The Woods (2020) - Crime, Drama, Mystery

Hohum Score



Paul Copeland is looking to solve the murder of his sister back in 1994.

IMDB: 6.6
Stars: Grzegorz Damiecki, Agnieszka Grochowska
Length: 51 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-MA
Reviews: 19 out of 78 found boring (24.35%)

One-line Reviews (46)

Worth watching.

This however was slow and lifeless.

A dull, dreary script doesn't make it easy either.

Slow, lots of fluff, I bailed out.

This was a big disappointment: long drawn out cinematography (new film school grads?

I Could Only Tolerate 1 & 1/4 Episodes of This Boring lifeless Series .

Enjoyed it...

Americans might get bored since they are used to English as first language and repetitive action movies with cgi and stuntmen - this is a title for a bit more demanding public that can appreciate a good build up, unique settings of the darker side of Polish reality, great atmosphere and music, as well as a different cultural approach to creating a mystery series.

The main character is well fleshed out, and his stunning acting kept me mesmerized.

Unexpected pleasure .

This was an absolute waste of time.

I wanted to like this series but it is so slow and boring I bailed out after the first episode.

); terrible soundtrack; muddled plot; slow moving and the worst thing of all were so many plot devices with no explanation as to why they were there and never got resolved.

Europeans are amazing, each country has something intriguing to offer!

First episode was a bit boring, then it got better - episode 5 was the best.

Intriguing binge watch .

Stunning backdrop, interesting characters, decent storyline, good music, wonderful photography plus an element of nostalgia.

This is an intriguing, twisty, heartfelt drama from the mind of the great Harlan Coben.

The Stranger, on the other hand, was so poorly executed - with major changes in plot and entirely new subplots - was so badly executed in direction and haphazard editing, it was close to unwatchable (stick to the book or audiobook instead).

Mostly very enjoyable .

Nothing about this adaptation was appealing Directing was weak , camera work was disjointed and often annoying .

I was genuinely surprised by the ending, I didn't see it coming, which is always enjoyable.

They are usually quite dull and lifeless.

I really enjoyed this series, it was very exciting.

its so slow my mind would wander and eventually I stopped caring.

DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS - it ain't true Coben.

And series is in very slow pace, what helped to create atmosphere and gave time to reflect on the events, however I can imagine that for many people the show will be boring.

Gripping .

Don't waste your time.

If you like scandi noir and tartan noir with its slow pace, twists and "nothing as it seems" plots - you'll be delighted as I am.

First of all: I really don't like polish tv series, they're dull, with horrible acting and every actor speaks like having lockjaw, so when I turned "The Woods" I was very cautious and expected turning tv in circa 10 minutes.

Waste of time.

Tedium and boredom are a constant once this thing gets rolling.

Some outstanding performances, script can sometimes feel a little slow and muddled but a very intriguing premise that is well executed.

This comes after mighty exciting 'The Five', Enjoyable 'Safe' and more recent 'The Stranger'.

Slow start - good middle - sloppy ending .

Silly and boring .

And the connection of Ming to Artur etc., And some prolonged scenes could be a bit boring and better left shorter.

The first episode was very slow.

The story was boring and no thrills , suspense or chills.

and whole series was mind numbingly boring .

Been a respite in lockdown monotonous days, got this engrossing thriller with a peculiar tone of its own.

This one was quite a slow burn to begin with and one tends to get impatient with the slow sorry around the 5th episode.

Coben's book kept me on the edge of my seat; this adaptation made me fall asleep in it.

The camera disorients you: swirling above an empty swimming-pool it slowly rights itself and comes to rest on Pawel; zooming in on a rotten tree, it picks out insects feeding on decay and corruption.

The pace was extremely slow.