The Possession (2012) - Horror, Mystery, Thriller

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A young girl buys an antique box at a yard sale, unaware that inside the collectible lives a malicious ancient spirit. The girl's father teams with his ex-wife to find a way to end the curse upon their child.

IMDB: 5.9
Director: Ole Bornedal
Stars: Natasha Calis, Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Length: 92 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 66 out of 208 found boring (31.73%)

One-line Reviews (189)

The film's dull, unimaginative and has no substance whatsoever.

Slightly disappointing but still highly enjoyable .

) These shots are rather predictable and were not that scary to me.

If you want to see a Exorcist film go and see the exorcist, if you have already seen it, see it again, it will be more entertaining than seeing this.

But despite that this is another variation on the famous movie "The Exorcist", I thought it was an enjoyable film that had its good moments.

I have my doubts about the veracity of these true story, but the fact is that it gave the film a good basis that that it develops very well, telling us a scary and intriguing story.

The trailer literally tells you exactly what happens as it just skips out the boring bits, so the movie is just the trailer plus boring bits.

In many scenes, suspenseful music would play as if something horrific is about to be shown then the music would stop and it would be something simple like a moth.

When The Possession isn't possessing the daughter, it's possessively effective through underdeveloped yet intriguing metaphors.

This was a most enjoyable horror with some nice fright scenes and I would recommend it to anyone with a spare 90 Min's.

It can be compared to Insidious for only one reason, because it is scary because it has long, drawn out scenes of suspense and scariness.

Worst Movie Ever.

However, the story is totally predictable and does not show anything new in the genre.

While many may complain it is too slow, and other such things let me ask you this question.

A wholly empty and forgettable one.

Director Ole Bornedal has some very sharp visuals in the film and, even though it makes for predictable scares, it looks good along the way.

Interesting, Suspenseful, & Occasionally Genuinely Scary .

The frustration the family endures with the child's depression and moods creates a slow tension for the movie.

Unfortunately, these elements are at the service of an otherwise completely and utterly unremarkable and unmemorable mish-mash of bland, undeveloped characters and plot lines.

It was loud and suspenseful, and masterly crafted.

Predictable storytelling performed by a surprisingly good cast of actors.

Worst movie I've ever seen.

You're always on the edge of your seat wondering what will happen next.

If you are looking for a good scare and a creepy movie that is fun to watch, you will leave the theater very satisfied.

It's not just the lack of horror, the absence of originality or the slow pace of the first half and rushed predictability of the ending that I disliked most about this movie.

Surprisingly enjoyable .

You showed so much potential with the super thrilling "Nattevagten" in the early 90's and have let me down ever since.

"The Possession"- A bland retread of far better films that came before.

Definitely worth watching.

The film is at it's weakest when the actually exorcism finally takes place as even in Hebrew we've seen it all before from swarms of insects to creepy voices and from contorting bodies to conveniently empty hospital hallways.

go ahead and give it a chance if the trailer looks intriguing

I mean with the budget on this movie you would think they could have came up with something WAY better than what they did I know I could have I mean really what the hell was the director thinking I found the acting a bit dry and boring!

But I seriously think there were some loopholes which makes it too gaudy, dull and rusty.

Thoroughly enjoyable piece for a horror fan .

Even though some scares were generated by a sudden burst of sound, the creepy music that was constantly playing made the movie 10 times more intense.

Dull, boring, unimaginative, just watch 'The Exorcist' .

Im a huge fan of Exorcisim movies and this was pretty much a waste of money to me Id rather have just watched the Exorcism of Emily Rose or even that T.

It is a well written, acted, and executed movie that while it may seem slow moving is well worth the watch.

Unfortunately the mundane third act attracts those demonic moths to the hellish flames of Satan's breath, by being ludicrously unimaginative.

I've watched it numerous times and it's always entertaining and creepy and you always notice something new.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and have seen it several times.

Some were mind blowing like The Exorcism of Emily Rose, and others were downright awful like The Last Exorcism.

That night I swear I heard more creepy noises in my house than ever and it took me a VERY long time to fall asleep because I was so scared.

The fact that it's based on a true story makes it chillingly fascinating, even though there were some plot holes that never got filled.

The story of the central characters is kind of cliché.

I found myself getting bored during some of the better scenes.

Every horror movie cliché has been thrown together and I was cringing at the supposed domestic drama plot that was going on.

This movie is far better than average, and decently entertaining.

The weakness is that (like a Christopher Nolan film) the edits hinder the suspense because the 'slickness' of the cutting ruins the slow build up required for tension.

I also feel like I was spoon fed these ideas about good and evil and God and devil, and the only way that demonic things have every really manifested for me—disregarding, of course, the normal human capacity for 'evil'—has been through film, and I find it highly entertaining, and at the same time, perplexing.

The film is beautifully framed and while the ending in the hospital basement is perhaps a bit silly and contrived, it's a great ride to be on, and features enough contortions and red-eyed growling in the light of an overhead bulb or gloomy shadows to hold the attention.

It's fascinating to me that a faith which does not believe in the concept of Hell was able to believe in the concept of demons.

So now you might be thinking, if the plot is so predictable and simple, what is the point of going to see this movie?

Very slow to get going, and then it was over .

I got to say that this movie was so predictable...

What possessed me to see this boring flick?

I would only buy this movie on DVD to show my kids and other future generations what I thought was the worst movie of my younger being.

So, one thing..this film is a possession film, so it's pure boredom, simple as.

The beginning of the film felt so plastic and artificial, may be cause it was slow?

But as the film goes on, it does try to be a little more original, and visually it is stunning.

Although I don't share their beliefs, it's fascinating to explore the idea of possession and exorcism from a different angle.

After the credits, the story then moves on to Clyde (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), the almost big time basketball coach, his divorced wife Stephanie (Kyra Sedgwick), and two adorable daughters he has for the weekend in his new home on Always Dreary Lane.

It's hard to imagine a film more bland than The Possession.

Like I said, The Possession is not a terrible film (nowhere near as abysmal as this year's The Devil Inside), just a dull one with nothing new to offer and no surprises to make it worth seeing.

)Yup, it's that bad..Characterisation is one dimensional, hackneyed, and boring.

Boring and clichéd .

A straight, predictable and almost comedic failure.

I think it was about the worst exorcism movie I've ever seen don't waste the money to see it .

The most intense part of the film was easily the yard sale scene.

I was kinda disappointed when I left the theater.

However, there are a few reasonably successful moments like the moment that Emily looks in her throat with a flashlight, the slow metamorphosis she undergoes, the violent attacks against the old woman and teacher, and the scan.

The story is fascinating and in true horror movie fashion leaves everything wide open for another story.

The other factor to account for here is the rather cliché note this one undertakes, feeling like pretty much every other paranormal haunting movie out there and plays through a lot of the same features as elsewhere in here which makes it feel really familiar along the way.

I say save your money.

Point Based Review:Forced family storyThe climax was not worth the waitI do not understand the girl's connection with the boxI trips off many of the exorcism films that has already been released in the past, feeling very uninspiredSudden cuts appear to move the film along, but yet it still feels draggy and slow like it was going through a very viscous surfaceUses fade outs to close the scene but the scenes don't leave you with anything that keeps the audience engaged or even interested on what might come nextThe photography felt off, with the image feeling overly bright and unnatural, taking a much more artificial look like it was filtered to create a "personality"The score was unoriginal and plays at moments where it is meant to scare you but instead comes off as cliché and overly annoyingIt relies so much on it's special effects to try and "scare" youActors may be the best part of the film, with them not feeling over the top or annoying to watch on screenThe issue instead is mostly found on the very not well thought of writing, with lacking any punch or finesse in it's dialogue or narrativeOverall, don't bother with this and find The Exorcist or at the very least The Rite instead

It is a complete waste of time that has to be avoided at all costs.

The special twist at the end was just awful and was totally contrived.

I wouldn't recommend this movie because it's not scary, there is no story, and you are better off watching something like Piranha than this yawn fest.

The film is cliché and really just took too long to 'get into it' and by the time it did I had already lost interest.

Overall this one was quite enjoyable if slightly flawed.

Not creepy or scary,but entertaining ...

Story is one dimensional, hackneyed and boring If this film were a building the owners would burn it down for the insurance money.

Well, here are my general notes: The beginning frame is fun and intriguing enough with the old lady is clearly being tormented by this box on her mantle.

There were a number of unexpected scares involving teeth, deep throat, books in bed and bad table manners.

Morgan and Calis make for a very enjoyable set of lead characters, and their chemistry as father and daughter is generally believable.

Uninteresting .

On the one hand I really want to be positive about this movie, since it's definitely a better entry than most other recent modern horror flicks but on the other hand, the movie at the same time has very little new to offer and is being a bit too simplistic and formulaic.

It was one hour into the movie before anything exciting happened.

I wanted the the film to slow down a little bit.

This irritates since it's so frequently used, especially at the beginning of the film, and made it all worst when it was used so carelessly in the gripping finale, totally spoiling the mood and threw a spanner in the works.

It was your typical horror and exorcism film, with virtually every cliché you might expect from a horror film.

Introducing your typical, unimaginative and incredibly boring third act.

The scary parts in the film were made scary by very cliché things that you would see in any possession movie.

I watched this with my partner and she really enjoyed it made her jump a few times which to me is also a sign of a good horror film.

), a fake-out intruder scene, unexplained violent behavior, freaky or menacing inanimate objects, a college professor with an obscure specialization in an ancient culture, religious communities with intense conviction (Hasidic Jews in this case).

This performance particularly bothers me, and is a microcosm for the entire film, being both dull and forgettable and profoundly sloppy and terrible.

The next day I was home bored so I decided to start watching it again so I turned it on and made it just about to the end and go so scared I turned it off at the part where Em runs off in the hospital and her dad goes looking for her.

Pointless symbolism?

Overall, I give this movie a 6/10 because it is scary sometimes, very cliché, well directed, not very scary until the end.

Most of it is a clichéd bore.

The ending was laughable and predictable to the point where it was starting to be physically painful.

The entire movie is another form of cliché movie genre which fell short of every single cinematography elements.

The film will have an incredibly loud scene which will then cut to a silent scene and then a cliché horror movie soundtrack plays, this annoyed me so much.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan was so memorable in WATCHMEN but his nice guy fatherly hero type is bland beyond belief, and the less said about Kyra Sedgwick the better.

The story was compelling and kept me intrigued till the very end.

The characters are uninteresting, the cinematography is decent but unexciting, and the scares are of the predictable variety.

Rated PG-13: Violence, Language and intense scenes of children-in- jeopardy.

Overall, this movie was very atmospheric to me and worked very well up until the very cliché-ridden finale.

It seemed just very routine very cliché.

Derivative, predictable and unforgivably mediocre.

The overwhelming sense of the evil to come is unbearable.

Then there's the ex wife, who left our hero to shack up with the boring tooth fairy.

The movie is too boring for too long.

It is a very well told story that develops into lots of thrills and scaresIt is not a gory film which is very good but it keeps you entertained all the way throughThe characters are excellent and interesting, the acting is good so this keeps you gripped all the way throughOverall an enjoyable film and does the job of a good horror film

Although my own beliefs are Christian, I found the Jewish take on the concept of possession to be fascinating to examine.

Sinister had some elements of fear, but lacked in storytelling and believable characters, thus making that movie a waste of time.

It's such a bland retread, that chances are, you won't remember it a day after you see it.

Madison Davenport makes the movie worth watching .

A Waste Of Time .

Most of the scenes throughout the film are rather goofy and pointless, some of them are even laughable.

The story behind it is quite the fascinating one, with just enough odd coincidences and dark turns to make you question whether or not it actually be true.

This was a run of the mill bland movie.

Really enjoyed it.

I thought it was pretty intense and memorable.

Director Ole Bornedal delivers and engaging horror thriller.

In the end, this movie is a solid but not outstanding flick for genre fans that convinces with a gripping atmosphere, a solid acting and some intriguing elements around Jewish culture, lifestyle and religion which one doesn't see that often in popular movies.

) - well that's the problem, the potential and expectations for what this could have been in my book is so amazing, that it would be hard to execute it ideally, but I maintain the efforts weren't even half-way enough, it falls pretty flat once the whole "turn to Judaism" thing starts, and disappoints severely imo, and it just keeps spiraling down from there, to where it gets "choppy", too fast paced and all in all just disappointing to me.

waste of time .

Also the film isn't even scary, which really does just say it all, honestly I wouldn't bother with 'The Possession' it's dull and lifeless, you're better off watching the actual Exorcist.

You always take your chances on films based on possession but this one was worth watching.

This is a fairly specific and honestly intriguing focus point for the film.

The movie followed a shopworn plot that you've seen many times before, even if you're just a casual fan of the horror genre, and the ending was as predictable as the Patriots reaching the Super Bowl.

Too bad this cheap scare tactic will be lost when the film is released on boring old DVD.

The second-hour is pretty good, but the First-Hour is slow & not very engaging.

But still, it's watchable and slightly enjoyable.

However, a few hours after I left the theater it seemed less scary and didn't have the OH MY GOD effect I had while watching the movie.

Still, it's got enough positives to be enjoyable at least.

The finale is all based around the actual exorcism of the demon and manages to run nicely enough by making the creatures' unusual origin a nice focal point away from the typical style usually found here which is quite nicely handled, along with the tense action and thrilling encounters within that make it quite exciting.

The performances and solid filming style drive this film horror film from being a complete waste of time.

a disjointed spirit seeking to completely devour its human host.

Next, to think the father hit his daughter was too contrived.

Natasha Calis gives a great, intense performance here as the possessed little girl, grunting like a threatened animal.

Finally, the film's final sequence where they attempt to exorcise the demon from the little girl is incredibly put together and meshes sound, light and shadow very well to make a very intense scene.

Even though this movie here isn't all so outstanding, I still liked it enough to watch both a prequel or a sequel as the Jewish legend factor offers diverse intriguing possibilities and I think that many other spectators might feel the same.

Another minor disappointment is the predictable transfer of the demon from daughter-to-father in the final moments of the exorcism.

Oh, that's right, but the "basketball coach" knew of a training room in the hospital that is empty after 6.

Lazy writing, predictable plot and about as scary as The Happening (don't watch that either!

Quite simply, I thought that The Possession was boring and not worth my full investment into the story.

"By the end of the film, I felt unsatisfied and knew that I could have devoted my time to something worth watching.

Even if these types of movies are becoming a dime a dozen, The Possession is still an enjoyable movie to watch.

Don't waste your money if you think you're going to get horror.

I think the plot is okay, just that the pace is definitely slow.

The screenplay has moments of inspiration but is too clichéd to be throughly engaging, the direction is amateur at best there are pacing issues as well as odd cuts that make the overall effect confused and silly.

Entertaining .

It is slow boring, predictable, unimaginative, horror by numbers, rubbishAnd one more thing, the actor playing the lead is so wet he'd make a halibut look charismaticHow the holy hell has this film got a rating of 5.9?! The makers must've been up all night upscorng this piece of tripeAVOID!!

Even though i only rated it 5, which usually means it didn't live up to expectation, I didn't regret seeing it..It is extreme well acted by not-to-popular actors, and the effects and directing is good as well..It's definitely a new kind of demon movie, more modern, more 'realistic'.. by the latter I mean in comparison to other late demon movies..It's worth the watch, and would have giving it 6, if it wasn't for the disappointing ending (IMO).. see it and judge for yourself.

From the very beginning of this movie until the end when the preacher dies in the car accident is soooo predictable.

If the story is predictable in this horror movie there are really only three things to pull you into the theater to see it: the ending, the scare factor, and the delivery.

It's decent go at a possession film incorporating the dybbuk box and is quite enjoyable.

I was bored .

Half one is a boring re-heated slice of Hollywood pseudo-horror, commercial slop with no artistic merit or purpose outside of milking money out of horror fans at this time of year.

Instead the movie meanders between mundane social drama whilst attempting to insight gullible curiosity.

I say that because it wasn't that original, very cliché and wasn't that scary.

It took way too long for the box to be seen as the source of the problem.

Either lame, predictable jump scares or dull and recycled 'creepy' scenes borrowed from the various other exorcism based films of the last decade.

The fact of the matter is, the only reason I saw the film to begin with is because it was crudely shoved into a boxed-set of other much-more entertaining films I purchased (including the subversive black comedy "Cabin in the Woods" and chilling creepfest "Sinister"), and I get the feeling that was the only way the studio could move copies of it on home video.

I would recommend "The Possession" to those horror fans tired of the same old boring take on territory "The Exorcist" explored in 1973.

The plot was predictable and uninspired.

Worst movie ever .

I found this film rather predictable and clichéd.

I like that it mixes up exorcism and "cursed item", which especially helps keeping the first half of the movie from getting boring.

Don't waste your time.

The posted review stating that this movie is too 'slow' is a very bizarre impression.

The movie starts off slow.

* Second half : was more engaging then the first half....

All of these questions are more intriguing than any of the mysteries presented in "The Possession".

After The Exorcist, I find movies about possession to be unoriginal and tedious, and this one was no different.

but we just get ho-hum retreads of sequences that we saw back in the 70's.

It was a boring, generic, not fear invoking and cliché.

I think a lot of the negative reviews of this movie are from people who are just bored by scary movies.

There are a few jump scares, but most if this movie is about leaving you on the edge of your seat.

However, despite a tired and overused premise, it does have one redeeming feature that makes it worth watching: the characters.

'The Possession' was incredibly boring, I found myself almost falling asleep.

There are a few startling scenes here, but for most of the running time THE POSSESSION is a bland, predictable bore, shoehorned into a PG-13 rating.

Clyde and Tzadok show up to perform an exorcism, taking her to the empty therapy room with water pool, the demon inside tries to attack and abuse numerous times, and Clyde urges the evil to take over him, and running after her a couple times through corridors and the morgue eventually it does leave Em's body and enters the father, the exorcism is near an end as it leaves his body, crawling out it is sucked back into the box.

A brief synopsis of this one tells you all you need to know: Mr. and Mrs. Bland are separated, not unlike the parents in THE EXORCIST.

Worth watching .

Clyde and ex-wife Stephanie (Kyra Sedgwick) become more and more concerned as Em's behavior becomes unpredictable and violent.

Things that happen are completely disjointed from the plot as a whole, for example, where did the wife's boyfriend go?