The Producers (2005) - Comedy, Crime, Musical

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After putting together another Broadway flop, down-on-his-luck Producer Max Bialystock teams up with timid accountant Leo Bloom in a get-rich-quick scheme to put on the world's worst show.

IMDB: 6.3
Director: Susan Stroman
Stars: Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick
Length: 134 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 94 out of 432 found boring (21.75%)

One-line Reviews (231)

I found myself chuckling occasionally and laughing a few times, but for the most part, I was flat-out bored.

This snappy production is sure to be a hit with everyone!

One of the worst movies ever .

Of course, the show turns out to be an improbable and unexpected hit, which leaves Max and Leo with one problem; how do they find the money to repay all their investors?

And to make it worse, it's longer, more boring and less funny as if the film's 'producers' wanted to pull a 'Byalistock' in this project.

The film interpretation, directed by choreographer Susan Stroman is very loyal to the stage production and a lot more enjoyable to watch with Broderick and Lane in the leads.

i found the movie extremely enjoyable and i personally have copied some of the one hit liners.

Perhaps this played better on stage, but in the film, it's all but unwatchable.

Waste of musical talent, waste of time.

Between the cross-dressing, ridiculous costumes, terrible over-the-top acting, horrible singing, and terrible songs, I found this film incredibly offensive and a complete waste of time.

The other musical sequences go on far too long.

Worst movie I have ever seen.

It was a completely horrible waste of time.

I enjoyed it even more than I did the first version .

I myself found both of them tedious, loud and frankly annoying.

It's overacted, the songs aren't memorable, the way too cheesy-easy joke lines are tedious, and etc. We painfully sat through 3/4 of the movie and absolutely could not finish it.

When the punch line finally arrives, Springtime for Hitler, everything before it seemed superfluous to the sheer hilarity of the show, yet instead of ending on the hard punch it delivers, it wears its welcome by an overly drawn out ending.

But it follows the traditions set by the MGM musical and is entertaining.

I could not finish it, this movie is so boring.

For example, seeing someone on a stage all by himself singing a snappy tune and dancing around is interesting because it's a real person right in front of you.

Not bad, but disjointed and rushed .

I was very excited to see it as I am a big fan of movie musicals but the numbers ( I Want to be a Producer ) were just so boring I could hardly keep my eyes open.

If the pace was quicker, I am sure I would have enjoyed it a lot more.

It's enjoyable, it'll keep you laughing, toes tapping, and it really is a shame that we don't get more movies that risked being like this.

It's a very original concept and highly entertaining.

Wow, the studio shills have bombarded the message board with praise for one of the worst movie musicals ever made.

The one criticism I have of The Producers is that the end was a little drawn out for my liking.

a complete waste of time and money if you are looking for an actual movie that resembles a theatrical movie in some way .

One of the worst movie I have ever seen .

There are times when there seems to be not much going and unbelievably, I felt like falling asleep.

Two scenes I felt could have been cut a little shorter without taking away from the message but otherwise, I spent two hours laughing and enjoying a truly great musical-comedy which was totally unexpected!

Mostly it was an endless bore that occasionally touched on the revolting.

i have only walked out of 2 movies my whole life the cat in the hat remake, and this me and my sister went to see "The Ringer" after leaving "The Producers", because it was playing in the next theater and remarkably i found a person pretending to be mentally challeneged so he can win his gambling uncle enough money to stay alive and get his friends thumb back much more humorous and enlightening then this pathetic excuse for a movie/musical/whatever you want to call it i wish i could cuss in this comment because this thing deserves every negative comment given 2 it

One of the ten worst movies I have ever seen - out of THOUSANDS .

Expanding the song "Springtime for Hitler" was pointless.

The musical ballads were pointless and the whole movie was just a mess from top to bottom.

All in all it is a entertaining movie to watch.

Ferrell is obviously hilarious as Liebken and Uma Thurman is simply stunning as Ula.

That is most certainly the case with this snoozer...

Homosexual jokes and Nazi propaganda make for laughs aplenty.

What a waste of money spent to watch this, from the first song to the last song i still thought it might pick up...

Funny and cute and silly and entertaining.

Silly story, but enjoyable for the musical production numbers.

Unfortunately, the music is generally dull, and the frequent show-stopping makes an already tedious movie drag on painfully.

Well worth a look as a funny, starry and enjoyable piece of musical nonsense.

Very Entertaining .

They more than carry some of the slower points of the film/musical and play their parts with apparent ease.

That one was, to me, flat, and this movie is thoroughly entertaining and enjoyable.

Lets have one actor do a pointless impression of his predecessor and the other barely act act all.

I suppose I'm just sick of pointless remakes – 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' being a mirror-written motto which should be etched with a razor blade on the foreheads of studio executives.

Because of an unexpected event, the Hitler that arrives the stage is unequivocally gay, and the public loves the idea to see the nazi portrayed as a diva.

It took my breath away and kept me speechless even now, an hour after I got home from watching that's how good it was.. Definitely worth watching!

It's pretty enjoyable, with some nice songs, and some very nicely choreographed scenes (I dig the one where Leo had gone back to the drudgery of his accounting firm, with robotic co-workers singing about being unhappy).

Matthew Broderick, as usual, gives a boring, mousy, quiet performance.

He irritates, he makes you want to scream, and truthfully after ten minutes of the guy, I almost walked out.

The Producers is a very fun and very entertaining movie which all demographics will love.

An Enjoyable Smash Hit-Ler.

This way you will retain the irritation at the wooden Broderick, the pain at the unbearable film and even some of the slapstick humour whilst saving yourself five pounds!

Throw in a love interest with a bad Swedish accent and singing voice to match, Ulla Inga Hansen Bensen Yansen Tallen Hallen Svadon Swanson (Uma Thurman), a remarkably gay Broadway director Roger De Bris (Gary Beach) and an outlandishly dull witted Nazi script writer Franz Liebkind (Will Ferrell) and let the hilarity commence.

His performance is backed up by the dreary Nathan Lane, whose repugnant face is enough to make me gip.

(THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS) The first time I watched this I found the hysterical rantings of Broderick & Lane a bit tedious.

The most important and entertaining characters were generally kept away from the screen and this movie just dragged.

) It also dragged on at over two hours- still enjoyable, especially the big play and the resulting...

This wasn't Chicago or Little Shop of Horrors, where the songs were amusing, most of the songs here were long, annoying, and pointless (OK some in Chicago were too long as well).

What a waste of time, money and talent.

Beyond awful and pointless .

I thought I would be able to go to my grave with a quick and easy answer to the question, "What's the worst movie you've ever seen?

Apart from the consistently miserable over-acting, I found the songs to be the most lame, over-long and boring collection I have ever heard in a musical - without exception.

The plot was totally predictable within the first 10 minutes.

But it is wheezy, clumsy, tedious and v-e-r-y v-e-r-y l-o-n-g with even more of the sub-adolescent crudities that have stained much of Mel Brooks's later work.

It's just that the songs themselves are uninspired and sometimes simply pointless (any of Will Ferrell's numbers would be a good example, as would the one in the prison cell where Lane recaps the story).

I enjoyed it, probably when I shouldn't.

I decided not to see it because " I know that if they leave out the line 'White, white, white is the color of our carpet' I'll have to get up and walk out of the theater.

The remake is dull - in more than just one way.

His huge musical number in the Accounting office was way too long - we turned the channel & watched another show when it went on & on.

The stage production of The Producers is hilarious, sentimental, fun, exciting, and silly...

It is colorful and tuneful, but deadly dull to watch (and I like musicals as a rule).

There was nothing catchy or fun about them and the acting and gags were tired, cliché', overused-you name it.


The choreography was plodding and unimaginative where it varied from the old movie.

Even my parents enjoyed it.

and dragged...

Expect to leave the theater humming "Springtime for Hitler" still!

Brooks' script is loaded with other high school-level sexual innuendo, vulgarity, occasionally offensive racial stereotypes, ageism and anything else he wants to bludgeon with a blunt instrument - all delivered with such banal exuberance and gusto it somehow works.

A glitzy, high octane, nonstop enjoyable romp .

This just left me bored.

What a boring piece of crap.. .

It is enough for an enjoyable evening.

Except for the-musical-with-in-the-muscial, I thought this was dull, dull, dull.

The Broadway version of The Producers is one of the funniest and most refreshing stage musicals to date, bringing together some excellent and memorable songs, entertaining dance numbers and some witty lines that only Mel Brooks could write.

If in need of a good time, or just searching for an enjoyable, contagious and energetic movie outing, The Producers is just the thing!

Keep it happy, keep it snappy, keep it gay!

Caricature is typical Mel Brooks and "The Producers" oozes caricature, from a blond bombshell who can barely speak English to an entire parade of gay theatre folk in costumes as cliché as sailors, leather cops and Indian chiefs.


I'm sorry but 2005 was a total unwatchable mistake.

I instantly coveted my own copy of the CD and bore it off home with great triumph.

His song and dance numbers were completely annoying and far far FAR too long.

Like its stage antecedent, the movie musical of "The Producers" is an engagingly broad farce that has lots of hilariously funny moments as well as several ponderous stretches where the characters try to get on with the plot without the benefit of any real human interaction to help them along.

They go all out to find the worst script - Springtime for Hitler, written by Neo-Nazi Franz Liebkind (Will Ferrell, in a better outing than the boring Bewitched), hire the worst director Roger DeBris (Gary Beach)- a gay man with a gay crew (lead by Roger Bart) decked in Village People outfits who all unanimously agree to make a gay musical, get the worst actors, and stumble upon one hot Swedish chick - Ulla (Uma Thurman).

It's also ironic that with all the build-up of how disastrous this play will be, that the "Springtime for Hitler" number turns out quite entertaining.

But I love realism in films, and lights suddenly appearing in prison cells and scantily-clad ladies jumping out of cupboards in the most boring accounting centre on Earth ensure that this film is really just far-fetched nonsense.

woeful, tedious, generally abysmal, so many more problems .

The performances are very good, the musical numbers excellent, I found it to be a very enjoyable movie.

It just got better and better, with clever, enjoyable songs, amazing sets and dances and a fantastic cast.

Well worth a look as a funny, starry and enjoyable piece of musical nonsense .

On the screen, they look contrived and unconvincing.

It is true that a number of problems exist in this film, as: very slow pacing - three hours long without sufficient plots or scenario; big structure gap - the arrival of Ulla has almost demarcated one film into two quite different ones; and the ever unconvincing appearance of Mr Bloom.

A direct translation from stage, and dull as a result .

Dull, and very disappointing .

The music was funny and entertaining, and Uma Thurman's dance bit was very amusing.

I was bored out my mind.

I laughed out loud throughout most of the movie and found it very entertaining.

this was just a flat, boring, unfunny mess.

The musical numbers go on and on ad nauseum and are dead-boring other than "Springtime for Hitler in Germany".

One of the worst movies I have ever seen in my entire life, the only movie I've ever walked out of in theaters .

this was a very entertaining movie i just don't think it appeals too much to most males due to the fact that it is a musical.

We feel lucky to have seen it before we read what any of the critics had to say, otherwise we might have missed a very funny and entertaining musical comedy.

To me it seemed to make the movie longer and more boring.

Beach, McKean, Lovitz, Huddleston and others are all enjoyable as they provide solid laughs and are into the spirit of the show regards of how brief some of their screen time is.

It was stagy, over-the-top, corny, cheesy, predictable...

Don't waste your money, or petrol to go watch.

I would probably have enjoyed it more if I had not seen the original.

It's a farcical, enjoyable, witty, hilarious film musical that is among the most entertaining films I've ever seen.

But the pacing was off and, by the end, it felt extremely rushed; becoming disjointed.

But this film has changed my perspective on musicals, which I've always viewed as boring, old-fashioned and mushy.

This was the worst movie I have ever seen in my life!

Save your money.

What a waste of time and money.

While I may not have seen the Producers before, I had been told that this would still be worth watching even without prior knowledge (though I have seen Mel Brooks movies before and I could see his style was certainly in the director's mind).

It was therefore an exciting experience to see the highly reputed theater piece performed by stage actors alongside screen actors; then I allow myself falling in love with motion pictures (and screen actors) again rather than lamenting a life without chance to be a theatergoer.

Faults with the show itself aside (I agree with those who say some of the music isn't exactly the best the Great White Way has ever offered), this movie is VERY funny and entertaining as anything I've seen in the movies this year.

The entire show is cliché ridden.

Most of the "songs" in this movie are unbelievably trite and mostly tripe.

It gets very tiresome fast.

I thought the movie was very funny and entertaining.

That turbulent performance is what gave "The Producers" (1968) its stunning audacity.

Gary Beach and Roger Bart steal the show, and are so thoroughly entertaining.

It's a shame that I can only really remember bad points as the overall effect of the film was entertaining enough.

Still, another vastly underrated movie on IMDb, while the drab that is Transformers scores 7.4 - what a shame.

A hashed up Broadway spectacle full of pointless roles and character extensions to allow stars like Thurman and Ferrell pointlessly ham it up.

Then obviously there's Springtime For Hitler, and Betrayed, and yeah, there's only really two stinkers and they're the two slow ones (That Face and 'Til Him).

The story is VERY good, and a great set up for some incredibly entertaining characters and situations.

How could this be a miserable, boring, snooze-fest?

If only for the marvelous performances of Broderick, Lane and the sensual Thurman appearance, this one is worth watching.

Matthew Broderick sleepwalks through his role giving a very uninteresting performance.

Then you had the utterly unnecessary filler - yes, it's a musical, and yes, numbers are part of the proceeds, but a number of dance sequences just bore you to tears and seem to go on for the sake of filling up time.

The out takes are fascinating though, clearly showing that they cut the wrong things out and didn't trim the obvious stage moments (above) that did not work.

PRD, Pointless Remake Disease, is striking Hollywood with a vengeance these days.

Second, it dragged in too many places.

Many,many lines are the exact same as the original Producers and I've seen the musical on stage before,which I found a lot more enjoyable than this because the songs are just simply more fun on stage.

If the producers' intent in making this film was to make a horrible, unwatchable flop, that would be the only bit of good irony one could glean from this wretched piece of work.

The only reason we laughed was because it is the worst movie we have ever seen!

The overacting served atop a mash of pathetic characters with a side salad of cliché is what made it really hard for me to like this movie.

Seriously (but predictable) Disappointing .

This is, I think, a mistake as it makes the first 20 minutes very wordy and, lets not mince words, boring.

I felt that I was sitting in The Shubert Theatre, I was so immersed in this film.

Talent so effortless and entertaining that the other "holiday" movies should take a vow of humility.

Will Ferrell was acting like he does every other time he performs - unimpressive, sometimes giggle-worthy, and gradually becoming predictable and boring.

Predictable even for those who have never seen its predecessors, the story is straightforward and quickly brings nothing new to the table.

Entertaining version of the Broadway musical .

Will Ferrel was the PERFECT mad NAZI and I have never in my life found Uma Thurman attractive or much of an actor before now, but in this movie she was stunning.

" This is probably the very last really funny, witty, entertaining musical Hollywood will ever produce.

However, I think the pacing is far too slow.

No REAL plot, no character development, I couldn't even tell there WAS a director and any character's strengths that could've been used to make this movie more palatable were left out in the cold.

I suspect the people who walked out of our screening probably had no idea that this was going to be a musical, as they left quite early in the piece.

Try dull and outdated.

Worst movie of all time.

The plot is also slow as hell, because any reason is good to break into yet another boring, excruciatingly witless song.

Will Ferrell is just dull as Liebkind.

One of the most enjoyable movie experiences this year - up somewhere in the top 5.

It's just conservative and pointless.

The phrase that came to mind was "Waste of money".

It's bland, really.

But as more and more of the film went on (and on and on) I found myself bored.

Worse, the film limps on far too long after this climax.

The whole movie lacks tension as though it were one big boring exercise.

Add that all of the actors, including the fresh-to-the-musical Will Ferrel as Liebkind (awesome pigeons by the way) and Uma Thurman as Ula (maybe not as terrific as could be, but very much 'fits' the part), are top notch, makes it an intriguing kind of entertainment.

There were a few songs whose placement seemed contrived (i.

The 2005 film should have eliminated the pointless Opening Night song, and started with the clever accounting office setting.

It is very enjoyable and entertaining and very out of character for Hollywood, so just sit back and enjoy - and don't think.

Based on the Broadway hit musical based on Mel Brooks' 1968 debut comedy, this movie manages to be wildly entertaining while having believable characters and very good performances (the leads, Will Ferrell and Roger Bart, who'll be unrecognizable for whoever remembers him from Desperate Housewives or Hostel Part 2).

This version on the other hand is slower paced and overlong in places.

Will Ferrel also was very entertaining to watch as Franz Liebkind.

Brooks wisely avoids blame on his nearly forty year old idea by employing the shows two leads and the director, Susan Stroman to helm this archaic looking lifeless bore filled with tedious songs, dull choreography and performed by inferior leads.

If anybody ever reads my reviews or talks to me on the boards, they know that I never, ever walk out of a theater and never, ever take a DVD out of the player.

One sad thing with remakes is that sometimes its better to make a new version of the original and bring it up to date, rather than try and stay in the old theme and just make it boring.

The film itself is rather bad taste, so we can excuse all the Nazi propaganda and...

They started yawning immediately.

All That aside this was the most enjoyable time I have spent in a movie theater in years.

So there you have it, don't waste your money on this one...

It was un-funny, packed with awful one-liners, pointlessly musical, repetitive.

Though not quite a masterpiece like its 1968 predecessor, it makes for a wonderfully entertaining movie experience.

He also makes the bland film look better.

People would say it's negative because it doesn't show artistic integrity, but I say it's great because it's still wildly enjoyable just like the stage production.

Matthew Broderick as Leo Bloom was too bland for my taste.

As a film, and a remake at that, I found it simply pointless.

Bialystock's song and speech in jail adds nothing but insult to the audience, by reviewing the whole boring film for five painful minutes.

The Producers is a wonderfully enthusiastic and inspiring wonder of a modern movie musical, just as entertaining today as the original must have been back in the 60s.

Entertaining musical fun, with great songs by Mel Brooks .

While her accent at times did seem contrived, she pulls it off.

One of the worst movies I have ever seen.

If you liked the original 1968 movie don't waste your time .

Now, led by shyster Bialystock and aided with a neo-Nazi play, Bloom is dragged on the scam of a lifetime.

Really, don't waste your time on this one.

It was a complete waste of my time and money.

Now, I have never walked out of a film in my life so this was a first for me...

So, basically, despite a slow start, The Producers is one of the funniest movie musicals I've ever seen.

I know it was taken from a Broadway show but I found the songs unnecessary, tiresome and a distraction.

But yet this is a very very entertaining movie.

The two main characters are wonderfully introduced in the only longer conversational scene at the beginning of the film, and since then, it is an elevating ride of music, dancing, hilarious costumes and enjoyable punch lines.

My advice - don't waste your money.

Overall then an enjoyable and lively Broadway show brought to film.

I highly recommend it.

Completely pointless.

On film, however, that same person singing that same song all by himself is dull because there is no immediacy, and unless the performer is extraordinarily charismatic, no involvement.

The film critics were 100% accurate, I found this film to be so tedious, I nearly walked out half way through.

Overall, it was enjoyable,once I gave it a chance.

Uma Thurman and Will Ferrell really were a surprise and quite enjoyable.

Overall , a very entertaining film.

So much fun and very deserving of the name Mel Brooks this film is great for the holidays (with the more adult jokes being concealed in song, and only minor swearing) older children and teenagers should get a kick out of this fast paced, fun, and very memorable film.

Ho-Hum .

The person behind fell asleep and snored for the last 30 mins, occasionally woken by his other half.

I was one of about 15 people who stayed out of about 350 people in the preview showing I attended; those who left early missed out on some good stuff.

I highly enjoyed it though.

The dialogs were dull, and the few laughs it offered were not enough to make up for the remainder of the movie.

The Producers is a decent movie with an enjoyable storyline with a great cast that mostly play characters that they aren't suited for.

everything is disjointed.

highly entertaining stylish musical .

Susan Stroman doesn't make the camera cuts flashy, they are simple, which makes it more enjoyable to watch the dance numbers, from the opening number to the hilarious "Along Came Bialy" when the old ladies do a dance break with walkers, to "Keep it Gay" to the uproarious Springtime for Hitler number.

Having watched the original some time ago and having enjoyed it, I was looking forward to the re-make hoping to see something different or at least a better version.

The musical-within-a-musical, which I thought at first might get confusing and unconvincing, actually works remarkably well, and it's very self-aware, with a lot of cynical in-jokes about Broadway and the world of musical theatre.