The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013) - Comedy, Drama, Fantasy

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When both he and a colleague are about to lose their job, Walter takes action by embarking on an adventure more extraordinary than anything he could have ever imagined.

IMDB: 7.3
Director: Ben Stiller
Stars: Ben Stiller, Kristen Wiig
Length: 114 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 47 out of 250 found boring (18.8%)

One-line Reviews (177)

All in all, it reminded me a lot of "One Hour Photo" that also went very slow.

Besides, like said it is a poor movie, there is no story, just a Mountain Film Festival kind of a script and even then we have to wait one hour for a few nice images to show up.

He's a guy who's largely bored and unsatisfied with life, who spends a lot of time daydreaming about what could be - some of his daydreams are realistic, others not so much.

The film begins with a neurotic shy man with no confidence (Stiller), waiting out an ordinary bland life.

Starts off slow and weird, ends really, really strong.

Quirky, Soulful, Visually Stunning Film .

Don't waste your time with this movie.

)The movie, which I suppose was intended to be a real "feel good" movie, was just a bland, pointless dud.

The movie starts slow, in pace with Walter and his story.

I was bored and imagined some place that would hold much more interest.

His life is as dull and he doesn't dare to approach the woman of his dreams, who has started to work at the same place as Walter does.

A worthwhile and entertaining effort by Ben and it's worth watching.

From there we learn that he has an odd habit of zoning out in his own fantasy world because obviously his real life bores him (and everyone around him) to tears.

The philosophical tones in this film are enjoyable and I guess each person will reminisce in their own way, even after finishing the movie.

The beginning is not very good, the characters get better towards the end, but they start out pretty boring and even the timeline is too tight for the plot to make much sense given that the main idea of this film is for the main character to travel and see the world.


its those confusing moments which for me let the film down a little because there is a lot to take away from it that is very good and beautiful.

While the fantasy sequences seem a little out of place and ultimately become distracting within the overall narrative - though it's their absurdity that provide the majority of the film's sparse laughs and they are entertaining in isolation, 'The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty (2013)' is an enjoyable and endearingly odd picture that occupies that strange space between comedy and drama, once the realities of the narrative are set into motion, all while spewing it's impassioned and somewhat sentimental message about seizing the moment and living life to the full.

Like painfully boring...

I was so pumped as I walked out of the theater, excited about how much adventure I had just vicariously lived through the character of Walter Mitty in the last 114 minutes of me merely sitting in front of the screen, and ever since, I have been dying to go explore Iceland and possibly learn how to ride a skateboard just so I can ride down one of its incredibly scenic, absolutely breathtaking mountain roads.

Unoriginal, bland.

I don't know if it will hold up during subsequent viewings, but this movie is an entertaining ride the first time through.

The visuals are stunning and is to be enjoyed on the large screen format.

The works of skateboarding and eruption are breathtaking.

The cinematography capturing Iceland (Greenland) or Yemen (Afghanistan) and subtle references is stunning, unique and captivating.

The proxy for this dullard's boring existence is his vivid fantasy life, wherein the mild-mannered Mitty transforms himself into all manner of heroic beings.

Worth watching many more times.

Was sadly bored to death .

A bland average film directed by the star of the film Ben Stiller .

The suspense at the end is quite unexpected, specially when the picture 25 when it comes out.

The tedious daily routine made him escape into a more bearable world of imagination where he sees himself a hero, a complete opposite of who he actually is.

These manufactured effects do little to compensate for the story, which is still quite a bore, and is built around the flimsiest of plot.

This movie is a text book cliché.

Some of us have lost hope finding someone special, even though the future is so unpredictable.

When Walter takes the chance and does something unexpected, he develops in a fantastic way.

Many moments became a bit boring and unlinked.

Probably the worst movie I've seen in the last 10 years, maybe ever .

His quirky intense weirdness that worked so well in "Zoolander" and "Tropic Thunder" comes off more off-putting here more similar to "Dodgeball" or "The Cable Guy".

Visually, this film is perfect with its breathtaking cinematography and special effects.

A Surrealistic Coming of Age Adventure Comedy Drama .

But I got so bored in t his movie and lost utter interest not even half way through.

Kristen Wiig as Cheryl Melhoff, the lead actress and with stunning cinematography the movie is overall good.

We explore Walter Mitty's boring and struggling life.

I won't give away details of the film, but highly recommend it.

Penn lives the life going out to exciting and dangerous places to bring back the news photographs for Life that Stiller only dreams about daily.

The entire thing is like a long boring beer commercial lol yeye, look at our man, who good they are when they are in the wild and stuff...

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is a reminder that there's a big beautiful world out there with interesting people, fascinating places and life changing experiences.

A totally unexpected film.

For me, the story unfortunately got too disjointed.

My sole complaint, really, is that after handling so much in the opening acts, it feels stuck during the slower-paced home stretch.

But then the hammer falls with the overcooked overacted cliché scenes of office down-sizing, followed by some vague ill-defined vision quest after the nebulous Sean Penn character (a heroic photographer?

He dreams of adventure as his real life is so mundane.

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty is directed by and stars Ben Stiller, who I like, as a bored man who works at Life Magazine in the negatives sector.

There were a couple of scenes which were brilliant, when Witty let his mind wander, but apart from that, I struggled to stay awake.

That sometimes gets a bit confusing, since it isn't always clear whether what we're watching is real or whether it's only happening in Walter's head.


Just as the bland Ben Stiller character, I too love to daydream away about climbing volcanos, fighting with sharks and finding the girl of my dreams at the very end.

The film starts out slow and abysmal.

It's just an exasperating and uneventful two hour long waste of life.

With that being said, I'm an anxious to see what he'll make next, as the film is engaging, well acted and directed.

Don't waste your time on this thing.

This is a very enjoyable film with a surprising amount of heart.

Walter Mitty daydreams because he is a pretty boring guy.

The breathtaking landscapes in Greenland, Iceland, and Afghanistan serve as a stunning backdrop throughout a majority of the film.

As soon as Mitty sets out on his journey the film gets much more interesting, his character loses much of the unbearable spaciness and the film's budget really starts to show.

Masterfully executed scene transitions and gorgeous vistas of nature from Greenland, Iceland and mountains of a place that is a stand in for Afghanistan are simply breathtaking.

Director and lead actor Ben Stiller plays the role of a day-dreamer Walter Mitty who escapes his boring life by disappearing into his world of imagination, where he is capable of doing heroic work.

Worst movie .


While we all want our protagonist to succeed, the film became inane, lacking humor and purpose other than to circle around to the formulaic ending.

also stunning cinematography.

Stunning .

The ending was fairly easy to predict, and I think the movie would have played out a lot better with some sort of twist or unexpected ending.

Day dreaming is his only escape from a boring existence and Stiller the actor is more mundane than he's ever been before.

There were subtler, better directorial touches though, like when a flock of birds forms Wiig's face and a subliminal message from his work-mate appears on a hillside but other ideas like Walter's skateboard trip around Iceland and especially a weirdly unfunny reference to "Benjamin Button" seem over-contrived.

I enjoyed it very much.

A nice feel good movie about bland Walter Mitty.

A very entertaining big of escapism overall, if a bit predictable and unremarkable and good viewing for the whole family.

Rather than serving the viewer with a Walter having an over-the-top, imaginary life vs his everyday, momma's boy, uneventful existence, the 2013 Walter Mitty didn't show us the two extremes which make the film funny keeping your eyes glued to the screen.

Especially fine is the cast and the breathtaking scenery in far away climes.

Or an ending with some grand unexpected twist, like Mitty was some bind, torture and kill serial murderer on the side.

Initially the phases where he'd 'zone out' kinda got to me, and it became extremely predictable when he was in the real world and when in the dream world.

Thoroughly enjoyable movie to be enjoyed more than once.

The boredom alternates with the adventure and it all ends on time and as it should.

So the whole movie has many humorous parts in it, but done in a very entertaining way.

He seems to have a very bland life (in the very first scene he is balancing his checkbook) and although he's exceptionally good at his job, he hasn't put much time into doing anything else throughout his life besides taking care of his mother and sister.

Like standing on the edge of a mountain when a gush of breeze hits you, you close your eyes and take a deep breath, that is the feeling that this movie gives to you.

This remake is just boring.

It's both exciting and funny, and an excellent excursion into visually dazzling, witty, dream like escapism.

Once the picturesque scenes of the Greenland and Iceland landscapes are start becoming a prevalent part of the movie, the colors are wide-ranging and absolutely stunning along with the music which becomes more and more inspiring as the movie progresses.

The film kind of starts out slow, we have those heroic daydreams, we see that Mitty is a kind of dullard.

More than just a movie, it is an experience filled with breathtaking cinematography, serene locations, over the top acting by Ben Stiller and the Crew and a script that would change the way you look at things and in the end you'll be left with all smiles and maybe an odd teardrop across your eye.

A must watch for any person after an engaging story and superb cinematography.

In the end this picture could be loved by all those who live their dreary office lives just like me, without any romance or adventure.

He works from the archive of photography and his daily life is boring.

The story is solid and the cinematography is stunning, Stiller has created an utterly mesmerising spectacle that follows the same basis of the 1947 classic starring Danny Kaye.

The story is not great especially with the romance that just seemed immature and ridiculous, also the first half of this film is just so dull and bad.

Nonetheless I'm not at all disappointed, I very much liked the content, full of unexpected turns and beautiful, surprising images of icy, remote places - who could've thought that, when starting to watch the film.

You'll be yawning at the plot.

This is a beautiful-looking film that has such an enjoyable, abstract movie.

The movie was visually stunning and when it could keep my attention long enough, it was even cheeky and creative.

There are fun fantasy sequences, an engaging story, and a lot of nice scenery, and overall I enjoyed this movie, which is funny and heartfelt.

I say that its confusing because in the early stages of the film the character of Walter, played by Ben Stiller, has a lot of really weird daydreams, which is confusing until you notice that the color pallet during his daydreams is slightly more saturated then when he isn't "zoning out" as his sister says.

Cinematography is stunning.

A waste of time.

The film focuses more on the themes of the plot rather than the actual plot and, as a result, adds an emotional texture to an otherwise dull storyline.

I found it pretty boring and it seem to drag in places.

It's not the typical goofy, slightly dull-witted Ben Stiller we have so gotten used to from his other movies.

I may be identifying a bit too much to the main character but as a lifelong day dreamer, unmarried 35+ guy with an uneventful life, I loved this movie.

This is a stunning beautiful movie, visually and in all ways that a film can be.

I don't know if it's because he also directed this film, but I truly enjoyed it on many levels, both as a lover of movies and a lover of photography.

An Entertaining, Uplifting, Soul Searching, Artful Experience that Movies can be at Their Best.

A vision of a novel that I haven't read, but sounds more than intriguing even after you've watched the movie.

There are many breathtaking panoramas of the places visited by Mitty, mostly filmed on location in Iceland.

I've read the short story "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" by James Thurber where a bored suburban husband imagines a fantasy-world while waiting outside a beauty parlor for his domineering wife.

as a slow pace movie which make people happy.

Whilst I found the majority of the film charming and entertaining, it's the beautiful cinematography from Stuart Dryburgh that really sells this flick, and in my opinion should have been worthy of an Oscar- nomination at the least.

The soundtrack is stunning, it complements the movie perfectly.

Ben was entertaining and hilarious without effort, no silly antics, just plain funny situations and Ben's reactions were funny without trying to be funny ("It's not a porpoise, it's not a porpoise!

Bland, insipid, artless.

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty is an absolutely beautiful movie which is quite new and enjoyable.

And to get of our boring life and do what we really love to do.

Intelligent, thoughtful, entertaining adventures - both real and imagined - with a beating heart and a fresh sense of style.

Walter Mitty has a boring life in New York, having an average job, lonely in his apartment and doing the same thing over and over again without real change.

It's a sweet story with exciting and comedic elements.

The unpredictable failure that forced him to take action and sets his life in a new direction.

The film is entertaining for what it is, and it's a film that really shows off Stiller's directorial talents.

An enjoyable and endearingly odd picture with a surprisingly delightful, if obvious, message.

Still, it was enjoyable and I'm glad I watched it.

Walter Mitty, a negative assets manager for Time chases down his main photographer for an asset he thinks is missing, along the journey he learns a lot about himself and it breaks him out of his daily boring life.

oh getting away from sitting in front of the computer and live some exciting life.

Just a beautiful, uplifting, hugely entertaining movie.

Now this is funny, when I watched the movie I enjoyed it a lot (maybe I drank a bit too much wine).

Till now I realize there is a force that made me be reminded of this movie and it turns out to be my desire for an unexpected journey and a test of my limits and a real change!

One of the most entertaining comedy-dramas I have seen in recent years, a film that Stiller should be proud of.

Action packed phenomenons that someone who seeks adventure would be prone to.

Ponderous and stunningly pretty .

Plot-wise, this was paper thin, and whilst Ben Stiller's recent version could have been a like- minded project, this new story far exceeds what was done in 1947 and presents one of the most engaging, uplifting and joyous films of the past year.

Very enjoyable story.

The cinematography is breathtaking, the soundtrack is moving and transporting; reeling you in to each scene and emphasising further any feelings of empathy you will have already had with Walter Mitty.

He lives a tedious and safe life, and spends much of his time lost in elaborate daydreams, filled with heroism, romance and action.

Waste of time .

Oxford defines Walter Mitty as "Used to refer to a person who fantasizes about a life much more exciting and glamorous than their own life".

In general, it's a very entertaining and relatable movie, with Ben Stiller on full likable ordinary guy mode and full unsung awesome director mode.

This fusion of surreal from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004), the recession employment drama from Up In the Air (2009), and the exotic geographic adventure of the rather lame but gorgeous The Loneliest Planet (2011) offers a riveting musical score that enhances the entire movie.

Breathtaking movie .

The cinematography captures the epic grandeur of stunning places like Iceland and the Himalayas and should rekindle your sense of adventure.

Kristen Wiig does good as well, which was unexpected.

But aside from the curiosity of the setting, the search for negative #25 rather bored me.

Enjoyable drama comedy, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is a well crafted film, that I felt was well acted and paced and Ben Stiller was terrific here, and he also directs.

Moreover, the whole "get out there and live life" message is delivered in such a clumsy and contrived way, you wish he had just tried to make a straight comedy (it worked in 1947!

Another reviewer stated that Walters real-life adventures are more entertaining than his day-dreams.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is directed by and stars Ben Stiller as Walter Mitty, a man with a boring job and boring life.

Mostly boring dialog throughout.

The story is well paced, exciting and and engrossing.

Kristen Wiig's is probably the only engaging performance in the movie.

There are plenty of so-called 'adventure' films out there, many of them are dull and uninspiring, but 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty' is one of the few that is genuinely interesting and enjoyable.

Stiller makes for an excellent milquetoast Mitty, the vistas on display are breathtaking, and Mitty's office building, full of blue hues, is an incredible feat of art direction.

That boredom did dissipate by the time we caught up with Sean O'Connell, played by Sean Penn.

I was expecting much more better thing but still it is an enjoyable movie.

Stunning cinematography, beautiful story, meaning, script and message.

Dull as dishwater.

The travel and skateboarding scenes by themselves are worth watching the movie again.

Stunning and surprising .

I had simply seen the preview, and it struck me as something maybe worth watching.

The film, however, IS brave ("Adventurous, Brave and Creative" to be precise), especially for suggesting-and proving-the notion that cinema/art can still be powerful, entertaining, and thought-provoking without ever uttering a single "F" word.

I'll admit I'm more of an action guy at heart, but I enjoy a good comedy / drama and though this would fit the bill and given it's solid rating I was totally let down by just how boring it was the last 2/3 of the movie.

Ben Stiller coming of age as an adult comedian actor.

Slow, drawn out, and all on Stiller's shoulders.

Heartwarming story and stunning cinematography .

The story of the movie is centered around a missing photograph, appropriately so since the movie is brimming with stunning photographic treasures.

Many films which are honest are a bit boring and a bit pretentious in their "important" message.

Slow and draining .

The beginning of the film starts out confusing and hard to follow.

I just love this movie and would highly recommend it.

Nice, sweet ending, though quite predictable and not a little bit trite.

I found the story so slow and couldn't even get past an hour of watching it before I had to turn it off.