The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999) - Crime, Drama, Thriller

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In late 1950s New York, Tom Ripley, a young underachiever, is sent to Italy to retrieve Dickie Greenleaf, a rich and spoiled millionaire playboy. But when the errand fails, Ripley takes extreme measures.

IMDB: 7.4
Director: Anthony Minghella
Stars: Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow
Length: 139 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 175 out of 740 found boring (23.64%)

One-line Reviews (633)

The luscious sweeping scenery of Italy is quite stunning and really makes the film have that little more mmph, along with the cracking soundtrack.

zzzZZZzz .

I found it hard to get through as it was so long and so slow in some spots.

Much better than "The English Patient" which I thought was one of the most overrated and boring movies I have ever seen.

It gets pretty dull after Jude is out of the picture (and mentioning his character for the rest of the movie doesn't make up for it).

Jude Law does a splendid role and Matt Damon is far to be a surprise but he remains a fascinating artist using each detail with high precision of his role.

Also, after sitting through two hours plus of this dull mess we get a disappointing ending.

It's pretty entertaining nonetheless.

This film shows clear evidence that Anthony Minghella knows how to craft a fascinating story, even when it falls victim to a lethargic pace.

I thought this movie was slow, and boring.

It's toooo long, toooo slow moving, and has very little action.

The plot is fantastic (if somewhat drawn out), and the uneasy reactions the plot elements elicit--sympathy for a person who should not be sympathetic--make for great cinema, the kind that one has a visceral reaction to.

To make the film more enjoyable try speaking with Jude Laws fake American Accent for the rest of the day, its fun, try it!

I got up, leaving my wife with the other couple we were spending an evening with, and walked out of the theater, cleared my head of the images still stuck in it, then walked into a different theater in the multiplex that was showing "Galaxy Quest" and happily let this simple comedy wash my brain of any remnants of "The Talented Mr. Ripley.

Gwyneth Paltrow did a stunning job as Marge.

I found it too long, too drawn out and overwhelmingly dull.

People's lack of ambition in life is dispiriting, but one can't suffer any real spiritual misery or crisis while viewing this picture, it's far too dull to get worked up about.

It's one of the only movies I've seriously considered walking out of, and in hindsight, I should have walked out.

Mr Ripley the International Man of Mystery During His Coming of Age: Damon and Law Are Unmatched .

Here is a young actor worth watching.

Very suspenseful.

I found the book's version more enjoyable.


Seldom have I seen such breathtaking cinematography.

Murder and deceit spiral out of control until a shocking and unfinished ending will leave you feeling empty and wanting more.

His specialty is cutting a scene with its sound to follow and it proves effectively in this suspenseful drama.

The plot seemd so fascinating, and it surely is.

An exciting film, and what left for one to rethink is the complex of humanity.

I am all for "slow" movies.

Muddled, but compelling nonetheless .

Intriguing psychological study...

The film is far too long.

The movie also enjoys a watertight and relevant screenplay, maybe a little too well-crafted that sometimes it's hard to follow the plot.

This is helped by Damon's engaging and startlingly convincing performance as Ripley and a well-rounded supporting cast.

NB:A note about Marge Sherwood: Patricia Highsmith's hate and contempt for the character was intense in the novel (as was Ripley's);and she didn't suspect Ripley at all when the story ended.

" Like that movie (also utterly gripping and deceptive), this one has characters rather like you or me, or an idealized you or me (we can't all live on the coast of Italy).

Suspenseful Story, Well Acted and Masterfully Directed .

Cate Blanchett is wonderful as the bored debutante looking for love in all the wrong places.

The way he goes about trying to achieve this is gripping from start to finish, & I won't give the plot away by going into any more detail!

Definitely Nothing like Good Will Hunting, I'm sorry but this movie is for the birds, don't waste time or money.

Because of acting this movie is breathtaking an involving and represents one great experience and one hell of a ride.

A finely crafted and thoroughly entertaining psychodrama/thriller.

He also throws in some fascinating, sexual undertones between Dickie and Tom.

A muddled, idiotic story with a very bland Damon.

But for a film to be engaging, there must be an escallation in suspense, that never-ending feeling of uncertainty as the story progresses to its inexorable climax.

The pace is slow and after a very short and clever beginning this is just 120 minutes of fade-out with a very VERY unsatisfactory finish.

Instead of being on the edge of their seats, the last half hour had us squirming and begging for a merciful end to the film.

Granted, I am being a bit unfair, because it was shown on a private channel with advertisement breaks dragging this thing out to a truly unbearable 2 hours and 35 minutes.

The acting is first-rate (particularly Jude Law in another stunning performance), the cinematography luscious and the story intriguing.

Whether dabbling in jazz, sailing around Italy in his yacht or engaging in numerous trysts, he is the classic narcissist, quickly losing interest in people and things (we're not sure if he sees a difference between the two).

The flow of the film was a bit too disjointed for me to enjoy it fully.

Dull characters, "out-of-nowhere" twist, million of "why"....

Surprisingly intense and enthralling thriller; RIPLEY is satisfying.

The cinematography was stunning, as was the lighting.

Found it slow, Matt Damon's emotional range akin to an amoeba, held little suspense, could barely identify with anyone on the screen, save Jude Law who was very good, displaying emotional depth Ripley could never fathom.

I thought it moved slow and was just quite boring to tell you the truth.

The acting made the film enjoyable and watchable.

When I popped this film into my VCR I was expecting an evening on the edge of my seat.

The main turning point of the film is just halfway through, and before that the film starts to get very repetitive and almost boring.

Save your money and use it for something else.

I went to the theater expecting from Mr. Ripley a suspenseful and artistic masterpiece.

The reader is immersed in the raw psychological reality that is sometimes frightfully familiar to all.

just like in case of an english patient, this movie is entertaining for first 30 minutes (and it's something like 160 minutes long!

The film is very tense and exciting, and I think despite what Ripley did, you ultimatly must feel sorry for him.

Although TTMR is too long, I will give it credit for sticking to its central plot, rather than de-evolving into pointless sub-plots that another "slow-moving" film did this year AS I said earlier, TTMR has the same problems as BRINGING OUT THE DEAD.

I must say that I found this film to be quite odd in many respects, yet it held my interest throughout, even to its unpredictable ending.

The first hour of the movie was incredible and I enjoyed it very well.

the class conflict, trying to fit into a clique, sexual confusion.

Movie felt like it was 3 hours long and pretty slow at times.

The film gets more and more intriguing as it gets along.

There are too many boring characters populating the landscape (many that weren't in the book).

Maybe some of this would have seemed sharper and fresher if the film moved along more briskly, but instead, everything is drawn out so much that things just get boring.

An intriguing little thriller .

I did like the movie, enjoyed it much more than I had expected.

True, he also made a good choice with Matt Damon who gives a breathtaking performance of a torn young man who in the end gets stuck in another man's life just because his survival instincts are bigger than his true emotions.

One of the major criticisms that I have heard about the film is that it is confusing.

The problem with this movie is that it sags in the middle, and amazingly, even while thrilling you, it bores you.

2 1/2 Hours of boring screenplay .


Too slow and without any true suspense, I don't see how this can be classified a thriller.

It's a boring movie that doesn't excited me a second...

However, I did find a stunning revelation: this movie suffers from the exact same problems as BRINGING OUT THE DEAD (in my opinion anyway).

This is one of the most visually stunning films that I have seen in a while.

Terribly Boring, Terribly, Skip it, not even for rental .

He hated it, found it boring, she liked it, though thought it was a little to slow.

Despite being just a bit overlong (the beginning is a bit tedious), these are my main reasons: excellent photography, stunning performances by the actors and a brilliant plot.

It is a fascinating take on human nature.

After a fascinating first half, the film loses steam for me until the last ten minutes.

The absurd second half goes on forever, without anything much happening: Ripley assumes Law's identity, and then proceeds to hide his real identity in a series of pointless scenes and situations.

This film is entertaining despite being horribly miscast and way too long.

It is the hallmark of directory Minghella's films that people walk out of the theater divided in their opinions.

However, this film is clearly a thriller with many exciting twists--so if I talk about it, I might give away what will happen.

the story starts out very simply simple that one may even presume the movie to turn out as a lacklustre and boring movie...

It was kind of weird, based on a novel written by a woman, about how Damon's character, with no power, had to make himself interesting and compelling to a man, so that the man would then admit him to his fabulous lifestyle, though still always subject to being discarded on a day by day basis.

Two People walked out of the theater I was at, and I fell asleep during parts of the movie.

I would like to conclude this review by saying that this is a very good movie with an unusually unpredictable ending; it's nice to see a movie that doesn't finish perfectly for a change.

Certainly the film world shares the dreary interest and as the machine has to be fed they've dug up Ripley for a film that no-one really wants or needs and spent a wholly inappropriate amount of dosh on it.

Jude Law Comes Off Better and Philip Seymour Hoffman is Riveting in Another Show Stealing Supporting Performance.

It starts off with such promise and is intriguing.

To be a 9 or a perfect 10 any movie should have something in addition to perfect acting, such things as extraordinary special effects, mind blowing twists or exceptional plot.

Paltrow seemed a little wasted in the part- but the Jazz was great and the story compelling.

A fair, but confusing movie .

That said, Damon does a great job in the lead role of this boring film.

A mentally lingering minor masterpiece that revolves around a lonely rootless man who might be an empty husk that fills itself with clever tricks.

Suffice to say that along with the terrific acting, beautiful cinematography & a great jazz score, there are some of the most nailbitingly suspenseful moments in any film I can remember since Hitchcock at his best - & coming from me that's high praise indeed!

We side with Tom, the audience sympathizes with Tom when Dickie is telling Tom is a leech and he bores him.

itll only ruin the sheer beauty/mystery of this film-plein soliel was difficult to follow (i dont speak french) but even if i could it'd be switcheed off as it certainly wasnt as entertaining nor did it have that mystical touch.

It is like having an unstable element - much like the excitement of waiting for a deadly fire underneath the shimmering surface to explode - that makes Talented Mr Ripley worth watching.

The movie is unpredictable and ends in a way you couldn't imagine.

But when the plot finally lights its candle, that is when the story generates a wheelhouse of unexpected twists and surprises that elevates the lead character's development.

" Furthermore, it helps us understand the characters, because hell, if I were there, I wouldn't want to leave either.

Otherwise, this is just a confusing, boring costume drama trying to be a thriller without much success.

However, at times, the film seems slow and sluggish, and one wishes that Jude Law had more screen time.

" I couldhardly stay awake for the first 45 minutes(it felt like hours)and FINALLY after something DID happen, it became a little to doabout something which turned into another yawn.

It's a terribly thrilling movie that keeps you wondering what will happen next.

Honestly, I was pretty bored by this movie...

stunning psychological thriller .

Cate Blanchett is on hand to look dorky and to blow the cover in the most predictable denoument imaginable.

The Talented Mr. Ripley was quite possibly the worst movie I've ever seen.

It was a bit long too - it just kind of dragged on at the end.

In the end, this was an engaging romp.

This is the absolute worst movie I have ever seen.

It proved to me that Anthony Minghella can make something exciting.

Save your money, or donate it to the "Save precious film fund," a non-profit organization for convincing directors that their movies are too long.

The Mostly Pointless Mr. Ripley .

Spooky and Suspenseful!.

The plot was fascinating, changing very well from simple and jovial into a terrible and disturbing story.

When a filmmaker tries to add psychological depth to what is generally pulp entertainment, it doesn't always work, but Minghella has pulled it off, while keeping it entertaining.

Anthony Minghella's amazing adaptation takes a competent thriller and explores the inner mechanics of this rather conventional genre, turning Ripley into a fascinating and unforgettable character study.

Only Jude Law's great performance keeps this from being a movie of boring people walking around.

So I was convinced that it was going to be more like "The English Patient" - A slow, boring film going at the pace of Speedy the Wonderslug that was like a travel book of North Africa as opposed to a REAL movie.

The viewer was not given any opportunity to identify with the characters or the story, thus detracting from the interest of this slowly paced movie.

Ripley intriguing, ambiguous, and magnificent .

Seek out Rene Clement's Purple Noon which is for grown-ups and genuinely gripping!

Maybe it should have ended up in some artsy-fartsy foreign film theatre where you don't understand what the heck is going on anyway.

Slower than Mr Slow from Slowtown .

It makes for a fascinating dynamic that is never explored, since after the murder Paltrow has nothing to do except get more and more suspicious (a tough motivation to play).

tense, edgy, flinchy, but drawn out - ultimately, way too long.

)it become boring and so unbeleivably long!!!!!

To sum it up: Long, boring, overrated.

Expecting thrills and a fast-paced film, what was seen was an overdrawn and dull film.

The acting is also great, an underrated performance was given by Matt Damon, he was absolutely stunning and a largely popular performance by Jude Law, who was realistic and powerful!

My conclusion - the most pointless, meaningless movie I've seen in a long time.

However, the plot is limited and predictable.

The movie is very slow to start, has fabulous scenery, good acting and great cinematography.

The victims - Philip Seymour Hoffman as Freddie, Jude Law (setting just the right tone) as Dickie Greenleaf, and Jack Davenport as Peter Smith-Kingsley - are mainly presented as peripheral, while all revolves around Damon's yawn-inducing Ripley, self-centred, disturbed, and close to crack-up.

Though "The Talented Mr. Ripley" didn't live up to my expectations, I still regard Anthony Minghella as one of the most interesting filmmakers of today and it'll be exciting to wonder where he's going to next.

Overrated & Shallow…A Pretty Psychopath & Uninteresting Upper Class .

Despite the casting of Matt Damon and the mediocre plot, "The Talented Mr. Ripley" is still worth watching, owing mostly to the original concept and story from the source material.

If this movie were any slower it would go in reverse.

Gwyneth Paltrow,(Marge),"Sylvia",'03, was very much in love with Dickie Greenleaf and found Tom Ripley very entertaining and funny.

The movie wasn't a fun experience, it was not a moving experience, it wasn't particularly entertaining, it was not morally improving, there was no message, and, in the end, nothing was resolved.

Among the many compelling reasons to see this wonderful film is the incisively drawn and perfectly acted performance of Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Making it enormously suspenseful.

A great cast, great soundtrack, beautiful location, unfortunately it had no story and only one loosely woven plot.

I got extremely bored somewhere mid-way in the movie and couldn't get engaged with the storyline.

It is an enjoyable story with excellent acting and beautiful scenery.

The movie, while probably not a thriller per se (there was nothing to make the viewer gasp or jump out of his seat), was suspenseful and, even though a visit to the restroom was desperately needed, this viewer was glued to his seat.

Save your money.

Even so, the first half of the movie is unusual, idyllic, suspenseful, with a sense of doom.

The Intense, Complicated and Very Talented Mr. Ripley .

"The talented Mr. Ripley" is rather fascinating.

Intense .

The Long-Winded and Mainly Uninteresting Mr. Ripley .

I found it predictable in places and aimless in others.

All of the characters seemed so contrived, so artificial, that I could never suspend my disbelief for a moment.

The very dull Mr.Ripley!!!see only if you the stars(matt damon,jude law, etc))!.

While classical music is meant to represent Ripley's (a classically trained pianist) boring and conservative life.

Matt Damon is a Bland, Supposedly Talented but Mostly Lucky, Mr. Ripley that is Neither Engaging or that Involving.

The only thing truly enjoyable are the landmarks.

It is abominably slow.

He finds Dickie Greenleaf, played by Jude Law in an equally stunning performance, living in a perpetual paradise with his girlfriend Marge (Gwentheth Paltro).

Besides lying, Tom has the talent of impressions and forgery, and when Dickie goes to extremes when telling Tom he's boring, Tom kills him.

stunning location photography...

One of the biggest waste of time movies I have seen .

Some argue that this movie is too long.

It was a bit lengthy, with a 2 Hour- 19 Minute runtime, but it was quite enjoyable, overall.

Damon's character Ripley is one of the most fascinating in recent memory, completely amoral and yet oddly compelling-- the perfect anti-hero.

It is the first movie that I almost walked out on in the theater.

This was a slow, boring, tedious movie that had me sitting on the edge of my seat -- so I could get up and leave.

Gripping, epic style psychological thriller.

So boring, long, and without a trace of originality.

Unfortunately the plot is as manipulative as any hollywood junk and before you know it youre being led through 2 hours of the ups and downs of predictable murders and narrow escapes.

The cinematography was stunning, using every bit of the wonderful sets and scenery of 50's Italy.

They live in a world of their own, authors, and are inexplicably in love with and endlessly fascinated with the boring and facile characters they create which bare so little reality to their real life counterparts and the real grief they engender.

It gets pretty slow, and Mr. Ripley is kinda an idiot in places, not as "Talented" as you may think.

I found this movie to be thrilling, and honestly, confusing.

It seemed so absurd, so pointless.

If you can forget about plausibility I think you will find, all in all, that the ride is intriguing and generally compelling.

The slow pacing and beautiful scenery would've worked amazing for a romantic melodrama.

The cinemotogrophy is breathtaking and the jazz theme adds to its romantic flare.

Intriguing and suspenseful thrillers, though, were his forte.

To me that is what is the most intriguing part of the film.

Making Tom so enjoyable is his complexity, and the disgust you feel for the other characters.

Overall, this film is certainly worth watching and kept my eyes fixed to the screen for the full 130 minutes.

I found it to be extremely predictable and emotionally unbelievable.

Anyway, the film is suspenseful, shocking, and disturbing at the end.

Now, if that is the way they wanted it to be so as to leave us with the idea that situations like this can never be resolved, then I guess fine.

I'd been told it was only worth watching for the character of Peter Smith-Kingsley, who appears quite briefly towards the end, and that I should probably fast forward through the rest.

When I think of director Anthony Minghella's The Talented Mr. Ripley, what I remember most is that breathtaking Italian scenery.

The characters are bland and you hardly get to know them.

Of course, when the general public is used to "Scream"-like suspense, this could seem as a rather dull and lengthy movie.

I found the plot unthinkably slow, and the characters nearly impossible to like.

It had an intriguing plot.

Thrilling and Unpredictable from Start to Finish, .

Yet, it is also a moment filled with intense sadness for it arises out of a complexity of emotions and feelings with which we can all, strangely, identify.


Pretty much south from there, I was snuggled up in my chair yawning to death when WHOA!

I, myself found it intriguing and my eyes were glued the the screen.

Excellent performances, wonderful story and settings, and well worth the watch, especially the first time.

His approach is to distract by focusing on intense acting to fill multidimensional characters.

I expected The Talented Mr Ripley to be a boring repeat of 1996 overrated smash hit, The English Patient.

Although its end was a little TOO expected (it was obvious that Peter was going to die)and TOO UNexpected (the movie shouldn't end like that, maybe they did it 'cause it was way TOO long-2 hours and a half), the movie got me and didn't let out till the end.

However, the problem is that the characters are a bore.

One of the worst movies ever .

Probably just another Hollywood product when fresh ideas run slow, so they turn back to history.

It was slow-moving, tedious, very indulgent at times.

And when it does end, it's sudden, unexpected, and without climax.

Dickie begins to grow bored of Tom and is disgusted by him.

The Talented Mr. Ripley should be renamed "The Slowest Movie Ever".

The film stands on its own as an entertaining, creepy, thoughtful, beautiful to look at piece of film-making.

This was a painstakingly slow movie.

waste of time, boring, horrible .

He's his brother and then he finds him boring.

Confusing as to why he did the last thing (not saying it, to save spoilers) and very much emotional.

Yes The Talented Mr Ripley is slow at times, but to me it is always absorbing and very rarely boring.

The film goes on for too long and in all sorts of pointless directions.

In that case, a good deal of the credit for the exploration into these fascinating characters must go to the director.

The film lacked twists and thrills, it was just a dull drama.

Jude Law turns out a stunning performance as the charismatic Dickie Greenleaf.

Exhausting and predictable .

It may be some time before I forget this intense experience.

I find it difficult to believe that the genre for it is listed as thriller, as it is extremely slow moving and, at times, mind-numbingly so.

The plot was interesting, it was a strong cast, the directing was wonderful, Matt Damon and Jude Law and Gwyneth Paltrow were awesome, but the movie was too drawn out.

I was most disappointed by the banal story line and like another critic fell asleep.

I found this film quite engrossing.

The movie is also very entertaining at times, and at some parts, even has you rooting for Tom Ripley, the villain of the movie.

His Ripley is a better written character than Delon's and his performance is top notch, but Delon was breathtaking on the screen.

Ripley) takes you through a lot of psychological twists and turns during this gripping movie.

It's overly long by about an hour, the beginning of the film is confusing, with many ideas just appearing.

This film was boring and a waste of two and a half hours of my life.

Elegant, dramatic, fascinating, mysterious, exciting......

This was the absolute worst movie that I have ever seen.

The whole film is absolutely enthralling, and it kept me literally on the edge of my seat for more that half its length.

If you like movies like "Men In Black" or "Independance Day" you will not like this movie, because it contains no explosions -- however, you will probably be dragged to see it because of your girlfriend.

What also made the film is the overall cinematography as the locations that most of the scenes were shot were absolutely breathtaking.

"Dickie Bird" a Gilbert and Sullivan reference betokening the empty-headed fool dancing towards his doom to the tootling of some vapid jingle, "Poor little Dickie Bird....

It was nice to see the director develop Tom Ripley into his "counter-character", but it was just too drawn out.

It dragged on and was pretty darn boring really.

The movie was so slow and boring that I begged my wife to switch to a different movie.

It is at once an ornate and dazzling drama; a multifarious, intriguing and heart-wrenching romance; a reticulate and psychologically manipulating thriller; and, ultimately, an unsettlingly potent psycho-portrait of the American dream.

As an actor, he straddles two difficulties: 1) playing someone who's such a nondescript entity that he both envies and despises the idle American rich, 2)making the character intriguing enough for the audience not to lose interest in him, because it is his story and he does carry the film.

The demise of Dickie, THE CENTRAL MOMENT OF THE STORY, is awkwardly contrived, seeming to come from nowhere and feeling out of place rather than organic and plausible.

First of all, it is way too long and should have clocked in under 2 hours instead of a meandering 2 hrs, 20 minutes.

Jude Law's Dickie is attractive, exciting, and more appealing than Ripley in every way.

Soon enough however, Ripley changes his identity again, and it is fascinating and compelling to see it.

This slowness is seen throughout the whole film.

The whole movie dragged on and on, from one thing (I can't even remember what) to another.

It was slow and poorly acted and the script was terrible.

"The Talented Mr. Ripley" is a very intriguing motion picture.

Think this must have been one of the most boring movies I've ever watched.

Whilst the acting performances, direction and cinematography were faultless,the film itself was very slow - moving and drawn out.

As in the same director's "The English Patient", the film was greatly enhanced by its stunning photography (by John Seale who was also director of photography for "The English Patient")of exotic locations, in this case Italy.

Dreadful, tedious movie.

Spoilers: Tom's slide into madness and violence is fascinating (and convincing).

The cinematography is breathtaking, and the picture is wonderfully acted.

I did however feel that the movie was a bit long and dragged a bit in the end.

To sum things up: Definatly THE most boring film I saw this year.

It is fascinating to see the character's "fall from grace", and the ending is superb in it's scope and directorial execution.

This film has all the attributes of a "good" Hollywood movie: nice scenery, many slow scenes, better than poor acting etc. etc. Oh yeah, and the homosexuality theme, of course.

Over-hyped but enjoyable even if over-long .

The premise sounded exciting and the cast seemed excellent.

I had to sit through more of this dull movie.

The movie plods on through many gruesome instances and has the audience waiting for the end.

The plot is intriguing and deserves the viewers undivided attention.

Scenery enjoyable and moody jazz filled soundtrack.

Every turn in this drawn out piece of crap is predictable.

(To understand what I mean by this see the film, on second thought don't waste your time and money.

The acting was superb, the directing was extraordinary and the scenery was breathtaking at times.

Matt Damon as Tom Ripley is pitch-perfect, and the stunning pairing of golden upper-class yuppies Law and Paltrow did much more for the film's entertainment value than I could ever expect.

Matt Damon seems like he was willing to perform, but slid into being boring instead of being understated.

After his wonderful performance as Will Hunting Matt Damon found himself on the a-list and here he continues that riveting drama acting in a performance that opens in an electric and sharp manner.

The acting was strong but the story and just the overall movie was a complete bore.

Either way, I found Tom to be one fascinating bastard.

Law is stunning as Dickie, the man whose life Ripley adores.

Some may consider the film slow and dragging.

Anthony Minghella turns what could have been a taut, Hitchcockian thriller into a giant snoozer by giving it the "serious movie" treatment.

Visually/Acustically Stunning -- Disturbing Story .

This movie is too long.

And created the most tedious movie I have ever seen.

I found the film to be long and pretentious.

Save your money and wait to rent the movie when it comes out in video stores.

I felt empty upon leaving the theater.

The first half, with Law, moves too slowly and gets dull, all the way to the point of Law's murder - which is a ridiculous scene, by the way - when the movie suddenly turns from drama into some kind of a thriller-drama study of a disturbed mind.

I think this one was really exciting and had its really great and suspenseful moments.

Minghella takes from the pages of Patricia Highsmith's novel of the same name to orchestrate a compelling, if somewhat flawed tale of a man consumed by corruption and deceit when the things make a horribly wrong turn.

Intelligent and Gripping.

This tongue-in-cheek thriller is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat.

gwyneth was ultra-thin as usual ( also ultra-boring as usual) damon should have spent more time in makeup -- his face, covered in brown moles, pimples, and other blemishes, looked awful.

While superb for 1/2 and quite entertaining for 2/3, Ripley loses steam when it ceases to become plausible and [semi-spoiler] really finds no resolution to any of the conflicts it presents.

Tom and Dickie become friends, but some bad things will happen and everything will take an unpredictable way.

Tom Ripley (Matt Damon) is a bland, ordinary individual who longs to become someone else other than the nobody who is himself.

It should be heavily noted that this film STARTS SLOW, as many have said and probably judged it that way.

Instead it's an intelligent, intriguing and very dark insight into the life of a complex character who is at war with himself.

The movie seems to be kind of dull in the beginning until the scene where Tom Ripley murders Dickie.

It is a disturbing and rather intense work of art.

""You can be very boring" snips Jude Law to Matt Damon at the point where this movie, after reels of padding, finally kicks into gear.

CG effects is what drives other movies, skilled acting, authentic environments and folks, and a complex non-linear non-predictable storyline is what drives this movie.

I really was on the edge of my seat wondering where the story was going to end up.

I don't think that movies based upon books should follow slavishly their source (for instance, the recent verbatim movie transcription of Harry Potter is for me a pointless exercise).

This movie is an over-hyped, over-drawn out picture and if you can see something else...

Talented acting in a somewhat boring film .


Her scenes of ultimate confusion, fright, and desperation has really put her up there with my favorite actresses.

His growing fixation with (or perhaps Ripley would see it as devotion) the flighty but irresistible Dickie Greenleaf (a superb performance from the always excellent Jude Law), makes occasionally for uncomfortable viewing, and (FIRST SPOILER) the horror of the row-boat scene is all the more gripping and emotionally draining because of it.

Alessandro Fabrizi as the detective who confronts Ripley in Venice was just as intense as he should have been (see "Hannibal").

..a thrilling drama all around.. .

We learn how confusion about one's identity and the jealousy and obsession for the "perfect" person(which you only wish could be you) can mix together and create a horrible emotion.

This movie started of as mysterious and intriguing, Matt Damon played Mr Ripley really well.

This movie is tailored to the artsy fartsy type.

Just being honest - I was pretty bored.

or rent a video tape with another cheesy, boring stuff with Liz Tyler and Jeremy Irons (it's all about losing virginity.......


Anthony Minghella does a fine job on the cinematography and choice of beautiful locations in Italy, but his crafting of the story left it predictable and flaccid.

Don't be put off by how long it is, it is worth the watch.

it reeks of self-indulgence, and compounding its slow pacing, long running time and meandering storyline one wonders whether a plot or editor were to be seen anywhere within the vicinity of this project.

Ripley's slow descent into murder and madness is as compelling any thriller I've seen in years.

Waste Of Time .

At times a bit slow, but rather peculiar (in a good way) and very enjoyable .

But both the acting and the story were soon lost in a movie that was way too long and took itself way too seriously.

I found the pacing of the movie to be way too slow.

Overall The Talented Mr. Ripley is an intriguing dramatic thriller with great performances, an interesting premise and presentation, and a great overall atmosphere.

) Now some of this I'm sure is intentional in order to enhance the meting out of this complex tale of mystery; however, I think that Minghella's delivery of drama often mistakes confusion and unclarity for suspense.

A film of stunning depth.

It also just kept dragging on and on and on, going nowhere.

Compelling, well-acted thriller with elements of Hitchcock .

Unwatchable on so many levels .

When Patricia Highsmith introduced the sociopath Tom Ripley to audiences in her 1955 novel, I have a feeling she knew that she had created one of the most fascinating villains ever.

An Engaging Premise and Outstanding Performances All Around .

Thrilling to watch his web of lies become more and more tangled.

With a corrupt conclusion the film is well crafted by director Anthony Minghella but way too predictable and laden with clichés.

My friend and I got so bored we didn't even finish watching it that night!

Confusing, boring costume drama trying to be a thriller .

Anthony Minghella's direction is more than solid, and this is helped by the stunning photography, courtesy of 1950's Italy.

In fact, after reading a series of mixed reviews, I was surprised to find this the most enjoyable film of the year so far.

The Stultifying Boring Complicated Bland Over-rated Muddled Contrived Endless Interminable Patronizing Obvious Unrewarding Misguided Insensitive Shallow Dispassionate Untalented Mr. Ripley is as bloated as its original title.

Gwyneth Paltrow gives what has to be the most under-rated performance of her career - watching the character of Marge evolve from a care free young lady into a suspicious and eventually terrified victim is breathtaking.

That's five times longer than Hitchcock's "North by Northwest" with the difference being that Hitchcock's film starts slow and the intensity builds up as the film progresses.

As I said above, the plot turns are ultimately predictable, once you catch on to the basic premise of the movie.

i could predict every move every character made (not a good sign, anthony) by the way, anthony, the homosexual longing between the characters of Tom Ripley and Dickie was pointless as most of the audience was chuckling (especially at the bath scene) as they were intelligent and KNEW that neither of the actors (Damon or Jude Law) would ever do anything more than glance with desire at each other.

If you want to see a movie at this length, then by all means go see "The Green Mile" instead of the very dull "Mr.

Compelling if Pessimistic Portrait of the Human Psyche and Society .

Unfortunately, Minghella was unable to create a suspenseful and interesting film in the style of the "Master.

It was a highly entertaining, intelligent and gripping drama/thriller that had me intrigued!

The director was obviously at a loss on where to wrap up this film, it dragged on for another hour or so.

On the down side, the film is a little slow in parts, is rather over-long and at times, like Tom Ripley, tries to be a bit too clever for its own good.

The movie is a masterpiece, however was just too slow.

As playful as AMERICAN BEAUTY is earnest, as gleefully narcissistic (all those mirrors and surfaces reflecting nothing but itself) as BEAUTY is gravely self-regarding, THE TALENTED MR RIPLEY is one of the most purely enjoyable films to come out of Hollywood in years, an audience-baiting jeu d'esprit such as Hitchcock might have made if he's been allowed (oh, he did: PSYCHO).

Throughout the movie, it seemed to me that the director had run out of ideas and didn't know exactly what to do with the characters, so the story kept being dragged and dragged and dragged to the point of being ridiculous, nothing made sense.

Pointless .

I admit it was moderately intriguing to watch the story of a psychopathic killer who aspires to the good life, while blackening his soul and complicating his life and the lives of everyone around him.

"The Talented Mr. Ripley" is a finely crafted, well-acted, visually stunning chiller that leaves you with a sense of horror far more searing than grotesque onscreen violence.

The plot slowly develops, and watching Ripley's obsession with Dickie emerge is fascinating.

A lesser actor would have played the part differently, and the film-despite Anthony Minghella's beautiful directing and Gabriel Yared's intense music-would have felt a little cheap.

Then I was shocked at how the movie dumps the most interesting character, eliminates the jazz and stoops to a boring game of imitate and evade.

His performance, subtle when needed and intense when needed, is really memorable.

The film is well directed, the story is involving and compelling a truly flawless thriller.

Tom Ripley is introduced as a fascinating anti-hero.

This movie did nothing to make me feel good, think about life, enjoy a moment in time, or anything constructive, this was a total waste of time.

The Talented Mr Ripley is a novel dipped in dense psychology and intriguing human interaction.

Unexpected Turn-Abouts' .

Damon is unforgettable as an amoral but fascinating character whom we even sympathize with by film's end.

Matt Damon is excellent as Tom Ripley and Jude Law is also intriguing as Dickie Greenleaf.

The movie is brilliant and Tom's character is fascinating.

The story line was long and dragged out and never got on track.

This was one of those situations where I was in denial that Matt Damon could be in such an utterly boring film, that I kept watching, certain that it would pick up and surprise me.

It's an engaging story, one that has the marks of a thriller, but is too slow moving to be one.

Now, character study movies can be fascinating.

But that doesn't stop Dickie form buying a beautiful sailboat, living in a stunning villa on the coast of Italy, and living it up to the fullest every minute.

In short, if you have an appreciation for suspenseful/powerful/beautiful movies, go see The Talented Mr. Ripley yourself and you won't regret it.

Except that the study is dull, muddled, and uninteresting.

The script is entirely predictable, and Mr. Ripley is less talented -- and far less interesting -- than many another film criminal.

As the Hitchcockian heroine of the piece, Gwyneth Paltrow is stunning as Marge Sherwood, Dickie's companion and sometime lover.

Quite possibly the worst movie I have ever seen .

no bitties or snatch, just Jude Law and Matt Damon's buttocks (probably the most exciting part and I'm not gay).

To address the opinions of other reviewers:* The movie is too long - The movie does start off slowly; the first 40 minutes are mainly exposition and set-up for the "meat" of the story.

It's entertaining enough.

All-in-all, a very enjoyable film.

I also think that the vague and rather empty quality of Matt Damon's Ripley is more appropriate since Ripley is supposed to be someone who is uninteresting and never really himself.

It oozes class from the stunning opening titles, jazz score and beautiful scenery.

Besides the beautiful scenery of Italy and the attractive cast, I believe this to be a truly compelling movie.

Gwyneth Paltrow was her usual bland self.

The entire movie was entertaining, keeping you hooked from beginning to end, wondering what exactly was going to happen next.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen.

If the movie had been a little more edge-of-your-seat intense I might have liked it more, but regardless it was thoroughly enjoyable.

It's fascinating to watch Damon during this performance, he manages to be awkward, self doubting and confused while deciding and then suddenly spring to life with purpose and conviction, often the coldness that showed in Law's main character trait is taken as his.

Waste of Time .

The story is very compelling with a number of interesting and well-handled scenes, while the script is both intelligent and thoughtful.

A Fascinating Study .

In fact, Ripley is so fascinating I found myself turning against Gwyneth Paltrow's character, who is the only one 'on' to him.

To BE fair, there are a few scenes that are dead-on creepy (I can't give any away because of spoilers), but the final result seems like a big "ho-hum.

He then enmeshes himself into another wealthy socialite's (the ever-stunning Cate Blanchette) life, and manages to avoid disaster there.

Jon Monsarrat review: Too slow paced for me .

The plot of this movie is so complex and intriguing, and the weird thing is that you find yourself rooting for the bad guy (I least I did).

These are quibbles on a journey that is really engrossing and a pleasure.

)Once it had finished my friend and I just looked at each other in confusion!!

Don't Waste Your Time .

This seems to be the only movie that really matches Fight Club, which were both movies dull, plain, and boring enough to be described as "Nothing happens".

(although it did end quite abruptly, I must say, leaving me feeling empty.

Matt Damon's part was good acted but also very confusing and I don't understand some things in the movie.

The plot was slow and it royally sucked.

The film can be a bit slow at times, and even more so, feels it can be about 10-15 mins shorter, but in the end, The Talented Mr. Ripley proves to be more than an interesting and engaging slow burn thriller to watch and proves to be quite rewatchable as well.

Ho hum.

I was highly amazed at what a waste of time this movie turned out to be.

A fascinating psychological thriller .

The film was also unpredictable and the ending was one of the best I have ever seen for a film of this caliber.

The Talented Mr. Ripley was probably one of the worst movies that I've seen in recent years.

The subtleties Matt Damon brings to his performance are breathtaking.

In summary, I found this to be an out-and-out boring film.

I think this was the worst movie I saw all year.

This is one suspenseful movie.

His father believes he has been sailing and schmoozing in Italy for far too long.

Thoughtful psychological study or perversely entertaining?

Riveting Study of a Fractured Personality .

Starring Matt Damon, "The Talented Mr. Ripley" is a thrilling roller coaster ride in which the viewer is treated to more than a few moments of suspense and surprise.

Brilliant, because it shows a BEAUTIFUL camera work and is able to preserve enough thrilling moments from Highsmith's novel to keep us 'breathless', sometimes.

An enduring, classic, gorgeous, fascinating journey .

The story was good in the beginning but it began to get slow as the investigation went on, and they'd have to be pretty s**t investigators if they couldn't figure out what was obviously in front of them.

Matt Damon gave a very dull portrayal that lacked depth and intensity for most of the film.

Boasting magnificent performances from all involved and some truly breathtaking cinematography, it's well worth the time and money spent on it.

This movie was terrible and boring!

I was on the edge of my seat throughout most of the film, and I felt that all the characters were believable in their own ways.

Mesmerizing, intense, great acting, setting and music .

The film is darker, heavier, and slower than it appears to be.

Minghella proves he's got talent for inventing cool and intriguing stories, and absolutely no skills to tell them to anyone.

The potentially confusing plot and web of coincidences was handled quite well.

Well, guess again… The movie goes further with dull, everyday, non – suspense stuff, a crying Paltrow, bla, bla (nothing of true value here) Then comes the ending which begins with (again) a totally surprisingly appearance of someone (very surprising indeeed).

A highly engaging film.

The Talented Mr. Ripley is one stunning piece of film.

This film, a remake of the French was far superior to the original, which was as dull and lifeless as the above-mentioned American remakes.

What follows is a complex, disturbing and fascinating expose of a man ingratiating himself into the lives of Dickie, his girlfriend Marge and high society on the whole...

A compelling plot; almost surreal, absolutely beautiful locations and extremely well cast and acted.

I found this film boring and extremely disappointing.

A confusing, inconsistent mess.

This film is far too long and nothing REALLY happens.

Slow, boring, a who cares plot.

I wanted to turn it off once Dickie was dead--and I knew that that point would come.

I Loved the English Patient and I certainly love Ripley and i think Minghella is a stunning filmmaker.

Worst movie of the year.

Overall this is a great film but not because the story is great because, during the film, the main story is simple and some viewers may be bored by it.

matt damon leads a cast of completely unlikeable characters in a boring jaunt through two hours.

The confusing part was the ending when he met another person, a homosexual named Peter (Jack Davenport).

Don't miss this disturbing, chilling, suspenseful movie!

The "Dull" Mr. Ripley .

Disturbing, yet compelling .

This film is bone-crushingly suspenseful.

It is an absolute thrill ride from start to finish,from the moment we meet Tom Ripely we do feel a sense of danger,as if this man may not be as innocent as he appears,but what is to come is totally unexpected and this is easily one of the most unpredictable films I've ever seen,I couldn't tell anything that was coming,Ripely is a very strange character and you really don't know what he's capable of.

Slow, poorly acted film that had great potential .

Save your money and give it a shot on video.

Damon and Law are magnificent and the plot flows smoothly with the final conclusion as apt as it is unpredictable.

Plus a total waste of money.

A complete and utter waste of time, seriously, I couldn't wait for the movie to end, I kept saying to myself, give it a chance, it might get better, oh boy I was wrong .. BTW, are we supposed to root for Mr. Ripley?

Although given minimal screen time, Cate Blanchett, is thoroughly engaging as the vacuous heiress whiling away her time and money because she thinks that's what she's supposed to do.

I really was not interested in seeing this movie, and I thought I would leave the theater unsatisfied.

The movie is trying to be sophisticated but ends up being dead boring.


The gripping, disquieting, intriguing and anxiety-ridden tale of Mr Ripley .

In the account of visual imagery, the production design of 1950s Italy is utter eye candy and serves as an absorbing backdrop of the story's historical era.

Boring and TOO LONG .

Tedious .

Riveting, haunting psychological thriller .

Matt Damon is solid as the eponymous character, and the fascinating execution of this complex tale really works .

What a snooze fest.

Nothing happened at all, NOTHING.

In the great tradition of Alfred Hitchcock, this thriller is mysterious and suspenseful right to the end.

This movie had great cinematography, superb acting and interesting ideas, but the pacing seemed off and it dragged quit a lot in places.

Beautifully written and directed by Anthony Minghella and starring an ensemble cast of first-rate young actors (Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jude Law, Cate Blanchett and Phillip Seymour Hoffman), the film brings us back to a time when mystery films derived their power not merely from the creation of an ingeniously contrived story but, more importantly, from an intense focus on the many-layered ambiguities and ambivalent morality of its main characters.

A stunning completely character-driven story.

The Talented Mr. Ripley is ominous and foreboding, suspenseful and exciting, slow and emotional.

A Cure for Insomnia .

Each supposedly shocking event is entirely predictable, we are supposed to be stunned by Ripley's actions when instead we are bored.

Cinematography was stunning in Italy.

Set against the backdrop of tourist Italy - encompassing Rome and Venice and all points in between - Anthony Minghella's film is a compelling treat from start to finish, layering detail upon detail as Damon's friendship with Law blossoms and sours, leading to an inevitable plot twist which introduces a whole new set of complications for the central characters, rendering the audience complicit in Ripley's escalating crime wave.

I actually fell asleep towards the end.

As others have mentioned, the pace of the film was exceedingly slow.

I found it riveting how the plot and the director focus in on the scheming of Ripley, allowing the audience to be swept up in his improvisation and daring manner of always running under the knife.

Together with his partner in crime Ben Affleck he's one of the most overrated young Hollywood actors of this time, while in fact the both of them are just boring and much too decent to be of any interest ( a bit like a pair of young Kevin Costners).

I've heard Ebert and others say it is fascinating to watch the development of Ripley.

Paltrow plays Marge, Dickie's girlfriend and delivers a performance that is at times bland.

Spending time with young Greenleaf Junior, Ripley finds the man increasingly intriguing and begins to fall in love with him.

The film bore no resemblance to the trailer or the advertising.

The problem is that the film is just far too long at 2 hours and 20 minutes.

The Italian locations are breathtaking in color.

Very, very boring.

The movie was a waste of my time.

predictable and long .

An Odd, Intriguing And - Yes - 'Strange' Film .

But the movie was dumb and a waste of time to see.

Overall, this is intriguing drama-crime story with a lot of suspense and done so without a lot of violence.

The locales in Italy are visually stunning.

What should have been nominated in The Sixth Sense's place, went home at the oscars empty handed.

The movie was very predictable and boring, and I am glad that I rented it so I could fast-forward through nothing, looking for something exciting or watchable that never materialized.

Try the incredible acting, the beautiful dialogue/screenplay, and the absolutely breathtaking direction of Anthony Minghella.

At the end of the movie, they are together on a boat, and nothing happens to Mr. Ripley, except that he disguises himself as Dickie still.

It is an art-house movie that has been boldly introduced into the mass market through the clever use of likable actors, breathtaking cinematography, and excellent technicalities all around.

Despite his chameleonic ability to take on the protective coloration of his surroundings, his non-U origins keep giving him away, most infuriatingly, to the smug, class-conscious playboy Fredo (the ever-enjoyable Phillip Seymour Hoffman).

PSH is always enjoyable.

He is propelled by the excellent screen-writing, as we are given one of the most fascinating character studies ever put to screen.

It is a very solid and engrossing film, full of twists and turns, and ultimately, it captures the audience.

Add to this the breathtaking scenery and cinematography and the diverse musical score (jazz, opera, symphonic) and intelligent script writing and it's a thoroughly fine film.

The film keeps you on the edge of your seat through many plot turns and a surprise ending.

Matt Damon is absolutely convincing in the title role, and along with Jude Law's Dickie Greenleaf, provides the viewer with an incredibly fascinating character study.

Pretentious travelogue .

I would have to disagree and call the film a very complicated and intense character study.

' Gwyneth's performance was good but the story was complicated and confusing.

Everything; right from the manner in which the starting credits are shown (especially the way the movie title is presented) to stunning camera angles, from some great vantage points.

You folks have quite a little racket going in making the rest of us feel inadequate because we want a film to have compelling characters and move forward.

Yet, much to my mild surprise, this turned out to be an intriguing and deeply compelling journey - the journey of a very twisted, dishonest individual, and the tragic effect he has on the people he interacts with.

Therefore, even though "The Talented Mr. Ripley" comes across as entertaining fantasy, it is also surprisingly familiar.

By opting to ignore the typical devices used to create suspense, he crafted an intriguing psychological study.

Matt Damon's performance in this dark, psychologically intense thriller is flawless.

Brilliant, fantastic, thrilling (10/10 rating).

All in all, a riveting, provocative, haunting film.

it was suspenseful and thought-provoking.

This movie was far too long.

First of all this movie has got great pictures and sound (as we know it from the English Patient) but we also have fascinating characters that stand in contrast to each other.

fascinating characters .

Way , way to boring.

An engaging character study of a compulsively deceitful (and possibly high-functioning autistic?

_the talented Mr. Ripley_ is compelling at first but gets confusing and even boring.

This feeling is one I've experienced many times and I find it so fascinating to finally be put on screen.

Don't waste your time.

Tom has become annoying, boring, and even a little homosexual around Dickie.

I'm sorry, but after seeing those gafs, I just couldn't take the film seriously after that, despite excellent performances from Matt Damon, Jude Law and Gwyneth Paltrow, and stunning photography by John Seale.

You will hate the characters, the story, and the dull plodding nature of this sick film.

The directing and cinematography are compelling, and the story itself is fantastic.

The Exceedingly Boring Mr. Ripley .

An intelligent young woman raised to be an empty-headed breeder.

long and boring.

As noted by Jude Law's character he was boring!

What I saw instead was an incredible waste of time.

The drama was intense, the actors were wonderful, and the directing was great.

Talk about boring!

The characters are so engaging that I didn't even feel tempted to look at my watch.

For those who grouse about Matt Damon, I can only say read Patricia Highsmith's very entertaining psychological thriller.

In fact, the most compelling aspect of this movie is that you never truly know Tom Ripley's motivation.

Okay, he does some stuff, but the stuff he does (which he does a few times) gets boring.

This film is absolutely riveting from the first moment to the last.

Minghella's take on this dark, but fascinating story does not come out its flaws nor does it break the boundaries of any cinematic element, it is finely crafted piece of work that can some can somewhat admire.

Ripley wasn't very smart, just lucky, don't waste your time!

The result is a subtle and exciting psychological thriller which surpasses the novel (IMO) and surpasses the old French film by far.

Matt Damon plays a gay (well, sort of) sociopath in this extremely entertaining film by the director of the English Patient.

Quite possibly one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

The central plot becomes lethargic and sometimes the character's actions are confusing as the story shoots off into numerous sub-plots without deciding which one to focus upon.

The whole Highsmith story is probably a lot more intense.

His last shot is masterly -- backing into a closet, the empty wire coat hangers jangling, the closet door shuts.

This movie kept me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end.

Slow perhaps, but absorbing thriller with beautiful scenery .

Anthony Minghella's amazing adaptation takes a competent thriller and explores the inner mechanics of the genre, turning Ripley into a fascinating and unforgettable character study.

As one might expect, things take a distinctly unpleasant turn for the worse when Dickie gets bored of Ripley's company.

Great acting, slow story, huge let down of an ending.

It was incredibly boring.

Well acted, beautifully shot, and at times quite interesting- The Talented Mr. Ripley can be a bit slow at times, but certainly is a very unique and peculiar story that is far worth the watch.

It had its okay moments, but on whole I found this film boring and wouldn't recommend anybody to watch it.

The acting may have been good, the story line may have been good, the cinematography may have been good, BUT it doesn't change the fact that this movie was slow moving, uninteresting in its implementation and a bad adaptation of what sounds like a good book.

However, the whole bit of Tom masquerading to be Dickie, I found took up half the film, for it just dragged on and on, which resulted this film in getting nowhere.

Long, Slow & Boring .

A sensational script adaptation, stunning Italian locations and an extraordinary supporting cast.

So in summary, the movie was beautiful and tedious.

The breathtaking location cinematography (filmed in various historic Italian cities), meticulously transformed into late 1950s authenticity, along with stunning period costume designs an alluring Jazz score, this film has many elements of a soon to be classic.

Initially the slow decent into evil is interesting and the cast holds up.

You've got to give a movie credit of some sort for making Gwyneth Paltrow uninteresting.

Minghella, who created a truly remarkable and excellent film last time around, adapting an even better novel by Ondaatje ("The English Patient", of course), this time has bettered the novelist (Patricia Highsmith), IMHO, with an engaging story worth telling and exceedingly well told.

The novel was already adapted into Purple Noon (1960), but now writer-director Anthony Minghella (The English Patient) takes the basic framework of the novel and creates a compelling character study and a skillful thriller.


Very suspenseful movie, well-acted and well-filmed.

And here comes the second really unbearable scene - the one at the boat.

That's why his pictures were quite slow and without much action.

Even though it's a good movie, I think the ending was somewhat disappointing and depressing, since I was waiting for something to happen at the end, but nothing happened.

A strong cast, excellently directed, gorgeous settings, and a suspenseful plot, with Jude Law delivering both the strongest performance and the most intriguing character.

I guess it is the screenwriter's fault, not hers, that she has such a tedious and familiar role.

Overall: medicore, slow, film, with I think Medicore performanced (except Damon (good)).

Odd but intriguing .

Director, Anthony Minghella, definitely has the creepy and suspenseful tone down.

But Tom's charade is starting to bore Dickie and is being question by those around him, and eventually tragedy strikes Dickie.

Dull and Pathetic .

The script is very well written, and the cinematography is lush, but Anthony Minghella's direction really does use both to make a compelling film.

I saw a comercial for this when I went to see the new James Bond movie, (The World is not Enough) and it looked awesome, but when I went to see it, I was so disapointed, After about 12 people left the theater (There was only about 23 there) My freinds and I left too and got our money back.

Excellent turns and twists, very good supporting roles and the atmosphere holds-up very well, becoming more and more unbearable as the movie goes on.

Great, entertaining stuff.

Complex, intriguing movie .

The film is fascinating and completely pulls you in.

What surprises me is : How a banal movie like this can cash in the opening weekend the same sum which a genial movie like "Being j.

It is a slow-moving and dull 2 and 1/2 hours of waiting for the big bang.

But, for every good scene, there was a scene that was too drawn out.

The cinematography alone is breathtaking.

But it was mildly entertaining.

Every scene seems way too long, every conversation drawn out.

The last act dragged on interminably.

Far too long and where was the psychopathic element to Ripley ?

There are two fascinating central performances by Jude Law and Matt Damon.

I am astounded by the number of reviewers who complained that they were bored by this movie.

The story takes a twisted and confusing turn as Ripley kills Dickie and goes back home and attempts to impersonate Dickie.

This is one of cinema's greatest mysteries; how can a film as well made, constantly intriguing and brilliantly conceived as this one constantly get passed over?

what a waste of time and money.

I still left the theater with chills down my spine.

Thought provoking and entertaining, and even if a touch over long, well worth seeing.

Under the direction of Anthony Minghella who directed the riveting ghost romance "Truly Madly Deeply" and the overlong and mundane "The English Patient", which won him an Oscar in hopes to repeat himself here as well being that this film is also within the 2 hour and 30 minute range.

What I got instead was a long and confusing film with a one-dimensional cartoon character Tom Ripley played by Damon, and a climax that we wait so long for, that when it finally arrives your long past snoring in your seat.

His smile is cliche and annoying.

This movie is definitely worth watching.

It's well-written, clever, complex, intriguing, suspenseful, stylish, powerful, with a great, surprising final scene.

The movie became a little bit slow after Law left.

Its a potboiler, and an entertaining one.

It's a bit long, and boring at times.

Although he's no Hitchcock, he sure tries his best to be, and he actually gives us adequate suspense, good character development and an intriguing little thriller.

Top notch cast and intriguing storyline.

I was bored throughout the second half and was praying that the situation would PLEASE JUST UNRAVEL!

If you choose to ignore the improbable situations, you'll find it entertaining and even exciting when the police start to make enquiries about the disappearance of his friend Dickie.

An intense, thinking-person's thriller .

If you like Merchant Ivory films and other things of this genre, you will enjoy this movie because it has things which appeal to you: lavish sets, serious actors, a pretentious plot, and a long running time.

The Pros to this movie: Excellent Actors/Actresses; Excellent acting; Very interesting story; Suspenseful; and Engaging.

This movie was intense.. The ending could have been better.

The story walks along, never really running too much, and keeps you going along with an even pace taking you along with Ripley on his slow descent and watching as his mind calculates what to do at each major obstacle.

This was a fascinating movie for me.

Although sometimes maligned as a bad career choice for Damon, it is anything but, being a totally riveting and memorable film .

If you're expecting a gripping thriller, may I suggest Breakdown or Arlingtown Road instead.

This is THE worst movie I have ever seen.

The plot, characters, and the storyline were all in depth and very intriguing.

" I can name on one hand, with a finger left to spare, all the movies I have walked out on.

Everything about the film, including Minghella's flawless direction, the breathtaking cinematography and a razor sharp script, combine to form an unforgettable movie experience.

A character who thinks and acts is more worth watching.

I for on, enjoyed it thoroughly.