The Turning (2020) - Drama, Horror, Mystery

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A young governess is hired by a man who has become responsible for his young nephew and niece after their parents' deaths. A modern take on Henry James' novella "The Turn of the Screw."

IMDB: 3.8
Director: Floria Sigismondi
Stars: Mackenzie Davis, Finn Wolfhard
Length: 94 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 128 out of 361 found boring (35.45%)

One-line Reviews (248)

As for the good, this movie is beautifully shot and the sets are truly stunning, I wish I could steal all of the furniture they used.

A waste of my time and money...

Add two cliche upper crust 1% spoiled brats.


Don't Waste Your Time .

Don't waste your time watching this movie.

this is probably the worst movie I've seen in years, this was worse than Mother and that's saying something.

Dont waste your money.

It's a beautifully shot, atmospheric, slow burn Gothic horror story.

The whole first part of the movie was a waste of time if this is the case.

Absolute waste of time.....

It's an absolute waste of time and the ending is so open ended that it delivers no closure at all.

The ending was even more confusing the the rest of the movie.

Nothing happens, we don't move the story along until the very end and when that happens we get quite possibly the worst movie ending in a while.

It's a slow moving script.

It was so bad that people cursed the movie at the end, I was so mad why I even waste Time and money for this crap movie

I loved the cinematography, but the flow, pacing and confusing relationships of the characters was tiresome to watch.

A slow burn that unfortunately fizzles out with a weird ending.

The movie was suspenseful, acting was good.

Pointless .

The storyline is predictable from the beginning with few twists.

There was frankly no story, no character development, no scares, just plain boring throughout.

This is a just about watchable horror film with a confusing ending or perhaps two endings.

Take every cliche moment of any horror film in the past 10 years.

The characters are cheaply written, to the point where they become more of an eye sore than actually intriguing (Come on Davis and Wolfhard, you're better than this!

Making you not know when something was going to jump out at you, therefore I was on the edge of my seat for a large majority of the time.

This film is honestly the most dull and boring horror ever.

Worst movie ever!

The movie was very slow.

Even if they came out with a second one, which I hope they don't waste valuable money on, I would not watch it even if you paid me to.

Instead, viewers are given a mishmash of different ideas that weakly revolve around a beautiful setting and compelling characters.

It is an intriguing psychological, rather than a horror, movie with a twist, worth the watch.

Starts out somewhat ok but takes a turn down a path of total confusion!

The story is slow, and then fast and the slow.

Boring direction.

Worst film I have seen, complete waste of time.

The ending to this film is very unsatisfying and very confusing.

Don't waste you time and the acting is not good as others have mentioned except from the servant lady.

Dont waste your time.

Watch something else, Total waste of time, Pathetic plot and story.

The movie is terribly slow.

There was no plot, some idiotic jump scares and many plot holes.

It's often predictable with its scares, full of various cliches, and its writing is often nonsensical and incredibly random, even impulsive.

Just a stupid waste of time with no ending.

Until the end, the movie was very enjoyable and had quit a few jump scares which I highly enjoyed.

If you want MY OPINION dont even waste the time to watch it.

This movie is very confusing and boring I almost feel asleep.

Waste of your time.

This film is a very solid, spooky, and engaging take on a classic story.

The concept is boring.

No meaning, no message, no purpose, no logical sense.

At the end of the day, this film is a unique and intriguing horror movie.

However, Mackenzie Davis (who I liked a lot in Terminator: Dark Fate) gradually starts to become uninteresting, and Finn Wolfhard delivers the worst performance I've ever seen from him.

Waste of money!

All in all, "Turning's" abrupt ending harnessed as stodgy symbolism, is sadly the culprit.

Though at times it can fall into cliche territory, it mostly remains an ambiguous and bizarre film.

The movie actually starts reasonably okay, it got me slightly invested in Davis' character, but it quickly becomes one of the most yawning-inducing experiences I've had this year.

There's the ghost in the mirror, the phantom hands, the ghost in the window, etc., etc. The storyline was disjointed and the character reactions and interactions unbelievable.


But even her character is dull.

This movie was boring, filled with the typical predictable jump-scares and cliche's.

The ugly uninteresting story in this so-called horror movie will not leave lasting impressions in my life.

This is a scary movie with a really confusing ending!

Don't waste your time!!!

boring and long.

Don't waste your time!

Predictable overproduced Hollywood garbage.

Was the worst movie I've seen in a long time .

There was no real plot aside from a woman going to be a governess for a girl in a creepy old mansion.

" In a half empty cinema.

The movie was just going nowhere and it seemed like instead of developing the characters, the writers just threw scenes together and called it a movie.

The script was banal and the acting unremarkable.

Literally go and watch paint dry before this

Don't waste your time!!

The movie starts off good, for about the first 20-30 minutes, then after that it's a downhill slope of boredom and cringe.

They were going in a good direction, but then they made it so Mackenzie Davis character was imagining most of it and going mad making most of the film pointless and leaving me very disappointed with the end result of the film.

This movie was absolutely confusing and could not stay on one scene that made sense.

Save your money.

The movie is to bland to talk about.

Please save your money and go see another movie in theaters!

Slow throughout the film.

worst movie ever .

The story doesn't seem to go in chronological order (at least to me) and it was hard to follow, primarily because of my boredom.

This was such a boring movie that I have no idea why it was even called "The Turning.

Waste of time, money and space .

Waste of Time .

All the cliche scare tactics were thrown in, and weren't even scary.

Scares took a hit for me in this film, and the slow pace itself leads to potentially a film that will not be the modern preference.

The whole film is a collection of repetitive, dull scenes that only vary in location.

Save your money and time and watch the 1960's black and white version called The Innocents.

But I usually know what I'm heading into when watching these kind of movies, I know it's not going to be an Oscar contender, so I enjoyed it enough.

I think it was one of the most anticlimactic and confusing endings I have seen.

Please don't waste your time.

After I left the theater my girlfriend and I sat in the car talking about how the movie didn't make sense.

Personally I thought the movie was rather creepy and suspenseful.

Poor writing and uninspiring direction .

I left the theater so confused.

Its confusing and has no real ending.

If there was an option for 0 (zero), I would've rated it as zero for the most meaningless movie I've ever seen.. My question is why do they even make such movies like this?

I thoroughly enjoyed the thrill of his unpredictable behaviour because it was nearly impossible to tell if it was due to mental illness and hormones, or if some greater force was afoot.

Slow-moving film that doesn't really have an ending .

Waste of time .

Absolutely one of the worst movies I have ever saw!

Terrible Cliched Waste of Time .

Personally, the film was interesting enough to keep my attention, but the end result was so confusing, and felt so unfinished.

Please, save your money and time.

Creepy suspenseful movie .

Boring acting.

I kept falling asleep .

Don't waste your money .

All in all, it failed to even be entertaining.

It was filled with forgettable and predictable moments.

Don't waste your money or your time!

Do yourself a favor and don't waste your time on this garbage of a film.

The acting is tedious.

I wouldn't call them scary, but definitely intense, and I was able to feel for the characters involved.

Save your money.

The only thing I have to say about this movie was the beginning was slow and I was thinking well soon it's got to get better and more exciting.

The film does do a good job of being eerie and suspenseful and has the audience thinking of what is really going on.

Complete waste of time.

With boring characters.

This movie is literally the worst movie I've ever seen!

Overall, it was entertaining and would have been enjoyable had I left at the false ending.

The last minutes are unbearable and the twist adds nothing.

These kind of films are just immensely unsatisfying despite being somewhat enjoyable.

But then everything is predictable.

Don't waste your money for this movie Or you will regret

Leaves you Guessing - Very suspenseful .

Scareless and predictable jump scare sequences spread throughout the entire runtime with no meaning or objective underneath.

An extremely boring journey through a mansion with predictable jump scares, an awkward score, and disappointing acting.

Throughout the entire movie, you really do feel on the edge of your seat.

You basically waste an hour and half of your life ans leads absolutely nowhere.

First of all, the movie was SO boring.

This movie has no real plot.

But it is half baked and confusing.

Just came here to say don't waste your time.

The movie was boring, it didn't make sense, and the ending made no sense.

Cause it foreshadows for the predictable scares.

It was a complete waste of time and money.

Very predictable.. As for the "ending" which was not even an was a huge let down.. during the film I struggled to keep my attention on one thing just to be thrown off by something else.

Has for that sentence you like to wear that reads like this " I've seen this a hundred times,it cliché,blablabla,blebleble!

Too many boring conversation, and overuse scene!

Don't waste your time

I paid 20 dollars for these moves and fro my son and for a moemtn the movie was okay but then it was getting boring and the ending sucked big time everyone at the theater these day 02/15/2020 was like what !!!!

This movie had absolutely no storyline.

Don't waste your time or money...

The creaking doors and spooky reflections make for a boring experience.

There was no story.

It's a sloppy film filled with an abundance of cheap scares and odd dream sequences but it's also very engaging and has a very creeptastic atmosphere.

waste of time.

I read people calling The Turning a slow burn.

Boy, I should have walked out then.

Save your money.

This is your standard ghost story until the writers get bored and just stop.

The ending was slightly confusing, so I decided to rewind the movie and research it, which helped me understand a lot.

Absolutely waste of money to see this.

It's really boring and lame.

Absolutely pointless and one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

This is an absolute waste of time.

It's an absolute bore, an uninspired mess of a film with an ending that leaves more questions than answers.

She captures very well the sense of paranoia and slow mental decay that the movie tries to portray.

That said, the story leading up to that disaster didn't really offer much to begin with, it was boring and not really going anywhere, it seemed like a bunch of scenes thrown together.

Nothing happened in this movie.

As baffling as it might sound, this monotonous, cliche, boring horror movie doesn't possess an ending.

If you still feel inclined to watch this, don't waste your money in theaters.

The only thing that could've saved this movie based on a confusing and vague book is having a linear time line and not doing the "and the last half hour is all in her head" and left it at that.

Don't Waste Your Money.

Complete waste of time, nonsense, stupid and pointless

The little girl's fears are left unexplained, at least in terms of being satisfactory; the huge personality shift in the boy is sort of waved away; and the many unexplained deaths in the history of the estate are just confusing.

i find it baffling how absolutely nothing happened in the hour and a half runtime.

Don't waste your time .

All the actors worked really well together and bounced off each other really well making the characters actions and personalities very believable which made the film more enjoyable to watch.

I enjoyed it very much and want to see it again.

Don't waste your time or money.

I do not recommend anyone to watch this movie because it is a waste of time.

No plot and no ending.

Jump scares that are so predictable and just not scary.

This film starts off with promise & a bit of cliché horror set up.

Besides those broad plot points, there is no resemblance between the original, brilliantly crafted by Jack Clayton (director), and this senseless, predictable and wholly unimaginative remake.

0 stars for the story, which, while engrossing enough (up to the abrupt and unsatisfying ending), veers so far away from the original theme that it becomes pointless viewing.

The Turning is a film with great potential but falls flat halfway through with snail like pacing, unimaginative scares and a confusing conclusion making it a frustrating but compelling watch.

(1 out of 5 stars)The Turning is a horrible supernatural horror film that lacks scares, plot, and the acting was dull.

By far one of the worst movies .

Don't waste your time.

I could barely stay awake trying to watch this poorly done story unfold.

The first 15 mins was ok, but after that this film went nowhere and the ending somehow ended abruptly in my opinion.

Inspired by turn of the screw by Henry James this highly engaging but muddled adaptation offers an intriguing treatment of the material, intentional or not.

The film feels convoluted and disjointed as well.

Make the film unwatchable!

You think the crew would have learned from the shortcomings of the previous attempts, but of course, they didn't, instead, we are fed an awfully boring film that lasts far too long for its own good.

The ending confirmed that I should have walked out.

Waste of time, just read a book or watch the stars, it will be more interesting than this.

Worst movie of the year!!.

I do adore the look of the film, and some of the atmosphere, but ultimately a compelling setting does not make a compelling film, and it was dissapointing to see the film unfold into such a case.

With a visually stunning first 15 minutes, "The Turning" devolves into a plot-less, plodding, bore fest of a film.

What waste of time.

A waste of time masquerading as cinema starring MacKenzie Davis (of the ill-fated Terminator: Dark Fate) & Finn Wolfhard (of Stranger Things) where a woman takes a position in a remote mansion to take care of a couple of tykes even though flags should've been raised since the last person in that position has gone missing.

Top that with some terrible visual effects and you're stuck with one of the worst movies of the last few years.


I'm not sure about the psychological attempt to throw viewers off and spark viewers' curiosity, it is very confusing.

2001: A Space Odyssey is justified in its complexity and confusion, even after multiple viewings.

The entire movie is cliche.

It was so unoriginal and so boring.

Ambiguity explained, a movie worth watching.

And now I'm sleepy, cos that's how boring it was.

The Turning is a colossal waste of time, collecting some star power in a film that doesn't justify their usage, serving only to add to the production expenses while offering nothing to the plot.

And the ending was so poorly executed it turned this into one of the worst movies I've seen in recent memory.

Irritating characters, incredibly boring storyline, gimmicky jump scares, (and mannequin scares.

The whole movie was slow.

Started out great until I realize there was only 15 minute left in the movie and you still wondering what's going on, not to mention the ending, this was a big waste of my time.

Kate leaps off of the screen in her bold outfits as they bleed with rich color that stands in stark opposition to Mrs. Grose's bleak and dull color palette of several shades of grey.

It is very confusing.

Personally, I quite enjoyed the unsettling & confusing nature of this film.

"The Turning" is about as bland as a film can possibly get, from its generic overuse of poor jump scares to infuriating characters trapped in a by numbers the plot, there is hardly anything of substance going on throughout the entire hour and forty-minute runtime.

I swear so many of these scary movies now says (especially the pg-13 ones) are so unoriginal, same basic story, mostly jump scares, and just boring.

It didn't know if it wanted to be a movie about mental health or ghosts, it really had the elements to work both ways, but there is one moment that ruins the chance for you believing this movie is about mental health and that's when the Grandma doll's head turns back as the nanny did not see that, we did as the audience, so now when they want to pull the whole everything is in her head and she's crazy, let's get away from her ending, it's confusing as all hell because it was completely set up to be a ghost story from thirty minutes in.

Worst movie ever.

Entire film full of boring conversation, and overuse scene!

It does have a very interesting premise, and can be interesting to follow at times, but eventually the struggle to watch the film and comprehend it seems far from worth it, and I can definitely see why so many people gave up watching this film, let alone making it into anything worth watching.

This film dragged on & on & on.

The makers of the movie look like fell asleep in last half an hour.

But be warned, you will be bored of this film.

Waste of money and time.

Horrible and just plain boring.

Mackenzie's slow mental breakdown throughout the film was very believable to see making the audience understand her fear.

the ending was just unsatisfying and just plain confusing or even lazy.

I normally would not try to obliterate a film just because I did not personally enjoy it, but when a film as precious as The Innocents is smeared by what many modern audiences will have as their only source by which to form their ignorant assumptions that The Innocents is just another unwatchable Turning of The Screw miscarriage.

It was very confusing.

Don't waste your money to go see this movie.

Waste of Time .

So if this filmic version tried to keep the mysterious atmosphere from the book it failed here and there, by using horror movie clichéd and predictable moments of fright, just like - ok, there she goes and she'll get a fright now behind that door, you bet?

Mrs. Grose is played well by Barbara Marten, but her character is really bland, I didn't know what to think of her during the film or after it.

It's certainly better-acted and more emotionally compelling than the bulk of its contemporary fare.

Don't waste your time .

It moves too slow, is riddled with too many jumpscares, and tries to be smart by adding a twist at the ending and twisting that twist with another twist twice.

This movie, OMG, it is so confusing.

I will stop and say, that even though the script of the film is very messy and confusing, I did feel the actors did their best with the material provided.

Worst movie I have ever seen.

From beginning to end I was bored nothing exciting happened, not a single jump scare was actually scary.

It just dragged on forever.

Seemed compelling at first.

Whatever they were trying to do it bored me to death!

The acting was good but was ruined by the dull and in my opinion, non-existent story line.

This movie, in my opinion, is worth watching.

The script is one of the worst I've ever heard, more bland than unseasoned chicken, with lines like, "You shouldn't be here.

There were just a few parts that were just boring and didn't make sense to me.

the "governess" is as boring as she usually is in most of the roles that she takes, and the supporting cast?

DVD has extra scenes or perhaps cut scenes that further add to the confusion.