The Shining (1980) - Drama, Horror

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A family heads to an isolated hotel for the winter where a sinister presence influences the father into violence, while his psychic son sees horrific forebodings from both past and future.

IMDB: 8.4
Director: Stanley Kubrick
Stars: Jack Nicholson, Shelley Duvall
Length: 146 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 166 out of 1000 found boring (16.6%)

One-line Reviews (592)

The tv-series is so long and boring, and really drawn out.

Though I will admit this movie is a treat to watch for those who like slow intense horror films.

Duvall as the mousy, jangled wife makes the most of her natural wide-eyed innocence, while Lloyd is equally compelling as the young boy who has the gift of the (paranormal) gab.

The slow build-up of the plot showing ghastly forebodings ensures that the audience stays glued to the screen till the end.

For nearly two and a half hours Kubrick drags his camera around the empty surroundings of a deserted off season hotel and its grounds inexorably building up suspense but failing to follow through as he lets scenes drag on endlessly with superfluous dialog and hollow disjointed action.

That's kind of a problem, because the actual plot moves quite slow.

I enjoy watching this film every time, the opening music score and wide shot of credits, as we track Jack's Vee dub, along a cliff top road is breathtaking, and watching Nicholson lose it, every time, is a pleasure much appreciated.

The huge,empty hotel with its past grandeur adds to this.

maybe because the whole story needs to be done a little bit slower.

Also the technique of very slow zoom-ins are implemented and that helps the viewer focus in on what Kubrick was trying to convey.

Despite being known as one of the best horror movies out there, and one that builds tension rather than rely on 'cheap' jumpscares, I felt this movie to be relatively dull.

It knows exactly what it wants the audience to feel, this uncomfortable, stressed and intense scary feeling that something is going on through out the story and it is affecting our characters.

The film is a classic because it is breathtaking.

Running time 143 min of this movie can make me scared only in last 20 min, but the other part of this movie make me a bit boring.

The music is a huge part of what makes this so enjoyable.

Duvall seems completely out of place and Danny Torrance displays all the charisma of an empty paper bag.

Feels a bit pointless and doesn't achieve anything other than a scare and senseless loss.

This has to be the most overrated movie, This movie bored me to death every time I watch it.

It's okay for me, what audiences really seek is the intense-scene itself, not the comprehension of the symbol in movie.

A slow intense build up will slowly wind up the viewer with each and every turn revealing more of the horror within the haunted hotel itself.

Kubrick created a brilliant atmosphere, which he added with an exciting cast.

Believe me, it is a big exaggeration to call this a masterpiece, it's just another hell overrated movie from the pretentious Stanley Kubrick.

i think this movie was a waste of time.

This film Is such an uncomfortable watch, For me through boredom more than fear.

Also, the editing of all the dialogue scenes at the beginning, which are already very slow, got on my nerves.

Many different things unfold in this movie, from the intense tension in a vast majority of the scenes, especially the last 40 minutes, and all of the strange things that happen which you question the reality of and what the deeper meanings are.

I enjoy how the plot unfolds growing ever so creepy and unpredictable as the time goes on.

And you can see Jack's ominous facial expression in the reflection of the bedroom mirror and it is just so agonisingly well filmed you sit with anticipation and tension while on the edge of your seat.

When inevitably Danny find his way to room 237 and then turns up shocked into silence displaying wounds on his arms Wendy assumes these can only have been inflicted by Jack, because the hotel is empty right?

Sitting on the edge of your seat, heart pumping, fear and terror are just a few emotions and ways you will feel throughout a viewing of The Shining.

What a waste of my precious time!

That's the ugly truth NASA and Rosscosmos are hiding today by all means - UFO propaganda, We-never-went-to-the-moon agenda etc. 10.

Yesterday was the 2nd coming of "The Shinning" in my life and It was way more exciting than the first one in terms of psychology to understand "Jack Torrence", the mystery of supernatural events at "Overlook Hotel" and the special gift of "Danny Torrence" which helped him throughout the film.

Though it may be obvious or rather uneventful to some when light is shed on the matter, it will be for those not use to the Kubrick method of execution.

I felt the same thing during A Space Odyssey where nothing happened for hours and then the computer went crazy in a span of 5 minutes.

Don't waste your time watching this boring movie.

Here, we understand the topography, we know the different places so we are really immersed in what happens between the characters.

Unlike most films by director Stanley Kubrick, which saw a slow graduated release building on word-of-mouth reputation, The Shining was released in a manner more like a mass-market film.

It's so dull, and slow.

+Wonderful Cinematogtaphy +Beautiful Horrific Images +Fantastic Performances +Great Characters and Scares +Suspenseful Soundtrack +Ending That Will Leave You Speachless

And that's understandable in a very basic level, if you find yourself in a closed place, you can't escape, this is the basis of "Alien", "Das Boot" and many other thrilling masterpieces.

I find that people who say they have read the book seem to be disappointed in this me, this movie was the opposite of being disappointing..I found this movie riveting, and outstanding.

I think it's a much stronger film when viewed that the hotel is after Danny, but ends up absorbing Jack and here's my reasoning.

Worth watching multiple times and has a great deal to teach us about movie-making

Cold and Empty .

It is at the same time a ghost movie, a psychological thriller of the "mad husband" variety, it's a psychological study of the alcoholic, it is a brooding Citizen Kane esque grand tale of decay of the American dream, it is a visual work of art, a most gripping atmospheric tale.

The ending was also confusing.

Still boring and not scary at all.

There's no psychology at work here, just cheap, boring, silly jump moments.

It has a very on the edge of the seat, eerie atmosphere and you're never sure what's going to happen next (unless you've watched it as many times as I have).

The soundtrack is also one of the best in any horror film ever, from the very first shot of the opening credits we are completely immersed in it, it's slow, creeping, subtle, and can match things like the Halloween score or the Vertigo score.

Bright side, you might get so hammered you fall asleep and wake up forgetting you ever saw it.

It is one of the most intense movies ever made.

While Stephen King might not enjoy the film adaption of his book, I feel that Kubrick really adds a certain dimension to the story that wasn't present in the novel, and gives an intriguing horror story that delves into the depths of the human mind, and what we're capable of doing if the situation calls for it.

However, it was a boring movie because it was not explained.

Only that:1) Personally I found the cast (with exception to Danny Lloyd) and their acting horrible (watch how the actors make gaps after each line, as if they were high-school students on a school play) but the cinematography ABSOLUTELY BREATHTAKING!

The story was really interesting and the plot was unfortunately partly boring and too long.

The whole idea of watching a movie is when you're bored and nothing much is going on you watch a movie so that something happens.

Mind you, I sort of wonder a bit about this whole 'shining' thing, namely because the focus seemed to be much more on the degeneration of the human soul as they spend time isolated in a huge, empty, house up in the mountains.

Director trying to bring horror by super slow camera work...

Well, I have finally managed to get around to watching this film, probably because for the record I have never been all that much of a fan of Kubrik's work, namely because his films, or at least the big ones, sort of irritated me somewhat - I guess you could say that I found them to be rather boring.

In some parts its perfect with its deep drawn out strings and synths, which represents the dire threat that lives with the Torrance family.

It's a multi-layered movie which is enjoyable at each layer, making it truly timeless and versatile.

Movies that have a mind blowing ending or even parts that do not make any sense and then come together at the end are my absolute favorite.

It builds up the feeling of the "unexpected"and magnifies the shock factor.

However, since no human drama is written, what you see when the fear of the finally comes true brought you get bored.

During the most intense scenes, the music only adds to the hysteria unfolding.

And they spent too much time on the cooks return to the hotel, all boring nonsense.

A brilliant, intense thriller.

I found it boring, not scary, somewhat predictable, and ultimately unsatisfying.

It's far from perfect but if you wish to see psychological and intense film The Shining is perfect.

He is one of those directors who produces very long, boring movies that move at a snail's pace and are really difficult to withstand for more than a few minutes at a time.

For example you get to see, or read (whatever), about Jack's slow decent into madness.

How the effects of isolation for both characters progresses through the movie makes the story suspenseful and interesting to watch what the characters will do next and what else will happen in the plot.

If you have nothing to spew but indiscriminate misanthropy, your work will begin to grow tedious for me.

All of the people who say that this is "the worst movie in existence" are definitely exaggerating just a bit.

Every aspect supports each other and creates atmosphere so intense that you feel madness, anxiety and fear all at the same moment.

But it does make the film more entertaining and remember-able.

Good movie, quite entertaining .

Chilling, gripping, unnerving, you name it, The Shining has it.

Shelly Duvall as Wendy is weak and dull, and Jack Nicholson as Jack Torrance doesn't become interesting until he starts going crazy and acting like he does in most of his movies.

What I can remember mostly from this movie is how the acting was so insanely good, Jack Nicholson was splendid, he was so deep into the character, it so enjoyable to see him act!

It lulls you into a sense of false security and then carefully delivers you into the hands of horror.

The use of body language and speech makes the movie thrilling and suspenseful.

u can literally fall asleep as the movie is so long and boring with NOTHING AT ALL happening in it.

While Nicholson has been fiercely criticized for going way over the top as Torrance from the get go, Wacky Jack nonetheless deserves praise for totally throwing himself into the juicy role and provides a hugely entertaining spectacle when he completely flips his wig in the delirious last third.

I found it to be very entertaining, very suspenseful and a visual treat.

The scenes are drawn out and predictable and nothing kept me wanting to watch.

Rob Ager produced a fascinating video analysis of the strange spatial awareness in the film (you can watch the documentary on YouTube - One, Two and Three) which gives you an insight into why this film has endured and details the exacting standards Kubrick demanded.

Too predictable.

The main plot is simple yet compelling as it brilliantly shows how isolation from the rest of the world can send a man crazy.

So, the film introduces is us to a lot of "paranoic aspects" and ghosts and really has a gripping history.

But the story is boring, total waste of time.

Such was my upset at how poor the film was that I set up this account to post my feelings, if you are looking to watch a scary psychological film and are being recommended the Shining don't waste your time.

It will always keep you on the edge of your seat.

Jack Nicholson did such a riveting memorable performance and the music is flawless, I can't believe there are people that don't like The Shining.

Also the scene where Wendy reads the results of Jack's repetitive typing, which just goes on and on, sends a shiver down your spine as you you shift uncomfortably in your seat more than once.

), I would have rather enjoyed a slow build into madness.

Horror movies now are so predictable, everybody knows there is a ghost in a haunted place or which has a bad history.

and it was stunning.

By absorbing him, the hotel becomes stronger with his talent and if one of Grady's daughters had the shining as well, it would explain why no other caretakers were harmed as there was nothing of interest in them for the Overlook.

This is a complex movie about horror, ghosts, deep psychological issues and the effects living in an empty very large Hotel in the middle of nowhere...

Absolute rubbish and a complete waste of time...

I watched 30 minutes of the 1990 version of lord of the flies recently, and it was the worst movie i've ever seen.

The suspenseful scenes and screeching background music is used in almost all horror movies that were made after The Shining.

In an age of formulaic and predictable horror movies, The Shining was a fresh breath of air.

With an unforgettable central turn from its star and flawless direction from Kubrick, The Shining is one of the best horrors of all time, offering stunning camera-work, unsettling music, iconic visuals, and scene upon scene of unbridled suspense and terror.

It is left up to Nicholson's sick sense of humor to give some spring to the (you guessed it) drawn out finale that salvages moments from this polished bore.

A stunning example of atmosphere, horror, and filmmaking .

For a young chap to convey such terror, fear and confusion in his face is nothing short of a miracle.

With a haunting atmosphere and suspenseful story, this is truly deserving as one of the best movies of all time.

The riveting combination of the haunted Overlook Hotel and Jack Nicholson's powerhouse performance as Jack Torrance descending into violent insanity seems eerily authentic.

Instead of generic scare tactics, the director creates disturbing images out of the most mundane of situations, with the most lingering images including skeletons dressed for a ball, children and their toys and wounded guests that refuse to leave the party.

She actually suffered a breakdown during filming because of the intense shooting and Kubrick's infamous perfectionism.

A slow decent into madness that will terrify .

After my third viewing, its still as amusing and fascinating as the first time I watched it!

The ShiningThe best thing about an empty resort is you can combine the tiny shampoo into one normal sized bottle.

There was a certain car scene though that could've been much more entertaining.


His facial expressions, tone of voice, and mannerisms throughout the film are slow building and hold a lasting affect.

I decided I would look up the plot and watch some clips so I wouldn't be caught off-guard by anything, and I could just appreciate the characters, directing, cinematography, etc. Despite knowing everything that would happen, the film was unbelievably engaging.

The acting is so theatrical to feel real and the story pacing incredibly slow.

The fact that the kid has telepathic gift was truly waste of time.

Nothing creative about scenes, yeah actors were great but the movie is DULL.

While by modern standards this film is overly long, complicated, and cliche, that is because this was the film that made these tropes mainstream.

I remember being frightened by Steven king's version of the shining but found Kubric's somewhat dull with large plot holes; without such phenomenal acting it would have been difficult to watch.

I highly recommend it, just don't plan on having too much sleep the same night as it will leave you shocked & scared.

It's a slow burn, like the gradual onset of snow blindness.

Kubrick creates a cinematic atmosphere here that is chilling and completely engrossing.

A very intriguing plot that only gets better as the film goes on.

It's overlong for a start, the stuff with the barman and the photo is pointless and doesn't make sense; and poor old Halloran.

Because of annoying characters the horror wear off a bit but the ending managed to stay exciting and interesting nonetheless.

It's easily one of the best in its genre, a genuinely masterful affair that's as creepy as it is compelling.

But the real beauty in this film is the slow and mad descent of Jack Nicholson's character.

It wasn't bad writing, just confusing and muddled.

One of the greatest directors, one of the greatest actors, one of the worst movies .

I think that this movie should be considered a classic because of its many layers in the story line that make it enjoyable to watch more than once because you may catch something the next time you watch it.

I am completely immersed in the world Kubrick creates in The Shining, and that's solely due to his genius in portraying the subject matter.

I have seen hundreds of films, and this is easily the most incoherent, bland, and lifeless piece of work I can recall seeing (especailly by such a renowned filmmaker).

Sadly, while I can't call "The Shining" a bad film, because it is quite entertaining (although at least 70% of the time for all the wrong reasons), and is an absolute marvel on a technical, visual level, and boasts a better finale (well, before the idiotic final shot anyway) than the novel's, it is disappointingly empty for a Kubrick film, and beyond just that doesn't even deliver on its own terms as a horror thriller.

The intriguing one to me is the metaphor of The Overlook as America, and the death of Halloran, and the blood pouring from the elevator representing the genocide of both the Native Americans, and African Americans.

Jack Nicholson is, well, Jack Nicholson when he plays a psychotic maniac, but his presence in this film combined with some insane dialogue makes it even more intense.

The Shining (1980): Dir: Stanley Kubrick / Cast: Jack Nicholson, Shelley Duvall, Danny Lloyd, Scatman Crothers, Philip Stone: Intense shocker about a hotel with a grisly past.

Yawn inducing cinema.

This is one of those confusing films with so many interpretations of what the movie meant.

Danny is irritating, dull, mumbles half his lines, and spends a great deal of the movie croaking "REDRUM!

We Movie-Ape and Movie-Gorilla together the Movie-Monkeys were bored to death.

Anyway she gave a stunning performance in an iconic film that will forever be remembered.

This was a great movie, very suspenseful, kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time.

I will say that the movie was not incredible and did not have me on the edge of my seat, but it was still enjoyable.

Eyes Wide Shut) or just ploddingly dull and lifeless (e.

Jack Nicholson seems like he's on the edge of madness right from the beginning.

However, it does has slow pacing sometimes where I felt it was not needed.

Its boring .

Also the movie is two and a half hours long with basically nothing happening until the very end.

The second cliché is the stigma of mental illness; the husband in the movie (Jack Nicholson), has a mental breakdown in the hotel and causes him to go on a murder rampage.

The scariest thing about this movie is how vulnerable his own family is to his descent into madness, as a blizzard whirls around their location in an empty lodge in the middle of nowhere with ghosts abounding.

While it is a slow film, it certainly has some creepy suspense and mystery, and Kubrick gets beneath our skin most of the times.

It is instead slow building as we watch the characters develop.

King answered "he believed in Hell" and did not go to see the film till way after it was released and found it to be beautiful aesthetically, but a bore and totally non horrific and Kubrick's ending of the film in the snow as opposed to a fire, completely dull and not scary...

But if you take all this away, you're left with a very confusing story.

Well,it started a riot of moans and groans at the dull pace and popcorn and things were being thrown at the screen of the classiest cinema in West LA.

Especially if you like a slow burn of dread and uneasiness.

The chase scenes and Nicholson's now famous axing down of the bathroom door put your heart right in your mouth, and are completely gripping.

Long, drawn-out, boring, lifeless film packed full of irrelevant imagery and symbolism that amounts to a filmmaker who doesn't know how to tell an intelligent story with solid characters and emotions.

One Of The Dullest "Shinings" Ever .

The storyline was so butchered that it frequently failed to make sense (with random ghosts popping up all over the place with no 'back story'), and was so slow and boring that I really could not understand what all the fuss had been about.

The film its exciting from the beginning to the end.

My biggest complaint is they spent too much time on Duvall's terror, it became repetitive.

As entertaining as horror movies are nowadays, several of them are much more violent than those in the early years.

Movie is slow & inappropriate.

Instead it is more of a creepy and intense movie.

There are hundreds of empty rooms, and the building itself is very old, with a dubious history.

Jack Torrance (Nicholson) with his wife Wendy (Shelly Duvall) and his psychic son Danny (retired: Danny Lloyd) are gonna spend the rest of the year util May in The Overlook Hotel, Jack Torrance has taken the job as the caretaker for the empty hotel, because of the frost biting snow storm that hits leaving any body inside stranded.

He brings along wife Wendy and son Danny (who possesses a unique supernatural ability to contact the dead) and begins a gradual yet overt descent into madness, assumedly brought about as a result of total isolation and boredom within the hotel.

This movie was so hard to watch, mby cus of age gap, i'm watching it now, and its so boring.

Unfortunately, the payoff comes after a series of extremely long, extremely boring scene that have the pace of a glacier.

I'm sorry if I'm repetitive or my review is of low quality; I'm awfully tired.

I would recommended highly recommend it for those reasons.

The photography is highly evocative, and features a handful of memorable shots and camera tricks.

Quite thrilling.

No story worst acting and waste of 2 hours of your life

This movie is slow, no shocks and the music tries way to hard to compensate.. I guess watching this in 2018 has something to do about it...

Everything after that is the equivalent of watching the worlds slowest car crash unfold before our eyes as we wait.

There is a sure lack of story and enthusiasm in the 1980 version of The Shining.

The pacing was slow at the beginning, and then suddenly too fast at the end.

Masterfully directed by Stanley Kubrick, his use of the Steadicam gives the film a dreamlike quality, floating though the empty hotel hallways and hedge mazes, which beautifully compliments the film's supernatural story.

Watching this, it was like watching an old TV-movie - dull, uninspired, and lifeless.

She engaged very well with Nicholson and handled the intense scenes realistically.

The dense back and forth small talk that is their dialogue comes off as dull and the acting is so over the top it hardly fits with the sinister tone of the music and camera work.

The Shining is a shiny example on a horror film easily described as a psychological drama, this film is the best Horror flick i've seen at this point, while the film is a slow film With poor following to the novel, it is a timeless horror masterpiece, the film while creepy and intense isn't scary.

Overall, I would give the movie 9/10 because the acting, the cinematography, and the plot makes the movie interesting and worth watching.

There wasn't a moment in the film when I was scared, mystified, or on the edge of my seat.

WORST movie I ever saw!!

However, it's brought down by a pointless subplot and an overall lack of scares.

Gradually Gripping .

What a waste of time.

Those who say it's the worst movie are definitely exaggerating a bit too much.

The Bad: If I am watching a horror movie, I have to be immersed in it to get some sort of reaction.

The awesome co-ordination of sound editing and cinematography could be seen in a scene where the kid is riding his tri-cycle in empty corridors of the hotel - nice zippy work with just the background noise of tyres running on the wooden floor (and carpet) and camera behind the kid.

As well as being superb-looking, THE SHINING is both a creepy and exceptionally entertaining movie.

So, if you've never seen it, or maybe it's just been a while, here's yet another voice amongst the masses to champion this film and confidently say it's worth watching.

cure your insomnia .

There is a great deal of confusion regarding this film and the number of retakes of certain scenes .

, they should have shown the backstory of the dad (who is the killer), the movie was kinda boring, and it's not really worth the watch, the ending was the fun part of the movie thou, overall i don't think you should watch this if you like modern horror, because Danny (the kid) didn't have good acting, the confusion you will have in this movie, and it will be boring, thou i gotta say i like the atmosphere, i'm sorry but i think i will give this 4.6/10

Whether you're a fan of King, Kubrick or horror movies in general, this is a definite watch for how much it displays paranoia in a slow albeit mesmerizing way.

It is filled with foreshadowing, symbolism, black comedy, and has an actual exciting story, as opposed to most horror movies that are clichéd, predictable, and just meant to scare you.

At the time, I mistook it only for a slow paced slasher featuring the well cast Jack Nicholson alongside his over acting stage spouse Shelley Duvall.

Most of the classic tracks were shockingly boring.

The Shinning is the worst of his films: overlong, one-note, mean spirited, self indulgent.

She was just a bland, boring, character with a overly dramatised, silly performance.

in the normal run of things this makes for a poor movie watching experience, but in this case that is not so; the film is still frightening, still fascinating, and still slightly baffling even when you are watching it for the third or fourth time.

The reason this is a 9\10 is because it is a bit slow.

So exciting.

Some boring stuff will happen, and then it will suddenly cut to the kid's face for a second, and then cut back to the boring stuff, like a poorly edited youtube video.

It is suspenseful, Intense, Has near perfect acting, and is not boring for one second of its runtime, even on the 120th viewing!

No story was built up to jack being a crazy guy...

This is late Kubrick, so expect a grandiose attempt to change the "form" of film with long drawn out takes where everything moves at a snails pace.

Rather, it's the fact that the relationships are not believable, the script is awkward, and the dialogue trite.

The audience receives its first inclination of Jack's slow loss of psychological coherence as he stands over the model of the large, menacing hedge labyrinth.

The meaning is chilling, resulting in a rich and intriguing text

But, it certainly looked boring and dramatic after the half way mark as the plot narrows down to whether the family escaped (or) succumbed to Jack's strange behavior.

The avangard feel of it is creepy, suspenseful and really sets the mode for every things that's happing at that exact moment 3.

Jack Nicholson is overacting to but he's marvelous at that, this movie is truly entertaining only because of his performance.

Frightening because of the extraordinarily effective use of long shots to create feelings of isolation, convex lens shots to enhance surrealism, and meticulously scored music to bring tension levels to virtually unbearable levels.

Stanley Kubrick creates a strong tension in the film, especially when young Danny Torrance runs into some unexpected visitors in the hallways of the massive "Overlook Hotel.

Very drawn out.

Because it was labelled horror, I kept waiting for something scary to happen till I kept falling asleep.

There is a history to the whole setup and it's all so very intriguing.

However, Stanley Kubrick makes it more interesting and compelling.

It's usual and rather typical for horror movies that a kid has a special power, but that's especially why we can enjoy the thrilling stimulation.

This has to be the worst movie I ever saw in my life.

From then on it's an intense chase that keeps you on the edge of your seat until the final almost unbelievable ending of the snow-cat driving away into the fog.

" Nobody plays crazy as well as Jack Nicholson, but I think his flamboyant portrayal has overshadowed Shelley Duvall's excellent characterization of Wendy Torrance, a somewhat dull-witted mother who nonetheless is fiercely protective of her child.

It was far too long and drawn out.

The shots are very boring too.

Many shots are very long and just cut after nothing happening.

I would advice you to watch it though, it is entertaining.

It went nowhere.

(the ax in the hallway scene of the dead twins)I feel it was a slow long movie.

Kubrick always has intense dialogue in his films, so it made me wonder why he opted for the 'backstory of the hotel' nonsense.

At the time of it release, the film was criticised of being to slow, too long and too hard to understand.

Much credit for this goes to cinematographer John Alcott, whose stunning aerial shots and creepy Steadicam interior photography enhances the film's eerie atmosphere enormously.

I found myself analyzing and questioning things such as tile patterns, the sounds of Danny's tricycle as it drove over different surfaces, etc. It led me to look for clues where there may be none, leading me down a maze of confusion.

Intense and Intriguing psychological horror film .

This Psychological Horror, Directed remarkably by the godly Stanley Kubrick, is chilling, engaging, captivating & amazingly performed.

The plot however is boring.

Shelley Duvann does an amazing job acting out a dull retard.

The screenplay, written by Kubrick, can sometimes be hard to follow.

Several other scenes such as Jack backing Wendy up the stairs were shot using Steadicam which was seen as being difficult at the time but Mr. Kubrick pulled it off in stunning fashion.

Each time I watch it I can sense both the slow burn tension as well as the artful and precise skill of Stanley Kubrick crafting something of a masterpiece.

Duvall is rather dull, in my opinion.

Every shot is a painting in this film creating an absolutely breathtaking product which leaves literal goosebumps up your arms, and it is important to mention his use of the steady cam revolutionizing the way filmmakers will film from now until the foreseen future.

The first thing that becomes apparent when watching the film is how slowly paced everything is.

I tried so hard to love this movie, but it could not hold my attention and I found it dull, boring and pointless.

This film uses a slow burn type of editing and story telling, causing the audience to feel anxious and tense as they wait to see what happens to this family.

From Kubrick's stunning directing to the camera (how it shows the characters in the background, making the hotel look like one large evil place), to the music, to the sounds (like when Danny is riding on his little bike through the motel, hearing it run across the wooden floors, tiles, and carpet), everything about this film is just spectacular.

Watch it as a psychological-problem-movie, with suspenseful scene in it.

The sheer space available to the Torrance family is overpowering, and a building such as a hotel which is designed to be filled with people, is an entirely different proposition when it is completely empty, and there is no sound whatsoever, except the tip tap of Jack's typewriter as he gets stuck into his book.

Halloran was turned into a pointless sideshow.

The pieces that do survive from the book just end up being confusing asides without the background.

There is in a scene in this movie that made my skin crawl due to his his portrait of Jack Torrance, the "dull boy" scene.

I am not suggesting that this movie doesn't have any suspense , but it felt kinda bland.

one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

On a technical level, the film's stunning.

He appeared in TWILIGHT ZONE: THE MOVIE and it was one of the very dull segments.

Predictable movie...

The final was one of the most uninspiring finals of all times and a little bit ridiculous.

Another example includes the entire Overlook tour, the camera never moving up and down but following the characters perfectly, this making the scene look nicer and more suspenseful.

Jack Nicholson is admittedly very over-the-top but he is pretty convincingly intense, Shelley Duvall is very good in a tough role, young Danny Lloyd is one of the rare breed of child actors who can actually act and Scatman Crothers, who plays the cook who recognises Danny's shining ability, is always a welcome presence in any film.

This was a waste of 3 hours of my life.

Mother character is so stupid and empty.

And this confusing question can fit for the whole movie as well!

A Stunning Kubrickian Horror.

Visually stunning.

The imagery is breathtaking.

The thing is just so intriguing, chock full of mystifying moments and an ending that's, essentially, as ambiguous as possible.

Of course it was some censored scene on that version but we enjoyed it so much.

One of the fascinating elements of the film is that the hotel itself is a character as interesting as the human characters.

Well worth watching.

I was so bored, it was way way to long.

And it is this slow and foreboding building up of dread and suspension that really makes "The Shining" such a great movie, because it is done in a very skillful manner.

Stunning .

The movie seemed to be more suspenseful film than a horror film.

It's fascinating to read about the production of this film, and how it compares to the book (by Stephen King).

If you are a horror film and have not seen 'The Shining', I highly recommend it.

Aside from it being exciting and creepy, it's also really well-written and directed to perfection.

A tedious, overblown, overrated waste of time and money .

The acting from Jack Nicholson was amazing, he played the mad Jack Torrance very well and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Truly visually beautiful and suspenseful throughout.

In some scenes it's a little bit boring because its not interesting for the story.

Unfortunately, before he learns to take responsibility, he will stubbornly hate you for ten years, thinking that you have no responsibility, courage or ability, just like you did, immersed in the illusion of "cruel youth".

In the book Jack Torrance is a fascinating character, a guy trying to fight his demons and turn his life around to provide for his family, he gradually turns crazy throughout the book due to the paranormal forces of the Overlook.

An utterly gripping story, the horror side won't be for everyone.

An adaptation of King's dense and personal novel that dumps about 80% of the book's narrative detail, substituting arty visuals and sub-Hitchcockian compositions for anything resembling a developed script or well-rounded characters, preserving the superficial elements and iconography of the book, but failing to provide any compelling hook on which to hang it's virtuoso production values.

Now, at age 24, the film's pacing and slow burning set up feel natural.

Easter eggs going into a loose ends going nowhere .

Considered by many to be a masterpiece of eerie, psychic horror, I've always found this picture to be an ambitious, yet pretentious, bore, with a shamelessly overacted lead performance by Jack Nicholson, one of the best actors of the past half-century.

It was outright pointless.

Its still fun to watch alone, but it is more intense with someone.

Kubrick's work is disturbingly entertaining.

I enjoyed it and recommend it to anyone who likes a horror or mystery.

He's just so entertaining to watch, even when he over-emotes things a bit.

Jack Nicholson give's a stunning performance as Jack Torrance, his performance in this movie is right up there with One Flew over the Cuckoos nest and as the Joker in Tim Burtons Batman.

Definitely worth the watch.

This movies scares me and creeps me out, but it's also beautiful and stunning.

The Shining is mysterious and thrilling in all that it is and all other theories aside, this film makes references to the Native American's history, the intentions of the white man, and portrays the theme of family.

His son has supernatural powers which give him visions and premonitions, and some of these visions provide for thrilling viewing, including the iconic image of the two girls in the corridor.

Don't waste your time with this !

It was boring and i nearly fell a sleep.

The Shining by director Stanley Kubrick is a horror masterpiece that uses atmosphere and compelling acting in order to deliver a strong thriller that terrifies and interests movie goers for years to come.

it has an artificious and pretentious argument that lead nowhere.

Always on the edge with technical inventions Kubrick used here the Steadicam which allows for a stable holding of the camera with unusual angles to film the kid running though the endless corridors from the lower angle of his toy.

Because Kubrick elected not to integrate the supernatural aspects into the story in as concrete a manner as King did in his book, their presence is confusing and at times poorly realized.

1)Plz dont watch this movie based on the rating 2)U cant even get through half of the run time 3)Slow paced useless and unwanted scenes

I had expected it to be somehow "corny," or "jump- scare" predictable.

Boring .

Here are a couple other noteworthy techniques that make, The Shining, stand from the crowd: The impulsive snap-zooms, the one-take stalking shots, Jack's topsy-turvey facial expressions/mannerisms, Danny's interactions with "Tony", Jack's unexplained link to the Overlook Hotel, the interlacing cuts of multiple scenes, the drawn-out, gripping, one-on-one dialogue segments, and the spontaneous imageries.

Slow build up to one of Kubrick classics.

It's a unique horror film with a disturbing, yet fascinating techniques in filmmaking.

Part of what made it so intriguing was the fact that all those 'easter eggs' were thrown in.

Kubrick again puts on display his stunning ability to craft a perfect ambiance for a film.

There are incredibly slow moving scenes that seem to go nowhere.

I really enjoyed it.

A few years later, after reading about it in John McCarty's excellent book "The Modern Horror Film," I gave it another shot and found I enjoyed it much more.

A Movie Worth Watching Twice .

Irregardless, it remains a compelling and visually stunning film to behold.

Despite the psychologically disturbing nature of the film, it is very easy to watch and quite entertaining.

The flick is produced with great attention to detail and progresses slow enough to be compelling drama and fast enough to haunt ones memory.

The music is horrible and very repetitive.

2nd) Wendy screaming did my head in for a least 2 day, I was wishing that Jack would chop her head off with the Axe, at least wouldn't have been boring.

Another bore .

The repeating maze theme is excellent, compelling the viewer to ask what the point of it is.

TL;DR Waste of time, don't watch it.

The ominous soundtrack including the opening theme; Jack Nicholson's performance as Jack Torrance; the impending dread of the scenes that are deliberately drawn out to incite those feelings; the ambiguity of whether the Overlook Hotel was really haunted or not or if the "ghosts" were all just manifestations of the family's growing madness.

I fell asleep at the climax of the movie, that's how bad it was.

As a horror movie it brings to the table exactly what you want to see in a movie of this genre ie a chilling and horrifying atmosphere, an intriguing story and sensational performances and not the jumpscare-filled mess that the majority of today's horror movies, including the major titles, provide you more times than not.

and how come he just acted like nothing happened.

Confusing and slow as heck.

I get that it's probably intentional, probably another Kubrick thing, but there were very few movies where instead of being immersed I started thinking about how bad the soundtrack was, and this was one of them.

For example, the development of the story is uninspiring.

If you view Jack Torrance as a failed madman rather than the poster-child for a trademark horror film heavy, certain aspects become clearer and Nicholson's performance is that much more intriguing...

It creates wonderful tension, especially during the more intense scenes.

This movie just skipped all of that and sort of jumped right into things, and while I enjoyed it, it could have been done better than it was.

I thought this was an extremely long, tedious and boring film.

Perhaps it was the drab colours, the detached camera-work, an overwhelming sense of apathy towards the characters' fate.

but this one just is a waste of time to me.

This here turned out to be quite a rather dull and overblown effort without a whole lot to really like.

A flawed but very interesting and suspenseful horror from the Master.

It's only a waste of time.

The film is simultaneously scary, suspenseful, beautiful, and psychologically intriguing.

With "The Shining", Stanley Kubrick created a deep-thinking horror film which manages both to creep out its viewers, and give them an enjoyable time watching it.

I felt the same thing during A Space Odyssey where nothing happened for hours and then the computer went crazy in a span of 5 minutes.

Even considered, the pacing is very slow and the cast I find awkward.

Meticulously crafted, intellectually provocative, emotionally penetrating, and dementedly entertaining, though Shining may not be Kubrick's best, it would be most filmmakers magnum opus.

Where it falls down is in its near-complete absence of compelling human drama, with characters so thinly drawn as to be almost translucent, and an incredible, overripe lead performance by Jack Nicholson.

What follows is Jack's descent into madness whilst Wendy and Danny come to the slow realisation that they must get out.

I expected better because the film was rated so high, plus the movie was confusing, what's with the 2 girls stalking Danny?

Just bored.

Hated it then enjoyed it.

Although, as I said, Kubrick is often able to conjure up a disturbing atmosphere, that atmosphere is too often dissipated when nothing happens.

The intense Jack is a recovering alcoholic and aspiring writer who takes a job as winter caretaker at the isolated, prestigious Overlook Hotel, the disturbing past of which doesn't bother Jack in the slightest.

And every dialogue scene is only two shots and becomes very boring after a while.

Above all, Duvall's compelling and deeply broken turn as forlorn wife / mother is beyond perfect.

Jack Nicholson is absolutely electrifying as Torrance, an everyman with issues that he would like to bury but his isolation at this hotel and unhappiness with his own life, which he is in denial about, that makes Torrance's journey into insanity so riveting...

With all of the interesting ways Kubrick could have utilized Duvall's talents to match the personal and heartfelt work of King's outstanding story, he apparently found Duvall bugging her eyes out and screaming like a goat to be the most fascinating and appropriate from a narrative standpoint.

Kubrick really outdoes himself with his visually stunning version of The Shining.

It's an entertaining haunting/horror yarn.

A very simple but engaging plot to a story.

Simply fascinating i'm writing this review as i watch for the first time.. and i'm loving it

I used to hate this movie as I felt it was boring and had no payoff.

In truth, the few redeeming factors to the film are an engaging supporting performance from Scatman Crothers, and being able to spot some of the ideas Kubrick had in mind before he beat them into submission.

It is everything but scary and/or thrilling.

Movie has great detail but is boring.

THe interview itself in the beginning seems too drawn out, taking up entirely too much of the movie if you ask me.

A month later, Jack's writing is going nowhere and he's growing more distance.

I love the stunning beginning sequence from the air with the car driving through beautiful mountain scenery, the brilliant dreamlike (or nightmare-like) ending sequence in the maze, the classic moments from Jack Nicholson ('Here's Johnny' and all that), and the horrifying moment when Shelley Duvall finds out that all he's been typing is 'All work and no play...

The slow descent into madness and brief hints of insanity that arise to the surface as the movie bubbles along.

Visually, the film is so absorbing.

The brilliance and exquisite beauty of the tracking shots and long takes Kubrick uses to tell the story are fascinating, and never lose their luster no matter how many times you see The Shining.

The carpet riding, the elevator blood flood, the labyrinth hunt, Jack Nicholson's intense craziness, and so on and so forth.

Stanley Kubrick's 'The Shining', a Stephen King novel film adaptation, pushed the envelope, moving cinema away from the then-tired, predictable horror towards an era of deeply abstract, thoughtful, and atmospheric psychological thrillers.

They move into a big, spooky, scary, empty hotel where they see and experience a ton of truly disturbing things (and ghosts aren't even the worst of them).

Duvall and Lloyd are fine, of course, but it's Nicholson who makes this such a compelling production.

Mudavynes dull boy song is even more entertaining.

It was all disjointed and weird.

Every scene goes on far too long.

Who likes dull retard characters?

Third, it's boring.

Laying down more tracking shots than the Union Pacific did rail during its cross continental building Stanley Kubrick's The Shining is an empty horror flic rich in production design and due to his methodical style void most of the way of suspense.

I was really unprepared for the stunning visual beauty of this film.

Not a frame is wasted, and rarely is a moment not visually arresting, tense of unnerving, due to unique framing, lighting, or noticeably exciting camera language.

I dont know why this boring movie got 8,4 score.

For such an intimate cast for the majority of the film it is intense.

The visuals were nice, the pacing was inconsistent but mostly slow, and the actors didn't seem to match King's vision.

For me personally, I enjoy this type of slow tension-building supernatural horror!

And again, another round of applause for this 1980 movie that still appears enjoyable and scary even in 2011.

Shelley's performance is absolutely breathtaking, and the film would not be anywhere near as frightening without it.

Unfortunately, what Kubrick gave to the film doesn't make up for the vital things he dropped, such as actual horror, good characters, and a compelling story.

The Shining is, to me, the most overrated and boring horror film I have ever seen.

It is more than boring: it is exhausting.

Part of the problem is that much of it has already become a cliche--Jack Nicholson becomes a raving lunatic and decides to chase after his wife and child with an axe, we all know about that right?

The Shining was an extremely long, boring, and dull film.

A fine novel and an equally enjoyable feature film.

'The Shining' is a bit of a test to patience, being long and slow.

Jack's personality seems on the edge and we soon learn that he's a recovering alcoholic.

In the movie though, Jack is outlined from the very beginning as a malevolent man who is constantly on the edge and ready to harm his own family.

There is some disturbing and gross content, as well as some takes which are too long and boring.

The story unfolds at a deliberately slow pace, claustrophobia oozes from practically every frame, while the narrative smarts brings to bear the ghosts of the human and supernatural kind, all bone chillingly rendered for great effect by the vast spaces - the cold winter grounds outside - of the Overlook Hotel.

Because of the intense heat generated from the lighting used to recreate window sunlight .

It is written with the mechanical, thundering repetitive ferocity of a man whose mind has snapped.

I surprised myself with how scared i got when nothing happens at all this was mostly due to the use of open spaces and long corridors making me as paranoid as Jack himself.

Jack Nicholson's performance and a thrilling climax are highlights in a subjectively dull movie.

There was a analyst by the name of Collative Learning that had given some of his interpretations of the film that are intriguing such as the notion that Jack was sexually abusing Danny due to the similar positions of Danny being in the bathroom brushing his teeth to the scene where Wendy spots a man in a bear costume doing...

Visually stunning and full of unpleasant moments, and not just some popcorn and cola slasher flick.

" But I think this might be the worst movie I've reviewed on IMDB.

I was lucky enough to catch this classic on the big screen - a night before I saw its belated sequel, Dr. Sleep - and thoroughly enjoyed it, yet at the same time found myself getting a bit bored of The Shining.

They're all brightly lit by Alcott, forgoing the cliché that horror best works in darkness.

Intriguing sets, odd colors, and a sense of large, sinister space inside the hotel.

Yet it is just the unknownness that has made it so intriguing, so enchanting, so...

Director Stanley Kubrick relates the absorbing story at a leisurely, yet still hypnotic pace, makes excellent extensive use of the sprawling main location, says something profound and disturbing about the horrors of narcissism in which people are too self-absorbed to see the insanity going on in others around them until it's too late, further spruces things up with a wickedly funny sense of pitch-black humor, and adroitly crafts a powerfully intense, oppressive, and unsettling gloom-doom atmosphere that really gets under the viewer's skin.

Kubrick did an excellent job casting outstanding actors, incorporating perfect lighting, scenery, camera angles to project the suspenseful and terror filled scenes in this movie.

The pacing in the first half is extremely slow.

It felt disjointed and overly long which I feel I can apply to a lot of Kubrick's work from my opinion.

The ghosts and the special effects were well done, and the intensity kept me on the edge of the couch the whole time I watched it.

Many people complain about the film being slow.

Each play a part aiding in the suspenseful theme of evil sides of humanity and horror.

As this Torrance is clearly insane and murderous from the start of the film, there is no story to tell.

That being said, "A Clockwork Orange" is an horrific assault on the senses and "The Shining" is dull, derivative, and in general, almost unwatchable.

To describe this movie in one word: boring.

Waste of time .

I fell asleep.

Kubrick's intense film based off Stephen King's novel follows the story of a writer (Nicholson) who takes his family to an abandoned hotel, which causes a violent reaction from him as surreal images flood his mind.

And then there is, of course, Jack Nicholson's perfectly controlled yet over-the-top-intense performance.

but it's just boring and slow-paced.


Then there are the stunning camera shots.

There is absolutely nothing scary in this, and the story is SO boring.

I think I would have preferred Jack Torrance to be a more likable character in the developing stages, but nonetheless, he is fascinating.

From the breathtaking opening sequence, which manages to make a VW Beetle ride seem ominous and adventurous, it's obvious that Director, Stanley Kubrick's THE SHINING is something special.

A good performance and climax but ho hum overall .

Kubrick, however, tries to keep hold of both possibilities, with the result that the film ends up muddled and confusing, with no satisfactory explanation ever being given.

But now the classic turns to boring.

The plot is typically ambiguous, challenging the audience by not having a neat structure, and this applied particularly to the intriguing ending.

Whilst it does retain some aspects of the plot, there are so many changes (many of them unnecessary and confusing) that it ceases to be the story King was trying to tell.

Jack Nicholson is his usual best, the movies pace picks up as the movies goes and and reveals itself in all the silence and coldness one could hardly expect, it keeps you on the edge of your seat as Jack Nicholson goes on a rampage.

I was disappointed as it bored me.

The use of the Steadicam camera stabilizer along with the intense score made the tension so powerful and the film so visually appealing.

It doesn't offer you poor jumpscares, but the tense and thrilling vibes.

It adds intensity to this scene, whether or not Danny can escape the maze without being caught by his deranged father, we hear Jack yelling for Danny with faint intense music in the background.

The first shots of the film are wide, expansive shots of Colorado which eventually dwindles down to the confinement of a confusing hedge maze.

to be frank its boring.

Stanley Kubrick's film The Shining is a very intriguing and controversial film.

Overlong and uninteresting horror flick......

When I did watch it I found it entertaining and the Kubrick elements in it where intriguing, although it wasn't scary at all, sure it was thrilling and I enjoy psychological thrillers.

Unlike in today's "horror" films, the action is not in your face, which has grown to become boring.

Screenplay is gripping, direction is good and cinematography is beautiful.

Maybe in 1980 I was impressed but in 2020 I am bored.

The remaining 2h 31m was filled with boring, stretched out hallucinations, radio calls, conversations that don't relate to a plot, and Jack Nicholson losing his temper.

Kubrick has a fantastic visual eye for the film, helping the pacing to be slow and subtle.

This is a complete classic that is amazing Its terrifying and intense!!

They're intriguing because it makes the viewer question "what is going on".

Very Suspenseful .

To Kubrick's hand-held camera and cinematic imagination, the hotel's vast empty corridors and adjacent rooms become a labyrinth of horror in which evil of any kind might emerge.

With mesmerizing appeal and a intense story that refuses to let you go until the very last second of film.

People say nice things about it because of the camera work and pace, but I found it to be boring with no pay off in the end.

Wonderfully shot, lots of long, smooth tracking shots and perfectly placed imagery and slow dissolves.

When Jack finally went insane, I was on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen.

Jack is playing Jack (as he always is), Jake is boring and Wendy is just dumb.

And, the film is quite tense and exciting.

The Shining is one of the best films of the decade of 80, every movie I see that Stanley Kubrick was very wronged in the Oscar, even though he is not being my favorite director is undeniable its ability time to shoot, your ideas are brilliant, the Shining has a good cast, Jack Nicholson this incredible, perhaps his best performance with catchy phrases, and great moments, his best performance in the last act of the film, the cast still has Shelley Duvall, Danny Lloyd, etc., the film will better every minute, I thought the first slow middle act, the better from the second, the movie does not scare if you go thinking it will be scare, will be disappointed a bit, the soundtrack is very good, the script is based on the book of Stephen King (who did not like the film), and the picture is good, the Shining is one of the best movie of Stanley Kubrick, has a great time, even with a slow pace that will better the progress of the film, last act of the film is very good, a mandatory film.

As time goes by Jack starts to unravel and goes slowly psychotic.

Her exhausted anxiety is utterly gripping, a result apparently provoked by long and unkind shooting hours.

One of the sounds unique to this film is the intense violin noise which I discovered months after seeing the movie for the film for the first time is akin to the sound of a broken down escalator (look out for that noise the next time you're on an old escalator, you won't be disappointed).

But Kubrick's version of The Shining seems to know one thing and I agree with it- ghosts are boring.

The plot is easily predictable.

It works with this film because there isn't supplemental lore this film depends on as franchise films do, and most analysis is taken from only what is presented in the film, leading to a litany of fascinating discussions about it.

This movie looks stunning.

But in this movie literally nothing happens.

On the other hand, its intellectual content is compelling and it is so masterfully executed that, having read the book, I cannot imagine anyone being better suited to helm this picture than Stanley Kubrick.

Terrifying and suspenseful, but predictable .

If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it.

You stay as bored in end then as the beginning because nothing is really happening.

The slow, compelling arcs for each of the characters.

pathetic, predictable mess .

I prefer character arcs to be unpredictable.

Full of montage and unbearable whistles.

Much of the film feels like amusement art, where we're immersed into the world of the characters, enveloped in realism and tension.

My favourite parts may be the elevator visions, the twin girls, the room and what we see in it, the intense performances of the leads, the overall music and visuals and a handful of other specific moments and details.

All in all I gave this film 9/10 for its stunning appearance, fantastic filmography and exceptional performancesMax ChurchCo-Founder of Pukka Pride.

All-in-all - When each one of these negative elements that I've described above were all thrown together and combined into The Shining's mix they clearly produced one of the dullest horror movies that I've ever seen.

The acting from Danny Lloyd (Danny Torrance) and Shelley Duvall (Wendy Torrance) also helps build the suspense in the movie and the contrast from their characters to Nicholson's character makes the movie thrilling to watch.

The ending is marvelous, and the photography stunning.

In 2020 is long, slow and boring.

furthermore, in the book, jack made a slow descension into madness due to his alcoholism and isolation.

Actually, yes -- one of the best at least, and certainly the most affecting, suspenseful movie since "Psycho.

Highly overrated and only somewhat enjoyable .

If we have similar taste, then don't waste your time with this one.

Movie is dull and boring.

It was filmed in the eighties and is still enjoyable by today's standards.

Kubrick's previous film, "Barry Lyndon", had been criticised for being too long and slow-moving, and was a box-office failure in America.

Depends entirely on your definition of empty.

Though the film is definitely chilling and enjoyable, it lacks the novel's essential humanity and suffers for it.

I just really like how unpredictable and wild it is.

A great, engrossing piece of cinema.

Kubrik has a painter's eye for details such as colour, texture and lighting and all his films are visually stunning, The Shining (and the equally flawed Barry Lyndon) being no exception.

The deliberate slow pacing of the high action scenes and the low angles that show us an interesting perspective and pacing of the shots put the audience on the edge of their seat, despite the extended run time.

Most importantly it's suspenseful and makes everything count!

Some people love this movie but I don't think there is anything in it particularly which makes it different, special or even worth watching.

It has suspense, terror, and an awesome plot with unexpected twists.

I never felt it as a horror movie, all the actors acted very well but it was a totally slow with an unexpected tragic type of ending to the story for people who want to see a good horror mystery flick.

Boring is one word I'd use to describe it.

another example of a director confusing ambiguous with nonsense, ie 2001 space odyssey (1 viewing)

So slow.

Duality is an intriguing concept when it comes to film, as the set of one movie is often the same set in another.

This is definitely the most boring movie I ever saw.

the use of of a back and red teddy bear on the floor at the place in which Crothers is killed, the use of repetitive banging noises in the hallway with the tennis ball to foreshadow the Axe murder attempt.

"Worst movie ever!

This uncertainty of Danny's fate as he rides his big wheel keeps the audience on edge and helps create a suspenseful mood that makes The Shining such a great film.

" Where the presentation of "Sixth Sense" was tremendous, "The Shining" remains utterly boring.

Kubrick subtracts more than he adds, which makes the film both boring and flat .

This made following the movie easier and made the movie more enjoyable.

This movie, while extremely different from the book, is an intense, thought provoking, and masterfully made thriller.

Thanks to the DVD artwork showing our favorite grimacing madman, it seems THE SHINING, a Stephen King novel turned into a suspenseful horror masterpiece by director Stanley Kubrick, would be nothing more than a fiendish Jack Nicholson running around with an axe.

A movie that changed the landscape of horror and fear, something beyond modern day horror, Kubrick knew what he was doing with this masterpiece as it presented horrifying, riveting, and over the top symbolism and diction of moral themes such as racism, ghost, death, psychology, and characters losing whats in a humans pure sense of mind.

Watching today, I thought it was a bit slow and too deliberate at times in it's exposition, with Nicholson's character Jack Torrance a little too over the top in the early stages.

Confusing And Disappointing .

The Shining is characteristic of Kubrik's slow, almost glacial, cinematic rhythm, with events unfolding over a long time scale.

Since its release, Kubrick's interpretation of Stephen King's The Shining text was widely praised for how intense the viewing experience was.

Jack Torrence's slow decent into madness was neither slow, surprising or influenced by his environment.

While never known for his restraint, Nicholson goes full bore here, and the effect - although occasionally chilling - is weirdly self-conscious and distant.

Then again, upon first seeing Jack Torrance, I thought he was a little loopy then and just becomes way more loopy as the long drawn out story pushes to the end.

Stanley Kubrick's slow zoom in style with minimal dialog freezes the viewer and dares you to flinch.

But Nicholson is what makes this film a real delight to watch; he's a fantastic psycho and probably the most entertaining cinematic psychopath, better even than Anthony Perkins's Norman Bates.

But few films of have ever sparked more confusion, frustration or controversy among theorists than The Shining.

Kubrick does put into the screen an engaging story and interesting adaptation that will put the viewer in the edge of their seats as the events transpire on screen.

All in all, this film is fantastically-made, a cinematic and acting delight, and a gripping horror film that is considered a classic for a reason.

An unforgettable cinematic delight that puts you on the edge of your seat and haunts you with it's ominous music.

I really enjoyed it again, and I recommend for first time viewers to get the Blue Ray release.

Overall, I have now viewed this movie three times, and enjoyed it a little less each time.

The music is the thing which made the many of the intense scenes creepy.

This is not a bad thing though, that I didn't learn much, as the mystery of this film along with its endless possibilities for theories is what makes it so timeless and engaging.

Shelley Duvall was fascinating with her "Olive Oyl" face especially with the camera pan.

While in other places, it gets dragged out far too long when a scene is no longer that worrisome.

Kubrick's intense dedication to his process along with the caliber of acting that he managed to bring to the screen time and time again, it makes for a truly unnerving and deeply disturbing look at what the fall of man looks like, mentally and physically.

All of the sets are huge and empty - the corridors, the lounge, the ballroom suggesting a hotel in winter hibernation.

As good as 99% of the intense scenes are intact in this version.

If you have not seen this film, I would highly recommend it, whether it be for the psychological terror you wish to experience, or an amazingly shot screenplay of one man's sick and twisted attempts to murder his dearly loved family.

Wendy rushes to her son, inspects his injuries and accuses Jack of attacking the boy since the hotel is empty except for the three of them.

I do have to admit that the soundtrack was thrilling.

There is something in those walls and long hallways of the massive hotel, so expertly shot by Kubrik, that something and the effect it has on Jack and his family is terrifying, gripping, immersive.

This was a total waste of 3 hours of my life.

Some scenes create a choking atmosphere and an uncomfortable feeling towards the suspenseful dialogue, it's just genius!

The best part of the movie is that the director hasn't used the boring, traditional and repetitive methods like jump scares or lightning or howls or creepy sounds or darkness to create the scare in fact if you notice most of the movie is shot in ample lights.

The movie is every bit as thrilling and disturbing as the book.

Dull .

Just a plain BORING nonsense of a movie.

In my opinion The SHining has enough good points to be recommended, but can not quite match the perfection of a movie like Alien which also starts out slowly, but becomes much more fast paced and terrifying as it leads to its conclusion, and it also has better acting.

The shining had many such moments in the first half - psychic son, hotel with a murder history, a busy hotel suddenly shown as a big empty mansion, room 237 conversation between the cook and Danny, the twin girls being seen a couple of times and maybe a few more.

Definitely a film worth watching, even if you're not really a fan of horror films.

Stanley Kubrick turns his ever-precise eye to Stephen King's novel, and although far more a supernatural horror than the familial psychodrama King intended, the film stands alone as an absolute masterpiece (and ironically far more exciting and memorable than King's own mini-series adaption).

Slow and not Scary by any means .

The music, the hedge maze, the empty ballroom, the elevator doors opening to a tidal wave of blood, Nicholson's celebrated hook; in terms of cinematic iconography, The Shining is unrivalled.

I like the atmosphere and the many unique, strange and intense moments which are sprinkled throughout.

As the viewer, this is a very gripping scene as we can now see that Halloran was sugar coating the issue of the hotels danger to Danny.

As it is, to fit all that in, or maybe because of the choices Kubrick made, the pace to insanity is awfully quick, too damn quick, whereas a slow path would have been more terrifyingly tense and real to me.

The product of a notoriously painstaking, difficult (mostly due to the director's auteurish fastidiousness) and long-drawn-out shoot, this version of The Shining is undoubtedly beautiful to look at, sumptuously shot and packed with minute visual detail.

But after some point, it becomes repetitive and over dramatic with Jack Nicholson talking to ghosts and hallucinating.

The camera moves across the long corridors of the hotel revealing step by step what gruesome history lies buried in those empty rooms of the hotel .

Amongst everything though, the performance by Nicholson is mind blowing.

Add to that the fact that to save costs the hotel is shut for most of the year and you have a superbly compelling horror movie.

And it makes him so entertaining to watch.

Shelley Duvall's performance is annoying, just like Danny Lloyd's one, that woman's voice, is probably what is really going to give me nightmares, and Lloyd look like he's never going to finish his line, it looks forced, and boring to see.

A general movie fan would have bored and obliged hellish time.

It's eye-witnessing a man's slow descent into absolute madness.

While admitting that Stanley Kubrick's visuals were stunning, he said that was surface and not substance.

And beyond those steadi-cam and dolly shots, it's essentially bland for nearly the entire film.

This movie has it all:Intriguing story,superb acting,believable characters,good effects,good sounds,everything a good movie should have.

It's slow pacing and haunting atmosphere build up and lure you in for a final act where Nicholson completely owns the screen.

The film also suffers for its slow pacing, and doesn't give enough for the audience to connect with any of the characters.

To me however, regardless of what interpretation you choose to apply to it, The Shining is simply a great film; one that rewards with an interesting, continually fascinating plot rife with possible interpretations and Kubrick's always interesting use of cinematic composition, editing, music and performance.

A waste of time .

I think there may not be a huge massage behind his weird and irregularity of showing you something profound and questioning, I think his huge IQ helped him understand a film that is hard to pin down is just entertaining throughout, never once is "The Shining" or Kubrick or other unique movies (Clockwork Orange, Dr. Strangelove) boring.

It was well paced and engaging.

Thrilling all the way.

It's all so empty and insincere, why should I even care?

Stanley Kubrick is one of the greatest directors of all time and his many movies are excellent, probably because he is perfectionist, despite this is a torture for the actors who worked with him.

We aren't too sure what to make of Torrance from the outset, and Nicholson makes him a fascinating person to watch.

I really enjoyed it and it didn't look as budget as some of the other horror movies from that time.

It isn't boring, but it is a study in slow burning terror as we watch Jack as he slowly spirals into madness.

There are some intense scenes that might not be suitable for the younger audience, I watched this for the very first time when I was ten and it made me have really odd dreams for a month.

I fell asleep in this movie as it is super slow and boring as hell.