The Quiet Ones (2014) - Horror, Mystery, Thriller

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A university professor and a team of students conduct an experiment on a young woman, uncovering terrifyingly dark, unexpected forces in the process.

IMDB: 5.1
Director: John Pogue
Stars: Jared Harris, Sam Claflin
Length: 98 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 42 out of 106 found boring (39.62%)

One-line Reviews (142)

This is really quite and n very slow in some parts, some will find this dull and boring, I did find some parts a bit boring , I did yawn once or twiceThere are some decent spooky scenes, I didn't find them creepy, I just found those scenes very entertaining to watch.

If you do decide to watch it, be prepared that it's slow and dull.

Boring & Not Very Scary .

You can't help but feel for Jane because whether or not she is possessed, she has lived a very empty and loveless life.

The movie keeps things intriguing since it's not clear which way things are going to go.

The Professor rejects supernatural explanations, but thinks she has some negative energy within her that can be drawn out and trapped.

CriticismAnd the reason why it is hard to praise this film is because it is just such a bore.

The experiments conducted to test that, from the incident involving her being strapped to the machine while other tortures are administered to her body in that condition, the seance conducted while everyone around witnesses the strange actions that unfold which are quite enjoyable which help to set the stage for the final half where it starts to get far more dangerous with the psychokinetic energy whipping around the rooms causing all sorts of disturbances along the way.

The Quiet Ones is drawn out, an unconnected series of tests with no cohesive path and certainly not related or contingent upon previous results.

Shallow and plodding .

However I feel that the vision was lost through the lack of really engaging with the characters at the writing stage.

The story was all over the place as well as uninteresting.

Another boring British movie.

The story line was dull and the story was going nowhere.

Yet another girl-in-a-white-nightdress-is-possessed snorefest.

Coupland's students are uninteresting and colorless personalities and Jane's character remains bland and underdeveloped.

They focus on predictable jump scares and an even more predictable plot.

The negative points are these: The movie takes too much time to become really gripping.

The movie gives a very nice touch of how the characters strive to give a scientific and logical explanation at horror movies' most fascinating subject the evil spirits.

Worth watching!

The theatre was close to empty and 20 minutes into the showing I could just see a teenage couple with blank faces, hear the low voice of a man talking to a women in my row and two girls texting.

The problem is that it's all so terribly boring and predictable.

The film is slow, plodding and lacks any depth.

I watch a lot of scary movies, and this has got to be one of the most boring ones I have ever seen.

Blending supernatural tension with the complexity of psychology can make for some intriguing themes, many of which may be deemed as thought-provoking.

I try my best, but can never get all the way through because they are completely dull and lifeless.

The morning after, The Quiet Ones remains an intriguing story, true or not, that is well performed.

Yes, it's slower as it takes place in the 70s, before "fast" became a way to be.

Apparently the British cannot make a movie worth watching.

In terms of style, this confusion comes out in the feeling that it was trying to straddle both traditional narrative conventions and found-footage.

This is effective at first, but it then becomes really rather tiresome, and I was truly past caring by the time the Carrie-style finale (although not in the same league, naturally) finally (and I mean finally) kicks in.

The best thing about the whole film is probably Jared Harris' intriguing performance as the slightly unorthodox and obsessive Oxford University professor Coupland.

A well acted but boring film .

Pretentious, predictable, self-indulgent tripe.

Unfortunately, for this "inspired from actual events" story, it is so incredibly boring, I cannot recommend it to anyone.

There's really absolutely nothing original about the film aside from a few cool CGI effects, but unlike many of it's other paranormal counterparts (like Insidious or Sinister), The Quiet Ones is thoroughly and surprisingly entertaining.

With a nice lead turn from Harris and some unpredictable turns, you could do far worse for your newest horror fix.

"The Quiet Ones" turned out to be somewhat of a dull and boring movie experience.

The few séance sequences are dull and pointless and the poltergeist only demonstrates its genuinely evil nature at the very end of the film.

Instead of being on the edge of your seat like in The Conjuring or Insidious I got out of my seat many times hoping it would end

It was just slow, and for me they didn't really went deep enough.

This is a generic and overdrawn British horror that gets tiresome and boring real quickly.

It's entertaining and a good choice if you simply feel like changing your mind after a hard day at work.

It is empty when it should had been eerie.

Even the ending is super cliché and predictable.

I was braced for disappointment with The Quiet Ones, mainly due to the sheer slowness of the build.

Boring, trite, done a million times before.

In Addition, the Acting is Superb for a B-Picture and the Scares, aside from the aforementioned Jumps are Gripping and have a Docu-Style Gravitas.

The makers are more intent on jolts and screeches to get their scares, which sadly gets a bit tiresome come the mid-point.

The audience must endure an hour of repetitive experiments that are suppose to shock, scare and build tension regarding the existence of the paranormal.

Plenty of potential wasted in a dull possession movie .

"The Quiet Ones" is a lame, unoriginal and boring movie by the new Hammer.

There are plenty good 'jumps' but most are introduced with a rousing score or an obvious lull in activity.

He directed the Quarantine sequel called Quarantine 2: Terminal, and even though I enjoyed some scenes in its first act, the rest of it was quite tedious and dumb.

A good try but a predictable horror .

I first off have to say that the primary reason I saw this film was because the poster was breathtaking— Gothic, beautiful, and unconventional.

But again it went nowhere.

It has a relatively slow beginning but grows to be more and more intense through out the film.

"Let Me In" and "Wake Wood" were more than adequate and compelling fright stories, while "The Woman in Black" and – especially – "The Resident" were mediocre and even barely endurable efforts.

ZZZzzz" So, for the "camera being good quality" and "sound engineers knowing what sound frequency to use to annoy people", I gave it a rating of 3/10.

The climax is a cliché surrounding a cult and the extra story surrounding the professor's son never gets explained as to what was actually wrong with him, again this could have been provided an interesting insight.

Pretty boring, quite non-eventful, and just a step above a total yawn-fest.

It started off quite strong, it kept me guessing and intrigued, but as time goes, i realised the plot didn't really go anywhere, it's confusing and not in the good way.

The central reasoning for the experiment, to test whether instances of supernatural activity manifests itself through negative thought in individuals, serves as a straightforward launching pad for the way this one starts to unleash the fun encounters later on as the proceedings become far more intense once they're inside the house.

The speeches started to feel too long and the plot is getting more and more boring.

Nothing pops at you, even if it is unexpected.

This is the type of movie that builds itself slowly, but it just builds too too slowly to the point where every part that is suppose to be 'scary' is only slightly riveting.

Save your money and watch "The Haunting" from 1963.

This film is slow, so if you have the brain of a gnat - like a lot of our reviewers here - you'll get bored.

In fact much of the film is unconvincing, the direction dull, and the visual side rather boringly shot.

In fact, it was a little on the boring side.

Just another movie to fall asleep during.

And, to me, with how dull this film is, consider all the screams, jump scares, and Brian making a clap noise to signify he has started filming to be how the film tries to keep you attentive and awake.

It's a generic science-team-researches-ghost type effort, obviously modelled on old-fashioned epics like THE STONE TAPE, yet the material is so sub-standard and predictable that it becomes very difficult to sit through, let alone enjoy.

The special effects work well and there are one or two particularly enjoyable moments where DoP Mátyás Erdély has let rip with the lighting and camera work.

)It is also quite creepy and intense with many scenes that make you say to yourself: WTF?!

The Quiet Ones has a nice sense of period (the 1970s) and some committed performances, but as it progresses it sadly gets caught in what becomes a repetitive loop.

The Quiet Ones is another of those movies that looks good in the trailers but is actually a pretty boring film overall.

Taking unexpected turns, featuring good performances and inciting real fear in the audience, The Quiet Ones is a very welcome breath of fresh air in mainstream horror movies, proving once again that constant scenes of exorcisms and annoying families with camcorders have become tired old tropes and that the best thing to do is wipe that all away and focus on believable characters and more interesting methods to create a genuinely tense atmosphere.

By the time something does happen it's too little too late and predictable.

The Quiet Ones is a slow burn thriller that spends a long time developing well acted characters.

Nothing Special, But Charming and Compelling enough .

So very, very boring .

Painfully dull horror set in the 70s that should've been called The Boring Ones.

don't waste your time .

I personally wouldn't waste time and money on the film.


And even these become a bit tiresome as things move on.

The acting and directing are OK but, like I said, the movie is just way too dull.

The Boring Ones .

Oh, _so_ boring.

The manifesting Evie externally and then joining Jane through the sigil is an intriguing idea, not original, it's been done many times before, and done far better than here, but where it has generally been done too over the top, this is perhaps too under the bottom, or simplistic to be entertaining.

The story behind the movie is more intriguing than the movie itself.

I wouldn't waste my time looking at the movie, if the story is interesting to you, I would recommend to just look on the internet for more background information.

In order to do this the Professor subjects her to a series of increasingly intense provocations, resulting in alarming responses from "Evey" that cause harm to Jane, and then begin to put the Professor and his students at risk.

This movie has the tension necessary to be creepy and unnerving and moderately entertaining.

Which, even with how boring I thought that film was, at least is had a silver lining with June Squibb.

In my honest opinion, this movie was a complete waste of my time.

As usual, something goes wrong and the team are endangered, but the plot deviates from the usual slasher, gore-fest cliché which is great.

But it would be nice if they at least tried to make movies that are fun to watch instead of tired, drab films like this.

It's a shame really, director Pogue had some decent material to work with yet somehow translated what should've been a thrilling horror into an unmemorable bore.

Dreadfully boring .

The Boring Ones would have been a more appropriate title...

Lame, Unoriginal and Boring .

"The Quiet Ones" is rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and terror, sexual content, thematic material, language, and smoking throughout.

"The Quiet Ones" (PG-13 - 2014 - US/UK)Sub-Genre: Paranormal My Score: 5.8Cast=6 Acting=7 Plot=4 Ending=8 Story=8 Scare=3 Jump=4 F/X=7 Creep=7 Twist=4A university professor and a team of students conduct an experiment on a young woman, uncovering terrifyingly dark, unexpected forces in the process.

The movie is a slow burn and lacks development, a first third so to speak, it just jumps right into the middle, and then develops the characters from there.

This movie takes place in mid 1970's, and at the beginning of the movie did a good job at portraying the feel that it was the 70's, however I felt that the more the movie dragged on the less and less they gave a crap about what year it was.

I like how she maintains her empty gazing face, not just the eyes mind you.


I have no problem with slow moving films, but I do have a problem with boring ones, and believe me, this is truly boring.

Intriguing, enjoyable, supernatural horror that lacks sufficient bite to really scare.

I could say that the movie was slightly above average, but the last 10 minutes were just plain bad to me, they were very confusing, stupid and laughable.

"The Quiet Ones" will not achieve the same goal, but despite the worn and outdated banal topic it's reasonably successful in a number of areas.

Really enjoyed it!

Disappointing, disjointed, disinterested.

The running time of just less than 100 minutes means that some of the character development feels a little rushed, but it means that the film has adequate time to set up scares, deliver on the suspense, and create an intriguing story without feeling repetitive.

While rare (but noticeable), there are still uses of very loud noises out of absolutely nowhere to accentuate the scares, but asides from that, they are achieved through realistic and unobtrusive special effects, a sparing but effective use of a rumbling, mechanical musical score (there is something to be said for music that can make a scene of occult research feel intense) and an unflinching refusal by the camera to shy away from the horror.

Attempts to build mystery are negated by having an exceptionally dull explanation at the end, plus one of those stupid last-reel twists It's hardly a wonder that Hammer have gone very quiet recently, as none of their new films are remotely like their classics of old.

So Boring .

The predictable story is not totally bad, but the screenplay is tedious and the camera work is awful.

But it has a good sense of atmosphere, and it is quite an entertaining story, and is a little different from other entries in the genre.

Nothing happens for over an hour, then suddenly one of the characters goes off to a library and finds out the truth, tells the rest of the cast in a 3 minute scene and then there are some loud sound effects and a few cheesy alpha keyed flames and it's all over.


Unfortunately, there is not much sizzle, and the film becomes boring and ultimately, as in so many thriller/possession films, the pay off at the end is deeply unsatisfying.

It has a couple of mildly entertaining scenes, but then goes straight back to boring.

There are so many of them from intriguing ones like "Insidious" over good average ones as "The Conjuring" or "The Possession" to rather bad stuff in the key of "Devil's Due", "Mama", "Oculus" or "The Devil Inside".

It does have a few good scares, and some decent creepy atmosphere, but it's mostly just a bore.

The story line is too predictable ad offers no real surprises.

Still, this movie is no worse than others of its kind, rather I found it more enjoyable and less gimmicky.

They play characters who were serious in their scientific intentions at first, until the supernatural events turn their passion into confusion.

A slow burn script which builds up to a dramatically ugly conclusion.

is so terrible I genuinely pulled a chunk of my own hair out in frustration at just having spent the time watching the movie, for it to end in a poorly acted cliche.

Overall this is a boring movie to sit through and if your an audience member that has seen some possession horror movies before, you are not going to get anything new at all from this one.

Cooke (from the TV show Bates Motel) was stunning.

The Quiet AND Boring Ones .

I give it a 2 for being boring and having so many plot holes.

And instead, the movie just trotted ahead at a very dull and slow pace, without anything even remotely scary happening.

The implementation is so boring and shiftless that The Quiet Ones turned out as a horrible, instead of a horror movie.

The film, which concerns a scientific experiment on a mental patient who apparently possesses paranormal powers, mainly fails because we care little about the characters, has a story which is full of repetitive scenes which do not move the plot along, and which lurches to an unconvincing climax which is just plain daft.

Correct, and this should've been more intriguing than what was actually executed.

Boring beyond belief and when you are done watching it, you will either laugh or say "well, there's two hours of my life that I will never have back-or both.