The Voices (2014) - Comedy, Crime, Horror

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A likable guy pursues his office crush with the help of his evil talking pets, but things turn sinister when she stands him up for a date.

IMDB: 6.4
Director: Marjane Satrapi
Stars: Ryan Reynolds, Gemma Arterton
Length: 103 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 23 out of 211 found boring (10.9%)

One-line Reviews (89)

Thoroughly enjoyable .

utter waste of my time-the movie makers should be sued!

A bizarre yet empty comedy detailing the spiraling out of a schizophrenic when he decides to do without his meds & becomes a serial killer.

It is one of the worst movies I have ever watched.

It is also a motion picture best entered into with as few expectations as possible since a fair bit of its uncanny nature comes from unexpected directions.

Don't waste your time on this.

Where the film stumbles is the hubris of its creators ignoring years of film and story development and trying, like an enthusiastic new film school student, to see if it's possible to create an entertaining story with a central character who is almost impossible to empathize with.

Just blood and gore with a pointless plot.

Thanks to terrific writing and excellent directing, the film flowed exceptionally well and made for a very entertaining experience for me.

If you wish to see an entertaining black-comedy, then may I recommend that you try 'Prizzi's Honor' (1985), not 'The Voices'.

The movie is setup to lead the viewer into thinking that Jerry, Ryan Reynolds, is a mentally challenged man trying to fit into his mundane job as a factory worker.

Reynolds played the character so well that there was times the viewer is dragged in deep into illusion of lost connection with reality.

Miss Kendrick who was in the 'Twilight' saga, gave a tremendous and powerful performance in 'End of Watch' (2012), and last year was in 'Life After Beth', a very entertaining zom-rom- com horror film.

Slow beginning, gripping middle, and a strange, weird ending.

Always smiling, upbeat and cheerful, a young factory worker casually hides the fact that he imagines his pets speaking to him; things take a macabre turn though as his spiteful cat leads him astray in this very dark black comedy from Marjane Satrapi, who also helmed the equally fascinating 'Persepolis'.

(not the best movie, but I still enjoyed it).

However I said to my friend "Is the director and these supporting actors just good friends of his and jumped on bored for the F of it?

As stated before, the film is within a world of its own, extremely fascinating at times, we can sympathise with Jerry when he doesn't take his medication because it's then we escape the gloomy, depressing reality of what we know to be our world and escape into a much more vivid one filled with unpredictability and constant entertainment with each new aspect it pulls out from under us.

Because "The Voices" turned out to be a wonderfully enjoyable dark comedy with a morbid and pseudo-gory twist to it.

I still laughed at some parts and find it really entertaining, I guess it's just a me thing.

Gemma Arterton joins Mr Whiskers and Bosco in some of the most entertaining internal conflicts to be shown on screen in years.

Ryan did fantastic in this movie, he was awkward, charming, funny, embarrassing, scary, intense, sad, etc. he did it all and did it very well.

It was a highly visual film, but with unlikeable characters, and there was basically no plot other than a guy who's nuts and starts killing people.

Anna Kendrick is great, and adorable, as Lisa and Gemma Arterton is very enjoyable too.

==================================================================== ====================================================================As a rewatch 08/09/17' The Voices is a highly entertaining dark comedy.

Although, the film is not a total loss yet, we still find an intriguing and absorbing story that will keep the viewer to the very end.

The storyline is completely mad but funny, in a weird type of way and it's really unpredictable.

It's quite predictable, like the rest of the movie, and I think they should have added something unexpected or interesting in there - aside from the awful song-and-dance number over the end credits.

It gets very (very, very) dark but is incredibly fascinating and believable in its portrayal of the ill mind and distorted perspective of a very troubled man.

But anyway, the most engaging parts are whenever he visits his psychiatrist, because this is where things feel more reasonable and finds resolution that turn out hardly been anywhere in the end.

That's a minor flaw in what is a movie well worth watching.

Worst movie ever just a waste of time .

It is truly entertaining and I can't seem to stop rewinding and watching it again.

Jerry confesses to his psychiatrist and the movie basically ends in a predictable manner.

Totally not funny, totally pointless.

I, however, enjoyed it and found it to be every bit as good as I had hoped it would.

It's scary how real it is sometimes, in its mundane details and in its stark insights .

What I found outstanding about this movie is that it has very few of the dumbed-down, pathetic and predictable traits of the trite drivel Hollywood peddle as "comedy".

Boring, Missed It's Mark .

Since the whole movie surrounds a schizophrenics activities with his "voices," it was crucial that these small conversations with a cat or with a dog be entertaining and God be my witness they were.

The movie was funny, intriguing, dark and kept me gripped throughout.

Save your money.

So I would give the director, the cameramen another chance to make an entertaining movie about another subject.

Jerry's character is wonderfully complex, his story, masterfully revealed, bit by bit, is compelling to no end and you genuinely want to love that boy.

This, on the other hand, was a waste of my time, and sadly for the talented people on screen, a waste of their time, too.

Entertaining dark comedy that missed it's opportunity for greatness .

The usually impressive cast Often comes across bored or lazy.

He just keeps getting better and showing how deep and interesting even the most bland normal guys can be.

Even the non horror scenes were pointless and lack luster.

New Addition to All-Time Worst Movie List .

He usually plays Ryan Reynolds but, like Robert Downey Jr., it's usually affable and enjoyable.

Still it's very interesting, in very strange ways, and also pretty entertaining, in just as weird ways.

Pointless .

And that is precisely where things go insanely funny, sad, exciting and most prominent of all enthralling.

It was amazingly flat and uninteresting, keeping you questioning why you chose to see it in the first place.

I found this movie to be a waste of money.

For such a small cast and almost double the size in producers, the film turned out to be a really good one, totally enjoyed it.

There is no nudity and the gore is mostly off screen, but the film is entertaining in a morbid sort of way.

Waste of time .

If you can go into this film with a very open mind, I highly recommend it.

Lacking the directional commitment to a clear vision the film is an entertaining curiosity rather than a future cult classic.

There is a sense that this is a pretty entertaining film.

The overall plot was very well written, there were so many hilarious twists and turns that made this film very unpredictable and a fun experience.

The Ending was a Total Let Down to a Very Entertaining Film .

It all came off like a dull hipster romp, and the people who are praising it are likely just that (hipsters) Add to that that the movie was way too dark, very off-putting even for a dark comedy (there were no laughs, and no scares) a film that doesn't know what it wants to be except that there is a song and dance sequence at the end where all the dead characters sing around and make the audience go home upbeat...

It is entertaining throughout and offers some twists.

The film starts off nice and slow and then takes quite a dark turn, well quite a few actually and merges comedy, schizophrenia and bloody violence in a very original way.

Confusing creepy and weird.

The entire cast were thoroughly enjoyable.

Enjoyable .

Worth the watch .

and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Also worth watching in special features is how the CGI was created and Ryan practicing his character voices.

The Voices has some tonal shifts and does become a bit less interesting towards the final act, but the buildup is rather engaging and funny.

There is some real unexpected humor in the movie, primarily from the cat.

Other's may think the ending was just as entertaining as the rest of the film...

The Voices is a very enjoyable experience and one that I believe I will visit a few more times in order to experience the surrealism and memorable trio of main characters.

Who every thought that a movie starring Ryan Reynolds where he talks to his pets like Doctor Dolittle that tell him to kill people would actually make a pretty damn enjoyable film.

This was very entertaining once everything began to unfold.

All the other actors were also boring to death.

Folks, don't waste your money on this video, although I'm sure will find it somewhat entertaining.

A waste of my time from the beginning to the end.

I was surprised by how compelling of a story they managed to tell in this film despite the absurd concept.

The movie is hilarious, quirky and very entertaining.

And all that is inside a deliciously absurdist/logical structure which challenges expectations and keeps us in suspense until the unpredictable ending.

I think it's entertaining in a unique way, and it can especially be interesting for cat/dog lovers.

Not what I spected, really worth the watch .

" Few minutes into it I was getting bored and something about the cleanness of everything seemed really off and I was completely missing the humor part.

Don't waste your time.