The Smurfs (2011) - Animation, Adventure, Comedy

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When the evil wizard Gargamel chases the tiny blue Smurfs out of their village, they tumble from their magical world into New York City.

IMDB: 5.4
Director: Raja Gosnell
Stars: Hank Azaria, Katy Perry
Length: 103 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 30 out of 169 found boring (17.75%)

One-line Reviews (102)

The 3D is bad, don't waste your money.

Coyote) get tiresome.


So, with the disclaimer that this is yes, a formulaic kids' movie, and yes, it's aimed at the nine-and-under set, this is a perfectly fine, even slightly above average film.

The story is decent though, even if simple, full of clichés and predictable.

Yes, easy the most hyped And worst movie of the year.

I went to see this with my 7-year-old son and he enjoyed it.

Overall, Don't waste your money.

So, I don't recommend anyone to watch this movie because I believe that you are going to waste your time and also your money.

Is boring, lame and sadly overrated(Katy Perry)

If you want a snappy script, you'll have to look elsewhere.

Any other city, it would've been flat out boring.

It was better than I expected and quite entertaining too.

My little daughter got bored when the real people came.

I went with my 14 yr old daughter and we both thoroughly enjoyed it.

Also, what made Smurfs enjoyable during our childhood was the forest they live and all this little things they build.

And the Smurfs themselves are enjoyable, although most of their humor consists of using the word "Smurf" for everything.

I've seen my share of cynical CGI kids movie in my time, but even by those standards, this is unwatchable.

I thought it was pretty enjoyable movie as long as you don't expect it to change your life or anything.

Its boring, unfunny, and as interesting as watching someone moving a brick an inch every 30 minutes.

Gosnell's direction is too weak and screenplay bland.

Although the nauseating added dimension, clunky CGI and pointless use of live action signal the film's contemporary pedigree, there are more sinister forces at work in the latest effort which is beyond simplistic, with pitiful stereotypes and celebrity stunt casting driving the action.

I walked out of the theater with a huge smile, and I loved hearing the children laugh and express concern at the appropriate moments.

Waste of time and money.

And as boring and trite as that may seem to adult reviewers here, it's at the level of monomyth for the seven year olds in the audience.

I was dragged along to this by my nine year old daughter with a sense of impending doom having loathed the Smurfs in their original incarnation in the 1970's and it took years of therapy to get that song out of my head.

What I still like about this childhood movie was that the CGI hybrid designs of the Smurfs are at least passable, it tries to be faithful to the source material up to some extent, the voice acting is good, the music choice is interesting, at least there are a few references to both the show and the original comics the whole franchise was based off, the character development is good, the ending is heartwarming the original song for this movie, "Ready to Go" by Panic at the Disco is great,However, I now dislike it in regards of there being many aspects that I wasn't aware that existed in the show, such as the flying bird race, the portal to the human world, etc., the humor is terrible, the special effects are awful, the story is so predictable that even the opening scene foreshadows it, there are too many "Smurf" puns, there is a crapton of product placement in 2 scenes, the acting in horrible in a few scenes, Gargemel has been reduced to an idiot, the movie can get boring at times, there is a continuity error where after the plate with the bread is thrown off the table, another one just appears without explanation, there is a terrible reference to the game Guitar Hero, the Smurfs keep singing the theme song to no end, the prison scene is just plain awful, there are a few clichés, the characters are a bit annoying and the battle scene with all the Smurfs and Gargamel's defeat is something you'd expect out of movies like the Home Alone franchise and the 101 Dalmatians remakes.

My teenager is at that hard-to-please stage and even she enjoyed it.

I rate this movie a 9 out of 10 because I enjoyed it so much and think that anyone who watches it will love it as well.

This movie is simply another average animation movie and nothing more, with a boring plot for even children and some very bad jokes.

Don't waste your time or your money.

The Smurfs (2011) is one of the most bone chilling, suspenseful thrillers I have ever had the plessure of experiencing.

In fact, I have to look very long and hard to find a more entertaining time!

wowmy little cousins fell asleep and I die of boredom

Neil Patrick Harris is pretentious and bland, and some of the humor is bad(Ex.

Entertaining and action packed.

I get the fact that it's for kids but even my nephew got bored with this mess of a movie.

The Smurfs is a fun and enjoyable family film,the animation and the humor is both terrific,it will have both kids and adults laughing,especially with the terrific acting of Neil Patrick Harris as Patrick Winslow and The Simpsons Hank Azaria as Gargamel,Gargamel was a terrific character in the film especially with his cat Azrael,unlike the cartoon series were Gargamel is nothing more than a bad guy.

The two year old was completely engaged and, after we left the theater, preceded to tell everyone we met that he saw the Smurfs.

" as we walked out of the theater.

I think it is hilarious and entertaining .

I enjoyed it .

Hank Azaria as Gargamel is lame, bored and plain.

For a kids' film it was rather grueling on the runtime, as the Gargamel-chases-Smurfs development getting quite repetitive, with Gargamel fumbling as if on cue, and the Smurfs outwitting everyone as always.

Initially, I thought this movie would appeal more to younger kids, but I enjoyed it and found myself laughing in some parts.

This is the worst movie of the year and one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

The first 4/5'th part was boring and my 5 year daughter even asked if we could leave.

Terrible, boring .

I will talk about the merits first, while not outstanding the 3D is quite good(I've seen far worse), Hank Azaria is perfect as Gargamel, Jonathan Winters successfully manages to make Papa Smurf the most lively of all the smurfs and Neil Patrick Harris gives a comedic grace to an otherwise banal role.

Still, the brilliant Jonathan Winters voicing Papa Smurf was enjoyable.

And if you really like to watch these blue characters this weekends, then you might also consider fascinating about Cameron's sequels to Avatar.

Though the jokes are sometimes repetitive, they still serve the purpose of making people laugh.

The voice actors do a good job with their characters and Neil Patrick Harris does pretty well as the guy who along with his wife has to deal with them after they appear in his house is enjoyable to watch.

The thought Gargamel was especially entertaining and I have to agree.

)The Smurfs is mildly entertaining, at its best.

It was enjoyable listening to all the kids in the movie theater "crack up" with laughter at parts in the movie and there was even some things that us adults found humorous.

An Enjoyable Fantasy .

My wife and I even enjoyed it for what it was as well.

Still entertaining .

The settings are contained within this and a few other locations, so it feels like a boring thirty-minute cartoon stretched into two long hours instead of a fish outta water odyssey, like the premise and trailer implies.

The smurfs was one of the big TV shows when we were kids so it was exciting to see them again after all these years.

This might be too dull and idiotic for anyone older than the age of 18.

Appearing in New York seemed predictable as most movies end up or take place in New York.

But fall short when it comes to an engaging adventure.

Everything else though is way too trite and tries too hard to be cute.

A cute, enjoyable throwback .

I took my 6yo daughter to watch this movie, and for what it is, it's very entertaining.

This could be a fun and exciting movie for the kids, when at the same time, it's a dull and childish movie for adults.

Overall, I found the movie to be very cute and a thoroughly enjoyable time.

Gargamel( Hank Azarias's character) was very cheesy and dull and not funny at all.

My family enjoyed it.

To the adults who are saying this movie is crap, a waste of time, boring, idiotic, etc....

Jayma Mays plays well with the animated characters, and was entertaining.

For a movie that was only 86 minutes I found myself bored at times, unlike during other animated movies I saw this summer.

If you were going to the Smurfs for a riveting Oscar winning performance then u just are not very smart I guess.

The movie is lame and boring, the storyline simply doesn't exist and the CGI looks like the first playstation games (the gameplay part).

The plot line was something out of a bad pro communist propaganda film.

For the children (6 and 4) it was all out entertaining!

Charming and enjoyable, thanks to lively animation, a strong script, several good jokes and terrific performances from a superb cast.

While the Smurfs are in New York, they go on exciting endeavors.

Painfully unfunny and boring .

I thought it was very entertaining and fun.

However, I must admit that what is left of the child within did find parts of it rather entertaining!

With nothing to compare it with, I find "The Smurfs" fun, hilarious and thoroughly entertaining.

It's a nice film to watch, entertaining and surely ideal for young children.

Parents will laugh as they reminisce their childhoods, and children will enjoy watching the adorable Smurfs as they go on thrilling adventures.

Maybe it's the child in me, but I found this highly entertaining and action packed.

How on earth this only has 5.2 stars is beyond me when the AWFUlLY butchered, terribly animated and boring Fantastic Mr. Fox gets 7.9 stars.

Vapid and tedious, this big screen outing for the beloved eighties cartoon characters (although the movie is based on the earlier comics, not the show) is an exercise in patience, tolerance and staying awake.

The movie was entertaining at times, as an adult, and lulled at other times.

"The Smurfs" is somewhat of an entertaining film.

Extremely predictable and lazy.

A kids movie, i just walked out .

Verdict: ●● Sure to be a huge hit with the kids over the summer, but for the parents hoping for a warm nostalgia trip, you will sadly be disappointed by this baggy and fairly uninteresting affair.

When garbage is consistently shoveled at the public, perhaps you get desensitized to what is fun and enjoyable cinema.

Kids wouldn't even get what is going on and adults may find it childish and boring.

The movie is cute, because the Smurfs have always defined cuteness, and it's entertaining, heart- warming, thrilling, and visually delightful.

Plot: The plot was weak and there was no message that this movie had like the cartoon series did, every episode had some kind of message like "don't do this or that because this or that could happen, always treat others well or bla ...

However, I, as a parent, also enjoyed it.

Ultimately I found the film to be quite entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable.

save your money don't watch this movie.

Sorry but I found the movie is mildly entertaining for adults and very entertaining for young children.