The Pit and the Pendulum (1991) - Horror, Romance

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Horror film set in 1492 Toledo, Spain, depicting the cruel deeds of a monk named Torquemada, Grand Inquisitor of the Spanish Inquisition.

Director: Stuart Gordon
Stars: Lance Henriksen, Stephen Lee
Length: 97 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 4 out of 38 found boring (10.52%)

One-line Reviews (26)

The main trouble with this film is that, for me, it feels oddly disjointed and doesn't really go anywhere.

As she's being dragged up, Comb's character actually tells her apologetically: "I'm sorry that you weren't properly able to confess.

The film is worth watching for two inventive, incredible scenes alone.

The ancient castle and the torture chambers are really intriguing.

Gordon (and writer Dennis Paoli) found a way to work within the budget of Full Moon and still make things worth watching rather than poor excuses for "movies".

However the script left me a bit empty.

It has everything it should: good story that, although it is not faithful, does not defile original, great tense and dark atmosphere, nice balance between horror and psychological drama, music that perfectly fits, maybe the career performance of Lance Henriksen, solid acting of the rest of the crew, enchanting damsel in distress, with brief but fascinating scene of nudity, and, totally untypical for the genre, perfectly incorporated happy end.

Engrossing and Gross .

This version is more lavish and far more extreme than the 1961 one and much as I enjoyed it I will always prefer the original classic.

Lance Henriksen delivers an Oscar winning worthy performance here this man is INTENSE!!

Really Enjoyable - In a dark way.

"The Pit and the Pendulum" marks a high point for Charles Bands' Full Moon Studios; it's an intense, elaborate, bloody, and sexy film that truly lives up to the word "horror".

Although the two young leads seem to have been miscast (especially in the case of De Ricci, who is fairly unconvincing) the supporting actors are what help to make this entertaining.

This is all wonderfully (and appropriately) lurid and gory; Greg Cannoms' effects are most enjoyable, and the exquisite Ms. De Ricci goes full frontal for some scenes.

Henriksen's always intense and frighteningly believable..I do feel that he best represents what kind of monster those Inquisitors were like during this horrible time in history.

While a number of the individual scenes in themselves are quite inventive and enjoyable, as a whole it lacks focus and plotting.

In the city of Toledo, bakers' wife Maria (the stunning Rona De Ricci) interferes when a little boy is being flogged in public.

The story begins as there is a public execution/witch burning that the stunning and pure of heart Maria stumbles onto and begs The Inquisition to show mercy to their victims and stop their savage display of violence.

At first it seems like Maria might be able to use this to her advantage, but since Torq is so psychotically religious that he thinks any human emotions are the work of Satan, things just get more complicated and intense from there.

watch Vincent Price's version before you get bored with this one.

this is one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Make sure you are not going to be interrupted for 90 minutes, because it is so riveting you do NOT want to have to turn it off even for a minute.

For Heaven's sake don't waste your money on this crap...

It's underrated and definitely worth checking out, especially for Henriksen's intense performance, one of the best of his career.

The Grand Inquisitor, Torquemada(Lance Henriksen), known for his public executions and torturous methods of those he and his foot-soldiers deem heretics and witches, is overcome with lust when he gazes upon the naked body of baker Antonio's(Jonathan Fuller)lovely wife Maria(the stunning beauty Rona De Ricci)on trial for being a witch after halting the never-ending whipping of a boy child in front of a crowd of people.

This movie is slow and at times boring.