The Tourist (2010) - Action, Adventure, Crime

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Revolves around Frank, an American tourist visiting Italy to mend a broken heart. Elise is an extraordinary woman who deliberately crosses his path.

Director: Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck
Stars: Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie
Length: 103 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 121 out of 409 found boring (29.58%)

One-line Reviews (433)

About as exciting as watching an all-day fashion shoot.

An excellent movie; totally enjoyable and great acting from all the cast.

For those of you who missed the point, this picture is an homage to the type of lighthearted but very entertaining romantic comedy/adventure/intrigue movies of the 60s that directors like Stanley Donen and Blake Edwards expertly put out.

Pretty Venice But Pretty Boring .

It may be fluff, but it is genuinely entertaining.

But, still, if you are the type who adores a film which takes you away from mundane daily life, you will not be disappointed in this one.

Depp looks bored and non-committal with his rube appointed resume (Wisconsin math teacher) and scruffy look that suaves up in time to get into a clinch with Ms. Jolie, nearly matching her lifelessness.

The story sounds only at the beginning a little intriguing, but not so much to commit the Christmas public too much, the "action" shots are something dèjà vu and not so involving, the script really boring, and the overall effect unimpressive.

As a result, you sit kind of empty-headed as to where the plot should go in order to get you from point A to point B.

There was practically no chemistry with her or Johnny Depp, who I found Depp extremely dull as a character.

Chase sequences dull.

I myself certainly wasn't, wanted more than anything for the talent to be used to full potential and for the film to be at fun intriguing and fun.

The reluctant star, constantly destroying his own image as a sex symbol, and constantly getting dragged to the center of the attentions; (major spoiler) the guy who apparently doesn't know, or understand, anything of what's happening to him, clumsy and trying to avoid focus, only for us to find out that he is the master manipulator behind everything that happens, who even manipulates the most shiny star of the constellation, the one who was supposed to be on top of the game.

von Donnersmark's screenplay was sharp and even though it was cheesy at times, it was still compelling enough to grasp & maintain your attention.

All the right pieces were in place, the movie was just so boring.

You will waste your time.

This movie is worth watching just to watch Jolie parade around in very stylish outfits and gowns.

Inconsequential but mildly entertaining fluff .

The pace is slow and the dialog seems to have been left up to the actors hence...

If you minus the preposturous and predictable ending, I didn't find any problem with The Tourist.

It's funny, exciting with enough spark and suspense to keep even the more action oriented crowd delighted.

dull, dull, and did i say dull?

In one scene what was supposed to be a long, slow romantic approach to each other was interrupted by a song that was far from romantic.

Apart from some evocative shots of Venice this film had little to commend it.

so I wound up pleasantly surprised that the film was, at very least, entertaining.

It's entertaining.

Italy plays an integral role in the aura & plot of "The Tourist" and von Donnersmark did an admirable job in highlighting Italy's breathtaking features with a fast paced narrative.

The plot is a little thin, but the story is still entertaining.

The story went up and down, and got really predictable and cheesy at the end.

4) the investigators arrive at a station in the middle of the day and it is completely empty.

'The Tourist' is sensuously photographed, the costumes are suitably elegant and the locations positively dazzle, Venice in particular look stunning.

Even if it's not the kind of dark Euro thriller you might be expecting, this is still a very entertaining movie that will keep you hooked all the way.

It's just an enjoyable movie experience and I found it even short, ...

Both Depp and Jolie played their parts beautifully and convincingly, Depp as a dorky American math teacher and Jolie as a stunning and cold English-woman who seems to have conflicting feelings toward Depp's character, Tupelo.

But the bigger problem is that even with all the action and chases, it still somehow feels, at least to me, slow throughout the entire movie.

Therefore while harboring an expectation to be thoroughly disappointed, unexpectedly it turned out to be very entertaining both to me and my partner, maybe a part of the merit should be owe to the cinema's comfortable VIP room.

The plot was way too predictable.

How the creative team behind this managed to make a dull and derivative movie with two of the hottest stars of our generation is a mystery.

THE TOURIST is the odd couple, the postcard-picture film of the summer days, the who-what-where-why, the snappy dialog film of the year, sort of.

Until then, I suppose we'll have to make due with von Donnersmarck's sometimes compelling, occasionally painful action/romance.

Depp, Jolie, von Donnersmarck and stunning locations - surely it will be fantastic!

In many ways, I thought that Depp transposed his Captain Jack Sparrow character into the movie and although it bothered me a little because I felt he could have worked harder to get rid of that, I still enjoyed it.

But particularly, a) the stupid, hackneyed dialog; b) the snail's pace (a BAD sign for a "thriller"); c) the utter misuse of Mr. Depp and Ms. Jolie's considerable talents; d) the contrived plot; d) the lack of a single character worthy of caring about.

This movie is just bland.

The Tourist is no classic, but mildly entertaining.

The action scenes are exciting and even the dialogue has some charm.

Boring Altogether .

It continued at this overly slow pace.

Also,Jolie looks possibly the best she's looked on screen to date in the film,the woman is breathtaking.

Very dull.

sexy, intriguing, a bit of action and comedy.

The film was misadvertised as an action movie causing many audiences to find themselves bored and disappointed.

I didn't watch the entire movie from start to finish, as it was so boring and I was so tired; it wasn't worth staying up and losing sleep over it!

The plot line wasn't one of the greatest I have seen, pretty confusing and at some point it seemed that the actors were starting to improvise the story on their on.

One word summary for this movie: Yawn.

This is a lighthearted, fun, yet suspenseful film with a distinctly 60's feel (although it takes place in modern times).

This amusing and entertaining film was directed by a German count named Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, famous for his previous feature film, THE LIVES OF OTHERS (2007), and who is six feet eight inches tall!

If you want to see Angelina Jolie's or Johnny Depp's face shot a thousand times, and always in the same expression, you will probably get satisfied by this movie, which may indeed be considered as a slide show of pictures of the two actors, moving slowly with a boring soundtrack, and nothing more.

However if it isn't, then shouldn't it be more enjoyable?

Everything else is pretty much bland - from the acting to the boring plot.

The film has a slow-medium pace to it, with some of the second half being suitable for insomnia.

As it turned out I rather enjoyed it.

The worst movie ever....

"The Tourist" is slick, clever, and entertaining; the film is intelligent and leads to surprises that are truly surprises.

Steven Berkoff gets a chance to shine somewhat by bringing some distinguishable and compelling elements to the role of Shaw.

There is a good bit of action, but generally the pace is slow and leisurely, with the focus building up to the the end of the movie.

The movie is visually stunning.

The pace is languid and the director wants to show Venice at its best , all most like a tourist advert and makes for a fairly boring film .

Waste of 2 hours of your life .

The worst movie I've seen in a long time .

"Dead Poets Society" lenser John Seale makes every shot of our well-coiffed heroine in control and our debonair hero in jeopardy around scenic Venice appear absolutely stunning.

In the train, she's sitting on the edge of her seat all the time.

It looked exciting and suspenseful, as well as containing elements of an action flick and even some romance.

Still, I think the whole thing is entertaining enough, if there's really nothing else you have to do with those 103 minutes of your time and if you leave the great expectations at home, which obviously burdened the writers of all those two-star-reviews.

venice is a total cliché.

Paul Bettany is a good actor and does a decent job here but there is one scene where he plays a joke on Depp's character, which felt pointless.

An atrocious waste of talent, money and most of all, time.

She didn't seem to walk but float, perhaps intentionally adding to the cliché.

It can't even get away with being a guilty pleasure because it's dull.

As far slow starts, I think this has one of the slowest starts I have ever seen.

And by the time it finishes doing that, in Venice, everybody in the audience is bored to death and wondering what's for diner.

There is an attempt to make the film look classy by shooting in Paris and Venice, it only adds to the sense of cliché and cheapness.

The movie starts off as a clever and fast-paced spy story but becomes muddled and even a bit boring later on; the twist-ending didn't seem to fit.

This movie is just bland .

The plot was predictable, I mean, within the first five minutes predictable.

The Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie vehicle "The Tourist" got deported from most film critics' "promising 2010 movies" list and was even charged of global conspiracy by its various unexpected Golden Globe nominations.

Surprisingly entertaining .

They are especially easy to love when they happen to feature a host of Hollywood favourites in highly entertaining roles.

Lighthearted and unexpected, THE TOURIST is hilariously awkward in the best way possible.

Elise reappears to save Frank through a slow boat chase.

And the appearance of Timothy Dalton like I say, saves the dull unexciting climax.

Dull, predictable and did I mention dull .

whereas this masterpiece of lazy incompetence would be a wonderful discussion piece for how to choose music that's bland for a thriller, how to write dull dialogue, how not to build suspense, etc.

Highly enjoyable - ignore the bad reviews.

Part of the plot is the tried-and-true "mistaken identity" device in which the authorities and the mob appear to be confusing the clueless tourist with the unseen letter-writer.

File under 'enjoyable enough and then some', and it's got both Jolie and Depp in it.

Aside from seeing Timothy Dalton again (whi, incidentally is incredibly under-rated as an actor due to his failure at Bond, James Bond), this was a yawner.

The film has some beautiful photography of European cities taken obviously from helicopter , and some breathtaking scenes of the European countryside as a train passes through it.

See, most films I've recently seen have taken place in this oddly tinged turquoise or mauve or other dull coloured world, ever since the late 90s when someone (the Wachowski's I believe) discovered the 'hue' knob on their editing suite and forgot how to reset it.

And, I have to say that the climax was pretty unpredictable and came as a surprise.

Sure, Angelina looked gorgeous (Johnny, not so much) and the scenery was crisp and absolutely breathtaking – much like Angelina, but both leads looked as tired and bored with the so-called script.

(The voice-over for the note is Jolie, which is somewhat confusing at first, because the writer is male.

Slow and predictable, this movie is full of visual clichés.

At times sharp and at others clichéd, the script sometimes forgets whether it is more of a comedy than a thriller and vice versa - and there are some confusing moments too.

I found "The Tourist" to be an enjoyable jaunt...

After that the intriguing and interesting moments of the movie start.

This is the worst movie a person can possibly see.

And I've never been to Venice, so this movie filled in some free time one dreary afternoon.

Unexpectedly Entertaining - It's Not That Bad.

Even Depp and Jolie themselves are a disappointment, with Depp looking bored out of his mind most of the time and Jolie never really taking to her role.

The tourist tries to be something far more masterful than it is, it has many flaws, and the script and plot need a little work, but besides that this is an enjoyable, entertaining comedy thriller.

She is stunning.

The Story line had everything; it was Fun, Exciting, Action and Romantic, an all in one movie.

I feel this is the main reason the Tourist never turns into the slightly dark thriller mood of the original, which was pretty cool, but in a rather predictable romantic comedy where characters are so clichéd the whole thing seems to turn into a Leslie Nielsen parody on the genre.

Having a flat and boring script that should have went down the toilet, The Tourist is a complete borefest.

First of all,I must say that this movie was entertaining.

On that same page, I also have to point out that the film itself was very slow moving and could have been cut down to an hour and a half to make the film flow better.

The formulaic screenplay, sketchy characters, and the absence of anything masquerading as momentum undercuts this static picture-postcard exercise in suspense.

The location is BREATHTAKING!!!

) and they're playing two dull people.

The strange thing is: Florian Henckel von Donnersmark made a superb, thrilling and historically interesting film a few years back with his 'Lives of Others'.

Great attention was given to the little things which in turn allows the viewer to experience a greater level of participation As far as I am concerned, the genius of the director is felt every step of the way, and if you prefer a genuine mysterious interaction between people (and some riveting drama/action scenes) over a parade of special effects, then you are in for a wonderful treat.

Predictable Plot twist spoiled the whole movie.

The climax of this film is very predictable, underwhelming, and dragging.

For another, it's too disjointed.

The romance is cheesy and unbelievable, the comedy is few and far between, the police are incompetent, the gangsters are pointless and the action is dull.

The rest of the actors were stunning!

From virtually the very first scene, this movie bored me, with the result being that I found it difficult to pay close attention and for a while was totally lost as I tried to figure out the plot.

While I am a fan of Angelina, and she looks absolutely gorgeous in this, she is pretty much flat out boring.

The Tourist left me with a bland aftertaste.

Also easy to watch are the stunning location shots in Europe; particularly Venice.

What follows is the most predictable set of events you could imagine.

Not all of this, this is really confusing.

The story moves along fast and there's plenty of engaging action sequences, the stand out being one involving boats.

Even when it did it was slow, humourless and seemed to be an excuse to watch Angelina being astonishingly beautiful in a variety of couture outfits around Europe.

Wooden and Bland.

' I personally thought it was a nice, enjoyable movie with some great stars, some funny lines and intriguing characters.

Wow, what a waste of time and money...

The film is very slow and lacks action sequences.

Depp's character is meant to be a bland everyman, which doesn't work because Depp himself is too colourful.

In conclusion, The Tourist is a horrible waste of time, and I suggest you not to make the same mistake as me, and to avoid it any cost.

He was as dull as…well, a math teacher from Wisconsin?

Nevertheless, a decent, entertaining, if perhaps somewhat predictable but enjoyable outcome.

Editing monotone, terrible overall direction.

Did Depp's character need to be so dull?

Instead it is dull.

German director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck makes a point to stand Jolie out, her image and presence the unadulterated centre of the film's early sense of focus; her radiant white figure a sight amidst the greyed out, dull dress-sense of the other Paris based folk - the film using the surveillance truck to establish the scopophilic qualities Elise possess.

A remake of a film that, from these results, seems not worth viewing once, The Tourist is a lame and leaden bore from start to finish.

The visuals are simply stunning, whether that describes the beautiful European vistas, lavish homes and hotels or the lead actors, there is definitely eye candy everywhere.

If you want to waste some time on a lazy afternoon or have to watch filler with the family, this will suffice.

I believe some of the confusion his character displays is genuine.

Predictable plots make one of the greatest directors in the world deliver a just about average film, though the film has been beautifully taken in a beautiful location, Venice.

When a movie attempts to build up something it is accused of being slow and boring.

Stardom shadowed by foolish cops, directorship limited by predictable plots .

It's all face time for the hotties which I surmise are supposed to turn up the heat based on their good looks alone since the vapid plot and predictable pursuers lack even a scintilla of originality or suspense.

Still, this is definitely a movie worth watching if one has a quite free afternoon and wants to enjoy a thriller without the complications of having to figure out an intensely 'cerebral' plot.

Eliciting little more than a few chuckles and a whole lot of apathy, The Tourist makes its mark as one of this year's most pointless and useless films.

This movie is a complete waste of time.

A pleasant enough film, given the locales, good supporting actors, and occasional flashes of humour ("Buon giorno", to which Depp replies "Bon Jovi") all mean that it's not entirely wasted time, but the sketchy plot and formulaic ending which most people can anticipate about ten minutes into the movie certainly don't provide a real challenge.

com/title/tt0411118/at the beginning of the movie, i keep guessing that the plot is going to another direction, but it gets worse (i mean cliché) every time another scene appears.

but an enjoyable ride nonetheless.

Angelina Jolie's character I imagine is supposed to appear quirky yet classy and alluring but I found her to be is dull, emotionless and annoying.

In a glamorous role that would have suited Grace Kelly in another era, Angelina Jolie is ravishingly elegant in a series of stunning costumes and coiffures as a woman of mystery in "The Tourist.

This movie is extremely boring and and a really huge drag.

All right, I've just watched this throwback to the Hitchcock romance suspensers of the '50s with Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie in roles that might have been taken by Cary Grant and Grace Kelly way back then with my movie theatre-working friend in tow and while he may have had the time of his life, I admit I partly fell asleep during some of the beginning but managed to mostly keep awake when some exciting scenes came on.

Highly enjoyable - ignore the bad reviews .

Rush to see the original, which turns out to be shorter, neater and more suspenseful, without the useless extra action of Johny Depp playing the Equilibrist ...

Even though the movie was entertaining.

The story seems to be stretched, with long and boring scenes, as to come at least to a 90 minutes timerun, and the attempt at some "fun" does not get to enliven the overall dullness of the whole picture.

This film is an entertaining romp!

Lives, a sober but suspenseful crafted work dealing with the dreaded Stasi in drab East Germany was everything this sloppy escapist drivel isn't.

Also, even though the film lacks action there are enough plot twists that keeps the film enjoyable and relaxing.

And why they found it necessary to put Jolie in a stunning dress for every scene with people gawping at her is beyond me.

This movie was really unpredictable and it was really interesting to watch it!

It does however, boast two of the world's biggest stars (you would not want to miss it if you are fans of Jolie and/or Depp), great supporting cast, breathtaking scenery (European tourism is set to boost after this) and simple, mindless fun.

So the movie and the premise was a little mocking, a little off kilter, a little slapstickish, and little straightforwardish, and overall entertaining because of it all.


There are several plot twists that may result a little unbelievable, but the movie still makes for an entertaining time.

The most confusing of all was what type of movie was this?

At least we were treated to some stunning shots of Venice.

Maybe it is just me, but if you showed Angelina Jolie painting a wall for 103 minutes, I would find it worth watching and recommending.

It's a good, intriguing ride, the holes in the plot don't really matter, the lightness of touch is sustained throughout (Depp has Cary Grant's gift for comedy), they did bother, so what the hell.

She looked so elegant and graceful which makes you angry because she's so stunning, you want to pinch yourself.

Save your money, rent these instead.

Having said this, it was still enjoyable; I am a girl after all and love the romance of it.

Ms. Jolie looks as stunning as ever, and the scenery is wonderful.

This is one of my favorite movies because it has a breathtaking storyline, which is full of intrigues and secrets.

This movie falls flat, way flat, so flat I thought I was going to fall asleep.

Alfred Hitchcock would have been a Hollywood failure today because the first hour of most of his movies were slow, meticulous, and borderline boring while setting us up for the second hour of intrigue.

This certainly isn't gonna win any Oscars or anything, but it does it's job as an entertaining thrilling mystery.

I didn't expect it, and it was a surprise for me, and it is all due to the intriguing storyline of the movie, which doesn't allow us to see and understand the end.

Now, the faster Frank and Elise run, the more intense their romance grows.

I would have to say that this movie was very predictable.

or maybe it's unsubtle direction signaling every contrived twist and turn before it happens.

Some really boring scenes that could easily be kicked out.

A complete bore with a storyline we have seen a 1000 times before.

Depp's a great actor and he brings his natural charm to this film at times but it's not enough to save what is, put simply, a dull character with not much going for him.

Rather than pretending that this is one of the all-time great adventure films, enjoy it for what it is: A remake of a classic crimi-lark, intriguing, romantic in a quirky Depp-ish kind of way, surprising, and just the movie to satisfy my need to Depp.

The Tourist - Enjoyable.

But despite all of its weaknesses, on the small screen in the home it comes across as an Italian delicacy well worth watching.

The characters are so superficial and cliché and the plot so standard that you can guess everything that will happen.

Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie's chemistry was brilliant, the ending was completely unpredictable, and it had the perfect mixture of romance, action, and comedy.

The thrill of a chase in a film should have you on the edge of your seat and surprise you with some close calls.

The downside: "The Tourist" is deathly slow in passages following a rather ordinary story of mistaken identity, intrigue, and espionage.

Formulaic, badly directed, slow, and not even well-acted.

Even though the storyline was a bit confusing and the ending was predictable, Donnersmark was very clever on how she would keep the storyline going, with the comedy.

oh, this review is asking me to write at least 10 lines of text, which i feel it's very challenging due to the boring nature of the movie.

"The Tourist" is a relaxing sometimes-bland romance flick with minute amounts of action and not the other way around.

Unfortunately for this star-studded flick, the tonal inconsistencies embedded within a ludicrous yet predictable story can't elevate itself above the rest, thus instantly becoming forgettable.

Boring and dull, sorry.

Jolie, to some extent riffing the Fujiko Mine character, is enjoyable and the connection we feel between both her and Depp works well.

The Tourist is nowhere near the dreck they claim it is, and we found it entertaining and fun from beginning to end.

"The Tourist" is another movie I saw that has too much explained story, and very slow pacing and it could be boring if you are an action fanatic.

First of all the film is boring, boring to the nth degree.

The story for this film is a little weak to say the least, the direction is confused and genuinely you could cut a Perfume commercial from the rushes and this would be a much better use of the films footage, because Jolie looks amazing in the 12 (or so) different stunning dresses she wears throughout the film.

worth the watch !!.

I can tell the ending was supposed to be the great plot change, but it was just the crazy cherry on top of an already uneatable, boring cake.

The scenery is stunning.

As for the story told in "The Tourist", well it was quite nice actually, captivating and interesting, though it was was rather predictable.

Call me silly, call me naive or say any other negative comment that occurs to you but the film was, for me at least, hugely entertaining and a marvelous way to spend a late afternoon on a warm Perth evening.

Because as a director you have to bring something worth watching to distract the audience from a truly awful storyline!

I feel it pointless to describe what's wrong with it.

This is a film that's genuinely entertaining, from start to finish.

I found this movie way too slow and tedious.

Director Florian von Donnersmark disappoints as 'The Tourist' is as bland as a burger without meat/soya.

The terrible direction is the films main loss of points and the dialog Bethany that makes each character uninteresting which leads to your basic "yes" or "no" answers.

We sit through an four and twenty minutes of boring silliness only to end up with another 20 minutes of slightly less silliness.

I was thoroughly disappointed, though, as 'the Tourist' is one of the worst movies out there, containing a lot of badly shot clichés!

Whereas the original was a straight romantic thriller which was quite fast paced and more kinetic this version has a very different chemistry to it.

But decided to check it out since it has Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie in it, since the movies they are in is entertaining most of the time.

So Slow the Clock Stops .

This is a very dull movie, including the dialogue.

The movie was slow to begin with and pretty much kept a similar pace throughout.

This one surprised me - I enjoyed it more than I was guessing I would.

But it was still very enjoyable and moved along nicely.

It's a return to the trans-European train riding, gun blazing, espionage and cold-war spy romp done with the sort of humour Depp excels at with the sultry tease but action packed character brought to life by Jolie.

Predictable, Silly and a Waste of Time .

If not, then you probably shouldn't waste your time.

The scenes in the film which result from building tension are quite predictable.

The one liners are also enjoyable and the whole film is stylish, in a great setting and smooth.

The plot was boring and unconvincing.

This is just bad and utterly boring.

This is a very entertaining little bit of cinema, somewhat similar to such movies as To Catch a Thief.

Really slow .

The rest of the film trades in big, melodramatic brush-strokes, every emotion grand, every moment as broad as possible, Donnersmarck's images and music either big, bombastic and pounding or slow and sultry, like slowly melting million-dollar ice-cream.

Even though this is a great match-up, the ball was dropped by German director, Florian Henkel Van Donnersmark, with his flat and uninteresting dialogue that forced these actors to try and work what little tools they were given.

rather boring and unimpressive .

Johnny Depp is without doubt, one of the most sought after and versatile actors in Hollywood known for his quirky roles but in The Tourist, he looked dull (how is this even possible) and somewhat downplayed, despite being one of the two leads.

Forced to play it straight without his usual eccentricities, Depp seems bored.

It is really slow to get the ball rolling.

Besides the lovely views of Venice and Angelina Jolie looking damn stunning,the movie had really intriguing twists and constantly had you thinking about Alexander Pierse.

Yeah, it was not hard to guess the "twist" near the end, but it was an enjoyable, mellow ride.

She too looks bored.

It may be the character he plays, but it's boring.

Characters and relationships aren't fleshed out enough, and it's a predictable film - North by Northwest is far superior.

the movie dragged .

Sad to say, I think this is Johnny Depp's least-compelling performance.

But after finally setting ground with a Tourist viewing, I must admit that I found it to be very entertaining.

Jolie has a mega fatale look but her dialog is trite and she delivers it with a comatose inflection that more or less says, with a face and body like this whose listening?

In brief i could say that the acting and cinematography were great, people that do not know the story will like it, though it is pretty predictable even if you haven't watched the original french movie.

It's more a light drama - and a very enjoyable one at that.

Ted's Evaluation -- 3 of 3: Worth watching.

I thought this movie was fairly entertaining.

Timothy Dalton as a gangster is the weakest aspect particularly his contrived conclusion.

Timothy Dalton's small role as his boss is most entertaining.

Director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck it would seem has a difficult job to knead the ingredients into something worth watching, he manages to abstain from the wall to wall buffoonery of the aforementioned Knight and Day by focusing more on the aesthetic delights of his stars and scenery, allowing Jolie and Depp room to conjure up an at times engaging on screen chemistry.

Johnny Depp And Angelina Jolie Sizzle Up The Screen in Exciting and Romance Thriller.

She bored me.

Good actors doing a passable (albeit slightly bored) job.

This much more slower rendition focuses more on the CHARADE approach to deceptive criminal action, supported by a decent musical backdrop, and more of an emphasis on character and plot than action and thrills.

Mainstream short thrillers that do not require much concentration are fine for passing time, and can make for an enjoyable experience.

Anyway--the long and short of it is, in my opinion, that this was a fun flick worth watching.

The main challenge is trying to stay awake while seeing it.

Even if Donnersmarck tries to make a scene suspenseful it still fail.

"The Tourist" is funny, sexy and very intriguing.

Very dull movie that is poorly written, even the actor and actress didn't seem to care about this movie .

Old-fashioned, but worth watching .

Has some entertainment value, but a lot of this movie is boring.

But what the hell, we all need a but of mindless, amusing, intriguing and suspenseful entertainment, and if you can get two actors as sexy as Jolie and Depp to co-star in your vehicle, so much the better.

A predictable plot, stereotypical roles which appear to be borrowed from Pink Panther.

Undemanding, intriguing caper - a modern twist on an old favourite.

Overall, the movie is not what you would expect, but it kept my attention, and it is a little entertaining.

I rented this movie knowing that the reviews hadn't been good, but was pleasantly surprised that the movie was very enjoyable.

It's got the cliché's-chases, running around, twists and turns and you aren't really sure who is who and what their motives are until the very end.

But I have to say, it could be the most boring appearance of Angelina Jolie of all-time.

And finally, the pace of this movie is too slow and makes the whole experience dull.

I loved her outfits, she was stunning.

Enjoyable and lighthearted for its own good.

it is boring.

Johnny Depp also very ho-hum.

This is an entertaining, light-hearted film with brilliant visuals and great character acting: Angelina a mysterious nymph and Johnny as a bumbling tourist.

The movie is bit boring in the beginning because you don't see the clever plot that it's setting you up for.

Especially during the opening scene she had such a "come and get it" face which was interesting, she had a mystery about her which was intriguing.

It's made out to be an action/thriller with a constant, heart-racing traction, though the actual tone plays out as a somewhat light hearted mystery with an element of humor and some romance that comes across as lackadaisical, never knowing which angle to stick with, which makes the general mood an emotionally confusing and conflicting experience for a viewer.

It's predictable, boring and has the worst pace I've seen in any movie this year.

Bit of a let down for me; lacking action and in drastic need of compelling dialog.

But I admit that the combination of Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie could have created something more intense and profound that would have been worth an unforgettable blockbuster.

It is occasionally funny and it's most interesting scene is a scene in which Johnny Depp's character is running, but apart from that it is a boring, dull film.

What an absolute waste of time!!

Depp's performance is a mix of hamminess and being bored out of his mind.

Right from the start its obvious that this is a cat and mouse game, with diversion and confusion, Elise is told and she knows that she is been followed as she is part of it all, she deliberately leaves a trail to be chased to tidy up the loose ends and start afresh.

I did not find this movie interesting at all, i fell asleep in the middle of the movie, it was very boring and very dull and very dry.

Boring, in fact.

Boring, Unoriginal, and not worth 3 Golden Globes Nominations .

Though the screen time of Jolie might distract the less critical viewer, the shallow content of this movie will eventually expose the boring, uncharismatic, borderline annoying nature of this train wreck.

For those expecting a thrilling action adventure, look somewhere else.

Depp (who doesn't exactly seem like a clueless tourist from Wisconsin) acts flattered that a woman who just walked out of Vogue Magazine would sit by him on the train.

The lines were few, although that may have been a positive, because they were so boring.

Simply Entertaining .

Standing in French couture upon a motor boat in Venice, Italy the stunning Angelina Jolie says, "Jack, come with me!

Naturally, Frank is taken by Elise's stunning appearance and seductive manner and agrees to spend the night with her at a posh hotel.

This shot only took a couple of minutes and was comparable to watching paint dry.

On a Monday night in Sussex it was really enjoyable.

Apart they're somewhat mysteriously dull but together they are quite entertaining.

The Tourist is 90% Angelina Jolie looking stunning.

But that's not for now, this review is for an undeniably entertaining movie.

Without a CG creature in sight… And that's exactly what we get here: two good actors having a great time with a slight, though still extremely entertaining and watchable story.

Scotland Yard and intrepid Inspector John Acheson (intense Paul Bettany) are tracking Elise in attempt to recover $740 million in owed taxes.

Other than that it was pretty much OK, but all the effort throughout the movie to distract and to cover what was uncovered right at the beginning rendered the whole movie pointless.

Watching actors Depp and Jolie interact is fascinating when viewed in the right light - it's a parody of a dramatic whirlwind romance, not a real one.

The movie simply seemed too unrealistic and predictable to be an effective thriller.

But this movie turned out to be something AMAZING and exciting!

Then the primary focus on Jolie and Depp feels slightly self-indulgent as they hardly act at all, which feels frustrating when Bettany and Dalton deserve better.

Take my advice, don't waste your time with a film that deliberately wastes yours!

The actors seemed bored and uninterested throughout the film.

The main problem with The Tourist is the plot and screenplay (written by von Donnersmarck, McQuarrie, and Fellowes) which is very unbelievable at times, but the actors and the beautiful European scenery make this a very entertaining film.

For disappointment, stupid end, emasculation of a nice idea, bizarre cast, errors, clichés, boring sequences, stupid script, lost of time, punishment for every actor in a very hideous Procust bed, mutilation of Visconti's Venice, childish show and nomination for Golden Globe Award.

Of course these genres can mix together great, but The Tourist just jumps to one bad joke to another cliché and then back to a Disney feeling.

See it for the stunning Jolie, see it for her outfits, see it for Venice, see it for the twists.

Much like the boat chase it seemed to be happening at a very slow pace.

It's totally waste of time .

Curiously engaging procession of colourful locations and attractive stars whom are out-fancified by an uproarious narrative combining for a dumb-fun picture.

It's a shame really because these two, had they committed, and with a better script perhaps could've made something really enjoyable to watch.

This is a movie to watch in a boring holiday with a wine and taste to watch a different style movie.

The action scene music was fine, but the hotel scene--which was too long as it is--seemed even longer with that dull tempo.

Once again, a director take a french movie (Anthony Zimmer) to turn it into bad predictable American movie.

Empty performances with no emotion at all.

After a sexual tease and intense night, Frank finds out that Elise picked him to distract Scotland Yard inspector, John Acheson (Paul Bettany), and a furious mobster from catching her lover.

With shallow characterisation, contrived plotting and in truth some highly uninteresting acting, this touristic experience is one best avoided by staying at home.

There's obviously a plot and a story which I won't bother to go into, suffice to say it's predictable, seen a thousand times before and boring quite frankly.

If only they had picked a better project together the combined talent could have made for a truly entertaining film.

But for the first half of the movie I was already bored.

How to Make a Plodding Movie.

The pacing was so unbelievably slow.

'The Tourist' takes place in a nice, bright, yellow world which made me feel like a tourist (ironically) taking a vacation from the other dull coloured movie worlds.

When the movie is so slow and the makeup so heavy that you are wondering what kind of spatula they used to slather it on, it's not good.

Even though the twist in the end is downright ridiculous, it's also predictable.

Guess that proves he played the part well, but, in fact, he only managed to be as boring as hell.

I kept falling asleep during the 1st half (I never fall asleep during a movie, I'm a total move dork) so the 1st half was very slow.

There were too many trite, over-the-top sequences in this movie, such as the protagonist rushing in against all odds to save his lady.

I think "entertaining" is a correct description.

When did 'silly' suddenly become a synonym for 'waste of time?

There is no plot in the movie.. and the so called twist will surely hit you at the very start of the movie itself.. if it doesn't i am need help..!! coming back to the movie now, Jhonny Depp...

Don't waste your money

This ending was so unexpected that I ended up watching the credits with my mouth opened.

It's too slow moving.

In one scene Jolie wears a stunning red gown to a royal ball that is breathtaking.

This film is quite enjoyable.

It might either too predictable or too laughable (or both at the same time).

There were some average action scenes, a little bit of tension and a little bit of humour that created an very entertaining and diversified mixture and concentrated on a charming atmosphere like in an old fashioned romantic bourgeoisie movie.

Style over substances and thrills in this snore fest .

I wish that The Tourist had challenged those low expectations, but it unfortunately ended up being at that level, stealing us 103 minutes from our lives with a tedious story, null chemistry between Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie and an atmosphere which pretends to be sophisticated when it in fact is repetitive and excessively simple.

Even so, the tone feels up and down and has its moments of plodding along as it shoots inconsequential scenes and scenarios while the characters don't always feel like a solid part of the framework.

In fact, during a recent experiment it was discovered that approximately 67% of people who watch The Tourist fall asleep at least once during the movie (based on a sample size of three people).

There are funny moments in the movie, and overall it is a very enjoyable time spent watching it.

How can two great stars agree to such a bore as 'The Tourist' (1.5/5 Stars)?

A gorgeous, visually stunning movie!.

As an action thriller, it is slow and unexciting to say the least.

But that's pretty much of the film, if you like Hollywood action movies with some funny parts and entertaining only, go ahead.

It really gets dull and boring.

At times the film feels intense and brooding, other times it feels like a carefree romp through the waterways of Venice.

Yet if you can put your modern expectations away for a moment, I think you will find this film is quite an enjoyable ride.

Don't waste your time on this film .

They check into the stunning Danieli Hotel into a deluxe suite with Grand Canal view.

Is slow slow slow and without dialogs.

Maybe The Borefest!

The plot is predictable, the acting is horrendous (in fact, the supporting actors are better than the lead characters), the story is bad, the romance is forced...

I would say people should see this movie if they like twists, romantic, action packed or funny movies because the has all of them in one.

For the critics that say that Depp was puffy and boring, I think that you are missing the point of the character.

Although the story is transparent and there is little to suggest anything other than fluff, still the movie is entertaining and sustains enough interest to keep an audience engaged.

Also, the ending was way predictable.

Now I'm not saying it's the greatest film of all time, but I found it quite enjoyable.

Even Venice looks banal.

The film's rife with clichés and predictable at every turn.

It's an intriguing story but it is very predictable.

An enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours.

Watch it if you want to fall asleep .

With that being said, Depp is comical in "The Tourist" and he uses his charm on the audience to really make him the most enjoyable thing about the film.

The only saving grace a running joke that has Depp's character, not speaking Italian, speaks Spanish to the Italians and the Italians respond in Spanish, specially the scene with Christian De Sica (son of Vittorio) in which De Sica replays "De nada" So, the lesson learned is the eternal cliché.

But maybe the idea was to make him uninteresting and boring to begin with.

This film, with Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp, was not quite a masterpiece because you could easily find out what happens next, but had the most incredible and unexpected ending.

I have to just say this film was awful, predictable from the outset, the dialogue was naff and corny.

Backed up by bad acting and a flat and boring script that should have went down the toilet, The Tourist is a complete borefest.

Is cleverness another word for tedious?

I can't recall one bad movie Johnny Depp has made lately, he seems to always bring a new and different look every time and his charisma always comes through to make him likable or at least give the viewers an entertaining time.

After the first ten minutes, it is lacking suspense and gets boring.

When it ends it feels like nothing happened .

I also heard from previous reviewers that the story- line was predictable.

literally from the first 5 minutes i was already bored and not paying any attention, this movie has been done a million times just different stars, the whole Russian mob chasing after money, spies , the lame love story it was all there.

It's dull, boring and has drowned in its own pretensions that it will only ever be seen as a 'nice' movie.

Worth watching if you want a more serious Johnny Depp.

A vivacious, adventurous, crowd-pleasing comedy-action flick such as this is always welcome amongst the heavier adult fodder in today's world of cinema – the snappy, witty dialogue; the stylishly captured espionage; the wildly-conceived plots: we just lap it up ravenously.

The movie has some good action scenes and is entertaining most of the time.

A horrible waste of time .

Jolie is mesmerisingly stunning as she activates Lara Croft mode for a mismatched British accent (again).

Totally engrossing from start to finish, and play the game of spot the actor, there are so many well know ones in there with small 'bit' parts!

The story written by none other than Julian Fellowes ('Gosford Park', 'Separate Lies', 'Young Victoria', 'Vanity Fair', 'From Time to Time') with director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, Christopher McQuarrie, and Jérôme Salle (whose 2005 French thriller 'Anthony Zimmer' spawned this American version) is quirky by entertaining, and the musical score by James Newton Howard adds distinction to the film.

Whatta complete waste of high calibre talent let alone time!

This film had an intriguing plot to it, very mysterious.

Save the money and the 2hours of time in your life, it's really not worthy of being at a cinema.

Clearly it was aiming to be like an Alfred Hitchcock film, that is a given fact but I feel bad comparing a geniuses work with this, a painfully dull film that tries to be entertaining.

More details are revealed about the pair's predicament and as the story progresses, the ending becomes slightly more predictable.

Lots of fluff but entertaining.

A thorough enjoyable fun getaway .

Her physical appearance doesn't detract from the performance, however, and her chemistry with Depp is what makes "The Tourist" sail, though the plot is eventually blown in an unexpected and unwelcome direction, after which the film struggles to stay afloat.

The viewing experience in the end is fairly satisfying as the tourist does little more than flaunt its good looks in an entertaining fashion that masks successfully its flaws.

It's a little mediocre, predictable and not very impressing.

Combining this with the location of Venice, this could have been a fabulous film to watch where it not for poor cinematography, sub-par storytelling, an uninteresting script, forgettable characters, the list goes on.

Boring and unimaginative at best .

Directed by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck and co-starring Steven Berkoff and Timothy Dalton; splendidly decadent, impeccably engrossing and unexpectedly hilarious, The Tourist is, in the end, really only let down by two nigglingly unsound plot points.

The entire beginning was pretty boring and many of the scenes were useless to the plot of the story.

However, if you watch the movie without having seen the trailers and without having any expectations, then "The Tourist" will prove quite entertaining.

It was a very predictable movie featuring Jolie, in a bad attempt to be made in the Sofia Loren of the 2000's.

Entertaining & light hearted romance .

Very predictable, very less substance in the story .

Lack of chemistry and bored looking actors.

Although it didn't sweep the Oscars (just a couple of Golden Globe nominations, Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress) it is an enjoyable movie experience and any fans of Depp or Angelina will surely get a kick out of it, especially at the end!

I predict a downward spiral for both Jolie and Depp if they continue making boring movies that no one wants to see.

Johnny Depp is boring with only hints of interesting.

The scenery is stunning.

Meantime, Donnersmarck and scenarists Christopher McQuarrie of "The Usual Suspects" and Julian Fellowes of "Vanity Fair" have contrived what amounts to a predictable potboiler about mistaken identities.

The story is pretty simple and routine but it does have a couple clever twists towards the end and the climax is enjoyable.

She's more runway model in the middle of a show than character of intrigue morphing at times into a stunning and stilted statue.