed and especially big pharma, but it's still well worth watching.

Fascinating doc series as much about how one man dealt with unbearable grief as it is about beginnings of opioid epidemic, even as the series begins as a murder investigation.


Fascinating, shocking and very important documentary.

Worth the watch

Way too long for what the story is .

No pat solutions provided, but fascinating to watch.

I found this to be an outstanding series, and at just 4 episodes it looks like Netflix have toned down their tendancy to drag out a story too.

This docu-series is heart-breaking, but when the father decides to take matters into his own hands (and record *everything*) it becomes thrilling.

Such a unique and special guy and an overall interesting and fascinating story.

Most boring 4 minutes of tv I've ever seen before turning it off.

Snooze fest .

This is a riveting story and one that should be watched by everyone.

Netflix delivers again with a gripping, binge-worthy docu-series.

While I find the program extremely enjoyable, I am blown away by the set design and location.

Such an intense look at drug use in America.

Instead of using a real hard-hitting journalistic approach this sad story it's just an attempt to bring out a bleeding heart emotional response for the audience, a huge waste of time.

Eye-Opening and engaging, I would recommend this to anyone interested in addiction and the way society allows it to continue until it is too late.

Watching this is like walking through treacle, everything is so drawn out and boring.

It has 2 "plot twist" .. But in general it is SUPER SUPER slow, repetitive, and very American!