The Possession of Michael King (2014) - Horror

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After poor advice from a psychic leads to the death of his wife, a man vows to disprove the existence of the paranormal by allowing himself to be possessed by demons.

IMDB: 5.7
Director: David Jung
Stars: Shane Johnson, Ella Anderson
Length: 83 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 23 out of 111 found boring (20.72%)

One-line Reviews (80)

Endings boring, you don't care about anyone in the end or what will ever happen to them.

One problem I have with the film and the main reason I did not give it an 8, is its cliché conclusions.

Despite its admittedly interesting premise, The Possession of Michael King is just another boring assault on the ears since every five minutes the movie decides to throw in an unnecessarily gratuitous jump scare without any sort of suspense leading up to it.

Your better of watching paint dry.

This movie will make you remember things which are designed to be both horrific and intense!

Story plays out in a fast-paced and exciting way.

Had me on the edge of my seat every scene!

I really enjoyed it.

Fast paced paranormal shocker .

The main actor shouts and screams and gnashes his teeth a lot while failing to elicit the viewer's sympathy, while the rest of the movie is shot with a dull, greyed-out colour palette and a lack of vitality.

With care, this approach can produce something interesting that is worth watching.

Dreadfully boring.

Therefore the practicing of religion is pointless.

So it's in the form of a documentary, and the catalogue of charlatans he runs through (including a psychiatrist) with his camera-man is entertaining.

'The Exorcist' is obviously the gold standard (still gives me the willies) and films like 'the Exorcism of Emily Rose' and 'the Conjuring' are well worth watching.

It's boring, never scary, and the fact that the makers have decided to crank up the volume when there are screams or white noise, is more of an annoyance than a cool gimmick, believe me, you'll be fiddling with the volume controls more than once.

Definitely not a tale of personal madness, because the possession effects are delivered repeatedly (dragged across floor by unseen force etc).

It's very intense, fast moving and quite scary.

They go nowhere interesting with this, it is overlong and tedious.

It's quite thrilling to see this as it adds a different vibe to the film which is quite fun to see play out.

I won't say it was the best horror movie I ever watched, nor will I say I was totally blown away by anything, but it was definitely a great movie and I enjoyed it.

But having said all that it was entertaining enough to keep my attention.

Don't waste your time..cheesy, horrible acting, not scary at any point.

One of the worst movies I've seen in a long time .

The Possession of Michael King is an entertaining, thrilling, and well thought out horror film.

After seeing the low score I was expecting something boring, with cheap scares and bad visual effects.

It's all fairly predictable.

But like I said, it's fast paced and fun.

Overall it is entertaining and worthy of a watch.

This movie fits the "horror" genre literally, because it is so bad it fills you with intense disgust and regret of watching itLet's see, the acting is horrible, cheesy, way too pretentious.

tired, corny and cliché...

don't waste your time, it's a huge disappointment!

But please don't waste your time and money on films like the possession of Michael King because they really are utter s**t.

Whoever gave this high ratings obviously was just people who had something to do with the production of this film, i'm here to bring it right back down to where it should be this movie is just awful, just plain boredom if you want to fall asleep this is a great movie to watch, if you're expecting to be entertained or scared, let me tell you...

It never really entertains, scares or gives the viewer something original and rather gives us a barrage of pointless jump scares and a been-there- done-that story.

The possession of Michael King, or, The boredom the viewer goes through, is something to be neglected.

it is NOT scary, nor is it entertaining, it's possibly one of the most boring, stupidest movies i've ever seen in my life!

At a technical level, the film stands out for a dull and shaky cinematography, cold and gray colors, a warm environment that never scares even though it causes tension and discomfort and, still, mediocre visual and sound effects.

Real, intense horror - worthy of a higher rating .

Despite entertaining and having some qualities, it is unoriginal and very exaggerated.

The original Texas Chainsaw Massacre was intense!

It's a gripping, well acted, suspenseful and often frightening film that can easily rival the recent horror masterpieces like 'Paranormal Activity' and 'Last Shift'.

I thought that it stayed anchored in the evil of the subject matter and the horrors that the demon demanded that the film gets really scary and intense.

The ending is predictable.

After years of disappointment, we get a gosh darn thrilling, creepy, and interesting movie of this sub-genre.

These are what really help make this one enjoyable.

The highly predictable script is based on the search by a recent widower for proofs of the existence of something beyond life, no matter what: God, the Devil, angels, souls, demons.

I really thought that this will be a great horror, exorcists, demons and all that stuff, but the movie is really really bad and boring.

Your adrenaline rushes, your heart pounds, your ears ring, and you exhibit all of the symptoms of "being afraid" without actually having a reason to be afraid.

There were some scary images but you can tell the movie was "paying homage" to paranormal activity, another found footage movie, and it made everything feel very cliché.

There are some completely pointless jump scares, which don't even work.

It just comes off as unnecessary and just really makes this all the more confusing as to why it chose that format.

Shane Johnson is likable, believable and entertaining on screen.

The variety of different performances conducted here, from the opening showing him subjected to the ritual where he has to be tied down and subjected to the presence of the demonic figure flashing over him to the encounter at the graveyard where he's trapped inside the coffin in the graveyard where he confirms the situation with his wife that propels him to keep going deeper into the world of the black arts, give this one plenty of starting points to get going later on with more intense sequences.

I spent the first quarter of the movie browsing the internet, because it was so boring the only attention I could give it was vaguely listening in the off chance anything interesting happened.

He's meeting people which somehow know about Satan so he can test these beliefs, and these meetings are done in the stupidest ways possible, and it just gets sooo boring.

But as I said, considering the bad horror movies lately with very poor plot and even worse budged, this one was worth watching because I found it had a very good plot, the main actor did his job well, and the effects and make ups was better than I expected, the movie is supposed to be recorded with cameras that is shown, to make it feels more real, although some parts it was obvious done with professional camera men.

I found first half of movie better, it was informative, full of mystery and revelations The character of Michael looked pretty real and determined, as the movie proceeds the things starts to get more and more predictable and that when it loses its touch.

Dale Dickey (IRON MAN 3), Tomas Arana(GLADIATOR), and Julie McNiven ("Mad Men") co-star in this intense supernatural spine-tingler from the producers of WHITE NOISE and THE HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT.

but what happen after is really stupid, and the movie is pretty boring, there isnt really anything horror or "spectacular" The movie is very bad, is awful ...

Easy to follow along with unpredictable scenes hooking you in immediately

If you have around 2 hours of your life to waste, then believe me there are at least a hundred more exciting things to waste them on except watching this movie.

As others have said, it's fast paced and scary at times and does at great job of depicting madness and demon possession.

The only reason I am not rating this film a perfect 10 is because I feel that by the end of the film, certain scenes were dragged out and parts could even have been cut entirely.

I give it a 6 with a very clear conscience, while saying that while not one of the great ones, this film is definitely good and could make for an enjoyable watch, especially for those of us tired of regular mediocrity and looking for something at least a bit new.

I was highly skeptical (but also bored) and so I decided to give this film a try and I'm glad I did.

It has an engaging storyline, truly frightening suspenseful moments, decent jump scares, and an ending that makes sense and doesn't make you angry (like some of the other movies in this genre).

This was by far the only horror movie i found entertaining from the start till the end.

In my opinion it's worth watching.

The movie has a really intriguing setup: a man loses his wife in an accident, and becomes more disillusioned than he already was regarding the presence of God.

Worth watching if your into satanic rituals and demonic possession.

The last 25 Mins were completely generic full of all those repetitive stuffs happening as happens in a ordinary ghost movie with ghost taking over a human's body the human fights it and ultimately stops the demon with power of love.

Yawn .

The whole film screams rehashed, over-regurgitated, cliché-crap.

Something I've seen a million times already, cliché, cliché, typical, typical and boring as it gets!

Fast moving, gripping, jumpy and I enjoyed it.

Very average and bland, perfect for a teenager sleepover.

It goes hand in hand with too many other productions, a semi decent attempt, that moves very slow, bores the viewer to death and has an ending that could be predicted after 30 minutes into the movie.

This relies specifically on the ranting and contortion he displays while possessed which has some traditional moments here, from how he freaks out on the daughter and chases her around the house to the rather enjoyable series of chase scenes featuring the deformed victim chasing others around in rabid fashion.

Otherwise, stay away from this generic and dull flick.