Thirteen (2003) - Drama

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A thirteen-year-old girl's relationship with her mother is put to the test as she discovers drugs, sex, and petty crime in the company of her cool but troubled best friend.

IMDB: 6.8
Director: Catherine Hardwicke
Stars: Evan Rachel Wood, Holly Hunter
Length: 100 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 65 out of 547 found boring (11.88%)

One-line Reviews (253)

Instead, everything works in a tale told in chaos skating on the edge of a cliff, ending in a shaky affirmation.

It is realistic,convincing and thrilling.

Although the film gets points, serious points, for being true-to-life and a fascinating glimpse into the world of the young, it's just too boring.

The white trash existence of Tracey's family is an absolute cliche as well.

The whole thing was unwatchable.

It's a movie worth watching even if you don't have teens of your own.

There are a few plot holes here and there, things I would have liked to have seen done differently, but overall I enjoyed it if for mostly the outstanding performances.

Everything from the drug abuse scene, to the one when they get the piercing and the sex scenes, it's all pretty engrossing.

But it was a enjoyable film, and one would probably be hard pressed to find a finer dramatic directorial performance by Catherine Hardwicke at last year's Sundance Festival.

i was bored with the film and cut it off after twenty minutes.

The acting in this is really good and i give props to Nikki Reed as she pulled of a stunning performance for someone who had no real acting experience before this.

Note to all the kids out there:If you get some funky filters and a script about a good kid gone bad, you can be a pretentious indie filmmaker too.

The movie is perfectly intense and because of that works also perfectly powerful.

Making these things wrong (especially at her age) makes it even more exciting.

A pretty empty world is portrayed in this film.

An ironic weakness is co-writer Nikki Reed co-starring in her own cinema a clef, as she's weak as an actress, giving the Alpha Girl an unnecessary cryptic bland blankness until getting finally jolted towards the end of the movie.

fast-paced, engaging...

Somewhere between "Girl" and "Kids", this flick doesn't really entertain, has no message beyond what everyone already knows, and seems to get off on ranting.

but the stunning performances by all the actors and the filmography or camera angels etc. well its just amazing.

Its loving, sympathetic approach to these people is what elevates the film above the pack, and which lets it stand as a movie definitely worth watching.

No doubt, this film will bring up memories of another movie about kids on the edge, which was, inconsequently titled "Kids" (1995).

Because, contrary to what adults remember about being young teens, it is extremely realistic and very gripping.


They said they had really enjoyed it and I have to admit I was hesitant.

I watched this movie with my mom and she absolutely hated it, saying that it was fake and cliché, and that the only reason that I enjoyed it was because I was trying to "rebel" and look "cool".

She's an empty vessel, a dimensionless character -- a large, clean dinner plate encompassing every teen "issue" on the menu.

Jesus, what a contrived mess.

Incredible, intriguing, beautiful, horrifying .

The story is painfully honest and engaging with fully developed characters which make the occasional predictable plot turns okay.

Holly Hunter turns in a one-dimensional, predictable performance, and it's a dimension you've seen before (Home Alone springs to mind, only Ms. Hunter smokes cigarettes, drinks tea and has sex with an unattractive druggie).

That being said, this is the worst movie I've ever seen.

While it sometimes manages to be touching the artificial and contrived story also makes it feel unreal and distanced.

I thought they dumped all the cliché teenage problems on Tracy and it was too much.

It was fascinating to see how this transformation could took place.

It's an intense age that needs guidance, and genuine supervision and understanding.

While I will give credit to its performers (especially Holly Hunter, who never fails to impress me), the story, or rather lack of story, is so drifting, hesitant and two sided that any real appreciation of this film is lost...

Shallow, empty, boring .

Wonderful energy, important subject, extremely entertaining.

Teenagers emotions are so up and down and unpredictable (as a teenager myself, I should know) and Wood reflected this perfectly.

I thought this was a wonderful movie, gripping, intense and totally realistic.

To those who assert that all the things the girls did: the drugs, the sex with older (black) boys, the stealing, the piercings - that these things were so cliché' and that it is ridiculous to have a couple of girls doing all that at once and such a tender age I have to say: um, I did it.

It features some of the best acting in films this year, and a plot that is both gripping and terrifying.

Angsty Waste of Time .

the film is OK, i saw it with a friend whilst on holiday, i really enjoyed it, i think it is real, although not everyone goes through what she does in the film, it is still based on real life...

Even when the film doesn't feature explicitly bloody situations, it still feels very intense.

This is not an outstanding movie, but a quite enjoyable with a good plot that plays out well cinematically.

It is honest, perpetually generous in this gut wrenching dark drama where the storytelling is thoroughly compelling and electrifying.

The movie is also very fast paced and energetic.

They really concentrated on the day in and day out events and for the most part managed to create an enjoyable, even if at times surreal biography type of movie about a family that just cannot get it together.

This film was riddled with every possible cliche, and every plot twist was entirely predictable.

So, what we have is the result of teenage girls, pretentious and pompous, pseudo-daring and of course, crass materialists, which is a formula for some truly annoying lead characters who evoke little (if any) sympathy from the viewer.

So Depressing and Disjointed That You Are Dragged Down With The Film .

While the acting was terrific and the story was very intriguing, there was so much more that could've been done with this film.

I have watched a few "coming of age", "teen movies" or what ever you want to call them.

Nothing happens in the film, all it does is advetise the many problems in todays messed up society.

An intense and powerful, professionally made movie that never goes over-the-top and always remains believable.

How is that the least bit cliché' or trite or contrived or spurious?

Interesting Views & Points Which Are Worth Watching.

******Spoilers**********Thirteen starts out in a typical way--the same coming of age story about a girl starting high school who abandons old nerdy friends for new freaky friends.

The two teenagers make an interesting and compelling portrayal of their characters.

While I didn't enjoy her performance, is clear she wrote something intense, and her character is hateful.

Thirteen is the first film from Catherine Hardwick and it is a stunning debut.

Most films about teens are very sugar-coated and predictable.

This film though fails to be as compelling or as hypnotic.

Very intense and well worth seeing.

It is worth renting if you're bored and want to know what 13 yr old girls are up to when they arent at home.

but over all this movie was spectacular and i really enjoyed it.

It'll be interesting to see Nikki Reed's screenplay for "twenty-six," the sequel in which she realizes what a pretentious teenager she was.

" Both movies try to shock with the notion of, "Hey, wake up, this is what is really going on," when both are over-caffeinated views of reality - also like "Rules of Attraction" - complete with absent, self-absorbed, hypocritical mother (parents/single parents) that's become quite the cliche since before "The Breakfast Club.

A film that investigates important social issues but lacks the likeable quality to be truly entertaining.

Thirteen sounded like a enjoyable watch at the time and when i finally watched my DVD, I was slowly more and more hooked to the reality on the screen, although, me being a teenager, knows that the style in this movie as CRINGY AS HELL, this film is so true and has happened before and is still happening all over the world, kids have a dream to be someone they don't even know themselves so they can be accepted in life only to be let down more then they already were, I have actually seen it before and experienced it a couple of times myself, the acting, dialogue and pace is so well done and actors like Holly Hunter, Jeremy Sisto and Nikki Reed totally steal the sha.


During most of the time when I was watching this truly impressive flick I was rather going to rate it "only" 7/10 as the directing wasn't completely convincing and the script had some flaws, but then at last I gave it a 8/10 after all, because of its uncompromising, yet unforced toughness and intriguing authenticity.

It was a gritty and tense film - well worth watching,and the performances were very well done.

)The issues of this film, and the layers that appear when you study it reveal a powerful and poignant film which educates and enlightens, giving us an insight into the fast paced, highly emotional roller coaster that is the life of a teenager It should be seen by anyone who comments that children have it easy!

The characters in the movie (both on and off drugs) seem so disjointed from reality or logic or common sense.....

Yet, the most compelling of all performances is Tracy's mother, played by the Academy Award winner Holly Hunter.

I heard so many good things about this movie that I was prepared for a stunning film from an acting, directorial and overall emotional standpoint when I put it in my DVD player.

Her mother knows this, patiently absorbing the hysterics while gently attempting to placate Tracy with doses of reason and understanding.

This movie is worth watching it is a real i opener .

Compelling Character Study .

The movie has a good quick, 'intense' pace thanks to the good editing by Nancy Richardson.

I loved this film, the plot line was so intriguing.

Not to mention the obnoxious, trite camera-work (every shot is hand-held except in two scenes).

It was real and intense.

This movie was just stunning and the roles of Nikki Reed,Evan Rachel Wood,and Holly Hunter just topped it off!

10/10Positives: Brilliant cast, Tremendous gripping story, strong scenes, and factual basisNegatives: Minor moments left unsolved or even unvisited and the camera.

At first glance, Thirteen looks awkward and confusing enough to want to make you want to turn the other way and run.

The movie is so intense, so gritty, so realistic; everything in this film is real.

Well worth watching.

Her approach and overly-reacted response to the whole thing was just so confusing and unrealistic, which made it so cringe worthy.

Pretentious, unrealistic, shock-grubbing drivel .

Nothing original here, except - they are trying TOO hard to shock the viewer, but end up with a totally unconvincing, dull and over-acted excuse for a movie.

The movie itself is filled with plot holes, and it's more like a Lifetime movie with cursing then an actual movie worth watching.

How to be a pretentious indie filmmaker.

A stunning directorial debut by production designer Catherine Hardwicke.

Evan Rachael Wood is stunning as the once pure and innocent Tracy who goes wild when she meets Evie.

It is pretty boring and untrue, because nobody acts like this at 13.

honestly I thought terror toons was the worst movie i've ever seen, until i seen this.

And the pretentious "shock" of Brooke cutting her ears off?

From what I've seen, they surpass even the most intense first love interests.

Silly and Self-Indulgent .

Intense, Scary & Well Worth Anyone's Time .

it was fun and exciting when i was doing it and now i see how much trouble i actually got in.

The idea of a seductive path towards bad behaviour is incredibly trite.

In the end it amounts to nothing, but a waste of time.

This movie was as dull as dish-water.. it needed.. REALLY need NARRATION!

Shocking, stunning, scary, sad.

I highly recommend this film- it is the most intense, emotional film I have ever seen.

I felt that thirteen was breathtaking; it hits the audience with the harsh reality & brutal, raw emotion that many teens have to live with today.

This confusion has been captured quite well in this movie i think, as well as the reactions of adults when it comes to their more or less out of control children.

Perfectly intense.


This is not an easy, feel good movie but one well worth watching.

For one thing, it would most likely pass as pretty uneventful storytelling.

Surprisingly gripping and raw, this documentary-style film takes a new direction into teen movies, apart from the raunchy comedies of American Pie around the same year.

I have very little contact with girls of this age, and this was a fascinating insight into the psyche of one of these strange, co-dependent creatures.

Stunning performances from the two young leads.

In particular I felt the last few scenes were gripping and finally I felt involved with these people.

If you really want to waste the time it would take to watch this movie, I would recommend just going to your kitchen, putting a bunch of ice in the sink, and watching it melt for two hours.

The message is more significant, plot more believable, and is overall a more enjoyable movie.

Another cliché that must be mentioned was the decision of having the blonde blue-eyed girl portraying the good girl gone bad as the color girl portraying the seed of evil.

The skillful photography from cinematographer Elliot Davis communicates the most complicated themes of the film: insecurity, confusion, wanting to be liked and accepted, and feeling like it's time to grow up fast.

I think that the performances were gripping and the scene with Holly and Evan at the end, where the colour drains completely, was beautifully shot and delivered, capturing the raw emotion and the sheer desperation and determination of holly's character to get her daughter back - to pull her back from the edge.

Forget about Amanda, forget about Hillary -- yeah, even forget about the gorgeous Natalie and the fascinating Anna ...

One of the worst movies I have ever seen .

Lastly, we move on to Catherine Hardwicke's pretentious style.

I enjoyed it as well as being stimulated into more deep thought.

Base on the real facts, making movie will make you feeling really dull and somewhat depressing and somehow even scare at time.

This is the worst movie I've ever seen and here's why .

At first glance, the movie might seem to lack depth and just be pretentious.

I personally thought the camera work a little too "creative" at times, but it was effective in evoking the intense feelings and the moments of stress.

Go back and rent a dumb, boring romantic comedy and leave these great Indies for those of us with burgeoning minds.

Everyone would like to take risk and live on the edge.

A kid's most enjoyable years are said to stem from the adolescent period of their life.

Surprisingly, director Catherine Hardwicke was able to move from this edgy film to "Twilight" (and brought Nikki Reed with her), which is bland and clean (though so is the book).

Entertaining as it is a work of art.

If you haven't seen this movie, then don't waste your time.

Because Tracy feels so pressured to fit in, she does a variety of mature and stunning things that make the viewer sad.

Annoying to some extent, but mostly boring, uncool and predictable.

"Thirteen" is typical of it's genre, but becomes watchable and engaging thanks to it's good cast and good songs.

The camera, filters, angles, script, and actors, especially the actors, really made this movie worth watching.

Yes, it's formulaic before the drama begins.

They made cliché after cliché-- it was sickening!

The movie had me on the edge of my couch (i think at one point i might have fallen off) and i mean that in the best way possible.

It was a cliche.

Melanie's end is - well, it's confusing.

Gripping, Powerful and Brutally Honest .

Lightning-fast scenes are followed by slow, allegedly meaningful moments without buildup, or even a hint of smart editing.

Intense therapy for the young teenager inside us all.

It's a tiresome ploy to make movies seem real, and it seldom works.

Plot id awfully boring, when you watch this movie you will think, "haven't I seen it already?

Still though, it's entertaining to watch just because of how ridiculous everything is.

I found the direction, script and camera work trite and tiresome.

very good and intense .

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

I highly recommend it.

Thirteen is an every bit of cinema as far as the problems are concerned but piling up those in front of you creates an enormous amount of pressure for the solution to be equally challenging, and it is breathtaking.

It's designed to be uncomfortable throughout and while it succeeds in that regard, the disjointed style of filming, the weak plot, and the fact that the characters are so dislikable keeps any entertainment value down a bare minimum.

I highly recommend it to everyone.

There's certainly nothing to get out of its message, but watching the family deal with all this stuff at once is mildly entertaining.

A stunning movie you will remember .

It is by far the most predictable script ever.

Maybe it's the exciting girl Evie, she seems to have lots of fun and confidence.

breathtaking and honest .

I can see the comparisons to KIDS, but the relationship between the two girls reminded me more of HEAVENLY CREATURES, down to their parents separating them when things get too intense between them.

She has a stunning youthful face that will look the same ten years from now.

" From beginning to end, this movie forces cliché after cliché (every textbook teenage problem, including self-harm, drugs, alcohol, sex, fashion, skipping school, etc.). I often found myself slipping into laughter during parts that had no intention of being funny.

The film excels at guiding the viewer through the progressive slope through drugs, alcohol and sex toward "rock bottom", without ever becoming unpleasant, repetitive, or overly dramatic.

Absolutely disturbing in showing the brutal, fast paced change of Tracy, Evie introduces her to a life of drugs, sex, and crime.

bad girl,YET because she can be so engaging she disarms immediatlly.

Why was there pointless nudity in the form of the mother Holly Hunter?

Thirteen starts with an interesting premise but unfortunately the story contains no plot twists or interesting turns.

Movie was a waste of time.

These aren't the average kids we grow up with, but with the help of great directing, a stellar script, and amazing performances we can better understand what it's like to grow up as a young teen in this fast paced world.

As Tracy becomes more and more like Evie, engaging in similar bad behavior, her permissive mother totally loses control over her.

Compelling and moving .

Every sort of trouble you fear a teenage girl could get into these days that can be thrown in for shock value is: drugs, drinking, smoking, stealing, experimenting with other girls, experimenting with guys, experimenting with group sex, cutting, it's all there and it's all very predictable.

I've seen Ed Wood films, Manos, and many crappy kid movies, but this is by far the WORST movie I have ever seen...

The film takes place over just four months, and within likely half of that, Tracy (Wood) is fully immersed in the underworld of Los Angeles, a process which, while possible, would be likely to take much longer.

Still wondering, how did they portray these intense and complex relationships so perfectly?

I had only ever seen her before in 'Little Secrets' so to see her in such a harsh and intense role was really great.

Because the plot is plain, the acting is above average, one can't really identify with the characters, and the movie is SO PREDICTABLE.


Thirteen may not portray the life of an average thirteen-year-old, but it is a compelling picture of an extreme of teenage life, and I am sure that all of us can relate to some aspect of this tragic film.

Thirteen has a good script with many flaws and lapses but an engaging mentality nonetheless.

As sad as it is, it's so compelling.

This stunning film delivers us a great message: Follow a leader, no way.

I left the theater stirred and upset and spent the next several hours trying to determine why.

A film definitely worth watching.

Gripping Family Drama Hits All The Right Nerves .

Sorry if that was confusing.

This movie is certainly worth watching if you would like to know something more about young girls, growing up in an insecure and instable environment.

Hopefully in the future, they will resort to making more thought provoking and entertaining pieces of work than "Thirteen", a movie that delivered nothing it promised.

An Interesting and Compelling Story .

For one thing, these girls are nothing like the ones on Lizzie McGuire, they are more exciting and every parent's nightmare.

the fact that nikki reed wrote this screenplay is awe inspiring, and the fact that its true is more than a little disturbing.

It is so intense and so real.


Moffett) are all effective and enjoyable.

The film might irritate or annoy in spots, though it does so intentionally; but it is always completely riveting, and certainly eye-opening for those like me mostly out of touch with that generation.

There were moments I wanted to close my eyes, considering the movie unbearable.

Also, the way the film changed into dreary color schemes during Evan Rachel Wood's downward spiral was also a nice touch.

On the other hand, Thirteen runs the risk of becoming a cautionary bit of propaganda telling parents they better watch their teens, or they'll be next.

Stunning performances are given by the entire cast, with Evan Rachel Woodand Holly Hunter delivering some of the most powerful performances of theyear.

Once the chaos died down the film turned out to be a gripping and involving drama with great performances all round.

A waste of time.

How do you make a film that is both entertaining and meaningful?

IMO The Worst Movie EVER .

In this, her first film as a director (she has previously been an art director and a production designer), Hardwicke proves herself a talent well worth watching.

One scene toward the end where she refuses to abandon her daughter to this new fast life and fights to keep her is simply remarkable; such powerful emotion is conveyed in such simple gestures that it's stunning.

Thirteen is an intense portrait of teenage girls at their very worst.

But the internet destroyed the Avenue and nowadays (summer 2015) you have seen it in 1 hour, a street full with empty shops, back then you could spend the whole day, a bit like Camden Town in London.

If you not ready to see a gritty, fast paced pill of truth, than don't see this movie.

Very intriguing movie.

to idolize disjointed families?

The story is aimless and pointless.

Quite possibly the worst movie ever made.

I watched this film because I believed it was a fascinating subject; today's teenage generation seem generally too concerned with doing everything NOW instead of growing up at a natural pace.

**Spoilers (I guess)**This was a trite, predictable film that seldom presented something other than a contrivance.

Yes, it's quite cliché when it comes to her downfall.

And for those reasons, I'll call Kids a stunning, compelling, unforgettable and extremely courageous film.

The directing is too cliché and at times all too 'obvious' (I know that sounds ridiculous, let me explain).

This movie, only 95 minutes long, takes a freaking eternity, and so much of one that I was really starting to get bored by it at the end.

A lack of plot and pacing seriously hurt this movie, which already suffers a weak screenplay...

This is a realistic and very frightening examination of teenagers on the edge that is, despite certain reviewers "cleverness," nothing like an After School Special.

But if you are NOT a thirteen year old girl you will dislike this movie, and probably want to slap the faces of the bland teens on the movie poster, who inexplicably equate piercings with personality.

A booming, excellent soundtrack punctuates the hyper, desperate, manic mood of the girls' behaviour, and catalyses the adrenaline rush that is THIRTEEN.

Don't waste your time, go see Kids if you're look for something anything near reality.

the adrenaline rush that is THIRTEEN.

A stunning portrayal of teen angst .

So Cliche .

Wood is very sharp as Tracy; her confusion, her need to belong and be thought highly of, are very palpable.

In a nutshell - good girl with permissive single parent hooks up with bad girl and turns bad herself getting into drugs, sex, self-mutilation, shop lifting, failing classes, etc. Although it sports a good cast and good production value in spite of some artistic brain farts like random color shifts, "Thirteen" goes nowhere, has no story to tell, and is pretty much all the usual dysfunctional stuff we've seen before.

Evan Rachel Wood gives an intense, Oscar worthy performance.

interesting yet uninteresting .

Confused, cluttered, and absolute torture to follow.

Scary and Compelling .

First of all, the story was compelling - the characters possessed real dimensions and brought you into the chaos that began to envelop Tracy (played by Evan Rachel Wood) as she went under the spell of her highly disturbed "friend" Evie (played by Nikki Reed).

I thought it was very intense because the stuff that happened to Tracy and her friend Evie are really what girls their age are doing nowadays.

Acting is good but theres no storyline or nothing interesting happens.

An adult would had put in some obvious, dramatic and moralistic cliché's, into the movie and would had hold back on some certain issues.

The first flaw of the film "Thirteen" was its fast paced journey.

she studies hard and is generally nice, whereas the other (Evie) is too mature for her own good, engaging in all sorts of illegal vices.

Throw in an untimely and unfortunate friendship with a troubled, twisted and manipulative girlfriend and you have the makings of a troubled child and an intense film.

I think their good presentation was dragged down by the movie's shallow script.

bored and unconvinced .

Unwatchable Drivel from and Incompetent Director .

This is one the worst movies of 2003.

This movie is intriguing & so intense with emotion.

Regardless of whether or not you have children, I would recommend this movie to anyone over the age of 18 (the film is Rated-R) who simply wants to see a compelling story about the rigors and pressures that teenagers face in America, and with the amazing acting talents of Jeremy Sisto, Holly Hunter, and newcomers Even Rachel Wood & Nikki Reed, it's guaranteed to shock, entertain, and educate.

Hunter and Wood have scenes of intense emotion, the kind of emotion so desperately strong that it transcends everything.

She shows that she's a compelling actress.