The Philadelphia Experiment (1984) - Adventure, Drama, Romance

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A United States Navy destroyer escort participates in a Navy "invisibility" experiment that inadvertently sends two sailors forty years into the future.

IMDB: 6.1
Director: Stewart Raffill
Stars: Michael Paré, Nancy Allen
Length: 102 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 7 out of 68 found boring (10.29%)

One-line Reviews (33)

but it was an entertaining "fictional" account about a "mythical" event.

Yes it's far-fetched and the SFX are cheesy 80's style, but suspend belief for a while and you'll find a movie with enjoyable performances and a very good story.

Got this film on DVD, and must say I fully enjoyed it.

As far as science fiction goes, this is no 'Alien' or 'Solaris' and it has logical loopholes you could drive a battleship through, but it is fast paced and lots of fun to watch.

"The Philadelphia Experiment" takes the intriguing idea of time travel forward and turns it into a routine, often silly thriller.

This would be a very good sci fi thriller, if not for the overly melodramatic and inappropriate, inconsistent use of aggressive military action in this rather fascinating time travel movie.

Despite the Paradoxes, an Enjoyable Film .

Enjoyable Time Travel Action.

Not Bad, Actually Kind of Intriguing .

This is confusing at best, with two men transported in time from 1943 to 1984, one of whom gets returned, the other not and the one that does not has to save the world from the vortex created by a military experiment.

Enjoyable Sci-fi Time Travel Flick .

Anyway, it's an enjoyable film despite the inconsistencies.

It's enjoyable enough, though.

Highly enjoyable adventure which is supposedly based on the real events of 1943 involving the USS Eldridge.

The modern day reaction of Jim to his old friend seems unrealistic at first until you think about it, and the explanation given about Jim's psychological problems after the experiment makes perfect sense and adds a bit of unexpected realism.

This is a very good and thrilling film.

Only music is bit boring sometimes even annoying for me.

Michael Pare makes a believable hero, while Nancy Allen is quite bland as the love interest.

It's a pleasant, entertaining popcorn movie and I got some kicks out of it.

This hasn't gone down in the annals of sci-fi history as one of the great sci-fi stories of all time, but it's an enjoyable enough story and features pretty decent performances from the two leads, Michael Pare and Nancy Allen.

With great performances from most of its cast, it is the gorgeous Michael Pare who keeps you glued to the screen with his stunning eyes, on-screen charisma, and conviction in the role as the navy officer sent forward in time.

Lame story and boring plot .

Unfortunatly, as soon as the movie starts with the time travel, it became , almost, unbearable.

" I've known down-to-earth, practically-minded, heterosexual sailors, and that's exactly how they react to our modern era's confusing gender bending.

This trite science-fiction script is pretty disappointing really, and the cheap production doesn't do this film any favours either.

The characters are so tightly written that at first blush, their actions seem contrived or unbelievable.

Enjoyable Sci-Fi Movie With Good Performances .

Directed by Stewart Raffill (The Ice Pirates, Mac & Me) made an entertaining Science Fiction adventure with appealing performances by Pare and Allen.

Naval destroyer Eldridge in the year 1943 which is involved with a top secret invisibility experiment in Philadelphia that goes wrong, with the unexpected result of sending him and another sailor forward in time 41 years, where they find themselves shocked by the technological and cultural differences that exist.


There are portions of the movie with the military chatter that were seemingly authentic, giving more compelling appeal to the background images and sounds to this movie.

"The Philadelphia Experiment" is an enjoyable film with a story with paradoxes, like most of the stories about time travel.

Worth Watching .